Thursday, July 26, 2012


Sandra here posting from Anaheim, California where the RWA National Conference is being held.

Are there any Seeker Friends here?  We met several at the FHL meeting Wednesday.  What a joy.  Check out this weekends WE for some fun photos and sightings.

Yesterday the Faith Hope and Love chapter of RWA met and announced the winners of the Inspirational Readers Choice Award (IRCA) contest. Check out their website for the list.

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners.

 While they were still finalists, I asked them how it felt to be an IRCA finalist and most importantly what inspired them to write their novel.  All of course were delighted to be finalists in a contest that reflects the market for their books.  Please enjoy all of the wonderful responses from some terrific inspirational authors. (PS I featured these in the order I received their responses.)

Some of these authors are offering a copy of their award winning novel to a lucky winner here at Seekerville.  Check out the WE for winners and thanks to these generous authors.

Maggie's Blog

MAGGIE BRENDAN wrote about her entry Deeply Devoted  I starting thinking about what some of my favorite things were and then happen to glance at my dining room hutch where I have Blue Willow dishes. I thought about the story of the tragic lovers in the plate’s design and wondered what would happen if I had a mail-order bride from Holland arrive in America with a tragic past, bringing only her mother’s Blue Willow china and Bible and two sisters. In real life what is broken, cracked and even lost, can be ransomed and redeemed by God’s eternal love. In Deeply Devoted, I relate this to the Blue Willow china in that just as china must be fired to become a durable piece in order to have a delicate pattern, we too, are also tested by fire to refine our character that can result in becoming purified as God’s works in us to be in a more resilient follower of Christ.  Maggie won third place in Long Historical.

Eva Marie's Facebook
EVA MARIE EVERSON says:   When I wrote Chasing Sunsets, my purpose was to show the importance of the father's role in the lives of his children. However, what I received the most email on was that I addressed the issue of divorce within the church. I thought I was doing one thing, God knew I was doing something else ... because He knows the need of our readers. Being a finalist tells me more than just "I did a good job in writing." It also tells me I allowed God to work through me, even when I didn't know what He was doing. Which, by the way, is most of the time!  First place in Long Contemporary. 

Carla's Facebook
CARLA STEWART shares: The origins of the book are in a short story set in the Great Depression. I couldn't get the characters out of my head, and I knew one of the children in particular had a story to tell. I explored that and discovered she became a famous jazz singer, who, in the twilight of her life, befriends a young woman in the throes of abuse. I liked the idea of a dual timeline and having the present day story mirror the past so Broken Wings evolved. At its heart, it's the story of unlikely friendships and God's providence in our lives. First Place Women's Fiction.

LOUISE GOUGE writes:   I love this contest because the judges are the very people we write for. So when my book was chosen as a finalist, I considered it a special honor.      This was my first Regency. I had just completed a three-book series that took place during the Revolutionary War, so my last hero and heroine would likely have children during the Regency. It was easy and fun to "spin-off" a story of the next generation, especially when I could have my previous hero act as a mentor to my next hero.  Second Place Novella.

LINDA GOODNIGHT says: It's common for most of us to make regrettable mistakes in early adulthood, and unfortunately some errors in judgement are life altering. In A Place to Belong, I wanted to explore the ramifications of such a mistake - the guilt, the shame and the long term effects. I also wanted to share the hope and forgiveness found in our Heavenly Father no matter what we've done. If you enjoyed Jace's story, you might like my current release, a Love Inspired classic duo, A SEASON FOR GRACE/THE HEART OF GRACE.  To whet your appetite, I'm giving away a copy of that award winning duo right here at Seekerville! Visit me on Facebook, Twitter @Lindagoodnight   Third Place short contemp.

DOROTHY CLARK wrote:  Two ideas came together to produce Frontier Father---the adopted children in my first two historicals, and my fascination with the settling of America. I thought it would be interesting and fun to write the stories of  the four adult daughters, moving each of them farther along on the journey west via the different modes of transportation available at the time. Frontier Father is the story of the fourth daughter. It takes place on a mission in Oregon territory and thus ends the westward journey. Dorothy Clark second place. 

Dorothy is donating a book to a lucky winner.

GAYLE ROPER states: I wrote Shadows in the Sand for all sorts of disconnected reasons. I wanted to return to Seaside. I wanted to tell Greg's story after he was a secondary character in all the previous Seaside books. I wanted to show how Christ redeems broken lives like his and Carrie's. I wanted to bring Clooney closer to the point of salvation. I wanted to write about the corruption in cults. And since my husband died in the middle of the writing, I got to share the pain of loss through the character of Greg.  First Place in Suspense. 

