Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Welcome Guest Rose Ross Zediker

A Mid-Year Review
by Rose Ross Zediker

Yikes! Memorial Day has come and gone. For most people it’s the official start of summer. For this writer, it means June is fast approaching, and it’s the time when I ask myself the following questions as a mid-year review of my 2012 writing goals.

Have I reached any of my goals? I set six yearly goals that are within my control, which is an important factor when setting goals. Goals must be specific and obtainable, by you the writer. Four of my goals are hard but reachable with a lot of work. Two are easier. I write my goals down in my journal. As the months pass and I complete a goal, I check it off. So any time throughout the writing year, I can see at a glance how I’m progressing. A quick look tells me that I’ve completed two of the goals I set for the year. A pretty good start, one third of my goals are complete, a harder one and an easy one.

Can I reach the remaining goals within six months? Be realistic when asking yourself this question as you review your goals. With the four remaining goals on my list, it’s not likely that I’ll complete them by December 31st. I work a full time job in addition to my writing, so completing two 70,000 word romance novels, and writing chapters two and three of a biography for children, isn’t going to happen. Although I do devote a lot of my free time to my writing, I know that I can’t get both novels written, revised, and polished for submission or all the research finished that I need for biography. It’s time to choose which one I will work on to see a third goal completed by the end of the year. One of the novels is just in the idea stage, the other I have one chapter written and know the direction of the plot, and the children’s biography has a regional appeal. It’s a no brainer! The novel that’s started is the one I will focus on for the remaining months in 2012. I won’t cross the second novel idea off of my list of goals. Instead I’ll roll it over to my goals for 2013.

Do I need to adjust my goals to accommodate any twists and turns in my writing career? This is the most important question to consider when you’re reviewing your writing goals. Having goals is important but MORE important is being flexible with them. After all, if an editor likes the story you’ve submitted but requests changes and asks you to resubmit, you’d want to let all your other goals fall away and work on that manuscript! I’ve been flexible with my writing goals already this year. I’m a firm believer in answering manuscript and work for hire calls from editors. That is always one of my yearly goals. It’s also one I’ve completed this year, which resulted in being asked for an audition chapter in a new book series. To accept and work on that audition chapter, and work on a novella idea that my agent requested, I had to stop working on one of the romance novels in my list of goals. Flexibility is the key in moving your writing career forward.

Time passes quickly. Labor Day will be here in the blink of an eye. Review your writing goals and progress for 2012. If you haven’t set any goals, do it now. You still have seven months to make those goals a reality!

If you’re a writer, post a comment and let us know how you’re doing on achieving your writing goals for 2012 so we can cheer you on to the finish line. If you’re a reader, tell us all what types of story lines, occupations, romantic elements you like to see in a book. I’m giving away five copies, one for each month that’s passed in 2012, of Jobs Tears, the second book in my Heartsong Presents series so be sure to leave a comment!

Job's Tears - Nothing Can Stop Sarah. Since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Sarah Buckley is in denial and determined to prove the pessimists wrong. Her life changes--including a new career and new hoby--cause her mom and best friend to voice concerns that she's overdoing it. To Sarah, though, overdoing it is goodness sent from God.
As a Sanders man, Mark Sanders is better off not committing...and so are the women he dates. After all, his father abandoned his mother when she was diagnosed with MS, and Mark fears he'll follow in his father's footsteps. That is, until Sarah Buckley signs up for a quilt class at Mark's shop and his fear of commitment turns to fear of losing out on love.
Can Sarah and Mark see past the beliefs that blind them and embrace the true good God has placed in their lives?

Rose Ross Zediker lives in rural Elk Point, South Dakota, with her husband of twenty-eight years. Their grown son has started a family of his own. Rose works full-time at The University of South Dakota and writes during the evening or weekends. Some of her pastimes include reading, sewing, embroidery, quilting, and spoiling her granddaughters.

Besides writing inspirational romance novels, Rose has many publishing credits in the Christian children’s genre. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. Visit Rose on the Web at http://www.roserosszediker.blogspot.com/


  1. Hello from West River, Rose!

    Congratulations on achieving the goals you have. It's too easy to lose sight of our goals as the year rolls on.

    I've met two of my goals (thanks to the Seekervillian's encouragement). I've entered four contests (my goal was 3), and I queried an agent (and she's great!).

