Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Please Welcome our Guest S. Dionne Moore

S. Dionne Moore
LaTisha is back in the third and final book that details her sassy tongue and tender heart. This is the book that almost didn't happen.

When Barbour Publishing discontinued the mystery line, Your Goose is Cooked was known as Recipe for Deceit, but the end of the mystery line was announced before its release date. What's a writer to do?
LaTisha wanted so much to have this story told. Everyone wanted to know what happened to Mayor Taser and his—uh, loving wife after his appearance in Murder on the Ol' Bunions. I never thought I would release these as e-books, but Barbour reverted rights to the story and the authors put our heads together. So this is the story that almost wasn't. I'm so thrilled to finally allow LaTisha's fans to get a glimpse into her life with Hardy as they get ready to celebrate their 40th anniversary, buy and run Maple Gap's restaurant, Your Goose is Cooked, and solve the mystery of the hired gun who turns up dead during the mayoral election.

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For every story there is always a need for an audience. E-books are hot and becoming hotter. Though the price wars wage on and many authors hesitate to stick their toes in the waters that is e-publishing, there are also success stories. The main concerns for e-books of any type and at any price range, are that they are well written and well edited, the latter being a common mistake of new authors.

You cannot put out a book that is not edited and expect to maintain the integrity of the work. Getting a freelance editor to work on your story is an expense, yes, but it is one that is well worth the cost. One of my friends has asked not one or two, but over a dozen people to read and critique the work in order to avoid errors of spelling, grammar, plot and pacing. That's better than nothing, and the feeling is that most people can catch grammar and spelling errors. But it really takes a professional to catch your story’s plot and pacing issues and suggest solid fixes that take your work to the next level.

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What do I recommend when looking for a freelance editor? Ask around for suggestions of professionals who have edited within your genre, then ask them questions and pay close attention to their experience. When you are in the middle of having your manuscript edited, it is not the time to decide you don't like the editor's feedback. Do your homework ahead of time, then sit back and watch your story get shined to a high gloss!

There are many tutorials online to show you step-by-step, how to convert a stock image to a book cover, while also explaining the legal mumbo-jumbo of using stock images.

Another important element--an actual book cover! All three of my ebooks started with plain covers but I wanted something more. Having a bit of tech savvy--actually, it's more like Photoshop savvy--will come in handy. Because I use a Mac, Pixelmator was the program of choice to add layers and text to the stock images I selected for the covers. I believe the new images give a warmer feel to the stories and since each cover depicts a place or moment within the story, all the better!

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So give your old books new life after the rights have reverted and try your hand at the whole new world of ebooks. Just like any venture in publishing, marketing is key, but any author worth their salt is used to that, right? Right?!

What is it about ebooks that delight you? What frustrates you? Leave a comment to get your name in the drawing for an Apple or Vera Bradley (verabradley.com) gift card (25.00), winners choice, a second commentor will receive a copy of Murder on the 'Old Bunions. Separate prizes to two different people .

Award winning novelist S. Dionne Moore is a 2011 Carol Award finalist. She enjoys history and spending time with her family on their little plot of heaven in South Central PA.

Media links: Pinterest.com/sdionnemoore  
Twitter: @sdionnemoore
Website: http://www.sdionnemoore.com/
Blog: http://www.theborrowedbook.blogspot.com/
Blog: http://cozymysterymagazine.blogspot.com/


  1. What frustrates me about ebooks is that I don't have an ereader. :)

    Maybe this is the year I should moved into that particular digital field.

    The coffee pot is set for the early risers.


  2. Helen, you know you can download Kindle or Nook onto your computer, right? Or an iPad of smart phone.

    I downloaded books to my Kindle for a long time before I got one. Then, when I did get one all those books just SNAPPED onto my Kindle.

    It was EERIE. So, even if you don't like reading on your computer you could be stockpiling books you think might be good.

    And a basic Kindle is about $80 these days. That's starting to be really reasonable.
    Hit someone up for a Christmas present.

