Friday, October 26, 2012


Julie, here, and don’t you just LOVE autumn? Caramel apples,
pumpkin spice cappuccinos, the smell of wood smoke, the crunch of leaves … a fall scavenger hunt! Sigh …  nothing says autumn to me more than curling up in my cozy hearth room with a steaming mug of cinnamon hazelnut coffee and 31 brand-new releases from some of my favorite Christian authors.

Well, that can be you when you join Lisa Bergren, me and 29 other CBA authors in the 2012 Fall Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt October 25-28, 2012.

And speaking of “favorite Christian authors,” it is my absolute please to introduce our guest blogger todayLisa Bergrenone of my VERY favorite authors who catapulted to my “must read” list when I endorsed her latest novel, Glamorous  IllusionsWOW, what a book!! Not only is Lisa a Christy-award-winning author of the wildly popular YA series “River of Time” featuring the award-winning novels Waterfall, Torrent and Cascade, but an outstanding historical fiction author as well. And the good news is her latest historical release Glamorous Illusions is one of the 31 paperback books the top winner will take
away in this scavenger hunt along with a Kindle Fire. Without further ado … I give you my good friend, Lisa Bergren.

Looking at the thirty-one delicious covers from this fall’s Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt, there are many, many intriguing covers. But these five beauties stood out for me. I want to buy all five, by cover alone, without knowing anything more about them.

Clearly, beautiful costumes speak to me. I think they help transport me to that time and place—immediately set me within the story. (My upcoming Grave Consequences has a costume from Titanic!) Then, rich, painterly colors call to me too. Add to that a pensive pose or expression, and I’m a goner.

I’m a pain for the marketing folks at my publishers, because I’m always pressing for just a bit more in my own covers. I cried (in a good way) when I saw the completed composition for Waterfall, and again when I saw the model photographs for Glamorous Illusions. Because I know what it means to me, as a consumer, when it all comes together. It’s the reason I first pick up a book and read the back cover copy. Then the first couple of pages. Then a random page inside.

I’ve been blessed to be able to speak to the cover designers at my pubs, to share character descriptions, ideas about what I think would make for a good cover composition, and other covers that I’d like it to resemble.

Not all authors get that much say. But, well, I’m somewhat of a loudmouth. And opinionated. And tend to give input, even when not asked. If I don’t try, I’ll just be frustrated later, right? (I’m sure a few designers would like to provide me with a roll of duck tape.) Even now, I’m nervously awaiting cover comp ideas from Zondervan for my new YA dystopian series, launching Fall 2013. Oh, how I hope they’ll get it right!!

I’m not sure how much Mel, R.J., Laura, MaryLu, and Tammy had to say about their covers. But in my opinion, they won the cover lottery—these are exquisite.

It makes me curious about what calls to you in a cover. Out of my fav five, which one would you pick off the shelf, without knowing a thing more about it? Please answer my poll, here, and you can have a chance of winning my own latest beauty of a cover, Glamorous Illusions (be sure to leave a comment with your email for a chance at that copy), as well as the 110,000 words inside that cover:


And if you want a chance to win ALL FIVE OF THESE BOOKS, PLUS 26 more, PLUS a brand new Kindle Fire, or two $50 gift certificates, be sure to c’mon over to my site at, the starting point for the Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt going on RIGHT NOW from 10/25 noon-10/28/12. Lists of the authors involved and the prizes offered at
the end of this blog.

Hope to see you there and Happy 5th birthday to the authors of Seekerville!

Simply take the poll above, then leave a comment for a chance of winning Glamorous Illusions by one of my favorite authors! Be sure to leave your email in a spam-free format such as janedoe(at)aol(dot)com and GOOD LUCK!


Lisa T. Bergren is the author of more than forty books that have sold over two million copies combined. She writes in a variety of genres--children's books, YA, adult fiction, devotionals and more. Lisa lives with her husband, Tim, three children, and a fluffy white dog in Colorado. To
find out more about her go to, or follow her on, or Twitter (@LisaTBergren).


Tamera Alexander
Ruth Axtell
Lisa Bergren
Lyn Cote
Liz Curtis Higgs
Margaret Daley
Melanie Dickerson
Melanie Dobson
Laura Frantz
Sibella Giorello
Leslie Gould
Winnie Griggs
Robin Lee Hatcher
Kristen Heitzmann
Tracy Higley
Sharon Hinck
Vicki Hinze
Ronie Kendig
R. J. Larson
Julie Lessman
Judith Miller
Nancy Moser
Nicole O'Dell
Marta Perry
Sandra Robbins
Susan Sleeman
Janice Thompson
MaryLu Tyndall
Kim Vogel Sawyer
Stephanie Whitson
Jill Williamson


GRAND PRIZE: 31 new releases pictured in today’s blog plus a brand new Kindle Fire ($199 USD)

2nd and 3rd prize: $50 gift card to Amazon, B&N, or


Basketful of Scottish treats, valued at $100, and all brought home from Scotland: Pair of polished pewter Celtic knot earrings, purchased in Selkirk; polished pewter thistle pin, purchased at Eilean Donan Castle; Lavender Scottish soap, purchased in Falkirk; Wee Victorian print, purchased in Glasgow; Scottish keyring, purchased in Edinburgh; Scottish sayings magnet, purchased in Stirling Glasgow; Boys Victorian bookmark, purchased in Glasgow; autographed copies of Here Burns My Candle, Mine Is the Night and A Wreath of Snow: A Victorian Christmas Novella.