    I'm pretty sure I'll meet my third goal - finishing my second book - although it won't be as timely as I had hoped. Unforeseen things come up, but that's okay. It's all good :)

    It's a bit chilly here tonight, so I'm leaving a pot of hot chocolate on the buffet. I'm also leaving an icy pitcher of Raspberry Lemonade for those in the steamy parts of the country!

  2. Hi Rose:

    I finished my biggest goal, the historical novel I started in November.

    Now I'm working on the shorter contemporary I hope to finish before conference time.

    The coffee pot is set to brew so there'll be java to go with Jan's hot chocolate in the morning.



    June isn't June. It's freak out time because I only have six months to reach my writing goals for 2012.

    Thank you, Rose for validating my paranoia.

    I am pedaling faster now.

    Love your book cover, btw!!!!

  4. Hi Rose, Goal setting is valuable for all things in our lives. My big goal for the year was getting a job. I had to revisit it. I set the end of April I have now extended it and decided that seeing as I am not finding admin work but gaining small cleaning jobs That I still need at least 15 hours a week more and prepared to do more cleaning if needed for now. I have also decided to do more study part time to try and boost my employment qualifications (most admin jobs want some finance as well).

    Tina when we think June its half the years gone but in truth you have 30 days to get to your mid year goal.

    My big goal is now is now to get to America next year which means finding a little more work.

  5. First, this book sounds absolutely charming and I love charming, Rose!!!!

    Second, I hear you on goals... and I like your idea of mid-year assessment. I think goals (long and short term) need to be re-examined regularly too. And I'm not afraid to re-structure my goals because life intervenes sometimes, right? But that only pushes me to work "ahead of the curve" so when life hands us a smackdown, I still feel in charge.

    I think that means I'm very, very bossy!!!!

    Lovely, smart post Rose, and I always love it when you're in Seekerville!!!

  6. Raspberry lemonade... Oh, gimme!!! Thank you, Jan!

    Jenny, my sister-in-law had a business degree that kind of got left aside as she raised her kids... When she tried to get back to it, it required a lot more college than what she'd had ten years before. So she started cleaning for the hospital... and now she cleans for the senior apartment center on the hospital grounds. No weekends, no nights, holidays off and good pay and benefits. What started as a mixed work schedule job has changed into an 8-5 job, the residents love her, she's a breath of sunshine to them, and she loves what she does.

    Amazing what a simple life change can turn into, isn't it?

  7. Hi Ruth, I have been doing cleaning alot and for a couple of people I work for I know i'm needed and it feels good. Th reason for do the admin course is I have a dodgy knee that can't cope with full time cleaning. I have around 8 hours a week just need a bit more. Even data entry work would work.

    I left school saying I never want to be a secretary now thats what I am looking for.

  8. Can I ask what Raspberry lemonade is?
    (I know pink lemonade is strawberry flavoured).

  9. I love this post on goals! I had never thought of them this way before. I have gone back to school to get my bachelor's degree in English, now that the kids are older. I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up until now. I have found out I have a knack for editing. Since I love reading, this is perfect for me! Talk about God's perfect timing. I am now a freelance editor and work for several different authors and an online publishing company. I had set a goal of editing 20 books by the time I graduate. I have exceeded that goal and I still have a year left of college. God is so good. You can check out my website at: http://sallyshupeseditingservice.weebly.com/ Thanks Rose for a great post and the Job's Tears sounds wonderful!

  10. Congrats on achieving your goals.

    I continue to work on my goals. Than ks for reminding us to review our 2012 goals.

    Have a great day!

    Jackie L.

  11. Goals? I'm afraid mine have fallen by the wayside this year. But thank you for the reminder. I'm going to rethink my goals and try to stick to them better. If I don't, I think the near year will roll around and I won't have accomplished much.

  12. WTG, Jan!! and Helen!
    and everyone else.

    I'm a chapter away from my first goal, 5 chapters away from my second, and I haven't even begun revisions on the 3rd...
    BUT -I'm a whole lot closer than I was :-)

    Thanks for the reminder, Rose

  13. Good Morning!

    I want to tell everyone upfront that I'll be popping in and out to read comments today, but I won't be back to leave a response until this evening. We have strict rules at work for using the internet.

    But I'm looking forward to reading all the comments!

  14. Good Morning, Jan,

    It's a beautiful morning in East River....about 56 with no humidity! I envy all the West River people without that humidity!

