Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weekend Edition

Today's Weekend Edition features
 computer keys we wish we had!

Did we miss any?

We Have Winners

Prize rules are here and  winners should contact us through our Seekerville email address. We allow 6-8 for prizes to allow for forces beyond our control, such as babies, Mother Nature and DEADLINES!!

Last Weekend's W.E. Edition winner of a Beach Read Surprise Package is Jennifer Thompson.

Heartsong Presents and Barbour author  S. Dionne Moore  was our Wednesday guest. Winner of either an Apple or Vera Bradley ( gift card (25.00),  and a copy of Murder on the 'Old Bunions is Shelia. 

Make Vacation Work For You was the theme on Thursday when we spent the day with Love Inspired author Audra Harders. Winner of a $15 Starbucks giftcard is Kav.

Friday we welcomed author *lizzie starr with her post "Writing outside the box? Which box?" Winner of the  e-book of Birds Do It! (adult content) or any of her fantasy titles is Sue Mason and the winner of a stretchy summer fun bracelet is Melanie Dickerson. (US only). 

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: Love Inspired Historical author Janet Dean  starts our week with "The Book is Delivered. So What Now?" Janet  is offering either a ten page critique of an inspirational romance or a $10 Amazon gift card, winner's choice!

Tuesday: Today brings "Author E-Newsletters for Dummies" (or, "Where's a book by that title when I need one???"). A relative newcomer to the world of author e-newsletters, Abingdon Press and Heartsong Presents author Myra Johnson explores available resources and invites Seekervillagers to share likes and dislikes, pros and cons. Just for being so cooperative, Myra will give away a copy of her latest release, A Horseman's Gift, to one very fortunate commenter.

Wednesday: Begin your Wednesday with Revell author Julie Lessman at Seekerville for her July blog, Queen of Quirk, where she'll talk about giving your characters fun and memorable quirks that will enhance your writing. One comment puts you in the drawing for your choice of any of Julie's books including her October release, A Love Surrendered, Marcy and Patrick's prequel, A Light in the Window or book 1 of her new "Heart of San Francisco" series Love at Any Cost.

Thursday: Ruthy was planning a typical Thursday Ruth Logan Herne slap-down but opted instead for an absolutely free, come-as-you-are teaching post! You go HERE!!!! , use the opening provided at Ruthy's Place (on the Writer's page, this is actually extra directions because Tina had a problem with the "HERE!" link from her place in Colorado. I blame the fires.) and then... do something with it. Anything at all. A few paragraphs. Then Ruthy (aka Ms. Bossy-pants according to Mike Ehret's post) will then work with whatever we've got, on-line critiquing throughout the day.... Yes, tell your buddies, she'll handle as many as she can and claims it will be fun. This exercise is not for the faint of heart, but it is free!

Friday:  B & H Books author Jamie Carie visits Seekerville today. Have you ever wondered how publishing house come up with their book covers? Jamie will be talking Book Covers and giving away books the first two books in the Forgotten Castles series, The Guardian Duke and The Forgiven Duke to two winners.

Seeker Sightings

 Saturday, July 14, 2012, 1-3 p.m. Myra Johnson, along with Amy Clipston, Dora Hiers, Jennifer Hudson Taylor, Lynette Eason, Jennifer Fromke, and Mary Urban, all from Carolina Christina Writers (ACFW chapter), will participate in a multi-author book signing as part of the Magnificent Hope Tour 2012. The event will be held at KMart, 545 Concord Parkway, Concord, NC. CCW will also be collecting donations to benefit Cabarrus Victims Assistance Network (CVAN).

Hope you didn't miss the first peek at the trailer for Mary Connealy's Over The Edge! Plus, here is the official excerpt. You can preorder Over the Edge here.

This year Love Inspired Celebrates 15 Years. We thought you might like to see a LI cover from 2000 and one from today.

Ruth Logan Herne's current release, which you can order here.

Speaking of Ruthy, Friday, June 13th (don't read more into that than you should!) she will  step-toe dances her way to Cheryl St. John's From The Heart blog to celebrate Cheryl's 7th Anniversary of blogging! Stop by to have your name entered for a drawing of Ruthy's newest release "A Family to Cherish", the delightful story of an old romance, re-kindled... tool-belts, Irish dancing and two beautiful little girls round out this story of coming home and second chances.

