Thursday, May 3, 2012

What's On Your Shelf?

Hi everyone, Audra here. Can you believe it's May already?? Wow. Colorado is known for it's snowstorms in May, but with the hot winds and no moisture along the Front Range, I doubt we have to worry about that. This is more like wildfire weather. Ahhh, I digress, but really, it's nice to finally leave winter behind.

And speaking of winter, I'm sure we all enjoyed our share of reading as we took breaks from writing during cold snaps, right? What other profession can you pursue where your free time is engulfed with the joy of "researching?" I've never heard of an author who didn't voraciously read.

So, the important question I pose today is: What's on your shelf?

(Ha, I kinda feel like the barbarian for Capital One asking "What's in your wallet?" hee)

Take a look at your nightstand, your livingroom table, your keeper shelf and tell me -- besides the cup of coffee and assorted magazines -- what do you see?

A book? Lots of books?
What kind of book? Well-read or hot-off-the-press?
A romance? An adventure? A thriller?

Chances are you have a central theme in the books you hoard, covet, and collect. Now, compare them to your current WIP (work in progress). Are they the same genre? They should be. The old adage remains true: write what you know. And if you've spent years reading and consistently coming back to the same genre, that's the genre of book you should be writing, polishing and working up a killer spiel to present an editor or agent at this year's ACFW conference.


Because it's obvious you enjoy that genre. It brings you comfort in your rewards. You look forward to carving out moments in your day to follow the characters you love on the adventures you yearn for.

If that's the kind of book you love to read, chances are it's the kind of book you'd write well yourself.

You've got to love what your writing or the enthusiasm will not come through, the emotions will be forced and the research to make it feel real will be just this side of daunting. If you love romance, for example, don't be ashamed of it. Embrace it and put all your passion behind it. Don't try to write a scifi fantasy if that's not the section of the bookstore you camp in. The deadliest mistake an author can make is to write to a market you have no interest in just because it's hot.

If you wouldn't read it, you will not be able to write it.

By writing what you read, you're giving yourself a huge advantage. You've studied the masters, the authors who have engaged your interest enough to have you come back and buy a second book. The rhythm of the genre beats in your heart and the cadence of the words flow from your fingertips. You've studied the characterization; you anticipate the excitement of the plot points. It's a part of you and what better way to channel your emotions and the inner story of your heart that's just dying to come out?

Every kind of writing has it's own expectations and conventions. You can't have a great romance without the hints of passion and purpose (Julie described it best); great Western wouldn't be the same without a shoot'em up scene or two (no one is better than Mary); a great sci-fi has to engage the reader and introduce them to a new world that's different enough to create, yet familar enough for us to identify with (I believe we have a closet sci-fi writing Seeker thinking about this).

Readers expect a certain amount of convention in the genre and they'll expect it from your books, too. Don't overlook all those years of reading romances or mysteries or Amish-time traveling-werewolves as just whiling away the time. Consider all that effort as pre-pub research. Put it to use.

Write a book you want sitting on your nightstand or kitchen table waiting for you to steal a couple minutes and indulge in a few pages. Put your passion to work and write that book that others will want sitting on their tables and chairs just waiting "to take them away."

Hmmm, I started with a credit card slogan and ended with Calgon. There's got to be significance in that somewhere, LOL!

Now for the fun stuff : )

I've implored the Seekers to share their keeper shelves, bedside tables, and all-round places in their homes. They've done a great job of revealing their reading passion. Now it's up to you to guess which photo goes to which Seeker. I'll be giving away prizes to three lucky winners who guess all of them correctly.

What you have to keep in mind is the PERSONALITY of the Seeker, the life they give their books, and consider where their inspiration might come from. I won't lie, a few of the pics are real stumpers, but don't worry, there'll be clues along the way. And oh yeah, you can think out loud all you want, hypothesize to high heaven, work together! I can't wait to see what y'all come up with, LOL!

Match up the photo with the appropriate Seeker: Audra, Debby, Glynna, Janet, Julie, Mary, Missy, Myra, Pam, Ruthy, Sandra, Tina.

I'll have a drawing for three prize packages for three winners! C'mon, time to get creative!!

I'll even start us off with a hint: I'm published with LI, writing contemporary cowboy themes, but before I got The Call, I finaled in both the Contemporary and Historical categories of the Genesis in the same year...and won the Historical Romance category with my Regency era manuscript. NOW can you tell which pic is mine?

Maybe the other Seekers will drop hints about themselves throughout the never know...













BUT WAIT, there's more!! After this first set of book collections, I have 3 pics left over that really hit the heart of the soul of 3 Seekers. Can you guess who they are???

How well do you know your Seekers???



 We'll have three winners here, too.
I'll be a mystery to the winner just which Seeker is sending you their book

All winners will be announced in the Weekend Edition. Stop by and see who won this week and check out all the new stuff for next week!!


  1. Okay, which Seeker is reading Mole People? I want to read that book. Can I borrow it. I so want to delve into that topic more. I only recently learned about it.

    Did you know all of NYC is build on an entire underground city? Learned that in NYC. Fascinating stuff.

    This is fun Audra.

    I figured out Debby and Missy for sure. But I'm not telling...

  2. I have no chance at winning this, but is it just me or is #7 not showing up for others?

  3. Hi Melissa, I just double checked and I can see it fine. Anyone else?

    Try clicking on the picture. When I click on the pics, it pulls me into another screen with all the pic below in a slideshow format. Maybe that'll help.

  4. Tina, I learned about the underground city under NY back in the 80s? 90? when Beauty and the Beast with Linda Hamilton was on.

    That was a fascinating, albeit weird, series.

    I liked it : )

    Some of the pics are REAL obvious. Others? Not so much. Seekers, you might have to drop breadcrumbs during the day...please??

  5. I've tried it in 3 browsers and they all say broken picture link.

  6. VERY clever post, Audra, love what you did :) I'm with Melissa though because there's no way I'll be to figure this out...also I can't see #7 either, even when clicking on it. Don't know what happened there (??). I was waiting for clues :) Thanks for sharing your bookshelves, Seekers, it's so great to share the love of reading with you here!