JODY HEDLUND answered:  I'm honored and grateful  to be an IRCA finalist but also realize there are numerous other historical romances that easily could have finaled in my place. The inspirational market is full of many, many talented authors and fantastic books that are equally deserving of contest finals.  The Doctor's Lady is inspired by the real life story of Narcissa Whitman, the first American woman to cross the Continental Divide. She became an inspiration for all of the many women who would travel after her on what would become known as the Oregon Trail. It was my hope to bring this courageous woman to life and retell her heroic story. Jody is offering a copy of her book also.  Second Place long Historical.

 Deborah's Facebook 
DEBORAH RANEY says,  "I'm so honored to be a finalist. It's kind of a pinch-me feeling to realize I'm on the list with so many writers I look up to and admire. My husband put a newspaper clipping by my place at the breakfast table a few years ago––the story of nine firefighters killed in a tragic fire. we talked about how the tragedy would affect that community and the families who'd lost a loved one, I knew I wanted to explore a similar, fictional story in my next series. It was a fun series to write, but very sobering, too, knowing that so many deal with, in real life, the things my characters went through in the stories." 

It was great at the FHL meeting to meet Linda Goodnight and watch her receive her award.  

Sandra and Linda Goodnight

Nancy Farrier led the meeting and she was the coordinator for the IRCA award.  Thank you Nancy for all the hard work.  

Congratulations again to all the winners and thank you finalists for commenting on Seekerville.
Don't forget that some of these finalists offered copies of their books so check out the weekend edition for winners and send us your snail mail addresses.

Because Debby and I went to the beach yesterday we ordered the Jolly Roger to set up a lovely table of seafood salads. Shrimp, scallops, mahi mahi, salmon, etc.  Enjoy the refreshing delights from the sea. 

We also have some yummy pastries and breads from Paradise Bakery.  Enjoy and let us know if you've read any of these award winning authors and what you thought of their books. 

Or what books would you have picked for the award?   And why?


  1. Congratulations to all the finalists. I remember sitting in the room when last year's winners were announced. Sorry to miss it this time. What terrific talent we have.

  2. Thanks so much for another marvelous Seekerville post!

    I learned so much from what the each of the ladies had to say.

    LOVE that so many are historicals too. Being a history major, that's right up my alleyway!!!

    Especially enjoyed how the Lord is using them in a wonderful way.

    Thanks for sharing some of the fun you're having! Know it will be a time of growth, fun, fellowship and FOOD! ;D

  3. Thanks Mary, We missed you also. Its always fun to watch someone receive their award. smile

    These judges are readers. That is what makes it so much fun.

  4. I've read a couple of those [Maggie and Jody I know for sure I have] and have several others [Chasing Sunsets, Broken Wings]. I have the first book in Deb's series but not the third and fourth. I've forgotten who's offering books, but I don't need more copies of those :).

    All of the covers are awesome!! Such great covers out there!!!

    Wish I could have been there tonight - but thank you sooooooooooooo much for your email Debby!!!

    Sandra, Debby, Lyndee - whoever else is there, give each other a big ole hug for me would ya?!

  5. Congrats to the finalists and winners.

    The FHL mtg is an important start to my RWA conference experience because it's the only time I'll spend in group prayer and fellowship while I'm here. And it doesn't start any better than that.

    I'm so glad I get time to spend time with Seekers Debby and Sandra while I'm here in Anaheim. :)

  6. Hey,hey!!

    Congrats Carol!!!!

    Hi Anita!!! Long time no see!!!

  7. Hey KC, And a woof to May,

    It is wonderful how we are getting so many historicals published these days.

    I just read Janet Dean's anthology on the plane over here. It was great. We hear more about Callie and Jake from Wanted: A Family in the Anthology Brides of the West/Last Minute Bride

  8. What are we congratulating Carol for?

    Congrats, Carol!

  9. Congratulations, ladies, on your writing achievements. And thank you for sharing.

    These sound like books that would be enjoyable reads.

    Have a cuppa java on me.

  10. Hi Carol, I'm so tickled to see you here on Seekerville because we missed you this afternoon. Did you hear us SCREAMING??

    Congrats. Carol's entry SUBURBAN STRAIGHTJACKET placed second in the Long Contemporary.

    woo hoooo Carol


  11. Hiiiiiiiii Anita Mae. It was TERRIFIC to spend so much time with you today.

  12. Hi Helen, Its too late for coffee but save me some for the morning. I'm going to be exhausted after all the activity.

