Friday, June 1, 2012

June Contest Update

Welcome to another month of Seekerville contests!
The prize vault is open and we've got 
two prizes for today's commenters
books, books, books (a surprise package)
 and a $10.00 Amazon gift card.
All to encourage you, and to say
 thanks for being a friend of Seekerville. 

Tell us about your contest journey January 1  to June 1, 2012
What do you have to show for the first half of the year? 
What are your plans for the next half?

(Waving at Cindy Wilson, Kathleen Maher, Pat Trainum and Nancy Kimball)

Published Author

2012 Golden Leaf Contest, Deadline June 20.

Published Beacon Award, Deadline June 20.

Unpublished Author

The Catherine. Deadline June 1st.  All electronic. Details are not posted yet. Last year's contest was the first 30 pages plus synopsis.

Contemporary Series Romance – Wanda Ottewell, Harlequin
Contemporary Single Title Romance – Leonore Waldrip, HQN
Historical Romance – Katherine Pelz, Berkley
Paranormal, Fantasy, Futuristic – Esi Sogah, Avon
Romantic Suspense – Leis Pederson, Berkley
Strong Romantic Elements – Kathleen Gilligan, St. Martin's
Young Adult – Karen Chaplin, HarperCollins Children's Books

***Gold Ticket Round***
Category winners are entered into the Gold Ticket competition judged by Kristin Nelson from the Nelson Literary Agency. The Gold Ticket winner will receive a three-chapter critique by New York Times bestselling author Kelley Armstrong

The 2012 Annual Colorado Gold Writing Contest. Contest opens April 1 and the deadline is June 1. Submission is the first twenty pages and an 8 page synopsis. Categories include: romance, mystery, speculative fiction, action/thriller and mainstream fiction. Five category winners receive a $100 dollar prize. Final judge is an acquiring agent or editor. Check out the website for a contest instruction video!

 Lone Star. Deadline June 9. All electronic. Entry consists of the first 25 pages.All entrants will be entered into a drawing for a 50 page edit by one of NWHRWA’s published authors. There will be 7 winners, one for each category.

 Inspirational Category:
Editor: Rachel Burkot – Harlequin
Agent : Kimberly Shumate – Living Word Literary Agency
Epublisher:  Nicola Martinez - Pelican Book Group (White Rose)

Young Adult Category:
Editor:  Kat O’Shea – Leap Books
Agent:  Susan Hawk – The Bent Agency
Epublisher: Meghan Conrad – Ellora’s Cave

Romantic Suspense Category:
Editor: Katherine Pelz – The Penguin Group
Agent: Jill Marsal – Marsal Lyon Literary Agency
Epublisher: Jillian Bell – Ellora’s Cave

Contemporary Series Category:
Editor:  Wanda Ottewell – Harlequin
Agent:  Tina Tsallas - Great Titles Literary Agency
Epublisher: Lori Graham – The Wild Rose Press

Single Title Category:
Editor: Aubrey Poole – Sourcebooks
Agent: Michelle Grajkowski – 3 Seas Literary Agency
Epublisher: Leanne Morgena – The Wild Rose Press

Historical Category:
Editor: Junessa Viloria – Random House
Agent: Jessica Alvarez – BookEnds, LLC
Epublisher: Susan Yates – The Wild Rose Press

Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal Category:
Editor: Dana Hamilton – Harlequin
Agent: Laurie McLean – Larson Pomada Literary Agents
Epublisher:  Debby Gilbert – SoulMate Publishing

The Maggies: Unpublished Division. Deadline June 10. All electronic. Submit synopsis and prologue (if applicable) and first chapter(s). Total number of pages may not exceed 35 per entry.
Single Title - Latoya Smith, Grand Central Publishing
Series Contemporary - Stacy Boyd, Harlequin
Historical – Parisa Zolfaghari, Pocket
Inspirational – Emily Rodmel, Harlequin Love Inspired
Paranormal - Lindsey Faber, Samhain
Young Adult – Martin Biro, Kensington

The Rebecca. Deadline June 30th. All authors are welcome to enter, regardless of published or unpublished status. Contest entry may not be contracted for or published in any form before contest deadline. Entry consists of the opening five thousand words of a romance novel. Electronic.

Contemporary      Deb Nemeth, Acquiring Editor, Carina Press
Historical      Suzie Townsend, Nancy Coffey Literary Agency
Paranormal/SFR/UF      Adam Wilson, Acquiring Editor, Pocket Books
Category Romance     Allison Lyons, Editor, Harlequin
Young Adult Romance     Holly Blanck, Acquiring Editor, St. Martin’s Press

Put Your Heart In A Book. Deadline July 1. Electronic. Submit the FIRST chapter of your manuscript (with or without a prologue), along with a synopsis. Submission should not exceed thirty pages total, including chapter and synopsis.