$50 gift card, winner’s choice of signed book and having a character named after you in my next book.

$50.00 Amazon gift certificate and the three books in romantic suspense “Ocracoke Island” series.

$50 gift certificate and choice of three signed books

$25.00 Amazon gift card and a beaded bookmark from Belle on a Budget

16-inch black and cream toile print paper necklace handmade by author.

Amana Colony Cookbook

Choice of author’s audio CD book (retail value $30)

"Hold Firmly to Faith" hand-carved cross and poem

Ten copies of Her Good Name and small memento of Maine: a balsam fir sachet and small bag of "pebble" chocolates.

Ten copies of Where the Trail Ends.

Ten copies of Survive the Night.

The Secret Life of Becky Miller, Renovating Becky Miller, Symphony of Secrets, and Stepping Into Sunlight.

Four-book set of the “Plain Sight” series.

Three sets of first two books in “Justice Agency” series, Double Exposure and Dead Wrong.

Set of “Diamond Estates” series: The Wishing Pearl, The Embittered Ruby and The Shadowed Onyx

One complete set of new three-book series, plus four signed copies of book 1, Belonging.

Three copies of Courting Cate.

Three signed copies of Trinity.

Two copies of Shattered Silence.

Reader's choice of any two of author’s books.

Signed copy of Prophet, volume #1 in the Books of the “Infinite” series.

Plus audio CD, volume #1 in the Books of the "Infinite" series

Comment for a Chance to Win Daily! Weekly! Monthly!


  1. Hi Lisa! I got my start on your Homeward trilogy which I enjoyed and THEN I read your River of Time series and I was hooked for life! I love historical fiction, YA fiction and time travel so yeah it was a great fit for me. :-) I've read Glamorous Illusions and loved that one as well. I've seen the cover for Grave Consequences and I'm even more intrigued. ;-)

    As for fave covers I love Laura's cover. It's so romantic and with those browns and reds it's a bit different from older romance covers I've seen. No matter what the cover looked liked though, if I saw Laura's name on the cover it'd be a must read! The same goes for the other ladies you've mentioned on your cover list!

    I voted in the poll but no need to enter me since I already own your lovely book.

  2. OH, BUMMER ... I thought I was first, and Renee beat me to it, the little brat!! ;)

    I'm up late answering comments over on the Scavenger Hunt, where LOTS is happening and PRIZES GALORE are waiting for you, so DON'T MISS OUT!!!


    EVERYBODY ELSE,belly up to the breakfast bar because you will need your strength for the hunt, okay? We have omelets made to order, waffles, chocolate chip pannycakes (what my daughter used to call them), peach cobbler, cinnamon kringles, maple-cured ham and bacon, fried potatoes and LOTS AND LOTS of cinnamon hazelnut coffee and an assortment of tea, so DIG IN!!


  3. Hi Lisa!! I haven't read any of your books, but I want to-especially because of the covers!

    I voted in the poll! I have to agree with Renee- I LOVE Laura's cover!


  4. I love covers! I voted!

  5. Hi I've just voted.

    I love the cover for "To Whisper Her Name"- it whets my appetite to read the story.


  6. One of my favorite covers this year was in your top 5, I agree. I hope I get to have a good cover one day. And I just spent a lot of my time running through the scavenger hunt. More time than I should have! Gotta warm up and get to writing. The day dropped 20 degrees and I am not dressed for the shivering I'm doing now .... must hunt down my bathrobe.

  7. Lisa - how on earth are we supposed to choose only ONE of those covers? By cover alone, I want to read every one of them!

    I just finished the scavenger hunt and can't wait for the 28th! Hope to score big time, yes indeedy!

    And here, too! I'd love a copy of your Grand Illusions!


  8. I forgot to leave my email!!!


    More blessings!

  9. Hi Lisa,

    I'm so excited to see you here today. I voted and tweeted.

    Your cover is fabulous. I'm sure people will pick your book up who don't recognize your name (if that's possible) by your cover alone. It was worth being persistent to get that cover.

    Please throw my name in the pot. Thanks!


    joyfuljel(at)gmail dot com

  10. Oh, I love a good cover and these are lovely! Just precious.

    And what a fun idea, a scavenger hunt. I hope you guys have a ball with it.

    I brought coffee and a pack of "to-go" cups for all o' youse who have time to skip around from site to site.

    And Teeeeeena made homemade banana bread so I brought that, too. Also, a reminder that Tropical Storm Sandy is tweaking adrenaline at the Weather Channel so if you want live research about the variances of combined storm systems, TUNE IN. Talk about a free, live research opportunity! Oh my stars, science at your fingertips.

    Also, I ordered lunch for the lot o' youse. Fresh turkey (not deli) or ham or tuna salad on bagels from a Polish Jewish bagel shop in Manhattan.

    You will be so happy, you will write a thousand words. No lie.

