Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weekend Edition


Bright Lights on the Marriott Entrance Floor!

We'd like to open this Weekend Edition with the Keynote Speech given by Stephanie Laurens at 2012 RWA Conference Anaheim. Thank you, Ms. Laurens for sharing with us.


Sandra Leesmith ready to meet her new publisher, Montlake with Amazon Publishing.
LI author Terri Reed and Senior Editor Melissa Endlich

We Have Winners

 Prize rules are here and  winners should contact us through our Seekerville email address. We allow 6-8 for prizes to allow for forces beyond our control, such as babies, Mother Nature and DEADLINES!! And if we goof up, just email and let us know.

 Seeker Pam Hillman welcomed Jodie Westfall, the official ACFW Conference Photographer on Monday. Jodie shared tips for a successful photo shoot.Winner of a $50 session with Jodie at the 2012 ACFW Conference in Dallas is Michael Ehret.

Tuesday we welcomed Thomas Nelson author Cara Lynn James to the blog seat. Cara chatted about "The Importance of Urgency and Tension".Winner of a copy of her upcoming relase, (an RT 4 1/2 star novel), A Path Toward Love, is Susan Codone.

 Wednesday Love Inspired author, and 2012 Carol finalist, Tina Radcliffe shared "That AHA! Writing Moment " today.Winner of  a ten page critique is Pat Jeanne Davis and the reader  winner of their choice of  Ruth Logan Herne's A Family to Cherish or Janet Dean's Brides of the West are Becca and Amy Magaw (two winners).

  Today Avalon author Sandra Leesmith interviewed the FHL IRCA finalists in her post "What's It Like To Be an ICRS Finalist?"  She reported from the FHL meeting at the RWA conference in Anaheim at the Romance Writers of America National conference. IRCA book winners are : Cat Mom is the winner of Dorothy Clark's book, Frontier Father,  Jamie Adams is the winner of Jody Hedlund's The Doctor's Lady, Mary Curry is the winner of Linda Goodnight's classic duo A Season For Grace and The Heart of Grace and Deb H. is the winner of Carla Stewart's Broken Wings.

Thank you to the generous authors for making these giveaways possible!

Free-lance editor and ACFW JOURNAL Magazine editor Michael Ehret was in Seekerville Friday He shared  shared on World Watchers!  Winners of two (2) free contest preparation packages. Mike will look at your first 15 pages (double-spaced, standard manuscript format pages) and a one-page synopsis are Nancy Kimball and Jackie L ( He will edit your submission the same way he does for his In The Edit posts on his website. He'll also look for holes in your synoposis and offer suggestions.)

Danica Favorite McDonald and Debby Giusti
LI Author Janet Tronstad 2012 RWA Literacy Autographing

Next Week in Seekerville

Monday:Debut Love Inspired author Teri Wilson is our guest! She'll be posting on "Great Openings - How to Get Your Romance Novel Off on the Right Foot" and will be giving away a signed print copy of Alaskan Hearts to one lucky commenter!

Tuesday: We welcome Love Inspired author Kim Watters as she shares tips for "Cures For A Sagging Middle."  A BOOK middle, that is!  Kim will also give away a copy of her latest release And Father Makes Three to one lucky winner!

Wednesday: You asked for it and Seekerville is bringing back award-winning author (two time Rita nominee) and instructor (Writing Novels That Sell) Adrienne deWolfe. Don't miss "20 Tips for Writing Strong Heroines that Romance Readers Can Admire." Stop by for more chatting and a chance to win a Seeker book of choice.

Thursday:Today, join Audra Harders and the Seekers as they give you a glimpse into the Secret Lives of Seekers. We'll share with you talents you never knew we possessed and invite you to reveal secret talents of your own : ) Come join the fun and maybe find the writing resources you've been searching for!

Friday: It's time for the August Contest Update. The prize vault is open!

