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Humor Me with Guest Lindi Peterson!

Missy, here. I'm excited to have my long-time good friend and critique partner Lindi Peterson with us today. Welcome Lindi! Y'all are going to enjoy hearing from her. If you've read her first book, Her Best Catch, you'll know how great Lindi is with humor!

Also, I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you her new novel from Bell Bridge Books just released the other day!! When I read the draft of this story, I called her and told her that I just knew her editor Deb Smith would buy the book in about 30 seconds flat. Well, I was close. I think she bought it in 24 hours.  :) :) So be sure to check out this fantastic story, Summer's Song!

Humor Me!

By Lindi Peterson

I can’t help it. I like to laugh. I like to smile.

There’s a station on the Sirius channel my husband listens to all the time. There’s a lot of talking on it, and there’s a show where there is a gal and a guy and they chat back and forth. The gal has a really LOUD laugh and this past weekend while we were listening she bursts out with this laugh. My first thought was ‘how annoying is that?’

But then it came to me that no laughter should be annoying simply because of what it is. Laughter is the outpouring of giddiness inside. If anything it should be contagious. So my spirit was put into check immediately.  It’s kind of like our singing voice. God gave us that voice and He likes it when we sing loud in church, even though the person standing next to us gives us that cross-eyed look that is meant to silence us. (No, I never get that look. :))

Some people are just naturally funny. I read Kristin Billerbeck’s blog because she makes me laugh. She’s true to life, doesn’t mince words, and can put a smile on my face in almost every post she writes. So I visit her blog often.

Moving from blog posts to novels. Seekerville has amazing authors. Authors who know how to write humor, so I was a little hesitant about writing this post. But just like there are only 16 plots or something like that, and we all keep writing novels, there’s more than one way to approach humor. And there are several types of humor.

I’m going with the subtle type. You know, the type that’s interjected under the radar, so to speak. Of course, I must preface this by revealing some information to you. I’ve often sent my manuscripts to critique partners and they place those smiley faces and LOL comments where I, as the author, didn’t think I was being funny. There are places where I’m thinking I’m going to elicit one of those cherished smiley faces and there is nothing. What I’m trying to say is that sometimes what we think is funny, others don’t.  So take those smiley faces where you can get them, and hmmm, smile.

Here is an excerpt from my new release, Summer’s Song. There is an obvious humor line and a subtle humor line.

Set up:  Heroine, recovering pop-princess Summer’s manager, Coleman, has scheduled an interview with a talk-show. Summer didn’t want to do it, but didn’t want to be difficult. Also, the hero, Levi, told her she had a chance to tell the world how she’s changed. At this stage the interview isn’t going like the talk show host thought it would. She’s mad and is confronting Summer about it.

 “Somebody get Coleman on the phone,” she yells. “He misled me.” (talk-show host)
         “I’m sorry.” (Heroine, Summer)
         “The last thing I need is bad girl meets God on my show. Paul! We’re done here. Call my driver and wrap this disaster up.”
         She uncrosses her arms, probably getting ready to bolt.
         “I just don’t want to be cardboard.”
         “What?” she asks.
         “I don’t want to be cardboard,” I say a little louder now. “I want to be fudge.”
         “Honey, take another pill.”
         With those parting words she glares at me, turns away then leaves.
         A loud clap sounds. Then another. I turn to find Levi standing five feet away from me. How could I have not seen him and how long has he been here?
         He claps one more time. “That’s my girl.”
         “I’m in so much trouble.”
         “You can’t worry about it.”
         “This was my big chance. And I blew it. She didn’t believe me. Why couldn’t I convince her?”
         He walks to me. “You look beautiful.”
         “I even wore my church dress. Honestly. Why couldn’t I convince her?”
         “She didn’t want to be convinced. She wanted dirt and you wouldn’t give it to her.”
         “She’s leaving. Coleman is going to be furious.”
         Levi places his hands on my shoulders. “Forget about Coleman. Forget about Meghan Cascade. How do you feel?”
         I stare into his eyes, reflective of what I want to be. Who I want to be.
         Smiling from deep down in my soul, I put my hands on his waist. “I feel great. I feel free. I feel like. . . .” and before I can finish my sentence his lips cover mine.
         My heart totally slams my chest.
         I close my eyes and watch bright lights explode. His lips are softer than I imagined, fiery with passion, sweet like honey.
         I’m lost.
         In him.
         In his kiss.
         He surrounds me with his arms, ends the kiss, then buries his head in my hair, his lips close to my ear. “Sweet, so sweet,” he whispers.
         And I thought I was in trouble a few minutes ago.