  3. I've been thinking about Christmas, Mary. In fact, I've already mentioned it to my daughter.

  4. I have to admit I was a Kindle doubter - sticking hard to my "real" books until, with a large amount of travel looming for work, I asked my husband for one for my birthday.

    Wow! I am never turning back :) I still love real books, but the ability to carry hundreds of books in this one tiny thing that just slips into my handbag is amazing and means I read so much more. And because of the free or specials that are always running I've discovered so many new authors I may never have otherwise tried :)

  5. Just downloaded 'Your Goose is Cooked' and read a bit of it. LOVE!!!!

    Now I have to get the others. I love the sassy voice, snappy dialogue, and forward motion plot. I'm so glad you didn't let the line closing keep you from publishing these. 'Cause then I couldn't read them.

    WORST thing about e-books? Typos that should have been caught with spell check, plots that go nowhere fast, and books that don't match the blurbs. Ugh. I know it's just .99 or 2.99 or whatever, but still...

    I keep thinking about this book that doesn't fit my 'genre'. Some day, maybe, I'll try this.

  6. Hi all haven't energy to read right now just wanted to let you know I didn't drop of the plannet (almost) but am still here. collapsed and spend several hours on the floor before I could get help and ended up in Hospital and had emergency surgery and am told it was a close call.
    So I fainted on them did they have to insist on talking to me!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am home exhausted, a little dizzy and a little scared as its my first night back on my own. if you have a second Pray I sleep well. (if you need more info you can email or fb me)

  7. Praying for you Jenny, I hope they figured out and fixed whatever caused that!! Sleep well!

  8. thanks Melissa they know what caused it and have fixed it. I have to go for follow up visits to check more out.

  9. Mary, I did that too. I've got a bunch of Kindle books on the "Whispersoft" software, or something like that.

    Helen, they give you the option on Amazon. And it installs the Whisper-Whatever for you. No problems, no bugs at this end.

    And thank you for the coffee!!! :)

    Dionne, so nice to have you here! I'm so proud of you, that you took the bull by the horns and forged ahead when the cozy mystery line was closed. I remember reading your stuff years ago in an unpub contest and just LOVING IT TO DEATH.

    I hope I was nice to you. Please say I was.

    (guilt mounts.... seconds tick by....)

    Hey, I don't mean to mess up Dionne's time here, but Mike Ehret is tearing my work to shreds at HIS BLOG today. Mike's the editor of the Journal, the gorgeous new ACFW hard copy magazine, and he's a good friend of Seekerville... and a great editor.

    Although I'm HUMBLED by his red pen. Gulp. Do not leave beautiful Dionne hanging, but if you get a minute, click over to Mike's free-lance editing site and see what he does.

  10. Jenny!!!

    Hugs for you and prayers, too! Keep us posted, my friend!

    Dagnabbit, you're just too darn far away. Were there any really cute Aussie docs available???

    Were you too sick to check their hands for wedding rings, honey?


    Check back in and tell us how you're doing, okay?

  11. This is great information. Thanks!

    Jenny, hope you are feeling better this morning and heal up quickly.

    Everyone, after reading Ruthy's submission for editing, I am beginning to wonder if there is a dark side to Ruthy. Seriously, I am so in love with the In The Edit blog posts. Great stuff.

    Peace, Julie

  12. Dionne,

    Best of luck to you with your ebook venture. I read Murder on the Ole Bunyons and LOVED it.

  13. Rose, that's the one I got in a contest... It was wonderful! I can't remember if that was the working title, but Dionne, what a gift you have!

    I'm grinning, thinking about it and I'm not a mystery fan. But you made me into one!

  14. WElcome to Seekerville Dionne, Thanks for all the info.

    I'm with you Helen. Couldn't do ebooks without an ereader.

    I just inherited my dad's Kindle. So now I can do ebooks.

    And I've had the goal to put my out of print books into Amazon. My goal for 2012. smile

    Have a great day.

  15. Re. edits. Amen and amen!!!! This goes for self-publishing too. As you say, it's not just typos and grammar and spelling -- it's the continuity and flow of the story that identifies professional from amateur.