    Bless youse! Happy hunting! I've got a little time off for good behavior, so I'm writing this weekend, and so stinkin' happy to do it! That's like the BEST PRESENT EVER!

    Writing time!

  11. I found it almost impossible to pick a favorite book cover. Yesterday I learned even more about them when I did the scavenger hunt... which was a blast, by the way.

    Lisa, you have become a favorite author for one of my friends who doesn't read Christian Fiction --well she didn't, but now she's completely hooked. I am praying God speaks to her through your work.

    I also already own Glamorous Illusions (waiting for me on my Kindle!) so I'm just here to gawk. I believe the hunt served its purpose. i now have a few more books I REALLY want to read!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Good Morning Lisa, There are many beautiful covers now on books, just by looking I would pick up Laura's "Love Reckoning" like the deeper colors...
    I have been doing the "Hunt" with so many great authors-love it. I cant do all at one time though.
    I need to get to the breakfast bar before Julie eats everything, looks good today...going to try some hazelnut coffee. thanks all
    I would love to be in your drawing for your grand book. thanks Lisa

    Paula O(

  14. More books to read, regardless of whether I win or not.

    Apparently, Seekerville has some friendly competition in the fall celebration department.

    I am so torn about the covers. They are all gorgeous.

    Thanks for being here today.

    Peace, Julie

  15. Hi Lisa, Welcome to Seekerville. I know you'll enjoy your day with our terrific friends.

    Love the cover for Glamorous Illusions.

    I'm bad, but personally I love covers of a romance with a handsome hunk on them. sigh

  16. I took the survey. I am on my way to the scavenger hunt.

  17. Wow! Wow! And oh yeah...WOW! That's a load of prizes! :)

    I answered the poll and picked Veil of Pearls. I initially judge a book by its cover. I can't help myself.

    Each of these books have eye-catching covers but I tend to gravitate toward ones without faces. I'm not exactly sure why, but maybe because I want to envision what the MC looks like instead of what someone else perceives her to be.

    With that said--I also love the cover to Fairest Beauty. It conveys kind of a Red Riding Hood and fairytale feel. :)

    Please enter me in the Glamorous Illusions giveaway. Oh my, I love the cover! The setting, the girl's expression and ohhh the dress! :)

    Love the touch of light in the covers of Waterfall, Cascade and Torrent.

    Thank you for this post, Lisa. I'm heading to the scavenger hunt now...

    nicnac63 AT hotmail DOT com

  18. RENEE, you little stinker ... you beat me to the punch, but I forgive you!!

    Hey, MARISSA ... trust me, girl, you would LOVE Lisa's Glamorous Illusions!! Have I ever steered you wrong??

    LOL, ABBI ... me too, sweetie, and GOOD LUCK!!


  19. Welcome to Seekerville, Lisa! I feel as if I know you even though we've never met in person! (Lisa was my editor for all 4 of my books.)

    Your cover of Glamorous Illusions is definitely my favorite.

  20. Hello!

    I am torn between the Veil of Pearls and the Whisper Her Name cover. However, even as I may be drawn to covers (and Christian Fiction does this better than anyone else), I have got to read the blurb to know what the story is! Your lovely cover, coupled with the information about the book, are great hooks. Put me in!


    Have a great day!


  21. RUTH ANN ... I have to be honest -- ANYTHING by Tamera "whets my appetite" ... :)

    MELISSA, LOL ... "must hunt down my bathrobe." DEFINITELY a "hunt" kind of day, eh?? It does take a wee bit of time, but SOOOO worth it, and you didn't have to do it all in one sitting, you Type-A sweetheart!! :)

    BECKY ... Oh, GOOD GIRL ... and I hope you "score big time" too!!


  22. JACKIE ... thanks for voting and tweeting, my friend, and I agree with you -- Lisa's cover is "FABULOUS"!!!

    RUTHY!!! If anybody deserves writing time, darlin', it's you, so you go, girl, and THANK YOU for the lunch!!

    DEB!!! You were one of the earlybirds on that hunt, as I recall, so GOOD JOB and GOOD LUCK, my friend!!


  23. PAULA SAID: "I need to get to the breakfast bar before Julie eats everything ..." AHEM ... I heard that, Paula, you little brat!! Not nice to make fun of an old gal with a wooden leg ... ;)

    JULIE ... I sooooo agree on those covers ... SO hard to pick!!

    SANDRA, LOL!!! Me too, sweetie, but not too many of them in the CBA, eh?? ;)

    ELAINE ... Good luck in the contest!


  24. Those are some amazing covers, and the Scavenger Hunt is a reader's dream come true.

    Loving it!

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Hi Lisa! And good morning Julie!

    Wow, picking just one of those covers was a tough choice, but I chose Fairest Beauty (and did the survey) because of the hint of mystery.

    Now I'm off to the scavenger hunt - what fun!


  27. Beautiful covers! I voted. :)
    wetalk2biz(at)q(lowercase Q)(dot)com

    Lisa, I've enjoyed the books of yours that I've read. The first books I read of yours was your series that began with The Captain's Bride. LOVED that series. :)

    Thanks for sharing about the Scavenger Hunt. It sounds so fun!

