Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spa Me!

Good morning, Seekerville! Oh my stars, so much is goin' on that I'm kind of beside myself today. Like there's a surprise!

First, let me just say to those of you not following me on Facebook (and why is that, Ruthy wonders out loud, because the lot o' youse know that Mr. Harlequin has nothing better than to watch everything I do to make sure I promote these sweet books they're letting me write!!!)  So if you haven't "liked" my author page and feel so inclined, let me make this REAL EASY:  Click here: I LIKE RUTHY   And then click the "Like" button.

And then come back here please. Pretty please. I've got donuts, so why wouldn't you come back here, right???  Besides, I'm givin' away three copies of THIS:

Cam's struggling to be the best dad he can be, raising his girls the way their late mother would have... But when Meredith Brennan contracts him to renovate an old mansion into a wellness spa, Cam starts to realize that taking care of yourself isn't an act of senseless indulgence.... It's caring for God's vessel, our human form. And in Meredith Brennan's case, lookin' mighty fine while doing it!
Second... But oh, so important!!!  Give me a minute while I sit and look at this cover... these sweet babies... and here's a fun fact some of you know:  When I send in my pics for my cover art, every now and again I send in pics of people I know/love/want to embarrass.  :)  The little girls on this cover look VERY FAMILIAR to my family... and it was a big surprise to people because I never know what the art team will pick, so I'm quiet about what I send in... And when the book arrived, the art team did an amazing job of likenesses.... LOVE IT!!!!  Oh, wait, I'm s'posed to be teachin' somethin', right? Not yammerin' on and on about me?


Okay, side note number three:  We've got an article about the Seekers and Seekerville coming out in ACFW's The Journal next month. And... Wait for it....

I'm doing a 600 word article for Simply Books, the great bi-annual magazine put out by Harlequin for their Diamond Club members. Huge circulation. The "Simply Books" link takes you back to our first article for Simply Books, back in December 2010.

 I love this opportunity to squawk about Seekerville!!! They want a Seekers/Seekerville update and I want this update to be about YOU!

We started Seekerville as a 'give back' for all the good God was showering on us as authors/writers/people. So if you think Seekerville or the crazy Seekers have helped you, e-mail me at ruthy(at)ruthloganherne(dot)com and tell me about it. Or message me on Facebook. I don't know how much I can get into 600 words, but I'm going to give it my best shot!

And now we bring you back to your regularly scheduled program: RESEARCH AT THE SPA!!!


Talk about taking one for the team!!!  Meredith Brennan, the comin' home heroine of A Family to Cherish, (Yes, that's a live link to because it's available there right now, no waiting for my friends at Amazon!!!)  has a past that's tripping up the footsteps of her present. But she's come home to start fresh. She's older and more mature. She's made mistakes, the kind that make national headlines once they're discovered... So she's hoping they won't be discovered. With her grandfather's bequest and help from Grandma "Helen" Walker, Meredith is turning the old Senator's Mansion into a Health and Beauty Spa:  Stillwaters.

But with God as my witness, I hadn't had a professional haircut in, umm... decades. Yes, it's true, and now that I've got a style I like, I won't let them change it probably EVER... So I'm clearly frugal and a creature of habit. But to write this book correctly, I needed to know about spas. The whys, the wherefores, the behind the scenes rooms that keep everything running smoothly. The Fridd/LeTurneau family let me in (silly them!!!) behind the scenes of Solutions Studio and Spa in Rochester, New York.

First I e-mailed them, explaining what I needed/wanted. Owners Judy (Mom), Jackie and Jennifer met with me. They let me tour the new facility.  We talked about lighting, about electrical loads, about upgrades for appliances that draw quick energy. Blow dryers, hair dryers, curling irons, washing machines...

Oh, and that brings us to the basement laundry room where a row of front-loading washers and dryers stand ready and waiting. Part of the job is keeping up on laundry... and with the towels required for massages, facials, hair cuts, shampoos, finger nails, pedicures... oy. We're talking massive towel use per day!  And central vacuum. How lovely that is, to have the vacuum at each technician's station.

When you walk into a spa, peace and tranquility should blanket you. Because modern men use spa services, you don't want anything to be too feminine or gender sensitive, but the quiet and inviting warmth crosses gender lines.

Part of this is due to the hidden phone centers.  While a receptionist(s) greets you inside the door, an busy call center is hidden downstairs, not far from the laundry room. While someone in the call center reminds clients of their appointments and books new services, the flow upstairs is calm, uninterrupted by ringing phones most of the time.

Conference rooms downstairs allow for meetings. There's a break room for staff to chill out, relax. Eat. And there's a training center where technicians are shown the newest products, styles, trends in cuts and colors.  The Wellness Spa is separate from the more active hair/nails/perms/color side of the sprawling building. Done in earth tones, calm music and the sound of running water soothes mind, body and soul. Soft lighting and a gas fireplace set the tone of an evening at home. Relaxed. Peaceful. It's lovely, beginning to end, an ethereal experience with soft-spoken guys and gals like Kate... Kate did my facial and massage, and she rocks. She decided mid-life that she needed a new career and became an esthetician. And loves it.

We are never too old to embrace life, change or new situations.

Behind the scenes there's a computer center that keeps track of every room. Rooms need to be prepped (think doctor's office) once a client has left the room for the showers/dressing area, so the anteroom is staffed by the Spa Manager who knows where every appointment is, who's running late, who's on break, etc. From her closed off room, she keeps up the calm appearance of the Spa wing by maintaining quiet order.


Maybe more so to me because very little in my life is quiet, calm and peaceful, but seeing how carefully orchestrated this workplace is made me more appreciative of the forethought and planning that went into developing a place like "Solutions"... which is "Stillwaters" in my book.

I love research, and yes, a lot of stuff is available online but I find that actively taking part in research, meeting folks, shaking hands, asking questions and taking pictures helps me develop a mental image of how I want/need the book to progress.

Huge thanks to the whole Fridd clan for letting me invade their back room space, taking time to meet with me and explaining how spas/beauty parlors/hairdressing has changed over the last three decades. Smoking used to be almost expected (think "GREASE"), the funny pink aprons/smocks were common, bonnet dryers were the norm and if you used the term "product", you'd be met with blank stares.

