Saturday, August 4, 2012

Weekend Edition

Just Another Weekend Edition

We Have Winners

 Prize rules are here and  winners should contact us through our Seekerville email address. We allow 6-8 for prizes to allow for forces beyond our control, such as babies, Mother Nature and DEADLINES!! And if we goof up, just email and let us know.

Debut Love Inspired author Teri Wilson was our guest on Tuesday with "To Conference or Not To Conference." Winner of a signed print copy of Alaskan Hearts is Ava Walker Jenkins.

Tuesday we welcome Love Inspired author Kim Watters as she shares tips for "Cures For A Sagging Middle."  A BOOK middle, that is!  Winner of Kim's latest release And Father Makes Three is Pol.

You asked for it and Seekerville is brought  back award-winning author (two time Rita nominee) and instructor (Writing Novels That Sell) Adrienne deWolfe. Hope you didn't miss "20 Tips for Writing Strong Heroines that Romance Readers Can Admire." Winner of a Seeker book of choice is Brandie Boddie.

Thursday 4-H Seeker Audra Harders brought you, The Secret Life of Seekers. Winner of a Seeker ebook of choice is Ganise.

Friday was the August Contest Update. The prize vault is open!  Winner of See's chocolate at conference is Nancy Kimball. Winner of a Seeker BOC is Dawn.

 Remember, the August Contest Update is available for easy access on the web page all month long.

Next Week In Seekerville

 Monday:  Bethany House and Barbour author Mary Connealy is your hostess, with her post "Plot Driven vs Character Driven" AND Mary will be doing the first ever giveaway on Seekerville of her new release Over the Edge, book #3 of the Kincaid Brides series!

Welcome Harlequin American Romance author Barbara White Daille who'll be talking about secondary characters in a post titled: "It Takes a Village." She'll be doing two giveaways! Autographed print copies of A Rancher's Pride and The Rodeo Man's Daughter, the first two books set in Flagman's Folly, New Mexico.

Wednesday: Join us as Love Inspired Historical author Janet Dean shares with us about "Hooks, Lines and Sinkers: How to Hook and Reel in Readers." Janet will be giving away one of her books, winner’s choice.

Thursday: Love Inspired author Ruth Logan Herne breezes in with her top ten reasons not to take the summer off! Ruthy promises to berate, regale, malign and possibly insult visitors and/or commenters, so beware while she relates stories of triumph over tragedy, Phoenix's rising from the ashes, and tries to sell her Merry Martha Mindset by giving away two copies of any Ruthy book, autographed print or non-autographed e-copy. (Note: Winter's End and Waiting Out the Storm are only available as e-books.)

Friday: Multipublished author Barbara McMahon joins us on Friday sharing "Self-Editing Made Simple." She'll also be giving away a copy of Mirror Image Bride, Book #2 in the Love Inspired "Texas Twins" continuity series, to one lucky winner!  (Seeker Glynna Kaye's Book #4 Look-Alike Lawman debuts in October.)

Seeker Sightings

We'd love for you to share your own sightings in the comments section.

Cara Lynn James will be a guest at The Borrowed Book on Tuesday, August 7th. Stop by for a chance to win a copy of her new release, A Path toward Love.

Jamison Steele, the hero in Debby Giusti's August release, The Colonel's Daughter, will be interviewed on Margaret Daley's blog, next week.  Debby will be giving away one of her books and would love to have lots of Seekervillagers stop by to say hello to Jamison.

You can also "meet" Jamison Steele, in his own interview on the Craftie Ladies of Romance blog this Sunday, August 5th.

The Colonel's Daughter, the third book in Debby Giusti's Military Investigations Series, is in books stores now or can be ordered through, in print or digital format.

Mary Connealy's heroine from Over the Edge, Callie Kincaid is being interviewed by Margaret Daley on Monday August 6th, the same day she's on Seekerville and there is another chance to win Over the Edge on Margaret's blog.