  7. Cracker Culture? That must screams Missy to me. LOL

  8. Mole People? that just screams Tina to me.
    (okay, I'm telling this joke all day)

    I can't see #7 either.

  9. Writing the Bonnet Zombie Thriller? That just screams Audra to me.

    (with real screams, considering the zombies)

    ---unrelated, did anyone watch Castle Monday night? When it looked like the killer was going to be a zombie, Castle just lit up. Finally, he's havin' some fun.

  10. These are my favorite pictures of all time. BOOKS!!!

  11. I’ll try a few that I think might have a chance:

    10. Julie
    4. Myra
    6. Tina
    12. Mary
    2. Janet
    7. Audra
    3. Debby
    5. Pam
    8. Ruth
    11. Missy
    1. Sandra
    4. Glynna

    I can’t see 7 either. This is hard. Authors often don’t read what they write.


  12. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I loved this! Im obsessed by other people's booksehelves. I'm such a snoop that I'll actually wander away from a covnersation and go through their books to see what they're reading.

    I have no idea who's who, maybe Mary C is 3?

    But I DO know that I want to be #4's friend. A big pile, that's who it's done!

    Also, #2 and I have the same copy of Jane Eyre.

    And # 12 gets props for putting Emily Dickinson poems right next to H.G. Wells.

    But I'll follow #6 anywhere. Mostly because when they zombie apololypse hits, they'll have enough food to share.

  13. On the second set of pictures, I'm gonna try a guess:
    A. Mary
    B. Missy
    C. Janet

    Thanks for so many hints, Audra, I believe I figured out a few other ones....where do you and the others keep the books you've written? Are they kept in the same spot as the ones you've read or is there a special place to put them? Thanks again for sharing, I love looking at the titles :)

  14. I am going with Debby for number 3
    If I didn't know better I would swear number 4 was mine!
    7 isnt showing up for me either.

    I think A may be Mary.
    I think Julie is 10 and if she is can I come visit to watch Jag?

    very hard to decide.

  15. I love this as much as I love those things on FB that ask you to name the books on your nightstand. Don't these pictures looks better than shots of a Kindle or Nook screen?

    Virginia said it best about what those bookselves suggest about the owners.

    If we had shots of my shelves, it would be a mix of Seekerville books, Little Women, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer, Holocaust books, Henri Nouwen devotionals, and train travel books. Hmmmm.

    I thought I was the only one who watched Beauty and the Beast back then!

    This post is almost making me wish I had more time to peruse before I head off to play Grandma Juju today. Hope to examine the pictures later.

    Peace, Julie

  16. I thought I posted before looks like blogger ate my post.
    I think 3 is Debby,

    If I didn't know 4 was a seekers I would swear it was mine.

    A I think is Mary's

    I think 10 is Julies and if so can I come visit to watch Jag with you?

    no idea of the other ones.

  17. I have to go "A" for Mary and "B" for Missy. I don't know who "C" is but my wife loves Anne of Green Gables. I think the clue to "C" is which Seeker would read "The Yearling."

  18. Thank you so much for the writing advice Audra. A wonderful writer friend of mine gave me similar advice just this week! I'm taking it to heart!
    Angela Brackeen

  19. Look at Tina, trying to give clues already....

    Whoever you are, don't tell!!!! Oh my gosh, Audra-kins, this is so much fun. I'm dying laughing and trying to figure out from how CLEAN the shelf is who is who.

    AND I CAN'T!!!! That just makes this so much more fun!

    Oh, I'm loving this so much! And I see clues in a few pics but not in others....

    What a splendid idea. A treasure hunt. Love it!!!!

    And #7 is being a pain... I'll go double click and see if it behaves.

  20. I'm not gonna even try to guess about those pics in your blog post! :-)

    Actually, I don't have a keeper shelf for fiction. I have a few non-fiction books that are keepers. I read all kinds of fiction, but, mainly Christian fiction (mostly romance and women's Christian fiction). But, I'm game to read just about any type of novel - Christian or secular.

    Beside my bed, I have a TV stand and it's full of books. Here are a few of the titles (THESE ARE NOT KEEPERS - JUST BOOKS THAT I'VE HAPPENED TO BUY OR HAVE GOTTEN AS GIFTS FROM SOMEBODY):

    Beyond The Night by Marlo S.
    Tuscon by Nancy J. Farrier
    Arena by Karen Hancock
    The Secret Life Of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd
    Forsaken by Vanessa Miller
    Maid To Love by Jennifer Johnson
    Like Dandelion Dust by Karen Kingsbury
    Second Chance Mom by Mary Kate Holder
    Hearts Under Construction by Diann Hunt
    Sundays At Tiffany's by James Patterson
    Boneman's Daughters by Ted Dekker
    Suspicion of Guilt by Tracey V. Bateman

    That's just a few, but not all of the titles on my nightstand. I haven't read any of those books. I also have countless books sitting around this messy house. Piles and piles of them! :-)

  21. Fun, Audra! I want to know who is reading "The Plot Whisperer" as I read that earlier this year and also got to attend Martha Alderson's workshops at Desert Dreams last weekend!

  22. Fun post, Audra! #7 wouldn't open for me either, so I won't attempt to guess at each pic. But, (I forgot the number) I think Julie Lessman's shelf has the Rhett/Scarlett cut-out(?) and at the bottom Missy is B? I'll be eager to see the answers--always FUN to see what other folks are reading. ~ As for my personal bookshelves, they hold my Bible(s), lots of inspirational books, cat books, lighthouse books, and TONS of books by Seekers! (Really!). Hugs from Georgia, Patti Jo :)

  23. Sorry about the photo glitch. I think I fixed it. It was there last night before I went to bed.

    Hmmm, the Blogger gremlins hit again : )

    So glad to see I have brave folks venturing guesses already!

  24. Mary, really? You think I can do justice to a Zombie??

    LOL! Honey, you need a shot of chocolate!

    And speaking of chocolate, I have lots of brain food to rev us up for today's adventure.


    The smoothie bar is open with a lushious assortment of fresh fruits and yogurts to blend together and fee the mind.