Have we got a sneak peek for you!! Check out the much anticipated first book in Julie Lessman's new series! Love at Any Cost: A Novel (The Heart of San Francisco) available for preorder here.

You can read an excerpt at Julie's blog, Journal Jots

Check out this sighting of Missy Tippens' Love Inspired release Her Unlikely Family on the ACFW blog. Woolworth or Tiffany’s? by Janelle James

Random News & Information

 29 Christian Literary Agents to Follow on Twitter (Author Media)

FUN!! Watch the Create Romance Short-Short Fiction Competition Videos!

Check out the ACFW First Impressions Contest!~ 

Bookshelf Porn (It's not what you think!)

Survey Says: Apple iPad Mini Would Crush Google's Tablet (Forbes)

Birth of a Book (Vimeo)

 How To Stand Out From The Slush!(Harlequin, SYTYCW)

 Two Programs that Keep the Internet from Eating Your Soul (Brooklyn Arden)

Writing Under Deadline (Books & Such Literary/Rachelle Gardner)

That's it! Have a great week!


  1. Congrats to the winners!!!

    Looks like another great week here!!!

    [Shocking yes?]

    Worked today and reached 'the end' of my MS though I have a number of in between things to go back and add in so not calling the rough draft done just yet. Have a good plan for tomorrow and hope to finish it tomorrow but if not, this weekend or Monday :).

    Plus working on one-sheets. Because it's never too early to start :D.

  2. Am I getting with it or what? I've already read a couple of these linked articles.

    Congrats to the week's winners.

    Temperatures have hit 116 more than once lately, and tomorrow is to be another hot one.

    Our church is going to be handing out free water at the town
    4th of July (held on the 7th) festival. Cups of cold water given in Jesus' name will be received well, I'm sure.

    Coffee will be ready early.


    P.S. Blogger doesn't like me again tonight. It has eaten my comments six times already.

  3. It's raining here. It's raining in Colorado and it is a cool 67 degrees.

    Real rain. So hard I had to wait it out in my car in a parking lot.


  4. We had a couple of showers today. Made it humid and cooled it down a bit. But we're thankful for it!!!

  5. Man, I sure love the WE. After a few links I'm ready to check in to 1k1hr and WRITE

  6. Tina!!!!!

    RAIN! Praising GOD!!!!

  7. Yay for rain. Badly needed in that state I miss so much. I want rain. Nice WE. Lots of kewlamundo links to check. And congrats to the winners.


    Tina P.

  8. Next week sounds fantastic, congrats winners! (Who's the happiest? ;)

    Good morning Seekerville!
    Hmm.. buttons authors authors wished they had.. interesting.
    So you would press the 'panic' button to panic? Well isn't that something ?

    Here's to a good weekend,


  9. Wait. Sorry, I've just noticed that. Tina, are you talking about rain in Colorado Springs?? I've been praying like CRAZY for these people, and this would be GREAT news!



    If you go back to the original post, there's a link in my Thursday blurb that says "HERE!!!" and it hooks you up to my story opener for Thursday's post/writing exercise... So you can get a head start.

    The link wouldn't work for Teeeeena but it works for me... technology. Gotta love it.

    So I also added a link to the "home" page of Ruthy's Place and the WRITER'S EXERCISE page is on the right sidebar. If the first link doesn't work, the second one will.

    Sometimes my computer fights with Teeeeena's despite my best efforts to drive this HP into submission!

  11. Rain. Cool. Showers.

    I love the thought of that!

    Bless everyone struggling with heat, no electric, struggling crops.

    I'm definitely a winter person.

    Teeeeena! I think I fixed our link and nothing blew up or became permanently dis-membered, so that was good, right????

    Love this WE! I want a PANIC button. How fun would that be?

    I wonder what happens when you push it? An instant masseuse emerges from cyber space and massages my troubles away???? Suh-weeet! ;)

    Chocolate drops magically from the sky?

    Double smile here!

    I want me one of them buttons!

  12. Congratulations on finishing your manuscript, Carol!!! That's a major accomplishment.

    I wish I could send all the nw Florida rain to all of you who need it. We don't want any more.

    Helen, I can't even imagine what 116 feels like! Tina, I can't imagine what 67 in the summer feels like either.

