Tuesday, October 2, 2012

KLOUT with Guest Eva Maria Hamilton

 Happy Birthday Seekerville! 

I love celebrating Seekerville’s birthday for the whole month October, so please join me in savoring a big piece of cake while you read this post!

As many of you already know, I love this blog, so when Tina invited me to do another guest post, I was honored. Thanks Tina! And thanks to everyone else who makes this blog so great!

Now a guest post on Seekerville cannot be taken lightly. We all come here for something - inspiration, learning, camaraderie… So what could I write about that hasn’t already been touched upon?

Welcome to my introductory post about Klout!


And yes, I know I spelled it wrong, but this is about Klout.com - a web service that measures the amount of influence you have in your social networks - facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin, foursquare, youtube, etc. (Plus more to be added in the future, like bit.ly, BranchOut, and so on.)

Some people are for it, others are against it. But I’ll spare you the arguments, because whether you agree with it or not, you’re probably already on it!

That’s right. Anyone with a twitter account, who hasn’t actively opted out, is on it. Even if you’ve never signed up, your name is there, along with your score, for those of us who are on it to see.

So, people know your score, even if you don’t.
Just think about who might be viewing you – readers, editors, agents, fellow writers…

I’m guessing that fact may have sent some people to Klout.com to see what their score actually is, so we’ll just wait for them to come back before we go on.

Ah, you’re back… good!

Now that you’ve been to Klout, and saw your score, let me explain a couple of things. The average person has a Klout score of 40, and apparently, the higher up your number goes, the harder it is to keep climbing.

Back in March of this year, with the old formula, there was only one person who scored 100 – want to guess who it was?

Drum roll please…

And please make it loud enough to be heard over the legions of screaming young female fans…

Justin Bieber

However, now that the new formula has been put into place, Justin Bieber has a score of 92, and Barack Obama is the new high scorer at 99.

Curious to see what other celebrity scores are?

Based on the new formula, here are a few:
(However, please keep in mind that these scores may have changed by the time this is posted, since Klout is ever evolving)

•    Ryan Seacrest = 89
•    Anderson Cooper = 87
•    Oprah Winfrey = 91
•    Taylor Swift = 90

But let’s also look at some famous authors:
•    Nora Roberts = 60
•    Francine Rivers = 52
•    JK Rowling = 21

And of course we must check out some of the Seekers:
•    Missy Tippens = 60
•    Myra Johnson = 54
•    Mary Connealy = 48
•    Julie Lessman = 43
•    Ruth Logan Herne = 38
•    Pam Hillman = 36
•    Cara Lynn James = 30

As you’ll see with your Klout score, everyone’s score fluctuates depending on what you’re doing online from day to day. But don’t panic if you take a week off from social media, there is a 90-day window (where recent activity is weighed more than older activity), so your score should never fluctuate too much.

But what is the score based on? According to Klout, your score
“…Incorporates more than 400 signals from seven different networks (if you opt to include them all). We (Klout) process this data on a daily basis to generate updates to your Klout Score.”

For instance, here are some signals that they use from Facebook:

•    “Mentions: A mention of your name in a post indicates an effort to engage with you directly.

•    Likes: The simplest action that shows engagement with the content you create.

•    Comments: As a reaction to content you share, comments also reflect direct engagement by your network.

•    Subscribers: Subscriber count is a more persistent measure of influence that grows over time.

•    Wall Posts: Posts to your wall indicate both influence and engagement.

•    Friends: Friend count measures the reach of your network but is less important than how your network engages with your content.”

And here are some signals Klout uses for Twitter:

•    “Retweets: Retweets increase your influence by exposing your content to extended follower networks.

•    Mentions: People seeking your attention by mentioning you is a strong signal of influence. We also take into account the differences in types of mentions, including ‘via’ and ‘cc.’

•    List Memberships: Being included on lists curated by other users demonstrates your areas of influence.

•    Followers: Follower count is one factor in your Score, but we heavily favor engagement over size of audience.

•    Replies: Replies show that you are consistently engaging your network with quality content.”

There are so many other things I could discuss about Klout, like Perks (free gifts!), Achievements, and so on, but I did state that this was only an introduction…

However, I’ll leave you with a few more tidbits:
•    Klout looks at how much content you are creating and compares it to how much you engage people
•    They insist that it’s better to have a small, engaged network than a large, unengaged one
•    No one is penalized for engaging with people who have lower Klout scores then them
•    And let’s not forget the new “Your Moments” page. Here you are able to see which of your posts generated the most interaction with your community. Hence, by analyzing this, you can see what works best, so you can duplicate it in the future

Now, let’s go out there and create some great content that engages our communities!