So for me, the obvious humor line is: “Honey, take another pill.”
The subtle humor line is: “I even wore my church dress.”

(Note: The church dress line will make more sense when you read the book. Also, the fudge/cardboard line will be explained—promise!)

The line, “I even wore my church dress.”, is spoken in total seriousness by my heroine. The hero, Levi, and the reader all know that you can’t really change who you are by what you wear. And my heroine’s motivation isn’t to imply that, yet that’s what it implies. Also, look at the line above it.

He walks to me. “You look beautiful.”

My heroine doesn’t respond to that line at all. And trust me, looking beautiful is something she knows she does well. It’s a huge part of who she was, and her lack of response shows how she has changed.

And I didn’t sit around thinking and planning all this as I was writing the dialogue. It just happened. My first draft of any story consists of A LOT of dialogue. I have to go back and fill in all the other crazy important details, like setting and emotion. When I’m revising I look for the places that the timing of the dialogue won’t be interrupted as I insert the other details.

Dialogue may not be the thing you do naturally. It may be setting or emotion or something else. If you hone down what comes naturally, then you can build the other important aspects into your story.

As with other aspects of writing, humor is all about timing, cadence, and the beat.
The how-to book, Self Editing For Fiction Writers, is always on my desk. It has a chapter titled, Easy Beats. It goes into great detail how important beats are in your novel to create tension and give the reader breathing space. I spend a lot of time on my chapter endings thinking about not just the perfect line to keep the reader turning the pages, but also making sure the timing, the beat, is there.  

I thought I was in trouble a few minutes ago.

I wanted the reader to smile and maybe laugh when they read the last line of that scene. 
Leave them (the reader) happy!

What do you feel like you do naturally when you write? Or if you are a reader, do you like books with humor?

Thanks to Seekerville for having me as a guest blogger. These ladies and their readers are amazing and I love visiting anytime!

So, here’s the deal. We’re giving away 2 copies of Summer’s Song and 2 gift/review copies of my first novel, Her Best Catch. If you’ve smiled or laughed while reading this post, indicate in the comments section and you’ll be entered in the drawing for one of the copies.

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  1. My favorite line, that made me chuckle.

    "And I thought I was in trouble a few minutes ago."

    Welcome back, Lindi!! Congratulations on your second release!

  2. I know I read "Her Best Catch" but I think it was an ecopy of some sort and not a hard copy... I do remember enjoying it though :).

    I love writing comedy. It comes naturally to me. My tagline [for the moment - stinkin' Melanie Dickerson makin' me write historicals may make it change...] is "Romantic Dramedy in the Ozarks".

    So of course I smiled. I don't 'get it' yet, but the chocolate v cardboard lines made me smile :).

    I'd love to win your new book!

  3. Hi Lindi! I LOVED Her Best Catch! I really enjoy reading humor in books. Most of the humorous books I've read had been set in present-day, so I kind of feel like I'm just hanging out with my friends when I'm reading it. Especially in HBC because I'm from GA so I could totally relate to it. I don't know if I've ever read a historical with a lot of humor before...hmmm. Anyway, I would love a chance at winning your new book. : ) Blessings~Stacey

  4. Found it!!! Knew I had it on my Kindle!!! It's now OPEN on my Kindle to reread but dunno when that'll be. Have a couple that HAVE to get read asap so... :D


  5. I laughed, I smiled. Would like to do that again so please put me in the drawing for either one but preferably Summer's Song because I need to learn more about cardboard and fudge.

  6. Oooooh. I just love a book that makes me laugh AND has a kissing scene at the same time! How hard is that????

    It's easy to be funny. a little harder to write a good kiss. But both?