    Assorted whole grain cookies, breads and tea cakes to munch on as we think.


    AND a table of decadent pastries hidden in the corner for all those who rebel against the healthy-eating-for-breakfast thing. Follow me, I'll show you where it is : )

  25. Kara, stay tuned. The day is young. I'll tell you though, check out Vince's guesses, he got SIX of them right!

    I'll tell which 6 later in the day.

    Way to go, Vince...but then, I"m not surprised...

  26. So fun! Loved your thoughts, Audra. It's making me think about what's on my own shelves. :) Yep, I'm writing what I read. I'm hoping to come back later today and try your quiz. Still waking up right now. :)

  27. Virginia, careful about following #6, you could be biting off more than you're ready for, LOL!

    I'm a bit fearful of crossing #6. Does that give a clue???

  28. Kara, you got one right in the bonus guesses!

    Now hmm, which one???

  29. Julie HS, go do your grandma thing cuz that's really important! We'll be here all day waiting for you : )

    I loved Beauty and the Beast. I thought the writers were very clever in their overall theme.

    I sooooo wanted Vincent and (Linda Hamilton) to get together...

  30. Oooo, Jenny. You are a very smart lady : )

    I fixed #7, I think. I'll go back and check.

  31. Walt, one of your guesses is correct...and the Yearling reader? Think hard. I know YOU'LL figure it out : )

  32. I would've guess the zombie pic to be Mary.

    Where is the copy of Redeeming Love? Who recently said that was one of their favorite books? Ruthy or Mary? If it was on the shelf, couldn't read it.


  33. Angela, I'm glad I'm not the only one supporting write what you read. It only makes sense to begin your writing journey on familiar ground.

    And it seems the Seekers have very eclectic reading habits : )

    I'm having so much fun with the pictures, I almost forgot I'd written something, too.


  34. Connie, I'm able to click on the picture and enlarge it. Does that work for you?

  35. Oh how fun Audra. And I did what Ruthy did. I was thinking about who in the world had such neat shelves. It certainly isn't me. LOL

    Okay, I have to give my clue because I certainly would not be writing what I'm reading right now.

    And the other clue to that is I don't have time to read anything else because of what I'm reading this spring.

    I have written down my list but am not telling because I've seen some of these shelves so it wouldn't be fair.

    And Glynna, I was sure I had yours until I saw the Plot Whisperer and then thought that must be yours because of our discussion with Martha Alderson at Desert Dreams. Great resource by the way and she agreed to come post in Seekerville. yay So now I'll go back to my first choice since you commented and said it wasn't yours. smile

  36. 1 – Sandra
    2. Janet
    3. Debby
    4. Mary
    6. Tina
    7. Audra
    10. Julie
    11. Missy

    Other than that, I’m clueless. Great post, Audra! Love looking at everyone’s bookshelves! You all are very well read and have a lot of the same books I have! Especially love the shelf with the statue of Gone With the Wind on it! Very inspiring to write next to. I have a very strong suspicion that one’s Julie’s. :)

  37. Really? You want me to think this hard in the morning????? Argh! Okay -- I've given it a shot and here are my answers though I'm only certain of a few of them.

    1. Audra
    2. Cara
    3. Debby
    4. Tina? Ruthy? Myra? LOL
    5. Mary (but maybe it's Tina)
    6. Tina?
    7. Sandra
    8. Mary (because of to Kill a Mocking bird...only another Seeker recommended that book too -- argh..was is Julie? Audra. My brain hurts!)
    9. Janet
    10. Julie (Rhett and Scarlett and JAG clinch this one.)
    11. Pam?
    12. Debby...because of the suspense stuff but the Amish and Hutterite books threw me!

    Okay as if that wasn't hard enough now you're giving me bonus questions? Were you a teacher in a former life?

    A Mary (or any number of Seekers)
    B Missy
    C Ruthy

    This was fun BUT if I look at my bookshelves I find historical romance, contemporary romance, Amish romance, romantic suspense, Love Inspired, ack -- what does that mean I should write?!

  38. I think that one picture with all my books should be BIGGER. Can Blogger do 8 x 10?

  39. Truth be told, I have no idea who's stack is who's. But one of the photos looks a lot like it was taken at my house! I'm looking at the same books on my shelf right now.

    Don't know the Seekers well enough to take a guess, but I love the message, Audra and the exercise. Fun to see that others are reading what I'm reading. ;)

  40. I feel bad now, I sent Audra a picture with about 1/20 of my books. I should've gotten back farther.
    I had the Natural Resources District show up and declare my bookcases an avalanche hazard.

    There's no skiing anywhere near them.

  41. PS if you're having trouble reading the book spines, click on the picture and it gets bigger.

    (which is sort of like 8 x 10)

  42. Oh wow. This is hard, Audra! I'm too chicken to try to guess. When will you give us the answers? I want to come back then and see which books belong to which Seeker.

    Right now I have several books started. I don't usually read this many books at one time! Actually, I haven't been doing a whole lot of reading lately at all. But right beside me I have my Bible, The Apothecary's Daughter by Julie Klassen, Siri Mitchell's She Walks in Beauty, and The Hunger Games, which I'm trying to use in a workshop I'm teaching for some 8th graders. I also have several books I've started on my Kindle. Lately I just seem to start books and never finish! Shows you the condition of my brain right now.

  43. Kav, it means you better write faster.

    Good guesses btw.

  44. Okay, who ARE these people????


  45. Okay,
    #5 is Myra
    #8 is Ruthy Sweet Hush is in the middle
    #9 is Mary (?)
    #10 is Debby (but Kav said Julie was a cinch on Jag,so I'm not sure.)
    I'm late leaving for town.


  46. Really, Tina? You figured out Debby & Missy? I THINK I know who Missy is, but I'm not sure.

    I think I know who #1, #5, #6, #9, #10 and #11 are.

    Hey, Tina, you getting much sleep lately? Just wondering...

  47. I was a huge fan of that Beauty and the Beast TV show in the late 80's. But I didn't realize that underground city stuff was real.

  48. Tina gave clues? Where?

    This is HARD work!