LI Author Winnie Griggs and Sandra Leesmith

Seeker Sightings
Mary Connealy's Over the Edge releases Wednesday, August 1st! It's already shipping from online bookstores and has been spotted in bookstores. Get your copy here.
romcon badge

And you can find Mary, August 2, on RomCon , where you have an opportunity to win a copy of Over the Edge.

Myra Johnson's June release, A Horseman's Gift, has been chosen as a contender in the latest Clash of the Titles campaign. You can cast your vote here. About the book: Filipa Beltran is tired of living out her parents' dreams, while Nathan Cross would give anything to make his late father proud. When a childhood friendship blossoms into romance, can this couple find common ground as they search for contentment in their God-given gifts?

If you're in the vicinity of Mooresville, NC, this morning between 11:00 and noon, stop in at the Mooresville Public Library and visit with Myra Johnson and other Carolina authors during the Local Author Showcase.

Congratulations to Janet Dean. Wanted: A Family is a 2012 Maggie Awards finalist.

Lyndee Henderson, Anita Mae Draper, Susanne Dietze,Sandra Leesmith, Susan Johnson, Debby Giusti

Random News & Information

Congratulations to our Seeker friends who placed in the Daphne Du Maurier Awards for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense and the Touched By Love Contest.

 We've been talking online workshops in our comments this week in Seekerville, and here are a few you might be interested in:

  • Cheryl St. John: Setting is More Than a Backdrop-Month Long Course. Registration Deadline August 4th. More information here.


Synopsis! What is it good for? Tips on communicating your story by Elizabeth Mazer (SYTYCW)
Lucienne Diver Explains How To Get A Literary Agent (Video) (RT Book Reviews)

Strategies for making change in your life. Barbara Sher's Wishcraft (pdf) 

Where Do Books Come From? The Many Ways to Birth a Book (HuffPost)

RWA 2012 – The First Full Day of the Conference (AAR Blog)

That's it! 
Don't forget to keep an eye on Twitter (you must log in first) and #RWA 12 for highlights of the RITA and Golden Heart Awards from Anaheim. You can also check out RWA on Facebook. BTW RWA raised $50, 963 for literacy on Wednesday night at the Author Autographing. Oh and top images for #RWA 12 can be found here.
Have a great week!

We leave you this from last night at the Harlequin Party!

: Linda Goodnight, Debby Giusti, Irene Hannon, Debra Clopton


  1. Way to go Janet!!!
    Voted for you Myra!

    Congrats to all the winners - and y'all enjoy the conference.

    Super WE, Tina!

    GO Team USA!!!

  2. I particularly enjoyed the article written by Elizabeth Mazer on writing the synopsis.

    Looking forward to another great week.

    The coffee pot is set


  3. I have won some great stuff in Seekerville (mostly the friendships =) but I am stoked out of my mind to have won one of Michael's contest prep packages. It's like Christmas in July! (How's that for cliche?)

  4. Wow -- what an information packed WE!!!! It took me over an hour to go through it all!

    Congrats to Janet!!! I loved, loved, LOVED Wanted: a Family!!! And congrats to all the finalists! Love reading those lists and seeing people I 'know'.

    Now back to Olympic viewing and gardening and writing and housecleaning and....

  5. Good morning Seekerville. LOVE the RWA pictures. (I'm also unattractively jealous!)

  6. Good Saturday morning, Seekerville.

    May all your writing dreams come true today.

  7. BTW, let me add my prejudice to the comments. I'm taking all three of those online classes. Hope to see some familiar faces in the classroom.

    We could meet after class for coffee!

  8. Good morning, everyone!

    Congrats to all the winners and finalists!

    I hope all of your weekends are busy and productive :)

  9. Hello there, Seekerville! -Waving-
    Congrats winners and authors!



    Mikey!!! You won the photo shoot! SUH-WEEEEET!

    Oh my stars, Teeeena, I love those pics from RWA. What great memories I have of my first (whoops, so far ONLY) RWA in Orlando. What a great time I had.

    Next year Atlanta... Hopefully. Am I the only person who finds that conferences mess up my work schedule like crazy? And we all know I take my work schedule far too seriously.