    I'm a school librarian and often have local authors drop by trying to sell their self-published books. One gentleman had written an adventure series for middle graders and asked me for my honest opinion. Poor man, I gave it to him.

    My biggest complaints were that I couldn't see past the errors to concentrate on the story. And, at one point he had three girls arguing in a stable while mucking out the stalls. Suddenly the next paragraph jumped to one of the girl's bedrooms but the conversation still flowed -- the kids had just magically been transported to another setting. It was beyond confusing. Sadly, the author was interested in 'little' details like that. He only looked at the bigger picture. Needless to say I didn't buy any of his books.

    Re. e-books. I'm like Helen -- looks like the two of us are the only ones in North America who don't have an ereader yet! :-) I know you can download ebooks onto a computer but I have a bum leg that won't allow me to spend long times sitting at the computer. So I read the old fashioned way!


    I LOVE your titles AND your new covers -- very cool!!

    I have to admit, other than blatant typos, nothing bothers me more in an unedited e-book than a poor plot, so your advice is SO good on this point especially. The easy part is getting an e-book self-published. The hard part is getting an e-book self-published that is WORTH buying!!

    Congrats on your new e-books on which Barbour reversed rights -- may they fly off the cyber shelves!!


  17. JENNY, I'm so sorry you were sick. It's really alarming to think all that happened to you and we didn't know.
    I can't stop frowning. I'll be praying for you.

  18. Thanks all, Im sorry to highjack this post but really need prayers, I am having nightmares basically that I am dying. I am home, alone, in the dark and cold and they are terrifying me. I did have to get up to go potty again. and didn't feel quite as bad but thought to get prayer where ever I can for the rest of the night.
    Thanks so much and

    S. Dionne you know I love your books.

  19. I'm glad you told us and asked for prayers, Jenny. God bless you.

  20. Now I will tell you an S. Dionne Moore story.

    S. Dionne, when she was SANDRA MOORE was one of the very first people I met at my very first ACFW conference.

    I was rooming with my then-critique partner Susan Smykla Osborne and I was so nervous. Susan was basically luring me out from under the bed by waving a Hostess Twinkie in front of my nose, then she's shove me out into the hallway and hide the keys and drag me around.
    Very early, like the first hour, we ended up eating a meal, this was in the hotel restaurant before the conference started, with S. Dionne and in the course of the conversation Dionne/Sandra asked me how to pronounce my name. It was all very casual. I didn't get one suspicion that she was asking for reasons other than politeness.
    Come to find out Dionne was the one announcing the Genesis finalists.
    And she already knew that i was going to WIN!!!! So she wanted to know how to pronounce my name so she'd get it right.
    Which was so sweet of her, in an incredibly James Bond/Sneaky kind of way.

    So that really wonderful, amazing moment is forever connected in my mind to Dionne.

  21. I'll add here that Dionne's books are part of the same line of cozy mysteries that my cozies were with, Barbour Publishing's Heartsong Presents Mysteries line.
    So we've been in an email loop talking cozy mysteries for years.

  22. Jenny, praying for you friend!
    I resisted e-readers because to me that was a total sacrilege of books. Then my brother gave me his nook when he upgraded to a newer one. And the only book I wanted at that time wasn't available in print (Pam Hillman's Stealing Jake!) so I got that and Cash Burn (which is really good too) and then I discovered e-readers weren't the devil, LOL.

    I'm hoping someone gets me the new nook simple touch with glowlight for my birthday next month. But my chief complaint isn't with the e-reader. It's with the plethora of books with terrible formatting, terrible writing or even worse, mediocre writing that I can't catch until I'm a third of the way into the story. I'm not a person to snap up anything just because it's free, and I have such a deep TBR already with the relaunch of my blog I'm never going to run out of great books to read so that's a plus.

    The truth is I pay just as much attention to who the publisher is for e-books and if it's known to be just a conversion/formatting service, I steer clear unless the title has been recommended by someone I trust. Which is another reason I love Seekerville. =)

    On a related note, I think the Look Inside feature is one of the best things that ever happened to online purchasing of books. I've made decisions on purchases, especially e-book purchases, based on that first chapter.