  49. Well, shucks, there goes my one guess, since Glynna admits publicly that The Plot Whisperer pic is not hers.

    Scratching her name off my computer screen...

  50. Ruth, I dusted my books first.

    Well, sort of.

    There might still be dust if you look close enough.

  51. With 12 Seekers to match up with the books, I need a spreadsheet.

    At this point, I know of 2 Seekers that are NOT matched with a particular picture!


  52. Well Missy reads the same YA I do, so I knew.

  53. That Christy pendant needs to be in a velvet lined frame. Or I could borrow it and wear it.

  54. Vince has SIX right???

    Wow, that's scary!

    Scrambling to cross-reference his list with mine.

  55. Okay, I'm going to give this a try. I am completely stumped by 1 and 2.
    3. Debby Giusti
    4. No idea
    5. Sandra is my guess, and this person has the same taste in movies as me, I have to say.
    6. Obviously has a great sense of humor.
    7. No idea.
    8. Tina, because I know she loves Linda Howard.
    9. Yikes! All those history books! No idea.
    10. Julie maybe, but where is your copy of Gone With the Wind?
    11. Makes me think of Tina.
    12. No idea. Really eclectic!
    A. Mary - I display my medal prominently too, Mary! LOL
    B. I want that Cracker book!!! Missy? Pam?
    C. I'm guessing Ruthy. But whoever it is, she must be a kindred spirit. :-)

    Actually, there were several that I thought could be Julie, and a couple that could be Mary. This was hard.

  56. This is fun but HARD. I love looking at bookshelves. I'm working on my guesses so far I'm sure of only two of them. (Debby and Julie) I would love to park myself on the floor beside #4's bookshelf.

  57. I feel like I'm watching the Price is Right.

    Audra, does Vince have 6 pictures right?

    Giving a test so will actually post my guesses in a bit.

    Audra- I emailed you the other day but think I may have used the wrong email - did you get it?

    And if you didn't, could you email me and tell me which picture is whose?


    Seriously - if you didn't get it, I'll resend to another addy :D.

  58. HOLY COW!!! I've just barely had my coffee, and there are 58 comments already??? WHOA, BABY, AUDS -- GOOD JOB!!

    VINCE SAID: "Authors often don’t read what they write."

    Oh, man, THIS author reads what she writes, trust me!! I have boxes and boxes and shelves and shelves of romance, mostly Christian, because THAT'S how I do a lot of my research!! ;)

    Soooo fun, Audra, but definitely taxing this peabrain of mine ...


  59. JENNY!!! You bet, girlfriend -- you, me and Harm!! :)

    AMANDA ... "a strong suspicion," eh?? Well, I will tell you one thing -- Rhett Butler IS very inspiring to write next to. As is the head shot of the model who posed for Collin ... ;)


  60. KAV!!! You are a freakin' genius, girlfriend, you know that???!! :)

    LOL, MEL ... see the fat white book on the lower shelf of the pic you guessed to be mine?? Uh ... that is my favorite (and oldest) book in the whole world that I read so freakin' much, that the silly spine fell off YEARS ago, so what you see is the white underbinding with glue on it ... ;) And, yes, that actually IS the original copy I read when I was twelve ...


  61. Audra, this is great fun!! And hard to figure out. I'm loving all the guesses and hearing what's on everyone's shelves.


  62. Oh Julie, the spine is completely off my copy of GWTW too! And most of the cover as well. I guess that means a book is much read and much loved.

  63. Hmmm...maybe #11 is Ruthy -- I know HOW MUCH she likes reading books on the writing craft...(hee hee)so maybe she put The Plot Whisperer in there to throw us off track. :)

  64. Hi Audra:

    don’t just look at the titles. Look at how orderly the books are and how the photos themselves are framed.

    Have you seen anything neater than #1? That’s either a very neat person or someone hiding a colossal mess. : ) (Just funnin’).

    Julie: Think: cross-pollination.


  65. HA!! Vince! With that in mind, what exactly does number 6 say to the subconscious mind?


  66. I didn't have time for TV in the 80's and 90's so now I am getting to watch all those shows on Netflix.

    I first heard of Mole People on Felicity. The show is set in NYC.

    Now to find Beauty and the Beast.

  67. Yay, #7 got fixed! I agree with Vince, I was trying to figure out which books belonged to who by the organizing method...
    Okay Audra, here's another guess at the bonus :)
    A. Mary
    B. Missy
    C. Julie

  68. Hi Tina:

    I think #6 says: I like to kid. I probably have teens at home. And the GMC demonstrates that ‘despite it all’, I’m grounded in reality.”

  69. I don't see anyone who's gotten me yet and it's half-way through the day...


    Youse don' seem t'know me quite likes ya' tink, I tink!

    Da lot o' youse!!! ;)

    Oh this is so fun. And I'm not the only Seeker who loves Sweet Hush, but I am the only Seeker who has openly proclaimed her love for a certain old YA book......


    There is a hint, for whatever good it does ya!

  70. Still working on it (when time allows) but here's a few authors with books on my shelf:

    Mary Connealy
    Erica Vestch
    Janet Dean
    Regina Scott
    Jillian Hart
    Cheryl St. John
    and I love love love Karen Witemyer's books

  71. Those are some good hints Ruthy! I need all the hints I can get. The only one I'm 100 percent sure of is Julie's.

  72. Hi Ruth:

    I think you’re just trickily enough to pick books that would not point to you. But with your hint, I think it could be #8 -- but if it is, I don’t think it was fair. : (


    P.S. I’m writing a philosophical analysis of ‘deep point of view’ and my visits here are the equivalent of coming up for air!

  73. Okay, here's my guess:

    (and Ruthy, half-way through the day? It's just mid-morning here!)

    1. Sandra
    2. Glynna
    3. Debby
    4. Janet
    5. Pam
    6. Tina (yes, I'm looking over my shoulder...)
    7. Myra
    8. Ruthy
    9. Mary
    10. Julie
    11. Missy
    12. Audra

    And the bonus ones:
    A. Audra
    B. Missy
    C. Ruthy

    Can we take another stab at it later if more hints are given out?