  28. I love the cover for "To Whisper Her Name" rdunson(at)knology(dot)net

  29. I love historical covers. They transport me back in time...and make me think I should be writing something other than suspense! :)

    The Scavenger Hunt sounds like a readers' dream come true!

    I hope all the Seekervillagers can access the blog today. What's up with Blogger?

  30. Welcome, Lisa! What a great scavenger hunt!! Sounds so fun.

    Thanks for your post today. Those are gorgeous covers you picked. They really draw my attention as well!

  31. Hi Lisa, I took the poll. I agree all the book covers are beautiful. I have to say when I did the Scavenger Hunt Melanie's The Fairest Beauty struck me dead on. Course I love fairy tales and this one looks like Snow White.

    I have to admit. I am drawn to covers first. Course I always buy my favorite authors newest releases but to be introduced to a new author the cover gets me everytime.

    I'd love to be entered into your giveaway.

    Have a wonderful blessed day!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  32. Wow! Awesome covers and prizes. I'm headed over to vote.

  33. Oh, Lisa! You are too good to show off my cover like this! But I have to agree with you, and I said these exact words: I won the cover lottery with my new cover for The Fairest Beauty!!! The only suggestion I made was that there be a tree in the background with an apple. But they do such AMAZING work I haven't even tried to "help" them. Zondervan has blessed me with wonderful covers for all three of my books, and the thing I love about them most is that they capture the atmosphere of my novels so well! So, so blessed.

    And how blessed am I that you invited me to join this scavenger hunt!!! What an awesome promotion! Thank you SO MUCH, Lisa! God bless you. :-)

    And YOUR COVER for Glamourous Illusions is GORGEOUS and really makes ME want to pick it up and read it!!! Wow! I love it. How romantic is that dress? And with the Eiffel Tower in the background? Awesome!

  34. Sandra, you cracked me up with your comment about wanting a handsome hero on the cover! Hahaha!

  35. Ruthy, I'm hoping for 3,000 words today! No joke.

  36. And thank you, Julie, for hosting Lisa!!! Isn't she amazing? I'm amazed at her organizational and tech skills at pulling off this enormous scavenger hunt. And so generous! God will bless her for it!
    Thanks, Julie!!! Love you, girl.

  37. rbevington09(at)gmail(dot)com

  38. Hi Julie & Lisa!

    I voted :)

    What a fun idea that scavenger hunt is! Good luck with it!

    eva maria hamilton at gmail dot com

  39. My first day in Seekerville in a few days. (I've been traveling on business. Though I didn't get to read Seekerville, I did adhere to my 1,000 words per day writing requirement for myself.

    Choosing on cover was a tough call. At first glance, I was going to choose "To Whisper Her Name" as the model on the cover was the most beautiful, in my opinion. However, I eventually chose "Judge" as the cover came across as an avenging angel type book.


  40. I had a hard time picking a favorite cover. They are all wonderful. I chose "The Fairest Beauty" probably because it reminds me of Once Upon A Time, for some reason.

    I've got a busy day planned but I'm going to make time to do the scavenger hunt!


  41. I voted, but oh, that was hard! I love covers! That's the thing I miss the most about e-books. I just love looking at the covers. Don't tell, but that's sometimes how I pick which books I want to read when I'm browsing for a new book in the store :)

  42. Julie, I knew, knew, knew I could come back to the scavenger hunt to finish later, but I JUST COULDN'T DO IT.

    I guess that means I'm going to die of a coronary (since that's the whole purpose behind the Type A, Type B personality thing).

  43. I love your novels, Lisa, except the Young Adult ones...too many other novels to read to read ones on time travel, which i don't enjoy. Waiting anxiously to find (at the library) or win Glamorous Illusions. i love Laura's cover

  44. Good morning, friends! Sorry I couldn't jump in last night...I was comatose after getting the scav hunt launched.
    RENEE: Thx for reading all those!! Laura's is definitely one my top 3 in that mix.
    MARISSA: Hope you get the chance to soon!
    BECKY: I KNOW. Tough call.
    JACKIE: Thanks. I confess to petting it on occasion.
    DEBRA: Oh, that makes my heart happy. Praying for her right now.
    PAULA: I know. Isn't it delicious??
    SANDRA: Thanks for the welcome. :-)
    CARA LYNN: Nice to see you here, pal!
    JEANNE: Since CAPTAIN'S BRIDE? Extra hugs and gold, shiny stars for you!!
    MELANIE: Well, of course! So glad you could take part in it.
    MARIANNE: I get that time travel isn't for everyone. But I ADORE the chance to have a contemporary girl's perspective in the midst of deep history. So. Much. Fun.

    Thanks to everyone else taking part in the hunt, the poll on this blog, and for welcoming me here!

    Love, Lisa

  45. For the poll I voted for Melanie's cover.It's beautiful,but also mysterious.
    Lisa,I love your cover for Glamorous Illusions!

    Katie N.


  46. The Scavenger Hunt sounds like so much fun! Great post, Lisa. Your book covers are spectacular. I NEED to read one of your YA because I have a raft of kids who'd enjoy them :-)

    I love to look at bookstore shelves just because of the lovely covers. Ooh wow!

