Saturday, September 1, 2012

Weekend Edition

 We're packing our lunch! It's back to school!
Back to our writing schedules. 

And don't miss our exciting September Calender here.

We Have Winners
If you haven't received your prize, drop us a line. Sometimes deadlines and dear ones detour us. How's that for alliteration? Contact us at if you won or we are late!

Drum roll!! The Moral Premise winner is...Amber Schamel!!

Tuesday we welcomed special guest Martha Alderson, the Plot Whisperer. The winners of Martha's new workbook, The Plot Whisperer Workbook: Step-by-Step Exercises to Help You Create Compelling Stories are:Becky Doughty, Sally Bradley, and Joanne Sher.  Thank you, Martha for your visit and your generous giveaway!

We sure had fun Wednesday with Mule Hollow, Love Inspired author and three time Carol finalist Debra Clopton is our guest blogger today and we're thrilled to have her share "Keeping a Huge Cast Straight." Debra is generously giving away three copies of Her Homecoming Cowboy-the winners are: Andrea Strong, Jan and Donna.

 Seekerville was delighted to welcome back Genesis finalist Nancy Kimball with her Thursday post "Why Free Won’t Build Following."  Boy did that get us thinking! Winner of a $25 gift card is Pam K.

Friday brought us the September Contest Update. The winner of The Busy Writer's Kickstart Program by Marg McAllister is Pat . And the reader winner of Mary Connealy's Over the Edge is Ganise.

And don't forget you if you enter a contest mentioned in the Contest Update you could win a $25 Amazon GC. Details here.

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday:  Seekerville is closed for the Labor Day Holiday.

Tuesday: Arlene James (with over 75 books to her credit!) joins us today to talk about some elements of the writing craft in "It's Not About Balance." Arlene is one of Love Inspired Books top authors who launched Harlequin's inspirational line in 1997! She'll be giving away to one lucky winner a copy of Carbon Copy Cowboy, Book #3 in the Love Inspired "Texas Twins" continuity series!  (Seeker Glynna Kaye's Book #4 Look-Alike Lawman debuts in October.)

Wednesday: Love Inspired author Winnie Griggs joins us on Wednesday. Winnie's here to talk about "Revelations and Secrets" in your book. Winnie will be giving away a signed copy of Hand Picked Husband.

Thursday: Please welcome our guest, L.A. Sartor as she shares her journey through the world of Indie Publishing. Indie Publishing isn't for everyone, but the thrill of writing "My Story, My Way" has been her adventure of a lifetime. Here's your chance to have all your non-traditional publishing questions answered, and at the end of day, two winners will be drawn to receive copies of her ebook, Dare To Believe (winners announced in the Week End Ed). 

Friday: Join Mary Connealy with her post,"To Make Your Characters Likeable, Have Someone Like Them." There will be a drawing for a $15 Christian Book Distributors egift card. If things are slow she'll shoot a secondary character, whether they're likable or not.

Seeker Sightings

We'd love to know what you're up to. Share your news or sightings in the comments.

Congratulations to Seeker Pam Hillman who has contracted with Tyndale House Publishers for her second Digital First ebook titled Vengeance Rider, a historical romance where love turns a quest for revenge into redemption. Under the original title of Marrying Mariah, Vengeance Rider won numerous contests including ACFW's Genesis contest and RWA's Golden Heart. Vengeance Rider will be a January 2013 release

A BIG Woot  for Seeker Sandra Leesmith whose pitch is a winner. When Senior Editor Victoria Curran passed out cards at the RWA Anaheim Conference to write story ideas for the new Harlequin Heartwarming line, Sandra was one of five selected to submit her story idea. Congratulations, Sandra!

 Debby Giusti is smiling in Georgia! She received a a two-book contract from Love Inspired for books 5 and 6 in her Military Investigations Series.The General's Secretary book 4, will be released in January. The newly contracted book 5 is slated to be published in September 2013, with book 6 to follow. Congratulations, Debby!


 Glynna Kaye's Look-Alike Lawman is available for preorder!


Congratulations to Seekervillager Larissa Reinhart on the launch of her debut, PORTRAIT OF A DEAD GUY. She signed copies of her book Tuesday evening at a local pizza parlor that was packed with friends and fans.  Debby Giusti was there to cheer her on and share in the fun!

