Saturday, September 22, 2012

Weekend Edition

  Today we continue to report from the ACFW Conference in Dallas. Be sure to keep your eye on the blog as we add photos throughout the day and the evening. 

BTW, the gals over at The Writer's Alley, have some great photos and videos of conference to share!

Ruthy's Celebratory Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting!. This is part of this evening's virtual menu!!!

A Ruth Logane Herne SPECIAL ALERT!!!!

As confidentially discussed on this blog on Wednesday, September 19, 2012, today marks the official beginning of the "We had to miss the conference so we're working hard" Weekend Writing Marathon!!!  

Your prize: Satisfaction of a job well done, a weekend spent with friends of like ilk and who knows???? There might be a little incentive thrown in for good measure.

Well... Ruthy' pride in you should be enough, right??? In case it's not, one delightful person will receive a delightful gift from the bottom of my closet, somewhat dusty, but no doubt edible as long as you post about your efforts at some point. No minimum word count... editing counts.  

And Vince requested pics of the cake, once cut:

Here you go, big guy!!!

Here's the cake in reality:

And here's Elijah with his first taste of Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting:

Vince... I think he approves!  ;)

We Have Winners

Contact us at if you won or we are late!

We started off the new week with award-winning author Laura Frantz warming up Seekerville with a favorite subject -- HEROES! -- in "The Melt Factor." The winner of Laura's brand-new release Love's Reckoning, is Sarah Thomas.

Tuesday we were delighted to welcome back Harlequin Super Romance and Love Inspired Historical author Abby Gaines who joined us from all the way around the world to talk about Super Romance. Winner of Abby's newest hot-off-the-presses Love Inspired Historical is Emily Reynolds!

Wednesday  Ruth Logan Herne talked about one of her favorite things, writing series books with her post Building a Selling Series Proposal! This seemed appropriate because she also announced her new four-book contract with Love Inspired Books, the Kirkwood Lake series in last week's Weekend Edition! Surprise THREE winners of a ten-page critique are Jill, Annie Rains and Mary Curry! The winner of Waiting Out the Storm is Edwina! And Ruthy is welcoming the lot o' youse to our surprise Weekend Writing Marathon as noted above!!!

Thomas Nelson author Cara Lynn James helped hold down the Seekerville fort on Thursday with a post about about "Non Viewpoint Character Scenes." Winner of A Path Toward Love,  her latest release is Cindy W.

 Seeker and 2012 Carol Finalist  Tina Radcliffe reported LIVE from the 2012 ACFW Conference in Dallas Texas on Friday with Seekers and Seekervillians. Don't miss the photos and comments, here.  The five conference goodies/ Seekerville Tchotchke winners are: Vince, Andrea Strong, Debra Marvin, Jessica Nelson and Jodie Wolfe.

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday:KISS-OLOGY 201: Part 2 of "Warming Up the Pages With Romantic Tension" continues the "intense"study of the "Kiss" and how to make the most of it in your writing with Julie Lessman. Win a signed copy of any of Julie Lessman's books including A Love Surrendered and Julie's e-book A Light in the Window: An Irish Christmas Love Story.

Tuesday: As promised, Laurie Schnebly Campbell will return and present "The Dazzling Dozen, Plus One" and talk about the heroine's journey. A winner will win free registration in her next  class entitled:  The Hero's Journey, For Heroines.

Wednesday: We're excited to have our very own Janet Dean (Love Inspired Historical) with her post "How to Write the Happy Ever After Ending." Don't miss it.

Thursday: Seekerville is delighted to welcome 2012 Golden Heart winner in the Inspirational category, Karen Fleming. We'll be giving away a Seeker BOC in honor of her visit. Stop by to chat and hear about Karen's writing journey and her road to the Golden Heart.

Friday: It's time for the October Contest Update and the prize vault is open. 

Seeker Sightings

 Seekers, Tina, Debby, Janet, Mary, Audra, Missy, Myra and Pam will be live at the ACFW Conference in Dallas. Don't miss the ACFW Conference award ceremony gala "On the Live Blog"  Saturday night. 

We're excited about the upcoming release of Janet Dean's latest Love Inspired Historical, The Bride Wore Spurs,  part of her current two book contract. It will be an April 2013 release.

Don't forget...Seekerville has our own contest going! Deadline September 30th. Details in this month's September Contest Update. It's not too late to enter.

More ACFW Conference Photo Sightings of Seekers and Seekervillians

Our new friend Rachael.

Myra Johnson and Janet Dean

Tina and Stephanie Queen Ludwig

Nancy Kimball and Missy

Kristy Cambron with Helen Gray in the background. We were eyeing her Coach purse!

Renee Ann Smith and Missy

Sandra Orchard and Missy

Tina, Debby, RT Magazine's Morgan Doremus, & Pub. Weekly Barbara Vey & Janet Dean

YA author Sephanie Morrill

Keli Gwyn, Erica Vetsch & Tina

Patti Jo Moore (CatMom) and Tina

Mary, Myra and Janet do Ft. Worth, Texas
Mary & Melanie Dickerson
Lenora Worth, Winnie Griggs & Laurie Kingery
The Love Inspired Posse
Lenora Worth's darling shoes!

Pam Hillman & Tina Radcliffe

Anita Mae Draper, Pam Hillman & Tina

A few more conference highlights for you!

From Michael Hyatt's opening ceremony speech, Thursday, September 20th:

Right now is the best time to be an author! Ecclesiastes 7:10 Now is the time when God is at work. He's doing a new work today and you have the privilege to be a part of it. Embrace the changes in publishing and ask yourself-what does this make possible?

Five Reasons

1. It's easier than ever to do the writing (available resources).
2. It's easier than ever to do market research (the wisdom of tribes).
3. It's easier than ever to get into print (more options available).
4. It's easier than ever to build a tribe(conversations and interaction with readers!).
5. It's easier than ever to build a business (building and ecosystem around your book).

What do you choose to do with the gift you given? It is as you choose it to be.

And as promise a few more highlights from the Love Inspired Spotlight:

  • Virginia Carmichael's new release was mentioned!! WOOT! Melissa Endlich would love to see more books set in bedroom communities within cities.

  • Melissa  also mentioned cowboy church settings and older hero and heroine stories (forties).

  • Besides the much desired law enforcement occupations, Tina James would like to see bounty hunter hero and heroines, search and rescue occupations or hostage negotiators for Love Inspired Suspense.

  • For LI H, Tina James would like to see women pioneers in professions such as doctors, nurses and midwives. Remember Love Inspired  Historicals can be set in Bible times and all the way up to and including WWII.
Melanie Dickerson at the moment her Carol win is announced.

