Saturday, August 25, 2012

Weekend Edition

       Happy Weekend to our visitors! Today we're coloring outside the lines as usual.

Guilty, guilty, guilty. If you haven't received your prize, drop us a line. Sometimes deadlines and dear ones detour us. How's that for alliteration? Contact us at if you won or we are late!

Monday, Love Inspired author Missy Tippens  shared "Battling Episodic Writing in a World of 30-minute TV Shows." Winner of a 5-page critique is Helen W.

We were  delighted  to welcome Kregel Publications author, Jordyn Redwood with her post "Thriller Tension: Killing your Reader "  on Friday. Jordyn is generously giving away THREE copies of her debut release, Proof.  (Thank you, Jordyn!) The winners are Heather Day Gilbert, Susan Codone and Kirsten Arnold.

Wednesday Seeker Glynna Kaye shared how to ensure your characters come alive on the page in "Don't Just Let 'Em Stand There!" Winners of her October release, book #4 of the 6-book Love Inspired Texas Twins series, Look-Alike Lawman are Annie Rains and AusJenny.

Thursday Thomas Nelson author Cara Lynn James gave us a behind the scenes glimpse of "The Backstory of A Path Toward Love." Winner of A Path Toward Love is Elyssa!

Love Inspired author and 2012 Carol Award finalist Tina Radcliffe brought you "Taking the ME out of Social MEdia" on Friday. Winners of Oklahoma Reunion are  Susan Mason, Annie Rains and Mary Cline. 

 Winners of dessert with Tina and Mary Connealy at ACFW Dallas ARE (the more the merrier ) Melissa J, Cindy Wilson, Patti Jo,  Jeanne T. . Time and place to be announced via Google + or possibly on Face Book as a status update. Whichever will sell more books. 

 The delurker winner of a $10 Amazon gift card is Jeri. Now go and immediately TWEET THIS INFORMATION. I DARE YOU!!

Monday:Tyndale House author Pam Hillman will be your hostess today with "He's an On-Time God." Whether it's your writing deadline or an outdoor wedding at 7:30, and it's still raining cats and dogs at 5:30. If you trust and obey, God will meet your need in His perfect timing.

Tuesday: Welcome special guest Martha Alderson, the Plot Whisperer! Martha has wonderful information to share about developing plot and will answer questions. She will be highlighting her new workbook, The Plot Whisperer Workbook: Step-by-Step Exercises to Help You Create Compelling Stories, and will give away a copy to three lucky commenters!

Wednesday: Love Inspired author and three time Carol finalist Debra Clopton is our guest blogger today and we're thrilled to have her share "Keeping a Huge Cast Straight." P.S. we have a copy of Her Homecoming Cowboy that's going to one visitor.

Thursday: Seekerville is delighted to welcome back Genesis finalist Nancy Kimball with her post "Why Free Won’t Build Following."  Stop by to chat and for an opportunity to win a $25 gift card.

Friday: It's time for the September Contest Update. The prize vault is open!

We'd love for you to share your sightings and events in the comments. 

 August 24 - 25, 2012: THREE CHANCES TO WIN!!! Win your choice of any of Julie's books INCLUDING A Love Surrendered or A Light in the Window: An Irish Christmas Love Story (e-book only) at Inkspirational Messages Blog. Looking forward to seeing you!

 A Light in the Window is now available for preorder.

Cara Lynn James will be blogging at Ink Dots on Monday, August 27th. She'll be giving away a copy of her newest historical romance, A Path toward Love.


Come and join in the campaign launch for Mary Connealy's latest book, Over the Edge. Mary is celebrating the release of the newest Kincaid Brides series by giving away a Nook Color and hosting an "Over the Edge" Author Chat Party on Facebook (Save the date for 8/29!). Enter the Sweepstakes and get more info here. 


ACFW 2012 Dallas is coming and you can find the following Seekers in attendance: Mary Connealy, Sandra Leesmith, Missy Tippens, Debby Giusti, Audra Harders, Janet Dean, Tina Radcliffe, Myra Johnson and Pam Hillman. Are you attending??

New Technology Promises in-Book Interaction Between Authors and Readers (Digital Book World)

5 Simple Ways to Open Your Blog Post With a Bang (CopyBlogger)

30 Indispensable Writing Tips From Famous Authors (BuzzFeed, thanks to K.C. Frantzen)

You're a Writer. You like to DREAM. Let's dream BIG here.