Cara Lynne James will be a guest on Debbie Lynne Costello’s blog, on Monday, September 3rd. If there are 10 comments, she’ll be giving away a copy of her newest book, A Path toward Love.
On Wednesday, September 5th, Cara will be blogging about ‘My Writing Routine – What works for Me’ on Tiffany Stockton’s blog. She’ll be giving away a copy of A Path toward Love if there are 10 comments.

She will also be a guest at Jo Huddleston’s blog at on Thursday, September 6.

Random News & Info

 Annie Stone has joined Harlequin Teen as associate editor. Previously she was an assistant editor at Harper.(Publishers Lunch)

 Facebook Cracks Down on Fake "Likes" (Reuters) -trying not to laugh here.

New Kindle Fire Coming Soon (Technology NBCNews)  and's Kindle Fire 'sold out' ahead of expected announcement of new device (

How To Read Amazon Review Graphs (GalleyCat)  and Major Bestsellers with More Than 150 One-Star Reviews (GalleyCat)

 Amazon Publishing Adds Over 1,000 Dorchester Titles (PW)

Final Checklist: "Is Your Book Ready To Go?" with (Harlequin Editors) Carly Byrne & Caroline Kirkpatrick (eHarlequin)

 The Best Book Reviews Money Can Buy (Yahoo!Finance)

4 Lessons Authors Can Learn from Obama’s Fake Twitter Followers (Author Media)  -sensing a trend in the news this week?? (Taking the Me out of Social MEdia?)

Last chance to enter!

We're excited to welcome back Stanley D. Williams, PhD, author of The Moral Premise: Harnessing Virtue & Vice for Box Office Success. Or, for our purposes, using MP theory to give our novels that extra "something" to make them resonate with readers long after they close the book.    (Check out his last visit to Seekerville, here!)

Adapting a quote from Dr. Williams's website, "While the physical, explicit story or plot line is what a [novel] is about, the psychological or moral premise is what the [novel] is 'really' about." Dr. Williams first visited Seekerville two years ago, offering an extensive overview of the concept including examples of the Moral Premise in published fiction. This time he wants to hear from you. 

  • What still confuses you about MP?
  • How can Dr. Williams help you put MP to work in your fiction?
  • What other burning questions are you just dying to ask The Moral Premise Guy?
Send your questions to Seekerville at no later than Saturday, September 1 at 9 p.m. MST, and we'll compile them for Dr. Williams. Then watch for his guest post on Saturday, October 20! For more information about Dr. Williams and his groundbreaking book, visit his website,

 Every person who sends us a question for Dr. Stan gets in a drawing for a free copy of The Moral Premise. Winner announced September 2nd.(Tomorrow!) Two questions, two entries! If you already have a copy you're in for a $10 Amazon GC.
That's it!!! Have a wonderful three-day weekend! 

(P.S. We have no fake followers in Seekerville only shy lurkers!)


  1. Oh I just love the WE! Congrats to all the winners, and to Pam and Debby. =) And if someone I should have also congratulated didn't stick in my brain, feel free to drop-kick me. *hugs*

    So is anyone else planning an all-day writing session Monday? =)

  2. I agree with Nancy--great WE! I re-read the Moral Premise post you linked. Fabulous. My mind is too tired to formulate a question tonight, but I discovered a very simple way of describing my moral premise, so that's good. Right? :)

    Congratulations to the winners! Pam, Debby--wonderful news for you, too!

    NANCY--I wish I would have the opportunity for a pajama writing day. With my honey and my two kiddos home, we'll probably have a family day instead. Which is also good. :)

    Enjoy your weekend, all!

  3. LARISSA!!!!


    LARISSSAAAAAAA!!!!! Big Western NY grin here! What a wonderful thing!!!!


    Hey, I started at 5:00 AM... I'm alternating between the front garden and writing. When my creative brain FRIES, I go get dirty.

    I love gettin' dirty! Hey, what a great WE, Teeeenster, and I'm sorry I missed yesterday. Away from computer, but I love contest updates THIS MUCH!

    I have finished revisions on WIP and am moving to new series which I'm hoping will be contracted...

    And I'm delighted with how the revisions went. I think the final version is a stronger, more rhythmic book.

    Whatever that means!

    Coffee.... Brought it. Hey, Pumpkin Spice creamer??? Pumpkin spice coffee???? September calendar????