Melly and her Carol Award!!! WOOT!!!

Janet and Tina

Melanie Dickerson & Audra Harders

Tina, Erica Vetsch and Mary. (They made us show teeth!)
Erica V and Mary

Myra, Missy, Janet, Pam Melanie, Audra, Debby and Mary
2012 Carol Award Winners

Debut Novel:
 Fairer Than Morning  by Rosslyn Elliott (Thomas Nelson – Ami McConnell, Editor)
Long Contemporary:
 The Search by Suzanne Woods Fisher (Revell – Andrea Doering, Editor)

Long Contemporary Romance:
 My Foolish Heart by Susan May Warren (Tyndale – Karen Watson, Editor)

Long Historical: 
 Fairer Than Morning  by Rosslyn Elliott (Thomas Nelson – Ami McConnell, Editor)

Long Historical Romance:
 To Win Her Heart by Karen Witemeyer (Bethany House Publishers – Karen Schurrer, Editor)

 Falling to Pieces: A Shipshewana Amish Mystery by Vannetta Chapman (Zondervan – Sue Brower, Editor)

 An Accidental Christmas from A Biltmore Christmas by Diane T. Ashley/Aaron McCarver (Barbour Publishing – Rebecca Germany, Editor)

Romantic Suspense:
 Lonestar Angel by Colleen Coble (Thomas Nelson – Ami McConnell, Editor)

Short Contemporary: 
 Lakeside Reunion by Lisa Jordan (Love Inspired – Melissa Endlich, Editor)

Short Contemporary Suspense:
 Nightwatch by Valerie Hansen (Love Inspired Suspense – Melissa Endlich, Editor)

Short Historical:
 The Deepest Waters by Dan Walsh (Revell – Andrea Doering, Editor)

Speculative Fiction: 
 Broken Sight by Steve Rzasa (Marcher Lord Press – Jeff Gerke, Editor)

 Fallen Angel by Major Jeff Struecker/Alton Gansky (B & H Fiction – Julie Gwinn, Editor)

Women’s Fiction:  
 Dandelion Summer by Lisa Wingate (Penguin Praise/Berkley – Ellen Edwards, Editor)

Young Adult: 
 The Merchant’s Daughter by Melanie Dickerson (Zondervan – Jacque Alberta, Editor)

We're giving away more Seekerville Tchotchkes packages today. So if you didn't win Friday's drawing, let us know you want to be included today. Five more winners. Winners announced in next weekend's Weekend Edition.


  1. Awesome as always!!!
    Ruthy, I just finished writing a synopsis for another book!! :) So ready to watch the awards!!!

  2. Since I'm not there, I promise to work hard

  3. Love that LI want more hero/heroines in there 40's I would love that too. We get forgotten in books its either we have been married, divorced with kids. or married and husband dies. There are not many 40ish single never married, never really had a boyfriend type books and there are many of us out here who would love some books like that.

    love the photos. (Hey Ruthy Im not a writer but I have been weeding and have the itch to prove it. Also made my first lamb roast in this house (been here 3 and a half years). 3 for my lifetime but we dont count the last ones (someone boiled it not roasted). I even did my first roast potatoes and cooked carrots and peas for the first time on there own. Now I need a break to read in the sun (or sleep)

  4. Thank you for sharing the conference with those of us who couldn't be there! Lovin' the pics!

    Just finished editing a chapter and stopped by to read the WE. I'll be editing/revising all weekend. That is, when I'm not looking at the picture of my book cover I received in my email Thursday. Did anybody hear me scream? :-)

  5. Is Ruthy making everyone work this weekend?

    Wish you all were here.

  6. I'm here, I'm here and ready to write. Well, maybe after some sleep.

    Thank you for sharing what LIH is looking for. I've had some pioneer stories in the works for about two years and I think I finally got the series (thanks to Ruthy)fleshed out.

  7. How, where do we watch? I'll probably miss it as I have a modern day shotgun wedding to attend tomorrow evening.

  8. New photos! Loving that. And Ruthy in charge of the weekend. Talk about fun/chocolate combo!

    It's almost 1AM and I'm still editing. I have five fixes to go, then tighten up the query and this puppy will be out of here...This was worse than being a pregnant elephant...translation, too many months in gestation. Well, it wasn't 22 months, but it was very long...

    Will check in over the weekend and good luck to all the writers keeping the home fires burning and fingers to the keyboard.

  9. Um, um, what?????

    Melissa mentioned my book?

    I almost passed out when I read that!

    And lvoe all these pictures. There are so many beautiful people there. You all ened some ugly to shake things up. Too bad I didn't manage to get my ratty self over there. I would have even worn shoes. They wouldn't have matched but I would have worn them.

    Speaking of shoes, those are some really, really darling shoes. I don't even like shoes. But those are... super adorable. I wouldn't have been able to look her in the eye. I would have been staring at all that cuteness.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Eva Maria, I'm so stinkin' proud of you!!!!


    We will keep on, keepin' on!

    Walt, good for you! Nothin' at all wrong with a workin' weekend. Nobody climbs the ladder of success without, well... climbing. We'll consider this weekend at least a solid rung UP!!!

    AusJenny, I agree! Today's 40 is the new 30 anyway, so we can up that age-o-meter and deliver older heroes and heroines. Besides... men take a LOT LONGER to grow up these days than they used to. So I have a hard time buying into the premise of a 25 year old guy who has it all together to head a family. I'm sure they exist... but I think they're scarcer than hen's teeth!

  12. Clari, I not only heard, I commented on the scream, LOL! YAY!!!!!!!

    And yes, keep working, I'm lovin' on the pics too, so this will be our incentive to maybe gather at RWA in Atlanta.... or ACFW in Indy.

    I've never been to Indy and I'm longing to tour Notre Dame, so that would be fun.

    Deb, yes, but it's a fun working marathon weekend with a prize attached. Pride is involved. And competitive spirit because we're making headway while the lot o' youse are havin' a good ol' time!


    You guys have fun, we'll work and then stream the awards tonight... in our jammies. It's a Seekerville jammie party and I'm bringing red velvet cake.

    With cream cheese frosting.

    Possibly getting fat.

    But working, yes!!!! :)

  13. Christina that makes me jump for joy to hear those words!

    You go, girl! Get those arcs down and have some fun with it.

    I love pioneer stories. If there were more hours in a day, that's the historical I'd be writing. Or Celtic...

    Love both.

  14. Christina, there was a link on Tina's WE post... You click on the sentence and it takes you there. A modern day shotgun wedding...

    More info, please. I promise not to laugh. Silly kids.


    Lyndee, I love that analogy!!! Now I'm going to be picturing prego elephants all day... 22 months.