Join Julie Lessman at Tina Pinson's Write Where I Want to Be blog sharing her Marketing 101 tips. could win your choice of one of Julie's books.

Random News & Information

Marketing 101-Tricia Goyer (Write Where I Want to Be Blog)

Digital Imprints Take Root (PW)

Stuff Non Writers Say (Youtube)

RWA has updated the rules for the 2013 Golden Heart and RITA Awards. The RITA opens to entries on Oct. 15, 2012.  The Golden Heart opens to entries on Nov. 15, 2012.

The Periodic Table of Typefaces (GalleyCat)

Self-Published Authors Make NY Times Bestsellers List (GalleyCat)

 Kensington Does Digital Only with eKensington (PW)

Colson Whitehead's Rules For Writing (NYT)

Meet The Mira Team (Harlequin Blog)

The Top Ten Query Mistakes -Encore Post (Rachelle Gardner)

The #1 Secret of Great Writers (Write To Done via Steve Laube Blog)

 You’re (Not) So Transparent! by Jason Black (Author)

Plan now!   Romance Writers of America® 33rd Annual Conference is at the Atlanta Marriott® Marquis in  Atlanta, Georgia, July 17-21, 2013!

In the Tweets of Note Category:     

"If an editor writes notes & asks you to resubmit your ms, we're not just being nice. We want to see it again. Don't waste the opportunity." (Associate Editor, Emily Rodmell)

That's it! Have a great week! 

And don't forget to check out the August Seekerville Calendar.


  1. I can't believe I'm actually still up when this went live. :)

    Next week looks to be just as fun as this week.

    I've emailed my prize request to you.

    I seriously think that you guys ROCK! I mean, I'm learning so much as I read (and not always comment on) the daily posts. I'm wanting to try my hand at dusting off one of the stories I've been working on and get going on it. Because if all of you were once in my spot and you did it, then I can too! Now to find the time between work, Mary Kay parties, reading, and life....

  2. Congratulations to the winners. Enjoy your booty.

    Have a cuppa coffee and start your day with a good book.

    Looking forward to another great week.

    Thanks for the interesting links.


  3. Congratulations Winners!

    I like this quote from #1 Secret of Great Writers: If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it.
    —Elmore Leonard, in Newsweek

    Another great WE!!

  4. Congratulations, winners!

    Tina, thanks for another great WE. From your links, I suspect we may read some of the same blogs. :)

    Hoping to stop back in tomorrow, but we'll see. It's a buuuusy day in our house.

    You ladies really are amazing. Thanks for pouring yourself out to encourage and help us. :)
    Good night.

  5. Thank you Tina for doing these compilation posts, I know how much time you must put in them for us!

  6. I want to say thank you once again to all the Seekers and Seeker friends. There are times when A visit here is the high light of my day.

    I usually read all the Seeker sightings and links through out the weekend and check out what is coming next week. I always have something to look forward to in Seekerville.

  7. Congratulations to the winners and thank you for another week of great posts!

    I hope to get to all the links over the weekend...

    Everyone enjoy the day! Write, Read, Love, Feed!

  8. Congrats fellow winners!
    WE salute you, Tina AND the Seekerville group!

  9. I love the contest postings and all the weekend linkies. Way better than reading the weekend paper!

    I'm going to conference and LOVE See's chocolates :)


  10. Good Morning!!!!

    It's raining here is SE South Dakota!!!! I hope it lasts all day.

    Congratulations to all the winners. I haven't read any links yet but I'll get to them.

  11. Hey guys, I am a winner on Kim Watters day of sagging middles-how fun..congrats to all the winners.
    I look forward to stopping in next week looks like a good line-up coming.
    Have a great weekend "Seekers" and friends....
    Paula O(

  12. Good morning, Dawn! YES all the Seekers were "once in your spot" -- and not all that long ago! So give it a shot. (It's that squeezing in life that's the tricky part!) :)

  13. Thanks again, HELEN, for putting the coffee on!

    Love that Leonard quote, DONNA!