And the reason I had to make sure my spa ducks were in a row was because the heroine had to explain all of this to the hero... because he was the only local fine carpenter approved by the Landmark Society. They worked together by necessity... and fell in love because it was the right thing to do!

Hey, stop inside and chat, thereby getting your name tossed into the cat's dish for one of three copies of A Family to Cherish, the latest 4-STAR Men of Allegany County Love Inspired release.

When not torturing other people's small children for financial gain, Ruthy crawls into her writing cave or goes online to annoy people, both of which give her great joy. You can visit her at, Ruthy's Place, Men of Allegany County or friend her (YES!!!!) on

And that will make things just a little bit brighter in Ruthy-World.


  1. Ultimate first! Am I really the first commenter!
    Love research.
    And love you, Ruthy.
    And love how God used wonderful people to create your new book cover! :-)

    I just interviewed the manager of a resort last week and it was OH SO FUN!

  2. Oh - and I LOVED seeing you and Mary in The ACFW Journal! GREAT articles!
    YAY! Go, Seekers!

  3. Okay, I went in and "liked" you, even if I'm really mad at your blasted Yankees right now. We left 13 men on base over nine innings, outhit you, and still lost. There is no justice!

  4. I heard I'm in the ACFW Journal. I haven't gotten mine yet. I wonder what in the world I said. They work a long way ahead.

  5. Also I went and 'liked' Ruthy. It was absolutely easy to do. :)

  6. I liked you.

    And I can't believe good ole Helen Walker is making another appearance. Gotta get my greedy little hands on this book.

    Haven't got a Journal yet.

    The coffee pot's all set for early morning. Come one, come all.


  7. I'm glad you come online to annoy us, not only does it give you great joy, but your pestering makes me smile....which probably annoys you, the annoyer, when your annoying doesn't annoy but endears, but hey, you can't win them all.

    And exactly where are the donuts? I went over to facebook to make sure I'd liked you (I had) and came back for the donuts and there was no mention of any donuts AT ALL after dangling the promise of donuts in front of me.

    You may go out and buy me cake donuts, either glazed or topped with a healthy dose of coconut, and then I'll forgive you . . . possibly.

  8. See, I'd have to go research a spa, too. I have an absolute fear of hairdressers. Like, right up there with visiting the dentist (although I go to the dentist because I want to keep my teeth).
    Hairdressers have real power and they never stop talking. How can they do anything when they talk ALL THE TIME? One wrong move and you're wearing a hat for months.

    And what's better than being a character in a Ruthy book? Being on the cover!!! So cute, what a great job.

    I can't wait to seem mine. I think they really might choose the zombies with stumps over the zombies with dirt clods, but that's just a hunch.

  9. Morning, all! Pepper, I have no doubt that you (like me) LOVE to chat it up with folks while doing research! I usually drag Mandy or Beth along because they keep things moving. And with my yammering ways, that can be crucial to staying on schedule. Why did I skip the "Zip Your Lip" class in high school???? And I haven't seen The Journal yet!!! DOH!!! Isn't that just a delightfully beautiful magazine???

    Kudos to ACFW and Mike Ehret for their hard work, dedication to Christian fiction and I could just hug Margaret Daley for all she does for this organization. I am totally impressed by her (as always) work ethic and dedication. Love that gal!

  10. What a beautiful cover, Ruthy.

    I always enjoy visiting 'seekerville'

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  11. Walt. I totally agree, but since that had been the story of my YANKEE-LOVIN' life until two weeks ago, I can commiserate.

    But I'm still glad we beat you. And I want to see the Yankees play Atlanta in Atlanta... and then Dave reminded me that might not happen again for a VERY LONG TIME... sigh. Why didn't I book tickets and drive down this year???? HUH????

    But Walt, more importantly, you're here and writing. Baseball season always comes 'round, but we writers... well we're a capricious breed. Hang in there. Write tough. Embrace change.

    (I just thought I should say something inspirational while I make fun of you behind the scenes. It looks more appropriate this way!) ;)



    Hugs to all o' youse!

  13. Helen, I love Helen Walker... And she's such a great character. I may even work her into the new series, but it's being taken over by STUDMUFFIN MEN IN UNIFORM.


    I am lovin' me some gray wool these days, LOL!

  14. Melissa, they didn't arrive???

    Oh, wait, it was scheduled for East Coast morning.

    Dagnabbit, I will alert the authorities and make sure that next time I'm here to bother all o' youse that we have graduated deliveries, starting with late night on the West Coast and continuing throughout the following day.

    My bad.

    But here is a box of fresher-than-fresh donuts AND.... I made sure I put the coconut-topped ones right on top for your CONTEST-WINNING heart.

    Honey. I've got your back. ;)

  15. Zombies with stumps way outclasses the dirt clods, but you never know, Mary/Virginia/Ginny.

    Hey, do you remember that the "Virginia" in "Good Morning, Miss Dove" was nick-named "Jincey"?

    I loved that. It was so original, and I could just see it.

    Am I rambling again? Because I tend to DO that. sigh....

    I used little boys for the Christmas cover.... I don't know if they'll use them, and I almost used Carol Moncado's little guy (another time, Carol, yes, he's that stinkin' adorable!) but then realized to match things up I had to make them younger... He was the right age, but the boy I was using for his brother was too old, so had to find another pair of "could be brothers" boys.

    Do your zombies wear hats? Mind do. With dead flower arrangements.

    It's all the rage.

  16. Hi Ruth! I've liked your facebook page already. I loved this post. I chuckled most of the way through it. I would love to read this book, even if you are a Yankee's fan. I love Atlanta!! Go Braves!! Thanks for the insight into spas. My daughter finally got me to do a manicure/pedicure with her. That was just a year ago. Happy writing, happy pestering, looking forward to hearing more!!