SYTYCW. It's about to launch! Check out the video with Senior Editor Kathleen Scheibling and Sr. Executive Editor Birgit Davis-Todd. (Harlequin)

Looking to break into the publishing industry or looking for an agent? Then do visit Falling Leaflets for some agent, and internship news!

Cover Design:Why Genre Readers Rule by Joel Friedlander (Author)

Inspired Romance, a digital publisher of sweet and inspirational romances, in now part of Prism Books. Prism publishes inspirational romance under the Inspire imprint, sweet secular romance under the Diamond imprint, and inspirational (non-romance) fiction under its Illuminate imprint. All titles are digital first. Prism and Inspire publish all sub-genres of sweet and inspirational romance, from contemporaries to Amish books to Westerns. August 31 they’re having an open pitch day for writers who’d like to write for them. For questions write Find the submission guidelines here. (Cindi Myers Market News)

4 Ways to Improve Plot/Climax in Your Writing by Jeff Gerke (WD)


Seekerville's October Birthday Bash is just around the corner, and big plans are already in the works, including several very special guest bloggers! 

We're excited to welcome back Stanley D. Williams, PhD, author of The Moral Premise: Harnessing Virtue & Vice for Box Office Success. Or, for our purposes, using MP theory to give our novels that extra "something" to make them resonate with readers long after they close the book.    (Check out his last visit to Seekerville, here!)

Adapting a quote from Dr. Williams's website, "While the physical, explicit story or plot line is what a [novel] is about, the psychological or moral premise is what the [novel] is 'really' about." Dr. Williams first visited Seekerville two years ago, offering an extensive overview of the concept including examples of the Moral Premise in published fiction. This time he wants to hear from you. 

  • What still confuses you about MP?
  • How can Dr. Williams help you put MP to work in your fiction?
  • What other burning questions are you just dying to ask The Moral Premise Guy?
Send your questions to Seekerville at no later than Saturday, September 1 at 9 p.m. MST, and we'll compile them for Dr. Williams. Then watch for his guest post on Saturday, October 20! For more information about Dr. Williams and his groundbreaking book, visit his website,

 Every person who sends us a question for Dr. Stan gets in a drawing for a free copy of The Moral Premise. Winner announced September 2nd.Two questions, two entries! If you already have a copy you're in for a $10 Amazon GC.

That's it. Have a colorful writing weekend!


  1. Wow I am excited. So cool to win Glynna's book. I read the first book in this series and will be buying at most of the others. made my day.
    this is so cool.
    Hope you all have a great weekend. It started sunny but back to wet, dull and overcast but not as cold as it has been.

  2. I have a question for Dr. Stanley. I'm doing a presentation of The Moral Premise for my local RWA chapter in October.

    I would like him to come to Omaha and give this presentation for me because I don't know what the heck I'm talking about.
    I can't afford to pay of course, but still, it's be really NICE of him to do it.

    The moral premise of my request.

    To give generously of his time and money to teach this will earn Dr. Stanley my eternal gratitude and respect. To NOT do my work for me will cause people to be utterly confused about his work and most likely (if I'm luck) blame him.

  3. I am so excited I won Oklahoma reunion by Tina Radcliff. Thanks Tina!
    Have a good weekend everyone. We are in the midst of moving after 18 years here. Arrrgh!

  4. Tell me it's a typo that Ruthy's name isn't in the list of Seekers coming to ACFW!

    It won't be the same without her. :(

  5. I know, it's just not right. No Jules, Ruthy, Cara or GK.


  6. Happy weekend everyone! Congratulations to the winnders, and I'm already looking forward to coffee with Tina and Mary. :) Thanks so much! I'm definitely looking forward to checking out some of the links later this morning. I got up early to write, but I had to stop by here first. Now, I'm glad I did.

    Have a great Saturday!

  7. Happy Weekend and congrats to the winners. I'm looking forward to reading both Glynna Kaye's and Tina's books that I won.

    Looks like it's going to be another stormy Saturday here. Hopefully someone is enjoying sunshine somewhere.

  8. Yet ANOTHER fabulous weekend edition from our Tina!

    ALL - DO spread the word that Martha Alderson "The Plot Whisperer" is coming to Seekerville this week! Sandra and I met her at the Desert Dreams Writers Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona in April and she's a fabulous teacher!

