Monday, July 23, 2012

Seekerville Welcomes Jodie Westfall, Official 2012 ACFW Conference Photographer

Seekerville is excited to welcome Jodie Westfall, the official 2012 ACFW Conference Photographer! Jodie shares tips and advice, and some pictures from a couple of ACFW photo shoots that will knock your socks off. Jodie was the ACFW photographer when we were last in Dallas. Everyone loved her so much, we invited her back!

So, Jodie, what makes a photo shoot pop?

The way we can have the best photo shoot is for you to come prepared with a few props – props that bring out the type of books you write. But, even if you don’t have props, it’s amazing what I can do with lighting and the backdrops around us. We can set the mood as needed with lighting, colors, and tone.

Randy Ingermanson

Pam analyzing Randy's photo. This closeup is a great angle with just enough background color to bring out the highlights in Randy's hair. Nice, clean, sharp image. Good job, Jodie and Randy!

Okay, Jodie, you knew I was going to ask this question!!! Randy can throw on a nice suit jacket and a blue-checked shirt and look like a million bucks. 

But us ladies? We like to agonize for days trying to decide what to wear for a photo shoot. 


Dress comfortably. Make sure the colors you are wearing compliment you. Wear what makes you feel good, because we all have that one outfit, or accessory, that brings out the best in us. I am going to take a ton of images that will get you relaxed and not feeling like a posed mannequin. Even in a mini session we can accomplish this. I want you to have fun and enjoy the session - so there will be smiles! 

What was one of the most fun sessions you’ve had with ACFW members in the past?

I met Colleen Coble first, and she wanted a session with the girls on her team that blog together. This has been by far one of my most fun sessions. It all started with a wrestling match over a chocolate box. I still don't know if there was chocolate in the box, because the ladies didn’t share with me. But they sure had fun. These photos were taken at the hotel. 

Kristin Billerbeck, Denise Hunter, Diann Hunt, Colleen Coble

Colleen Coble, Denise Hunter, Diann Hunt, Kristin Billberbeck

 How do you decide on the backdrops for each shoot?

There are lots and lots of options in a hotel. Something as simple as a solid colored wall makes a great backdrop...

Trish Perry

Vickie McDonough

A door offers great opportunities, some that are simply amazing.....

Cara Putman

Eileen Key

Here are Margaret Daley and Cara Putman in front of the same column. But the pictures are totally different, and each absolutely gorgeous in its own way.

Margaret Daley

Cara Putman

It’s amazing how hotel lobbies and the courtyards right beside them create beautiful backdrops. It’s important for me to find a place that doesn't have a busy background so you can use it for your book. I will give you options so you can have a solid background and shots that compliment your personality. You can see from the photos below a hotel lobby chair that gave us some great shots.

 Carrie Turansky and her hubby.

Janet Barton

Rose McCauley

Comment from Pam: I didn’t even realize those pictures were of the same chair until Jodie pointed it out. A small shift in the angle, a subtle difference in lighting, and it looks like a totally different spot. Wow!

And the hotel restaurant is always a great place. This wonderful shot of Tina Forkner with the table reflection was taken in the restaurant.

Tina Forkner

Cutest, or craziest, session?

Crazy sessions, or those surprise sessions where you never know what you will find for a prop, are the most fun of all. This shot of Robin Caroll is one of my favs from the session in Feb with the board members and the conference team. As well as the pool table in the lobby. You never know what we will find to incorporate into the photo.

Pam again. This shot of Robin is one of my favorites too. I told her that she looks like Thelma from Scooby Doo. I love it! lol

Robin Caroll

Robin Caroll

This is so much fun. Almost as much fun as having my own photo shoot! lol So…what was the most unique session / location you did with an ACFW member?

The most unique session was with Tiffany Colter. We took this one in the….wait for it…. ladies bathroom. The mirror was a fantastic shot to highlight the suspenseful look we were aiming for.

Tiffany Colter

Pam sez: Great photo!

It is such an honor and privilege to help you with your author publicity shots - I want it to capture who you are and be THAT amazing photo that you love!

Check out Jodie’s page at ACFW Conference Photographer to book your photo shoot with her during the ACFW Conference in Dallas, September 20-23, 2012.

If you have questions for Jodie, she’ll be in and out of Seekerville today to answer ‘em for you.