Short Contemporary
Agent: Michelle Grajkowski, Three Seas Literary Agency
Editor: Patience Smith Bloom, Silhouette Special Edition
Multi-published Author: Leanne Banks

Single-Title Contemporary
Agent: Jessica Alvarez, Bookends
Editor: LaToya Smith, Grand Central Publishing
Multi-published Author: Susan Wiggs

Agent: Courtney Miller-Callihan Sandford, Sanford J. Greenburger Associates
Editor: Tessa Woodward, Avon Books
Multi-published Author: Sabrina Jeffries

Agent: Ethan Ellenberg, Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency
Editor: Junessa Viloria, Ballantine/Ivy
Multi-published Author: Heather Graham

Romantic Elements
Agent: Maria Carvainis, Maria Carvainis Agency
Editor: Aubrey Poole, Sourcebooks
Multi-published author: Lisa Verge Higgins

Young Adult Romance
Agent: Laura Bradford, Bradford Literary Agency
Editor: Liz Pelletier, Entangled Publishing
Multi-published author: May McGoldrick

Romantic Suspense
Agent: Jill Marsal, Marsal-Lyons Agency
Editor: Elizabeth Bass, Carina Press
Multi-published author: Mary Burton

Get Your Stiletto in the Door Contest. Deadline July 6. All electronic. Submission consists of the first  5,000 words of your manuscript (judged) and one (1) Electronic Synopsis of no more than 500 words (not judged) in the same document.Because the synopsis is not judged, it is optional but highly recommended.

Single Title:

Agent: Chelsea M. Gilmore,Maria Carvainis Agency
Editor: Laura Fazio, Penguin
E-Publisher: Jennifer Miller, Samhain

Women’s Fiction:

Agent: Victoria Sanders, Victoria Sanders & Associates
Editor: Emily Beth Rapoport, Berkley
E-Publisher: Kimberlee Williams, Vanilla Heart Publishing


Agent: Bernadette Baker-Baughman, Victoria Sanders & Associates
Editor: Kathleen Gilligan, St. Martin’s Press
E-Publisher: Raelene Gorlinsky, Ellora’s Cave


Agent: Amy Boggs, Donald Maass Literary Agency
Editor: Ann Leslie Tuttle, Harlequin
E-Publisher: Abby Rose, Lyrical Press

Young Adult:

Agent: Mary Kole, Andrea Brown Literary Agency
Editor: Aubrey Poole, SourceBooks
E-Publisher: Nicole Langan, Tribute Books

Louboutin Stiletto Award:
Agent: Lois Winston, Ashley Grayson Literary Agency

Indiana Golden Opportunity. Deadline July 8. Electronic. Each entry shall be no longer than 55 pages. The entry should include a copy of the opening of your manuscript, including prologue if there is one, and a copy of your synopsis (no more than 10 pages).

Historical     Jesse Feldman (NAL)
Mainstream w/ Strong Romantic Elements     Angela James (Carina Press)
Paranormal     Suzie Townsend (Nancy Coffey Literary & Media Representation)
Romantic Suspense     Aubrey Poole (Sourcebooks)
Single Title     Latoya C. Smith (Grand Centeral
Young Adult*     Anna J. Webman
Erotic Romance     Michele Paulin (Total-E-Bound)
Best-of-the-Best     Meredith Giordan (Berkley)

More Contests 

 FamilyFiction CREATE Romance Short-Short Fiction Competition is now accepting Submissions. Deadline July 31st 2012. The Grand Prize Winner will be announced in the November 20 issue of FamilyFiction Weekly. Submit an original short (1000 words or less) romance story  along with their twenty-five dollar ($25.00) entry fee.  Entrants may enter as many times as they choose, as long as a separate entry form is used for each story entered, and a separate entry fee is paid. Check out the prize info here.

2012 Family Circle Fiction Contest. Contest begins March 1, 2012, and ends September 7, 2012. Entries must be postmarked on or before September 7, 2012, and received by September 14,2012.Submit an original (written by entrant), fiction short story of no more than 2,500 words. Entries must be unpublished and may not have won any prize or award. Cash prizes.

Enter the Guideposts Writers Workshop Contest!  
Deadline June 20.

"Win a week with us at the Guideposts Writers Workshop, all expenses paid! We’ll teach you everything we know about inspirational storytelling. Your story could end up in our magazine and on our websites. We’re looking for true, first-person stories, not sermons or essays. It can be your own story or something you’ve written for someone else. Study the magazine. Get a feel for our style. We’ll pick 12 of you for the Workshop in Port Orchard, Washington, October 15-19, 2012."

How to apply: Submit an original, unpublished, true, first-person story in 2,000 words or less, typewritten and double-spaced, about an experience that changed your life. Show how faithful living has made a difference. Or you can ghostwrite for someone else. Tell us about yourself and your writing experience.

The Fifth Annual, Real Simple, Life Lessons Essay Contest.