    Awesome. Picking this one up for fun.

  7. My natural writing talent would be dialogue and humor. I almost always ace the dialogue part of a scoresheet and often get comments on my humor.

    And I love getting smiley faces and lols from crit partners, but even better is when they tell me they had to read that section to their spouse--that's the best.

    Setting though....that's where I crash and burn. :)

  8. Tina, that was my favorite, too!! LOL Great minds and all. (or should I say same warped sense of humor??)

    Not that your writing humor is warped, Lindi! LOL

  9. And now, I'm heading to bed finally! Only 50 more pages to polish tomorrow.



    Night all.

  10. Of course, I should also add I also have to print and read it again as well. Need prayer to meet my deadline!

  11. Hi Lindi,

    I started smiling at Siris radio because every time I get in my dad's car he has it on and often quotes things he's heard on the comedy channel.
    But my favorite line is:

    "And I thought I was in trouble a few minutes ago."

    I enjoy humor in stories. Your story sounds great.

    Thanks for sharing with us today.

    Jackie L.

  12. Firstly welcome Lindi, I have a copy of Her Best Catch which I admit I haven't read yet but as I finished a book last night I will start it tonight.
    The comment about the cross eyed look for singing off key I have to laugh. I moved from near the back of the church because of one lady who doesn't realise she is tone deaf. She is also having hearing issues so sings even louder and the higher the note the more off it is. As I struggled with her behind me I moved to closer to the front so I dont have that issue anymore. I actually often sit with a lady with a wonderful voice.

  13. Good Morning Lindi, have not read your books but there are so many authors writing good stories that I am finding my TBR stack getting larger. They say that laughter is the best medicene and I do like some humor in my books. Just in life it should be there -we surely would be a sour puss without a little. So I am smiling and reading your post-glad you stopped by Seekerville..
    this reader is Paula O(

  14. Tina--a big THANKS to Seekerville for having me back.

    Carol--Love the tag line. I love reading historicals, so yes, write them.

    Stacey--thanks for loving HBC. I do like reading books from where I live--it gives that 'homey' type of feeling to it.

  15. Mary--glad you smiled to early in the a.m. :)

    Virginia--I love writing kissing scenes. With this book, Summer and Levi were always wanting to kiss. I had to reel them in on more than one occasion. :)

    Jenny--Hi there! My hubby sings REALLY loud at church!! He's more on key than off, but seriously, I've never heard this man sing this loud before.

  16. Paula, I'm with you on the TBR pile. These Seekerville ladies alone can keep me reading forever! They're awesome.

  17. Congratulations on this new sale, Lindi. This is a great subject and isn't it wonderful to be able to laugh out loud while reading. Instant stress relief!

    Have a great week everyone!

  18. Well, Hello there Lindi!
    And Good morning to Seekerville too!!
    You asked : 'if you are a reader, do you like books with humor?'
    O my gosh, are you 'kidding' me?? (No pun intended) OF COURSE! I'll sit down and read one any day, friend, anyday! I love having a good laugh too! THANK YOU for visiting! (Yeah, the Honey take a pill line was pretty funny;)

    Hoping to win your book and wishing you a great day! :-)


  19. SUH-WEET 'clip' from your book, Lindi. Loved it.
    And I'm with Tina - I liked the line "And I thought I was in trouble a few minutes ago'.

    I like to write comedy, but that doesn't necessarily mean I'm good at it.
    And I like to write romantic tension too (which - again- doesn't necessarily mean I'm good at it)

    I LOVE to read BOTH! YAY! So, it was a good place to stop today.
    I'd love to be in the drawing

  20. Good morning, everyone! I'm up again, fixing y'all coffee and assorted pastries. Although I'd really prefer a steak or tenderloin biscuit! Maybe I"ll just go ahead and make you gravy and biscuits. YUM!

    I'll be in and out through the day as I can, but with this deadline, I won't be around as much as I usually am when I have a guest.

    I know you'll all be able to hold the fort down!

  21. Oooh, I loved that tidbit/excerpt, Lindi!

    My favorite line was the church dress one - maybe the type of humor we enjoy says a lot about our personalities :)

    I don't think I write humor well, but I sure enjoy reading it. Looking forward to reading your book.