  17. I had already liked you oh and I dont need your new book as I just got told its being prepared to be shipped.

    I have never been to a spa I do go to a hairdresser (shes works in her own home). I did have a neck massage once at the cricket. They had Ladies day and had 3 mins neck massages for free. (have never even had a manicure or pedicure)

    (Your zombie comment made me remember I must check out more about the books Christian Zombie Killers handbook, we have it in the fiction section at the bookshop)

  18. I just LIKED you on Facebook :)

    But I liked you already...Wow, who knew so much work went into running a spa? I can't wait to read your book. Thanks for today's post!

  19. Karen waving to you! I'm so glad you like comin' over here!

    Hey, I just collected an early morning egg... Yes, the first fresh eggs from the new chickens are here and a lovely pic is on facebook.

    Gotta be lovin' me some farm-fresh eggs!

    Omelet, anyone?

  20. Sally, did you or did you not just invite me to pester you more?

    Because that's dangerous, my friend. Or downright foolish.

    But I'll do it!!!! ;)

    And here it was my daughter-in-law Lacey who took me for my first pedicure... and I had my hair done UP for their wedding... and then another pedicure.... Oh, that is such a wonderful, wonderful thing, a pedicure! My feet happy danced for weeks, nay, MONTHS!!!

    I think I'm overdue for one. I can tell because my nails tap the floor when I walk. Is that normal???

    Am I, perchance, the missing link science has been searching for???

  21. Jenny, I am just sending you a big Ruthy hug for being:

    A. A wonderful person
    B. Australian
    C. A lover of books
    D. Insanely beautiful, inside and out.
    E. Did I mention you buy my books and that just gives me multiple sighs of contentment???? ;)

    Thank you, sweet thing. And hey, what do you think of the Teen Nick new Aussie shows: H2O (about Mermaids) and Alien Surfer Girls...

    Self-explanatory as unlikely as that may seem, LOL!

    The kids here in America are loving them and I'm all over inside out and backwards the awesome accents.

    And the girls are fantastically beautiful.

    Aussies. Gotta love 'em.

  22. Thanks Ruthy, I have seen H20 its a good show haven't seen the other one.

    (on that note I need to get some shut eye and finish a Jillian Hart book)

  23. Great insight into your exhaustive research, Ruthy. Of course, a spa HAS to be experienced to be accurately depicted in a story, right? Nice one ;)

    Seriously, though, I snagged the ebook last week and zipped right through it! The spa-related details really add to the storyline, especially when Meredith has to draw a map for Cam. Funny stuff :D

  24. Thanks so much for setting up the coffee, Helen. I just spilled mine all over my desk :(

  25. I just liked you, Ruthy. I thought I already had, but we were just friends, which is different than liking someone in FB land.

    I love doing onsite research. Mainly, because it gives me a chance/excuse to go home, and also I love visiting places and snapping a million pictures.


  26. Hi Ruthy!!
    Whoo-hoo! //smiling//I think you're a very 'sunny' person (if that makes any sense). And what a GREAT way to start a morning. Good morning to you and ALL of Seekerville!

    Ps: I don't have facebook, but I still you.

    Pss: I thought the weekend edition said that there was a possibility of a puppy being given away today? ;)


  27. Lovely research I must say got to know many things about spas over the globe. Enjoyed reading your blog a lot.

    Day Spa Sydney | sydney day spa

  28. Morning, Ruthy!

    I looked at the picture as soon as the Seekerville page came up and went "OH, that's Stillwaters!"

    Folks, the book is just grand. Not only do I love the spa setting, the main characters and the plot but I realized I officially have a crush on Allegany County.

    Already liked you, but then you know that!

    Will be emailing you.

    Blessings and peace, Julie

  29. Hey, Ruthy, why didn't you make this a Seeker Spa day??? We'd have loved helping you with that research. Very impressed with the Spa!! I've gone once and had a reflexology treatment. I can't handle fragrances and was impressed that the spa could provide that service scentless. :-)

    Can't wait to get my hands on this book!

    Off to LIKE you, Ruthy!


  30. Mary, I got my copy of the ACFW Journal. Your article is there. Ruthy's article is there. Just lovely!!!!


  31. Congrats on the articles Ruthy,

    spa days are super wonderful. God's gift to us. smile

    Come out west and do a spa day at the Camelback Inn in Scottsdale. I won't even go into how marvelous it is. smile

  32. Ruthy! I love reading your voice. :) So fun to learn all about spas. I'm too frugal to indluge in spa services very often, but every now and then my honey gets me a gift certificate for something.

    You did a lot of research. I had no idea all the planning that went into creating the perfect spa environment. Wow!

    Got my Journal yesterday. I am so eager to read it!

    I already liked you, Ruthy--both on fb and just because. Have a wonderful day!

  33. I liked you before and now I liked you again. Facebook makes it so easy to sound strange.

  34. I don't think nail-tapping is normal-unless you're a dog-and you're not. They couldn't write such delightful posts. I'm still giggling at work about your post. Pester away. I give you permission! I may have to get another pedicure!

  35. Annie likes me and I love, love, love her name because who wouldn't love a name like "Annie Rains" UNLESS your name was "Annie Rains Down"....

    Or Annie Reigns...

    So regal!!! :)

    Thanks, Annie! Hey, I have two granddaughters named "Annie"... Anna and Annikah... Both "Annie".

    Love it! Where's the "LOVE" button when I need it????

  36. About the day before (or two) my daughter's wedding, she was scheduled to get a facial (I don't even know what in the world a facial is) at a really nice spa-ish place in Omaha. She said they took her into this back room, lights low, gentle music, trickling water, lovely aromas. When the facial was over she was so relaxed (and she'd been so stressed with last minute wedding details) that she said she asked them if there was any other 'treatment' she could have just so she could stay in that comfortable chair in that soothing room. Money was no object.
    They had a new customer scheduled and booted her out on the street of course

  37. Well, Ruthy, darling, I LIKE you but I didn't LIKE you because I'm not on Facebook! I know, I know, I must be the last hold out in the world, but there you have it. I'm cross-eyed busy and having a hard enough time keeping up with my writing and favourite blogs.

    Besides, I don't want anything to cut into my reading time. And my A Family to Cherishes are on their way so don't enter me in the draw.
    Whooohooo, maybe they'll get here by the weekend. Wouldn't that be sweet?!