When did you first understand the meaning of love? Maybe you were a child, witnessing a generous act by your father or mother. Maybe the lesson came later, as you grappled with the challenges of being a friend, a spouse, or a parent yourself. Whatever made you understand love—and yourself—better, tell us about it.

Enter Real Simple’s Fifth Annual Life Lessons Essay Contest and you could:
  • Have your essay published in Real Simple
  • Win round-trip tickets for two to New York City, hotel accommodations for two nights, tickets to a Broadway play, and a lunch with Real Simple editors
  • Receive a prize of $3,000

To enter, send your typed, double-spaced submission (1,500 words maximum, preferably in a Microsoft Word document) to Contest begins at 12:01 a.m. EST on May 12, 2012, and runs through 11:50 p.m. EST on September 13, 2012. All submitted essays must be nonfiction. Open to legal residents of the United States age 19 or older at time of entry. Void where prohibited by law. (Entries will not be returned.) Click here to see complete contest rules.

 That's it. Now go forth and contest!


  1. Adore some of these names! TOO fun!
    Thanks Tina!

    The book came in middle of the pack in the only recent contest. No further plans at this time. Might after Book 2 though!

    (Blogger has a different appearance tonite. Strange!)

    Happy June everyone!

  2. I received my scores on the GH. I scored well but not well enough.

    I've also entered Lone Star and will be senidng in my Maggie entry soon.

  3. Wowzers - that's a lot of contests! I'm done for a while though...

    So far this year...

    MS #1:
    *SVRWA's GOTCHA! Inspirational Category: first place

    *NTRWA's Great Expectations Inspirational Category: finaled, 4th place

    *Genesis, contemp romance: did not semifinal [barely]

    *Fool for Love, inspirational category: did not final

    *Touched by Love, long contemp: finaled [final results in July]

    *Duel on the Delta, inspirational category: finalists announced on Monday

    MS #2:
    *Genesis, contemporary romance: semi-finaled [did not final :p]

    *Fool for Love, inspirational category: did not final

    *Touched by Love, long contemp: did not final

    *Frasier: announcements 6/1

    Hoping I'll have something to announce later today but we'll see :).

    I'm done contesting with the 1st MS I think. The 2nd one will likely be in Gotcha/Great Expectations next year [but that's it], along with another MS or 2.

    Done with all contesting until November probably.

    Thank you for keeping us posted Tina!!!! You do such a wonderful job!!!

  4. Oh yeah - MS#1 did not final in Golden Heart either :p.


    Different appearance, KC. Oh and I owe you about a hundred email responses. Give me two weeks and I will answer. (deadline)

    Way to go Walt. Maggie. My favorite contest.

  6. My contest journey so far this year.

    Well, Genesis is Jonathan's last contest. He saw three before this one (last year) and the feedback from those contributed to my big happy today. =)

    My second child is competing against Carol Moncado in Duel on the Delta *gulp* LOL and I'm almost more excited to hear back on that one because its the first contest for that MS. Because it is a romance I have more contest opportunities, and would like to send it out to the same two contests later this year older brother did so well in last year.

    Thank you for the wave, and the e-mail, Tina. I learned so many invaluable things here in Seekerville in such a short amount of time, the first being how to share the craft, the successes, and the sad with grace, encouragement and class. Even when you're all name calling, LOL. It's in love. =)

  7. Congratulations, Nancy Kimball for finaling in the Genesis! So exciting. :)

    Tina, thanks for sharing the contests. :) I'm always interested. The first half of the year, I submitted to the Genesis for my first time ever. I also submitted to the Frasier. Should get results on that tomorrow.

    I don't plan to submit this fall. But, reading the contests may change my mind. :)

    Can I just say thank you for the ways you ladies help us? I got to write, "The End" on my first wip tonight. I've learned so much here, and am grateful for the wisdom you all offer!

    Good night!

  8. Jeanne, congratulations! To this day that is the moment more than any other in my writing that gave me a sense of accomplishment like no other. I've written The End twice now, and the first one is and I think will always be the best. Enjoy!

  9. Agh, my head is pounding and I almost didn't comment, but then I remembered there's prizes! I can't pass up a chance at prizes. :P

    *Fool for Love - finaled - results next week
    *Duel on Delta???? finals announced next week

    *Touched by Love - finaled - results in July
    *Duel on Delta????

    MS #5
    *Genesis - semi-final
    *Duel on Delta????

    Yep, all three of those babies are in Duel on the Delta, that means I got a shot, right?

    I think I'm done with contests this year, but we'll see . . .

  10. Congrats to Nancy and Cindy on the Genesis Final!

    And Jeanne for writing THE END! So fun.

  11. Thank you, Melissa. =) Best wishes on FFL and TBL!

  12. Okay, I clicked on that link and saw SO MANY people I 'know'! Congrats Nancy and peeps! So exciting, just love it.

    Now, Melissa, entering three in one would only give you a better chance if it was a LOTTERY. But seeing your stats there, the bigger question is how funny is it going to be when all three final at once in the same contest?!