    Except I totally, positively, absolutely love what I do, so to me working (writing) is fun. Play. A gift from God, truly, truly, truly.

    Except when my characters misbehave, and then I have the inborn urge to kick 'em.

    Not very ladylike, is it?

    Janet, huge congrats on that Maggie final. Lovely story, lovely book, lovely author. I feel peace and joy just looking at that cover.

    Ahhhh....... :)

    Helen I'm working on synopses right now. Book is done, working on a proposal, and I love insider info on how to make this process easier (especially for us pantsers because pretending I KNOW what's going to happen???? Oy! Where's the confessional when I need it most???)

    I brought International creamers for Helen's coffee and an amazing chocolate cake that I devised from the Softasilk Flour box... Jan Drexler and Virginia Munoz urged me to try this daintier flour and I have to admit, they were right.

    Now I need someone to eat this cake: the lot o' youse are elected!

  11. Good Morning, everyone!

    RWA looks like a lot of fun. So glad someone is there and sharing the event with us!

    Congratulations to all the winners!

  12. Congratulations to the winners!! I am so excited I won Jody Hedlund's The Doctor's Lady!!! (I think we should make this national "exclamation points are ok" day)Thank you Judy and Seekerville!!

    Janet, I loved Wanted: A Family! I'm very happy for you :)

  13. Thanks for a super WE, Tina! Love the pictures. :) The links were great. I always learn from the things you link to, Tina. Thanks!

    CONGRATS to all the winners!!

  14. You think you're jealous. I"m here at RWA but Debby went to the Harlequin party last night and has a photo on her phone of her with Nora Roberts. So I apologize for my green color. LOL

    Ruthy, I sent those photos to Tina. Talk about miracles. I even knew how to do it. And I did it. Oh I'm jumping up and down with joy that I actually got that techno. LOL

    And Tina is happy with me too. That just makes my weekend. smile

    Debby sent photos also. We have more so maybe next wekend Tina will post more.

  15. Some of our Seeker buddies got requests for full manuscripts. I'll let them tell you about it. But it was VERY exciting to hear the news in person and see the sparkle in their eyes.

  16. Wonderful Weekend Edition, Tina! Thanks especially to Sandra and Debby for sharing photos of RWA!!

    Congratulations to our winners! And to those who got editor requests for full manuscripts! Yay!

    Thanks for your congrats on Wanted: A Family's Maggie Final. I'm so excited!!


  17. Good morning, Seekerville! LOVE the RWA photos. I've never gotten to go to RWA--maybe when it hits San Diego (one of my favorite places!) in 2016? Wouldn't mine seeing San Antonio either. As a half-Texan, I've never had the opportunity to pay my respects at the Alamo. :)

    I'm looking forward to hearing all about this year's conference when Sandra & Debby return, AND I can't wait to hear which Seekervillagers got requests for full manuscripts! Exciting times on our island!

  18. Well, Jodie has her hands full now! I can't believe I won. Do you think she'll be able to make me look like Pierce Brosnan? My wife would love that!

  19. Great WE, Tina! Next week looks great (and I'm EXCITED for Teri Wilson - a friend from "elsewhere.") - cant' wait to read her post!

    RWA sounds TOO fun.

  20. Dang! Jodie's good! You ALL should hire her... Just sayin'...

  21. LOLOL!!! I know I'm signing up now for photos now! :)

    Okay, I'm wishing for Emma Stone. I wonder just how good Jodie is!

  22. Thank you for letting me that I remain in my favorite placement (2nd) in the Daphne. I was able to find out the name of the winner (and it weren't me...) so I'm glad to see the list. Second place is great!

    I just found some amazing cheap airfare to Dallas. Not sure I can afford the conference. Is anyone going just to hang out on the fringes?

    Congratulations Janet! This is a great reminder to everyone how your writing has continued to entertain and be consistent in quality. Bravo!!!

    you all look so lovely and I look forward to more photos and stories!

