Saturday, June 23, 2012

Weekend Edition

This is a Lookin' Cool In Our Shades Weekend in Seekerville.

We Have Winners

 Prize rules are here and  winners should contact us through our Seekerville email address. We allow 6-8 for prizes to allow for forces beyond our control, such as babies, Mother Nature and DEADLINES!!

Monday we welcomed back Belle Bridge author Lindi Peterson with "Humor Me: Eliciting a Smile and Laughter from Your Readers Naturally." The winners of Her Best Catch are Jo Huddleston and Nancy C. The Summer's Song winners are:Virginia and Jeanne T.

 Author, fiction instructor and writing coach, Adrienne deWolfe was our guest on Tuesday with "20 Tips for Writing Lovable Romance Novel Heroes." Winner of a Seeker current release of their choice (currently available from Amazon) is Becky Doughty.

Love Inspired Suspense author Debby Giusti shared "How I Built My Latest Story" on Wednesday. Winner of one of Debby's books, winner's choice, is Melanie Dickerson.

Thursday Seekerville welcomed Heartsong Presents, Barbour and Love Inspired Suspense author Beth Goddard with "The Well-Trained Author: Supercharge Your Brain to Generate Great Ideas." Winner of Oregon Outback, her latest release, is Debra Marvin.

On Friday,  David C. Cook author Nikki Arana shared "Why Do First Manuscripts So Often Get Rejected?" Winner of her new novel, The Next Target is  Connie Queen.


Next Week in Seekerville

Monday: Be sure to head over here and find out "Why Close Only Counts in Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, and does NOT Count in Publishing" with Tyndale House author Pam Hillman.

Tuesday: Avalon author and children's book author Sandra LeeSmith (Sandy Wardman) will be your host today with, "WHERE ARE YOU?"  Sandra will post some precautions to take while using Social Media. A winner will be able to choose a book from a lovely selection of Seeker books and/or writing craft books from a list she will email the lucky winner.

Wednesday: Don't miss special guest Marta Perry! Marta writes Amish romance for Berkley, inspirational romance for Love Inspired and Amish suspense for HQN. With fifty-some books to her credit, Marta confides that writing those opening pages can still be intimidating. She'll share tips on "Novel Beginnings," and will give away a copy of Her Surprise Sister (book #1 in the new 6-book Harlequin Love Inspired "Texas Twins" series. Seeker Glynna Kaye's Look-Alike Lawman is book #4!).

Thursday: Join Thomas Nelson Publishers author Cara Lynn James today. And...very exciting...Cara will be giving away an advanced reader copy of A Path Toward Love! You could be among the first to read it!

Friday: It's time for the July Contest Update. The prize vault is open and one reader commenter gets a surprise Seeker book and one writer commenter wins a paperback copy of The Emotional Thesaurus: A Writer's Guide to Character Expression by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi.

Seeker Sightings

We'd love for you to share your news and sightings in the comments!

The Harlequin Love Inspired 6-book "Texas Twins" series  (featuring Seekerville author Glynna Kaye) kicks off with a free on-line read by Arlene James, “Called to Love.”

Glynna Kaye's Look-Alike Lawman is an October release.

Get your name in the drawing to win a copy of Out of Control on Ann Cooper McCauley's Historical Stories Close to Home blog, now through June 28th.

Congratulations to Cara Lynn James! A Path Toward Love (Thomas Nelson, August 2012) garnered 4 1/2 Stars on  RT Book Reviews.  " This wonderful, fast-paced historical romance features family secrets and a mother who tries to play matchmaker, with results she doesn't anticipate. ...Readers ill not want the book to end and will remember it long after they finish it."

June 26-28, 2012- Join Julie Lessman at the Overcoming Through Time -- With God's Help blog to celebrate three days of reviews on Julie's books and TWO chances to win your choice of any of Julie's books including her upcoming release, A Love Surrendered.

Colleen Coble and Janet Dean are presenting workshops at the Indiana ACFW Statewide meeting today in Fort Wayne. The topic: "Editing: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly."