    Carol, that is impressive!! And I'm sorry for the non-final. :( But to even get to the semis in the Genesis is a big deal. Those judges aren't crazy. They know what they're doing.

    Um, so no contests for me, sadly. Just plugging along on my WIP. I suppose I could sneak my YA into the Rebecca... HM.

  13. Jeanne, did you get to celebrate yet?? :D

  14. Huge congrats to all Genesis finalists, even the ones I don't know!!! Oh my stars, I love that contest, I loved the chance to shine at conference....


    I ended up with multiple contracts because of the Finally a Bride contest in '09....

    So if you DID NOT final in this one, do not despair my friends! You get a twenty-four hour whining/stomping time, then we pull our big kid panties (disappointment is not gender specific!) and we move on. With every disappointing result I worked harder and longer... Of course I'm a STUBBORN TWIT, but be that as it may, it worked.

    Hang in, hang on!

    And keep working.

    BUT... Chocolate is needed and appreciated to soothe wounded egos and disappointed hearts, so I've got Ghirardelli coming in PERSONALLY and we're staffing a chocolate table, complete with fruits, cookies and biscotti for dipping in the chocolate fountain.

    But if fountains aren't your thing, or you're so mad you want to KICK the fountain (that would be bad, try to get a hold of yourself, pretty please) then grab solace from any of the delightfully provided trays of chocolatey goodness.

    For breakfast? Chocolate stuffed croissants, of course!!!!

  15. KC, Blogger is capricious. Or temperamental. Perhaps a brat.


    Walt, congrats on the scores... And stay strong. Maggie and Lone Star are both good contests!

    Carol... there's a special table here, just for you, because you've had a rough 3-4 months. Hugs, hugs, hugs and you get about 16 more hours, honey-lamb... ;)

    And I just saw your list of contests... Amazing. Do you have time to apply feedback between entries? A lot of categories use the same judges... If you get a repeat judge and she/he sees the exact same ms. then they scratch their head...

    And score accordingly. Just something to keep in mind, that judges work multiple contests. I remember two years ago (and yes, she finaled, AND I sent her a note, I was so stinkin' proud of her) I got an entry that I'd gotten 4 or 5 years ago... SO MUCH BETTER!!!! She'd taken all of the stuff people said, re-vamped, re-wrote, re-timed and it was DEEEEEELIGHTFUL.

    I'm smiling, thinking of it, because she struggled, struggled, struggled with change...

    Change is tough.

  16. KC, Blogger is capricious. Or temperamental. Perhaps a brat.


    Walt, congrats on the scores... And stay strong. Maggie and Lone Star are both good contests!

    Carol... there's a special table here, just for you, because you've had a rough 3-4 months. Hugs, hugs, hugs and you get about 16 more hours, honey-lamb... ;)

    And I just saw your list of contests... Amazing. Do you have time to apply feedback between entries? A lot of categories use the same judges... If you get a repeat judge and she/he sees the exact same ms. then they scratch their head...

    And score accordingly. Just something to keep in mind, that judges work multiple contests. I remember two years ago (and yes, she finaled, AND I sent her a note, I was so stinkin' proud of her) I got an entry that I'd gotten 4 or 5 years ago... SO MUCH BETTER!!!! She'd taken all of the stuff people said, re-vamped, re-wrote, re-timed and it was DEEEEEELIGHTFUL.

    I'm smiling, thinking of it, because she struggled, struggled, struggled with change...

    Change is tough.

  17. Nancy, what beautiful words! And congrats!

    Oh, I remember those duels with Seekers. Brats, da lot o' them!

    But so fun, too. Keep going, working....

    I love seeing you guys build your ladders of success. That means a great deal to us.

    JEANNE!!!! Your first complete manuscript??? May I hear the organist key the opening notes to the Hallelujah Chorus!!!!!

    Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Halle-e-lujah!!!!

  18. Virginia/Mary/Ginny I always hedged my bets with multiple entries.

    Figured if one crashed and burned, another might not. Sometimes they were in separate categories, sometimes they weren't...

    But those multi-finals were kind of fun. :)

  19. Wow! Look at all these contests. Thanks for the update. I saw several that look enticing.

    Happy Friday!

  20. Congratulations to all the Genesis finalists. Wow. Cool stuff.

    A word of advice - be prepared because you could hear from judges with requests before the winners are actually announced. Wish I'd known to be prepared for that. *g*

    Contests so far this year - meh. I tried out two new WIPS and got mixed results. In each case two judges loved and raved and one HATED. That = no finals.
    No matter, I got great feedback.

  21. I entered my very first contest last month! Now concentrating on actually finishing that WIP before contemplating any others (about 20K should do it!). I'm looking forward to my first score sheet.