  23. Welcome S Dionne. I am testing Google before I write any further..in case it eats my post again.

  24. SUCCESS!!!

    Your book titles alone are pure entertainment!!! Love them.

    I love my Kindle and I love my paper books equally. Though I never sleep cuddled up to my Kindle. And this gives new meaning to putting a book under your pillow to absorb the information by osmosis.

  25. Then there is a whole do it yourself e book thing.

    I want to..but frankly I am exhausted just thinking about it.

    But I am thinking.

  26. Jenny!@!! Adding you to my prayer list.

  27. I cracked open my eyes this morning and, much to my dismay, realized it was LATE! I sprang from my bed and rushed to my Mac and. . .wow, there really is such a thing as a morning person! 23 of them to be exact.

    AusJenny, I remember you! My mother has been doing terrible lately. She falls and can't move and waits for someone to find her because she can't reach the phone. . .terrible. SO glad you're home again. And thanks for the love. You just might be my first fan. :)

    As for ebooks. . .I got the iPad. Love it. Truly! And you can do the Kindle app on it, which is great. I take it on trips with me because it's so much easier than carrying books, plus I take notes for research on it (or my iPhone) and can actually do some writing--as long as it's not too intense.

    Trivia time! Tell me. . .what's LaTisha's fav drink?

  28. Welcome to Seekerville, S. Dionne! Thanks for the excellent tips on epublishing. Congratulations on keeping your series alive! The titles are hilarious!


  29. Tina, love your the new gorgeous photo!! Wow!


  30. Jenny, I'm praying for you. Hang in.

    Hugs, Janet

  31. S. Dionne, you've given us some great reasons to get savvy with e-books.! So glad you were able to get that third book on the market!

    I resisted e-books until my daughter let me borrow her Kindle. Now I'm hooked. I still prefer print books - especially for non-fiction - but for ease of portable reading material, nothing's better.

    So now I need to catch up with LaTisha's story...off to Amazon...

  32. Thanks for the information, S.Dionne! For ebooks, cover is really important to get the buyers attention. But more important is the editing to be sure! Once they're reading, you don't want to upset them!

    Praying for you, Jenny! Get well soon!

    Tina, love the new pic!


  33. The great thing about these ebooks is that they are professionally edited by Barbour. The are books where the rights reverted to the authors, Dionnes and mine and every elses, but they've had the full pro treatment by Barbour's editorial staff, so they're very well done.

  34. Jenny, thank you. Thank you. You've made Mary frown...

    Which means I win the anti-wrinkle race.


    Talk about taking one for the team!!! You rock, my Aussie friend!

  35. I am sitting here grinning and staring at how beautiful Tina Radcliffe is...

    This new pic shows the Tina I've known for years, the sweet, genteel, light-hearted devil-may-care persona that exudes peace and happiness.

    Grace abounds.

    Love it, Teeeeeenster. :)

  36. Mary remembers the time I asked her to pronounce her last name. . .but she forgets what she had for breakfast this morning. Wasn't her post yesterday alone the lines of her forgetfulness. Instead of ALL-zheimers, she's got Half-heimers. Poor dear.

  37. AusJenny--which is the last one you read?

  38. It was breakfast that we ate together, Dionne? Or no, wait, that's not your point.
    And I'll tell you exactly what I ate for breakfast.
    A piece of bread, Diet Coke and a handful of cheetos.

    I know, I'll never live to an old age. In which case Ruthy will be a LOT more wrinkled than me.

  39. HEY ALL, Spyglass Authors are thinking about doing another Twitter Party on July 20th. We're talking about giving away an ereader!!!!!! Keep posted by referring to this page:


    The page currently has all the old information from the previous Twitter party). It will be updated as soon as we solidify dates/times, etc. Lots of other books are given away, as well (like, who doesn't want a Starbucks gift card?)

  40. I had my share of Cheetos. Can't knock you for that. But Diet Coke? Your veins are coated with all manner of nastiness for drinking that stuff! :) Don't you know a piece of bologna will dissolve in that stuff? Not that bologna is made of really healthy ingredients. . .