    Debby signed her books at the Literacy signing. There were 400 authors signing books. woo hooo.

  13. Be sure and check out the FHL site because other friends of Seekerville placed.

    Woo hoooo Melissa Jaegars

  14. So fun to be at RWA with Sandra and to see lots of wonderful Seekervillager. Waving to everyone!

    Congrats to all the FHL finalists and winners!!!

  15. Congratulations to all the winners! So excited for you.

    These all sound like great stories, and I'd love to read them all.

    Gayle Roper was one of the first Christian authors I discovered years ago, so I especially excited to learn she is still a winner to others. I'm so happy she's gone back to Seaside.

    Thanks for sharing all this good news!

    Jackie L.

  16. Sandra, thanks for letting us share the awards ceremony at FH&L! I miss being there, especially for the church service and fellowship. All the books look wonderful. I want to read them all!

    Have fun!


  17. Congratulations, Carol M and Melissa!!


  18. Debby, I can "see" the signing in my head. A fabulous, noisy, chaotic event that raises tons of money for literacy. Hope you had oodles of shoppers at your table.


  19. I met Jody Hedlund at the very first Great Lakes ACFW Chapter Conference about a week after reading The Doctor's Lady. I told everyone there that is truly was the best historical romance I'd read all year. And I wasn't exaggerating. :) I can hardly wait for her next book to come out!

    I've also ALWAYS loved Dorothy Clark's historicals. Her books, Beauty for Ashes and Joy for Mourning, were the first two books I'd ever read from the inspirational market... and now years later it's a blessing to be able to say we share the same literary agent. :D

  20. Oh, SANDRA, what a FUN recap -- thank you!!! I love hearing the author's inspiration for writing their award-winning books!! Looks like I have some great reading to do! :)

    CAROL!!!!! I am SOOOO excited for you, my friend -- SUPER CONGRATS!!

    AND SUPER CONGRATS to ALL the winners with a special high-five to Mags, whose book I LOVED and endorsed!!


  21. Congratulations to ALL these ladies! I really enjoyed reading their comments, and 2 of my faves were featured: Deb Raney and Linda Goodnight! Love their books. ~ Blessings from HOT, HUMID Georgia, Patti Jo :)
    p.s. If it's hot and humid where you live, please enjoy the Peach Punch I brought today, along with a bowl of fresh Georgia peaches and homemade sugar cookies! ~ PJ

  22. Hi Jackie, Gayle Roper was one of the first CBA writers that I met also. She was always so helpful.

  23. Hi Janet, Several people have asked where you are. We all miss you.

    The worship service was very special. I love praying for everyone here at the conference.

  24. Debby did have oodles of shoppers. You know how the Lord is at sending people to you so you can witness.

    Debby and I had talked about me sticking around to talk to her whenever there weren't people, but everytime I walked by her table she had several people around talking to her and buying books. So fun.

    The signing was not in the hotel but in the convention center to a huge, gigantic room. Therefore it wasn't crowded or noisy like those are most of the time. It was much nicer.

  25. Wow Dawn, What a great story. Isn't God amazing how He puts us all together?

    Thanks for sharing.

  26. Hi Julie, It is wonderful to hear how God works in us in so many different ways.

    I didn't realize you had endorsed Maggie's book. How special is that?

    Julie everyone LOVES the hand sanitizers. They really liked the tags your dh made up. And the bookmarks. Its so fun to hand them out and have them say. "Oh I love Seekerville."

  27. Sandra and Debby, I hope you're having a wonderful time in Anaheim, on the beach, sampling West Coast fare, and oh yeah, attending the conference!

    Congratulations to all the finalists and winners of IRCA. How wonderful to get a peek into the story behind the story. So many books to read, my prayers go up for more time to get it all done!

    Enjoy the conference ladies! And Sandra, thanks for taking us behind the scenes and into the authors hearts!

  28. Patti Jo, I LOVE Georgia peaches. Thank you soooooo much for bringing the punch and cookies also. We need the extra lift. smile

    You know everyone gives out chocolate at these conferences (another reason to come fellow writers) so the fruit is super refreshing.

    And both Debby and I are from hot climates so it feels really nice to sit outside and enjoy the sunny day cooled by the Pacific ocean breezes. Its been in the upper seventies-low eighties during the day and the sixties at night.