Jodie’s partnering with Seekerville to give away one $50 photo shoot to one lucky person attending the 2012 ACFW conference. Please leave a comment letting us know you’d like to be in the drawing. Winner will be announced in Saturday’s Weekend Edition.


  1. Oh no when I read bring props I can just see Mary with either guns or gun powder.

    (maybe I am reading way to many westerns lately.)

    love the backgrounds. I have a nice wall I could use. I need all the help I can get. Look forward to seeing photos from the conference (but I am not wishing the time to be here yet).

    (Im still ready to give this cold away. so sick of being sick)

  2. I'm one of those dorks who's terribly self-conscious about self pictures. Don't have them made very often--maybe once a decade--or two.

    Looking forward to this week.

    The coffee pot's on.


  3. This was interesting!

    But you used really beautiful people.

    I wonder what happens when somebody shows up with mommy bags under the eyes, crazy hair, and keeps falling asleep during the shoot?

    Do you let her snooze, doll her up, and take some sweet 'angel' shots? :D

    'Cause that would be me.

  4. Good morning!
    Oh my, I am not attending the ACFW conference, (so please don't include me in the giveaway) but let me congratulate you Jodie for doing an awesome job!
    Such lovely pictures!

    I'll look foward to seeing the ones for this year!

    Thanks Jodie and Pam, and a GREAT day to all of you =)

  5. Jodie took my first headshots when we were in Dallas over five years ago and I am very excited to have her take new ones this year.
    I love the ones she shared today.
    I have an appointment set up already, and would mind winning some credit for those shots!
    For those who don't like having their picture taken or think they have less to work with than some, the mark of a good photographer is one that will put you at ease, and Jodi is very good at that. She can also make you look really good too LOL.
    Glad to see you here this morning, Jodi!

  6. Those photos are gorgeous, Jodie! I love how you picked such perfect backgrounds. They complement the person, but they don't overpower.

  7. Jodie, you have a great eye for composition. Interesting how the background is so important to the photograph but it doesn't take away from the subject. I bet your photographer's eye must automatically size up every place you go for potential backdrops!

    Any advice for someone who HATES having her picture taken because they always turn out awful? Truly garish, actually. Shudder.

  8. Jenny, I had the same thought. 'Now I need to haul my Stetson to Dallas.'


  9. these are great pictures, Jodie. Just so you know I pay extra for each year and pound erased from my picture.
    Bring whatever lighting is necessary for that, please.

  10. Kav, I hate having my picture taken. The reason? They all come out looking exactly like ME!!!!

    I've had it done several times now and the photographer with put all these images up on a computer screen, or back in the day, I'd get proofs...and I'd go through them and always pick the last one. By then I'd given up.

    I realized I was doing that, picking the last one, and now I fight it, but it's instinctive to just reject, reject, reject...until I'm out of choices.

  11. Good Morning! How exciting it is to be a guest today. Thank you for your sweet words! I love to change your thoughts when you come to the session saying "I hate to have my picture made". Love it when I hear, as you leave "Well, that was kinda fun!" :) The props are great to see, love the creativity!

  12. Jodie and Pam -- this blog was SO much fun seeing all the great pix!! Gosh, Jodie, if I hadn't emptied my pockets last year on a huge photo shoot (thee change of clothes, seven shots my hubby MADE me buy), I'd be booking you for sure -- your photos are GREAT!!!

    Mary said: "Just so you know I pay extra for each year and pound erased from my picture."

    LOL ... I made the very same deal before I left the photo studio ... or maybe it was a threat, don't remember. Either way there was mention of Photoshop, wrinkles and double chin ...


  13. Fantastic photos, Jodie! You are one talented lady. How fun to use the hotel surroundings to capture the perfect shot.

    Love the reflective photo of Colleen's groups. Stunning.

    If the Seekers gathered for a photo, what could we "fight" over instead of chocolate? Hmmmm? Mary would bring barbed wire. Ruthy would include a Keurig. Janet would have tickets for a big sporting event. Audra would bring one of the 4H Bulls. Missy would have a pile of Kentucky Bluegrass. Pam would bring a Kindle loaded with her books. Cara would have a bottle of Gulf Coast salt water and sand. Myra would have her Wii. Julie would bring Kleenex to wipe away her tears. Glynna would share her busy, busy schedule. Sandra would have Southwest Desert sand without salt water. Tina would throw in her laptop and I'd bring a pot of grits.