  41. AusJenny--which is the last one you read?

  42. Yay! LaTisha is such a fun character. Will have my Barbour cozy ebook up and running when I figure out how to do it! Love you all.

  43. Oh thanks, S Dionne. Here I am finishing up my Diet Coke, and I have this image of bologna in my head.

    Maybe that's a good thing. I wouldn't want to end up like Mary, would I :)

  44. No, you really wouldn't. Anyone tried putting Cheetos IN their diet coke? Wasn't there something a long time ago about putting peanuts in coke?

  45. I love LaTisha (and Sandra). I've read all three of Sandra's book, and will reread them. So funny!

  46. I think these comments have severely gone off track.
    Though soaking bologna in Diet Coke is an unfailingly fascinating subject of course.

  47. S.Dion, I haven't had a chance to look at your books yet, but I love this post. What appeals to me most about epublishing is the power of choice it gives to authors. Your story is proof of that. Good luck to you!

    I got home from mom's last night and Ruthy's book was waiting for me. WooHoooo!

    AusJenny!!! How scary. I'll pray for you. I can only imagine how frightening it would be to be alone after that. But you're not really alone and especially when we're lifting you in prayer!

    Okay - must go get busy. Have that Speed Dating book to write for Emily. Hold my nose to the grindstone for the next month please, Seekers and villagers!

  48. They're not off track, Mary. We're just. . .uh, doing some of the crazy things LaTisha would only think about doing, or that one of her seven kids probably did. See? That parallels.


  49. Oh wait! A clue. LaTisha's favorite drink is Diet Coke soaked bologna.


  50. HI S. Dionne,
    I'm from PA, too. Just returned from visiting family in Johnstown and State College. Are you near there?

    Thanks for your e-pub tips. I had a non-fiction revert back to me, (it was contracted, but never published) and instead of e-pub'ing, I gutted it and used the writing in another non-fiction book. E-pub never occurred to me at the time!

    I never thought I'd have an e-reader, but I allowed my dh to get me one two years ago. Have to admit that it rekindled that childhood excitement I had when expecting a special gift under the tree. Could barely wait to get it into my grubby mits! It's now a staple in my reading routine. Love that I can make the print extra large. So much easier on my eyes.

    AusJen, can you find someone to sit with you? Will be praying for your recovery.

    Love the new photo, Tina!

  51. You are so wrong, Mary. Diet coke soaked Cheetos. No, wait, that's not right. . .

  52. Jenny I am praying for you, I won't forget, promise.

    I drink the diet Dr. Pepper, (it is more healthy it has Dr. in it) to dissolve the boloney, that way the ol digestive system doesn't have to work as hard.

    I want an e reader so so so bad. One of these days. My son said, "Mo-OM you wouldn't know how to work it if you had it." I told him that is why I have him and he just rolled his eyes. Wonder where he learned to roll his eyes to well?

  53. Dionne, it's great to have you visit with us in Seekerville today! Also great that you were able to get your rights back and go forward with e-publishing. This is such a hot topic these days, giving authors a whole new set of options for getting their stories into readers' hands.

    But you are so right--our readers deserve our best (especially if we want to keep them coming back for more!), so we owe them a quality product, even if that means budgeting for professional editing and cover design.

  54. Jenny, sending lots of prayers your way.

    Low potassium can cause black outs. Did they check your level?

    Let us know how you feel in the AM.

  55. Welcome, Dionne. Congrats on going digital. An exciting step. Good for you!

  56. Mary Cline, do NOT let your son intimidate you about e-readers. If my old fogey husband can figure out a Kindle, anyone can do it.

    Oh, wait. I forgot. Every time he borrows mine, I have to show him how to work it again.

    And again.

    And again.

  57. Lyndee--I'm in south central PA. My first historical romance was based on the 1889 flood of Johnstown PA though! How cool is that? We visited there and I thought to myself, "Self, you've never read a fictional story set in Johnstown, PA during the flood. . ." And so I took up the challenge. It even went on to final in the 2011 Carol Awards. That was SO exciting!