    In fact Debby came back to the room last night from a Love Inspired get together that was outside. Her hands felt like ice. Its been ages since either of us have been cold. smile

  29. Hi Audra, We are enjoying the conference too. LOL

    We arrived early so we could play a little.

    And you know California. Everything is sprawled out. So many events are at different locations.

    I'm meeting with my new publishers at a Hawaiin restaurant in the Garden Walk. Several events are there also. Getting there is a challenge. I'm so wishing I had driven over instead of flown.

  30. What an awesome post, and thanks to each one who made it so. i wouldn't have been able to pick better recipients.


  31. Congrats to all!!! So exciting!

    Sandra, thanks for sharing with us. I was so bummed not to be there yesterday.

  32. I grew up in California but it's been years since I've been back. You're making me 'home' sick :)

    I've read most of those books and they are all well deserving. The Doctor's Lady is on my wish list.

    I'm looking forward to more pics on the WE! Glad you're having a great time.

  33. Congrats to finalists overall! So many awesome writing out there!!!!

    I did some digging and here's the links:

    Touched By Love contest -- that's for unpubbed authors. Carol placed 2nd in the Long Contemporary Romance which is why we are congratulating her. Congrats, Carol. I spotted other seekervillians too but I'm leery of posting any names in case I miss someone so here's the link:

    And the results for the ICRA is here:

    I've read a lot of the books highlighted in this post. Gayle Roper's Shadows on the Sand is a memorable one for me. So much raw emotion, great supsense and a technique that was new to me -- where the heroine's POV is in first person but the others are in third person. I'd never seen that before. I thought it would make for a disjointed read, but the story really flowed and it added an extra edge. Great suspense too and loved the Snoopy dancing heroine. :-)

  34. Thanks Marianne, It was so fun writing this post because these authors are so sweet. I loved hearing their stories.

  35. Hi Missy. You were soooooo missed. You and Janet both usually come to RWA so many writers were asking about you.

    Its nice to know you are missed. smile

  36. Hi Jaimie, I grew up in California also. Spent high school years on the beach. So fun.

    Of course my poor skin is paying now for all those years in the sun. Those were the days before they knew about sun damage. yikes.

    But it was worth it because it was super fun to romp on the beach and surf the waves.

    We are right next to Disneyland also. We spent senior night at Disneyland and many times our dates took us to Disneyland. (That was many years ago when it wasn't such a huge and expensive deal)

  37. Speaking of Disnelyand, Anita Mae, Susanna and Susan spent yesterday morning and Tuesday evening at Disneyland. There is a shuttle from the hotel and its only a couple blocks away.

    They watched the fireworks. You can hear and see them from the hotel also.

    PS I had dinner with those three last night. We had so much fun. Ask Anita Mae how the soup was??? LOL

  38. Congrats to the finalists and winners. I feel badly because I am not familiar with any of the authors or their work. That's what I like about Seekerville, I get exposed to wonderful writers I don't know about.

    I'm not a huge historical follower (although as a bibliophile, i'll read any book a friend recommends) - I did find the inspiriation behind each book fascinating. I tend to glom onto men in uniform stories (military, police, firefighters), probably because I married a NAVY boy and those careers smack of self-sacrifice and honor.

    would love to win a book. nm8r67 at hotmail dot com

  39. Hi KAV. Thanks for posting the links. I did put the link in the blog post, but it was for FHL website. You have to click on the Contest button to get the results.

    Yes, congrats to all of our Seeker buddies.

    Its so fun to win contests. Its fun to even be able to enter one.

  40. I'm honored to have been a finalist and want to thank all my readers. Julie, thanks again for your endorsement. What an super encourager you are! :) Congrats to Jody and Julie too, and Touched by Love finalists. Sandra, I appreciate your post. :)Mags

  41. We lived 20 min from Disneyland and the relatives came every summer to see the mouse. It was a lot cheaper back in the day. Knots Berry Farm was so much better back then (in the 70's)

  42. Hi Deb H,

    Glad you were inspired to more inspirational reading. These authors are wonderful and its always a pleasure to find new authors to read.

    Have you read Debby Giusti's Debby Giusti's military suspense series?
    If you like military, those are wonderful. Her latest book coming out August 7 The Colonel's Daughter

  43. How fun to learn the story behind the stories! :) I've read a number of Deb Raney's books, and I'm reading Jody Hedlund's first book on my kindle. And loving it. I'm eager to find some books by the other authors mentioned here.