    I need another cup of coffee! Where's Ruthy's Keurig?

    So glad you can be with us in Seekerville, Jodie!

  14. Am I the only one who feels like this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to learning about conference?

    Photo shoots? What a great idea!

    I'm on my way over to the conference website now...

  15. If we ever ever ever all get together, getting a photo done would be BRILLIANT!!!
    But its so hard to get us all in the same place at the same time.

    I think, thought I've seen each of you multiple times, the whole group has only been together once. And we have a picture.

    I was younger then so let's just stay with that one.

  16. Great photos, Jodie--you are very talented! ~ Chuckling over Debby G's comment about what the Seekers would bring--CUTE! ~ I hope everyone has a great week, and please enjoy the Peach muffins I just baked, and there's also Peach cobbler for later on. Blessings from Georgia, Patti Jo :)

  17. Jenny, you've had it rough the last few weeks! Hang in there. This too shall pass.

    And don't be giving Mary any ideas! We have a hard enough time keeping her Colt 45 under wraps as it is.

  18. Helen, I'm the same way, but I had mine made a couple of years ago because, like you said, mine were almost 10 years old.

    The great news is that Jodie can do wonders with those of us who aren't in love with having our picture taken. I just loved some of the shots she shared with us.

    One of my favorites is Eileen's. There's just something about it...the pattern on the door and the pattern on her shirt, maybe.

    Love it!

    And of course I adore Robin's pic looking over her glasses. Too cute!

  19. Virginia, most of those teensy-weensy little sleeping angel pictures are in the buff. Are you suggesting--

    Okay, mooooving on....

    Ganise, bummer! We're so going to miss you in Dallas.

    Pamela M, you're in the drawing, darlin'. Dallas here we come!

  20. CatMom, my MIL made CHOCOLATE COBBLER for Sunday dinner yesterday.


    Okay, that deserves a repeat...uh...for the second helping I had.


    Then she brought out the vanilla ice cream, and I popped mine in the microwave for 15 seconds and topped it with ice cream.

    It was amazing.

    Who woulda thunk it?

  21. Seriously, if you're attending ACFW this year and need some author photos, don't pass up this opportunity.

    Jodie’s 2 sessions with special ACFW pricing is an amazing deal!

    For $50, you can get 10 great shots, and it's so easy because you have your favorite clothes with you, you're already showering and washing your hair, and you don't have to drive anywhere. You just have to meet Jodie on time, and she does the rest.

    Even if you go with the mini-session with one change of clothes, have a jacket/sweater and a scarf or a different necklace with you for a quick changeover that's different.

    Amber Zimmerman took my profile pic (was that in Indy?) and I had a silk scarf with burgundy and the exact shade of blue of my shirt. So, just adding the scarf gave me some variety without having to change clothes.

  22. Fascinating! I would have never thought to pose a photo shoot in the ladies room, but it works. :) So fun to see how you incorporate the scenery around you in your photos. Loved those shots by the column.

    I'd love to be in the drawing! For someone who's never done this before, how does one figure out which kinds of props to bring?

    PAM, great tips about clothing/accessory ideas. Thanks!

  23. Really not fair to talk about photoshoots and Chocolate Cobbler in the same day, Pam. We'll all be paying premiums for erased poundage.

    Jenny, you made me laugh out loud with this.
    Oh no when I read bring props I can just see Mary with either guns or gun powder.

    Not taking you up on the offer of a cold, but I do hope you feel better soon.

    Gorgeous photos. It would be really interesting to see what she could do with my camera-breaking self. Fortunately I'm not going to ACFW, so cameras are safe.

  24. Got my outfit, getting a couple of props and most important, I have my appointment! Can't wait to see you again, Jodie.

  25. Great photos Jodie.

    Unfortunately I won't be attending the conference this year.

    Jodie Wolfe

  26. WELCOME TO SEEKERVILLE, JODIE! What do you find is the most fun about doing people portraits? What's the most challenging?

  27. Seriously! I arrived in Dallas with a horrible case of bronchitis, enough bags under my eyes to pack Imelda Marcos' shoes and STILL Jodie managed to capture shots of me that are awesome! There was NO makeup session for moi, I did add some lipstick....but Jodie did the WORK. Thanks, ladybug. And y'all sign up for her amazing photography for an amazing price. You won't be sorry.