Eva Maria Hamilton is the author of Highland Hearts, a Love Inspired Historical novel published by Harlequin.

Scotland 1748
The Battle of Culloden is over, but one Highlander’s fight has just begun…
Logan McAllister survived years of indentured seritude in the Americas to reach this moment. Now he’s returned to Scotland, ready to redeem the secret promise from Sheena Montgomery’s father – that his years as an indentured servant would earn him Sheena’s hand in marriage. But when he arrives home, he learns that Sheena’s father has died, his contract has been lost… and Sheena is engaged to another man.


If anyone is interested in reading the first scene from Highland Hearts, please follow this link: http://amzn.to/HighlandHearts

And if you would like to watch the book trailer, please click on this link: http://evamariahamilton.com/

To connect with Eva Maria Hamilton online, please visit her:
website: www.evamariahamilton.com
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorEvaMariaHamilton
twitter: @HamiltonEvaM

To be entered for a chance to win a copy of Eva Maria Hamilton’s novel, Highland Hearts, tell us your Klout score. And enjoy celebrating Seekerville’s Birthday!

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  1. Oh, boy. Now I'm gonna have nightmares about my ack of KLOUT. and during my dream I'll be trying best to spell it right.

    But it will never be right. And I'll have a KLOUT score of 2. My cat will have a KLOUT score of 97 'cause she and the Beebs are like brothers from another mother.

  2. Hi Eva! I've been on Klout for a few months now but I don't log on very often. I wished I hadn't tonight since I apparently missed out on an awesome Steelers perk but my score is a cool 54. :-)

    Your book looks terrific! I love me some highland romances LOL.

  3. On my phone so will have to check my score later. I do nothing on twitter except my blog posts straight to it so nothing for me there.

    But I'm glad to help out my peeps by tagging them as often as possible on Facebook ;).

  4. Ha Virginia!
    May the K9 Spy I'm sure has a better score than moi.
    Going to have to go check it out. Thanks so much Eva Maria... Who knew?
    Appreciate your being in Seekerville again. And congratulations on your success!

  5. Okay. My score is 35. My influencial topics are (in order):

    Amazon Kindle

    There you have it. Me in a nutshell. :D

  6. My score is 10! A big 10! Hmmm, how do I increase that? Blog more. Tweet more (I'm so not a tweeter).

  7. I am afraid of Klout.

    I have no Klout because I killed my Twitter bird.

    I am going to eat chocolate.

    Welcome Eva Maria!!!

  8. It's the Tweet thing that kills us Christina.

    Me two. A ten. A measly ten.

  9. Well I meant me too.

    But it may as well been a two.

  10. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

    I need me some Klout! My agent just informed me that I need to find some potential endorsers since marketing wants to see what I got.

    How much Klout do I have? THAT'S the Million dollar question for me tonight, yes it is.

    BTW, publishers are looking at Seekerville comments--they knew I hung around here without me saying so, so be nice ya'll! :)

    ***Stage whisper, "That means you, RUTHY."*** ;P

  11. Tina, maybe we should Tweet each other. See if it raises our Klout. ;) You want in Melissa?

  12. Of course, I just realized that I don't know how to tweet y'all.

  13. BTW, I "killed" my Klout awhile ago and well, this post made me go start it up again just to see. You have 10 basically if you own a twitter account regardless of if you use it at all it seems. Add your other things, like blogger, wordpress, facebook etc. no pinterest yet. :( and then you have to wait for it to update, so it might take 24 hours or something to start working and then it looks over a 90 day period, so I don't know if it can reach back 90 days or whether it starts counting the 90 days when you add the social media--but I know I had more than 10 when I left.

  14. An interesting post, thanks, Eva. I'm afraid I'm one of those non-Klout people. I don't like the focus on collecting friends and followers either, or the growing obsession with how many 'hits' our websites acquire. I can see Klout's value to certain businesses or a publicist, but for me it seems too much like navel-gazing.

    I can remember my mother's response when I was counting up childhood friends. "You shouldn't care how many people consider you a friend, but instead care more about the kind of friend you are."

    Klout supporters will likely tell me I'm misguided, right? It's okay. I can take it. ;)

  15. I was on Klout for awhile, wondered if it served any real purpose, deleted my account, realized others could see my number even though my account wasn't active, and reactivated it, figuring Klout is there whether I like it or not. (For the record, I'm still a bit undecided.)

    Anyhow, my number is currently 64. Not that I'm a social media whiz or anything.

    Actually, I credit my friends for making the number climb in recent months. They were so wonderful to tweet, retweet, post on Facebook, host me on their blogs, leave comments, and do all manner of wonderful things for me when my debut novel released in July. So thanks to all of you. You know who you are. =)

  16. I check into Klout occasionally - my score fluctuates but is currently at 56... It's not that engaging, though. Just sayin' :)

  17. Thanks Eva I had no idea what Klout was and kept ignoring all requests and even blocked it on facebook.
    my score is 10.