    It sounds like you're learning to be flexible with your goals. Congrats on landing an agent!

  15. Helen,

    GREAT PROGRESS!!!! I know how hard you worked on the historical, and I have high hopes for you.

    Attending conference gives our goals a deadline.

  16. Tina,

    Sounds like we're two peas in a pod when it comes to our writing progress.

    Thanks for the cover complement. It's my favorite of the three books in the series.

  17. Ausjenny,

    Finding the job of your dreams is a daunting task. I'll keep you in my prayers, not only for finding an admin job but that you can travel to America too.

    Goals are important in every aspect of life. I set personal goals too.

  18. Ruthy,

    Bossy? Nope, smart to keep ahead of the curve.

    I hope other people feel the story is charming. I did get an anonomous post on my blog from someone telling me how much they enjoyed the book. That is so validiating!

    THANK YOU, Seekerville ladies for letting share my thoughts!

  19. Sally,

    Glad you enjoyed the post. I AM a firm believer in setting writing goals.

    I'm glad you found a career you love. That makes work so much easier!

    Best of luck to you.

  20. Jackie,

    Goals are work in progress, that's for sure.

    Thank you for stopping by.

  21. Cara,

    You brought up a good point. If we let our writing goals slide, then it snowballs on us (and can hold up our careers)the next year.

    I know you'll get back on track. There are lots of people waiting to read your wonderful books.

  22. Pepper,

    You are making GREAT progress. Do you stop and review periodically, to know how well you are doing?

    I really review my yearly goals on a quarterly basis. It's quite a boost to your esteem, especially on the days you feel that you are spinning your wheels in the murky mud of the publishing world.

  23. Okay, I'm off to work but I hope everyone continues to chat about goals.

    Have a great day.

  24. Good morning and thank you for a lungful of fresh air to get me motivated this (almost) June morning!

    My goals, which I just reevaluated, are to finish polishing my novel by July 1, get into a few trusted readers' hands and then get feedback over the summer. All in time to make some changes and have it ready to pitch at the ACFW conference in September! After that, well, we'll see how the first round of goals go.

    Back to work after a long weekend so have a great day, everyone!

  25. I set my goals at the beginning of the year and then reevaluated in April and set goals pre-conference. I got a bit sidetracked trying to write something for LI's speed dating thing but it just wasn't working. I need to revisit them again this weekend - and pray I'm on track this week...

    FYI - the Genesis calls didn't go out yesterday after all. I guess scores were due yesterday and calls will be made in the next day or two. Misread the website :/.

    First day of summer school! Getting ready to take the kids then come home and write like the wind!!!

  26. Oh Rose, you are amazing! Setting oals and achieving them...way to go! I have an app on my iPad for goals and I just love checking them off!! smile...

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to your new works...


  27. Rose, said I'm smart!!!!

    I'm smart!

    I'm smart!!! (imagine Rudolph when Feline tells him he's 'cute' in the Christmas special!!!) :)

    Rose, this means we get to kind of have fun at your expense today. 'Cause you won't be around to defend yourself. I blame Mary Connealy for even putting that thought in my head. She's such a scallywag.

  28. Oh, your book looks fabulous, Rose. Please put me in for the drawing.

    Thanks for your post. I chose my word for the year, "Learn," having no idea what that would mean for the coming months.

    But so far I have:

    Dived into trying to write fiction through Seekerville's Speedbo.

    Won a critique and sent my pages off with no fear. I have a sense of excitement about getting help in the journey.

    I am now in a critique group with two friends of Seekerville.

    I have, drum roll, a mentor who is a published LI author and will be meeting her next week to discuss my current WIP (and have touristy fun besides).

    Am meeting all sorts of writers and expanding my reading as well as writing goals.

    Have a research trip to DC that has come about because Man O has a business trip up there at the end of June.

    My only goal in January was to "learn." And look what happened! Now with concrete goals, imagine the possibilities!

    Bracing for Beryl's remnants today.

    May everyone be blessed in their goal creating and meeting.

    Peace, Julie

  29. Rose, I love your post on goals. I am a goal setter by nature. :) I set some writing goals at the beginning of this year. When I decided I was going to attend my first ACFW, and I checked out what I needed to have prepared for agents and editors I need to target, I got buuuusy. :)

    My current goals are: 1) to complete my first draft by the end of this month (yes, I realize that is only two days away, and I think I can do it!), 2) to have my work manuscript ready by ACFW and 3) to begin my next wip by NaNoWriMo.