  28. I decided that this year I needed a professional photo headshot done, so I've already booked my appt with Jodie and I'm SUPER excited. I love this post, as I'm still trying to decide what to wear, since I don't know what the background is going to be. I want it to be "me" as much as possible. Thanks for the tips!!

  29. I'd love to win! Great photos here - especially Tiff Colter's! jfromke (at) me (dot) come

  30. Welcome to Seekerville Jodie and wow what a great giveaway. Your photo shoots sound fun and make me almost wish I was attending ACFW this year. I do need some new photos.

    Have fun with us today. We're almost as fun as a photo shoot.

  31. Virginia, you are tooooo funny. You know the computer erases those bags under the eyes.

    And the wrinkles.

    Debby, Forget the desert. Its way toooooo hot right now. I'd bring my pickleball paddle. Much more fun.

  32. Pam and Ane, I can't wait to see you again at the conference in September!

    Casey I am looking forward to meeting you and getting some great shots!

    Eileen, you are to sweet! You Rocked the shoot! :)

    Great ideas, on bringing accessories such as glasses, scarfs, shoes even your book! Any item that brings out your personality can be added to the shoot.

    What a wonderful welcome to Seekerville!

  33. Jodie you are a beautiful young woman and your pics are really good, I am one too who doesnt like my pic taken esp since getting older. Enjoy looking at pics though and the one where women were mirror imaged was neat..
    thanks for sharing today.
    Ahh Mary you look too cute in a stetson-go ahead take it...
    Paula O(

  34. Glynna, The most fun....helping you feel comfortable enough to relax and actually have fun while having your photo taken! I am just like everyone else, I would much rather be behind the camera not in front!! But, I like to make you feel at ease, actually have fun and laugh! That is when it’s not so posed and your personality is captured. Love it when I hear - That was fun!! I know then, great images are going to come from that session!

    The most challenging - is convincing you it WILL be fun! :0)

    Paula - YOU may have just said the sweetest thing to this Ole grandma!! Young? hhhhmmm...that's another topic! lol

  35. Jodie, You are a joy to work with. I love my shots, especially since they were spur of the moment and I hadn't done a thing to prepare. That's the real me LOL

  36. Jodie, I'd love to win the opportunity of you making "magic" of me :)

  37. Hey Jodie and Seekerville! I have to say, I HATE HATE HATE having my picture taken. (Did I mention I detest having photos made?) But with Jodie, we laugh so hard and so much through the session. What I REALLY like is she'll turn the camera around so I can see the photo and nod or shake my head before she does any touchups! Which is great because we all have one thing we despise in our photos (that most times, others don't even see as a flaw) but we don't want that shown. LOL Jodie has never taken offense when I shake my head and say NOPE. LOL

    Speaking of, I need to make my next appt in Dallas at conference...want not just my head shots, but want some with me and hubby! :)

  38. Welcome to Seekerville, Jodie. I look forward to seeing you at the conference.

  39. I love the pictures you shared in this blog.

    I'd really like to win the head shots at conference this year.

  40. Hi Jodie!
    It is a real pleasure to work with Jodie! My hair hasn't been that color in several years, and I'm looking forward to getting updated pics this year. :)
    Jodie is the only professional photographer I've ever used and I am so happy she's going to be our photographer this year!

  41. Welcome to Seekerville, Jodie! Love the photos! We used to hear don't wear white or busy prints. Are there any rules, other than wear what makes you feel good?

    Another question--do you give the copyright with the purchase? So nice not to have to give the photographer credit when using the photo to promote our books.

    Would love a Seeker photo by a professional. If we can manage to get together in one spot again.


  42. Oh Robin you reminded me, I like to get your opinion of the shot. I often turn the camrea around so you can see the image and give me a thumb up or down. It doesn't matter if I like it; I want you to LOVE it.

    Cara I remember you session well, you made me laugh when I asked you to walk by the door and strike a pose. You did great! Loved getting that shot!!

    Janet I am looking forward to seeing you again!

  43. Jodie, you're a grandma!?! No way! You must have started really young!

    Jodie did my headshots in Dallas last time, and we had so much fun. I remember at least 4 different locations, and of course, I posed with my infamous Tiki bird slippers. :) Wore one of my favorite western outfits, sans the cowboy hat. Got a lot of use out of those photos.