    ROSE - So thankful some of the drought-ridden areas of the country are finally getting some rain!

    PAULA -- be sure to send you snail mail to our Seekerville email addy!

  14. ALL - I totally agree with you on the amazing Weekend Editions our Tina manages to put together week after week. Hours invested--and you wouldn't believe the challenges she overcomes to do it some of the weeks!

  15. Congrats to the winners!

    I agree. Love the Leonard quote too!

  16. Go Dawn. You can do it. And as Ruthy says, "Just do it." Oh wait that is Nike. Well Ruthy says it too and adds a kick in the behind. chuckle.

  17. Great weekend edition Teenster. You rock.

    Looks like some fun blogs coming up with Margaret Daley. Must go there.

    Thanks for the coffee Helen. Always a joy to have that first thing.

    Morning Glynna. You're up early too. smile

  18. This week went so fast! Thanks for the update and happy reading to the lucky winners!

  19. Tina, thanks for another great WE!

    Congrats to the winners.


    "If an editor writes notes & asks you to resubmit your ms, we're not just being nice. We want to see it again. Don't waste the opportunity." (Associate Editor, Emily Rodmell)

    So glad you included Emily's tweet, Tina! May I add that any revision comments, even if the editor does not specifically say to resubmit, gives the writer a reason to send a thank-you note--which is always good form--and ask if she/he can resubmit once the changes are made. So many folks miss the opportunity! Not Seekervillagers, of course. :)

  20. Sandra - the alarm goes off at 4 on weekdays, 5 on weekends. :)

  21. Tina, thanks for the great WE!

    Even though I didn't win the See's chocolate. Sigh. But I'm happy Nancy did!

    Rose - so glad for rain for you! I hope it's a soaker that lasts all morning :)

    On to the Saturday chores - landscaping today. I'm itching to get up into the Hills, but the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is going on. They have the Hills for the next week. You wouldn't believe what an influx of 60,000-70,000 bikers does to a community!

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

  22. Congrats to all the winners!!!

    Debby - thanks for the note on yesterday's comments! You have no idea how glad I am ;). Or maybe you do. Would really hate to figure out how to rewrite that :D.

    Get this - a JUDGE in Indy was more than happy to email with me this week and answer some questions about eloping there [just in case anyone wants to elope while at conference next year ;)].

    I may be heading for Panera today to work on edits on the historical and maybe another project as well. We'll see.

    Hope everyone has a great weekends. It's all Olympics all the time around here :D.

  23. Liked the WE, and congrats to all the winners. I have to agree that, though I haven't been here as much, Seekerville is a place where I can always find some wonderful information and a smile.

    And thanks for posting a link for my Marketing 101. All the authors this week have been awesome.

    Julie is there sharing tips and giving away a book to some lucky commenter.


  24. Great WE Tina! Congratulations to the winners!!

    A Path Toward Love arrived in the mail Friday so I'm going to go curl up on the couch and slip back in time.

  25. Jamie! Jealous! Mine isn't here yet! Maybe today!

  26. Thanks, Tina P. I added it to the WE Ed.

  27. Melissa J and Mary Cline, thanks for the sweet words.

  28. Another great WE, Tina. Many thanks for the contests list. I have my eye on at least one. Congrats to all winners. Feeling exhilarated over my win last week. Jamie, I'm reading Cara's A Path Toward Love. Love it!
    Hoping all here have a wonderful and safe weekend. Appreciate all the writing help, reminders and encouragement.
    Can't think of a better place for that than right here at Seekerville.
    Pat in Philly

  29. YAY FOR CHOCOLATE! Thank you Seekerville. Seriously, I could eat my weight in See's candy. If you've never had their almond brittle, don't. It's more addictive than caffeine! And Seekerville! HEHE.