  13. I just saw the cover of Julie's new book! B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!

    We could really use the rain here in Northeast Indiana. I literally cried yesterday when I drove past the cornfields and saw that they had tassled, with what appears to be no corn and the bottom half of each plant was yellowish brown. The soybeans are just as bad. We desperately need rain. My bosses 8 year old son yesterday got excited when a 10 minute downpour occurred. He went to the window, spread his arms wide and yelled, "Praise Jesus! It's raining."

    May we all have a blessed week. Please remember the farmers in your prayers!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

  14. Cindy, amen. Praying for rain and relief for so many.

    Weather is such an anomaly.

  15. Good Morning,

    I'm hoping the your Colorado weather reachs South Dakota, Tina. It's so hot and dry here. Not quite as a hot as Helen's area but it's been 110 heat index for most of the week.

    I'm definately a winter person BUT at least this weather keeps me inside and writing!

    BTW-We need a remove cliches button!

  16. Yay, I won the beach read package!

    I have no idea what it is and can't wait to find out!!!

    Carol, Congrats girl on reaching 'the end'. You amaze me. I'm still somewhere in the middle.

    So happy for the rain!

    Ruthy's blog on Thursday sounds very interesting.

    Off to write to get this ms done. I really wish I wasn't such a procrastinator!

    Happy weekend to all!

  17. My comment showed up twice...What is up with blogger lately?

    Deleted repeating.

  18. LOL, TEENSTER!!! This has to be one of the funniest, most clever WEs you've ever come up with -- flat-out ADORABLE!!! I laughed out loud more times than even in a Mary Connealy book, ESPECIALLY when I saw the "Book Porn" link!!! Wonder how many WE readers clicked on THAT one!! ;)

    Thanks for posting my cover, you sweet thing and mentioning Journal Jot. The excerpt can be found by scrolling down to last Friday's Jot.



  19. If computers were really a big deal there'd be a key called...
    and one called
    and maybe one called

  20. I have a few buttons for the government, too.





    (that covers most of it)

  21. There is a cool front in Nebraska. It's only suppose to be 90 today and maybe 85 tomorrow.

    GET ME A PARKA!!!!

  22. Where's the 'freeze time' button?

    Thank you, Cara, dear!!!

    Ruthy - will check out the link :). Thursday should be fun :D.

    Waiting on the AT&T guy to call and come out. Everything's working again [now] but wasn't off and on last night. He better fix it for good or I may have to Gibbs smack someone... Or worse. It's been 2 weeks since installation and this is the 3rd time we've had someone out [but my neighbor who wires houses/apartments/offices with coax/ethernet/phone for a living says the way the guy installed it was the lazy way which is prone to problems]. /sigh/

    Time to get some stuff done before he gets here then head to Panera...

  23. Congratulations to all the winners this week! I'm looking foward to next week's fun posts.

    Glad to hear some places are getting rain. Looks like it's going to fizzle out before it reaches us, but it is supposed to cool us down. Reached 107° yesterday and is forcasted to be as hot today. Watered the horses early this morning and they were already soaked in sweat before 8:30am. Poor things are ready for some cooler weather.

    Got my AAs (Author's alterations - I had to look that up :-) back on Thursday, so I think I'll enjoy the A/C and work on those, when I'm not checking on the horses. Stay cool, everybody!

  24. I like those Mary! Especially the stop spending my money one!

    How about TERM LIMITS?



    You know what? I could do that all day... I best stop ;).

  25. Great WE! Made me laugh :)

    Rose, your South Dakota weather is East River weather. Out here in West River we have beautiful cool weather and rain off and on. Face it. You just live on the wrong end of the state!

    So thankful for rain when it comes...

    Have a great weekend, everyone. I'm heading back into the writing cave...

  26. For those of you who hesitate to go to Bookshelf Porn, here is what they have to say about themselves, "Bookshelf Porn is a photoblog created to allow people to indulge their love of books, libraries, bookstores and bookcases by showcasing the best bookshelf photos from around the world."

    Now you will want to check it out! Brought to you by me via Tina!

    The rain helps put out fires but causes lots of problems with flooding and water quality. The burn areas are baked like concrete and the water just runs off, causing flash floods. It is always something!


  27. Carol! Celebrating any THE END is great...especially when the long awaited end is in sight!! WooHoo!! You go, girlfriend!