  38. I had already liked you, and I didn't even need the enticement of donuts. :-)

    I've been to a spa once. It was a gift from a church to all those who'd come to minister at the mission conference-my sister and I were the music/singers that week. It was really cool to see those missionary wives enjoy their manis and pedis.

    Grabbing a donut and heading for the washing machine. I have laundry to do, and since it's sunny, I'm hanging my sheets on the line. I love line-dried sheets!

    Can't wait to read the book, Ruthy. It sounds good, and I've loved all the others. Now, hurry up and get that state-trooper one finished. I love me some men in uniform! :-)

  39. One part of your blog didn't make sense,(okay, one part I'm willing to admit to) about your haircut. Are you saying you cut it yourself at home? Because if that's true, NICE WORK!

  40. Mia....


    One does what one must, does one not???


    And men are such MEN about things... Like hair gel. Hair spray. Facials. Remember the scene with Dolly Parton in Steel Magnolias where her husband holds up the melting wax and wonders what it's used for???? And she says, "It makes you pretty."

    Ah. Pretty. We all long to be pretty, right????



  41. Kirsten!!! Thank you for liking me, it's the strangest set-up ever, over there in Zuckerbergland, and I'm sure it's all to make scads of money for rich people in the end, but I should think that by being someone's friend, it's an automatic "LIKE, LIKE, LIKE!!!"

    Clearly this is not the case in Z-land which only shows that money and Harvard cannot buy friends.

    Um, especially when you kidnap their idea and pass it off as your own.



    How rich does anyone need to be?

    That is a rhetorical question. I shall be content to be rich in the spirit, pay the bills and buy my grandbabies cute clothes and ice cream.

    And visit all o' youse.

  42. Ganise, my friend Lisa was quite affronted that I threatened to give her puppy away...

    Once she realizes how naughty her puppy is, she will wish I had, LOL! Sadly, I haven't a puppy about the place to give up, and we did LOSE ONE LITTLE BUNNY, but if I find him/her, I'll send her to you, post-paid.

    You're welcome.

  43. Hey, my Aussie friend from the Day Spa in Sidney, oh... my... stars...

    Whoever did the modeling for that male client. Umm....

    One word: Wow.

    'Sall I'm sayin', and thank you for coming by. If you stop back, tell us, are spas the same in Sydney? Would they be similar across Australia? While that sounds funny to ask, I find so many fun differences when watching Aussie TV/movies. And love it, totally...

  44. Julie brought up a great point: Allegany County NY is a REAL PLACE...

    You can visit there.

    It is stunningly beautiful. There are hills, trees, streams, farms, great forest preserves, Pollywog Holler, Amish country, small towns, hot guys... Although the ladies there tell me I might be making that up, LOL!

    Jamison is fictional, but based on Angelica, NY which is QUITE REAL... Seriously, if you love rolling hills, mountain breezes, quaint settings, and amazing food/lakes/rivers etc., a vacation in the Southern Tier of NY and the Northern Tier of PA should be on your list. Stinkin' reasonable prices for EVERYTHING.

    I'm not kidding a bit, it's a fall-in-love-instantly kind of place.

  45. Sandra does spa days????

    Oh mylanta, woman, that's just not fair!!!! I would love to come and spa with you...

    But I really should make you take the reality train north...


    Aren't the articles fun??? And I can't wait to see The Journal...

    Yay Mike Ehret and ACFW!!!!

  46. Janet, thank you! Hey, Seeker Spa day would be WONDERFUL.

    We'll have to plan that for a Seeker Retreat.

    I did a book-signing two years ago at a spa. I was hosted by the Salvation Army. They were treating their women pastors to a spa day on Long Island and I did their book give-away....

    Clearly Nora was busy elsewhere, LOL!

    But we had so much fun and I enjoyed getting to know the Army officers. Bless them, they're a great team of dedicated prayer warriors.

  47. Oh Ruthy, my copy of your book is languishing at Amazon... Next time I'm pre-ordering from Harlequin!

    And I've already liked you so much, I don't think I can like you any more, unless it's in person. Can you double like a facebook page? I don't think so...

    Do I still get a donut?

    The peek into your research was so much fun! I'm with you - I haven't gotten a professional haircut for years. Since my youngest was a baby, at least, and he just graduated from high school. But your tour through the spa makes me think that perhaps I should pamper myself one day :)

    I thought about sending you an email for your article, but I think I'd end up writing the whole article for you. I'd get all gushy.

    On the other hand, gushy sounds good. You Seekerville ladies deserve a bit of gush. I'll send you an email after I get done playing with my edits...

    Oh, and put my name in the cat dish! Even though I have your book on pre-order, I'm building up the Seeker fan base in the Black Hills with give-aways :)

  48. Jeanne, thank you! I'm grinning ear-to-ear with your kind words. And I was amazed about the background depth of a spa, too. Seeing it made creating Meredith's project and her career profile so much easier. I'm a visual learner...

    I know we've talked about that here, and most of us learn better by seeing AND hearing. Just hearing doesn't always cut it.

    So seeing the spa "back rooms", learning the lingo, meeting the behind the scenes people and the gals and guys in the trenches... :) Was wonderful. And hey, Michelle does my hair so let's give her a big shout out because she deals with ME every month and she reads my books... and spreads them around... And my heroine in December (Haley Jennings, you meet her in A Family to Cherish) looks suspiciously like Michelle at Solutions!!!


  49. Teri, I'm so glad you're here! Girlfriend, I have missed you THIS much!

    And I'm not kidding a whit.

    I am pathetic, I know, I do not get time to cruise other people's blogs and that makes me part loser, but I know you guys understand the day job scenario... as toddlers are clinging to my leg as we speak... begging for food, but with those chunky little legs, I don't think they're underfed, do you????

    ANYWAY.... I love it when I bump into you on facebook and HERE!!!!

    And so glad you're healthy and back in the swing of things. That just makes me smile, woman!

  50. I was afraid to post until I saw there was NO puppy being given away! I have three (some days three too many) one of which is bugging me for a rawhide bone as I type. He has an addiction, but so do I. Mine is chocolate so I don't judge.

    I love your beautiful cover and I can't wait to read more about Allegany County! I 'liked' you already.