    Congrats everyone, and can I just throw this out there? I'm SOOOO excited about the hero being featured on my blog September 15th. We finalized permission this week. I confess I hadn't fully done my homework on the author when I contacted him through his website. I found out later after working with his publicist and more research that his earlier titles have been made into films involving Clint Eastwood and Michael Douglas.
    I had NO CLUE. :-p
    It's probably good or I might have not even tried. There's a lesson there. All they can say is no or nothing at all, but sometimes it's YES.
    Like Tina says, you can't win if you can't enter!!! =)

  30. Lazy day playing with grandkids and watching snippets of the Olympics. I have gotten NOTHING done except a little laundry and brushing the dog. Seemed like a good time to stop in and see what's happening in Seekeeville.

    LOL--"Yes" is always nice to hear, Nancy!

  31. Hi Seekervillagers. It's been a wild week for ME! But I'm ba-a-ack. Doing a giveaway on Monday.
    I've got a newsletter coming as soon as I can write the dumb thing.
    I do a giveaway with every newsletter, too, so if you're not enrolled....perscribed...enlisted

    Okay, if you're not SUBSCRIBED, that's the word I'm looking for. (okay so maybe I'm not all the way ba-a-ack)
    If you're not subscribed, go do it to get your name in THAT drawing.

    My Newsletter Sign Up Page

  32. Woooo...this is very mysterious, Nancy!!

  33. Myra, Tina, agreed!
    With my first MS, I contacted two college history professors (one at the college I attended, and the other at the one my husband did) for some help with research and I got a no response and a no.
    So then, on a whim, I e-mailed one of the world's most well known experts on gladiator history in the Ancient world. Who happened to be the technical adviser for the movie Gladiator.
    She said yes. =) And sent me everything I asked for.
    So see, you have to just try! And then if people say no, keep trying! =)

    Welcome back, Mary!

  34. That is AMAZING, Nancy!!!!!! How exciting for you!!!

  35. Nancy -

    How cool!!!!

    I emailed a judge/justice of the peace who does a lot of weddings/elopements in Indy hoping she'd answer a few questions and we've emailed several times now :). Even said it sounded like a great, fun plot! Gotta love it!

  36. Haha. Thanks. There's a national geographic documentary on my facebook that has her in it. Everytime I see her spot, I get a little giddy, LOL.
    That's really cool, Carol!
    Myra, I know you're a horse person (we have that SIRE connection) but do you ever have to research anything for them?

  37. Dawn, preach it, sister!

    Everything is achievable with time, persistence and chocolate.

    God provides the first...

    Humans lay claim to the persistence and chocolate!!!! ;)

    Tina Radcliffe, you rock. Thank you for this WE and the hundreds preceeding it.

    I think I spelled that wrong but I need more coffee so I'm being stubborn and not changing it.

    I actually had a Saturday work day yesterday. I'm like the happiest girl in the world!!!!

    See me tap-dancin' my way through life as we speak????

    Julia, have fun at conference!!!! Oh my stars, nothing better than getting together with other writers who do not think you're crazy or get bored and dazed every time you open your mouth.

    Silly normal people don't know what they're missing!!!!


    I do say that. And so much more. I should really be quiet more often. Give folks a break....





  39. Jan, love the landscaping and envisioning tens of thousands of bikers.

    Whoa, baby.

    Maybe unable to envision such a thing is more accurate!

  40. Wow, Nancy. Good for you!

    I love See's Candy...and Tina and I are rooming at ACFW. Just sayin' a little chocolate would be nice at the end of the day. :)

    See's is sold in ATL around the Christmas holiday. Maybe I'll head to the Malls and see if I can find a pre-season kiosk. Also love their lollipops!

  41. I'll see what I can do, Debby. I love, love their vanilla, caramel and chocolate lollipops.

  42. Oh, Tina, the "stuff non writers say" video was great! I also like all the creativity that went into the periodic table of typefaces. And the rules for writing is a keeper for my notebook.

    Thank you for these super weekend editions :-)

    And congrats to all the winners!

    Nancy C