    Laura Frantz's book AND cover are fantastic - but I must say I was spellbound by Fairest Beauty. wOW! and I really want to pick up RJ's book.

    I filled out the survey, btw.

  47. JAN ... good girl!! And GOOD LUCK!!

    C.E. HART ... I can't either! Certain covers just call to you, don't they??

    CARA ... WOW, that's cool!! I have NO DOUBT that Lisa was a fabulous editor, just judging from how she has handled the scavenger hunt!!


  48. PIPER ... I'm with you. 1.) Look at cover, 2.) Flip it over to read blurb, 3.) Read first line/paragraph, 4.) Buy.

    Hey, PAMMY, it certainly is!! Wish I was a reader so I could do it ... :(

    WALT ... I am SOOO impressed, my friend, that you even write on the road when you're working -- THAT's dedication that will be well rewarded, I have NO doubt!!

    Good morning, JAN!! Oooo, good reasoning on your cover choice -- you can resist of a hint of mystery???


  49. JEANNE T ... GOOD GIRL!! Here's to a win!!

    DEBORAH ... It does draw you, doesn't it?? But then they all do, so it was a tough choice. :)

    Hey, DEB ... not sure, but I don't like it!! :(


  50. MISSY ... Lisa masterminded this entire hunt, and I am BLOWN AWAY by her efficiency and savvy. Probably because I don't have any ... :|

    CINDY ... I think as human beings, we ALL judge a book by a cover, don't we?? I know that if I like an author but her cover doesn't appeal, that does affect me. Gosh, I'm fickle, aren't I???

    TERRI ... thank you, sweetie, and GOOD LUCK!!



  51. Lisa, I'm in. sallybradleywrites[at]gmail[dot]com

    My favorite of the five is The Fairest Beauty. Is that gorgeous or what? Laura Frantz' book is right behind it. I'm reading it right now, and it's as good as the cover.

    Lisa, I LOVED your River of Time series. Still have the last two to read. Will there be more in that series? Or is it the end? :(

  52. Hi Lisa & Julie,

    I must agree with your cover choices - they are GORGEOUS!

    I voted. Though close, I had to pick "To Whisper Her Name" (which I just received in the mail yesterday!)

    Lisa, I love your newest cover too! So glamorous!

    Did most of the scavenger hunt yesterday. Whoa - what a bunch of talented authors, I must say. Glad to see so many great books coming out.

    Have a great weekend. Hoping to get some major editing done this weekend.

    sbmason at sympatico dot ca

  53. I voted for The Fairest Beauty - I just adore Melanie's books and this cover is simply gorgeous!


  54. Welcome Lisa! You're so right about book covers (IMHO)--that's what first calls me to a book (unless I am familiar with the author, of course). I voted for my fave cover of those 5, but want to add that YOUR cover is gorgeous--WOW! ~ I am loving this Scavenger Hunt, and hope to complete it today. Even though I'm already familiar with many of these authors, it's fun reading each stop along the hunt and learning more. Have a blessed weekend, Patti Jo

  55. Hi! I love all of those covers! I'm sure that if I ever get to help choose a cover for my books I'll be very picky... :)

  56. Oh, oops. I forgot my email in the last comment by Margaret--it's v(at)boldbrightbeautiful(dot)com.

  57. MELANIE ... your cover is drop-dead gorgeous as always!! And, YES, I feel "blessed" too, to be a part of Lisa's AMAZING scavenger hunt -- she boggles my mind, which admittedly, is not all that hard to do, but even so ... :) Right now the words "AMAZING" and "Lisa Bergren" go hand in hand!! Love you too, Mel!

    ROSA ... GOOD LUCK!!

    EVA MARIE ... the scavenger hunt is the brainchild of Lisa Bergren, and I totally agree -- GREAT idea!!


  58. I vote for Fairest Beauty! And you're right. I look at the cover first, then the title, then the back cover to determine what I'll buy.

    Thanks for the post! Everyone on the east coast, stay safe!

  59. DONNA ... Oh, girl, good for you!! You won't regret it -- the hunt is a lot of fun!

    CINDY ... I agree with you about the ebooks not being as easy to look at the covers. I constantly refer back to the cover when reading, A LOT, so I miss that on the ebook, where it's just too hard to do.

    MELISSA ... bite your tongue, girl -- you are going to live a good, long time, you hear??? Somebody's gotta keep us on our toes at Seekerville, right??

    MARIANNE ... YA is not for everybody, that's for sure, but it's a fast-growing genre, and our Lisa is right at the front of the pack!!


  60. LISA!!! I hope you got some sleep last night, girl!! The hunt is a raging success so far, so MUCHO KUDOS to you, my friend!!

    KATIE N.... thanks for voting and GOOD LUCK in the contest!!

    PEPPER ... I agree about Laura's cover and Mel's ... and actually ALL the ones Lisa picked -- STUNNING, all!!


  61. SUE!!! Oh, doesn't Whisper Her Name look good??? I have it burning a hole in my TBR too, so I bet you'll beat me to it, Suzi-Q!!

    THISISME ... Hear-hear ... I adore Melanie's books too, and Melanie for that matter as well! ;)

    PATTIJO!!! I agree about Lisa's cover -- absolutely AWESOME!!