Random News & Information

Tattered Cover Independent Bookstore in Colorado now features the Espresso Book Machine® 

 8 Things You Can Learn from a Writer Who Sold 222 Million Books(Looking For Mr. Goodstory)

How Amazon Saved My Life (Indie Reader)

Free Program Spots Clichés & Overused Words (GalleyCat)

What E-Publishing Means to a Country Boy (New Wave Authors)

Libraries, patrons, and e-books (PewInternet)

Free Manuscript and Book Editing Software (Pro Writing Aid)

Self-Published Bestsellers List for Week of June 18, 2012(GalleyCat)

Check out the Harlequin American Editor Pitch Challenge on eHarlequin

So You Think You Can Write Is Coming Back and This Time It's Going Global!

And finally, Congratulations to Friend of Seekerville, Paula Mowery who is putting on her STAR SHADES to celebrate her first sale!! Paula's debut e-release, The Blessing Seer releases July 6th from Harbourlight.


  1. Great WE as usual. Congrats to the winners.

    Only read part of those links. Gotta go back and hit some more.

    Coffee pot's ready for morning.


  2. Congrats to the winners!!!!

    I read the Fanficition article and will scan the others later. I have a lot of friends who dabble in different fandoms so that interests me. :) Much less obvious fandoms than say Twilight, but they enjoy writing it for fun and community not profit. Some of it's drivel [like those first manuscripts], but I've read some from a couple friends that was really really good - a couple have gone on to be published with mainstream publishers...

    I've heard there's Mary Connealy fanfic out there [someone mentioned it here once but I never found it - not that I looked real, real hard].

    There's also Trixie Belden fanfic... we, uh, won't mention how I know that... ;)

    Back to work...

  3. Congrats winners! I wanted to let all of you know I just posted an interview with Jody Hedlund on my blog and she's giving away an autographed copy of "The Doctor's Lady" to a commentor! I'd love to have you

  4. That SmartEdit program is AWESOME. I can't believe it's free!!!

  5. I won a book! Man, I just love this place.

    Writing. Books. Writing. Books.

    And books on writing.

  6. Stacey, I tried that link but I couldn't find the site!

    I just cut and paste. Did I do it wrong? Would love to check out your blog.

  7. Sorry it didn't work, Virginia! I'd love for you to come over and check it out! Maybe it was the extra dots I had. Try this ( or look up Jody or myself (Stacey Sanders Daniel) on facebook for a link. Thanks!

  8. Mary Connealy fan fic??? Oh, I do love that. Everyone kills a secondary character.


    We love it when another friend sails off Unpublished Island.

  10. oooh! new suspense! I'm so excited after enjoying Beth's post!. Thank you so much.

    love the photos, um, because your future is so bright... yup. I gotta wear shades too.

    Now I will finish out the fun links over the weekend.


  11. Oh - Congrats to Paula too! this goes into the count for new year's... I will do a happy dance as soon as I can get this old body in gear.

  12. Tina, now I want shades!!!! Suh-weeeet!



    Helen, lovin' the coffee.... Thank you, dear woman.

    We've got a crew today, so I'm checking links later. Hey, CM, I love Trixie! We almost named our first daughter Trixie....

    And she grew up loving Trixie Belden, too, but she's glad I didn't name her "Beatrice"....

    Or "Trixie".

    I brought birthday cake. Big grandkid mega celebration today and we're having all kinds of food and Ruthy-cake.

    Stop by if you're up this way.

    Or I'll drop some off. Sharing is caring.

    Did Virginia say 'books on writing'....

    Ruthy walks away, scratching her head...

    Possibly sighing.

  13. I'm so excited to have Marta here this week. Marta is such a clear example of doing it right for years...

    I look at gals like Marta, Margaret Daley, Lenora Worth, etc. (and don't hate me for not naming the whole cast and crew of LI!) as being the gals who paved the way for the rest of us. Their hard work and diligence opened doors many of us would never have had. Their efforts inspired Love Inspired's continual growth...

    Because who doesn't Love, Love, Love a great $5 inspirational read???


    That rocks the biggest kahuna of all. Our pocketbooks.

    (God doesn't count, he's not listed under Kahuna)

    I seriously love these women and what they and the editors did to give LI, LIS, and LIH the forward thrust it so truly deserved!

  14. Congrats to Paula -- waving as I watch her sail away from the island!

    Great weekend edition...and did somebody say Trixie Belden??????? I adore Trixie Belden!!! Just discovered that she had fanfiction a little while ago. Interesting phenomenon. I mean, what is it about Trix that makes her so timeless with such a loyal following? After, like what, 50 years or more? And did you know there is a Trixie camp?!