    Oh. My. Stars.

  15. I will mug Lenora Worth for those shoes when our paths meet.

    I want them.

    I am envious.

    I must repent.

    Or buy my own.

    LIGHT BULB MOMENT!!! Buy One's Own Shoes and stop longing for Lenora's!!!!

    Lenora Worth is about the cutest, savviest Steel Magnolia I have ever met. You guys would L-O-V-E her.

    No lie.

    Hey, coffee's here... The Keurig is up and running.... And there's a well-stocked cooler for you non-coffee types.

    We're having oatmeal breakfast with all the fixings brought in.... NOT!!!!

    On a work day like today??? I think not... we're doing Texas Breakfast, Celtic style so you've got a slab of ham, a whole cow, rotisseried as only they can do on a Lonestar sized rotisserie, potatoes o'Brien, well-done, grits for our Southern buds, Salsa for the tex mex crowd, scrambled eggs or fried, over easy for dippin' Texas toast, and none of that girly fruit stuff, but YES to pumpkin, bran, and blueberry muffins.

    Dig in!

  16. Well, it's definitely a working weekend for me. We have converted a spare bedroom into a home office/spare bedroom (only if you open up our new loveseat sleeper beng delivered today). We're buying my desk and cool chair today. No more excuses of not writing because I have nowhere to work. I'm lovin' it.

    I love the pictures! I would love to be entered to win a tchotchke.

    Also, thank you for my win this week! I've been drooling over Cara's book. Then I usually drool over all the Seeker's books. :)

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  17. loved the shoes, too. Wow.

    I am tickled pink (such an odd phrase--have you ever thought of it?) to be a winner of a Seekererville conference gift - not even gonna try to spell tschotchke .okay, I tried. I failed.


    Really, with all the great reporting I am picking up the vibes and I'm going to write ALL DAY today.

    It was a great week here at home-you've all shared your conference so well that I FEEL the excitement and look forward to hanging out during the gala.
    Congratulations to the Seekerville winners.

    Janet - I can't wait to read your new LIH series!

  18. I'm taking the challenge. If my kids will let me, I'm going to write ALL day and into the night.

    Congrats to all the winners and I'm so excited that I'm one of the lucky 3 who'll get a critique from Ruthy. My household is still sleeping, but I nearly woke them up with my cheers.

    Have a great weekend everyone. Please enter me in the drawing for the TCHOTCHKE(I just copied and pasted that word from Debra's comment). :)

  19. Can someone explain cowboy church? Are those historicals or modern day? My in-laws go to a cowboy church so I was wondering.

    And Ruthy, Celtic is my first love. I actually have one complete and one 90% complete but I shelved them in 09. Would love to dig them back out sometime.

  20. I'm not sure on the cowboy church either. I think it's contemp as Melissa mentioned it. But I'll ask and get back to you.

    Click on the link under Seeker sightings will take you to the Live Blog site.

  21. I'm selling catfish plates to raise money for December's Guatemala mission trip. But after that, I'm ready for a writing marathon.

    Virginia, How cool is that? Congratulations, girl!!!!!!

  22. First thought of the day - finally a reason I'm glad I'm not there. My face won't show up in one of the photos. I'm sorry to miss seeing everyone but NOT sorry ever to miss being in a picture. Cameras do not like my mug.

    Maybe we could have a masquerade party in Atlanta or Indy? Or just me???

    Ruthy!!!!!! Thank you. So generous of you. I'm quaking in my boots but SO excited. I woke up at 2 this morning worrying about my duckling in Dublin and since I couldn't sleep, I poked my head in here and saw that I'd won. Then I was too scared to get back to sleep. :) THANK YOU!!!!

    The last few weekends have all been full of busy stuff so I'm absolutely thrilled to have this weekend to WRITE! And celebrate the Carol and Genesis awards with Seekerville.

  23. Have to say, I will never hear Lenora Worth's name without thinking of how she kept us spellbound at the FHL meeting at RWA11 with her story of cracking her head in the bathroom and being wheeled through Times Square on a stretcher.

    CLARI!!!!!! We had our walkathon yesterday so I thought it was kids I heard screaming. Now I know it was you. Have you posted the cover anywhere? Did I miss it? Congratulations!

    Christina - SUCH great news. Don't you love it when something you love is finally what they want!!! Go you!

    Very curious to hear more about this cowboy church. Never even heard the term before. The things you learn at Seekerville!

    Virginia, don't you dare try to steal my ugly tiara. It's my job to ruin pictures. But I'll share with you if you insist. I'm keeping my own shoes though.

    Bridgett - I'm confused. Are catfish plates, plates with catfish painted on them or are they actual catfish dinners? Ahhh I'm a hopeless city-bound girl. Not by choice really.

    I feel so lucky to have all my Seeker friends to work with this weekend! I'm so grateful for you all.

  24. Oh - and Ruthy is serving up Cannoli Cake over at the Yankee Belle, just in case anyone's hungry. It looks to-die-for!

  25. You guys wouldn't believe how hard Tina works! Out partying - - um, working - - until late at night, up early and going all day at conference, and she still puts together an awesome WE.

    I can hardly put two words together...

    You all have a fun day, and work hard!

  26. Su-weet! How lovely, Tina!
    Congrats winners, Janet and Virginia!
    I'm looking forward to that blog from ACFW and I really enjoyed this post!

    Gonna look at comments now.

    Have a blessed day, everyone!


  27. Great photos and weekend edition.

    Mary C. my question exactly. What are catfish plates Bridgett? And Mary did you see they are looking for suburban settings. There you go city girl.

    Hey oatmeal is okay for a writing marathon because its quick to make. And I have tons of fresh blackberries I just picked. Made cobbler last night so you can have some of that with whipped cream or just the berries in your oatmeal. Yummy-I guarantee it.

  28. MORE great pictures! I'm writing this weekend too. If you run into Keli Gwyn today, please give her a hug from me!

  29. Hello everyone! It's been a LONG time since I've been able to pop by.

    I have been writing and editing like a mad woman to get my requested ms into Emily Rodmell from the speed dating pitch.

    Still haven't finished, but wanted to swing by and see how the conference went for the seekers.

    I couldn't attend, but almost drove up there ( I live a couple hours away) to stalk some peeps :) In a good way...maybe a little paparazzi-like.

    Congrats to all the winners. Back to a weekend full of editing. Hoping to get 24 hours of work in over the weekend.

  30. Mary Curry, I posted my book cover on my author FB page @
    or it's on my blog @

    And would you all keep a young couple in Florida in your prayers this weekend? They lost their four-day-old newborn boy, Elijah, yesterday. I cannot imagine the pain they're going through right now. Thank you.