  74. Oh may goodness, this is going to be a crazy day! Sorry for being gone, I had a meeting at work.

    anyway, I'll start telling you which pic goes to which Seeker as the majority of you start getting them right.

    Let's start with Debby is #3!!

  75. My own bookshelves are in transition. Our two adult children are both moving in with us this summer, so many of my beloved friends are going into a storage locker until I get my office back...

    But you'd find a big collection of classic children's books, a lot of reprints of narrative histories, a complete set of Mark Twain, lots of Bibles and study books, old cookbooks...and, of course, a whole shelf of Seeker books.

    They were are neatly arranged (think a library) until a couple weeks ago...

  76. Glynna and Sandra, I have a copy of the Plot Whisperer, too.

    Gotta make time to read it!

  77. Just stopped back by to see the guesses posted so far, and now I'm laughing at Ruthy's "New York Speak"--love it!! (although I'd stick out like a sore thumb up there with my southern draaawl, LOL). Hugs, PJ
    Brought a fresh pitcher of Georgia Peach Punch if anyone needs something cool to drink. ;)

  78. wow, I can't keep up with all the guessing, LOL!

    Of course Mary is A!! We really needed to twist her arm to show us that Christy medal LOL!!

  79. Amanda, Kav,

    Hmm do you really think ANY of the Seekers would dare host Rhett and Scarlett on their shelves other than our beloved Julie??

    Yep, Julie is #10!!

  80. Vince, it's spooky how well you MIGHT know us!!

    Let's see, 6 correct right off the bat. I've got to wade through the comments to see if he's made further strides.

    Has anyone pegged the Zombie lover?? Heh, heh, heh

    Hint, it's NOT me : )

  81. Kara, you have Mary right, but the other two are not Missy or Julie : )

  82. Melanie, I've with you about the starting and not finishing books. It's not that I don't love the stuff I'm reading, it's just that Kindle makes is so easy to buy tons of books. I'll be smack in the middle of one, then download something and just have to skim through it...

  83. Audra, I thought the books in "A" looked like they might have been Mary's, but the shelf was so neat and orderly - she sure had me fooled!

  84. Vince, why is Julie cross pollinating???

    I can't believe Ruthy has stumped you.

  85. Jan, click on A to enlarge it. Have you ever seen so many Connealy spines in your life?? Well, outside of Borders or B&N maybe.

    And my keeper shelf : )

  86. These are my guesses so far:
    2 Janet
    3 Debby
    5 Mary
    10 Julie
    11 Missy
    A Mary
    C Ruthy

    also I don't think #6 is Tina. A while back the seekers posted a picture of their work space and the laptop and books in #6 are from someone very different than the picture Tina posted of her work area ;)

  87. this is wonderful post today, love it. I sure see lot of books on shelves that I would like to read. I am sure it is only by guessing would anyone get this right so here is my guess:
    Audra 7
    debby 6
    Glynna 4
    Janet 10
    Julie 9
    Mary 5
    Missy 11
    Myra 1
    Pam 2
    Ruthy 8
    Sandra 12
    tina 3

    Most had lot on their shelves so writers definatly are readers too
    cant wait to know who got most right.
    Paula O(

  88. Okay, #8....

    I've never read Cruisie....

    Never owned one...

    Don't have one.

    But I do have several of the others, including an old paperback high school version of To Kill a Mockingbird, a book that I love, love, love.

    But that ain't mine. ;)

    And I'm still dying laughing here. Obviously I am a deep mystery.

    Who knew???

    Hey, fresh lemonade and sweet tea because no matter what the Drexinator says, it's 1 PM here...

    Half way through the Ruthy day, LOL!

  89. I think I may've stumbled onto the answers by accident.

    Audra, I sent you an email via your blog. If I'm right, I won't put any of the answers.


  90. So fun, Audra! And I got here late and have errands to run. Why today of all days!!! :)

    I know the Seekers and I'm having trouble...

    6. Ruthy
    5. Mary
    2. Julie
    1. Cara
    7. Tina
    8. Missy
    11. Janet

    Lots of holes. Must go back and relook.

  91. The Drexinator? Ruthy, dear one, Chocolate lover extraordinaire, it's STILL morning out here.

    You had me stumped...okay, Ruthy isn't #8, but I KNOW she's C.

  92. Mary, I'm with you. No one would want to see my bedside table. It's piled high. Many Seeker books. But Audra wanted a smattering of what we read. Or did I get that wrong? Probably. :)

    But what fun. We need a puzzle like this every week or so!

  93. Oh man, I 'stumbled' as well. With that said I want to go to Myra's house!

  94. Hi Audra:

    Ruth is always surprising me. I thought she was six feet tall for the first two years! I think of Ruth as a kind of ‘change-up’ pitch. There may be too much creativity going on to get a good fix on her. It may be a corollary to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. : )

    About ‘cross pollination’ this is about reading in other genres and using the neat ideas you discover in your own genre. (The comment was in answer to something Julie wrote.)

    Many writers, outside of the romance genre, don’t read in their own genre or subgenre because they don’t want to be influenced by other writers in their particular genre.

    You had Cindy Woodsmall, who writes Amish romances, as a guest on Seeker recently and she said that she has never read another author’s Amish novel. She does not want to be influenced. She does not even want to use the same language or expressions other writers might use no matter how authentic they are. She only wants to use what she has heard when talking to Amish people. (Note: this applies to a subgenre not the entire romance genre.)

    When authors read many books in their own genre a jargon can develop without the authors even knowing it. For example, ‘a smile that did not come up to his eyes’, ‘lips that curved up at the corners’, 'eyes the color of the sky' and so on. Authors may not notice this but readers will – if they read enough romances. Fans want the same, only different.

    It would be interesting to see how Louis L’Amour describes smiles. Mary might know this.

    I think romance writers are so nice that they tend to read each other’s books. I don’t think authors are that nice in other genres.


    P.S. The mail came and I have a load of ‘work’ work to do.

