Wednesday, September 12, 2012

ACFW Silent Auction Sneak Peek

The ACFW Conference has so much to offer: meetings with agents and editors, connecting with friends you haven't seen in a year and sometimes longer, more workshops than Helen and Ruthy have coffees, worship services, and yummy food, all culminating in an Awards Gala on Saturday night that makes a girl want to don the sparkliest dress she can find.

And that's not all!

In addition to all that wonder for writers, there's the ACFW Bookstore (because authors are first and foremost readers, aren't we?) and the SILENT AUCTION which is located in the bookstore.

What is the Silent Auction?

The Silent Auction is funded by the generosity of ACFW members who want to donate to a worthy cause. Attendees can check out the donations and bid during the week, and the winners are announced on Saturday. All proceeds go toward the ACFW Scholarship Foundation which awards scholarships to the conference each year. So that's pretty cool!

There are usually lots and lots of themed baskets and totes full of books. Themes range from lighthouses, westerns, cooking, horses, murder mysteries, groups(like the Seekers!), offerings all from the same publishing house, etc.

And it's not just books. Sometimes there are eReaders, laptops, Ipads, and even a printer! See...

The ACFW Conference office staff purchases a color printer to use in the office while onsite, then donates it to the Silent Auction. Last year I needed a printer, and bidded on it several times. I ended up winning the bid, and I LOVE my printer!

Now, here's a sneak peek at some of the donations that will be available to bid on this year in Dallas.

This gorgeous afghan was crocheted and donated by Rosanna Huffman. This original design is called Midwest Summer.

Here's an entire set of Jill Williamson's books. While appropriate for all ages, my young adult especially likes Jill's books.

Check out the donation from Dierdre & Co. They've donated some darling bookmarks, and have ideas on how to use these for promotions for your book releases. Cool idea! Here's a sample of one of their bookmarks:

Okay, guys, I just may have to fight you for this one since it's less than three hours from me. A weekend at a condo on the Mississippi Gulf Coast!

And if you're looking for something special for the duck hunter in your life, look no further...Handcrafted by Gary Harders of SD Game Calls, this unique duck call of madrone burl with a walnut collar housed in an oak presentation box is a prize for any sportsperson. Complete with a mylar reed, this piece is ready for the upcoming waterfowl season, or happily showcased on the living room mantle.

Isn't it gorgeous?

Exchange for one night’s lodging for winner (and 1 guest, if desired), evening meal upon arrival, breakfast following morning, and character critique by author Kim Vogel Sawyer. Lodging and meals provided by The King’s Inn in Kingman, Kansas.

Linda Rohrbough's writing clocks are sure to bring a smile to your face...except when three o'clock rolls around! lol

And, finally, the Seekers are excited about our donation to the Silent Auction this year. The Seekers commissioned Gary Harders to handcraft this absolutely stunning walnut desktop secretary especially for the ACFW Silent Auction. I hope Gary's got his lathes and saws sharpened. Just sayin'

So, if you're attending the ACFW conference this year, take the time to stop in the bookstore, pick up a few books, and take a gander at the items up for auction. It won't cost you a dime to look, and you might even find yourself bidding on something your heart just can't live without.

See you in Dallas!


  1. Cool, Pam. Explain how this whole silent bidding thing works and how you know if your bid won. And is there any proxy bidding? Or do you have to be at the conference?

  2. oh! I live near Kim Sawyer, bed and breakfast bidding here I come! :)

  3. It's fun to browse the bookstore and look over the auction items!

    Can't donate my coffe pot, though. It's on duty for tomorrow morning. Twill be plenty to go 'round.


  4. Hmmm... Is that an ink or laser jet printer?

    Doubt I'll bid though I'm sure I'll shop at the bookstore. A lot.

    I would love a color laser jet though. If I could get it tomorrow that would be great. Gotta get one sheets etc printed off..

  5. sounds so cool love the silent auction idea.

  6. Tina asked all my questions.

    Good job, Teeeeeenster!

    Pam. What a great post. I'm drooling over the idea of a stay at Kim's B&B....