  31. Hi Tina:

    Thanks for the link to the Carol Award Ceremony and Fashion Show tonight. The ACFW site says the streaming starts at 6:00 pm CDT. If you think you’ll forget, the ACFW will send you a reminder. Check it out. I saw it last year and it is a fun, first rate, show.

    Congrats to all the winners of the Tchotchke prizes. (I’m not sure if Tchotchke has a plural.) It really cheered me up to be a winner today!


    P.S. Don’t miss the famous “Lady in Red” at tonight's show.

  32. Hi Ruth:

    I’m going to be working most the day on finding current examples for my Rewards Per Page book and converting a chapter for a Seeker blog in October. I hope that counts as work.

    My wife has a cooking class tonight during the Awards Ceremony so I can go into the office and see it on my fast computer.

    Why do women wait until after they retire before going to cooking classes? Her friends have more fun at these classes than the law allows. She took a class on making pizza and it is by far the best I’ve ever had. The problem: it cost about $30 a pizza!


  33. Potential Spew Alert

    Hi Janet:

    I’m not quite sure about your new book title:

    ”The Bride Wore Spurs”

    on reading the tile I immediately formed a mental image with this subtitle:

    “But the Groom Wouldn’t Horse Around”.

    Now there’s an interesting GMC.

    It might just be me, but that title sounds just a wee bit kinky.

    Kinky Christian – now that will give the Edgy Christian Fiction writers a run for their money. : )

    Does anyone else see this title as somewhat provocative?


  34. Vince,
    Thank you for the spew alert warning. It saved me from spitting hot cider all over my keyboard!

  35. Well, Vince I have to say no to your question because even the phrase 'horsing around' doesn't sound provocative to me. lol

    Clari, the family in Florida will be in my prayers for sure. And I'm headed over to see your new cover as soon as I leave here!

    I am enjoying these pictures from Dallas. Keep em commin! Looking forward to watching tonight!!

    Bridget, I wish I was close by. I'd get a few of those catfish plates, for sure! We love them down here in MS!

    I would love a chance to win a TCHOTCHKE. (Copied from Debra's comment too. So if it's misspelled...)

  36. you know it's gonna be one of those days... I typed a whole comment, rather lengthy, on my phone, and promptly lost it. Oh well.

    Now I'm at the keyboard and can type faster, so my comment can be be lengthier. YAY

    Nicely done with the WE, Tina.

    Appreciate all the pics, updates and info.

    There are a lot of avenues open for the writer these days. I've thought of revisiting self publishing, but haven't as of yet. Perhaps the residuals (nightmares) from the first attempt are still to strong.

    I will get some editing done sometime today. But first I promised to help a friend paint her new to her home so she can get moved in. That is a form of editing right?

    I do have a Civil War yarn with a 50+ widowed heroine and 28 to 30's wounded hero who meet in the hospital. Sounds like a lovely May, May-December romances huh? ;-). Sounds can be deceiving...

    And a WWII story about a missionary widowed-wife trying to get herself and seven children off the island of New Guinea through enemy lines. She gets some help from the navy and Lt. Tyler Merrick.

    Tchotchkes might be rather nice.

  37. Vince,

    :-) too funny.

    The Bride Wore Spurs

    The Groom Wouldn't Horse Around

    I can see them as separate books lined up on the Kinky Christian Book Shelf at the store. with lines and lines of avid readers chomping at the bit to get autographed copies.

    It could happen.

  38. Hi, Ruthy!!!

    I'm a little out of sorts as far as writing is concerned, but I've rewritten my plot according to Michael Hague's plotting theory. Now I'm checking it against Martha Alderson's Youtube vids, which I love.

    Hopefully this one will go better. When the plot is as steady as I can make it, I'll start rewriting the first draft. (blegh) I'm a hopeful about this one, though, because I know my characters better on this draft.

    Cannoli cake? My lands! That sounds scrumptious. Never had one, but I've had a Cannoli cupcake from Gigi's Cupcakes and it was to DIE for!!!!

  39. Oh mercy, Vince and here I was thinking that title was intriguing -- but not that way!!!!! LOL I'm thinking tomboy cowgirl roped into a union? Either way Janet -- congrats!!!

    And when is Virginia's new release going to release??????

    Love all these pictures and the interesting tidbits about the LI lines. See y'all tonight! --- oh but what is 6:00 CDT in EST? Anyone know?

  40. Thanks for sharing conference highlights and photos. Can't wait to watch the live stream tonight of the award ceremonies.

    Jodie Wolfe

  41. Great pictures! I had to miss conference this year due to a family wedding but I will definitely be watching the live blog of the gala tonight!

  42. Hi everyone,

    Thanks for all the great pics. Brings back great memories of last year and makes me wish I was there!

    Away visiting my mother-in-law this weekend so no writing happening. But I will try to tune in tonight!


  43. I just saw Keli! She shared her mints with me. Hi ANNE BARTON!!

  44. I am here. I am jetlagged still. I am going to take a nap so I can come back tonight and watch.

    And YES, LIH wants more women in pioneering professions. Now that is motivation to get back on the keyboard. As soon as my brain is on EST!

    Peace, Julie

  45. IT IS DONE!
    Last night I finally gave up at 2AM, praying that I'd have fresh answers in the morning. And God never fails. Within an hour this morning, the words were on the page. Wow. Now to rework the query...

    Ruthy, the red velvet cakes looks FANTASTIC! Put me down for one bite, because as soon as I finished the WIP edits, I ran to Starbucks and got a venti mocha lite frap to celebrate, so I've had my bonus points for today, lol. (I have this thing where I'd rather drink my points than eat them, lol...).

    Can hardly wait for the awards party tonight. Very exciting!

  46. Oh, oh, oh.... cowboy church. They have them at rodeos. We had them here with the rodeo that comes through once a year.

    Sunday service, maybe dawn... maybe mid-morning. Done outside of the rodeo setting or in the ring. People gather. Prayers. Horseback riders/cowboys. I think it's individualistic and non-denominational....

    At least the two I've seen were very different. If you go online you can see pics... ideas... and there might be other ways of using it out on the range, but the rodeo is the only one I've actually seen.

    Which makes sense because upstate NY is a little short on cowboys.

  47. Oh, Clari, sending prayers up and praying for some kind of peace for them.

    So so sorry.

    The death of a child knows no other.

  48. Okay, I'm checking in... I just added a picture of tonight's red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting... we'll feature the recipe on THURSDAY, Sept. 27 so you can see play at home!

    Had to mix housework (boo!) with writing, but now I'm back to writing... I finished the 45 pages of proposal that needed revising so it's ready to go and now I'm re-writing the synopsis to go with it.