    I'm setting up a session with Jodie (against my better judgment with how I look lately), but I sure would love to win a FREE one. Would be fantastic on my limited budget this year. :) Thanks, Seekerville gals--and Jodie!, for offering this. Will pray for good lighting to hide the dark circles and the extra cushion I've put on since having kids. :)

    Btw, fighting over chocolate, with barbed wire, Keurig, sporting event tickets, a 4H Bull, Kentucky Bluegrass, Kindles, Gulf Coast salt water, a Wii, Kleenex, busy schedules, Southwest Desert sand, a laptop, and a pot of grits sounds like quite the photo shoot experience. It would certainly be memorable.

  44. Janet Dean, yes I give you the copyright release so you can use or print the photos anywhere you like.

    I really don't like to give rules about what to wear. Honestly white can challenge me so that it won't be too bright, but I can make adjustments. If your favorite dress/shirt is white - I say wear it! I want you to be comfortable and feeling good. That makes the session go great, if you don't like the color or the outfit it can create a challenge too!

  45. Tiffany I remember the Tiki bird slippers! What a great session. I am looking forward to seeing you again!

    Yes, its true! I go by mimi, to a 4 year old and 2 year old! Sweetie pies!!

    I can't wait to see pics of your kiddos.

  46. Wow--I'm petrified of photo shoots--but you sound so FRIENDLY, Jodie!!!! : )

    I'm going to ACFW this year--2nd time ever--and look forward to EVERYTHING! Please enter me in the drawing.

  47. Well, I'd love to be entered in the drawing ... goodness knows I could use a good photo. One that doesn't make me look like ... well, like I do. Hush, Ruthy!

    Seriously, enter me. I will be there at the conference running around all crazy.

  48. How fun! A good friend of mine is a photog part time and did family/professional pics for us a couple years ago. She did a FABULOUS job and I <3 our family pics. The kids have changed so much I need to do another set and would love to not split them with my professional ones - so winning would be great ;). The pics are fabulous Jodie! I love the ones of Cara and Robin! [Okay all of them, but especially those ;).]

    Back to edits...

  49. Are you sure the bathroom was the craziest? I have some amazing synchronized swimming shots from a few years back that you took :) And remember the one in the fountain with the little girl, impromptu dance? ;) I think that was my favorite.

  50. I just had senior pictures. They took many different shots and in the midst of them I found a really great authors photo. I don't mind pictures because I am used to my Dad taking lots of photos. But for me I figured out that red lipstick is very flattering and keeps me from fading out.

  51. Mary Curry, I shouldn't have mentioned the chocolate cobbler. Now I'm craving it.

    And someone brought chocolate coca-cola cake to work today. I guess that's my punishment!

    Way to go, Ane!

    And Digging for Pearls Jodie,
    we'll miss your sweet face. :(

    Eileen, like I said earlier, I love that shot of you. Just love it!

  52. What great pictures! Very creative and beautiful.

    I've noticed over the years of family photos that I look more relaxed in pictures with other people than when somebody takes a picture of me by myself.

    Any thoughts?

    Jackie L.

  53. Angela of course I remember those, I need to add that to my list of most interesting and craziest. I will have to say I have not had any other synchronized swimming shots or my clients jumping in a fountain with kids they don't know!! :0) Thanks for reminding me!

  54. Jackie, I think we all like company and that makes you feel a little more comfortable during the photo session.

    I promise I'll help you feel comfortable with a solo session!

  55. Casey! Jennifer! Thumbs up! You'll both look Mah-velous!!

    Paula, thanks for stopping by. Be a dear and take some of this chocolate cobbler with you before I eat it all!

    Cara, so glad you stopped by. Kinda got a shock seeing your pic in Seekerville this morning, huh? lol Loved those shots of you, and so glad Jodie shared them with us.

    Elaine, you're in the drawing!

    Uh, Robin, should we warn him ahead of time, or just let this be our little secret?

  56. Lena, sweetie, you're on the list for the drawing. I can't wait to see you and get my hug!

    Janet Lee, that's an endorsement if I've ever heard one. :) Can't wait to see you.

    How will I ever find all my buddies among 700 people??? Oh, wait, they're all my friends. I'll just hug everybody.

    Much simpler that way!