    Thank you Seekerville for these contest updates, I wouldn't have known where to enter without it :)

  22. Congrats to Cindy Wilson, Kathleen Maher and Nancy Kimball. I'm so excited for you all!

    I'm so happy to look over the contest page. Thanks for posting this.

    So far I've entered two contests this year. In case you think that's pitiful, it's twice as many as last year. And I've got 6 more months.

    I appreciate the research you did to find these for us. Thanks!

    Jackie L.

  23. I haven't entered any contests in the first six months of this year.

    I am going to try my hand at the Guideposts contest. That will be one of my June goals.

    Congrats to the finalists!

  24. Ruthy - most of them don't have results back before another one is due. I'd hope judges would realize that. That said, I don't think any of them have been exactly the same. Have changed some stuff in the meantime. Mostly I looked at which contest it was - and who the final judges were. [That's why I REALLY don't want Melissa to have three Duel finalists ;).]

    We'll see...

    Not holding my breath for a call today [Frasier] or Monday [Duel]...

    [And those were actually MSs #4 and 5...]

  25. Congratulations on entering your first contest, Helen W!!!!!

  26. Those contests at the bottom look like fun, don't they, Rose?

  27. Wow. Congrats to those who finaled and consolations to those who didn't.

    The first half of this year, I didn't even have a WIP. Now I have two started in the computer and one in my head.

    And, yes, I could have the thirty pages to enter.

    What I don't want to happen is to have only those thirty pages to enter so better get cracking.

    Thanks for the info! Put me in for any of the prizes but I think Carol deserves one for her willingness to be brave and contest like crazy.

    Peace, Julie

  28. I've tried to stay away from contests, but have a couple of moments of weakness.

    Ms. 1--first book in a series (but am thinking of trashing it or at least setting it aside) Finaled in the Southern Heat but just received my first round scores. The judges don't like my character. This has been a common problem w/this ms for years. This ms tends to irrate people.

    MS 2 Second in the series. Finaled in the Rattler earlier this year and has consistently received positive feedback and finaled in several contests. Have had requests from editors and agents, just need to finish.

    Plans for the rest of the year...No more contests. For now, quit trying to make the first book work and concentrate on the one that has more potential.

    I have a 3rd ms I'd like to get down on paper. A contemporary and totally different from my other ms.


  29. Congratulations to the Genesis finalists!!! Especially Cindy Wilson, Kathleen Maher, Pat Trainum and Nancy Kimball, those terrific ladies who hang out in Seekerville! Proud of you!!

    Thanks for the contest update, Tina!


  30. VIRGINIA--this weekend. :) My honey was sleeping when I wrote those two wonderful words. :) Can hardly wait though. :)

    CAROL--how do you DO it? I keep trying to figure out how you manage your family life plus your writing life PLUS entering contests! I did well to enter two this spring. Congrats on accomplishing that. :) (BTW, I'm serious--how do you do it?!)

    HELEN W--good for you! I entered my first contest last year, and was petrified. :) The feedback I got was worth it though.

  31. Here's a link to another contest some of you maybe interested in:

    Short, short Fiction contest

    Grand prize...
    There is one (1) Grand Prize Winner. The Grand Prize Winner will: (i) have their Story published along with a cover feature in FamilyFiction digital magazine; (iv) receive mentoring from the four authors of Smitten, Colleen Coble, Kristin Billerbeck, Denise Hunter, and Diann Hunt (not to exceed thirty (30) minutes); and (v) receive a paid trip to the ACFW Conference in 2013 consisting of a travel voucher, airfare, registration for the ACFW Conference, three (3) nights stay, food voucher, with an approximate retail value of One Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Dollars $1,950.00. In addition, and at the sole discretion of Salem Publishing, the Grand Prize Winner may receive national marketing through Salem Publishing if the Grand Prize Winner has written a book that is appropriate for Family Fiction readers.


  32. Thank you Virginia, Ruthy & Jackie.
    Am I allowed to share the chocolate? I was up until 3 a.m. last night working on revising my entry. That two day turn-around is brutal, I say!

    I thought that too, Melissa, that one day you'll be the only finalist with three different entries. That's awesome to have such a robust body of work already. You too Carol! I've never had more than one entry in the same contest. Congrats Helen W on entering your first contest. That's a big step!

    Ruthy/Carol, this is actually how I strategically choose my contests to enter. Until I'm more confident in my own abilities to evaluate my work as a multi-published author, agent, or editor does, I don't enter the next one until I get the results and feedback from the previous one.

  33. Congratulations Nancy and to the other Genesis finalists.

    Way to go.