    Whew! I just scared myself with these ambitious goals. Thanks again, Rose, for great suggestions on following up with goal setting.

  30. Wonderful inspiring post, Rose! Thanks for the reminder to assess progress on our goals. Flexibility is vital if you have lots of irons in the fire. My goals center on proposal and book deadlines. No surprises there.

    Your cover is gorgeous! My mother made beautiful quilts and I'm blessed to have several. From your bio, you quilt. When do you find the time?


  31. HI Rose,
    I recognized Job's Tears as a quilt pattern as soon as I read your title. Tried to make that block years ago, and never could get the pieces to fit like I wanted. What a great way to tie your story together.

    Because of my years in sales, I've always been goal driven. I believe in writing them down. There's something about it being more concrete when it's on paper in front of me. I couldn't agree with you more about being flexible. Every day is an adjustment, but I always know what I'm 'supposed' to be doing!

    That said, I am 'close' on my goals this year, with expectations of catching up in the next couple weeks. Feeling good and positive.

    Thanks for your frank road-map on how to stay on track!

  32. I am DEFINITELY a goal lady. I set monthly ones, annual ones, even weekly sometimes (TOTALLY the schedule girl!). Currently working on three of my four goals (managed to finish the one) - but most of them aren't very specific (and the one that is? I'm possibly rethinking LOL). Still, plugging away.

    This is a great post - thanks, Rose!

  33. IMPORTANT POST, Rose, THANK YOU!!! I am actually closely reevaluating my goals as well and so far am on target ... but it's too close for comfort for this Nervous Nellie, I can tell you that!!

    I LOVE your cover of your book, Rose, and the story sounds REALLY intriguing, so reallllly want to read it!!


  34. Welcome Rose. I just received your book in my monthly shipment of Heartsong Presents.

    As for writing goals, I'm just starting a new novel and plan to have it completed by the end of this year and edit my other novel. Of course there is the bi-monthly goals of writing for my column in Home School Enrichment magazine.

    Thanks for the reminder of setting goals.

    Jodie Wolfe

  35. Rose, a mid year review of goals is a great idea, and I love your idea of adjusting them to fit any changes in your career.

    You're writing career is a great example of someone who knows how to make it all come together.

    Can't wait to read your new book! Love the cover!!!

  36. I hate to admit this but I never set goals. Well, maybe that's not exactly true. I set small goals, like I want to enter the Genesis contest.

    But I'm thinking I need to expand my goal setting to a MUCH larger scale!

    Thanks for the push, Rose!

    I'd love to be in the draw for your book. Are you still writing for Heartsong now that they're with Harlequin?

    sbmason at sympatico dot ca

  37. My writing year doesn't begin on January first. I set my goals from conference to conference. Not a writers conference but a church youth conference the second weekend in March.

    Two novel ideas were conceived this past March. So my goal is to complete both of these before March 2013. I'm 45k into the first draft of one. This puts me a little behind since I wanted the first draft finished by summer camp which is in two weeks.

    So, thanks for this push to revaluate. I need to double my word count this week.

    It won't be easy but it is doable.

  38. Hi from another HP author, Rose! Great advice here, and I wish I were better about setting goals (not to mention the follow-through!).

    This reminded me that many years ago I took some kind of test that said my personality type was more geared to solving problems than setting goals. So I guess that means I see what needs to be done and then figure out a way to get it done.

    Including getting my book written in plenty of time for my deadline!

  39. I just reached a great goal. I have a revised book due June 1 and it got sent in yesterday.
    Now my next book is due October 1 and I'm 20,000 words into an 80-90k book so that is very do-able.
    I've also got a book due...maybe September 1st, a novella, and it's done.
    But I also need to get a proposal in order because my wip is five books into a six book contract. so I've got the idea together and a few paragraphs written out. But it's by no means done.
    And in my spare time of course, I need to write my YA blockbuster Larry Cotter and the Twilight Hunger Games. A seven book series that is yet to be written, mainly because I can't think of a plot.
    But that's the ONLY thing stopping me!

  40. I like simple, small goals the best. 1000 words a day, seven days a week. A book grows steadily, and pretty darned fast.

  41. CAROL and others interested in the Genesis finalists, an email went out to the ACFW loop saying it'd be soon but a little later than planned so HANG IN THERE!!!!!!!!