    How beautiful is that??? And peaceful. I'm a gal who loves peaceful!

    Helen, thank you for the coffee, sweet thaaaang! :) I'm adding those fresh Bruegger's Bagels to the morning breakfast bar. Italian Parmesano... Oh, yum!

    Pam, do you know the values of these? And how do folks bid if they're not at conference?

  7. Very good! What a great thing to wake up to this morning!

    It's always good to support good stuff. :-)

    Okay so, there might be a possiblility today that someone is celebratig one more year on this Earth ;-) So in honor of that: FREE CAKE FOR EVERYONE!!

    Just tell me what your favorite kind is. Hopefully we'll have many takers for chocolate!!

    SOO grateful for you- everyone of you- Seekerville!

    LOVE Y'ALL!! Hugs!

  8. Most importantly: All the glory be to God, today!


  9. Gary is a true artist, and his works are treasures. The secretary is gorgeous. Such talent, just like his beautiful wife, Audra!

    Thank you, Gary!!!

    Thank you, Pam, for spotlighting some of the wonderful items up for auction. I didn't know about the printer...and I always stop by the auction a number of times throughout the conference.

    Love the beach condo. And Kim's B&B. What a spectacular overnite that would be.

    I'm bidding on the afghan, for sure!

  10. Ganise!!! Happiest of happy birthdays, dear friend!!! Yeee haw, cake!


    Do not ask Virginia to make you a cake. I'm just sayin'.... Don't do it.

    But for me, carrot cake with oil not applesauce.... and/or chocolate cake, dense and rich.

    oh my stars, I'm so stinkin' hungry right now!!!

    Deb, isn't that afghan just country-sweet-lovely???? And the cool secretary Gary created????

    I might just have to mosey on over to the bank account page and see if I can put off buying milk for a week or two!!!

  11. cool stuff. I just had a great idea for next year's auction.

    I donated something tiny (but sure to make any writer smile) to the NE ACFW Zone basket.

    Will there be any follow up report on what all the prizes were and what was in them and who won? I mean, I'm not nosy or anything... but...

  12. Proxy bidding. hmmm...

    anyway, is there a live chat again during the awards ceremony (yes I've been living under a rock)?

    I will be there in the pink plaid flannel pants and not-matching purple housecoat.

  13. Thanks Ruthy! You are too sweet! Seekerville would not be the same without you. :-)

    One carrot cake coming right up.

    Congrats Audra! A talented husband,now that's a blessing. :-)

  14. Silent auctions are so much fun! Thanks for giving a sneak peek, Pam.

    A week...I will be leaving for Dallas in a week, and I'm lucky enough to be on the same flight as Mary Connealy and her hubby.

  15. Wow, thanks for the preview of the silent auction, Pam! Oodles of great items to bid on. Gary's desk is fabulous!! Love the duck call too. Trying to think of an avid hunter who would value and use it.

    Won't be long now before we hook up in Dallas. Can't wait!!


  16. Tina, I think there's a sheet of paper by each item and you just write the dollar amount you bid at the bottom of the list of bids, along with your name.
    And remember IT'S A DONATION TO THE ACFW SCHOLARSHIP FUND. So the money is for a great cause.

  17. That desktop secretary is so beautiful. What a wonderful job Gary did. But the duck calls? I LOVE THEM! And I know someone who really needs a duck call!!! (I know, I don't think a person can NEED a duck call, exactly. And yet, he does)
    There is a deadline for bidding and you need to check in and see if you won on the last day. I know with the Seekerville Secretary we include shipping it home as part of winning the bid.

  18. Melissa, I might be in a bidding war with you, for that one night b&b entry. :) I'll be nice though, especially since we're roomies. :) But more because I like you. :)

  19. These all look wonderful. I'm looking forward to the silent auction. I guess I'd better ask hubby how much I can spend. :)

  20. What gorgeous stuff, Pam! Glad I'm bringing my big suitcase, LOL!

  21. Oh Pammers, This post is making me cry. I am going to miss all of you. THIS MUCH

    I'm waiting for the answer to Tina's question. Can we bid if we aren't there?

