Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekend Edition

This is a very special party held October 1-31 with blogging every single day and birthday presents every single day. The calendar is up on the Seekerville Village page and our  October Birthday tab is live too! So you can keep up with the guests and the presents.

There's a present giveaway every single day and we also have BIG weekly presents announced on Sunday's and the winner of the Birthday Extravaganza present will be announced on Saturday, November 3rd. All you have to do is comment October 1-31 to be entered. 

Coming this week-WEEK ONE!

  • Send us your photos of you and a Seeker or you reading a Seeker book. Photos will be included in a rotating frame on our webpage. All entries make you eligible for a Surprise Seeker Goodie Bag. Send photos all month. Winner Announced at the end of the month.  Send to us at

  • The Birthday Extravaganza Present:  We're Giving Away A Laptop!

We Have Winners

The five Weekend Edition Winners of conference goodies/ Seekerville Tchotchke are: KAV, Natalie Monk, Mary Curry and Tina Pinson.

Monday Sister Julie Asumpta gave us "KISS-OLOGY 201: Part 2 of "Warming Up the Pages With Romantic Tension" continues the "intense"study of the "Kiss" and how to make the most of it in your writing with Julie Lessman. Winner of a signed copy of any of Julie Lessman's books including A Love Surrendered and Julie's e-book A Light in the Window: An Irish Christmas Love Story is Donna.

As promised we brought back the informative Laurie Schnebly Campbell with her post, "The Dazzling Dozen, Plus One." The winners (yes, two)  of registration in her next  class entitled:  The Hero's Journey, For Heroines are Julie Hilton Steele and Carrie. Contact us ASAP so Laurie can get you registered. Thank you, Laurie for your generosity.

Wednesday Janet Dean was your hostess with "Six Strategies for Writing the "Happily Ever After" Ending" Winner of their choice of a Janet Dean BOC or  a $10.00 Amazon gift card is Clari Dees.

 Seekerville was delighted to welcome 2012 Golden Heart winner in the Inspirational category, Karen Fleming. Winner of a Seeker BOC as available is Christina.

Friday we presented the October Contest Update.. Winners of a ten page critique are Lyndee & Jackie.  And the winner of Glynna Kaye's October Love Inspired release, Look-Alike Lawman is Carol Moncado.  

Don't forget...Seekerville has our own contest going! Deadline September 30th. Details in this month's September Contest Update. It's not too late to enter.

Next Week In Seekerville

We're baaack and getting those mailings out. If you are a winner contact us at Remind us if it has been more than 8 weeks and your prize has not arrived. See our rules under the legal tab above.

Monday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SEEKERVILLE!!! On Monday, welcome back Stanley D. Williams, PhD, more familiarly known as "The Moral Premise Guy," as we kick off this exciting month of superstar guests, fabulous prizes, and a continuous cyber-buffet of deliciousness. Stan was our guest in Seekerville two years ago, and he returns with further insights into how authors can use the Moral Premise to create memorable fiction. In addition to answering several previously submitted questions, Stan also interviews award-winning author Tamera Alexander about her experience using the Moral Premise. Sharpen your pencils for this information-packed day of learning and discussion!

Tuesday: Love Inspired Historical author Eva Maria Hamilton stops by to share some serious KLOUT!  Don't miss this informative post and a chance to win her debut release, Highland Hearts!

Wednesday: "Reader Empathy: Catch It & Keep It" with Angela Ackerman. Angela  is one half of The Bookshelf Muse blogging duo, and co-author of The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer's Guide to Character Expression. Seekerville is giving away one digital and one traditional copy of The Emotion Thesaurus. Happy Birthday Seekerville!

Thursday:Barbour and Bethany House author Mary Connealy will be bringing us: "Five Years Since My First Book Released." She will be giving away a $55 (fifty-five dollar) CBD eGift Card!

Friday: Don't miss today's post: "Why Rewarding the Reader is More Important than Ever Before: Reading Has Changed" with one of our favorite male persuasion Seekervillians, Vince Mooney. And there's a special birthday present offered today!