  62. Hey Lisa!
    I clicked on the poll link but didn't manage to make it where I was supposed to go... ?

    Judge is my favorite - looks mysterious and powerful!!! I like the colors, the font they chose. From the picture on my laptop, I couldn't tell if it is a man or woman.

    I'm laughing about your cover design comments... GO LISA!!! :)

    Will check out the scavenger hunt. What a generous group of ladies! Thanks for being in Seekerville today!

    may at maythek9spy dot com

  63. What gorgeous covers!!! Welcome to Seekerville, Lisa from a fellow Coloradoan.

    I voted!!

  64. Julie, the one good thing about being cooped up on an airplane is no Internet contact. Writing is definitely possible.

  65. They're all pretty. That's one thing I like about the CBA. The covers are often beautiful.

    I'll go with To Whisper Her Name, although Judge definitely catches my eye too.

  66. Lisa, I love covers, especially ones like the five you chose.

  67. Hi Lisa! About the five covers, Veil of Pearls would be my first choice to pick off the shelf and Whisper Her Name would be second. The others come across too dark for me ... I would expect heavy stories to match the dark covers. That said, they are all beautifully designed and evocative. And the darker ones might well appeal to another reader who doesn't respond to the lighter covers. I guess the trick is to grab the 'right' reader with the cover :-)

    Nancy C

  68. Awww I'm sorry Julie, I wanted to stop in and say hi before I went to bed last night. :-) I'll take some of that cobbler if you're willing to share it with the gal who took your spot. ;-)

  69. i'm a cover girl, back blurb girl. that's the order by which i pick a book. if the cover and back blurb don't jive... i tend to not purchase (unless the back blurb is killer)

    i voted for JUDGE. any cover with capes and weapons get me. i don't believe i've read any of your work Lisa, and after checking out your website - i know i'm missing out. i like YA - that river of time series is calling my name. my wish/christmas/birthday list just got loads longer *sigh*

    put me in for the drawing nm8r67 at hotmail dot com

    i wasn't going to do the Scavenger hunt because I don't do well with contests and drawings - never really win. actually, the only place i've actually had any "success" is here at seekerville - but i believe that is because the ladies here are so overwhelmingly generous (with wisdom first THEN the books).

    i will go see this "hunt" and perhaps try. i know i'm going to be longing for more books after the fact and that will hurt because so many books, so little time (or cash...). but it never hurts to get introduced to quality reading...

  70. Sorry to come so late to the party, girls!! Wow, Lisa, I'm honored to have my cover chosen as your top 5! Actually until my more recent one (book released in March), this one for Veil of Pearls was my favorite.. but it pales in comparison to these other gorgeous covers!! My goodness.. I've always loved Laura's, but Melanie's is absolutely STUNNING! They are all too beautiful to pick one
    And Thank you again for this wonderful Scavenger Hunt!! I'm having so much fun being a part of this!! What a great idea.

    By the way I had the pleasure of reading Glamorous Illusions for endorsement and it's FABULOUS!

    Jules.. you know I love you, girl!
    Hugs to everyone!

  71. I <3 Mellie's cover!

    The others are gorgeous, too, but I just LOVE Mel's.

  72. Is anyone else having trouble accessing the poll? A friend just emailed me and said she got an error message when she tried to vote, and when I tried it, I got the error message too.

  73. I love covers! They play a big part in if I think I'll like the book or not. I tried to vote but got an error message. I'll try again.

  74. The poll didn't work for me either..

  75. It worked last night but when I went to check to see if it would work just now and I got Not Found Error 404.

  76. Hi Lisa,
    The book jackets are beautiful and so great when they really do preview what's going on inside.

    The scavenger hunt sounds really fun, but I'd have to have my brain as one of the things to search for today, lol. That's a good thing though, as I've been super busy writing and writing and writing! Feels like I've accomplished a lot and I'm ready for the weekend even though it will be filled with laundry and all the household stuff I let build up while I was writing! I hope everyone has a great weekend. Will check in.

  77. PS, the poll is in error mode right now. Will check back on that later, too!

  78. At least I'm not alone trying to get into the poll.

    What a great give away!

  79. I want the paper necklace!!!!

    how cool is that??

  80. OH MY WORD!! LOVING all thes wonderful comments and the cover candy:) So honored to be amongst these 5 picks. I must confess Love's Reckoning is entirely the work of Revell and designer Brandon Hill though I did get to pick the dress and lace-edged shawl.

    SO intrigued by RJ's hero with that gallant sword strapped to his brawny back:) And I've always been a fan of MaryLu's with that gorgeous gown and pearls - plus the title! And the colors in Mel's just knocked my socks off! Also captivated by the expression on her heroine's face. And that apple - wow! And Tamera's is so classically southern and elegant and lovely. Being from the south, I was instantly smitten. I couldn't choose just one if I tried though it IS fun to have to pick a fave...

    Thanks so much, Lisa and Julie, for being here. And for dear Renee leading the charge:) You all are just the best, best, best!!