  18. Sad, I have no Klout. My score was 10, guess I need to work on that!

    Happy Birthday Seekerville!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  19. I am with Tina and Virginia! I did the profile but feel kind of creeped out by the whole thing.

    I was surprised by the Seekerville scores too. I feel like I need to help the low scorers but I tend to ignore Klout requests too.

    Folks, I loved Eva Maria's book. It was just great. AND the cover is perfect for the story.

    Peace, Julie


    I may never get over this.


    I'm in depression, a serious mental state of downheartedness as a result. Only the fact that Once Upon a Time is BACK ON ON SUNDAY NIGHTS!!!! will cure this utter sadness within that a whole HOST of Seekers beat the Ruthmeister.

    Dagnabbit. Where are the mimosas??? Extra strong!

    Eva, I have never heard of this!

    I stopped worrying about social media last year. I'll tell youse why...

    I do facebook because I love connecting with people, chatting with them. Seeing them virtually. I linked it to Twitter because Twitter is like a big gossip fest, old hens, back fence kind of thing. Not a Ruthy-friendly thing at all because when you're working, you're not tweeting....

    Once I decided to just have fun with facebook and work on my personal blog more, I felt better. I was at a conference demo where they were showing us Tweet Deck and Hoot suite and I left that thinking: When do these people write???

    And you know what?

    Most of them don't. At least not the production I want to have, so I gave myself a pass and decided if the best authors in the world can avoid this by writing more books...

    So can I.

    Although I'm still MIFFED that I'm like DOWN THE LIST.

    Which only makes me want to eat more chocolate!!! :)

    And Carol, Connealy tagged me in a longhorn bull pic on FB... The butt, I think.

    She's such a brat.

  21. Since I already have Eva's wondeful book, I'm out of the drawing.

    I looked at Klout, got my 10, and I guess I'm waiting 48 hours to figure out if I have any Klout. It feels like a blood test and I'm waiting for my cholesterol results.

  22. The twitter bird should be road kill.

    Time waster.

    Teenster, you paved the way with your great post about social media last month.

    You are a pioneer.

    Kill the Bird!!!

    Hey, Melissa, you didn't know that???? There are several editors who follow us... See if we're behaving!!! :) Kidding about that, but actually, they're watching for new talent.

    I'm totally serious.

    It's been that way for a couple of years because they know our goal is to help folks make that mainland party!

    And that's the baseline... we long for your success.


  23. Hey, COFFEE!!!!!

    It's here, it's hot, it's delicious!

    I brought the Keurig along...

    And those of you hoping for a Keurig for Christmas....


    Make sure you stop by NEXT WEEK and see if Christmas comes early.


    I've revealed no state secrets!


    And I brought a muffin tray... blueberry, apple/cinnamon/streusel, chocolate chip, carrot, bran and oatmeal with broiled topping.

    (those are TO DIE FOR. I'm not kidding)


  24. Ruthy I agree with fb and social media. I have friends who say they are to busy to email in groups they were in but they play for hours on end in FB. I actually am finding since I was sick and now with mums passing I am not on the internet nearly as often. (on the other side I am loving doing jigsaws again). I am now reading more in the day (lovely to read in the sun).

    We are having a day in the square on Saturday where all the churches get together and have a fun day where we give away food and produce to towns people and they have free entertainment and there will be free bbq sausages and hot dogs etc.
    In saying this I decided to make some marshmellow cups. Of course had to make them to check they still worked. (Mum use to make them when I was younger) They are very yummy and I am sharing with everyone.

  25. ps Happy Birthday Seekerville.

  26. Happy Birthday Seekerville!

    I opted not to check my Klout score because I'm sure it's pitiful,lol. I just recently learned how to do Twitter. Most of the social accounts you mentioned I haven't even heard of. I guess I need to go out and do my social networking homework...Thank you so much for your post today :)

  27. Hi there, Eva!
    So nice to see you again =)
    Thank you for this post. I smiled when I saw the score for the Seekers... go you fabulous ladies!

    I'm not on Twitter or Facebook and I honestly am not regreting not going on them.

    Have a fabulous day everyone!


  28. At this moment my Klout score is 41. Not sure how that happened, but I guess I'm pleased.

    Thanks for explaining Klout to us today!

    Jackie L.

  29. Just stopping in to wave to Eva! There are so many social media options out there these days I can't keep up, but Klout sounds like it can. Clever folks.