    Pam, Deb: SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!

    Congrats, my friends, congrats! Yayayayayayayayay!

    Jeanne, you are the perfect example of the 1K1HR candidate. Like me, you rarely get a day.

    But if we make the best use of those hours, oh my stars!!! They add up!!!!

  4. Well, humph, I'm totally disillusioned by reviews now!!!! I guess there's a market for everything these days. :-0

    Super congrats to Pam -- what a quick release date, Sandra -- wishing you a heartwarming good luck, Debby -- whoohooo two more books to look forward to and Larissa!!!! Congrats on your debut.

    What a newsworthy WE. My only compliant is that Mary's lunchbox is plain white. Shouldn't it have a cowboy on it?

  5. CONGRATS to all the winners! And a BIG CONGRATS to Pam H., Sandra, and my fellow Georgian Debby Giusti--YAY!! ~ Hope everyone has a safe, fun Labor Day weekend! Hugs from Georgia, Patti Jo :)
    p.s. I'm thinking I'll take a little break from BAKING this weekend to focus on WRITING *smile*. ;)

  6. Good morning!!

    Congrats to : Pam, Sanda,Deb and Larissa. Go get em' ladies! And we salute the winners!

    And I won Ms Connealy's Over The Edge.. Hmm I'm looking foward to seing this!

    Wishing showers of blessings for you all!

  7. Yeah... back to school... How's everyone feeling about it?

    Happy September by the way!

  8. Yeah... back to school... How's everyone feeling about it?

    Happy September by the way!

  9. I'm so doing pajamas on Monday. All day. And ordering pizza for lunch and eating it again for dinner. :-p
    And WRITING! My dog Eric will be with me all day so I hope that counts as family day for me. But I would LOVE to have your kind, Jeanne T. Blessings!

    Ruthy, pumpkin spice muffins to go with your pumpkin spice coffee. =)

    Kav, Mary's lunchbox would totally have a cowboy. With a gun on each hip. :-p For me however, I simply want the prestige of having Tina Radcliffe select a lunchbox for me. =)

    CatMom, yay for writing!

    Ganise, morning girlfriend. I don't have "real" children (sssshhhhhh... my puppy Eric can NOT hear me say that) but I actually like summer better because traffic isn't as bad. I'm used to being backwards though. :-p

  10. Congrats to Pam and Debby. Love those contracts. :)

    Great WE Tina, but where's MY lunch???

    Good thing Nancy brought pumpkin muffins. I love pumpkin muffins. Thank you. :)

  11. Another great WE, Tina!!

    Congrats all around!! So excited for Pam and Debby and Sandra! And also Larissa! How exciting for a first book signing. I remember being so nervous! I wasn't even sure what page to sign on. :)

  12. BTW, I'd appreciate prayers for my kids today and all weekend. They're traveling with the church youth group to go whitewater rafting and will return on Monday.


  13. Kav, I know! I guess I'm naive. But when I read that article this week I was stunned!

  14. Ruthy, I can't believe it's time for pumpkin spice already!! It's still supposed to hit nearly 90 degrees this weekend, so I'll hold off on buying it. I think around here I'll need to wait until October.

  15. Happy Weekend everybody!

    It's hot here, too, Missy - but still feels like fall. There's something about the slant of the sun and the feel of the air, even though we're supposed to hit 100 degrees today!

    But there's a cold front coming through. Our low Monday morning is supposed to be in the 50's. I can live with that :)

    I won't be writing on Monday. The family is going hiking. Harney Peak is calling...

    Congrats to all the winners!

    And all those stellar contract signers! Yay Pam and Debby!

    Yay Sandra! I'll be cheering your idea all the way through publication!

    And Larissa! Woo Hoo!

  16. Pam! Sandy! Debbie!


    That is awesome news.

  17. Great WE

    Congrats everyone

    Yay Larissa

    School started a couple weeks ago and I find I stay up later. Cause after I get my grand daughter to school, which gives me a morning walk. I can go back to sleep and recoup from my late night.

    I've been working on revisions, my second in the Shadow Series -- Shadowed Dreams releases in Nov. And I have edits on two others due out in January and early next year.

    With the open time, I've worked out the kinks on a couple of stories and that always feels good.

    Tina P.