  23. Mike, I'm be right back. Going to find my glasses.


  24. Congratulations on the second place win, Debra!

    Thanks for making my day!


  25. Hi Janet, Got so wrapped up in RWA stuff that I forgot to congratulate you


    Super duper and I'm snoopy dancing right now.

    And you too Debra. What a thrill. Debby told me that you had placed second after she returned from the Death by Chocolate Affair when they announced the winners.

  26. Thanks for the vote, KC!

    And oh WOW!!!! Would you look at Michael!!!! That's some great long-distance photography Jodie can do. Imagine what she can do in person! Glad I already have my appointment!

    Thanks for the great pix from RWA, Sandra! Would be so fun to be there with you, but I'll just have to hold out for ACFW.

  27. Mikey...

    I'd hire Jodie in a heartbeat!

    Oh, my stars... Dude... Hot. Smokin' hot!

  28. Congratulations, Debra.

    Congrats again to Janet!

    Good luck to all the GH and RITA peeps for tonight. Looking forward to celebrating with my Seekerville friends.

    Congrats to all the winners. I'm so excited to win Linda's books. It was one of her books that inspired me to try my hand at writing inspirational romance.

    Looking forward to RWA13 in Atlanta (and a reason for going)!

    Tina, I signed up for Cheryl's workshop but I still can't sign up for Shirley's. Were you able to sign up for that?

  29. No, it's too early for Shirley's yet apparently. I'll try later in the month.

  30. Michael,
    As I live and breathe, for a minute there,you had me!
    My gosh, your wife must be on cloud 9, now.... ;-)

  31. I'm mulling the online classes. I realy feel the need to take my writing the to a higher level. I'm not looking to struggle less (okay, maybe a bit) but I want it to be BETTER.

    but then, if Tina's in the class, I may just lurk in the back and try not to get noticed...

  32. Debra, 2nd in the Daphnes? I could only dream! Good job!

    And Janet, love you're a finalist for Wanted. Such a beautiful book. I worked for over ten years in crisis pregnancy counseling so that book touched me deeply.

  33. Debra!@!!!!!! Way to go! Congratulations.

    Go to Dallas. Go to Dallas.

  34. Well, Virginia dear, the beauty of online classes is you have the info forever. I don't have to participate or feel like I have to check in when my life is swamped but I still get the information.

    Bad student, I know. But if I felt I had to, then I'd never enroll.

  35. Have fun in Anaheim, girls!!!
    I am reading Mary Connealy's new book, and it really starts off with a BANG!!! Really exciting stuff, as we love and expect from a Connealy Cowboy romance! And Seth is even more lovable than he was in the first two books. :-)

  36. What a great WE! Congrats to all the winners.

    Especially our dear friend Pierce!

    Loved seeing all the pictures from RWA. I guess tonight's the GH/Rita Awards, huh?

  37. Another great WE, Tina~ (how do you ALWAYS do this? You're amazing!). Congrats to all the winners, and I am thrilled to win Dorothy Clark's book! ~ And I'm also happy to read that Janet Dean's book is a Maggie finalist--Love her books! Blessings, Patti Jo

  38. Good morning, everyone!

    I'm blogging over on WordServe Water Cooler this morning - a devotion on fear. I hope it encourages you...

  39. SOOOO fun to see pix from RWA!!! Great WE, as always, Teenster.

    SUPER CONGRATS to Janet and Mike and ALL our winners!!!

    I want to know why Deb didn't send the picture of her and her chum Nora to Tina for WE!!!

    GO, USA!!!


  40. ps...loved seeing my Inkwell sisters here. )Anita Mae, Suzie J and Susie D! Congrats to them for a very successful conference!

  41. And thank you all for the handshakes and pats on the back. It's nice to know you were there Debby (And survived death by chocolate)

  42. Deb Marvin, I love the Daphne. They had the best judges when I was dabbling in suspense. A really intuitive, great bunch with good ideas.

    Loved it! Congrats to you! So stinkin' proud of you, Upstate Girl!