    After synopsis, cleaning another room. :) But it's cool and rainy here so I'm not tempted to work outside. Today: cleaning is clearing my head!!! Kind of.

  49. Mary, I feel the same way... Not about your face...

    You're such a dork. Really??? You see us? We're frighteningly normal... and fyi: WE NEVER POST YOUR PICTURE WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION.

    We really respect your right to privacy, but we like meeting you. Hugging you. (well, that's me, I'm a stinkin' hugger.)


    No, I'm agreeing with the WEEKEND TO WRITE finally!


  50. Jan, don't you just love our Teeeenster? If one must have a queen, it should be the Teeeenster.

  51. Mary, I thought of you when Tina mentioned the "bedroom communities"...

    Every funny, quirky little neighborhood in NYC is a community. Yes, it's weird... but charmingly so!

    So you could use a small city setting and set up a "community" neighborhood.... That could be a series. It could be an ethnic community, a "let's rebuild/re-take our city" community, a vintage community, an artsy community, a young family lovin' the Lord community... Really, the skies the limit. I remember (barely, because I'm not that old, really) my family talking about the distinct Irish, Polish, Ukrainian, Italian, German, Jewish communities....

    How fun would a Latino community be?

  52. Jennifer, I can tell you, I love it when people drive to see us at conferences or signings, or whatever!

    It's so fun to meet peeps, right???? Put a name, a voice, a body together?

    So next time, do it!!! Well... it won't be in Dallas for a while, but you know what I mean. That's such an honor, that gift of time when someone does that. Carole Moncado and Andrea Strong did that last year when Teeeeeeena had her one-and-only-ever-on-the-face-of-the-earth book signing, and oh my gosh... it was a party, just meeting them and Vince and his wonderful wife Linda!!!!

    I will never forget it.

  53. Vince, dying laughing, rolling around, I love that she's taking cooking classes...!!!!

    I have a friend doing belly dancing.


    And $30 a pizza isn't bad if it's that good, big guy! (but seriously, that was for one??? Not like one and one for the freezer???)

    Hey, I'm so glad you said that about Janet's book because isn't that title a HOOT and a HALF?????

    I love it but it surprised me that they chose it. But it makes you laugh just to see it, right????

    Okay, 6:00 central is 7 Ruthy time (which we've agreed is the only correct time and do not, I repeat DO NOT let Connealy try to convince you otherwise... just because she's got a hot red dress... and gorgeous shoes... Does Not Mean her time rules.

    Clearly, it doesn't.

  54. Natalie, I'm proud of you!!! Work, work, work....

    Write, write, write....

    And ya' gotta develop a love for those rewrites, darling girl, because...


    they're just part of the game.

    Go after them, tame them, grab the whip!!!!

    We'll nail those stories yet!!!

    KAV... It should start at 7:00 EDST but if I remember last year it was an hour before they did too much, wasn't it???

    Tina, text me the start tonight so I can be live....

    I mean when it starts. I'm texting you now (because yes, I know how and my phone is smarter than I am and that's not saying much!!!)

    Can't wait to jump up and down tonight regardless of first places... I'm just so proud to see so many folks being recognized for a job well done. Huzzah!!!

  55. The girls and I have the house to ourselves today. We went shopping so I would have everything I need to make the sheet cake. One of the twins had a great idea for a new cookie recipe... it involves M&M's, chocolate chips, marshmallows and Reese's. I'm easily persuade when it involves chocolate. If they turn out I'll bring some to the party :)

  56. Mary, Catfish plates, styrofoam plates filled with fried catfish fillets, cole slaw and baked beans. And I'm finally done.

    Wish we'd had Ruthy's red velvet cake. Looks yummy!!

    Tossing a load of laundry in the washer and joining the writing marathon.

  57. Would LOVE me some tchochkes!!!

    GREAT WE :) Have fun, ladies, and TOTALLY cheering on our very own Teenster!

  58. I'm here too! But I won't be here for the awards :( :( :( I've been up since before 6am, worked a full shift. Have a craaaaaazy babysitting experience starting in T-15mins. I'll be in a home with no service. I don't know if I can get internet access or not. Now if this isn't working, Ruthy, I don't know what is! Oh did I mention that the parents aren't expecting to be home until at least 1am, I have a 45min drive home after, and have to be back at work to open at 7 in the morning O_O Oy, who wants to trade places with me??? LOL at least I won't be bored :)

    I'm loving all the pictures! Wish I was there :) Seeing all your smiling faces is definitely a plus though!

  59. Lyndee, that's so awesome!!!

    I reward myself with those sometimes...

    Just because they're amazing, right???

    So good for you, so proud!!! Yeah, Mama!!!! Aya Carumba!!!! (however it's spelled!!!!) Go you!!!

  60. Hannah, good girl! :) Way to keep busy my young friend.

    Gainful employment. A job well done. Honey, that's huge these days, right???

    Keep on keepin' on and it's just a joy to have you back here! Love it!

  61. Jamie, they sound awesome... the marshmallows might be the straw that breaks the cookies' back. They can melt and burn to the pan...

    Let me know if it works, okay?

    Or you can just show us the burned sugar pan, LOL!

    I love mixing work/writing/children. This is a win/win 24/7.

  62. Bridgett, welcome aboard! Grab those running shoes, honey, the marathon continues!

    I love working volunteer gigs... and fish fries, oh my stars, a personal Ruthy-fave!!!! Up here it's haddock, white flaky, brought in from North Atlantic. To die for.

    Okay, honey, wash the fish smell off of you... I've got a vanilla cupcake candle going in the dining room and pumpkin pie in the back room. Find a place to cozy up.

    I had a small fire going but kind of warmed things up too much. Doors open now so it will be comfortably cool tonight!

    Jammies. Don't forget jammies and please feel free to tell us what your jammies look like.

    If it's you know... like... appropriate.... ;)

  63. I want catfish. I want catfish.

    Can you possibly mail it?

    Can you slip in some fried okra?

  64. They are in the oven as I type. When she mentioned marshmallows in cookies a few months ago I hemmed and hawed until today when I saw Jet-puffed mallow bits ... marshmallows made for baking! I'll post a picture. ( I do have to confess that not many of the Reese's made it into the mix)

  65. i wont get to see the awards either as I will be getting ready for, walking to or in church at that time. Not sure if I will go out to lunch with the group today after last weeks hasty exit. (but I do know how to make an exit that stops all conversation. Was having a hard time before lunch and one comment by a thoughtless person I could feel the tears and got up said I have to go see you and turned and walked before anyone could say a word. I heard the Im sorry didn't mean you but said I have to go and walked home sobbing. I know it was good tears. so not sure if I want to follow up that exit today.)