  18. Nancy-- I like summer too friend! We're on the same page! :-)

    Missy- I will! Your kids are blessed with a caring mother... how lovely!

    Yeah, school is certainly something.. I guess it's a relief for parents but for students.. well.. ugh! (Although some classes are interesting, I will admit.)


    Phoenix Rattler Contest Fans
    You Still Have about 9 hours and 20 minutes To Enter and pay by PayPal.

    Contest Closes at 5:00 pm MST.
    They don’t have daylight saving time in Arizona. They have more daylight than anyone needs! They actually export daylight to California.

    When it is 12 noon in Tulsa, it is 10 am in Phoenix. (At least it is while Tulsa is on daylight savings time.

    Is anyone entering? I don’t know if I can make it or not. This is just like being back in retail advertising with daily deadlines.


    P.S. Tina: I have the perfect artwork of a cowgirl on a horse with a lasso. I’d be glad to send it or post it on my site.

  20. The Cutester has struck again!
    I’m now in a happy mood!

    Here it is:
    Ruth’s Site

    Come back in a happy state of being!

  21. Congrats to Debby!

    Your military series is the best I’ve ever read! I’m sure that like “Dry Creek” and “Mule Hollow”, “Fort Rickman” will run for as many books as you feel like writing.

    I love this passage from “The Colonel’s Daughter”

    “Instead of a military uniform, CID agents wore civilian clothes to ensure that rank didn’t get in the way of their investigations.”

    I’m a former Air Policeman and even I needed to know that! Everything is so realistic. Oh, but it is so hard! You take the most wonderful, sympatric characters and kill them and knife them (on their anniversary) and then shoot them again! OMG!

    At least Mary shoots people who need shooting – like Sidney -- who only a Christian saint would wish to see redeemed. (Like me : ))

    You have a great mystery going, a true suspense, and real love story because the hero and heroine were in love once before in the past. It’s a perfect LIS storm but so sad to read – I’m still only 62% done! I've never gotten so much value for my reading dollar. : ) (But it's true.)

    I just can’t wait to have read it!


  22. Congrats Pam!

    I want to be the first to download your new book. Give plenty of notice.

    “Stealing Jake” was like no other romance I can remember reading. I can’t wait to see if you can match that same ‘story telling’ voice. You are a fresh new star!

    I just have to know if you can do it again!


    P.S. Now I have to wrestle some rattlers. Of course, we do that in Oklahoma for sport.

  23. More good news....check out the tail end comments in yesterday's Contest Update until the newsee comes to visit. Hint she is wearing blue in her profile picture.

  24. Missy, pumpkin spice should be sold all year.

    I stocked up last year on two cases of Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice K cups.


    I truly did and I drank most of 'em! Such a lovely flavor!!!

    Okay, you hold off til October, I'm digging in ASAP. Pumpkin muffins, Nance????

    I've got some cream cheese frosting to go with those bad boys, right here!

    YES!!! ;)

    And I'm in a sharing mood.

  25. Must go check the pic....

    Vince, I actually spent the early morning setting up the month...

    I heard your plea and responded accordingly! You were the Holy Spirit, whispering in my ear.


    Good job!!!

    Now, for the secret....

  26. Is it wise now to tell Tina that Melissa announced that A LONG TIME AGO?????

    Or should I keep it a secret and let her think her brain hasn't turned to mush?????

    Naw. Let her feel as old as the rest of us, LOL!

    We did know that, Teenster. Although Melissa may have just told it to MOI because we are, like, BFF's you know!!!


    Melissa, congrats anyway, and Walt, I'm so delighted about your Lonestar final.

    Did I ever mention how often I crashed and burned with plainly scurrilous scores in that contest???

    Clearly, Texas was not a Ruthy-fan!!! But I love me some Texas Barbecue and Mindy Obenhaus, and Lisa Wingate Texas Cooking stories, so I clearly do not hold a grudge!!!

    And I got my butt kicked thoroughly this year, but you are guaranteed to lose 100% of the things you do not enter...

    So I enter and move on. It's the only way to do things in a subjective business like this.

    Tough shells, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-style.

    We are big, brave and bold. And nice!!!!

  27. Oh. My. Goodness! You Seekers are crazy! I love it! Is it because of the holiday? Or the pumpkin spice? And I haven't even seen a comment from Julie L. yet....