    Missy, I'm praying for that deadline! 50 pages? No problem! But with that final read through, I know you'll be burning midnight oil. We'll all keep the buffet supplied today. How about a nice, hearty, protein-filled egg casserole to go with breakfast?

  22. Missy--I KNOW you'll be done polishing in no time. And I KNOW we'll all have a fabulous book to read, soon!!

    Debra-I agree--stress relief!

    Ganise--So glad you are loving books with humor. Nothing like smiling while reading. I've found myself steering clear of sad movies lately. Too much sadness in the world as is.

    Pepper--I'm sure you're great at whatever you're tackling. I remember reading an excerpt you wrote on a blog once, and I thought, "Man, I wish I could write like that gal!" was great!

  23. Jan--how true! I think it does say something about our personalities. And yes, let's keep Missy stocked with plenty of goodies and coffee!! Missy, how about some PF Changs lettuce wraps?

  24. I am captivated. Lindi, what a great excerpt and a wonderful premise! Love it, love it, love it!!!

    And to think I used to make fun of you. Dagnabbit, now I must be at least a tad more respectful because that was pure, unmitigated genius.


  25. Ruthy will, however, make fun of Missy for being in a deadline crunch...

    REALLY, MELISSA???????


  26. Lindi, welcome back! Always happy to see you in Seekerville -- or anywhere, really : )

    Loved your humor. The church dress line was precious. I'm still snickering over the entire word play.

    I can't wait to buy your book!!!!

  27. Missy babe, you've got my prayers all day long!!!!

    Polish, polish, polish...


    And let me go on record RIGHT NOW as saying that guy on the cover of Summer's Song is soooooo hubba-hubba!!! LOVE the clip (the pill line made my LOL and LOVE the last line (way to leave them smilin'!), officially hooking me in (along with Mr. H-H) to read the new book!!

    I SO relate about writing a line you think is funny, then people not thinking it is and vice versa -- if I ever think I'm funny, I'm immediately humbled when that happens, and I have to remind myself that just like not everybody likes a particular style book, not everybody will like a particular style humor either.

    Thanks, Lindi, for a fun post today and thanks to Missy for bringing you here!


  29. Hi Mindi and welcome back to Seekerville.

    I'm with Tina, Missy and Jackie. That was my favorite line too. Struck my funnybone.

    Isn't it "funny" how different people see different things as funny. Love it.

    And as Virginia said, the kiss was lovely.

    Have fun today.

  30. Welcome back to Seekerville, Lindi!! Always great to see you here or in person. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on writing humor and the terrific excerpt. I've read that laughter can extend our lives. Evidence that humor in our books is important.

    Summer Song's cover is gorgeous!


  31. Missy, prayers covering your push to your deadline!!


  32. Ruthy--will email your comment to my math major, Microsoft VP brother, who although is a year younger than me had all the classes BEFORE me, because, uh, well, he was smarter, and he will be totally impressed my name is even in a sentence with the word genius. (Check is in the mail, my friend!)

    Audra--thank you! And we will all be praying for Missy all day long. The pages will revise themselves!

    Julie--I love the guy on the cover as well. Debra Dixon did another amazing job with the cover. She's so talented. :) And like you, I remind myself there's all different types of humor for all different types of people.

  33. Sandra and Janet--Good morning, ladies. :) Thanks again for hosting me. And Janet, great line about laughter extending our lives. I think I also read/heard that smiling uses a lot of facial muscles? I think that's right. Good facial exercise--for whatever that's worth.

  34. I enjoyed reading HBC, and the excerpt from Summer's Song is not only humorous, but intriguing. You hooked me with it, so now I want to read it, too. :-)

    I like lighter moments in a book, and love to laugh out loud. I tried to include humor in "The Marshal Meets His Match," and I did get some smiley faces and LOLs in the line edit comments. So, hopefully the readers will smile, too. :-)

    Do you ever find that some days it's easier to write humorous scenes than other days? Or am I the only moody one? =)

    Congrats on your second release, and thank you for your insight on humor today!