  51. Mary, my facial was like that...

    And Kate was wonderful.

    And she keeps her voice low... soft... unintrusive.

    Like my polar opposite, right?

    And Kate reads my books, too. So I love her A LOT.

    My face reacted to the facial because of my rosacea, (stupid thing) BUT... they now have developed a facial that won't react on my skin so I'm going back to try again. And they did this because I told them how much I loved the experience but how my skin went crazy for three days afterwards... How cool is that? They listened and reacted.

    Now that's good business, all around!

    I don't believe anyone would boot a Connealy anywhere, unless it was the matriarch, of course. And I love, love, love your hair, of course...

    Oh, wait.

    I have that picture you sent.

    PERFECT FOR TODAY, RIGHT???? Let me find my phone....


    I do that too... For all of you published gals that hang out with us and help us, it's amazing how many of your books find your way into "From the Seekers" envelopes!

    Gotta spread the love!

    Jan, thank you, thank you, thank you! And author tip for category authors:

    Christian Book Distributors is the only online bookseller that KEEPS YOUR BOOKS IN STOCK for a long, long time.

    I love that about them and give them shouts of praise as often as possible, because category authors love that extra bit of shelf space and TIME!!!!

    Of course with e-books now, we're on the "E-SHELVES" for a long, long time.


  53. Donna, I like you too, LOL!


    And yes, I pulled the puppy from the offerings because mailing them is quite the pain, you know.

    Simply annoying.

    Who knew you were supposed to use boxes with HOLES????

    Live and learn.


  54. RUTHY!!! Cannot WAIT to read the new book, darlin' -- you've got me SPA-stic to get my mitts on it!!

    Solutions Studio and Spa has a LOVELY website except for the music, which reminds me of a funeral home. I guess that's for all the dead skin cells they slough off there???

    Not a spa girl myself, but my prayer partners dragged me to get a pedicure. Didn't like all that banging around on my feet (they call this massage???) because when it didn't give me a knee-jerk reaction or tickle, it kinda hurt. But WHOA, BABY ... does that watermelon toe polish look good!! ;)

    Fun post, Ruthy, as always!


  55. I liked you too, Ruthy! I think I'll have to do some interesting research--go on a cruise, stay in a luxury hotel, fly over to Paris, tour Tuscany. So many places to see and so many things to do--all in the name of research.

  56. I've liked you a long time, Ruthy. Actually 'liked' you on FB when the announcement first came out :-)
    Does that count or do I have to still like you? LOL

    Mary - your article was great! I dont' have it in front of me here at work (I know, what a slacker), but your wonderful personality shines. YAY!

    And yes, Ruthy - I can keep yammering on for a while too. Thankfully, there are lots of fellow yammerers in the south, so I'm in good company :-)

  57. Oups..miss that! I was about to say that I don't have facebook but I still like you! :)


  58. I've sworn off pedicures. They just take too long! Who's got all that time to sit around just so their toe nails are pink?

    Also, it doesn't seem right to me that Asian women are kneeling at my feet. Doesn't that seem sort of wrong to anyone else?

    I just sit there and think about the Fall of the Roman Empire. And wonder if our turn isn't coming soon.

    Also, I'm ticklish and I hate kicking people.

  59. Hi Ruth:

    First of all, I hate Facebook! I wouldn’t be on it at all except I don’t know how to get off it. They don’t have a get off button like Tweeter does. How did I get on? An instructor at a real estate seminar set it up for me as a demonstration for the class! (I think he set me up on every known networking site!)

    Second, after going through twenty screens, (of course I don’t know what my password is), I was only given the choice of LIKE. You’d think they’d have a LOVE button…but no…just like…I like olives…but that’s not saying much. Anyway, I think I LIKED you but could you check? I might have ‘liked’ Ruth Rendell. : )

    Third, I’m doing a little forensic review research and I was wondering if you have any murders at your spa the way Camy does at her spa? Also, is that why the hero is named Cam? I will get to the bottom of this.

    Fourth, where’s the water? A spa needs either natural springs, (we have good ones in Oklahoma) or at least a wonderful cascading fountain where you can drink exotic organic fruit drinks and just spaviate.

    Fifth, did you find any analogs to writing in your study of efficient spa operation? I like the idea of putting all the noisy stuff in the basement so one can write in peace.

    Sixth, I like your cover art. It is very mystical. I keep thinking that the girls are going to walk into that bright spot and disappear into a Narnia-like world where they will meet Druids.


    P.S. I have to read your book on the Kindle, even the large print LI edition type is way too small to read, so please don’t enter me in the drawing. Of course cookes are always welcome. : )

  60. And a sea weed wrap? What if I had to go to the bathroom? Are they prepared for a crisis like that? How many sea weeds have to die so my skin can be silky?

  61. Hi Mary:

    You wrote and asked:

    Also, it doesn't seem right to me that Asian women are kneeling at my feet. Doesn't that seem sort of wrong to anyone else?

    I just sit there and think about the Fall of the Roman Empire. And wonder if our turn isn't coming soon.

    I had this same experience in the 1960’s in California when everyone seemed to have nice Japanese pool man and gardener. But now, the children of those pool men and gardeners own those same houses.

    About the Roman Empire, one of my favorite subjects, it really didn’t fall. There was no invasion or collapse. Roman citizens just stopped having enough children. They did not have enough Roman soldiers to defend their borders so they had to hire foreigners. Also as long as the hoards of foreigners entering the country (to enjoy a better life) didn’t cause any trouble, not much could be done about them. Eventually, there were so many foreigners in the army that the foreign commanded told the young Emperor Romulus that he had to retire to his country estate.

    The general then took over, refused to call himself an Emperor, and not much else changed. Historians have said that if you had gone back to Italy a hundred years later, you’d be hard pressed to see any changes from the time when Romulus ruled.


    P.S. SPA stands for the Senate and People of America. Our day will come.

  62. Julie, I think I could become a pedicure fanatic.

    Like a groupie. It's ridiculous, really....

    I keep thinking that spending the bucks once a month to have my feet feel that good would be worth it.

    It's on the "TO DO" list, right after buy REALLY CUTE SHOES.