  42. Pepper when you say you're one chapter away from your goal do you mean one chapter away from having your book finished?
    Unless it's a SECRET goal, in which case, let's pretend like this comment Im writing right now....never happened.

  43. Stephanie, good for you for getting those books ready for ACFW. That's a fantastic goal, with real, solid deadlines that could help you sell.

  44. So good to see you here, Rose! Thanks for the reminder that it's time to check up on those goals. Tina is right. June is freak out time. LOL.

  45. Oh how I love learning from you and all these wonderful writers!

    Met one big goal, after 4 years finally completed my WIP. Next goals are to have everything in place for my first ACFW conference in the fall. (Insert big smile.)

    At the moment I'm enjoying the Jersey shore, reading wonderful fiction, another goal, but a very enjoyable one.

  46. Hi Rose,

    I'm from your group with Linda. Nice to see your cheery picture, and we're neighbors. I'm in Iowa.

    And I'm hanging in there on my 2012 goals. I've finished two novels and am almost 30,000 words into a sequel.

    I'm an addict, so I have to FORCE myself to sometimes forget about the goals I set, for my own health.

    Anybody else out there as anal as that? Smile....and i would love to peruse your giveaway novel, Rose.

    Thanks for alerting us to your work today.

    Gail K

  47. PS RUTHY thanks for the word scallywag. You so rarely hear that word used in the 'Under Eighty' crowd.

    You whippersnapper!

  48. Gail K, you're in Iowa? Where in Iowa?
    (no, you don't have to tell, this is the internet after all) but I'm in Northeast Nebraska not that far from Rose. Do you ever want to get involved in the Iowa Nebraska ACFW group, it's centered around Omaha but we draw from a large area.
    Also I was in St. Ansgar Iowa at a writer's retreat weekend with Erica Vetsch a week ago at the Blue Belle Inn, and St. Ansgar is a long way northeast.

    You could've come if that was in your area!!!

  49. LESLIE!!!!!!! Way to go with that finished manuscript!!!!!!!!
    YAY! FOR! YOU!!!!!!!!!

  50. Mary - I'm first in line for your sparkly teen werewolf series!

    Already picked up one kiddo from summer school :(. Overheated and got sick.

    Oy. And it's still May!!!

    I like whoever it was who doesn't set annual goals from Jan 1- Jan 1. I do, but I also set smaller goals. Like by conference.

    I want to have roughs of 4 MSs done by then [three are already at least 1/3 done and a writing retreat weekend between now and then] and 3 polished [2 of those are already half-polished] plus synopses, one sheets, sell sheets etc.

    But if I'm gonna get 'em done, I gotta get going.

    I saw the Genesis email and am going to try really, really, really hard not to think about it at all. Really.


  51. Such excellent advice. I need goals to keep me on track, and I need to reevaluate those goals to make sure I'm staying on track!

    Love the cover art for Job's Tears!

  52. I've got Job's Tears in my TBR pile right now.
    I've got ONE MORE BOOK that I have to read first, then Rose's. I loved her quilt back ground for the books. LOVED IT!

  53. Welcome Rose! What a great post on goals and keeping them realistic. I'm happy to say that I've completed half of my major writing goals for 2012, but will keep working to move forward with my writing. (I still have much to learn, LOL) ~ I already have Job's Tears and it's on my TBR stack right now--hopefully I'll be reading it soon. Thanks again for this post, and blessings from Georgia, Patti Jo :)

  54. Mary, thanks for your kudos! Completing my manuscript is the sum total of an honor unlike any other, a promise to a dying man, and a work that has deeply changed me. My prayer is it will someday touch others.

    Like Carol, (Congrats to you Carol!) I'm trying really, really hard not to think about the Genesis awards. I'm amazed I've come this far! To God be the glory!

  55. Hey Rose.

    Thanks for the reminders.
    I have the goal to finish 2 of my wip this year. I've made progress on both, but haven't completed either.

    I'd like to have at least one totally polished and ready by conference.

    It could happen.
    (JP from Angels in the Outfield.)


  56. Leslie, that is so beautiful, that 'promise to a dying man' thing.
    You do know that...now you've got to start a new book....you know that right?