  35. So Lindi??? Tell us about a typical writing day for you.

  36. Clari-What I find it's easier to write on some days than others. It's like when I'm on, I'm on. When I'm not, nothing makes sense or is done well. Congrats on the smiley faces--I'm sure the readers will laugh, too.

  37. Lindi, I so enjoyed your post! I can always read more about humor, since I tend to be more serious in my stories (still figuring out the insert humor part. :)).

    I loved how Summer was trying to be so sincere in showing her new faith (i.e. the church dress--chuckled at that), and the talk show hostess wasn't getting it at all. Summer did the outer things (i.e. Sunday dressing) to get Meghan's attention. I loved the idea of cardboard and fudge, too. Her word picture is beautiful in those few words. :)

    Great scene. :) Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

  38. Oh, yes, the last line, made me laugh the loudest, but I also think the other humor helped build the grins into laughter. One of the joys of reading humor is how it builds until I’m having a great time.

    Just came back from checking out your books. What a great first line from Summer Song: “How can a simple knock at the door undo nine months of therapy?”

    I also loved the enticing first line in the description from Her Best Catch: “Allison Doll’s mother is rebelliously turning fifty…” That one word, rebelliously, pulled me in immediately.

    I’m so glad to be introduced to your books. My must read pile keeps growing. I have a huge tote bought at Barnes and Noble that’s printed with the Erasmus quote, “When I get a little money, I buy books; and if any is left, I buy food and clothes.” It’s a good thing my children are grown.

    Weren’t you in Laurie Campbell’s plotting class? So many published authors in attendance kind of intimidated me even while I was thinking, wow, this must really be a good class.

    Thanks for being here today. And thanks again to Seekerville for all they do.

  39. Great post, Lindi. The humor is great but I think the kiss distracted me from it.

    Mary 'Romance Junkie' Connealy

  40. But I was distracted with a smile on my face. :)

  41. Cara! I have that bag! Love it!!!

    Thank God [literally!] for review programs and influencer opportunities! They feed the reading habit way cheaper and then there's a bit more for food ;).

  42. Hi, Lindi! Love your new cover! I'm sure this book will be as wonderful as Her Best Catch!

    I enjoy books with humor, but I'm not gifted at writing them.

  43. I had to stop by and see the new cover!!! Pretty sweet! :-)

  44. Thanks for a smile and a laugh today Lindi. I needed it.

    Jodie Wolfe

  45. You know, I thought it was a really good kiss too.

    Kiss Kudos to you.

    I wonder what kind of research is done for writing kisses. Memory. Practice? Reading others' kisses?

  46. My favorite was about the church dress.

    It's something I understand.
    Church dresses are proper. If someone says "va va va voom," when they see me, probably not a church dress.

    I love humor in everything.


  47. Awesome, Lindi! Sounds like a fun book. I think you will make your readers very happy with this scene!

    I love making my readers happy. :-) That's the great thing about writing. I may not be able to make all the people in my life happy, but I can write books that make people happy. :-) Well, not everybody, but hopefully I make most of my readers happy!

  48. Haha, Carol!!! You know you were born for historicals!!!

  49. Missy suggested it would be a good idea to download your book so I did! I do whatever Missy tells me to do.

    Really, I loved the story blurb and had to download it on my Kindle immediately.

    No need to put me in the drawing!

    Thanks for the lesson and making me smile on a crazy Monday.

    Peace, Julie

  50. Unknown is me. I changed my password due to a potential hacking issue. Cue cascade of additional changes including changing email addresses.

    Peace, Julie

  51. Julie HS, I'm so glad to hear that you do anything I tell you! ;) I'll be pondering how to take advantage of that! :)

    Lunch break!! Who wants Wendy's?? I'm driving through.

  52. My fave line was the fudge one. Who would want to be cardboard???? LOL I'm totally rooting for fudge. Mmmmm.
    But I loved that kiss too. *grin*
    Thanks for the post! I always enjoy when a book can make me laugh because that can be so hard. Congrats on the release!! ANd definitely enter me, please. :)

  53. I heard that Wendy's has a new chicken sandwich that is on sale for a buck and is yummy. Try it for me, Missy.

  54. Lindi, Congratulations on your new release.

    I'd love to win a copy and I love your humorous style of writing.