    Helen. 116. You sound so calm. I'd be slush. I'm raising my glass of cold water to you, my friend!!

  28. Congrats, winners! And AGAIN, a great WE, Tina!!

    I especially like the Insert GMC button. Suppose Walmart carries those???

  29. Tom! Great explanation for Bookshelf Porn, LOL! I'm a bit more inclined to check it out now... : )

    RAIN! I love it! The Flagstaff fire and High Park fire need a gentle coating of moisture, not a downpour.

    The Waldo Canyon fire (Colorado Springs)needs all our prayers and rain.

    We have our family month-of-July birthday party to go to today -- much easier to celebrate all our family July birthdays in one lump. So glad it's going to be cooler today, will make my cousin's deck livable. Hey, I'll even take 90's with a smile : )

  30. Tina!

    Your new photo!
    Are you getting more beautiful or am I just falling in love with you?

    When Keys Aren’t Enough --
    Use Macros:

    Crt F1 Writer’s Block unblocker
    Crt F2 ‘Tell to show’ translator
    Crt F3 Head hopper blocker
    Crt F4 Deep POV depth soundings*
    Crt F5 Cliché rephraser
    Crt F6 Sagging Middle tightener
    Crt F7 Pantser GPS**
    Crt F8 Hook inserter
    Crt F9 Humor Adder
    Crt F10 Sympathizer Synthesizer***
    Crt F11 Voice Enhancer
    Crt F12 Backstory spreader

    Alt F1 Reward insterer
    Alt F2 Pace Increaser
    Alt F3 Tone rheostat****
    Alt F4 Adorable adder
    Alt F5 Stake raiser
    Alt F6 Black moment inserter
    Alt F7 Character Controller*****
    Alt F8 Foreshadower
    Alt F9 Loose end fixer******
    Alt F10 Character Name Debugger
    Alt F11 Motivation enhancer
    Alt F12 Synopsis builder

    You can download these macros on Ruth's site but be sure to bring some virtual cute repellent. Sometimes the cuteness can be acute.



    *this tells you how deep you deep POV is.
    **this helps Pantsers figure out where they are.
    ***this makes a character more sympathetic.
    ****this lets you adjust the tone of your writing.
    ***** this keeps characerts from taking over
    ****** this ties up any loose ends in your story.

    P.S. the PANIC button helps you panic if you can’t work up the emotional energy to do so on your own

    P.P.S. Rain drops are falling in Tulsa but the weather man just said we should not get excited because it is still going to be 102 today.

  31. I won a bracelet! How cool is that!? I can wear it at the ACFW Conference in Sept.!!! Yay me!

    Looking forward to seeing Jamie Carie here on Friday! :-) Thanks for the great WE, Tina!

  32. Praise God for rain! So glad you're getting rain in CO, Tina!

  33. WOW, Carol! You amaze me with how fast you write a book!

  34. So glad you had rain, Tina!

    We've had a number of downpours in GA, which we needed. Parched was what came to mind when I looked at our poor trees and bushes. Now nature looks fresh and green again.

    My computer buttons of choice:





  35. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!

  36. I want to go to all those places and have all those beautiful sitting areas...and shelves...and books!
    I have to go now. I need longer on that site.

  37. I found this there:
    "Date a girl who reads. Date a girl who spends her money on books instead of clothes. She has problems with closet space because she has too many books. Date a girl who has a list of books she wants to read, who has had a library card since she was twelve."

  38. I'm actually lustful of these shelves. This site is going to cost my husband some money.

  39. Yay. I won a Kindle book and I have a Kindle now!


    Love Julie's new cover!

    Hey, Mr. Radcliffe dropped by! Pretty amazing when the hubby's drop in.

    Have a great weekend. So glad to hear about the rain!


  40. Jennifer, Blogger is clearly up in arms over something, isn't he?

    Possibly the threat of Google World Domination isn't as great as once thought if they can't even keep Blogger happy.

    I wonder what Blogger eats??? Oh, wait! Our posts and comments, LOL!

  41. Clari, you have your AA's.... Oh, how sweet the sound of that!!!

    Publication time is getting close. Wonderful, wonderful!

    Happy dancing about AA's and A/C.