    And my niece is all set to start Penn State this fall. I've never been to State College before, but now I'll have a reason to go. :)

  58. Tina, love your new pic!!!!

    Beautiful you!

  59. Too hot in Georgia. I'm feeling for everyone without power and sending prayers.

    Happy Fourth! Hope you all have a joyous holiday.

  60. Prayers for you, Jenny. Take care of yourself and feel better.

    I dislike not owning an e-reader because I can't organize my titles using the Kindle apps (if you can, feel free to email me).

    Beyond that, I love e-books. I'm privy to many more books than I would be simply waiting for a trip to the library or bookstore. I use several free ebook letters to learn of available titles. I get other release info from blogs. Every time I download, I feel as though I'm building a customized digital library.

    The only other thing I dislike is the inability to give an e-book to someone else. My son and I share physical books, but this doesn't work with e-books. Seems if I pay for a book, no matter the format, I should be able to dispense with it in any manner I choose.

  61. Welcome to Seekerville! I read lots of books on my Kindle for Mac and I'm planning on getting an e-reader soon.

    I usually download books by authors I've read before or heard about because some books aren't up to speed. They need better editing! If I paid a small amount for the book, that's okay. My husband has found several good e-books for not much $.

  62. Patricia, I don't know about Kindle, but many of the books I have for my nook are "lendable". There's a little note on the book saying it can be loaned.

  63. To echo what Mary said, I have seen a "loan" option on the Kindle store when I was looking at a book I had just purchased. Plus I do remember reading about Amazon opening up that option for its readership, though I couldn't tell you how it worked or if it only worked within a family who shared the same network.

  64. I ddn't have wireless internet in my house when I first got the Kindle so when I'd buy a book I'd drive to a restaurant in my hometown that had wireless, sit in their lobby until my book downloaded, then drive home to read.

    This is surprisingly inconvenient.
    I do have wireless now, which the kids got me.

    There is just something so MAGICAL about that book just APPEARING in the device. It's just WEIRD and totally feeds my instant gratification impulses.

  65. I love both my ereader and 'real' books.

    I use my Kindle for review e-copies. And for free ebooks. And when I travel b/c you can fit a gazillion books on a Kindle ;).

    My sister buys some ebooks [we share an account as we would have shared the hard copies anyway - we don't duplicate many books].

    Mostly I buy paper books when given the option.

    That said, I do buy some ebooks of this nature - or like Mary NEALY'S books or Julie's upcoming Patrick and Marcy story, etc.

  66. Uh, Mary, sweetheart, you know you could have connected your Kindle to your computer and done it that way...

    Or you could pretend I didn't just say that.

    Either way.


    Wifi = awesomeness.

  67. I'm so glad you're re-issuing your books as ebooks! I loved Murder on the Ole Bunions and look forward to catching up with LaTisha and Hardy. Heading to Amazon...

  68. Lisa! It's been too long girl. What are you up to?

  69. I LOVE LaTisha. She's a hoot! I'm so glad you wrote that series, Sandra. :) I've got LaTisha's goose downloaded onto my iPad. :)

  70. Jenny, I was so glad to hear from you on fb last night and here you are at Seekerville!! I sure wish we were closer. I don't even have any Aussie friends I could call for you.

    Praying for your pain today and renewed energy..

  71. JENNY!!! Oh, man, just read your comment about being in the hospital -- I am SO sorry to hear that, my friend, and am saying lots of prayers for you RIGHT NOW!!

    Hugs and more hugs,

  72. I love finding new authors.
    csdsksds at gmail . Com

  73. Thanks all the prayers helped the nightmare kept recuring but it wasn't as bad the second third fourth time etc.
    Debby everything was low not sure what I posted before but I lost around 6 or more litres of blood and scared the bejeebees out of the hospital staff when I passed out. I had surgery which found the problem and got told by many staff they were so glad to see me cos it was touch and go. (now I understand why Anna wouldn't stop saying dont go to sleep stay with us. and I was thing leave me alone). Had 4 transfusions.
    But I have concurred 2 fears. Doctors (which is massive) and hospitals. I learnt my fear could have killed me. If I had gone to the dr they would have found this issue many months ago.