  55. Um Jan, et al...



    tiny sigh here for over-the-top effect.

    Okay, it's fun making fun of Missy, but today's focus should be on Lindi's awe-inspiring good writing.

    (See, if I'm nice to Lindi, she'll tell Missy to go easy on me because they're friends... But Lindi is too soft on Missy, so then it becomes my job to be the mean cop... a role I take most seriously!)

    Hey, lunch. And brownies from my weekend baking extravaganza for a friend's daughter's wedding, and try the raspberry chocolate fudge ones. Wonderful.... smiling sigh, here!

  56. ha ha, had to come and let you know that I got some more contest results back today and under setting I got "This may be the author's greatest strength" ---that may be the first and last time I ever see that! Judge must have been in a forgiving mood. :)

  57. Hi Lindi!

    Even without the explanations, I get not wanting to be cardboard. Fudge? Not so much, but somehow it strikes me as funny. I'm sure it's in a good way.

    The church dress line is good, too. Surely reflected her changed heart. I mean why else wear a church dress?

  58. Thanks for this post, Lindi (and yes--I smiled AND chuckled!). I do enjoy books with humor, but I've found that when I write humor into my stories it's usually the more subtle kind. ~ And I must agree with your opening of this blog post, because I also love to laugh! Blessings, Patti Jo

  59. You had me at Lindi...

    I always smile when someone has 'my' name...

    Lyndee :)

  60. I was curious to see what your two laugh lines would be in the story. I totally laughed at the church dress line! I'm a pastor's wife and I always say things like, "but I had my pastor's wife hat on - why didn't that person like what I said?"

    I am very similar in my writing approach as you - dialogue is what plays in my head over and over again. It is the backbone of my stories. I like to be humorous in my writing too. Hopefully someday when I am published, others will think so too.
    Thanks for joining us Lindi. Would love to read one of your books!

  61. Brownies....did I hear someone say brownies??? Or am I just delirious from lack of sleep??

    Y'all, Lindi has a day job. And she can't get on Blogger while there. So keep asking away with any questions you have. She'll check in this evening!

  62. I love humor in romances, even if the story doesn't have an overall lighthearted tone. For my writing, I find a bit of edgy, quirky humor just makes it more fun and believable.

  63. Oh, kiss research.

    Sign me up.

    I think I might be lame. Dagnabbit, I hate admitting that in public.

    Who's got the brownie plate?

  64. hahaha look at Julie Hilton Steele's profile picture.


    Tina Radcliffe

  65. Lindi--loved the kiss scene too. ;)

    RUTHY--got the brownie plate filled with chocolate brownies stuffed with chocolate and peanut butter chips.

  66. Mel - if you say so!!!

    Thank you for your help today. Ripped out a 1000 words about a tree a tornado and a [something else that starts with t ;)].

  67. This is all a lot of fun to read, always.
    In my life most people think I am pretty funny( or odd, or they laugh because they are just being polite) but my writing is more on the serious side except for some occasional dry humor. Also in real life, (I know it's kind of hard to tell the difference when you are way into your book) I use a lot of puns but it is hard to write puns because they usually have something to do with double meanings that are often spelled differently so that kind of ruins the joke when it's written. How do you do that in writing?

  68. MISSY and JAN (who mentioned it on 1k1hr), praying for you during the deadline crunch! Panic always makes me work harder and write better... But I understand the anxiety.

    Most of the lines I thought were HEELARIOUS got cut from 'Season of Joy' that comes out in Nov from LI. That told m that sometimes less is more. One funny line can be as good (or better than) five.

    Lindi's scene is perfect. Balance the action/ plot with emotion and humor... ahhhhhh. So hard to do!

    Ruthy always has some good ones, too.
    The moment I'm melting into my shoes, her heroine us usually giving a little sass to the hero. And I always laugh.

  69. Hm. Kiss research? I suppose I could practice on my hubby but
    I love reading other kisses in books because 'her mind wandered toward the unpaid electrical bill' isn't very romantic.