  34. Yay, Genesis finalists! Congratulations, ladies!

    I entered three in Genesis. One semi-finaled. I'm looking forward to hear back on that one. It was a finalist last year so I'm curious what they think of improvements. Not that it saw the same judges, of course! :)

  35. Thanks for these contests updates, Tina. No contests entered so far this year, but have met some of my writing goals (keyword: SOME (LOL)). Am seriously thinking of entering at least one in the near future, because I do have a couple ms that I could submit and get feedback on. ~ Thank you again to you and all the wonderful Seekerville ladies who faithfully encourage, educate, and entertain us!!! Hugs from Georgia, Patti Jo

  36. p.s. CONGRATS to the Genesis finalists!!! :) PJ

  37. Congratulations to the Genesis finalist! I can imagine how excited you must be right now.

    I looked over the list of contests and two looked like a good fit until I saw the final judge on both has either read or is now reading the book I have ready to enter.

    I'll keep working on my current wip and get it ready for next years Genesis. But then wouldn't it be great if I weren't eligible.

    *why do I suddenly hear Beautiful Dreamer playing in the background*

  38. Um... I don't know how... I just do?

    Look at Ruthy...

    Contesting isn't a huge time suck when you already have the first 30-50 pages fairly polished. You polish them again and send them in and try to forget [yeah. right.] when the announcements are being made.

    And if you'd seen how much I've written this week... :p

    Well, Ruthy probably wrote more than that this morning... /sigh/

  39. It's contest update time again!!!

    Congrats to those who made it to the Genesis finals! Woo hoo!

    I've had a mixed experience with contests this year - finals in the FFL and the SARA Merrit, ended up 2nd in the Historical category in the SARA. I now have a nice certificate to show off :)

    Genesis...well, I had that experience of all the judges liking the book, but one still gave it a low score. Oh well.

    And the Rattler - good scores, but no final.

    And this was all with the same manuscript! Sometimes the story hits the judges right, and sometimes it doesn't.

    Now, the next thing is to work on the next WIP and see how it does!

    And even though I'm not licking my wounds about any contest results, I'm still taking advantage of Ruthy's chocolate!

  40. Nancy, thanks for that caveat. It makes a lot of sense. I look at the costs of some entries and know I have to be careful.

    Peace, Julie

  41. Wow, we've got some contest veterans here. You guys are awesome! Congrats to the other Genesis finalists!

    As far as contests, I've only done two this year. The Gotcha and Genesis. So happy to final and know my writing has come a long way. I'm not sure about the rest of the year. I'm going to focus on a new manuscript, then we'll see!

  42. Congrats to the Genesis finalists.
    (Carol, you and I have five min to lick our wounds, ;) cause we got some writin' to do! :)

    Thanks for the contest update, Tina.

    And what encouragement you all provide. Thank you Seekers and Seekerville!

  43. I hear you, Julie. If I had the money to enter all the contests I wanted to in a year, I'd have enough to just get the first twenty pages professionally edited, LOL.

  44. Thanks, Tina, for another comprehensive contest list!

    Congratulations to our Genesis finalists!

    And congratulations to everyone who had the courage to enter a contest this year! That takes real guts, sometimes even more than submitting your work to an editor.

    You're so right, Jan--sometimes the judges "get" your story and sometimes they don't. It's worth it, though, if you get helpful feedback from encouraging but honest judges.

  45. First off, add my congratulations to the Genesis finalists! A major achievement to be sure!

    Secondly, thank you so much for all the lovely birthday wishes yesterday! I had a very big chocolate cake that hubby and my daughter brought home on orders from my son - who wanted cake! Good excuse - it's mom's birthday. Then I met my friends for tea and they surprised me with - you got it - another cake! Where's the treadmill??


    Great Expectations - placed second! Very excited about this. I got a certificate and everything!

    Seekerville Query letter contest - got request from Barabara Scott for TWO proposals. Sent them and haven't heard back. :(

    Genesis: Semi-finaled!

    Touched By Love: Didn't final (but it was close apparently). There's always one judge who really doesn't like my style. Oh, well ...

    Frasier: Will hear today apparently (or not). Really entered for the feedback cause Susie May arren and team are awesome!

    I think that's it. Thinking about entering some of those June ones. We'll see.

    Thanks ladies. Love all you people here!

    sbmason at sympatico dot ca

  46. Carol, if they're really close time-wise contests, you're right. Judges consider that.

    But if they see the same manuscript like six months or more apart, then they hike a brow.

    Not ME, of course. I'm sweet, genteel and loving ALL THE TIME. ;)

    But I do have a big stack of red pens, just in case!!!

    I love Family Circle magazine... How fun does that look?

    And no one is wallowing in chocolate. Except perhaps me.


    Nancy, that's a sensible way of doing it, for sure. When I was burning up the contest scene (okay, it was more like a damp, bad-smelling, smoldering fire) I sent more out because I wasn't as interested in critiques, but final editor/agent judges. So that was a different step then.

    I wonder sometimes if people get grabbed too quickly, if they have a false sense of what this business is like. How intense and time-sensitive it can be. I wonder if that's how so many people drop off the radar after one book, or blow a contract.

    Diligence. That's a good word for writers to embrace....

