Saturday, June 30, 2012

Weekend Edition

And we just couldn't leave the island, so the Weekend Edition
comes to you from Unpublished Island.

Stop by and say hi this Weekend For a
 Beach Read Surprise Package
Winner announced next Saturday!

We Have Winners

Prize rules are here and  winners should contact us through our Seekerville email address. We allow 6-8 for prizes to allow for forces beyond our control, such as babies, Mother Nature and DEADLINES!!

Tuesday Love Inspired author Tina Radcliffe shared, In Praise of the Day Job. Winner of Ruth Logan Herne's A Family to Cherish is Christy Oleson. Our lurker winner of a Seekerville current release book of choice is Amy R.S.

 Don't miss special guest Marta Perry! Marta writes Amish romance for Berkley, inspirational romance for Love Inspired and Amish suspense for HQN. With fifty-some books to her credit, Marta confides that writing those opening pages can still be intimidating. Marta shared tips on "Novel Beginnings." Winner of Her Surprise Sister (book #1 in the new 6-book Harlequin Love Inspired "Texas Twins" series is Jodi Jantz.

Thomas Nelson Publishers author Cara Lynn James joined us on Thursday and shared "Writing the Next Bestseller"..Winner of an advanced reader copy of A Path Toward Love is Pat Jeanne Davis.

Friday was the July Contest Update. Winner of aapaperback copy of The Emotional Thesaurus: A Writer's Guide to Character Expression by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi is Andrea Strong.

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: Stop by today for "Remember Everything You Know" by Bethany House and Barbour author Mary "Forgetful" Connealy!

Tuesday: Heartsong Presents and Barbour author  S. Dionne Moore is our guest today! For every story there is always a need for an audience. E-books are hot and becoming hotter. Though the price wars wage on and many authors hesitate to stick their toes in the waters that is e-publishing, there are also success stories. Dionne is giving away an Apple or Vera Bradley ( gift card (25.00), winners choice, and a copy of Murder on the 'Old Bunions!

Wednesday: Seekerville is closed for the Fourth of July Holiday.

Thursday: Come spend the day with Love Inspired author Audra Harders. She hasn't a clue what she's going to talk about so it will be a surprise for everyone! BUT, there will be a drawing for a sweet gift certificate, so stop by just for grins and make her feel loved.

Friday:  Welcome author *lizzie starr with her post "Writing outside the box? Which box?" *lizzie will have two giveaways. An e-book of Birds Do It! (adult content) or any of her fantasy titles and a stretchy summer fun bracelet. (US only). 

Seeker Sightings

Mary Connealy, at Writing on The Fine Line. Check out Michael Ehret's edit!

Mary Nealy (Mary Connealy's mysterious alter ego) has a book free on Amazon today. Fright at the Museum, book two in her Historical Society Murders is currently free.

It was formerly published as Pride and Pestilence and then it was in a 3 in 1 collection called Nosy in Nebraska. Ms. Nealy would feel bad if you bought a book you'd already read before....except of course it's FREE. Click Here to Buy on Kindle In addition to it being free it also costs NO MONEY and when you buy it there will be NO CHARGE.

Myra Johnson's latest novel, A Horseman's Gift (Heartsong Presents) is a June 2012 release through Harlequin's Reader Service.

Book 2 of Myra's "Horsemen" series tells the love story of Nathan Cross (brother of Sheridan from book 1) and Filipa Beltran (daughter of Manuelo, the stable hand).  Sick and tired of living out her parents' dreams, Filipa drops out of a prestigious music school and returns home determined to move on with life on her own terms. Nathan Cross finds his own career plans derailed when his widowed mother falls in love with a rancher and moves to Texas, leaving Nathan to take over administration of the family's equine therapy center. Determined to honor his late father by carrying on his legacy, Nathan can't understand how Filipa could turn her back on everything her parents sacrificed for her. Can Nathan and Filipa find contentment in their God-given gifts?

Random News & Information

Don't forget that the monthly Contest Update is available all month long on our website.

Congratulations to Friends of Seekerville Who Received Requests from the Love Inspired Associate Editor Emily Rodmell Speed Dating Contest on eHarlequin : Piper, Pepper, Mary Curry, Carol Moncado, Jodie Wolfe, Jennifer Thompson AND Patty Wysong. (Did we miss anyone??)