    Obviously, one enhances the other, LOL!

    I'm glad they dragged you. Gotta have the experience at least once, right?

  63. Cara, I'm all over lovin' research... Next stop:

    New York State Troopers.




  64. Pepper you and I together are quintessential Yammer-ers.

    Which isn't a bad thing, right, darling?

  65. Connealy.


    First, the Irish cleaned chickens and made clothes in the garment district of NYC when they arrived...

    I gotta say that giving someone a mani/pedi's got to be a step up.

    Although I'm pretty sure it's a money-laundering circuit.

    However, we've got "Jade" at the mall and they do a really nice job if you don't have time to wait for an appt. and Solutions is full...

    Great staff.



    And I got story ideas from "Sue" when she told me about bringing two children here with her from Vietnam and having to leave two children behind. They came over, one by one.

    We are so used to freedom that we forget how hard some folks work to attain it.


    Did I make you feel REALLY BAD????

    'Cause I tried, sure 'nuf.


  66. Not a bad thing AT ALL!
    (but don't ask the quiet folks what they think. They don't 'get' Yammerers);-)

  67. I"m sooo jelaous!! Ruthy, will you think I'm a copycat if I decide to write about a spa??? I want to do research!

  68. Now that's my kind of research! Did they give a discount on all that pampering! LOL.

    I'll be thinking of this post when I read your book, Ruthy! How fun.

    I'm off to the eye specialist this afternoon. Any spare prayers would be appreciated!

    sbmason at sympatico dot ca

  69. Ruthy -

    Was totally diggin' the post until I read the comments that ya didn't use my little guy :(.

    Now I may have to cry. But Pepper's around and she makes me smile.

    [Listened to Rascal Flatts "Skin" earlier - if it doesn't make ya bawl, I think you may be a zombie. But then "Mayberry" came on and that makes me think of Pepper and that made me smile. She made me smile again after you broke my heart ;).]

    I like the Ruthy page - how could I not?

    I'd love to win the new book.

    I wish I was writing a contemp so I could research a spa.

    I haven't shot anyone [13503 in - sorry, Mary!] but I did just stick a smooch in [isn't that Julie's answer to writer's block? Mary shoots people, Julie adds kisses?].

    I should probably be writing...

    Or getting a pedicure...

    Or something...

    I've lost my train of thought...

  70. Vince....

    First: I love you. Dave's insanely jealous.

    Second: Facebook is actually a faceless trap of trusting people giving government spies scads of intimate personal information.

    Third: Murders at the spa.... Hmm. I DO need some crimes for the NYS Troopers series, Vince. Thanks for the heads up, my man!

    Fourth: Water: You are correct, oh wise one, hence the Biblical reflective name of "Stillwaters" and the bottled water in the fridge. :) I could give you some Genesee River water, but I couldn't in good faith allow you to drink it!

    Fifth: Yes, the seeking a quiet place amidst the manic, clear the chaos and the clutter, find the quiet center (I love that hymn: "Find the Quiet Center" it's speaks to my crazy New York Minute soul). Vince you read me like a good Ruth Logan Herne novel. ;)


    Sixth: I LOVE THAT COVER!!! It does look mystical and magical and make believe and I think you're right, they're surrounded by Dryads and expecting fairies to alight amidst the blossoms ANY MINUTE... Maybe not Narnia, though, but something akin to that.

    I'm afraid of the White Witch. I look NICE by comparison.

  71. Mary, I draw the line at too much naked skin spa stuff. I am willing to SPARE the world a look at what's hiding under baggy shirts and someone's cast-off jeans.

    I'm doing the world a favor. Someone should thank me.

  72. Missy, think TAX DEDUCTION.

    I am not a stupid person. Win/Win/Win, right???? :)

  73. Okay, maybe Ruthy and Vince are right about the manicures not be a bad job. So now I'm just left with it being time I'd rather spend doing something else.

    IS THAT OKAY!!!!!!?????????????

  74. Carol, you goof, I told you that way back when.... That I had to adjust the age down. But I'm not afraid to submit pics for other projects... And there's a cute four-year-old boy in next spring's book, a little guy with a great big grin.

    Sound familiar? ;)

    But you never know what they might use. They might take a landscape shot for that one if the other covers all have kids. It's all about shelf-look-balance.

    And sales. Sales. Sales. The bottom line for any writer/author, regardless of awards or book length is money.

    If the company doesn't make money, the contracts dwindle...

    I love it when the 1K1HR gals swing over here, they are such a great bunch... Okay, just stopped over there while girls are napping and tried to drag some of them back here with me. With rope... And the lure of food.

    I love food. And I'm off topic. So what else is new?

    Ah, Pepper. I'm so proud of Pepper taking that new job, realizing that opportunity knocks like boats and helicopters. God's only gonna send so many and if you're not smart enough to JUMP INTO THE LIFEBOAT then obviously....


    I will not fill in the blank, rather I'll leave it to your imaginations. But think GRAVEYARD.

  75. Dashing by, lo and behold, here's Ruthy!

    Thanks - that is so great on the cover art info. How 'bout that? (It IS adorable!)

    I'll see what I can jot about how much Seekerville means to me. I don't know that the tear-spotted computer screen will translate, but seriously... Y'all are a HUGE part of my life - in a GOOD WAY! (I have to remember - talking to YOU here... ha!)

    Spa visits are fun IF they are run well. They definitely need to meet expectations. Some are better than others... For sure. How fun to research. :)

    Have a GR8 DAY!

    And thanks to all who stopped by to wish May a happy Barkday. She gained over 100 new followers which has us at 909 last I looked. It was QUITE a day... And way fun!

  76. Sue Ann, I'm all over that like ants at a picnic, honey!

    Prayers. Blessings. Showering you like the dewfall.

    And a big Ruthy-hug.

  77. Mary it's fine. Leave it to the rest of us to support the newest immigrant branch of the American melting pot, honey.

    You just tuck your First Communion money further under the mattress.

    It's okay.


  78. Hmm... I don't remember you sayin' that, but whatev...

    I know how ya are.

  79. Hey, KC. I brought some birthday/barkday biscuits with cheese for May.

    Make her share.