Saturday: Love Inspired author Tina Radcliffe is your birthday hostess today with her post "Something's Gotta Give: Five Ways to Make Peace with Your Dust Bunnies." She'll be giving away a ribbon wrapped birthday present to one lucky commenter.

Sunday: Weekend Edition! and birthday prize winners for the week announced.

Seeker Sightings

We'd love you to share your own sighting in the comment section so we can support your writing.

 Debby Giusti will blog Saturday (TODAY)  on Petit Fours and Hot Tamales, talking about the upcoming Georgia Romance Writers' Moonlight and Magnolias Conference. Stop by and say hello! 

Debby will be the Georgia Romance Writers' Featured Speaker at their 30th Annual Moonlight & Magnolias Conference, October 5-7. She'll join with 46 additional authors, including Julia Quinn, for the GRW Book Fair and Autographing, on SAT, October 6, 4:30 - 6 pm, at the Atlanta Hilton Northeast in Norcross, Georgia. The book fair is free and open to the public and a portion of every book sale will benefit Georgia Literacy.

Glynna Kaye's Love Inspired Look-Alike Lawman is now available for on-line purchase and is already being spotted at Walmart, book stores and grocery stores around the country!


September 27-30, 2012 Win your choice of any of Julie'sbooks including A Love Surrendered and  her Christmas e-book A Light in the Window: An Irish Christmas Love Story at a blog interview/giveaway on BOOK REVIEW SISTERS blog.

Check out Tina Radcliffe's post "I Love to Live on the Mountain Top (at the ACFW Conference)" on the ACFW Blog.

Hope you didn't miss Barbara Vey's Beyond Her Book Blog recap of the ACFW Conference with photos of Seekers and Seekervillians!

Random News & Information

Once again this year Seekerville will be reimbursing one person their Golden Heart Entry fee. (one fee) This opportunity is open from November 15 through to the Golden Heart deadline of January 2, 2013. Send proof of entry to the Seekerville email address. Winner will be announced on January 7, 2013. Please note the deadlines for the Golden Heart have changed. November 15, 2012, the 2013 Golden Heart Contest opens to entries. The Golden Heart contest is limited to 1,200 paid entries. More information on the 2013 Golden Heart Awards is available here.

Love Inspired Suspense Fast Track Event. Fast-track submissions received between October 15-26 will hear back from LI no less than one more after the closing date, before November 26th.

Carolrhoda Books Seeks Unagented YA Manuscripts for Limited Time (GalleyCat)

[Case Study] How a Pay-What-You-Want Pricing Model Can Generate More Revenue (copyblogger)

Christian fiction group announces Carol Award winners (Christian Retailing)

Self-Printed 2.0: Self-Publishing And Marketing Tips With Catherine Ryan Howard (The Creative Penn)

After the Conference by Wendy Lawton (Books & Such Literary)

More 2012 ACFW Conference Photos

Lorna Seilstad, Mary, Rose Ross Zediker and Dawn Ford

Senior Editor  Melissa Endlich and Tina Radcliffe

Pam Hillman & Mary Connealy

Stephanie Queen Ludwig, Janet Dean, Missy Tippens and Myra Johnson

Janet, Laurie Kingery, Myra, Audra, Missy and Mary
Mary Connealy & Nancy Kimball
Tina & Helen Coffee Gray
Congratulations to Fay Lamb, who won the Seekerville Silent Auction Secretary!

Tina, Audra, Melissa Jagears and Debby Giusti

That's it! Have a great Weekend. See you on Monday for cake and ice cream


  1. Whooot, whooot!!! I'm excited. I've got the balloons. Lots and lots of balloons.

  2. W00T W00T!!!!

    Do they have to be pics of Seekers with us or can they be pics of Seekers we took [with or without non-Seekers]?

    Will have to figure out how to get a pic of me reading Pam's book - since it's Kindle-y and all ;).

    I did find Julie's book at my store today and got to find "Josephine Moncado" in it :D.

    PLUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I won Glynna's book!!!!!!!!!!! I ALMOST bought it today but decided to wait until payday and now I have it coming to me :D.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEEKERVILLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'll be in the hammock under the palm tree with something soothing to drink after a day of edits :).