  66. Hello all,

    I would have offered to bring something, but when Ruthy said red velvet cake, that was it for me. Growing up in Pittsburgh, I never knew what it was until I moved down here to Atlanta and now all of my northern relatives are crazy for it.

    It seems deceptively simple to make from scratch but I have not yet had a successful experience, so I will just help myself to Ruthy's. Thanks!

    A question for anyone, but maybe Virginia in particular as we gather ourselves to watch the awards--what is a bedroom community? I have some ideas, but I want to be sure.

    Thanks and good luck --especially Tina! I am wearing my gator stompies and schleppy jammie clothes in support of all who are to be honored in the banquet tonight. Congrats to all!

  67. Ummm, I am the anonymous comment just above, I just didn't sign in correctly!


  68. Just over an hour till party time! The cookies came out great. I posted a picture to my fb page. After one cookie ( or maybe it was all the pre baking snacking) I'm chocolated out. No sheet cake tonight. I'll take what ever we don't eat tonight to the pot luck instead :)

  69. Joanne, thank you!!! Accepting your cheers for Tina Radcliffe is...

    Whoever's here today!!!


    And tickled pink that so many of our buds are there... right now... doing hair and make-up. Running blow dryers. Getting ready to somewhat politely MOB the dining room, LOL!

  70. Oh, Jamie, I didn't know they made those!!!

    You need to come over to Yankee Belle and tell us all about them.

    Will you do that??? Come and post about your cookies or something wonderful at the Cafe????

  71. Piper, a bedroom community is usually thought of as a group that commutes elsewhere to work.

    So it could be a suburb... or a city neighborhood... or a country village and they all drive two hours each way to work in the Big Apple.

    Let's see what MVCM has to say....

    Oh, Ginny-Lou-Who??? Where are you? Donde estas????

  72. Sure, I'll have Crystal show everyone how they're done. My girls love to pose for pictures. Since we are all three fans of the food network they like to pretend they are shooting an episode when I bake. Also anything for an excuse to buy more Reese's!

  73. I'm getting excited!! And I'll bring some pumpkin snickerdoodles to the party for those who don't like chocolate...yes there are a few in the world.

  74. Ruthy,

    Thanks for the quick reply! Love the cake!

    And Kav, I am not a chocolate fan either, so pass a pumpkin snickerdoodle. Delish!

    I am still eating the red velvet cake, though, because you can't see the chocolate, so I don't count it as chocolate cake!


  75. TEENSTER!!! What a FAB WE, my friend, although I sure wish I were in some of those pix!!!

    RUTHY ... LOVE the idea of the Weekend Writing Marathon, so GO TEAM!!! Wish I could join you, but been too busy writing newsletters and doing final edits on A Light in the Window to do anything else!! Maybe tomorrow???

    AUSJENNY!!! Soooo glad to see you up and about, girl, and LOVE the new pic!! The food sounds WONDERFUL as does the garden, so WHOA, girlfriend -- take a break!!


  76. WALT ... Stop reading blogs and get back to work, boy!!

    CLARI ... YES, I heard your scream, and I'm near deaf!!! Did you hear me scream with you???

    CHRISTINA ... A shotgun wedding sounds like SO much more fun ... can I come???

    LYNDEE ... "a pregnant elephant"??? Ouch ...


  77. Jamie, awesome! I'll e-mail you and we can set it up!!! YAY!!!!!

    Kav, oh, I'm all over the idea of Pumpkin Snickerdoodles?????

    Are these homemade????

    Shouldn't you be sharing these at the cafe, also???? We need our talents to shine like the top of the Chrysler building!!! (quoting Miss Hannigan and I didn't like her one little bit. Old witch.)

  78. VIRGINIA, YAY on the mention of your book at the LI function -- WHOO-HOO!!

    RUTHY ... Ah, "Celtic," YES!!! DO IT!!!

    CINDY ... okay, we'll consider you readying your working space as writing time ... ;)

    BRIDGETT, "catfish plates"??? I'll take two ...

    MARY!!! Ooooo, ooooo -- I LOVE the idea of a masquerade party!! I call dibs on the Scarlett O'Hara burgundy dress ...


  79. Julie, you ARE working, dahling... We called this marathon with NO RULES...

    I can do that because Teeeeena's away. You know what a stickler she is for rules!!! Like oh my gosh!!!!


    So, working on blogs, newsletters (which I'm starting as of November/December, my FIRST NEWSLETTER!!!! Oh my stars, what a hoot!!!) and editing, etc. is all working, chickie! You're in! Hey, try the red velvet cake and the pumpkin snickerdoodles...


    Are you in your jammies????

    We should probably not ask you to describe them. Because you're Julie and all.

    I'm just sayin'...

  80. JAN ... rub it in, you little brat!! Wish I were there ...

    JENNIFER ... 24 hours of editing ... YIKES!!! You go, girl!!

    LOL, VINCE ... "lady in red"!!! And why do women wait till they retire to take cooking classes??? I don't know -- talk to me at the age of 95, after I retire ... AND ”The Bride Wore Spurs”... But the Groom Wouldn’t Horse Around”. ROLLING ON THE FLOOR HERE, MY BOY!!!

    TINA, YES ... we will count painting as a form of editing as long as you are penciling chapters on the wall and painting over them ... ;)


  81. Yes Ruthy -- homemade. New recipe and the first batch just came out of the oven. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! They are lovely and light and the perfect cookie to go with a nice cup of tea...mmm...maybe apple or fruit for us herbal tea drinkers. Think I'll put the kettle on. And yes I'll share the recipe with y'all at the cafe.

    One more batch of cookies to go and then it's jammie time!!!!

  82. NATALIE, good girl on the plot rewrite!!

    SUE ... "visiting your MIL" is a far nobler thing than writing or editing, so you are excused, my sweet friend!!

    JULIE H.S. ... get some sleep so you are in dancing mood for when Tina wines the Carol tonight, eh???

    HANNAH??? NO Internet??? Nope, don't wanna change places with you then, darlin' ... :|

    PIPER ... no anonymity tonight, girl!!

    GO, TEENSTER!!!!!


    "Julie... Are you in your jammies????
    We should probably not ask you to describe them. Because you're Julie and all. I'm just sayin'..."

    LOL ... yeah, better not to ask ... ;)


  84. It's show time and I finished my book proposal just in time!

  85. Right now they're just blogging. I hope they get the video working in time for Tina's close up! Go Tina :)

  86. Ruthy, soy aqui! Cocinando un pan de zucchini, porque necesitamos una cosa a comer quando miramos la ceremonia!

    Uhhhh, bedroom community? Not really sure what that is.