The 1 Question I Ask When I'm Afraid (Jon Acuff -Stuff Christians Like)

Tracking Sales (Author E.M.S) 

Self-Publishing Success Stories (Self-Publishing Success Stories)

How To Stand Out From the Slush (SYTYCW)

The World's 54 Largest Book Publishers, 2012 (PW)

 Twitter Cheat Sheet for Writers (GalleyCat)

Amazon Bids on Dorchester Assets (PW) 

Entangled Editor's Wish List (Entangled in Romance) 

Some things are worth sharing again:

The Ninc Binder: A Comprehensive Guide to the New World of Publishing (novelists inc.)

That's it, but  if you didn't hear the news in the comments of the Contest Update on Friday, we'd like to share that Friend of Seekerville, 
Melissa Jagears signed with agent Natasha Kern. 

Congratulations, Melissa!

P.S. The July Calendar is now up!


  1. Congrats to the winners! AND MELISSA!!! Again!!!!


    Trying to get another 1K or so in tonight and then heading to Panera tomorrow for an ALL DAY WRITING BLITZ! Pray for my sanity would ya? =D

  2. I will pray for you and imagine me sharing an asiago bagel with you.

  3. What an eventful week!

    Such a busy gang of writers!

    Congratulations on all the achievements.

    Looking forward to next week.


    Oops. The coffee pot's set.

  4. Good night to all the night owls! I'd love a cup of your coffee, Helen, but I'm afraid it would keep me awake. I'll have one in the morning.

    Carol, happy fun on your writing blitz! Let me know how many words you write.

  5. Helen always sets the timer on the coffee pot. She is the most organized secret vampire, hostess ever!!

  6. Ahhhhh! My mug popping up there frightened me a bit!

    And I am super jealous of Andrea winning the thesaurus, maybe when she comes over to visit she'll bring it so I can flip through it!

    And it is SOOOO hot outside the crayons my daughter left outside yesterday melted. IT'S HOT!

    Oh! and bought your book Tina with the lovely gift card you gave me (Yep, on kindle)! Can't wait.

    And I'm looking forward to Mary's post, because my brain is still not working (the nursing curse) so anything that'll help I'll welcome. Poor daughter didn't get swimming lessons this summer because I didn't remember. Ay yi yi.

    And congrats to all the speed pitchers! Hope you all knock their socks off!

  7. Awe, you are very sweet. I'll return the favor when your book comes out.

  8. Aw, Tina! I so wish you could!

    Remember how one of my favorite managers there was killed in a car accident? His girlfriend works at my Panera now and I'm getting to know her a bit. We're even FB friends now ;). She wants to read the book with the character named after him someday. Tomorrow they're having their first fundraiser for a charity/foundation/something she started in his memory to benefit underprivileged kids in our area.

    Cara - I have it in my phone to get a review copy from BookSneeze in a couple weeks :D. And I'll be sure to let you know how I do [I'm sure I'll be popping in all day tomorrow].

    Debby - shot you an email! Thanks, darlin'!

    And did everybody see Julie's new cover? Revell covers at Relz Reviews today! Such wonderful covers!!! So many books to look forward to!

  9. Congratulations Melissa! That's so exciting!!

  10. Congratulations Melissa! Awesome news! And congrats to the speedie seekers too!!!!! And to Seekerville for putting out another stellar WE. Oh -- and for the contest post yesterday which I couldn't read until today.

    Have a question about that readers service Myra's book is on. I'm so confused even though I went to the link and checked out the website. Evern read the FAQs and About Us. The about us just tells me all the free nifty things they offer and refers to a book club, but there's no specifics.

    So -- how exactly does one get buy Myra's book? I couldn't find it so I'm assuming you have to subscribe like the old book clubs you used to see advertised in magazines? If that's it, do you get to choose which books you want sent to you or do they just send you a selection?

  11. Congrats to all. I am not writing this weekend but read 100 pages of my WIP aloud to Man O on our way to the mountains. Sometimes you just have to give those long-suffering spouses a shout out.

    Stay cool everyone!

    Peace, Julie

  12. HAPPY SATURDAY, SEEKERVILLE! What an exciting week this has been with "Speed Dating" requests for so many and Melissa landing a GREAT agent!