  57. Please put me in the drawing!!! I really need some new headshots. Honestly, I've never spent the money to get good headshots made. But I really need some better ones. The pictures I've been using for publicity were made right after a really bad haircut, and I've never liked them. I need to get some more made before I start looking even older than I already am! Plus, I'm planning to lose weight before September's conference ... hoping, planning. :-)

    But I do hate to get my picture made. :-( I always feel awkward about it, and I don't like the way I look in pictures. I would like them better if they made me look thinner and younger. Can you do that, Jodie? Make me look thinner and younger? LOL

  58. BTW, the pic I use for Blogger DOES make me look thinner and younger! But alas, it was taken by a friend of mind and the resolution isn't high enough to use for publicity stuff.

  59. Tiff, Cathy G, Mike, all of you are the...uh...cowboy hat, for the drawing.'

    Mike, that seems to be my problem as well. I told Amber back in Indy to make me look like Cara, but somehow it didn't pan out quite the way I envisioned it. lol

    Sounds like Jodie's dance card is filling fast. Y'all better not delay!

  60. Carol M, you're IN, girlfriend!

    Angie, pool shots sound fantastic. One of my son's classmates had some shots made in a fountain for her senior portraits. She had on a gorgeous blue batik sundress and the water was flowing over her shoulders. Very pretty.

    Hey, are there any fountains around the hotel in Dallas?

    Just sayin'

  61. lmarmalade, so glad you stopped by. And you're right. Generally, I've found that white isn't my color for pictures, but it works well for some people.

    I have to say, Mel, that I LOVE your profile pic on blogger. Very classy and "author-ish". But Jodie can fix you up with some hi-rez shots in no time. You're in the drawing.

  62. I had author photos taken a couple of years ago at ACFW by Amber Zimmerman, who is Diann Hunt's daughter, but after seeing these photos, I want to have mine done again. Love the different backgrounds! Gifted photographers have a way of making their subjects feel at ease.

  63. Pam, no I wasn't suggesting a pic of me laying on a fluffy cloud with my bare bttom in the air. That would be... FRIGHTENING.

    Hey, maybe if I start writing horror genre??

    Ooooh, creepy fat angel pics. :D

  64. Well, Lisa, Jodie's your woman, then! Hope you're coming to the conference.

  65. Jenny, I love your take on this! Mary and guns... Holy shootin'!

    Jodie, thank you for being here, for sharing those photos. They look lovely and natural and I like that in a pro-pic. I'm not a fan of glamor-type shots, I want to look like me.

    Nothing is worse than people not recognizing us because our photo is two decades old...

    It didn't age. We did.

    Wonderful job, Jodie and Pam!

  66. Virginia, they have bags, honey. For those of us who look better with a bag over our heads!!!


    You're such a goof. Oh mylanta, you make me laugh.

  67. Just want to thank everyone again, Wow! Appreciate you taking the time to pass on such wonderful comments! I hope I have answered all of your questions

    Ruth, I agree, I like the photo to truly represent you!

  68. Welcome, Jodie! Great to see all these fantastic photos! I'm already anticipating my session with you. Not to mention expending lots of mental energy thinking about what to wear and hoping that day will be a "good hair day"!

    Your advice about avoiding white is something I've been told before. Also that it's best not to wear anything too "busy."

    And over the years I've come to really like those nicely posed waist-up or full-body shots I'm seeing of more and more authors. Much harder to make out the wrinkles and crows' feet from a distance! But then, there's always a need for a good close-up head shot. Thank goodness for PhotoShop!

  69. I remember long ago at a Mary Kay Cosmetics home party when they were trying to teach Mary 'Hillbilly" Connealy how to wear make-up.
    I grew up in rural Nebraska in the seventies. My idea of cosmetic magnificence was bright blue eye shadow and white lipstick. (yes, the colors of a corpse, but it looked okay to me!!!!!)
    So they're teaching me all the tricks (wow, there were so many!) and I said to the poor woman, "Why don't I just get a brown paper bag and glue a picture of Farrah Faucette on it and wear that around."

    (My gosh I was hilarious!!!)

  70. Love the pics! You look like someone that would actually make me not self-conscious. I'd love to be in the drawing.

  71. Mocha Linda :), you're in the drawing.

    Everyone please remember to check out the Weekend Edition of Seekerville to see who the winner will be. You'll have to contact us at the Seeker email addy to claim your prize.

    So, don't forget!

  72. Ha Mary! I used to use the blue-put-on-with-water makeup from Mary Kay. Blue and green were the in colors.

    Jodie, your job looks like so much fun. I love cool photographers.
    Please put my name in for the drawing.