    Dionne not sure what the last one I read was. I know I have all your books. I loved the mystery club.

    Oh I love my kindle also. Books are great but the kindle is very handy at times I had it packed to go to the hospital with me only reading was the last thing I felt like doing (actually not quite last). What I dont like about ebooks is that some are not available to aussies like LI ranges and a few other ranges.

  74. Jenny, my gosh what an experience. six litres of blood sounds like pretty much all of it!!!!

  75. Carol, when you say that it rings a bell. (yes, I hear ringing inside my head right now!)
    This might fit in with the 'forgetful' issues I referred to in yesterday's post.

    Or did I write a post yesterday? I can't remember.

  76. ok I may have gotten that a bit wrong. they say I lost around half. but I am on the mend. just wish this headache would go. I learnt intersting things like a clock is quite fascinating to watch. I like the lift bed, I know how to get attention when they dont give me a bell I just take the finger piece of and eventually the beeping will bring them in. Oh and I have to invest in slippers the floor was so cold.

  77. What a terrible, frightful experience, AusJenny. I am so glad you are on the mend.

  78. Jenny, I'm thanking God for you right now, and praying for continued healing.

    And what a wonderful lesson to learn! You know we're all gonna steal that and use it in a book, right? The heroine who almost dies because she fears medical help....

    Or hospitals.

    Or studmuffin adorable doctors, LOL!

    Glad to hear back from you. Still praying. Hugs and hugs and hugs!

  79. Glad you're feeling better, Jenny! Losing half your blood is scary.

    Mary, How about tea for breakfast?

    Feels a bit like a medical blog today. So...

    Writers need to blink and get up and move around often.


  80. a wonderful posting...and my e-book collection is growing...daily ;)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  81. Thanks for hosting me today, ladies! It's been great fun. . .even if no one could tell me what LaTisha's favorite beverage is. :)

  82. is it hot chocolate sometimes with a dash of coffee?

    I feel I stole the attention not my intention.

    but hey if you want to use my story! My Dr is a wonderful lady who just happens to have the same name as a friend in another town. But I did have a male companion. My friend gave my Frankie a soft cuddly white bear.

  83. I'm praying for you, Jenny. I'm so sorry to hear of your troubles.

    Sorry I'm late to the party...always the procrastinator.

    I have the Kindle PC, but honestly, I have never read any of the books I downloaded on it...well I read half of "Have a New Teenager by Friday."

    BUT...yesterday, I WON a Kindle, sooo, I will be using that sucker! Hope I like it.

    Side note: When I was a kid and lost a tooth, my mom had me place it in a glass of Pepsi overnight. In the morning, the tooth had been completely dissolved by the soda.

    Watch out for that stuff!

  84. Jennifer, I'm guessing you don't drink Pepsi. That was a powerful lesson!

  85. The e-books are simple to use and you don't have to keep up with a book or bookmark to enjoy

  86. What I like most about e-books is that any given time I could have a whole library in my hands. However, there is nothing more wonderful than holding a 'printed' book in my hands, to turn the pages and breath in the wonderful smell of 'print'. I also love to walk into a library to smell 'that smell' and a book store has a unique smell as well. Maybe its to remind one of the sweat each author puts into each and every book.

    Thank you for the post!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  87. I fell in love with LaTisha and Hardy back when Sandra and I were in the Barbour mystery line together. Now that I've finally gotten to read book 3, I want to start over and read them again. Love love love these books.

  88. Well I guess the obvious about ebooks would be the cost. From free to inexpensive. The other thing is that you can carry so many books with you in only one device!
    Debbie Malone
    debbiejeanm at gmail dot com

  89. I'm a day late, but thanks for this wonderful post! I'm heading over right now to check out Pixelator. :)

    thanks for being with us, Dionne!

  90. Jenny, I just heard today about your illness! I'm praying for your recovery.

  91. I like the convenience of e-books, but they don't enhance the reading experience for me.


  92. I absolutely am thrilled when I get e-books. It adds to my library.
    What I find frustrating is that I need e-pub for my KOBO & often I can only get a Kindle.