    No reason to make her a fat dog, right?????

  80. Oh, wow, Ruthy, I feel so SORRY for you, having to do research at a SPA!!! That must have been just TORTURE!!!


    VIRGINIA, I actually had a hairstylist in Tulsa who was not talkative at all. Sometimes the silence could get downright awkward, since I'm not much of a talker either.

  81. BTW - to go with our naming thing the other day...

    I have just named a character Myra Tippins.

    Though the Tippins may change... ;)

    I like this Myra - she may get her own manuscript someday...

  82. Oh wow! Seekerville is getting oh so famous! It's not just for little people like me anymore. :-)

    I haven't gotten my ACFW Journal yet. :-( I hope it comes soon!!! Love love love Seekerville! And you, Ruthy!!!!!

  83. I don't have my Journal yet either!

    Am leaving momentarily - will have to check and see if it's here for reading material in the pick up line...

  84. I liked you, Ruthy!

    And I did it, even though I have already been in the cat dish for the book and emerged a winner!

    You realize that all of this activity just increases the number of books you have to send out this year......


  85. Carol said "Peppers around"
    Oh yes, I am Carol. And it's the chocolate's fault. :-)

    And yes, Ruthy - new job comin' up in August. I've had 5 parents cry on me so far. FIVE! and 3 coworkers.
    It's going to be a looonnnngggg summmer

  86. That would be so great to go to a spa run like that! I could just picture it as you described it. I had a facial once and pedicure it was lovely! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  87. Ruthy, I liked you long before "I liked you today on facebook" I have enjoyed reading LI books for years now and many great authors there. I just found seekerville this year and love to read the post everyone comes up with-informative-funny-caring-smart comments from all.
    I will keep on reading and you keep on writing...
    Paula O(

  88. Aw, Carol, I'm so flattered! Thank you!

    She's not incontinent, is she?

  89. CAROL MONCADO SAID: "I haven't shot anyone [13503 in - sorry, Mary!] but I did just stick a smooch in [isn't that Julie's answer to writer's block? Mary shoots people, Julie adds kisses?].

    LOL ... am I really that transparent??? ;)

  90. One frustrating trip to the DMV later...

    Myra - no, dear. She's not. At least I hope not. The last time the hero saw he she was fifteen. She's kinda sorta the ex-girlfriend. Except it's the 1870s or so so would she be a 'girlfriend'? Not sure how big her appearance will be in this book, but I'm thinkin' about how she can have her own story :).

  91. And I read Mary and Ruthy's articles in the ACFW mag. Very nice ladies! Very nice!

  92. Yes, sweetie. You are that transparent.

  93. Liked Ruthy (I have for a long time, you know.)

    Never wanted thought I would like research, but you make it sound soooo fun. Rethinking it.

    Looked around for a donut, but they must have been eaten up by those 93 commenters before me. Now, I'm forced to go to the bakery.

    Would love a copy of your book. Throw my name in the cat dish!

    Love the helpful atmosphere at Seekerville. Gives me hope for publication some day.


  94. Carol, it's possible I might have THOUGHT IT and figured we're telepathic enough to read each other's minds.

    There is a distinct possibility there.

    Hey, Melanie, mine did not come today, but there are few people on the planet I like working with more than Mike Ehret... The guy is two thumbs up wonderful as editor of Afficionado and now the Journal... and he's pretty darn selfless.

    And he's just started his own online editing service where he will be RIPPING APART my work in a couple of weeks... Yes, I'll let you know and you can all go and have a BIG LAUGH at my expense.

    But take a look for yourselves:

    Mike's Editing Website

  95. Myra, I really think a Seeker Writing Retreat with spa access is something to explore.

    Why on Earth wouldn't we want to do this????

    Dagnabbit, what's in the middle?


    Sigh... ;)

  96. Springfield Mo is right in the middle.

    Just a suggestion...

  97. Melanie, we can be Emily Dickinson's "Nobodies" together!

    I've always loved that poem...

    I'm nobody! Who are you?
    Are you nobody, too?
    Then there's a pair of us — don't tell!
    They'd banish us, you know.

    How dreary to be somebody!
    How public, like a frog
    To tell your name the livelong day
    To an admiring bog!

    I love a small crowd. Normals... I love the normals in life.

  98. Pepper...


    Pepper..... they might be crying for effect, honey. Remember they don't like change.

    Their children may have come by this trait more genetically than you or I know.

    BUT... How much fun will you have being part of the school system, gettin' kids when they're young, all the amazing good you can do. And your family should always, always, almost always come first.

    God opens doors.

    He just figures we'll be smart enough to mosey on through.

    Mosey along, my friend.

  99. Ruthy ... I researched spas, too. Except mine were 1880s and long gone. Sniffle. A place in the town still serves (as in: 'to drink') three of the mineral spring waters that helped make the spas famous, but I decided not to take my research to those lengths.

    Fun post. Thanks for the grins.

    Nancy C

  100. Great post, Ruthy! Sorry I don't do FB.....but I do like you! lol
    And like your books, count me in the draw, please.

  101. Jennifer, I gotta tell you, those gals at Solutions look mighty good... Now there's a fringe benefit for you!!!

    And they love what they do. The funny thing is that Jackie (the oldest daughter) was told not to do "hair" by her guidance counselor, that she was too smart for that. She should go to college and make something of herself...


    They were named the Small Business of the Year for 2011.

    Pretty sweet for a girl that wanted to do hair, right??? ;)

  102. I've never been to a spa. Or even have a manicure or petticure.

    I need to start having more fun in my research. But then I might not want my heroine living in a cave.


  103. Piper, you can be in our cat dish anytime, honey!!! And thank you for liking me!!!

    Let's see that's 7...8....9


  104. I was thinking here I know we have day spa's in some areas.
    I know there isn't one here where I am. There are people who do waxing etc. facials etc. We actually have one business start near the bookshop that does the waxing, facials, manicure, pedicures and they may do more.
    But think an actual day spa would be 4 or 5 hours away.

  105. Looks like you all were having a fun day without me.


    Looking forward to the book, Ruthy. But of course!