    Lindi, was there a certain famous person that gave you this story idea?

  70. That's cause you are special, Tina!

    Peace, Julie

  71. Lindi, you're wonderful, and we're so lucky to have you with us in Seekerville today.

    I had the pleasure of reading Lindi's debut, HER BEST CATCH, and loved it.

    Then, I had the honor to endorse SUMMER'S SONG!!! Both books make terrific beach reads or great relaxation reading on your front porch or inside with the AC turned up high.

    Lindi has a long career ahead of her, and I'm so glad because that means more delightful stories for us to enjoy.

    Sorry I'm late today. Hubby and I just returned from Fort Benning where we had an overnight Father's Day celebration with our son!

    One of the Benning brigades left this weekend for the Middle East. Please remember the families in your prayers and ask God's protection to cover all of our brave men and women in uniform.

  72. Okay, so speaking of different things striking people as funny ... this line made me grin:

    "The last thing I need is bad girl meets God on my show."

    Oh my gosh ... the ratings will plummet because the person being interviewed is (gasp) honest :-) I instantly had an idea of what the interviewer was like.

    I like reading humor in a story but want it to spring naturally from the character or situation and not just be something the writer thought would be funny ... does that make sense? If not, that's okay ;-)

    The books sound wonderful, Lindi. Hope there are many more!

    Nancy C

  73. Hmm, special? Ruthy will tell you what kind of special I am.

    LOL, and that is for sure HUMOR!

  74. What a fun post Lindi! I personally know you and your daughter have a fabulous sense of humor so of course it is going to come across in your books! Cannot wait to read the newest one! <3

  75. Jeanne T--thanks for stopping by. And serious stories are great, too.

    Tina--my typical writing day is anytime I can get to write. I go to the day job at 1100 am--so I can get up, check a few blogs and email, then I can write until it's time for me to get ready. Also, Saturday's have become big writing days for me.

    CaraG--Thanks for checking out my books. And yes, I was in Laurie's class. I love that woman! I learn SO MUCH when I'm in a Laurie class.

    Mary--glad the kiss made you smile. :)

  76. Cara--thanks for the HBC like! And we all have our different strengths. I love reading historicals, but can't imagine writing one.

    Casey--hello!! So glad you came by!

    Jodie--You're welcome.

    And thanks for the Kiss Kudos ladies. As for research, well my husband...........:) He makes me smile.

    Connie--Thanks for making me smile. It's definitely not a va-va-voom dress. :)

    Melanie--I know your books make a LOT of people happy. Thanks for stopping by.

  77. Congrats Lindi! So happy for you on your newest release!
    Larissa (from GRW)

  78. Julie Steele---Thanks for buying. I hope your Monday ended up not so crazy.

    Jessica--I really had fun with the whole fudge/cardboard theme in the book. :)

    Bridgette--thanks for coming by!

    Ruthy--You think I'm too soft on Missy? Really? Maybe I should take some lessons---can you help me out?

    Melissa--Maybe sometime we are better at some things than we think. I'd take the comment and live in it at least for a while.

    Patricia W--Hello, my friend! I love how we keep 'seeing' each other through these venues. Hope all is well with you.

    Patti Jo--Isn't laughter great? I love the sound of it.

  79. JOdi---too funny about the church hat. So you've experienced the line first hand. Nice!

    Brandi--I think my stories are more light-hearted--but I know what you mean.

    Ruthy--I so doubt you are lame in the kissing dept.

    Mary--I love dry humor. People that pull that off are so funny. I think in writing you have to keep it to the point that the reader will get it. I know there are some lines I end up taking out because sometimes I find myself having to explain the funny--then it doesn't seem so funny anymore. The word play/pun thing would be a bit difficult. Try staying natural with the whole exchange.