  95. Oh, and the other pics...

    A. Pam
    B. Ruthy
    C. Audra

  96. Audra, when are you spilling the beans?

  97. Not very well, apparently! I will say, I have to cheat a little with #10, because I've seen those bookshelves in person. ;)

    And I'm not even going to GUESS who is the closet zombie writer.

    I love reading in a variety of genres, but I love contemporary women's fiction, like Katie Ganshert, Courtney Walsh, Becky Wade, Kathryn Cushman, Marybeth Whalen, Deb Raney. THOSE are the stories I go back to time and time again. And that is what I keep going back to write.

    Love the post!

  98. Debby...bean spilling?? Not right away!

    Seekers feel free to give clues over your pic! I don't want to give too much away.

    I'll be revealing the identities, bean by bean as a majority of folks begin to suspect : )

    Hint: Keep an eye on Vince, he seems to be piecing clues together nicely : )

  99. People really read how-to-write books?

    Or do the lot o' youse just have 'em to make yourselves look good????

  100. All them learnin' books makes me look smart : )

    And they're pretty.

    And of course I always buy the how-to books the Seekers get excited over : )

  101. Okay, I've got to go back and read, but as far as the bean spillin' I've done, we have:

    #3 Debby
    #10 Julie
    A - Mary

    I'll read and see if any other Seeker has been "made."

  102. AND it looks like:

    C - Ruthy

    Keep guessing, kids. The day is going strong!

  103. I think Mary's could be 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, or 9.

    Ruthy, you have stumped us all. Maybe you are the zombie killer.

    Julie, I just figured GWTW was hiding behind your picture of Rhett and Scarlett! I read the library's copy three times before I bought myself a paperback, and the cover wore off it after reading it three more times.

  104. I got all those right, Audra! Including C-Ruthy. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Aw, I just noticed that Julie has a copy of The Healer's Apprentice on her shelf! That is so sweet. :-) You made my day, Julie!

  106. Yes, I'm C on the second shot....


    And Understood Betsy should have been the giveaway clue.

    But on the top....

    Ah, yes.

    There's the fooler! :) But you guys have done well so far... I'm amazed because I'm scratching my head.

    Missy was easy for me, but we share a cafe...

    Ya gotta know your partner, right?

    And Tina's...

    And the clean rooms should be a hint to the lot o' youse!!! :)

  107. I'm so excited to see my book, Making Waves, next to Gone with the Wind on a Seeker's shelf that I'm hyperventilating.

    Might try to guess later after I breathe in this paper back a while. :)

  108. Lorna,

    I don't think I ever got to read Making Waves, but I remember the book because of the cute cover. The cover and the title.


  109. this is great! I love guessing and reading everyone's reasoning. But I have to say I am going to go see if I can get Beauty and the Beast on Netflix.

  110. Okay, I'm going to take myself out of the running since so many guesses are giving MARY my shelf...

    #5 is Audra

    so far we have:

    #3 Debby
    #5 Audra
    #10 Julie
    A - Mary
    C - Ruthy

    I'll be back at my next break...

  111. Jan you guessed #11 as Missy...YAY!

    So, let's see. We still have 8 Seekers to place:


    And one more bonus:

    another clue coming soon...

  112. This is more challenging than level 12 in Tetris.

    I haven't a clue. Not. A. Clue. And to think I used to read mysteries and have them solved long before the end of the story. Sigh.

    Time to settle in with a pencil, piece of paper, and a huge eraser.

    Do I really want to know who the zombie reader is?

    Nancy C

  113. Oh my goodness, just reading the post and the comments has nearly fried my brain.

    I keep thinking Ruthy is #2
    Tina is #1

    I really have to think some more.

    I've been reading dystopian novels, and touch of romance and sic-fi.

    A book I've been waiting for came out on May 1 first, yes mine came out then too and I was waiting for it, but this is Insurgent, the sequel to Divergent. pretty interesting little read.

  114. What fun.....hard though. But when Casey said she had seen #10 in person....I thought JULIE!!! lol

  115. Mary is probably the zombie enthusiast on #6. She merely writes those westerns just throw us off, but then that would explain all the shooting and blowing things up. she's preparing for the Zombie apocalypse.

  116. Yay! I got Missy right!

    That last picture in the bonus trio - I know I remember someone mentioning that book, Cracker Culture, one time. Now who was it?

  117. Tina Pinson - considering Mary's comments on Facebook on Monday re: the zombie Castle episode, I'm inclined to agree with if #6 is Mary, who is #9? Is it Pam doing all the historical research?

  118. Too fun, Audra! I have a few ideas about which pix belong to whom but won't hazard any guesses.

    Hint for my collection: I've always dreamed of having a home library with wall-to-wall bookshelves.

  119. Connie & Jamie, you gals are clever!!! I think I just figured out your secret!

  120. # 4 Myra... wall to wall instead of piles

  121. So ... #8 has both To Kill a Mockingbird and A Lantern in Her Hand, which points to Mary if memory serves me right.

    But then ... A Lantern in Her Hand is shelved upside down. So is that a clue that both books are intended to lead me astray?

    Or would Mary have both books in the pic and have Lantern shelved upside down in hopes someone would think it was designed to lead her astray?

    And besides, is there anyone who doesn't have a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird?

    Audra ... please ... who is #8? Pretty please with chocolate on it? Puhleeeeez?

    Nancy C

  122. Or maybe #8 is Ruthy ...

    Nancy C

  123. I've been studying #12 -

    (Audra, I haven't gotten much accomplished besides looking at Seeker's books today, thank you very much!)

    Could #12 be snarky Ruthy trying to throw us off the scent by including some writing craft books in the mix? Whoever #12 is, they have one of my favorite Amish reference books on their shelf...

  124. Nancy C your thought process reminds me of a scene from Princess Bride :)

  125. #1 is Ruth. Winter Winter Winter

  126. # 9 is Mary I think the more I consider it the more flummoxed I become.

  127. #12 is Glynna just guessing away.

  128. Wow, another fun post by seekerville :)
    I have no clue what the others are but I'm guessing 5. To be Mary Connealy (reading her book!! :)
    And the 10. to be oh, I've got to do this...JULIE LESSMAN!!!
    I love Seekerville - really!