  47. Lyndee, that's the spirit!

    Quick turn around of the war-wounded and back on the treadmill.

  48. Ruthy -

    I'm wallowing.

    I just hide it well.


    Actually, getting ready to go to Village Inn with my sister for lunch. Or breakfast. Whichever.

    And yeah - only a couple of the ones I entered DIDN'T have significant overlap but you're right, six months later? Best be better ;).

    But I know how nice you are. You're wonderfully nice. Oh. My. Stars. How nice you are.

    You use the red pens for all the smiley faces, right?


  49. Major congrats to the Genesis finalists and well done to those who entered other contests, too. I don't know how Carol M. does it with a family, etc. Also, Congrats to Jeanne T. for her accomplishment.

    I entered the Genesis. Two judges gave high scores. So that was encouraging.Thankful for the feedback, too.

    Thanks, Tina, for the contest update. I look forward to seeing it every month.

    I plan to enter the FamilyFiction short story contest. Maybe the Phoenix Rattler again this year with another MS. Great feedback here as well.

    Hope those still waiting for results are rewarded and that all of us have a great month of writing and submitting.

  50. FYI about the Guideposts contest, that's where Carla Stewart launched her writing career. Success well worth emulating!

  51. I'll have to think about contests at another I'm too excited about being a new Grandma.

    Our sweet granddaughter arrived yesterday afternoon and we finally got to see her around 10 PM. Can't wait to hold her again today.

    Jodie Wolfe

  52. New grandma trumps contests!!! Congratulations.

  53. I didn't know that about Carla. Wow, that's inspirational!!

  54. Jeanne!!!! CONGRATULATIONS. The End. No sweeter words, except.




  55. Congratulations to all the Genesis finalists!

  56. I did put in for a couple of Writer's Challenge contests.
    This is quite a list of contests you listed!

  57. WHOOPS.

    Didn't realize the contest I listed was the same one Tina already had on here.

    Now I feel stupid and must go have a piece of chocolate.

  58. It's a busy contest month, isn't it Janet???? Sheesh.

  59. Carol, Gob-smacked is the name of the game, ain't it?

    Pat, two high scores is awesome...

    One could be a mistake. A sweet person afraid to be honest.


    Not likely!

    And it's better, better, better to either have people love your work or hate your work (and I've had those judges both pre and post-contract) so that's all right. If you don't grab people one way or another, you're meandering in mediocre land.

    There's no fun in mediocre land. Make 'em laugh, make 'em cry, make 'em mad.


    Good job, Kid!

  60. Jodie, congrats on the granddaughter!!!! Can I hear a collective: "Awww...."

    With smiles, of course!

    But see, here's the thing. You want the kid to be able to read your book, with your byline someday...

    So you balance that baby time with some writin' time and the world will not tip off its axis.


    But, babies...Oh, I love me some babies, Jodie!!! ;)

    Connie, you grab two pieces of chocolate for that faux pas... Did I spell that right?

    Hey, leaving some hot asparagus and chicken soup for the lot o' youse. It's lunchtime. And chocolate pie for dessert. With REAL whipped cream.

    Chocolate does help.

  61. You're good Connie. As long as you share the chocolate.

  62. Cindy, I didn't see you'd popped your head in.


    I have had the good pleasure of reading both your and Nancy's stuff.

    Awesome writers who will no doubt sell very soon.

  63. Now, I didn't final in Frasier...

    But even bigger than that...

    I WON JULIE'S CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look for a Moncado to show her head in ALS :D.

  64. Congrats to the Genesis finalists and all who won or even just entered contests this year! That's awesome, you guys.

    The only contest I entered this year was the Genesis, and I didn't semifinal. But I'm OK with that. I changed too much specifically for the contest that I didn't like my entry much at all.

    But we'll see if I have time to enter any others this summer!

  65. I am contested out for the least until ready to send away for the Novel Rocket contest in July. ;-)

    Congratulations to those Genesis Finalists!! It's an exciting time of year. :D

  66. I love it that you use contest as a verb. Because it really is a verb

  67. HI Seekerville! :-)
    You guys are great, really! I'm a little confused though... is there a contest to win books going on right now?? If that is so, I'd LOVE to be entered in it.

    I do appreciate what goes on around here, you guys have been a blessing ever since I discovered you

    Thank you and here's to a good summer (with more Seekerville fun)!


  68. Mega congrats to the winners!!


  69. Congrats to the Genesis finalists! And to Carol M. for winning Julie's contest!
    Looks like a great month ahead at Seekerville (but it always is!!).

  70. The Golden Pen opened today too! I didn't see that one on the list. That's the one I one last year (and is the reason I'm now getting published).

  71. Yay to the Genesis finalists!!! Whoo-hoo!!! Congrats, ladies!!!

    Tina, thanks for the heads-up about three more pubbed contests. I thought the contest well had run dry. Must check out the entry requirements. You're wonderful to keep us up-to-date!!!