    We got a couple of five minute showers this AM, but nothing to shout about. But we're not as drought or heat-stricken as some of you guys, so I'm prayin' ya through it!

    God bless the hot and weary.

  42. Carol, is this your historical that you started yesterday????

    I'm in awe....

    Total awe.

    Must go shoot someone.

    You really finished the complete manuscript that quickly????

    God bless you!

  43. Vince, LOL! Hey, don't you be cheatin' on me with the Teeeenster, but isn't that pic totally HER????

    Doncha just love, love, love it????

    Vince, I had no idea my computer was that multi-functional. You amaze me with your IT knowledge. Good job, mate!

    I want me one of them Pantser GPS macros! YAY!

  44. I love the "Under the stairs" bookshelves.... How cool is that?

    Can you envision that in your living room? Suhweeeet!

    I'm in bookshelf denial now. I wonder if any of those places is quiet... peaceful????

    I'd be lovin' on a little peace and quiet.

    And a blankie. And a Coke.

    Must be time for caffeine.

  45. Isn't Vince sweet? That's from RWA last summer.

    At any given day, any given poundage, I look different.

  46. Too cute WE, Tina!

    Except ... some of these button requests will NOT fit on any computer key I know of!

  47. Mary I am feeling your cold at the thought of 85! I will stop thinking 40F is cold.

    I could do with a button saying stop the world i need to step off.

    I also like Mary's snack button idea.

    I am up. a little less dizzy (hence the stop the world button). the headache is a dull roar today about 2 out of 10 at present instead of the 7 of yesterday, I am still really tired but not the exhausted tired. and not quite as cold although if the fire doesn't start burning better I may change that status. feeling a little sick today. But on awhole a lot better than I have been. My theme song is One Day at a Time Sweet Jesus.
    Also read a little for the first time in 10 days.

    So glad it rained in colorado Springs too. while in Hospital I kept asking people if they had any news on the fires there.

  48. Hey hey hey! The sucker's not done! Not even the rough draft!

    There's holes big enough to fly the Starship Enterprise through! [Quite a trick since it's a historical ;)]

    Yes, it is the one I started last month [6/5ish - I could find the emails where Mellie brow beat me into it for an actual date]. Current word count is 48500 with a rough draft goal of about 60K then the other 10-15K in edits. Oy.

    Have I mentioned I hate edits?

    So not even close to DONE though I am VERY happy with the progress I've made - currently working on an 'insert' that needs to be 2-3 chapters long and I'm not seeing how it will be /sigh/.

  49. It's winter in Australia? Gosh I forgot. Praying for your continued recovery Jenny!

  50. Yes Tina and up to a balmy 42 now.

    I need to go get some breakfast. just cant be bothered although I am sure some food would help.

  51. Praying for you Jenny! I still believe in the God of miracles.

    Hope you all are enjoying your afternoon (or everning, if you're in Australia).


  52. Winter in Australia now means Christmas on the beach.

    Jenny, chicken soup. Chicken soup. Chicken soup.

    Hey, Teeeena, I stocked up on Bear Creek Soups on July 4th at Super WalMart.... $3.42... I was psyched! A half-gallon of deliciousness for under $4.

    My frugal heart is singing your praises because Teeenster taught me about Bear Creek Soups in the Yankee Belle Cafe. I'm a believer!

  53. THANK YOU SEEKERVILLE! I'm shouting since I'm so late to the party and you've all likely gone to bed. Had a fun visit with a friend from out of town so I'm behind on my blogging.

    congrats to Carol on reaching the end...what a speedy gonzalez writer!!!

    And Vince's short cut keys. Too funny. But y'all forgot one. The Pause button -- so when someone or something interrupts your muse you can get right back to it!

    Loved all the links -- thought the short short family fiction promos hilarious! Thanks for beginning and ending my day with smile Seekerville.

  54. Here's a button:

  55. Potluck comment...

    Julie, great cover! Love it. I'm currently reading Sean and Emma's story on my Kindle while I exercise. I'm burning up SOMETHING on the elliptical! lol

    Vince, loved the short cut keys.

    Wow, Carol, you pressed the END button on your computer and voila, your manuscript is done? I'll have to try that...

    And speaking of Carols, ACFW is holding a press release at ICRS July 16th to announce THE CAROL AWARD finalists! Whoo-hoo! So exciting!!!