  3. First of all, Happy Birthday, Seekerville! I LOVE this place, and even more, all the Seekers and SeekerVillagers who make it so special.

    Second...ARGH! You put my photobomb on the ACFW website??? ARGH!!!!

  4. CONGRATS to all the winners for this past week! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEEKERVILLE!!! Hmmmmm....guess I'd better make sure to stick candles in my Peach Cobbler this month *wink*. Hugs from Georgia, Patti Jo

  5. They have to be a Seekervillian with a Seeker or a Seekervillian reading a Seeker book.

  6. We're going to call the photo album..

    The Village People.

    Ha ha. Kidding.

  7. Erica it's the real you.

    I love it!!!! I will cherish it forever.

  8. If it's going to be the Villiage People, can I be the letter Y.

    BTW thanks so much for the giveaways and I won. Awesome.

    Next month sounds like it will be exciting din't want to miss a day. Can we PhotoShop a pic of us with a seekers? Just kidding.

    Tina P.

  9. If you can photo shop me rich, young and thin then the answer is yes. Tina P.

  10. Happy Birthday Seekerville!
    So do we have candles on your cake, or... roll up rejection letters and light the ends of those like candles?
    Wait, that's my birthday cake. :-p

    I have missed everyone SOOOOO much but it's good to be back "home" in Seekerville. =)

  11. YAY! You guys all look so great!


  12. I'm always up for cake and ice cream.
    Can't wait for the month of October.

    Congrats to all the prize winners!

    BTW-I wasn't sleep walking through the photo ops at the ACFW gala! Although the picture of me looks like it! : )

  13. Ah rich, young and thin, huh, Tina R. Hmmm. That could be interesting.

    Tina P

  14. I've been waiting for a real Helen photo. We barely got by without here during the conference but at least now I know how to use that fancy coffee machine in an emergency,

    Congratulations to all the winners. I won the Seekerville Kindle giveaway last year so I should ban myself from the prize list. Should but hey, my laptop is dying a slow death... choke choke sputter.

    Happy weekend and hooray for October!

    I am anticipating some fun with the revolving album of Seekers, villagers and books.

  15. LOL! I see the bomb, Erica. Took me awhile. I had never heard of photo bombing until this last summer when I took a bunch of pictures and there was one girl in almost everyone of them. Looked like she was photoshopped in there. Most of the pictures turned out great. I was telling dd how cool they looked and that's when she told me that this girl was really good at bombing. Huh?

  16. SO FUN TINA!! Congratulations winners, authors and all! And thank you, Tina for another great W.E.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEEKERVILLE!!! So excited for you. Gonna check out that calendar. I'm gonna try to be there as many times as possible.

    Blessings and awesome weekend to you all!

  17. Hey, guess who's up early! (for me, that is)

    A fresh pot of coffee is ready.

    I feel like that last thing alive without an e-reader, so that Nook looks and sounds great.

    Congratulations to all you happy winners.


  18. Looking forward to an exciting October at Seekerville! Hooray!
    Enjoyed seeing all the pics of the conference.
    Jackie S.

  19. Good morning, Seekerville! WOW! Looks like an EXCITING birthday month! I can't believe it's been FIVE YEARS, and some of you have been with us almost from the start! It's been so much fun to cheer on aspiring writers and celebrate as Seekers & Seekervillagers have gradually moved off the Island to the publishing mainland! Who knows what the NEXT five years will bring!! Thanks so much to all of you who make Seekerville "home."

  20. Yay!!! Birthday Party!!!

    And Monday's going to start us out right with Stanley Williams here. I've been playing with the Moral Premise, and I'm ready to take it to the next level. Someday I may even be able to buy the book...

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

  21. Wow! I am thrilled. This is what I get for saying I was going to take more classes when I got back from Switzerland!

    And what a great October ahead!!!!!

    Tina, I am going to send a picture of me reading in my new hairdo but you are the only one who has gotten me to pose in my gnome pjs!

    Peace, Julie

  22. I hopefully will have pictures with Debby and Walt after next weekend. But I am having to figure out how to show multiple books on a kindle!