    But I think the idea is that within every large city there are small, insular communities that are made up of people NOT related, but like family. Maybe the idea of many sheep who will hear His voice and have one shepherd.

    Instead of everyone meeting at the general store, there are causes that bring people together, not the usual main square or being neighbors. ?? Dunno.

    I'm just the young grasshopper poking holes in the rice paper....

    Off to check the zucchini bread!!!

  87. I'm so nervous for Tina and the others. SOOOOO nervous. Just let me know when it's all over...

  88. Julie, you can have the burgundy dress. I want the green velvet made of curtains. :)

  89. Kav, we need that recipe at the Yankee Belle. Or right now. I couldn't resist a sweet for tonight so I bought an oatmeal chocolate chip walnut cookie at the farmer's market today. To have with my cinnamon tea. :)

  90. The video's working now! They are eating. Their dinners much nicer than the corn dogs I'm heating up for the kids.

  91. Funny to hear the clinking of silverware and roar of conversation. The piano music is beautiful.

  92. Aww. Y'all, anyone listening to the AFCW Conference Live Blog. Sigh. The music the pianist is playing is pretty sad. Not to mention you can hear the excitement buzzing behind.

    Okay, I'm booking a flight there as soon as possible. *grin*

    Oh well, hello friends! Hopefully we have cheerful spirits, tonight?!


  93. Logged into the conference. Pass some of Ruthy's Red Velvet cake!

  94. He just said he's turning the live feed off until after dinner....

    so then it should be just the blog.

    Here's the drama:

    Will Teeena avoid slurping SOUP on her dress???? Will Mary kick off her shoes and inadvertantly kick another person, thereby starting a chain of events that ends in a shoot-out at the Awards Stage???

    Will Pam pause long enough to chew her food????

    Will Pepper stop grinning long enough to chew???

    Will Debby be able to look cool and classy during Mary's shootout???

  95. The music is beautiful. There are people from all around the globe tuned in

  96. Ruthy's cake taste a whole lot better than any ole asparagus salad!

  97. RUTHY! Our sweet hostess here making me grin big! Haha! whatever would we do without you, friend?


  98. All this talk about what they are eating is making me hungry. I think I need some more mustard for my corn dog.

  99. Oh yes, the music was beautiful. I guess I found it sad because I really want to be there right now! But I love piano and I agree with you guys. :-)

  100. Ohh they're posting pictures now. Everyone looks so pretty and happy.

  101. Hey, this is a lovely time to comment on the live blog... they're still chewing and kibbitzing.

    Is that how one spells kibbitzing???

  102. Swiss chocolate for all those nervously awaiting the results! Not that you want to be as hyper as my dear grandchildren who came over tonight to watch our slide show.

    Gnome jammies, chocolate, and friends! Ready!

    peace, Julie

  103. You don't say, Jamie! =)
    Loving this. I hope they keep the pics coming.

  104. Oooh, wanted to stop in and say I'm watching the live blog, too! I've only been to one ACFW conference and am so sad I missed this year. Can't wait until Indianapolis next year!

  105. Sock Monkey PJs here. Pass that Swiss Chocolate, please, Julie.

  106. the suspense is kiiiillllinnnng meeeee!

  107. Never ask the Julies what kind of pjs they wear.

    Julie the Peaceful wears flannel gnomes.

    Julie the Passionate...well, like Ruthy is saying. Best not to ask.

    Praying for that young family.

    Peace, Julie

  108. Hoping to see a picture of my daughter, Carol Moncado. Hope she's enjoying herself.

  109. Jamie, they look beautiful, don't they???

    But we've got jammies on our side!!

    Peeps! JHS has just arrived and she's dressed in her gnome jammies and ready for action!!!

    Cara Putman is doing a great job with the play by play. The "feed" this year is much smoother. Don't you just love technology??? Most of the time....

    Hey, passing out cake on CHINA plates... made in England.

    I love china.

    We can feel fancy right here.

    There was just a CRASH in the dining room. My guess is Connealy is involved.

    But that's just my guess. ;)

  110. Oh my wifi is having fits tonight. Just when I want to watch live chat and hang out here... and tweet. Sigh. But the cake is calling me.

    This is quite the night!

  111. Mary C. was probably practicing her sharpshooting. I thought I heard someone yell "pull" just before the crash.

  112. Yeah, I heard that too. The thing about the crash... yikes!
    But it seems everything's back in control now.

    Okay, the AWARDS, now people!! Anyone nervous?!

  113. Mary Curry. I think we chatted through last years case of nerves!

  114. Oups, I guess it's not now. *grin*

    Um, does anyone know where I can find the list of nominees, please?

  115. Jan, isn't she just wonderful??? Good choice by you in daughters.... and nice choice vice versa....

    I'm totally feelin' the love, Jan! God bless you both.

  116. I noticed that New York is well represented *shout-outs to Debra Marvin, Ruthie, Stephanie Karfelt*

  117. Jamie, thanks for the cake compliment because of course... it's delish!!! :)

    But I do love asparagus. Did you know we grow asparagus????

    For real? And sell it at the roadside???

    That makes for some lovely tete-a-tetes with cute customers!

  118. Debra, we did. You and Tina got me through it. Except I wasn't nervous. More like incredulous when my name went up. I hadn't thought there was a chance in you know where of me winning.

  119. Ruthy, Carol's a sweetheart. Just wish we lived closer together so I could see her more often. Have only seen her twice in the past 12 years.

  120. Ruthy,is there anything you don't do? :)

  121. I'm nervous! That's the only good thing about not being there. If I win, I don't have to actually get up and give my speech :) I'm excited to see the finalists up on the big screen this year, though. There are so many awesome nominees!

  122. My hubby just popped some kettle corn for the slumber party. Passing around a big bowlfull. Take what you want.

  123. Sweet, Jan! Thank you and your husband! I have some chocolate chip cookies :)

  124. Yes we represent the "other"New
    York. And Seekerville.

    I was just thinking about Mary Conneally's Red dress and shoes. Jeepers cant they get photos of every one there?

    I think I'll make some fresh coffee for our dessert

  125. Oh, man...these are GOOD, Eva! You're the best chocolate chip cookie baker in the world!

  126. Oh, bless your husband, Jan!

    They're still playing piano music and I hear cutlery.

    Anyone knows when the awards start? Or when we get to hear someone speak or something?