    I will tell you one of the things I love the most about this site is how much and how well you support each other and those of us who show up here. Not just in drawing, but in comments, in shout-outs, in simple "thank-you's" too.

    And I'm not just saying that because I won a copy of Martha Alderson's The Plot Whisperer Workbook and I'm absolutely tickled! (I'm sending an email). Thank you thank you thank you!

    Have a terrific week-end, all of you!


  28. So many Seekers and Seekervillagers doing great things! Congratulations to you all!

  29. Well I didn't know this.

    Where was I??

    Congratulations to Melissa Jagears who is now repped by Natasha Kern.

  30. EVA!! I was just thinking about you.

    Working on that next sale??


  31. Melissa Jagears!! You go girl. Will be looking foward to the first book. Congrats!

    Becky I am agreeing with you! Seekerville makes you feel so welcome,doesn't it? :-)

    Enjoy the long week-end,everyone...ahh!

  32. Melissa! Tina, I did not know that. YAY!!!

    Vince, I entered Rattler last night. This is my second contest for my second MS that went to Duel on the Delta earlier this year. I'm pretty sure the Duel just hates me, LOL. The first year I tanked (3 sets of wounding scores) but I deserved them. This year, two almost perfect scores and one killer score. I like to think that judge (who wasn't the multipublished author that loves it, hehe) just didn't get me or much care for historical romance since it was an inspy category.

    I want my lunchbox to be one of those old-school metal pails. Yeah... =)

  33. Yay for all the winners! (Including me)

    And congrats to all the rest.

  34. Hmmm... I thought for sure I'd read about Melissa in a WE...

    Ah well. CONGRATS AGAIN!

    I entered Rattler. Be proud. Just decided to try on Thursday. Had to cut out 3 pages. Part of that was done by deleting the space in front of 'Chapter one' 1/3 down the page and making the prologue part of ch.1 [something I'd already planned to do but the prologue was ended on like the top 1/3 of the page so there was some]. And then slicing and dicing and stuff.

    It got Angie's approval and the original version had Margie Vawter's approval as well :).

    Congrats to all the winners!!! YAY!!!!!!

    Woke up to an email saying I'd won a book from the Grace Livingston Hill FB page - Tomorrow About this Time. Crimson Roses is coming out too. Yay! Not quite as cool as a Seeker prize but...

    Did y'all see that A Love Surrendered is already available on Kindle? Hard copy is still listed as 10/1.

    Our weekend? Had one family over for a couple hours at lunch. Mother/Step Father in law are coming over for dinner. Tomorrow we're hoping it's nice enough to go the pool [still have Isaac remnants right now]. Monday we're going to Silver Dollar City [oy].

    Tuesday, I think I'll sleep ;).

  35. Missy,

    In this part of Georgia, just up the road from you a bit, the BJ's had apple cider doughnuts! I was crazy enough to buy them--feel free to indulge with me, anyone!

    And Ruthy, right across the aisle from the apple cider doughnuts, they had big huge cases of Green Mountain k-cups of...wait for it...pumpin spice coffee for $18! I wanted to cry because I do not have a k-cup machine yet...

    However, this morning I felt a little better because the very k-cup machine that I have had my eye on (Mr. Coffee) has been recalled. Those machines have been spraying people with hot water. How mean!

    I have seen pictures of your k-cup machine and it isn't a Mr. Coffee, is it? You deserve better treatment for your devotion!


  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Congrats Carol!
    AND O.M.GOSH!! I'm still screaming about A Love Surrendered being avaible on kiddle!

    Julie Lessman (if you read this): I'm SO excited for you, sweet friend!!

    Who's planning on reading it? I'm on Amazon reading the excerpt!

  38. Congrats to winners (including moi LOL) and the contract folks! LOVE this place!

  39. Rattler Rattled!

    I just sent off my Phoenix Rattler entry with two hours and forty minutes to spare! So there are at least three Seekerville friends in the contest. Of course, with all those experienced female contestistas, the ladies are sure to eat my lunch! And if there are any guys of Walt’s caliber, I’m sure to be at the bottom of both male and female lists.