    And we had a decent rain shower Friday. Praying for more, but every little bit helps.

  56. Great WE Tina,
    And I love your new photo also

    Hey Vince, I'm going to get jealous, but not really cause Tina is easy to love.

    Love the new keys Tina and Vince

    Congrats Carol

    Don't want to hear any complaints about the heat since I just spent two weeks in 113 degrees. As my mother always said after moving to Phoenix, "I"m going to be good because now I know what hell is like."

  57. But Pam, Saturday is July 14th. Do you mean 2013? That's a long wait.

  58. The Bookshelf Porn site is a blast! Definitely will forward that link to my book-reading friends who can't part with any of their books, including duplicates.

    Congrats to the winners -- hope everyone's having/had a good weekend.

    One question: where do I order that GMC key? I'll need the Mac version :-)

    Nancy C

  59. Vince -- the macros are great!I'll take a complete set, please.

    TINA!! RAIN!! I understand about the after-fire problems of run-off, etc., but sometimes it's so reassuring to just know it can rain again :-)

    Nancy C

  60. OMG!

    I just finished “A Family to Cherish” and was so much in love with it, I did something I’ve never done. I went directly to Amazon and Pantsered a stream of consciousness spontaneous review. First draft. No editing. I just wonder what it is going to read like in the morning. Read this book.


    The one perfect button.

    D I V I N E
    I N S P I R A T I O N

    It worked pretty good for those guys who wrote the Bible. Talk about a best seller. PTL.


    P.S. I spent a summer in Phoenix opening two furniture stores in the 1970’s and it was hotter in Tulsa every day than it was in Phoenix. I told the locals that I was a Sunbird – I left Tulsa to get away from the heat! It’s true!!!

  61. Aw, Vince, baby! :)

    Grinning here in upstate! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I'm so glad you liked it. Now I must go read the review....


    Don't tell Teeeeena!

  62. Vince, that's like the nicest from the heart most wonderfulest review EVER!!!

    I read it to my husband and he even looked up from the Yankees game. Whoa!!!! ;)

    Thank you, good man. I had a lot of fun with that book, and the upcoming Christmas story... With a hero I think you'll love, a military man who put it all out there. Way more than he bargained for.

    I love when God gives second chances if we're not too stubborn to see them.

    And I'm so pleased that you liked how Meredith handled the senior citizen involved... That character was based on a woman from my childhood... I wasn't allowed to walk in their yard or play with their kids. She literally would "sniff" when I walked by. My house was pretty disgusting, but no one should be mean to a kid. That's just mean, right? And she was a church-going woman with a very hard heart toward a little girl who did nothing to her or her family.

    Meredith handled her the way I wish I could have handled that neighbor...

    Not that I'm bitter!!! :) But dealing with old wrongs is so much fun in a book where I have COMPLETE CONTROL, LOL!!!

    I still have trouble these days with the idea of mean folks showin' up in church and then being snippy. Being nice is so much better.

  63. Ruthy:

    Sometimes the snippets you share from your childhood resonate with me so much that it's eerie. The similarities, I mean.

    Grrr! Blogger is eating me. What did ever do to make him hate me???

  64. Lord, I hope not, Tina! lol I thought The Carol Award finalists are to be announced Monday July 16th, 2012 at ICRS.

    Here's what the Press Release said, so everybody going to ICRS be sure to be there for the LIVE announcement:

    With the breadth, depth, and reach of Christian fiction continuing to grow,CBA and ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers—*The Voice of Christian Fiction*) will present a multi-purpose fiction-centered press conference *11AM
    on Monday, July 16, in Room W110B during International Christian Retail Show at the Orange County Convention Center*.

  65. Helen, we're copasetic! Peas in a pod!

    You know what, though? Those character building moments are stepping stones. We could either turn out to be JERKS, doing the same thing, or be compassionate toward kids who are caught in rough circumstances.

    You and I chose the latter, our own road-less-traveled. And it has made all the difference!

  66. Tina, did you think ICRS was this week, too?

    Because I did. I bet we saw something that had the wrong date on it, because I was under the same impression.

    Or maybe I told you and led you astray.


  67. Congratulations to the Winners!

    Another great week up ahead....

  68. This is such a wonderful post with regards to your great weekend happenings . It is worth reading and discovering. Thank you.