  127. I had to step away for a few... I hope I didn't miss any Seeker pics

  128. I think they're serving dessert now. Should be soon.

  129. Praise the Lord! I love chocolate!
    Thanks, Eva. :-)

  130. I'm nervous! That's the only good thing about not being there. If I win, I don't have to actually get up and give my speech :)

    LOL Cindy. I felt that way at the time, but then I felt so badly that I didn't get to thank everyone. So I did a video blog.

    Good luck!

  131. You're so very welcome, Ganise! I love chocolate, too :)

  132. ooops - that comment should have shown I was quoting (and replying to) Cindy!

  133. I want this music to play softly while I sleep.

  134. Did Ruthy fall asleep? Somebody nudge her!

  135. Thanks, Mary. I see what you're saying, too! Our other writer friends, and family, and everyone at ACFW does such a great job supporting us, it's nice to be able to extend a thanks.

  136. Apparently they're starting very soon. Whoo-hoo. We should start getting chearleading outfits out here! LOL no chance, on the side of the person writing this.

    But I am curious are there people amoung us who were cheerleaders?

  137. I was for a year, Ganise. A very long time ago. :)

    They said Brandilyn is headed to the stage so it should be soon!

  138. Nice Mary! It's good to encourage others. I hear it... she's talking of awards, winners and all.. its starting!

  139. Deb, I had to switch computers... my old one was SAD... and bumbling... but the new one came home from the hospital yesterday and suhweeet!!! It's coming through there.

    Hey, I've got chips and dip here, peeps. Dive in!

  140. I'd love for a pic of Mary in that dress!!!!

    And Teeeeenster all gussied up!

    Deb always looks good. But it's so hard to HATE HER!!!!

    And Myra's got a new hairstyle... Adorable!

  141. Hahahaha!

    I had to take ten minutes for Dave... every now and again he wants me to re-visit the awesome YANKEES WIN this afternoon!!!

  142. Any seekers or villagers have her as their agent?

  143. Aww.. how touching is this. I suspect we'll see more people get emotionnal here. Brought tissues just in case anyone here might need it.

    Christian celebrating amoung Christians. Beautiful.

    Congrats winners! Nicole, Alli!

  144. Cindy, we'll accept your thanks right here, darling!!! :)

    And we'll shout them to the mountaintops.

    It is such a blessing to have so many people loving and supporting what we do and what we attempt to do.

    We are truly blessed.

    Have more cake, okay?

  145. I remember Allen's speech from last year. It was so touching and meaningful.

  146. Eva,

    I don't have her ( or anyone yet ) as an agent, but she was at a conference I attended last year and she was everywhere. I knew it was her as they read the letter. She is a hard worker,and very attentive to new writers. Her sessions were very, very helpful.


  147. Thanks for telling a bit about her, Piper. She sounds hard working!

  148. Mary, you're so sweet! And yes, I will definitely have more cake :)

  149. Eva,

    I don't have her ( or anyone yet ) as an agent, but she was at a conference I attended last year and she was everywhere. I knew it was her as they read the letter. She is a hard worker,and very attentive to new writers. Her sessions were very, very helpful.


  150. Congrats Anne AND Cindy! Whoo-hoo. Finalists!



  151. Thanks, Eva. My stream keeps cutting to commercials at just the wrong moment. :(

  152. Sorry everyone, I didn't mean to post twice! I must need a cake boost!


  153. No, Eva Maria... I didn't know who Nicole was until I looked her up.

    Absolutely beautiful ceremonies... and moving right along! It's hard if things don't go smoothly and I'll tell you...

    Again because I date back to the old Noble Theme pre-Genesis days... this has come a long way because of very devoted people who had a dream. I can't say enough about how well they've done trying to evolve as Christian fiction grows... spreads... succeeds... I'm totally smiling to see such a huge step forward. Not to recognize people, per se... but to recognize the fact that Christian fiction has come into its own with growing pains and grimaces... but it's here. And I'm just simply delighted to be part of it.


  154. Hey, it wouldn't be a proper pajama party without popcorn!!!

    Fresh buttered popcorn with salt... no need for health lectures this night!!!

    And there's fresh sweet cider for everyone!

    I love fall!!!

  155. Everyone else getting the DanActive commercial or are you getting something else?

  156. I'm getting the Cotton commercial.

  157. I haven't had one commercial since the awards started.

  158. Jan,consider yourself very lucky! Clari, never got anything but DanActive yet lol

  159. No commercials here

    Congrats to the amazing Kathy Mahar

    Already had popcorn so I'm ready for Tina time

  160. Eva, Yes.. the DanActive commercial on this side.

    Apparently members don't get them...

    The cotton commercial. That made me chuckle a bit.

  161. TINA!! My heart did a leap when they mentionned you. Congrats girl, you're still a winner!

  162. Here we go!!!
    Congratulations Lisa!!!
    Congratulations on the nomination Tina!!!!

  163. I've heard about Lisa, too! Congrats!! What a sweet speech, hers was.


  164. Lisa's speech brought tears to my eyes!

  165. Congrats, Lisa Jordan!!!!

    Hooray for her to have a debut novel shine like that... Lakeside Reunion is a delightful book.

    But I do have a soft, soft spot in my heart for Oklahoma/WNY girls!

  166. A love letter to her husband - gotta love that!

  167. I got commercials on the old computer... None on the newer one.

    I wonder why that is???? Blocked by software, you think???

  168. Congratulations to Kathleen on her win in historical fiction.

    Tina P.

  169. JENNY!!! SUSAN!!!

    All great books, read them!

  170. Melanie!!!!

    Not a bridesmaid honey!!! A bride!!! So stinkin' proud of you!

    Grinning in upstate!!!

  171. Congrats, Melanie! Your award was announced just as a thunderstorm hit here. :)

  172. Susan May Warren... she's one of the CBA authors I studied/scrutinized/read voraciously while I was also studying Irene Hannon, Linda Goodnight, Nora Roberts and Linda Howard...

    And Deb Smith, Karen White, Lisa Wingate....


    That's my booklover list of who's who to help shape writing!!!

  173. Irene Hannon!

    Great author as well as Collen (apparently haven't read her work).

  174. Love Irene Hannon and Ronie Kendig! And LOVED Fallen Angel by Jeff Struecker. The rest of the series is great, too.

  175. Okay, who else is close to really crying right now?

  176. Clari, I haven't read any of his books... must find them. They sound wonderful.

    I was just going to ask if any o' youse had read them and I scrolled down and THERE YOU WERE!!!

    Smart girl!

  177. Ganise...

    Tissues, dear.

    I've got your back, honey!!!

  178. YAY! Karen Witemeyer for To Win Her Heart!

    And I'm going to have to check into Rosslyn Elliot's story.

  179. I squealed out loud for KAREN! Oh, so happy for this wonderful author. A fav-orite!