  57. Larry Cotter and the Twilight Hunger Games ... Gotta love it! I'm still laughing, which will explain all typos.

    Rose, what a book cover! The quilts are lovely, and the hero is good-looking. Oh yeah, and the plot sounds good, too :-)

    Thanks for the reminder about evaluating goals. I did that this morning after reading your post. My big goal is to finish the WIP I worked on during Speedbo (and set aside for a while). My smaller goal is to write a novella I've had in mind for months. At 1000 words a day, it's totally do-able. I'm also considering writing non-fiction magazine articles again ... giving myself until the end of summer to decide on that.

    Fingers crossed for all the Genesis participants.

    Nancy C

  58. I wrote a nice, maybe a little snarky mid-day post and Google ate it.


    I think the Holy Spirit works for Google and he saved me from myself. We'll see if he lets me through now, but all I'll say now is to repeat what Mary said:


    Simple formula.

    Awesome annual results.

    Hey, leaving chocolate caramel cookie bars....

    Oh, yummy goodness!!!

  59. Look at that.


    My post praising Bridgett and Lyndee and Sue and my post DIES IN THE VIRTUAL WORLD OF DEATH and Mary mocks me for using the word scallywag.

    At least I never got a "1" in the Rita....

    A "2", yes. ;)

    But that's so far above a "1"that it's a little ridiculous, really. I mean it's TWICE AS GOOD as a "1", right?

    I rest my case.

    So how can we make fun of Rose. Is it too late? Too mean? She's so stinkin' nice....

    I can make fun of others, though.

    Let's start with Julie...

  60. Hi, Rose! I finished the book I started Dec. 2nd, but I haven't quite finished the proposal I should have finished May 15th! Actually, I kind of put it aside and am working on a book I started last fall. But I really need to get that proposal done soon!

    Congrats on your second book, Rose! It sounds great! :-)

  61. Mary!!! I can't wait to read your YA blockbuster Larry Cotter and the Twilight Hunger Games.


    Hey, The Merchant's Daughter got First Place in the YA category of the Winter Rose Contest! Yay! :-)

  62. Hmmm...finally home from work and helping my sister out with car trouble...isn't that the worst! to find Ruthy wanting to make fun of me....after I said she was SMART!!!!

  63. Ruthy I was all set to make a comment about you being smart--- like a smart-aleck.

    Then Mary called you a Scalawag.

    But then you brought chocolate carmel cookie bars and I have to repent. smile

    They are yummy. I'm repenting.

  64. Stephanie,

    Sounds like you have good handle on setting and reviewing goals.

  65. Carol,

    It's fun to try something new to stretch your writing muscles even if it doesn't go as planned. Glad to hear your back on track.

  66. Gert's here! I'm so glad you stopped by.

    Everyone, this is the Gert in the dedication on Job's Tears.

  67. Julie,

    I didn't choose a word for my writing this year. It sounds like your word 'learn' is working out well for you!

    Congrats on the forward movement.

  68. Jeanne,

    I think your ambitous goals are great. We all need ambitous goals to push ourselves.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  69. Janet,

    I don't find as much time to quilt or sew as I'd like too. Both are relaxing hobbies for me.

  70. Lynee

    I've never worked in sales (other than writing)but I've worked with sales people. It's probably why I'm such a supporter of setting goals.

  71. Hi Rose, Welcome to Seekerville. Sorry to be giving Ruthy a bad time while you are at work. Well not that sorry. But then she brought chocolate carmel cookie bars. So I better behave.

    You made some great points about goal setting. Yes, it is wise to revisit them esp to remind yourself that they are there and need to be addressed.

    I've done well on my non-writing related goals but still struggle with the writing goals. Your post reminded me to get busy. smile. Thanks.

    Hope your day went well. Hugs

  72. Joanne,

    I set monthly goals, also-never weekly though. I'm glad to see so many goal oriented people.

  73. Julie,

    I'm very pleased with my cover. My mom would love it and I'm glad you love it too!

  74. Oops You're home from work and caught me.


    Glad you're back. Hope your day was good.

  75. Jodie W.,

    An HP club member! I hope you like my book.

  76. Melanie, Congrats on First Place. whooo hooooo

  77. Lorna,

    YAY!!!! I get to see you in person on Saturday. I'm glad you dropped in today.

  78. Susan,

    If Hearsong (Harlequin) likes any of my proposals, I plan to write for them.

  79. Bridgett,

    Great idea on setting goals from conference to conference.