    Thanks, Sandy, for sharing these authors and their books here! It sounds like you ladies are having a blast!

  44. Thanks, Sandra, for a great write-up about the finalists and your report from Anaheim. Oh, how I would have loved to have been there! Congrats to all the finalists and winners. I want to add all of your books to my reading list!

  45. Congratulations to the finalist and winners!!!

    Way to go Carol and Melissa!!!

  46. Sandra, you've just added a whole slew of books to my TBR pile...

    Congrats to the finalists and winners! What an exciting time :)

  47. Sandra! Thank you for reporting in from RWA. It's like a ROVING REPORTER.

    Try to stay out of the RIOTS!!!!


  48. Hi Mags, Thanks for joining us. We enjoyed hearig your story.

  49. Hi Mags, Thanks for joining us. We enjoyed hearig your story.

  50. Hi Jeanne, It is fun here. I just went for a swim in the pool and had fun talking to other writers. Its always so inspiring to meet writers because who else understands our crazy world? smile

  51. I loved Deeply Devoted by Maggie Brendan.

    Congratulations to all the winners.

    Jodie Wolfe

  52. What a delightful post, Sandra--so fun to hear from these award-winning authors about how their books came about!

    Special wave to my dear, dear friend Carla Stewart! I was blessed to read parts of her book while she was writing it and just knew it would be a contender in whatever contests she entered!

    Congratulations to all the TBL and IRCA finalists and winners! You're in great company!

  53. Seriously! RWA descends on Anaheim and there are riots and an earthquake. All I can say is - watch out Atlanta in 2014.

  54. Jodie-thanks for stopping by and I'm so thrilled you enjoyed DD. Mags

  55. I'm waving from NY State... my fellow inkies Anita Mae Draper, Suzie Johnson and Susie Dietz are in Anaheim. You all must be having a blast. I think all the finalists are the 'winners' too!

    I'm waiting for news on the Daphne awards tonight.

  56. Those were the days weren't they Jaimie. smile

  57. Thanks Carla and congrats again on your first place win. I took a picture of the award. It is really lovely.

    I will post the photo on the WE edition for all of you to see. Its a beautiful silver box and photo frame.

  58. Thanks Bridgett and Jan.

    The inspirational genre has really grown and with such great writers.

    The more great writers we have the more readers we end up with. Its a win win.

  59. Hi Mary, Wish you were here. Tell your dh that he and his other dh buddies would have had a blast here between Disneyland and the beach not to mention all the wonderful museums.

    They would love it. Maybe next time.

  60. Oh and Mary,

    I miss you too. smile

  61. Thanks Jodie, I'm sure Maggie will be delighted to read your comment.

  62. Hi Myra, I miss you also.

    RWA isn't the same without you, Janet and Missy. So many people have asked about you.

    (We're not playing favorites. Its just that Janet, Myra and Missy usually come to RWA and many really miss them this year-Debby and I included)

  63. Hi Mary C.

    The only reason we know about the riots and the earthquake are from you and Mary C.

    We haven't heard or seen anything in this part of town.
    Anaheim is a huge city.

    Disneyland has the mouse. Of course nothing is going to happen here. smile

    And all of us Seekers have been praying for RWA so we are going to be fine. smile

  64. Debra, You should be here with Anita Mae, Suzie and Susan. We all had dinner together last night and had sooooo much fun.

    The best part of conferences is meeting up with our Seeker friends face to face.

    Watch WE for photos. We have some great ones.

  65. Just came back from a workshop on Social media.

    Off to another workshop. Will report in later.

  66. Thanks for keeping us up to date, Sandra!

    Almost as good as being there.

  67. WEll its as I suspected. Even big name authors are having to do their own publicity these days.

    Many are opting out of working with a publisher and are publishing their own books now that they have a following of readers. Imagine that?

    Pure profit to you, the author, the one who did all the work.

    But they do caution that you still need editors, publicists, and all the things the publisher used to pay for.

    This business is changing big time.

  68. If you can't afford to come to the conference, you can always get together with some friends and order the MP-3 copies of the workshops and talks. I do that anyway as my brain tends to be on overload at these things and I don't retain much detail. I love to listen to them later- one on one.

    To order them call toll free 800 322 4422

    I believe if you order them before the conference is over, they only cost $99.00 for the whole set. After its more.

  69. A great always :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  70. Maybe next year, Sandra! We had such fun in Orlando, didn't we? RWA can be overwhelming, but it's always a great learning experience and--even more important--a chance to hug my favorite writer friends in person!