  73. Great ideas and helps.
    Not many photographers have a storehouse of creative ideas like these.
    I'd like to enter the drawing as well.
    Thanks so much Jodie for letting us know a little more about you.

  74. I'd love to be in this drawing! Those pictures look sooo fun!

  75. Hey, I brought the Keurig and did you know you can brew tea in it now????

    Iced tea, sweet or unsweet, at your service!

    We lost power here for 90 minutes... And it's about 93 degrees. Amazing how quickly the house heats up with no fans and my little air conditioners silenced by BIG WIND that toppled wires.

    So glad it came back on, and that's how much of a wuss I am!

    I would love a Seeker island type pic. We could either get MUU MUUS (Moo moos????) like I posted on Facebook a few weeks back, or island print sarongs...

    I vote sarong, LOL!

    Anyway, I'd want a tropical pic to show that we started on the island and worked our way off, one by one, pulling and tugging and praying one another along. And then reaching back and easing others across the channel separating the Island from Mainland Publishing.

    We should arrange that with Jodie for the next conference we're all at.

  76. Great photos. I would love to win a shoot. I desperately need a new headshot.

  77. Now I want chocolate cobbler, whatever it is...

    And I want to see Mikey running around and pausing long enough to get his pic done!

    And I want coffee... My Keurig is firing up... Can't wait!

  78. Mary when you mention Mary Kay I cringe. went to one of those parties (I dont wear make up not sure what to do with it). Well we start with the cleanser. I had to get the host to get some of her nutrimetics (sp) to clean of the mary kay cleanser cos it burnt my skin so bad. Im highly alergic to there products.

    At the nutrimetics parties I am the guinea pig they make up. I have tried but I am hopeless with makeup so dont use it at all.

    On photos. I really dont like having my photo taken and I know alot of because of low self esteem. I always think I look awful. the photo I am currently using is 18 months old. hardly had one taken since. I am better than I was but would love to get professional photos one day. I really want a new photo cos I lost weight since the last one. but right now isn't the time!

    Today the cold is so much better than it was last night. I can breathe and do not feel nearly as stuffed up. so now to get strength back and get well.

  79. I'd love to be entered in the drawing...though there is always the risk I might break the camera. :)

  80. Fun post! I'd love to be entered in the drawing. :)

    Lindsay dot Harrel at gmail dot com

  81. I know I need a professional photo, but I'm so incredibly unphotogenic. Could I have her take a photo of my 20-year-old daughter and then I could use that for my "author photo"? :-)

    Please enter me in the drawing anyway. I am so looking forward to my first ACFW conference!


  82. Jodie, your photos are gorgeous. The lighting, the backgrounds, the artistic eye...I think you could even make me look acceptable, LOL!

    A Seekers Dallas photo shoot would be great. Or Indy. Or St Loo. Doesn't matter where, it's just a great idea : )

    Thanks for sharing, Jodie. YOu've made me that much itchy-er for conference.

  83. Chocolate cobbler. Are you kidding me? Share that recipe, Pam!!

    Melanie, honey, you look gorgeous from all angles. I LOVE your blogger shot!

    Mary, bring the Stetson to Dallas...

    So many adventures to look forward to. I better start packing now...

  84. What a fun day! Thank you for having me. Let me know if you have additional questions and don't forget if you pay (PayPal) at the time you book your appointment you recieve the discounted rate of $45.00 for the mini session and $162.00 for the full hour session. Thank you again!

  85. I'll have to get it from my mother-in-law, Audra. But first I think she needs to make it again. Just so I can be sure it was as good as I thought it was.

    What a great day in Seekerville. Can't wait to see who gets the free photo shoot with Jodie!

    We'll post it in the WE.

  86. Jodie, we've enjoyed having you, and look forward to a great time in Dallas.

  87. Oh! I'd love to win a photo shoot at the conference. I'm not very photogenic and need all the help I can get! :) Those photo's look fabulous! Looks like Jodie does a great job.

  88. Its funny in how many people I've talked to via e-mail or loops and not known who they are. After seeing your work you have captured each beautifully and I'm impressed. Had a retired studio photographer/web master just last Friday do something similar with a wall in his home and a few change ups of clothing for some preliminary shots to post on my new writers web site. Will DEFINITELY make plans to book some time with you at the 2012 Conference.