    Ahem...sorry about that, I get a little twiddlepatted when Trixie is mentioned.

    Have a great weekend everybody!

  15. Love the gangster shades, Tina. They hide every wrinkle. :-)

    Paula!!! Congratulations on your debut!!! Love the cover!!

    Congratulations to our winners!

    The lineup for next week looks great. Thanks for the Weekend Edition, Tina.

    Appreciate the coffee, Helen, and the cake, Ruthy. I love to start my day in Seekerville.

    Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!


  16. Congratulations to all the winners!

    Glynna-NICE cover for your upcoming release.

    Paula-Best of luck to you on your book release. Way to go!

  17. Ruthy, someone snapped that picture just as a mouse ran over your toe, right?

    That's the face I make. Too bad Seekerville doesn't have sound. We could capture the ear drum shattering scream....that's me too, but I assume everyone is like that....right?

  18. PS if you're celebrating summer, Tina, on the week you put us all in bikini's I'd like to officially file a threat here.

    I won't itemize the threats, I'm sure you can imagine.

  19. YAY Paula!!!! And your release date is only a couple weeks away!!!!! How exciting :)

    Next week sounds fabulous - some of my favorite authors are visiting (as usual!).

    Wish you could all be here today - the weather is fabulous and we're going hiking on the Cathedral Spires trail in the Needles area of the Black Hills. Yes, it's as beautiful as it sounds, and now I have to go put on my hiking boots.

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

  20. Another great WE, Tina! Congrats to all the winners, and to Cara for the great review on her book! Also congrats to Paula M. on her first sale! ~ Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Blessings from Georgia, Patti Jo :)

  21. LOL, TEENSTER ... laughed SO hard at the pix of Seekers in shades ... TOOOOOOO cute!!

    Great WE as always, darlin'!!


  22. LOVED the Seeker pics. LOLOL!

  23. Congrats to the winners! And congrats to Paula! What a stunning cover! Gorgeous model - hope she resembles your heroine -you know - the one in your head! LOL.


  24. Woop. Woop. I'm a winner of The Target.

    I'm going to Cheesecake Factory for lunch and am on a diet. Been searching on the interent for something I can eat. Not an easy place. Found Mexican chicken lettuce wraps for 250 cal for 3. I hope they're good.

    Everyone have a fantastic weekend.


  25. Oh my goodness! Thank you for the book, Lindi! Congrats to all the winners.

    Great links. I never would have recognized Dr. Seuss from that opening description. Glad his wife persuaded him not to burn that first manuscript.

    Interesting article about fan fic, too ... how some consider it free advertising while others are adamantly opposed.

    Has anyone used either of those free editing programs?

    Have a super weekend!

    Nancy C

  26. Paula, what cool news! Congrats :-)

    Nancy C

  27. Lots to congratulate here! Congratulations to Paula on your first sale. Woo-hoo!

    Congratulations to the winners, and thank you for the book I won--Summer's Song. Sounds great!

    Tina, what a great WE, and I LOVE all the pics of Seekers in sunglasses. I did notice, however, that you were conspicuously absent...Those star shaped ones were especially fun. :)

    Off and running, well walking through a cold, into the rest of this day. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

  28. Walk, Jeanne! 102 degrees today. In fact stay inside and take care of your summer cold.

    I am always absent from pictures.


  29. How did I forget congrats to PAULA?!?! I blame the Tylenol PM kicking in.


    Trying to get my 100 word pitch honed for the speed dating thing. EEP!

  30. Good morning, Seekerville -- and CONGRATULATIONS, PAULA! Another Seeker Villager sets sail from the island!

    Tina--where do you come up with all these wonderfully cute ideas for the Weekend Edition! Hats off to you yet again!

  31. YAY! I was able to leave a comment AT LAST. Struggled all week trying to post one.

    JAN -- Your hike sounds lovely! Too windy to be out and about here today, so I'll stick close to home and see if I can get the synopsis for my proposal wrapped up.

    ROSE - I was very pleased with the cover, too! Love the warm colors.