  80. Virginia--thanks for praying for the gals. And yes, that sounds like a Ruthy book. :) I'm glad you got to keep some funny lines from your book.
    And, that electrical bill line--now that was funny.
    And I guess there was a famous person who I did think about at first, but then the story turned into something totally different. The main thought that jump started this story was 'what if somebody really famous found God--how would that influence the world.' But then, the story really turned a different direction and it's more about a girl who found God and doesn't know what to do with Him or how to act about it. I still remember feeling so self-conscious about talking about Jesus to anyone. So it worked into more of a getting comfortable with Jesus, who He is, and recognizing the love He has for us. Because this girl hadn't been loved well. And as Bethy Moore says "When we know we're loved well, we can love well."

  81. Debby--You are so kind. :) So glad you guys got to have a great Father's Day--and yes, will be keeping the brigade and all the men and women in my prayers.

  82. Nancy, C--I think you have the interviewer down pat. :) And yes, I understood what you meant. Like I had responded to Mary--if I find myself trying to explain the funny line, well, it's probably going to go.

    Hello Christy--so fun to 'see' you here. Thanks for stopping by.

  83. Larissa--Hello--love seeing GRW people here. Thanks for coming to Seekerville--this is a GREAT place to be.

  84. LOL, Virginia! That's so true about how much gets cut out, fun little lines that we think are so cute.

    cute in our heads only, I guess! LOL

  85. Lindi, glad you made it home from work! Hope you had a good day.

    Hey! If you get a minute, tell everyone about your next book series!! (You can tell that publicly, can't you??) Maybe I should have texted to ask you before posting here! lOL

  86. Hi Missy- Yes, made it home--spent the day doing sales tax--yuck!! But it balanced and I'm happy!

    And yes, I can talk about my new series. It's called Richness In Faith. There are 3 books coming out in 2013*2014. Rich in Love, Rich in Hope and Rich in Faith. The books are set in a wealthy area of south Florida--and the focus is that material things aren't what make you rich. It's what you find in God that makes your life rich in all areas. I just finished the first book--so much fun to write-a gal has to spend a whole lot of money in a short period of time and a really hunky accountant holds the debit card and has to shop with her. :) Fun stuff.

  87. Lindi, your next three books sound like fun reads that deliver a great message! Can't wait to read them.

    BTW, my daughter just finished HGC and LOVED it!!! I knew she would.


  88. I like where it says "Wrap this disaster up." :-)

    Lindi, congrats on your second book. Looking forward to it. Sorry it took me so long to get here today.

  89. I do love to laugh. I'm the one in the movie theater just letting it all out.


  90. Debby--so glad your daughter like HBC. :)

    Walt--I always love 'seeing' you no matter the time. Glad you stopped by.

    Mary--I'm the one laughing in the card store. My kids got to where they wouldn't stand next to me. :)

  91. Lindi,
    You just made my, maybe my YEAR! Thanks so much!

  92. And the idea of 'kissing research' sounds divine!

  93. My favorite funny line is "And I wore my church dress." I don't write humor but I DO enjoy reading it.

  94. i don't like to read excerpts, because they spoil reading the complete novel, but just reading your post made me smile...the smiley faces you get in places you don't expect them and the opposite in your manuscript, the laugh that started the thoughts rolling. My mom likes to say i can't carry a tune in a bucket, but i like to sing. i know i don't laugh enough to be healthy. i would love to win one of your novels.

  95. I like reading humorous books, but it doesn't seem to come out in my writing. hmmm

    I like the church dress line. :)

    ginger dot solomon at gmail dot com

  96. I laughed, I smiled. My favorite? The church dress line. I would say things like that. I think things like that (in jest). :) Putting these on my TBR list.

  97. Having glitches in trying to comment....loved Her Best Catch and am anxious to read your newest, Linda! Thanks!
    Jackie Smith

  98. I smiled at first then laughed!Love to win a book

  99. Pepper, I only speak the truth! :)

    Jo--I love reading humor, too! And other books, but again, I like to laugh.

    Marianne-I totally get the excerpt thing. And I can't sing either. Start laughing more, my friend. It is good for you.

    Ginger--I'm sure other strengths come out when you write. Thanks for stopping by.

    Rachelle--thanks for adding to your TBR pile. I appreciate it. :)

    Jackie-thanks for reading HBC. And sorry about the glitches. Blogger is crazy like that sometimes.

    Sheila--thanks for stopping by. Glad you laughed!!