  22. Ganise

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. You are a gift from God to all of us. smile

    And I'll have some of that carrot cake as long as it has the cream cheese topping.

    No Ruthy, you can't have the whole cake.

  23. That B and B weekend does sound lovely.

    Glynna won a weekend getaway when we bid at the Desert Dreams conference.

    It was so fun to see her face when she won.

  24. Ooo Melissa, doesn't that B&B look lovely? A slice of heaven in Kansas.

    I could use a printer, too. Carol. Actually, if I had a printer with multifunctions, I could give my son my printer to use in college.

    Oh, so many choices and so few pennies to spend...

  25. Is that Gary Harders the husband of our Audra, by chance? I LOVE that desktop secretary. Beautiful!!!

    Next year I need to donate some of my paper bead jewelry that I make. I make word beads that are pretty cool, if I do say so myself, especially for us writers.

  26. Speaking of few pennies to spend, don't worry about getting that secretary home with you when you win it. The postage to ship it is included!!

    No way am I shipping it to the conference! That baby is making me take my HUGE suitcase to conference, LOL.

    Now where am I supposed to store that contemporary version of a steamer trunk??? Hmm, maybe I can sleep in it??

  27. But Audra - if you ship it straight from conference [or if the winner drives home], think of all the BOOKS you could put in that spot on the way home!

  28. Oh, PAMMY, just LOVE that desktop secretary that Gary made -- what a talented guy!!

    Lots of fun things to bid on!!!


  29. I can tell I'm going to have to scrounge up some more cash... silent auctions are SO much fun!

    Happy Birthday, Ganise!!!!

    And Rose gets to chat with Mary all the way to Dallas? What fun!

    Is anyone making their flight connections in Denver on Wednesday? I'll be flying out of there around 10:45 am...just ONE MORE WEEK!

  30. Sandra, we'll hold down the Seekerville fort and keep the home fires burnin' for our loved ones schmoozing people in Dallas!

  31. I love silent auctions, I'm so glad you told us about this.

    Happy birthday, Ganise! I'm definitely in for the chocolate.

    Jackie L.

  32. Oh Jan! I miss you by minutes! I leave Denver around 10:00.

    Next year, we've got to coordinate this better : )

  33. Sweet stuff!!! I'm bringing my checkbook!

  34. Audra - I'm flying into Denver at 9:15, so we'll be in the airport at the same time! How close is that? I'm not sure we'll have time to make a connection, though...

  35. Oh! I can't wait to see the Silent Auction items in person - these look like so much fun!!

  36. Ganise! Happy Birthday to you, honey!!!

    Enjoy your special day. You're special to us!!!


  37. I'm sitting next to my husband on the flight.
    I haven't told him I'm booting him out to make room for Rose.
    I'm going to SURPRISE him.
    Oh, like I'd speak to him anyway. C'mon, I see him all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. I was recently at a fund raiser for a 10-month-old with cancer, very tough situation, chemo on a ten-month-old.
    I wanted to donate money and let's face it, the very delicious lunch cost like FIVE DOLLARS and I wanted to donate more. So I went to the many, many silent auction items and found this really silly little Coach coin purse and bid a LOT on it, way more than even a COACH item would go for and I won. But it was the DONATION that was the point. I was determined to leave X number of dollars behind so I set out to find a way.
    Think of this silent auction like that.
    If you've a mind to donate to the ACFW Conference Scholarship, then do it through this auction and walk out with something fun.
    Gary so generously made this and donated it, including all parts and labor. No part of your bid goes to Gary and Audra, it's all straight donation to the ACFW Conference Scholarship Fund. A great cause.

  39. Looking forward to checking out all the silent auction items. The desk secretary is my favorite. It's gorgeous.

    I'm eager to see me some Seekers and Friends of Seekerville.

  40. What wonderful items! I know I spent a LOT on books last year, but somehow managed to fit them into my luggage!

    You guys are making me jealous I can't go this year. :(

    Next year for sure!