    Peace again, Julie

  23. Loving those photos, loving this edition, LOVING that it is time to celebrate all things Seekerville!

    Congrats again to all the winners. Way to go...

    (as a quick note - I'm a little math-challenged to be sure, but... are there 4 names on the prize winners for previous WE?)

    I'm dashing - again. The book formatter is starting to work on May Finds a Way: Peril in Paris. YIPPEE!!!

    May just did a backflip...

  24. Love the photos. Can't wait for the birthday bash. Congrats to all the winners this week.

    Jodie Wolfe

  25. Can't wait to kick off the b-day party!! Sounds like lots of fun!

    Tina, thanks for sharing the photos! I just love the one of you and Melissa. Gorgeous!

  26. Patti Jo, that sounds fun to put candles in cobbler! :) You know, I can't believe I never once ran into you at conference!! I'm so sorry we didn't get a chance to catch up. I haven't seen you in ages.

  27. Congrats to all the winners this week, love the pics-everyone looks so happy...
    I am excited about the October Birthday Bash, a whole month. I love to celebrate birthdays and to do so with the seekers is fantastic.
    Paula O

  28. Happy B-day, Seekerville, and everyone else that has October b-days! And goody, goody. I won. :-)

    Congratulations,all you other happy winners. =)

  29. hi everyone! it's raining here today (Houston) happy birthday!! love birthday parties! :-)

    Mia if you're here I just finished Matt's book :-) loved it! got the 2nd one on my kindle last night but haven't started it yet! not sure any of them can compare to that hunk!

    is Look alike lawman part of a series or can it be read alone? I think it's Audra's right? sheesh should've taken notes! *blush*


  30. oops sorry Audra's book! sheesh dunno why I get names so confused. audra and tina have the cowboy books right? so was Audra's the one where the hero and heroine were after the same job and the guy had a little boy and the woman had some healthy diet she was following?

  31. well darn I"m still confused! :-( Glynna has the cop book right? better go to amazon and figure this out LOL! 10:30 and I"m still not 'here'!

  32. I won a Tchotchke?! And here I thought that was a fancy way to spell sneeze! Does that mean Seeker germs are heading my way?!

    Thank you Seekerville! And love the line-up for next week. Can you confirm the rumour that all devout Seekerville fans are allowed to take the month of October off from their day job in honour of the birthday festivities? Paid in full of course!

  33. Oh, almost forgot: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MYRA!
    (I learned it through
    And to (like Clari said) everyone else celebrating in October


    Helen glad to see you here! Was wondering about you and the coffee pot and all ;)

  34. Congrats to all the winners!

    Looking forward to October - postings every day!!! And prizes!!! YAY!

    Happy Birthday, Seekerville!

    Sue (who's off to edit. Why do I have to force myself to edit? I even cleaned the bathroom to avoid it!!)

  35. P.S. Where would I find this photo bomb on the ACFW website?

  36. Yeah, that might not have been very clear... I meant to also wish a happy bithday to everyone celebrating in October!

  37. Susan, it's also on the Seeker WE ED. The one with Erica posing behind Mary and I.

  38. Um, does the photo you have on today's post of me with seekers work? Because I cooouuuuld download it and send it back to you but that just seems silly.

  39. Yes. It works. If you end up NOT seeing it in the photos remind me. I am functioning on fewer brain cells this week.

    By the way, you'll be glad to know we were talking about you.Now that we all can SPELL your last name we had a debate on how to PRONOUNCE your last name.

    Care to weigh in on the discussion?

  40. Ch 1 is ready for your listening pleasure!!

    If you enjoy, please spread the word!

  41. Happy Birthday!!
    I can't wait to see all the photos everyone sends in!!!

  42. Let's see... based on my convo with Melissa last week...

    It's pronounced Yay-gers - like Chuck Yeager's family - the Yeagers.

    But she lives in Kansas. So it's Jag-gers. Like Mick's family - the Jaggers.

  43. Oh I love all the ACFW pics! Happy Birthday Seekers!

  44. So excited for Seekerville!!!

    And I love that Vince is headlining next week.