    And HEADS UP! Both Ruth Logan Herne and Cheryl Wyatt have Love Inpired books out on the stands RIGHT NOW! So fun to walk into Walmart or a grocery store or CVS and see books out by two of my favorite people! So snatch 'em up before they're gone!

    My "Look-Alike Lawman" is up for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble now. It's the fourth book in the six-book Love Inspired "Texas Twins" series. You can read a little bit about the first book by Marta Perry, "Her Surprise Sister," on last Wednesday's Seeker post. The authors of book #2 and #3 will be visiting us here in Seekerville in August and September!

  13. Congratulations to all the winners!
    Today's an exciting day here in my part of the woods. I'm meeting two of my crit partners for the first time. All three of our families are going to research a town we plan to use for a story. Only wish it weren't so hot.

  14. Winners and Melissa : Hurray for you!
    Good morning Seekerville!
    Tina said : Stop by and say hi this Weekend For a
    Beach Read Surprise Package.
    Ouh, that sounds fantastic!
    Happy Canada Day to those Canadians living in the U.S
    And I hope the Americans have a good celebration on the 4th.



  15. Not sure what kind of "requests" you're spotlighting, but Patty Wysong got a synopsis request from the speed date thing :)

    Congrats to all the winners!!

  16. Congrats to the speed-dating/pitching folks who got requests this week and to Melissa for snagging Natasha as an agent.

    What a great week all around!

  17. Wow, a lot of excitement going on here, speed-dating request, sign with an agent.

    Let's set off some fire works a little early to celebrate!

  18. Another stellar week at Seekerville! Things are really popping on un-pubbed island, aren't they? I think you need to install a revolving door on that place - no one seems to stay there long :)

    The big news around here - 2 things actually -

    First, I found another ACFW member living nearby! If we ever find time to get together, we'll look into starting our own group. I'm so excited, and can hardly wait to meet her.

    Second, I crawled out of my writing cave on Thursday when I hit "send" on the revisions of my contracted book. Did you all know it's June already?

    Keep cool, everyone. I broke down and turned on the AC yesterday afternoon. I know, I know. I'm a wimp. We're only in the mid-90's today.

    Hubby and I are headed to Mt. Rushmore for breakfast this morning.

    I just love saying that :) Where else can you just drop by Mt. Rushmore whenever you feel like it?

  19. Congrats, Melissa and those who got requests for a full from Emily!!

    Sounds like a great week ahead. Heading to see fireworks with my kiddos tonight.

  20. Congrats again Melissa and everyone who got requests! Oh how I've missed Seekerville but have been working hard, I promise. =)

  21. YAY, Melissa!!!! FAbulous news! So glad to hear it!

  22. Wow, that blog about Successful Self-Publishing stories really makes self-publishing seem tempting.

    Great WE, Tina!!!

  23. Woot. We will add Patty Wysong to the list!!!!

  24. Congratulations on revisions completed, Jan!!!!

  25. Kav, I will find Myra to answer your questions.

  26. Helen from Australia!!! Great to see you.

  27. Nancy Kimball, what are you working so hard on, dear?

  28. 100 pages!!! Way to go Julie Hilton Steele. That's a third of a book.

  29. I just updated the weekend edition.

    (remember that old ad, "Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful)

    I'm thinking along those lines right now, Tina.
    Don't hate me because I'm a techno dork who occasionally explodes the Weekend Edition with my attempts to 'help'.
    But so far it's all still here.


  30. ONLY in the mid-90s? Wow, you are TOUGH Jan. Good girl.

    Has anyone ever heard of a derecko? Well, I never have.
    It's a terrible storm and it swept the central and eastern United States just yesterday. I hope everyone is all right.

  31. So much to celebrate! Speed Pitching and Melissa signing with Natasha!!! YAY!!!

    Would love to spend the day at the beach. Although the temp is sky high so I'd need lots of sunscreen and water. :)

    Tina, I ejoyed Jon Acuff's blog and the question he posed: Where is God in the fear? The comments were interesting, as well. Of course, I came right back to Seekerville.

    Is everyone having a week-long celebration for Independence Day? Enjoy the holiday!

    God bless the USA!!!

  32. I'm stopping by for the Beach Read Surprise - how fun, whatever it is.

    I'm a sometimes lurker here in Seekerville, someday wanna-be author, reading and learning as I'm able. So enjoy the posts.

    Happy weekend! Storms here today in Illinois. We will happily take the rain.