  81. That scavenger hunt was really something! I heard about it all day long. You all really worked hard on this.

  82. I would pick "To Whisper Her Name" off the shelf without knowing a thing more about it! :)

    jswaks at gmail dot com

  83. I thought I was the only one getting error mode on the Poll.

    Will have to keep checking.

    Thanks so much for sharing this here.

  84. Gorgeous, gorgeous covers! Each and everyone is a work of art.

    Hi Lisa, hi Julie! Sorry I'm late to the party, but glad I made it, LOL!

    Lisa, you brought up great thoughts on the covers and the images/thoughts they inspire. I love a good cover that sets the mood of the book, if it's not representational, I get so bummed!!

    You've had gorgeous covers and so has Julie! I've got to say I'm absolutely enamored with Melanie Dickerson's cover for The Fairest Beauty.

    Cover artists are truly a gifted sort of folk. My hat is off to them!

    Sorry for the technical problems you had earlier. I missed it, but I know it can be frustrating.

    Great post! Thanks!

  85. I'm getting the error message too. I love the Love's Reckoning cover just a bit more!

  86. Thanks for all the info....I love covers to almost all books.


  87. I think I like the covers of 'Judge' and 'Love's Reckoning' but sadly not 'The Fairest Beauty' so much. That said, I would like to read the book very much, and there is a saying 'Don't judge a book by its cover'

    I saw 'Judge' on Netgalley, which I lately joined, but since I have 4 books from them already, I don't think I will be requesting it. Anyone who wants to see which ones can click the link to my blog on my name and have a peek!!!

  88. So glad to see I did not cause the error message - technology is often not my friend.

    I do judge by a cover despite knowing better.


  89. Tried to take the poll but it said not found!Wold love to win the books though! E-mail is

  90. I'm with Shelia--tried the poll but got the same answer she did. I'd love to win this book. I haven't read your work before but want to. I am currently reading Laura's book, Loves Reckoning." Blessings! Darlene

  91. MARGARET, you have NO idea, girlfriend!!! When I got the first draft of my cover for A Passion Most Pure, they had Faith's hair down like in a prairie romance and her eyes weren't very green, so I was blessed that Revell worked with me and put Faith's hair up like a proper Bostonian in 1916, plus darkened her eyes. Also ... the original version had a reallllllly namby-pamby version of Collin, which I did not like at all. When I asked them if there were any other pix of Collin they could send, they told me there was just one, but she didn't send it because everybody agreed he looked to "angry" in it. I asked my artist to send it, she did, and the rest is history. Collin looked moody and yes, a wee bit angry, but it fit the story SO well because Collin IS moody and WAS angry that he couldn't have Faith.

    Like Lisa, I am VERY blessed that Revell works with me on my covers, all of which have been WONDERFUL!!


  92. ANNIE ... YES!! Me too, exactly!! And as a little girl who LOVED fairy-tales, I am a woman who LOVES reading Melanie Dickerson's versions of those same fairy-tales. :)

    KC & MAY ... I am SO sorry, but we have had SO many gremlins on this blog yesterday and today ... some people not being able to get it, Internet Explorer acting up and now the poll too. But thanks for telling us you tried -- that counts!

    WALT ... LOL!! Good point. :)

    PATRICIA ... I agree totally!!


  93. CHRISTINA ... for me, covers are like the icing on the cake ... SO sweet!!

    NANCY C. ... You are SO right about that, Nance, and I think CBA publishers do a stellar job with that.

    RENEE ... You bet, sweetie, and I don't share my peach cobbler with just ANYBODY, you know!! ;)


  94. DEB H. ... I am SO with you on that, girl!! I am pretty much a diehard romance reader, so dark and mysterious doesn't work for me, but that's the beauty of the market ... there's something for everybody!! And as far as the scavenger hunt, just take your time and read all the fun "exclusives" from the various authors -- deleted excerpts, background info, etc., then if you win, it's doubly fun!! GOOD LUCK!!

    MARYLU ... I'll be honest with you -- your cover is one of my FAVES and I know this is going to sound like I'm prejudice because you're my "sister," but I mean it, truly. And love you right back, my friend!!

    MEL ... yeah, the poll has been dealing us fits, so between it and the scavenger hunt, which has all we authors jumping, I know, I'm throwing in the towel on the poll and tabulating votes in the comments instead. Sigh. Technology and I do NOT get along!!

    JAMIE ... the poll is a bust, so please forgive me and just state your vote in your comment, okay? All comments will be entered, so no worries about the contest, okay?

    LYNDEE ... I am SO jealous!! You've been "writing and writing and writing"??? Wish I could say the same ... :\


  95. BOOKISHQUEEN ... my apologies on the poll ... gremlins at work, I'm afraid, and I am NO good with gremlins ... especially the techie kind, so just vote in your comment if you want, but if not, your comment automatically enters you!

    ROSE ... yes, bad poll -- bad, BAD poll!! Your comment counts as your entry, sweetie. :)

    VIRGINIA ... LOL!! Yes, I think you may have a fight on your hands for that necklace, but maybe Mellie will offer another on her wesbsite again ... :)


  96. LAURA!!! I have to agree on MaryLu's title and admit it was a one-two punch for me with both title and cover -- as was yours, my friend, but you already know I felt like that the way Keith and I ooohed and aahhhed when we first saw yours!! :)

    NATASHA!!! Thanks for coming by, my friend, and I am STILL in awe of Lisa for pulling that scavenger hunt altogether so beautifully. She's a genius!!