  41. I've been thinking how fun it would be to go stay in Kim Sawyer's bed and breakfast. It's only one state away from me. Grant a HUGE state. Well, a state and a half.
    Might be why I've never gotten there. But it looks so beautiful.

  42. Pam is there anywhere to get a complete list of Silent Auction items?
    A link?
    I looked around the ACFW website and couldn't find it, but I admit a couple of shiny objects distracted me so maybe it's there.

  43. Oh that silent auction looks fantastic! Sigh, hopefully next year for me! But now I know to save some money for it, right?

    The only silent auction I ever won was this humongus tiger. I mean it was life sized! Lovely and plush and oh so comfy, but massive. I thought he'd make a great reading couch in one of my school libraries and tada -- I won!!!!!

    Then I had to take Himself all the way to my school on the bus -- in rush hour. He took up like two seats. Business types going to work do not have a sense of humour. I still cringe thinking about that trip. But the kids loved the tiger. :-)

  44. Thanks for the sneak peek, Pam! What an amazing array of auction items--especially that gorgeous desktop secretary by our own Gary Harders! Audra, you'll have to bring him along to the conference one of these years so he can "play" with the other hubbies!

  45. Wow! Great stuff! I won't be in attendance, so thanks for letting me live vicariously :)

  46. Sorry guys! I'm at the day job and it's a crazy day. I'll try to answer all the questions I can as soon as I can.

    Also tracking down some of the folks who are in charge of the Silent Auction to find out the answers to questions I don't know.

    But aren't the Sneak Peeks awesome??? I can't wait to see the Seekerville Secretary!!!

  47. Tina asked: Explain how this whole silent bidding thing works and how you know if your bid won. And is there any proxy bidding? Or do you have to be at the conference?

    I'll do my best to answer these questions. I was just looking at the pictures!

    All the Silent Auction items are on tables around the perimeter of the bookstore. Each has a description with the person who donated it, and an estimated value. You write your name and what you want to bid on the sheet. Then I come along and outbid you...then MARY comes along and outbids me, then of course she bids against herself, but that's not normal, that's just pulling a Mary... :)

    How do you know if you won? Winning bids are announced Saturday afternoon if I'm not mistaken. And once you know the exact time the bidding closes, it's recommended you go back to the bookstore and see if you won something you bid on.

    Proxy bidding? Or do you have to be at the conference? As long as whoever does the bidding pays and picks up the item when the auction is over, that's up to you and your proxy.

  48. Carol, that one is a Canon color inkjet printer with WIFI! Whoo-hoo! I have a good laserjet for bw jobs, but have enjoyed having this color printer for the odd job that I need at home for color.

    Bidding is wide open this year since I got mine last year! lol

  49. Pam, do you know the values of these? And how do folks bid if they're not at conference?

    I don't know the values of all of these, but it will be listed on the bid sheet as well as the person/group who donated the item.

    At this time, the Silent Auction isn't set up for online bidding, but wouldn't that be COOL for next year?

    If I wasn't going to the conference, and really wanted something, I'd corral a buddy who is going to bid for me. Then I'd have to pry it out of their hot little hands, but that would be between the two friends.

    So, Ruthy, if I win the weekend at Kim's B&B on your behalf, I'm not sure I'll be able to give it up.

    Just sayin'

  50. Pam - I also have a bw laser jet. I have a color ink jet, but would love a color laser jet because of the price/quality [at least compared to my ink jet...]. But looks like it's the inkjet this year...

    Praying the ink doesn't run out!

  51. Chocolate, Ganise!

    But my mother-in-law made a homemade fresh strawberry cake for the groom's table for my son/dil's wedding. That thing was scumptious.

    After they'd taken their obligatory bites, and set the plate down, my son sorta cut his eyes at the piece on the plate, picked it up and ate the whole thing in about 3 bites. Too funny!