  72. The Golden Pen.

    This is how Glynna Sold.

  73. Okay, I see why I didn't put it in.

    Deadline July 15. So many contests and not enough space. I will add that on the July update which comes June 29.

    But here's the link, and Jess, thanks for the heads up.

  74. Ganise, the Contest Update is about contests for writers. Published and unpublished writers.

    But since we have writers and readers here in Seekerville we also try to have a prize each month for readers and writers.

    So this month it's a box of books AND and Amazon giftcard.

    Glad to see you came out of lurkdom. Please tell us about yourself.

    Where are you from? USA??

  75. Maggies!!!! Everyone enter the Maggies!!!

    I spoke with the contest chair at the last GRW meeting, and they're looking for more inspy the field is wide open and YOU COULD BE A WINNER!!!!

    Well, you already are a winner if you're a Seekervillager! But you could WIN the Maggie and get a gorgeous pendant that has(can you guess?) a Magnolia on it.

    Jewelry prizes are fantastic because you can wear them to conferences or meetings or while you're typing at your computer. So chic! So impressive!

    Get your submission in the mail ASAP!!! Then attend the GRW conference the first weekend in OCT! I'll be speaking on FRI night and would love lots of Seekervillagers in the audience. :) Even more important, I'd love to have lots of Seekervillagers final and one lucky Villager win!

  76. Also, I'm in the Duel too and I guess we're hearing on that on Monday. But if Melissa's got three entries in - I don't have a shot! She's on FIRE right now!

  77. Congrats, Grandma Jodie!!!! Grandbabies are so special. Hugs and lots of love heading to you and the little one!

  78. Carol! Congrats for winning Julie's contest! How exciting that you'll be immortalized in her book.

    AWESOME! (You know I'm jealous, right?)


  79. Congrats to all the winners!! Unfortunately, I haven't entered any contests these past 6 months.


  80. Tina said 'Glad to see you came out of lurkdom. Please tell us about yourself.
    Where are you from? USA??'! In fact, I've never been there! (Quite shocking isn't it?)I'm in Canada, in the capital actually. But I do enjoy seekerville and I was invited here by Julie Lessman (who happens to be one of my favs) and along the way, I discovered other awesome authors here. Ouh and I do LOOVE to read!


  81. I just checked out the Golden Pen and I'm going to enter. It hope it will motivate me to stop procrastinating on my wip.

  82. Marissa, I think you know what you have to do!

  83. I finaled in the Golden Pen and the prelim judges' critiques were AMAZING. So helpful, and encouraging, and did NOT CONTRADICT each other. :D That's always so helpful...

    It also heped me get my agent's attention because I put that in a query header. :)

  84. Aw Jess, all it takes is one judge to hate it and they crash and burn.

  85. Melissa, I remember moaning about how one judged scored an ms really low and one scored it super high. A seeker commented that 'at least it's evoking emotion'. Ha!

  86. Ganise, so good to "see" you in Seekerville!!! Stop by often. Once you post, you're family!

    Welcome to the group!


  87. Great stuff, Tina!! Thank you so much for compiling!

  88. Wow!! Look at all you who have been entering! Great job!

    I entered several, too. Still have my fingers cross for the ones that haven't announced finalists yet.

  89. I'm with Ganise and am coming out of "lurkdom". Been reading (ok sometimes skimming - you all write some long posts!) Seekerville for a couple months now. I love to read but am not a writer. Sorry! I do love hearing about all the books that have been written and are being written. May my TBR pile never be nill. Oh and I also like the all-things-book-related news links you post once a week. :-)

  90. Hi Seekerville,

    Have entered my first two contests. Am excited to see what happens. New author, but trying to get my foot in the door, any door.

    Please enter me in today's giveaway!

    Carol N.

  91. All the best to everyone!!


  92. Alrighty here we go:

    Genesis - scores ranged from 48-95! **Sigh** this one specializes in getting either loved it or hated it scores so think she might retire from the circuit for awhile!

    Genesis semi-finalist. She's also (in previous years) finaled in Heart of the West, Heart of the Rockies, Lone Star and Touched By Love.

    Brand new, entered her in the Genesis in a spur of the moment "throw all my spaghetti against the wall" moment since it was the last year Genesis would be accepting incomplete manuscripts.

    Much to my amazement she was a semi-finalist as well. Though I think I'm now going to take her off the circuit while I frantically write!

    As thrilled as I am to have had two semis in the Genesis I'm WAY more excited that my husband and I made a deal - if one was a semi then I get to go to Dallas.

    WOOOOHOOOOOO. So everyone say a prayer for my darling who, come September, will be putting me on a plane and holding down the fort all by himself with our son who will turn one the day before I leave :)

  93. so far this year I have won 6 books and 4 magazines!but would love to win more books

  94. Kara!!!! This is so wonderful.

    Congratulations and good for you.