    Oh, well, if I must get snake bitten, this is the one contest where it is most apropos to feel the fangs. Maybe I could rise like the Phoenix for the next contest. : _)

    BTW, do I win something? I can show my PayPal entry receipt. With all this extra time left over, I might even be able to enter the Golden Gateway by closing time tomorrow. I just need to polish fifty pages and get my ten page synopsis cut down to five pages. That sounds doable for a paranormal person.


    P.S. Did you hear about that famous politician who had 70% fake ‘likes’ on Facebook? He was just deficit ‘liking’. Those were all likes he’s going to get in the future someday but he is applying them today. He;s taking ‘likes’ from friends yet unborn. : )

    P.P.S. I have the artwork for Mary’s lunchbox up on my website. No link.

  40. Ruthy has a Kerig,Piper. The basic model is 119$ Piper. So go sign up for Bed Bath and Beyond online and they will send you a coupon for 20 percent off one item. Then you can buy it.

    I have the basic and love it. Zero problems. Don't need the fancy one.

  41. Yes. Vince. KING OF THE PUN. You're so FUN.

    Yes, to send your receipt email for a contest to Seekerville to get in on the drawing.

  42. Way to go, CAROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Or Ms.Contestista, in Vince, lingo.

  43. Shame on me for stopping in so late. Busy moving daughter...yes, she's still moving. That girl has so much stuff!!!

    Vince!!! You deserve about a trillion hugs, at least. Maybe a million gazillion. Thank you for your super kind words about THE COLONEL'S DAUGHTER and my Military Investigations series.

    Congrats to all the winners!

    Congrats to debut author, Larissa Reinhart! BTW, Larissa spoke at the Decatur Book Festival today. That girl is smokin'! We're so proud of you, Larissa.

    Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

  44. Tina, I'm getting excited about our big, Big, BIG 5 Year Birthday Party for Seekerville in October.

    Whoo-hoo!!! Can't wait for all the fun!


    Tina, I didn't know I was Ruthy's BFF, so if I could miss that, then your missing my news is forgivable. :)

    I think the WE edition was the contest I won. (which led to the editor request and agent but I don't think it mentioned anything more than that.)

  46. Well, the Ruthy BFF thing is really a little disturbing..but the Natasha thing..that's really wonderful!!!

  47. PIPER!!!!

    Not only have I put your name in a BOOK because I love it that much...

    If you stay tuned...

    You never know what OCTOBER BIRTHDAY BASH might bring, chickie!!!! :)

    There are some "things" up Seeker sleeves, no doubt! Stay tuned for further bulletins and have we mentioned everyone should

    FINISH THE BOOK????????


    GO, GO, GO, GO!!!!!

    I'm just sayin' somethin'-somethin' without revealing SECRETS I'm s'posed to be keeping.

    Because I'm a good secret-keeper!!!

    Have I mentioned how much I hate yellow jackets (wasps, not bees, a nod to Debra Marvin here!!!) when they invade my living space????


    Tina, I just thought, maybe Melissa talked about her signing on 1K1HR...

    I was over there more before summer came on and I had to be outside watching least-uns.

    (This is my graceful and slightly obvious way of giving the Teeeenster an out because I humiliated her yesterday.

    Kind of fun, actually!)

    Not really. I should erase that last line....


  48. What in darn tootin' is so wrong with being my BFF??????

    A girl can have LOTS of BFF'S, right?????

    They should be able to, at any rate, otherwise it's eighth grade all over again!!!!!

    Piper, we have glazed apple cider donuts/frycakes here at Zarpentine Farms.


    I was waiting on the stoop for them to re-open August 1st. I cried, ranted and raved the day they closed in April.

    LONGEST THREE MONTHS ever, but I lost a few pounds which I will re-gain now because there are cider frycakes five minutes away!

    May I hear an AMEN?????


    My Keurig is the same model as Tina,s I believe. Three level/sizes. No fancy gizmos.

    But Piper, DON'T BUY IT YET...

    You know what I'm sayin', girlfriend!

  49. Hey friends! I just read this really awesome blog post. Maybe it will bless you too. (The one posted on the 31th of August).

    Have a good Sunday everyone!

  50. Great articles as usual, Tina!

    Correction to my blogging next week--


  51. Nope. Mine is only two size cup choices. The basic one. Ruth's is a step up.

    Why shouldn't she buy it?

  52. Are we giving one away in October?

    Well we have to rethink the whole Kindle Fire thing since they are sold out.