    JES ... I agree, but then Tamera's covers always do that for me!!


  97. MARY ... nope, you aren't the only one to see me fall on my face with my first poll ever ... AND my last!! ;) Your comment automatically enters you, sweetie. :)

    AUDRA ... oh, me, too!!! HATE IT when the cover doesn't match the story!! Thanks for your sweet comment on Lisa's and my covers, my friend. :)

    VERONICA ... my artist hubby and I went crazy when we saw Laura's cover for the first time, and Revell actually told me my upcoming book, Love at Any Cost, was supposed to look similar, but the artist went in a lighter direction, which actually fits the book a LOT better.

    MELINDA ... you're welcome, and I hope you get a chance to pop in to the hunt ... you have ALL weekend, so have fun!!


  98. JOANNA ... It's so interesting to see everyone's diverse reactions to the various covers, isn't it?? One thing for sure ... we may disagree on which is the best cover, but we ALL KNOW that what's inside is top drawer!!

    LOL, MARY PRESTON ... no, sweetie, you are NOT at fault, although it makes me smile to see you say that because that's EXACTLY what I always think ... somehow it's MY fault!!

    SHELIA ... no worries, sweetie -- your comment automatically enters you in the giveaway, okay?


  99. SPANGLDLADY ... Oh, girl, you are going to LOVE Glamorous Illusions, and I'm pretty sure you already DO love Laura's Love's Reckoning!!! I had the privilege and pleasure of endorsing both books, so I KNOW how fabulous they both are!!

    GOOD LUCK to all in the contest and my apologies for the bum poll. Rest assured that your comment enters you into the contest!!


  100. I'm trying!!! Work.g hard on trying to win!

  101. For the Book Cover Poll: I'd say The Fairest Beauty is my favorite cover with Veil of Pearls coming in at a close second. They're all lovely, really.

    By the way, I finished the scavenger hunt today. Such fun!

    Oh, and a Happy Birthday Seekerville! :-)


  102. TERESA ... good girl!! Here's to a win!!

    ANGELA ... YAY!! SOOOO proud of you for doing the scavenger hunt, my friend, so GOOD LUCK!!


  103. I have to say Tamera Alexander's book cover is beautiful, love the title whisper her name.

  104. So many great covers! But my favorite has to be Laura's. Just read it and it was great!
    campbellamyd at gmail dot com

  105. TERESA ... I TOTALLY agree!! :) Good luck in the contest!!

    AMY ... Oh, YES, Love's Reckoning is one of THE BEST books I have ever read in the CBA!!!


  106. I would love to win,Enter me!!
    Sarah Richmond

  107. finished the scavenger hunt. whew!

    wow, i must congratulate all the authors involved. the hunt is/was quite the treat and excellently put together. major kudos to all involved. really.

    as i suspected, i was exposed to more authors and books i really, really, really want to read now. *heavy sigh*

    so many books, so little budget... (oh wait, there's the library! oh happy day!!!!)

  108. I love all the covers, but it's a toss-up between Fairest Beauty and Whisper Her Name. Love the hunt!

    I ran a giveaway on my blog once through an outside source once Ugh! Never again, now it is comments!

    Looking forward to hearing more about your upcoming YA series!

  109. SARAH ... consider yourself entered, girl, and not a moment too soon -- randomizing now ... ;)


  110. DEB H ... ALL the credit goes to Lisa Bergren and Robin Lee Hatcher who masterminded it, so a round of applause for them.

    MEAGAN ... thanks for coming by AND for participating in the hunt -- hope you win!!


  111. I'd probably pick Fairest Beauty. I'm a sucker for fairy tales!



  112. These are beautiful covers. It is hard to pick just one!


  113. Hey, DEB, then you would have been among the majority because Mel's book won!! :)

    JANET ... I agree, but our readers did, and Melanie Dickerson won with Fairest Beauty!!Thanks for coming by. :)


  114. JULIE and LISA (I don't feel so bad now about Lisa not commenting much when she visited our blog, lol!)I am glad I did not see this until late because HOW could I have voted for my fave cover when I have several friends with their book covers featured up there!!! I will confess, though, that I LOVE cream/ivory clothing and when I get to a certain size, Lord willing, I will have an ivory clothing-buying binge. And I love pearls. And have ordered over a dozen copies of VoP because not only is the cover amazing, the story inside is perfection. Can't wait to read Melanie's new book and I read hers in Kindle so I see I MUST order pb copies for gifts so people can see that amazing cover. Hmmmm, I do LOVE jewel tones, too! And dark hair and ivory skin... Thanks LISA and JULIE and congrats to my dear friend and one of my accountability partners--MELANIE!!!

  115. I love all the covers <3 But the fairest beauty is my favorite (:


  116. Lisa and Julie,
    Thank you both for including JUDGE! What an honor--these covers are SO amazing...I love them all!!!

    Blessings and r-e-s-t.
    You two must be worn out! :)

  117. I love the book cover for the Fairest Beauty. It's gorgeous!!