    I learned a HUGE amount from his post on rewarding the readers. I hate that we've all become 'reward' addicts with TV and the internet... but it made me read differently. The books I loved? They rewarded the reader constantly. No matter how abd the writing, you still FELT the reward.

    And that changed my writing for the better. Keeping an eye on that emotional reward meter in terms of word count and page space...

    It was a new concept for me!

  45. Great weekend wrap up and YAY! SOOOO happy to win a ten page critique! That's like grabbing gold! Thank you!

    I started writing early this morning and got some serious work in before 7AM...I call those Ruthie hours, lol, cause I'm usually a night owl writer. I just got so excited about my new WIP that I had to get up and get it out of my head! I LOVE when that happens, don't you?

    Thanks again...L

  46. If you are old enough to know who Mick Jaggers is (I taught Junior High a decade ago and they were too young for this tip to help) then you've got it.

    It's spelled Like the TV show "Jag" and then add "ears" to it. And you pronounce it like Mick's last name but with an S--which "Mick" was on the list to name our boy but for some reason no one liked it....

    Now, originally back in Germany, I'm sure they pronounced it like Yay-gers like Jägermeister, but you see those dots on the A? I think the American brood was too lazy to do that, and hence the lazier æ sound, but then, I guess they were too lazy to spell Jægers as well, though I find it quite fun to write the letter ash, something about swirling my a into my e just makes me giddy.

    Where was I before I had fun with my phonetic alphabet....

    Oh, I hope you were talking well about me, but if not, at least now you can talk ill of me with the correct pronunciation.

  47. Melissa, it was all good. And I went with Yay-ger, without the S, as in Jagermeister. Probably because of having lived in Germany. Now, I'll add the S.

    By the way, my last name is tough too.

    Here's the hint: Think of Juice and Tea to remember me.

    Juice-Tea = Giusti

  48. Julie HS! YES, we'll take lots of pictures at M&M and we'll send them to Tina.

    Can't wait to see you!!! Woot!!!

    New haircut and all...

    Also want to see pics of your trip to Europe!

  49. Happy Birthday, Myra!

    Happy Anniversary, Julie!

    Happy Birthday, Seekerville!!!

  50. Erica, love how you capped the "V" in SeekerVillager.

    May I copy you?

  51. Stan Williams and our own Vince Mooney in one week?

    What a way to start our Seekerville Birthday Bash!

  52. Happy Birthday to all! I guess we're all getting older, my b-day was last Friday. You know what they say though everything gets better with age. :-)

  53. It's Julie's Anniversary? PRAISE the Lord!

    Happy, happy anniversary!! Here's to many more blessed years! (Same to Myra and the others born in October!)

    Nice to see you here, Renee :-)

  54. Happy Birthday Myra!

    Happy Anniversary Julie!

    I am super excited about October! And a post every day. Even on Sunday. Wow!

    Congrats fellow winners!

  55. Renee!! Happy Birthday!!

    Where have you been????

    You are missed.

  56. Mary Connealy
    You looked AWESOME, btw.

    Just sayin'

  57. Hi Renee,

    Happy Belated Birthday! Greating seeing you back on Seekerville.

    Barbara Vey will be with us on OCT 17. Be sure to stop by and say hello!

  58. Happy Birthday, Seekerville! :)


    MaryAnn Diorio
    Harbourlight Books-Dec. 2012

  59. MaryAnn!!! Thank you.

    MaryAnn is last year's winner of a refund of her GH entry fee.

    More details on that contest check out Friday's October Contest Update.

  60. Cool! Love learning the pronunciation of names. I thought Melissa's last name was pronounced Yay-gers, so I guess I'm right. And wrong. Jag-ers.

    And Debby, thank you. I still hadn't figured yours out but your explanation makes it so simple! I love it! Juice-Tea. :-)

  61. Wow! Happy birthday Seekerville! May you have many more! :-)

  62. Lots of news and more pictures (everyone looks great) ... and a birthday celebration to boot ... what fun! Exciting about the Carol Awards ... and congrats to this week's winners.