  9. Great WE as usual, Tina (here....please have a big serving of these Georgia Peach Pancakes I just made--hot off the griddle!). CONGRATS to all the winners, and I am SO THRILLED to be one of the winners to meet with Tina and Mary--WOOHOO!! (hmmm...does this mean I'll have to wear my glasses so I can locate you all? I don't like wearing my glasses *sigh*). I was already excited about ACFW, but now I'm SUPER-DUPER EXCITED about going!!! Hugs from Georgia, Patti Jo

  10. Oh, Tina, I didn't realize you were going to ACFW too!! It's bad enough I have to miss all the regular Seekers who usually go, but you NEVER go, and you choose THIS year -- the one year I am NOT going -- to show up??? I could take this personally, you know ... ;)

    Great WE, my friend, as always!


  11. It seemed appropriate as I am a Carol finalist.

    You can STILL go.

  12. I hear you on the glasses Patti Jo.

  13. Whew -- what an information packed WE. I've spent a couple of hours link hopping!

    Loved the 30 tips from famous writers but did you notice that only five of them were women? What's up with that??? My fav quotes:

    "Every sentence must do one of two things -- reveal character or advance action." Kurt Vonnegut


    "Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass." Anton Chekov

    What a great way to summarize show not tell which is my angsty problem.

    :-( Not going to ACFW but hoping for next year. Because it's closer to me and I just found out that I might be able to get the cost of the conference paid for by my school board. We're allowed to go to one conference every two years and they'll pay up to $500...but there's limited funding for the library techs so it's first come first serve. I never thought they would consider a writer's conference but a group of librarians went to one at the beginning of the summer so I'm a-hoping.

  14. Good morning good people!
    Dr. Stanley sounds so smart!
    Anyways, congrats winners, authors and hurray for next week! (I see Nancy K. will be a guest, have y'all seen her blog?? I like it!)

    Hmm... anybody up for pancakes this morning?

    Can't wait for the October celebration! Good job, Tina!

    Good day :-)

  15. Wow, Kav, that is wonderful news.

    Where is ACFW next year.

  16. Ganise, thankyou for the kind words.

    Can you email me privately?

    Tina at tina radcliffe dot com

  17. I'm going to ACFW!!! *waving hands around frantically*

    I can't wait to meet some of you Seekers there. I'm bummed that not all will be there, but hey, I'll take what I can get! Looking forward to seeing many of you LESS THAN A MONTH!!!

  18. What a wonderful theme for this weekend edition, especially when it's gloomy here and threatening rain. Which is okay because we are in such desparate need.

    Congratulations to all the winners.

    I am getting excited for conference! All I need to do is gather a few things for conference appointments.

  19. Congrats to the winners and esp AusJenny, now rest more and read more girl....
    looks like a great line-up for next week, but then most are very informitive.
    Seekerville is the place to be.....
    Have a great weekend everyone, thanks for all the great stories you share with we readers, so keep those minds sharp now...
    Paula O(

  20. JULIE! It's not to late to change your mind and show up at ACFW.

  21. ACFW Conferences:

    2013 - Indianapolis
    2014 - St. Louis
    2015 - Dallas
    2016 - Nashville -- that ones interesting because it's at the end of August instead of September. Much better for school working types like me. :-)

  22. Wow. Stephanie and Rose. I get to meet you.

    Gosh less than a month of starvation dieting left.


  23. I will be in Dallas for the conference! Yay! I even have Seeker roommates! Double Yay! Which makes me feel kind of, almost famous. :-) Can't wait to see everybody! I always want to see EVERY BODY, but alas, I always end up coming home and thinking, But I didn't get to see so-and-so, and I hardly got to talk to so-and-so at all!!! Sigh.

  24. And Tina, I just read your post about social media. Thank you for taking the pressure off! It's as I suspected, that my piddly marketing efforts aren't worth a whole lot. Now if only you could cut my grass for me.

  25. I was talking to my IT husband about the Social Media post. He also pointed out that the FB pages are not searchable by Google. Another negative.

    Are you serious. MY LAWN and bushes need attention too honey chile.

  26. Whose your Seeker roommate? I am rooming with the exquisite Ms. Giusti.

  27. Roommates with an S? Just how many are you shoving into one room?

  28. Mary Cline..I hate moving.

    Oh, and there is an e on the end of my name.

    Like my son, Daniel Radcliffe.