  106. Ruthy, I understand about writing vs. baseball, but in the 19 games played in Atlanta between the Yankees and the Braves, the Yankees are 17-2 with a history of daggers through the hearts of Braves' fans that represent a cosmic anomaly with absolutely no explanation. :-)

  107. Paula, you're such a sweetheart!!! Thank you, thank you from all of us!

    Now I'm smiling... Grinning, actually. Hugs to you!

    Myra, I really think that if we go with one of Vince's meanings for incontinent, it's like, well... a compliment.

    You should probably thank him if you haven't already.

    Julie's her name, passion's her game!!!

    I can think of lots of things that would be worse, Jules...

    Kisses...???? Sweet and tender or a little more aggressive????

    Now that's what romance is all about, my friend!

  108. Jan, your name's in! It landed just south of a tiny piece of kibble...

    YUM!!! ;)

    And you keep that talent moving forward and that hope alive. Every published author has sat in your chair. And now they're sitting in the same chair, but someone's signing their name to a check.

    Persevere. Persist. Pray.

    And I like you, too!!! I might be a little jealous that you're a second Mom to Carol, but I brought you back some more donuts. And some of these FRESH-BAKED FOR THE LATE NIGHT CREW chocolate chip/peanut butter chip/M&M cookies....

    Grab a glass of milk, peeps. It's bedtime snack time at Ruthy's Place!

  109. Nancy, sorry for the dead end! Yeah, those hot spring spas were not exactly the same...

    My advice is a pedicure (manicures don't last for me, my hands are too cranked night and day, you know? Why waste money????) and a hug. :)

    Here's the hug: ( )

    Jackie, it is okay to stay off facebook. I see so much fun happening there, but I see battle lines get drawn, too.

    I'm totally not in favor of fighting in public. Or dissing an "ex"... Or a parent.

    But most of my facebook buddies are the cat's pajamas.

    Does anyone have a clue what that means??? My cats barely wash their paws, they sure as shootin' aren't donning P.J.'s at night!

  110. Ruthie,

    I've never been to a spa, but I'd settle for reading about one. I'll have to pass on the donuts, though. Weight Watchers frowns on the really good stuff like donuts. But heah, I'm loosing.

    I love reading your stuff on Seekerville, too. You're just plain fun. And I "liked" you on FaceBook like you asked us to.

    Don't forget to enter me in your drawing.

    Thanks and God bless!

    Carol N.

  111. Ruthy, I, too, am not a spa girl. But I'm looking forward to learning more about the spa industry in your upcoming release. Love the premise. Go you!!!

    Aren't we already friends on Facebook?

  112. Well, Ruthy, I liked you a long time ago, but I still do. I guess...even though I haven't ever had a spa day. I do get my hair cut by a pro, though. That's about the limit for me.

    Love the little girls on the cover of your book. Very sweet :)

  113. Awww, Ruthy, all this talk of spas all day made me drool. Luck bucket. I'm going to have to come up with a great plot so I can go on adventures like this, LOL!!

    FINALLY received my ACFW Journal. Great article, babe!!! Sounded just like you : )

    And Mary!! I can't believe the Journal was lucky enough to get a double shot of Seekers, LOL!!!

    Loved your research, Ruthy. I think maybe I should make an appointment for ME on Father's Day : )

    I think I could use a little pampering : )

  114. Hey, Ruthy, a sweet gal name Janet left this on my blog from yesterday, so OF COURSE I took credit!! ;)

    Hi Julie,
    The cover on "A Family to Cherish" is absolutely darling!


  115. What fun... but how do those familiar people feel about having you use their likenesses just because you "know/love/want to embarrass" them? Then again, you're Ruthy; you can get away with just about anything, can't you?

    Would you believe I have *never* been to a spa? That will be reason enough for me to want to read about your Stillwaters.

    And of course I've 'liked' your FB page. Hasn't everyone?

  116. I've never been to a Spa either. It just does not appeal.

    It is a lovely cover. Very sweet.


  117. Enter me!
    God Bless!

  118. Well, I finally got around to reading your post and am glad I did. :)

    Have a couple (or more--you never know) things to say...

    1) Ruthy-in-person is just as fun as meeting her online! My hubby and I had the privilege a few weeks ago at Alpha & Omega in Penfield (yeah, and then I went to the ER for hives late that night--Ruthy was afraid she'd somehow done something to me!)

    2) LOVE Allegany County (of course, I keep wanting to spell it Allegheny, which is a county in Pennsylvania...). Driving up and down Route 19 is beautiful, even in March when the leaves haven't even begun to return to the trees (did that when my son and I took his then-girlfriend-now-wife for her campus visit to Houghton College in Houghton). Also did it the following October when we picked her up for our daughter's wedding further north in Wyoming County.

    3) Her latest book "A Family to Cherish" is a BOOK to cherish! Love Ruthy's books. Nuff said.

    4) Thanks for mentioning CBD, Ruthy, 'cause I just went on there and found my 2 missing books of yours. Have to figure out how I'm gonna order them though...

    5) And last but not least (thought there'd end up being more than "a couple" things), because of meeting Ruthy nearly a year ago on Facebook, I am thinking about returning to writing--oh, this happens about a million times a day. Things come up to thwart my every "possible" effort, but one of these days I shall prevail. And it's due to a new friendship with a loved author who lives about an hour or so west of me. :)

    And, remember, you don't need to throw my name into the--didn't someone mention "cat's dish"?--drawing for the book. Unless, of course, you want to, in which case if I should win, I would hand the book over to my sister Sharon whom you also met that fateful Saturday. ;-)

    HUGS! :D

  119. Love the cover for your book!Would love to win it!!!

  120. I rarely comment on Seekerville, but I read faithfully. Thanks for the insights on Spas, Ruthy.

    I "liked" you as soon as you announced a facebook page - you're such a riot. And some days I surely need the smile.

    Congrats on your new book.


  121. A spa, a spa, my kingdom for a spa! Oh wait, I don't have a kingdom, will they take a few well read books??? Loved your post Ruthy! Would love a copy of your new book!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  122. Just catching up for the week, Ruthy. Can't wait to read your new book. The cover is adorable and it's fun to know the back-story on the artwork. Very cool!