    I'm almost a month behind on Seekerville but determined to catch up :-)

    Nancy C

  63. Happy Birthday,Seekerville! Love the photos!

  64. You can do it, Nancy C. I have faith in you. :)

    Or just read the WE EDs to catch up.

  65. How cool! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEEKERVILLE!!!!!!!!

  66. FYI - I think my laptop has died a miserable death.

    I am now going to cry.

    13mos old [yes, out of warranty] and no warning. Just black. No lights. No power. No nothing.

    Yes, everything is backed up.

    No, I don't have the money to replace it right now.

    Yes, I am going to cry more.

  67. Carol, did you take out the battery? Let it rest a few minutes. Go to a new plug. Place battery back in machine. Plug in to power source and pray.

    I had a series of problems in the summer. Static electricity built up in my battery pack. Go figure.

    Hope you get it working again. :)

  68. Yep. Except the other plug in. I know the plug in works... have unplugged and replugged though. Have two techie gurus at my beck and call [or at least my phone and text ;)]. They're completely flabbergasted - very unusual way for one to die. Praying it still comes back eventually.



    I hope you're all singing along. I'm no soloist!


  70. Rock the River in Ottawa ON!!
    Whoo-hoo. Who else went?
    Soaked but my heart is happy. I love how we were all celebrating Christ together as a family.

    I'm watching online now. Praise The Lord!

  71. Oh my stars, I just blew in from a great research trip where I took MY HUSBAND.... instead of one of the girls.

    We had a ball. I didn't embarrass him MUCH... We found out great riparian/lakeshore dwelling points I might have missed without visiting a small lake... Because small waters are different from GREAT LAKES!!!

    So much fun!


    YIPPY KI YI YAY, VILLAGERS!!! Oh my stars, happy days are here again!

    SUHWEETTT!!!!! :)

    Gotta read comments.

  72. Teeeenser!!! I love the Village People. I'll wear a hard hat, okay???

    And suspenders.

  73. Lyndee!!!! That is how I feel in the morning!!! I just can't wait to see what they're going to do that day, even if I think I know, because they delight me so much!!!

    HOW WEIRD ARE WE???? Raising a cuppa to you to honor our joined weirdities!!!

  74. Deb, I know!!! Two hot guys in Seekerville in one week... Oh, happy day!!!

  75. Mary Ann, waving... it's been too long.

    'Sup wi dat????

    Hey, I brought DELICIOUS chocolate back from WEBB'S and some of that is finding its way into the prize basket on MY DAY IN OCTOBER.... With a few other Ruthy surprises!!!


    Whilst we discuss ways to sell/write a strong series arc.

    For listening to me prattle, you get chocolate!

  76. So when are we going to figure out how to give gifts instead of receive them -- For Seekerville rather then From Seekerville.

    I mean...we're coming to the party and leaving with goodies while you (Seekers) are doing all the work.


    Well while we ponder that, I'm going to get some sleep so I can be up before the birdies and Ruthy.

  77. I'm hoping the photobomb picture works for the sending in a pic of me with a Seeker, and Debby, please, be my guest on the SeekerVillager thing. :D

    So looking forward to the October Birthday Bash. You all know how to throw a party.

    And Tina, it was my honor and pleasure to sit with you during the banquet. :)

  78. Hi guys! I've been "creeping" LOL! Life is craaazy busy so I haven't been blog hopping and commenting quite as much as I'd like anymore. I miss it. Thank you all kindly for the birthday wishes. :-)

  79. Ganise! LOL it's so funny that you "found" me here after we became Goodreads buddies. :-)

  80. Oh, my goodness!! Somehow missed seeing my name in this WE. Just got my Seekerville Tchotchke pack in the mail today and it was such a wonderful surprise!!! Thank you so much to all who contributed to the package. Pens, sticky notes, bookmarks, flower seeds, snazzy Over the Edge lip balm :), grip jar openers, and The Merchant's Daughter book (which is so fitting, since I'm reading The Healer's Apprentice right now!)!

    Thank ya'll so much. You have no idea how much sunshine you put in my day.