  52. Oooh, that's a good idea, Debra. I'll take pictures of as many of the SA items as I can next week. Actually, I tried to find some of the previous years' offerings, and didn't have ANY pics in my folders. :(

  53. Debra, watch the loop and the website for the live chat link. I think they're working on getting that set up now.

  54. Yep, as Mary said, all proceeds from the Silent Auction go directly toward the scholarship fund.

  55. Mel, what a great idea....and it's not too late. I THINK you can take your jewelry with you and fill out a bidding form on site.

    Email Sharon Lavy if you're interested in donating. She's coordinating the Silent Auction.

    sharonalavy AT gmail DOT com

  56. Okay, Carol's comment just made me think of something...

    To the winner of the secretary... shipping does NOT include the weight of the BOOKS you can stuff inside the secretary! You're on your own with that! lol

  57. And this truly is a just a Sneak Peek. I estimate there's 25-30, maybe 40 items for auction every year. Jewelry, books, totes, baskets, critiques.

    Help me out guys? What am I missing?

  58. Mary, there isn't a list available that I know of. If I can get my hands on one, we could post it online here for next week.

    And there are donations made right up until next week, so that's why it's such a fluid process. But it's so much fun! If you go by the auction really early in the week, you might not see much, but make sure you stop in again.

    The donations are brought in by the doners, so might not get there until late Wednesday or even Thursday.

  59. Proxy bids would be tricky. If there's something you're dying to buy but won't be at conference, I would recommend that you talk to a friend who is going. They can bid for you, but they also have to pay and collect whatever you win. So make sure you have a friend who knows your limit and is willing to bring something back.

  60. With a silent auction, bidders can wander through from the time the bookstore opens until a time (usually 4 p.m. on Saturday) and place bids. Then there will be a set time to collect your items and pay. Usually that 4-6 p.m. window on Saturday -- Sharon will chime in with all those specifics.

    The fun part is you have to wander by a couple times -- especially if you really want an item. That's how you monitor whether you kept the high bid. And usually items are added several times on Wednesday and Thursday as attendees arrive.

    If you can't come, but would love to support the ACFW Foundation (a 501(c)(3)) with a donation, you can email me at pr at acfw dot com.

  61. The Foundation raises money to then award scholarship to the following year's ACFW conference.

  62. Thanks, Cara, for these clarifications! I had it all sorta right, but thanks for confirming it. :)

    The key, folks, is to bid early, bid often, and bid right at the END! lol

  63. We set the Silent Auction up the day before the conference, when we set up the bookstore. We never have enough table space so they items are crammed in. But each item has a bid sheet with places to bid. We like the highest bidder to pick up the items before the banquet.

    The problem with being the coordinator is I have to be checking the lists all the time, and looking at the items, which are so tempting, and so of course I bid on many of the items as well.

    After all it is for a good cause.:)

    If you need more info email me at sharonalavy at gmail dot com.

  64. My fear is that Carol is going to buy that printer or secretary, give it my seat, and make me walk home.

  65. Thank you, everyone! I SO appreciate your sweet comments!

    All of you make this a special place and are truly blessings.

    Hugs right back!


  66. If it's you or the secretary... Helen... well... maybe you could hold it...

    Otherwise... yeah. Bring your good walking shoes.

  67. Yeah, okay, chocolate. Mmm, some other items. Printer...

    JILL'S Books!!!!!! AHHHHH!

    Then the awesome handmade desk thingy!!!!!!


    Those are screams of... sadness because I'm not going.

    Oh, wow. Books and cool things!

    I wonder if there are tickets left!

  68. Hope you're having a HAPPY, HAPPY birthday, Ganise!

  69. MARY Conneally,

    Loved that story of the bidding. That's so very sweet. I'm sure they knew that the bidder was giving a donation but was doing it in a way that wasn't a big wad of cash slapped on the table.


  70. Wow! I love the afghan and the secretary. I love the coast of Mississippi and I've wanted to check out Kim's B&B. Wish I was going to conference. Too bad there wasn't an online auction for us stay at homers. *g*

  71. Have fun all! I had to cancel because a family member needs me here. I know that God has this under control, but I was hoping to meet many of you in person. Looking forward to hearing all the news!

    Happy Birthday Ganise.

  72. What amazing offerings! I can't wait to see them. :D