  53. I was in one town and my writing trunk (including my binder of notes on the Moral Premise) was in another last week. (Do I get any slack for being near Silver Creek again, Tina?)

    Did you get enough questions for Dr. Stan yet?

    And oh, yes, I knew about Melissa's news too.
    Where WERE you?

  54. You were near Silver Creek and didn't stop in?? We're going to have to have a SC get together.

    Where have I been. Good question.

    I will be drawing names this afternoon. You can still get in if you send a question.

  55. Congrats Debby and Pam, and Sandra too!

    Sandra, that little meet and greet was great, huh? So you were one of the five? Very cool!

    I want to put in a pitch for the Four Seasons contest as I just received a note from the coordinator and they are VERY anxious for entries. Read between the lines on that, folks. Your chances are very good this year!
    AND, next year I think they will add Inspy to their line-up, so it would be nice to keep this contest around for another year!

    Great WE again. Thank you!

  56. Tina -

    Supposedly they're 'sold out' because they're announcing the Kindle Fire 2 [or something] next week. I'd imagine they'd start selling them pretty quick...

  57. Yeah. That's exactly it, Carol. See Weekend Ed. links.

  58. Hey, speaking of contests, Jody Wallace of the Melody of Love contest says they're low on entries- especially the HISTORICAL category.

    All judges are editors (Haper Collins, Harlequin, Bellebooks, and Entangled.

    PUBBED AND UNPUBBED welcome in every category.

    Honestly, that just sounds fun. Deadline Sept 5th!!!

    Come on, peeps. Join me in some contesting fun!

  59. And MELISSA has been cheating on me.

    All those late, late night we spent together on the 1k1hr?

    They meant nothing.

    Whatevah. Ruthy can have her. I'm sure she'll come crawling back to me as soon as she realizes Ruthy gets up at OH DARK THIRTY.

    And she's PERKY.

  60. Amen Ruthy for apple cider doughnuts! And they are glazed? I would lose my mind! These ones down here in the wilderness of Atlanta have cinnamon sugar on them, no glaze. And they are full of preservatives!

    Oh well. They are better than no apple cider doughnuts.

    I love Seekerville, with these little nibbles of contest information! I wasn't going to do Melody, but I may have to join you, Virginia. So many others got into the Rattler, so maybe I can make a mark somewhere!

    Enjoy the holiday everyone!


  61. Neener, neener, Virginia, I took up the challenge!!!

  62. HAAAAAA!!!! TINA!

    That wasn't meant for you. That was meant for those people here who... don't write. At all.

    What category???

  63. Silver Creek smells like concord grapes tis time of year, doesn't it?

    i was gone all day but I can send a question if you need one.

    Happy September everyone!

  64. I can't reveal which contest OR which category. HAAAAAA!!!!!

  65. Yes, Debra. The Grape Festival is coming up. Ever make a grape pie. Unfortunately I have never been crowned the Grape Queen. I shall regret this for the rest of my life.

  66. Virginia, I was just afraid of Ruthy--she might have come and woke me up in the morning with her Keurig coffee and started singing "Good morning, Pumpkin" if I didn't choose her over you.....and then she'd realize I ain't the nicest girl, not when you start pulling my covers off in the morning. Grrrrrrr

  67. Oh, Tina, I' m hoping it was the Suzannah...

  68. Contest fever seeps throughout the weekend news!

    LOVE IT!!!!

    Hey, coffee has arrived for day three of a wonderful weekend! Looking forward to writing... writing... and more writing!


    And eating leftovers from yesterday's end-of-summer gathering. I WILL NEVER BE THIN.

    So much good food!!!! I vote we return to Renaissance Art when women were allowed, nay, ENCOURAGED to have thighs!!

    Okay, rambling. Must feed the chickens before they come looking for food and offer Ms. Fox a tasty, easy-access treat!

  69. Hi Virginia:

    What’s with this “Melody of Love” contest? Published authors can enter in their own category! Amateurs welcome. I think the neophytes call this the “Fifty Shades of Rejection” contest. (Did you say they are short of entries? Duh.) I just love it. : )

    This makes me think of a Hemingway short story where there was this punch drunk old boxer in a Key West bar who always bragged to everyone that ‘he could take a beating and that no other boxer could absorb as much punishment as he could.”