  71. Congratulations to all the finalists! Congrats to Carol and Melissa!

    Have a great time, Sandra!

  72. Thanks Karen.

    Hugs to you too Myra and Cara.

  73. Just heard keynote speaker give an inspiring talk about the changes in the writing business.

    Basically though Stephanie Laurens said as authors, we still need to sit in our chair and write that great story.

    Transmitting the story is changing from traditional publishers to online orders, etc. but the bottom line still remains that we have to write the best story possilbe-one that readers can't put down and one that leads the reader to your NEXT story.

  74. congrats to the finialist and winners. I have read Linda Goodnights book and loved it. I love that readers get to vote on some awards.

  75. Great sounding books.....from great authors....congrats to all!
    I would love to read any of them!
    Jackie S.

  76. Waving to Myra - yes, you did read some of Broken Wings during the ugly duckling stage - THANK YOU for all your suggestions for making it a better book.

    And Sandra, I've only seen a photo of the award - it is pretty. I'll drop by for the weekend edition and take a look. And fun to be here today. Have fun in Anaheim!

  77. Sandra, our on-the-spot reporter! Thank you for the great reporting on the finalists/winners and I love the pics of everyone! How much fun you all are having.... Hooray for you in Anaheim!

    And huge congrats to all the finalists/winners of IRCA and Touched By Love. What a wonderful achievement!

  78. Congrats to all the finalists and winners! What an inspiration you are to me from my spot in the writing trenches. I'm happy to have so many awesome titles to add to my TBR list, too.

    I've read both of Jody Hedlund's books and loved them, although my favourite was her second, THE DOCTOR'S LADY. Now I'm impatiently waiting for UNENDING DEVOTION, which releases in September.

  79. Hi Jenny, I had lunch today with gals from your neck of the "woods" oh I mean hemisphere.

    They are romance writers from your neighbor-New Zealand.

    Yes, you readers are very important. Without you we wouldn't have a reason to write. smile

  80. Thats so cool Sandra. New Zealand isn
    that far away. (we have quite a few living in my town actually).

  81. Hi Jackie, Thank you.

    Ruthy we are having fun. Debby is a nicer roommate than you though. She doesn't wap me on the head. Or talk in her sleep.

    oops- please don't wap me on the head next time we meet.

  82. Carla you'll love that award. It is really classy.

    oooooh Myra, You got to work with Carla. How fun is that? Both of you are terrific writers. I can just imagine your work sessions. Wish I could be a bug and listen in.

  83. Glad to hear that Jenny. I so want to travel down there and see both countries so am glad they aren't that far apart.

  84. Hi Carol G. Thanks for the heads up.

  85. Oh Sandra, our roving post...

    I love all the pictures.

  86. Hi Rose, Be sure and check out the WE for more photos.

  87. Good info about HQ's new Heartwarming line...75,000 words, family values, sweet reads but they want complex stories with secondary characters, no reference to God, will accept foreign settings...they're looking for stories to buy now. Editor Victoria Curran is accepting submissions.

  88. Ausjenny, Abby Gaines is here from Australia. She writes for HQ and is a sweetheart! Always love seeing her at the conferences.

  89. Thanks Debby,

    Here is the link for the guidelines
    for Harlequin Heartwarming.

  90. Hi Debby I think Abby is actually from New Zealand. I won her book last year.

    I want to go there one day too. its about a 3 hour flight from Australia I think maybe less (maybe they are about 3 hours ahead of here). I know 3 hours comes into it somewhere.

  91. Thanks all of you for celebrating with us.

    Be sure to check out the WE for winners.

    Also check out photos from RWA ANAHEIM.

  92. Congratulations to all!!

    What an amazing collection of books.


  93. Good morning!! :-)
    My gosh, congratulations wonderful authors! I'm seeing some familiars names and I would like to be entered in the giveaway, please =)

  94. What a wonderful blog post ... and the comments have been exceptional! Many thanks for everyone for this award ... and for the opportunity to tell a little bit about the behind the scenes of Chasing Sunsets.

    Eva Marie Everson

  95. Interesting blog. Congratulations, ladies.

  96. Enter me! I would love to win!
    God Bless!
    Sarah Richmond

  97. Congratulations to all the finalists! As far as I'm concerned each and everyone of you are winners!

    I would love to be entered into your giveaways.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  98. I would pick Deborah Raney's book because I have read some of her books and they are very good! have read the Wedding season by Louise Gouge but didn't really enjoy it