  129. Jamie Adams said...
    Nancy C your thought process reminds me of a scene from Princess Bride :)

    Would that someone would answer my every request with "As you wish." ;-)

    Nancy C

  130. This has been cool Julie we have reruns of jag every day and I do enjoy them. we never got the original series here (where I live it was on a channel we couldn't get).

    I really want to know who 4 is cos I still think they came into my house and took a photo of my books. I have almost all the books on that shelf.

    My beside table messy. Its actually a small bookcase dad made. Doesn't hold alot of book as it was for a child but I use it as a bedside table. as I finishes books they tend to go in one of the shelves (2 in all) and I have others to read in there.

  131. Here I am late again. I don't have very good guesses but I can't wait to see the answers.I do have a question. This has to do with writing what I read.
    For the last several years I have mostly read and reread and reread Betty Neels.I think I have all her books. My mother in law got me started and I just love her writing it is an escape from my life. The heroines are super 'Good" as in do the right thing and the hero's are usually super rich, the writing is sort of ethereal to me.
    But, that is not what I know. I know farmers and small town people. I can write about them but I still like Betty Neels' style however, I don't know if anybody really reads that style. So sorry this is kind of convoluted but if you could decipher it and come up with an answer I would be forever grateful.

  132. I left a comment and its gone. its happened a couple times now. think blogger isn't happy with me.

    Julie, we are having the reruns of Jag here which is cool.

    I am interested to see who number 4 is as it is so like my bookshelf. I have nearly all those titles here.

  133. Ok blogger dislikes me I have posted a comment about 3 times and it keeps being lost.

    Julie here were are having reruns of Jag and as I never saw the series the first time round.

    I am interested to find out who 4 is as most of the books I have on my bookcase.

  134. This comment has been removed by the author.

  135. I cant wait to see who number 4 is I have most of those titles.

    (not sure if this will post blogger hates me today)>

  136. Oh, oh, oh... there is a clue in mine... I just saw it.

    But I shall not divulge it, but if you look carefully you cannot miss it...



    It practically guides you geographically!!!!

  137. Oh, wow! I'm really late, and so many have commented!

    Fun post, Audra. I'm totally stumped myself. Although I think I could get about 3 or 4 of the photos right. :)

  138. And Jan got mine right! Ruthy, you probably knew it by the Karen White books. :)

    I thought for sure the Cracker Culture (was that in B?) was Ruthy since she's into all thing Celtic. (So I guess that gives away that I'm not B!)

  139. No one has said otherwise, about Mary being #4 so maybe she's #7 and the revelations reference is direct to her X plagues

  140. Nancy, you crack me up! LOLOLOLOL! You put way too much analysis in book placement on a shelf : )

    Right up there with Virginia wondering who would put Emily Dickinson next to HG Wells : )

    Okay, number 8 is....

    drumroll please...


  141. Debra, I never even thought of watching Beauty and the Beast on Netflix. I may have revisit my late, late youth : )

  142. Debra, I never even thought of watching Beauty and the Beast on Netflix. I may have revisit my late, late youth : )

  143. Jan Drexler, you aren't blaming me for torturing your mind, are you?

    Heh, heh, heh.

    I just spilled the beans of Mary being #8. I'll get to #12 soon.

    This has been fun, hasn't it??

    Poor Nancy C and Tina P. They're a determined pair!

  144. Looks like you've all got great books on yourshelves! Writing what you enjoy is a definite must :)

  145. Myra, no one ever said a library with wall to wall books means they're all shelved : )

    Connie, Jamie, I think I'm smiling with Myra : )

  146. FAYE!!!! I've missed you, sweet thing!!!!

    Oy, I'm loving stumping you guys.

    But I'm a bit stumped on a couple...

    I thought I had one nailed and I was wrong-o.

    Dagnabbit! (Hey, that's a WESTERN expression isn't it???? hhahahahahah! Do not read too much into that!)

  147. Okay trying again, # 4 Myra. I thought 4 was Mary because of all the Hatcher books and she co-authored with her. Oh well.

  148. I got one right! I got one right! My day is complete.

    I appreciate the encouraging words to write what we love to read. Washington Irving had this at the beginning of one of his books:

    "I tried to read, but my mind would not fix itself; I turned over volume after volume, but threw them by with distaste: “Well, then,” said I at length in despair, “if I cannot read a book, I will write one.” Never was there a more lucky idea; it at once gave me occupation and amusement."

    Audra, this has been so much fun. Confusing beyond belief but fun :-) Thanks!

    Nancy C

  149. Audra, your advice to write the book we'd love to have resting on our nightstand is so perfect! I'd never thought of it like that before.

    Yay for bookshelves! I'm addicted to them. Or maybe I just need them because I have so many books. Yeah, that's it, I'm addicted to books.

    Oh, dear. I couldn't begin to guess who's who.

    I couldn't find the site, but just last week I was watching video clips from Christian authors on their three favorite books. I was very happy to see videos from several Seekers. Very interesting to hear and see what books inspire you all.

  150. Mary Cline, let me take a crack at this.

    Having grown up in Colorado, I have an elbow-rubbing knowledge of ranching, cowboys and farming. Enough so that I can tell you I appreciate a battered hat, broken in Wranglers and worn cowboy boots on a soft spoken cowboy who melts my heart with well timed, "yes, ma'am." I can describe the Rocky Mountains and I work with many Natural Resources types in my Extension office day job.

    Thus, Rocky Mountain Hero was born.

    BUT, I've always loved reading British historicals - Regency, Victorian, Medieval, any historical time period that gives me a good nobleman or knight and a damsel in distress. Kinsale, Woodiwiss, Dodd -- I've devoured their love stories and reread them until the spines are broken.

    I absorbed the essence of these historicals novels and ended up thinking like them. With a little research, I came up with plots and characters that sounded like the time period and even won a couple contests with them : )

    That is one why of writing what you read. If you've read Neels until you practically recite chapters in your sleep, you could probably write in a similar style with very little effort.

    The Seekers have posted shelves of books that they read, representing either storylines they enjoy, character development, technique they're drawn to, or they just like the relaxation the author offers them.