    I hope I can get an entry out by the 5th! Then I can get worse over with at the start of my contest quest. I wonder how many Carol and RITA authors are going to enter?

    What fun.

    Who here will face Goliath?


  70. Hi Tina:

    Don’t give up the Grape!

    I understand that next year they are going to have a new Raisin Queen contest for unqueened contestants. (That’s unqueened within the last five years.)

    Sorry. I have to go cut the grass and it’s over 100! Just letting off a little silliness. In 30 minutes the whole lawn will be in shade.


    P.S. What’s the deal on that KEURIG thing? My wife said I can’t bring one of those things into the house. She said you have to pay a fortune to be locked into buying their coffee. Why do people buy them?

  71. Well if you buy the coffee online or at Costco you can get it for 48 cents a cup. And you can buy a little thingie that lets you use regular coffee in a Keurig and you don't have to buy K cups.

  72. I actually was not looking at Melody of Love myself. You go for it David..I mean, Vince.

    Happy mowing.

  73. Vince, I was gardening in 87 degrees... in my turtleneck and sweats to avoid poison ivy.

    And gloves.

    And a bandanna.

    I'm TOTALLY commiserating with you big guy!

    I don't know why they'd have published authors in a category they're published in. Interesting Machiavellian twist, right?

    Or "How to throw your money away in one easy lesson"...

    Although I'll tell you that being published is no guarantee of nothin'. It's still subjective and that's why it's kind of weird.

    Tina The Raisin Queen.

    Grape pie.

    Oh, yum.

    I have to find an old recipe I had that used grape juice concentrate. It was delicious and easy. The trick is not making the filling taste like grape jam.

    I need pie. Like now. It's hot here and I needed a break from gardening. Mmmm.... pie.

  74. Hi Tina:

    48 cents a cup and it’s not Starbucks? And you have to make it yourself? Does it taste three or four times better than Starbucks?

    I just checked Wal-Mart for Starbucks K-cups and they work out to 81 cents a cup! I think this KEURIG thing is like deep POV – it’s just hard to understand. : )


  75. Hi Ruth:

    87 degrees…where do I apply? But that still seems hot for upper state NY. When I lived in New Jersey we’d wear windbreakers and play touch football on Labor Day.

    I just cut the lawn, a one hour job, and it took two hours and ten minutes with water breaks. It was 105 degrees (I bet Myra’s glad to be gone) and like you I had to wear a long sleeve shirt, gloves, and sweat pants. I didn’t go near the poison ivy but I had to protect against crape myrtle branches and pine needles. They can find any bare skin on your body.

    Talking about food, shouldn’t you be doing something special with watermelon? I still have to do some shopping today. I’d like some of you Maple Fudge as a reward.


  76. Vince, I'm making the fudge as we speak!!! ;)

    Just for you.

    Okay, K-Cups... If you use the Starbucks, then pricey.

    But .48/cup???? Instead of 1.49 at the corner store?

    I'm saving a buck. And Vince, I'm a coffee waster. I hate to admit that, but once it's old... or bitter... or stale...


    So the one-cup brewer is wonderful for me. And for my daycare moms. You know who really surprised me, though????


    He was sure he wouldn't like it. I was sure I wouldn't like it.

    We are true addicts now. I will have to WRITE SWEET BOOKS FOREVER just to keep myself in Green Mountain K-Cups, Vince!!! ;)

    So you have to dress like an eskimo, too??? I'm so sorry to hear that! Dagnabbit, you need to move back up north. WNY is a great place to live, the heat is short-lived, the winters are stinkin' GORGEOUS and it's very Currier and Ives until February when it gets OLD...

    But then March dances in with storms and wind and much gaiety! :)

    Come north, my friend! You guys would love it!

  77. Tina Help!

    Ever since I sent that Rattle Snake entry in I’ve been having these uncontrollable urges to enter more contests. Can you become a contestaholic?


  78. Thanks Debby for supporting me at my launch partysharing our picture!. What a thrill to see it on Seekerville!

  79. Larissa, we love seeing you on Seekerville!!!

    Yayayyayayayayay! YOU!!!!

    Vince, step away from the "Enter" button!!!


  80. Yes, you might have to go into contest rehab. But trust me, you have to enter a whole lot more contests before they consider you a candidate.

    The Golden Heart opens in September.