    RUTHY - I was so excited when Marta accepted my invitation to join us this week. In fact, the whole line-up of "Texas Twins" authors will be joining us as their books release -- Marta Perry, Barbara McMahon, Arlene James, Kathryn Springer and (I hope!) Jillian Hart. As a newbie, I feel so honored to have been included in this series along with these ever-popular LI authors!

  32. Always fun to check the WE...makes SAT even more relaxing and special.

    Great stuff, as always, Tina!

    Love the Seeker pics!

    Congrats to PAULA!!! Whoo-hoo!!! Another Seekervillager makes a sale. LOVE IT!!! Smiling in GA!

    Janet Dean and Colleen Coble. What a great conbination. Wish I could attend the meeting and hear their presentation. Sending hugs and prayers for peaceful spirits as they address the large gathering of writers. I know they'll be FANTASTIC!

  33. Great WE!

    Congrats Paula! Love that cover.

    Connie, Cheesecake Factory???? Yum! It never ceases to amaze me the calories REAL food has and how little of it we're supposed to eat! Simply mind-boggling.

    Thank the Lord for Seekerville virtual food! Pass the cheesecake. Mmmmm-mmmm, good!

  34. Love the shades pix,Tina!

    And congrats to Paula! Always exciting to help celebrate our friends' success!

  35. Love the shades pix,Tina!

    And congrats to Paula! Always exciting to help celebrate our friends' success!

  36. WAY cool, Tina!!
    Congrats to all the winners and WOOT WOOT for Paula!!!
    May and I are sportin' our shades just for y'all today... :)

  37. G'afternoon there Seekerville!
    Congrats to the winners!
    Next week sounds fun!


    I love love love great news. wooo hoooo
    Another one sails into the published world.

    Tina, the shades are cool. Welcome to my world. We always wear shades int he desert.

    Have a fun weekend.

  39. Hey, I blew out the knees of my bikini just last year. Darn threads wore clean through!

    Just a question? Am I the only one intimidated by the thought of donning a swimsuit?????

    Please say no. And does anyone else think it's odd that in a community with SO MANY OLD PEOPLE every episode of Burn Notice is filled with bikini-clad babes???

    Where are the seventy-somethings?????


  40. I haven't owned a swimsuit since SEVENTY SOMETHING.

  41. Tina said:

    I haven't owned a swimsuit since SEVENTY SOMETHING.


    I didn’t know you were into skinny dipping!


    I love it!!!

    Does that mean I can bring Sidney back to life as a vampire and have him dig up all the other husbands and then have them all travel to Newport to raise havoc with the beautiful ‘summer people’? I can see the whole posse returning on the orphan train to take over the town of Peaceful. It's not so peacful after that.

    I happen to know that Sidney meets and impresses Oscar Wilde during his tour of the American west. Oscar takes Sidney back to London where he immediately spots a genuinely evil member of the royalty who turns out to be Jack the Ripper.

    After killing Jack the Ripper, Sidney flees back to America where he gets a job as a telephone installer. While installing the first telephone in the White House, Sidney helps set up a secret cancer operation on Grover Cleveland’s mouth. It was Sidney’s idea to have the operation on a ship!

    The Sidney/Grover friendship was so great that Sidney used his great wealth to create a candy company that produced a ‘Baby Ruth’ candy bar named after Grover’s beloved daughter: Ruthy.

    Sidney eventually settles down and buys the Boston Globe where some woman named Charity gives him his comeuppance! Sidney behaves after that.

    To be continued…

  42. My ACFW magazine FINALLY arrived late SAT. Loved the artices Mary and Ruthy wrote. YAY!!!

    Also saw Helen's piece on why she likes the ACFW conference. Great job, Helen.

    Ladies, we're proud of you!!!

  43. HAHAHA, Vince!

    That comment alone was worth the extra click!

    And congrats on the sale, Paula. That is truly awesome. This is such a great group of people, writers and readers and community commenters. A big cyber high five to you and dinner's on me!

  44. Great WE, Tina! Love the sunglasses : )

    Congrats Paula on the sale! Gorgeous cover. Now that should garner some attention!

    Stay cool,'s beyond hot here in Colorado!!

  45. I'm late!! It's Sunday night. Well, officially Monday, I guess!

    Thanks for the great WE, Tina!!

    Congrats, Paula!!!

  46. Vince, that whole scenario works for me!

    Let's twist it, my friend!