    Goal setting is as unique as our 'voices' in our books.

  80. Myra,

    When are your new HP's releasing?

  81. Patty W,

    Glad you dropped in today!

  82. Leslie,

    Reading is the BEST perk of being a writer!

  83. Did anyone notice that I'm giving Ruthy a run for her money with exclamation points???? !!!!!

  84. Gail K,

    Thanks for visiting today. Where do you live in Iowa?

  85. Erica,

    So glad to see you. Hopefully, we can do another book signing in Sioux Falls soon.

  86. Patti Jo,

    I hope you enjoy Job's Tears!

  87. Connie Queen,

    It WILL happen. I know you can do it.

  88. Melanie,

    Congrats on the contest win.

  89. Thanks, Sandra! I don't know why I didn't get an email about it. I just assumed I didn't final when I saw that Debby Giusti was a double finalist a week or two ago. LOL! (Yay, Debby!) Then today I got a certificate and a pin in the mail. Surprise!

  90. Sandy,

    I'm doing better on my writing goals than my personal goals! I decided that I'd finish two quilt projects this year, one is finished but I'm having a lot of trouble getting enthused about the other project.

    I, also, decided that this is the year I'm visiting local museums, butterfly houses, etc. Just because they're close, they shouldn't be taken for granted, right?

  91. Wow Melanie, What a way to be surprised. woo hooo

  92. Yes, Rose, I did notice all the !!!!!!!!

    The Grammar Queen is the one we have to look out for.
    Quick grab an eraser.
    Or delete button.

    We'd make a good team. You could hound me for the writing goals and I'll hound you for the personal goals.

    And yes, museums are great fun. And yes visit them so they can show support and STAY OPEN.

  93. Rose

    I am glad you keep your goals realistic! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

    Can't wait to read your new book!

  94. Rose, I don't know where I got the idea that Job's Tears is your second book. Is it your second Heartsong? I see now that you have other books. But congrats on your new one, Job's Tears!

  95. Yes, it's my second Heartsong. The second in the series.

  96. Jeremiah,

    Thanks for shopping by and I hope you like the book.

    PS to Everyone, I strong armed my son into leaving a comment!

  97. I didn't call Ruthy a scalawag. She called ME a salawag.
    I called her a whippersnapper, get it right for heaven's sake.

    Now It's time for me to shuffle off with my walker to play bingo.

  98. Rose, you're coming Saturday? YAY!
    I'll meet you in Onawa at McDonalds at 8 am? Will that work?

    We're having a local ACFW gathering.

  99. Jeremiah, you are a good son.

    Also brave.

    Seekerville can be a scary place.

  100. That will work, Mary. See you then.

  101. The Onawa McDonalds at 8:00? I was there a few weeks ago!!

    Of course, it was more like 1:00. I'd have to get up at...man, WAY too early to get there by 8:00!

    You guys have a great meeting, okay?

  102. JAN! You should have called me. I'd have come over...that's 20 minutes from my house!!!!!

    We need to get organized.

  103. ANYONE traveling up I-29 LET ME KNOW! I think Pam Hillman once went up that road and didn't let me know.

  104. Okay, I forgot about just completing my latest wip! Guess I should have bragged a bit.

    It wasn't really a goal I set, it was my Speedbo ms and I got so involved in it I kept going and just finished it at 420 pages and 112,500 words! My longest book yet.

    Needs a lot of editing which will have to wait for a while!

    Thanks for letting me brag!!


  105. Mary,

    Jan waves as she passes my interstate exit in Elk Point. SOMETIME we're going to need to coordinate a stop!

    Right, Jan?

  106. Goals need to be realistic, but also extend.

  107. Rose asked: "When are your new HP's releasing?"

    Good question! I should have 2 coming out sometime this year. I was originally told April for the first one but haven't seen any sign of it yet. A date on cover art received from Harlequin makes me suspect June. So hopefully that box o' books will be showing up on my doorstep any day now!

    It's been a rather confusing transition, hasn't it?

  108. Yes, it has. My contract said Job's Tears would be a March release and it ended up being a May release.

    The third book's, Rose of Sharon, contract said May....but I'm doubting that since I haven't seen/heard anything.

  109. You inspire me to set goals for this year. You are right about writing them out & checking them off.
    Thanks for the reminder!

  110. congrads on acheiving your goals!I'm not a writer but would love to win on of your books