  33. Kathy, you need to say hi more often!!! We'd love to get to know you.

    Tell us more about what you're writing and who you are targeting.

    Where do you live?

  34. YAY MELISSA!! Congrats. :D

    I love, love, love Myra's new cover. What a sweet book! Can't wait to read it. :D

    It's FINALLY warming up here. Finally. I'm getting a tad/sunburn. And I LOVE it. :D



    Tina ... spectacular WE!! SUPER CONGRATS to all the speed-pitch winners -- you guys ROCK!!

    I am printing off two of the links included today, Teenster -- excellent job!!


  36. First of all, MELISSA!!!!!! Welcome to Natasha's family of clients!!!! How exciting! You will love working with her. She's the best!

    KAV, honestly I wish I could tell you more about the Harlequin readers service. Supposedly they have picked up where the Barbour HP book club left off and will distribute the HPs in a similar fashion. If you are confused, all I can say is the HP authors who transitioned from Barbour to Harlequin are equally confused!

  37. Melissa of course has every reason to be jealous of my Thesaurus win... :-p Don't worry, I'll pack it when I head west in a few weeks.

    I'm celebrating the holiday today with my mom's folks without Grandma for the first time.

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

  38. Setting out a big ole Panera spread. Finishing my dinner break and getting back to work. At 4565 right now. Pushing for 10K since I got here at least 90min later than I'd hoped.

    Plus I read Mary's teaser she's got posted on scribd [meany] and I'm itching for a gun fight now.

    Not really, but there are six shooters [at least] involved now. Though only one's been out of the holster and that only for a few minutes...

  39. So glad I get to congratulate Melissa again here on Seekerville.

    WOO HOOOOOOOO Melissa!

    Tina, I think you forgot Jennifer Thompson in the Speed Dating list.

    Congrats to ALL the many winners.

    Happy Independence Week, Seekerville.

  40. Love all of the celebrating going on!! Enjoyed the WE!

  41. I did. Apologies the the amazing, Jennifer. All fixed.

  42. Yay, all you winners. And Melissa, how awesome for you. Kewl.

  43. Mary C., thanks for catching that my name wasn't on the list.

    I'm just now checking in and had no clue I wasn't on no worries Tina:)

    Congratulations to everyone again and a BIG thank you to Seekerville because I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for you guys.

    I'm sure a lot of others can say the same.

    Only reached 96 here today...10 degrees less than 2 days ago...what a relief.

  44. Home from Panera!


    Biggest hour: 1754 [about 1:10 - the last 1:10 but Not. Too. Shabby.]

    Daily total: 10396 [with pasting 700 words from an email]

    MS total: 40448

    Plus I watched Mary's trailer, read her teaser [meany!!!!] online, ate, browsed online a bit, etc.

    AND I got to talk to Jessica [Keller Koschnitzky] for like an hour and a half on my home/when I got home.

    So all around? A pretty good day :).

  45. Great WE!!

    Melissa, I totally laughed at that 'poster child'pic. Awesome!

    I can't wait for my baby to go to sleep so I can click some of these links and really read them.

    CAROL, you have to blog here about how you write that fast. Oh wait, I think you did, right?? I wonder what your per minute output is... I don't even think my brain goes that fast, let alone my fingers.

  46. Congratulations, Melissa!! Congrats to all the contest winners!

    We were without power for 22 hours with this super storm that swept through Friday with 91 mph winds! We got our power back yesterday. Praising God we had no damage and praying for those who lost family.


  47. Carol: Daily total: 10396 [with pasting 700 words from an email]

    10K in one day???

    Wow! I stand in AWE!

  48. I'm So excited to have won an ARC of Path Toward Love by Cara. Many thanks. And congrats to all winners and especially to Melissa. I know how you are feeling, Jan. I found another ACFW member here in Philly and we've been getting together. Such a blessing.Thanks for the contest update, Tina. Did enter one contest last month. And Happy Independence Day to Susan there in Canada.
    Pat in Philly

  49. Happy Canada Day! Congrats to all the winners. And thanks for sharing all the good news ... including those who are safe after the storms.

    Terrific weekend edition :-)

    Nancy C

  50. I really enjoy the Seekerville page!!love the weekend page especially!

  51. I'm late like usual! Congrats to all the Speed Dating folks who got requests!!! And again to Melissa!