    Kidding. Not my son.

  29. Congrats to the winners!

    Can't wait to see everyone at ACFW! I'm also excited about hearing Michael Hyatt speak. I always like what he has to say. Plus, I signed up for the Early Bird Session, which my dear roomie, Ms. Radcliffe, said was going to be super fantastic!

    Enjoy the weekend. I'm heading back to work...


  30. I'll be in Dallas!!!

    Dunno if I'll make to Nashville :(. That's the first week of school for me most likely. I will be soooooo bummed. Or maybe late. We'll see. Or I could be NYT Bestselling author by then and not be teaching on the side.


    I too wanna know who your roomies are Mel! I'm rooming with 3 friends. Can't wait.

    That starvation diet needs to start working... :D And 3 manuscripts to finish whipping into shape. Should be doing that today but instead whipping kids into shape [not LITERALLY!] and cleaning up bedrooms and the basement.

    Where's the ice cream?

  31. No snickering allowed Carol. Someone has to make the NYT list. We may as well volunteer to take one for the team. Right?

  32. WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Super big congrats to Pam!!!!!!!!

    Robin just posted her big news to the loop! Vengeance Rider coming to an ereader near you in January!!!!!

  33. Sure Tina.

    I could do that :D.

    Not holding my breath though. I don't look good as a Smurf.

  34. It's always fun to stop back here and read during the day. :) Tina, thanks for the links. The 5 opening tips for blogs was good, especially since I am going to step out of my comfort zone and start one. Soon. I also loved the famous writers tips link. Thanks, Tina!

  35. You never know what will happen around here. Yes. Pammer has sold her second book. This is so awesome. Congratulations !!!!

  36. Congrats to the winners! Ya'll have a great weekend! :D

  37. Pam Hillman! Many congrats, sweet woman!

    Can't wait to see this!

  38. Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I've been sick since Wednesday. I'm glad to finally get to check it!

    Thanks for another great WE, Tina! And now I've got to go catch up from the last couple of days' posts!

  39. Kav, I hope they will pay for your conference! If they won't do ACFW, then maybe they'd do RWA since there are librarian events during the conference.

  40. I'm one of Melanie's roommates! And so is Audra. We'll have a 5-day long slumber party! :)

  41. YES! So excited to celebrate with Pam on the sale!

  42. Good point, Missy. RWA has librarian's day every year. It only costs 25 bucks. I used to attend that when I was a cataloger.

    Next year's RWA is in ATLANTA.

  43. Melly is rooming with Audra and Missy. I smell trouble!!!!!

    I vote we prank them!!!

  44. Great WE, again!

    I'm looking forward to the whole roommate thing at ACFW (waves to Jeanne T, Melissa J and Valerie FC!). The more the merrier, right? We can sleep on the plane...

    We're already making plans for Indy next year! My neighbor (okay, she lives an hour away, but close enough) and I are going to try to carpool. It's only a two day drive :)

    And Mary Cline! My neighbor in the other direction! Where are you moving to? Far away? (I can't imagine living in one place for 18 years, let alone leaving it...). I'll be praying for the nuts and bolts of the move. Sigh. So many details, so much stress.

    We spent the day up in the Hills. The weather is beautiful (although I'd trade it for some rain in a heartbeat...)

    Have a great rest of your weekend, everyone!

  45. I just spent an hour doing 9th grade algebra with a recalcitrant 9th grader, realized we were out of milk, and then checked Seekerville to learn I won Jordyn's book! What a way to end a Saturday! Thank you Seekerville!

  46. We can't help with milk or algebra but we can make you smile.

  47. Great WE, Tina! Looking forward to next week's posts! And I love the tidbits and links you put at the end. So helpful!!!

  48. Great post Tina,

    Love the colored pencils. One of my favorite things. Life is good. smile

  49. I disappear for the weekend and I get back on the winners list. Yeah! I'm ready for dessert! I hope I find out where it is in time though.

  50. Congrats to all the winners! But OH NO!! I won't be at the ACFW conference :( I have a wedding to go to that weekend! I will have to hear about the dessert and all the rest of the good times after you all come back :(

  51. Well Cindy, we'll just have to mail you dessert!!!

    Be on the lookout.

    Or maybe you and I can meet in Littleton.

  52. I am SO EXCITED to win Jordyns book! I have been dying to read it! Thanks so much for this opportunity. Will read and review as soon as I get it!