    Whatever draws them to the specific books they're reading, it's just a sub-attraction to the overall picture...we write love stories where God is the mortar that holds the characters together.

    I think Vince mentioned authors don't read what they write. To which Julie piped in claiming the genre she writes it's the only thing she reads. I'm with Julie. If a book doesn't have a love story, I'm not interested.

    So look at it this way (sorry I"m long winded!), Betty Neels' style is something you enjoy and appreciate. The style is probably something you'd incorporate easily into your writing.

    It's familiar, so it'll be comfortable. The odds of success are considerably higher than say, trying to imitate Stephanie Meyer if you're not a fan : )

    Does that help or hinder you now??

  151. I'll give it a try:

    1. Glynna
    2. Julie
    3. Debby
    4. Tina
    5. Audra
    6. Mary
    7. Pam
    8. Sandra
    9. Ruthy
    10. Janet

    C. Missy

  152. Okay kids, it's time to put Seeker to Pic.

    1. Glynna Kaye
    2. Janet Dean
    3. Debby Giusti
    4. Myra Johnson
    5. Audra Harders
    6. ---are you ready for this?---
    7. Sandra Leesmith
    8. Mary Connealy
    9. Pam Hillman
    10. Julie Lessman
    11. Missy Tippens
    12. ---are you ready for this?---

    And the bonus round:

    A. Mary Connealy,
    B. Pam Hillman
    C. Ruth Logan Herne

    Thanks everyone for making this post so much fun! I had a blast putting it together and you guys made the work all worthwhile : )

    Now remember to check the WE on Saturday to see the 3 winners of a prize package and the winners of a book from Mary, Pam or Ruthy.

    You guys rock!

  153. OOOPS,

    Use this one instead:

    1. Glynna
    2. Julie
    3. Debby
    4. Tina
    5. Audra
    6. Mary
    7. Pam
    8. Sandra
    9. Ruthy
    10. Janet
    11. Myra

    C. Missy

  154. Thanks for the answers, Audra! I got four of my original guesses right - add two more as I tweaked my guesses through the day.

    On the bonus pics I got one right.

    This was a fun game today - thank you!

  155. I am sure this wont stay posted but Myra's shelf could be mine (I have posted so many times this morning but everyone has disappeared)

  156. I am not sure if this will post as I have been having issues all day.

    Myra your shelf could be mine I have most of those books too.

    Julie, we have a channel doing Jag reruns which I am enjoying.

  157. Me? With the Zombie book? EXCUSE ME????

  158. Lots of fun today, Audra! Next time I'll have to take a photo of one of the shelves of my jam-packed 7 ft wide by 7 ft high bookcase. And it doesn't come close to holding ALL my books. I have books in other bookcases, on the shelf above my desk, under the bed, in the closet, in my nightstand, stacked on the floor...! :) I think I'm going to have to buy a new bookcase for Seeker & Friends of Seekerville books alone!

  159. Jenny, I used to love watching JAG. OMG, I wouldn't miss an episode.

    I loved Beauty and the Beast, too. Ahhh, the oldies but goodies.

  160. Did't Zombies originate in Nebraska?

  161. I'm with you, Glynna. I keep bringing home bookcases to store my Seeker and Friends of Seekerville books.

    My husband wonders why I just don't get rid of the books rather than drag home more clutter.

    After 23 years of wedded bliss, he still doesn't get it.

    I love him.

  162. Such a variety in tastes!! But I couldn't guess who's who.


  163. Oh, how fun! Only guessed one or two.

    LOVE Understood Betsy, read that aloud with my daughter this year!

    My shelves, hmm...where to begin. The one I would probably take pictures of are my collection of books from my Grandfather and Father (both now with Jesus), old favorites like Pinocchio and Peter Pan that I'll hold on to forever.


  164. Aw, man, I came to see what all the clues were to try to take a stab at it, but then I see that I'm too late to guess myself, but let's say I do a "shot in the dark" here....

    1glynna, 2janet, 3debbie, 4myra, 5audra, 6tina, 7sandra, 8mary, 9pam, 10juli, 11missy, 12ruthy, amary, bpam, cruthy

    Because I'm brilliant like that.

    So can I be entered in the drawing, pretty please? :D

  165. It's after midnight...but I just wanted to play anyway! I'm too tired to try and figure out the pics, though : /! I think Julie's has the Rhett/Scarlett cutout, too (I think someone else mentioned that). I will say that I could really relate to #2...I've read several of those! Right now I'm reading Prize of my Heart by Lisa Norato. I read a lot and I'm not sure when I've got the time! Recently I've read Heart of Glass, The Healer, and I have a lot more on my Kindle to read. This was a fun post! Thanks, Audra!

  166. hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!This was so much fun!!!!


  167. Zombies rock!!!!


    Right up there with myths and legends.

    You guys were awesome players!!!! And yes, that's the top rack of my book shelf and no I haven't read the plotting book, I'm sure it was a freebie from some thoughtful person like Tina.....

    (sticking out tongue in the direction of Colorado)

    That's how my research goes down... Delta Force... Mole People (fascinating studies of NYC's underground people)... Michael Lewis' tell-alls on Wall Street... New York Amish (amazing diverse culture there)

    LOL! Thank you for being such good sports! You guys rock!

  168. Is someone going to do a blog post on Zombies??


  169. I have no hope of matching, but I'd love to restock my book shelf thank you.


  170. Wow, I think in that string of posts someone must be right (enough clues have leaked out!)

    AUDRA, I did indeed go to Netflix and queue up Linda Hamilton and Ron Purlman. I forgot there were a few season's worth.

    I can't wait to take the easy route and just find out the answers to the bookshelf mystery. Thanks ladies!!

  171. No, sorry Audra. I am much too busy preparing for a Zombie attack to do a blog on the topic.

  172. AUDRA!!!! YOU SAID: "I'm with Julie. If a book doesn't have a love story, I'm not interested."

    Only one of the MANY reasons I love you, darlin'!!!

    And, JENNY ... I would LOVE to watch Jag with you, girl ... you ever make it to Missouri, and it's a date!!