    No need to enter me in the drawing--I've already enjoyed Highland Hearts :)

  30. Just dropping in to say Happy Birthday to Seekers from the UK where I'll be for a few more weeks. Nice to see you here Eva. No KLOUT score for me. Looks like a fantastic month here.
    Pat from Philly

  31. Hi Eva,

    KLOUT is something new for me....another thing to look into.

    Glad to see you hear today!

  32. "Happy Birthday Seekerville", just a quick stop to wave at Eva Marie and tell her she did a good job today, Klout is closing in on everyone it seems wheather you want it or not. I have not signed up and not sure I want to. I dont seem to have enough time in the day for FB-reading-reviewing and family. I brought some fancy doughnuts with gooey fillings to celebrate today with ya....
    I have read this book and it is a keeper.
    Paula O

  33. Haven't checked my score, but I'm certain I'm soaring around a 100 cause the Biebman and I are tight.

    I am Klout personified. Haha

    I think I lean with Ruthy on the whole social network thing.

    Happy Birthday, Seekervilleans and distinguished guests.

  34. I have have not done KLOUT or have a desire to do so. So I guess that makes my score 0.
    Campbellamyd at gmail dot com

  35. Hi Eva! Absolutely love the cover of your book. Makes me sigh just looking at it :)

    ANOTHER method of tracking folks. Wow, are people really that interested in what I'm doing? I'M not that interested what I'M doing, LOL!

    Great cake, too. I love indulging in cyber cake for breakfast :)

    Thanks for the great info!

  36. I'm not a tweeter but I'm a fb commenter and blog commenter.
    Had no idea what Klout was about before reading your post.

    Thanks for educating me!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEEKRVILLE - Best blog out there.

  37. I think this just all proves something we've all known for a long time.
    Missy Tippens, KLOUT Queen, is a show off.
    It's something we've learned to live with...................

  38. I am actually on KLOUT. I remember that word. I should go see if I can sign in.
    I get KLOUT emails, too but I don't open them.
    Perhaps I should!

  39. Eva, thanks for the imformative blog. I signed up with Kout and added my facebook account. Guess I need to add my other social media accounts later today.

    Please enter me for the drawing. I would love to win your book.

  40. Ruthy, here is your chocolate. I have a secret stash from the Land of the Alps that hasn't been eaten.

    Walt, we will bemoan our klout scores later this week.

    BTW, I unplugged in Switzerland because of Tina. I posted a couple of times via Man O's phone. Didn't like it. Glad for the break but poor Virginia was inconsolable.

    Peace, Julie

  41. Am I the only one who thinks Ruthy should be a comedian in her "spare" time? Happy Birthday Seekerville!

  42. I guess I'm in good company. My score is 10 too. :) Not gonna worry about it, or spend too much time upping the score right now. :)

    Thanks for broadening my understanding of Klout, Eva. :)

  43. Oh, great!! Something else to obsess about!! But you are so adorable, I can't even pout!! Great post!!

    Happy Birthday, Seekerville!! You girls are scary smart!!

  44. Pinson. You and the Biebs are tight? Can you get me a discount on hair gel?

  45. 64!! Keli of the hat????


    Sigh. It's like all the other kids in the playground have the shiny new toy and you so feel like you need it, even if you don't know what to do with it.

    I am grateful for Eva Maria for educating me on the toy.

  46. I just checked, and my current Klout score is 58.

    I've found the best way to raise my Klout score is to talk about other people - it's the interaction that drives up the number.

    It's the same way to be a good friend, or a good listener - just put other people first :).

    What I like about Klout is that you don't have to worry about it - it just does its own thing while you're merrily talking to your peeps and discussing things like fruit flies, children, and musicians. Just be sure to tag the people you're talking about so they can join in the conversation.

    Now that's the kind of no-brainer social media I like :)

    And Eva, don't put me in the drawing - your book is on my TBR shelf!

  47. Wow, You've all said it. But Audra I laughed so hard at your comment because those are my sentiments exactly. REally??? Who is looking?

    But I guess editors can when they are considering you. Yikes. That is scary.

    Hey Teenster. I was so surprised that you are a ten. Me too. I wasn't surprised by me. Now Bo Derek was a ten so is this a good thing? LOL

    Eva Marie, great post. Thanks for sharing. Have fun today in Seekerville.

  48. My Klout number says i'm steady at 40 - but as you say, that was 5 minutes ago! i would love to review your novel Eva!

  49. WOW. I had NO idea, so THANK YOU, Eva Maria, for opening my eyes. I have never looked at Klout in my life, and I now I feel stupider than ever. :|
    BUT ... not anymore, girl, at least in regard to Klout, so it makes me wonder what you can do for me in the realm of FB and Twitter ... ;)

    EXCELLENT post, my friend, and a definite print-off!!


  50. I just checked Klout and I can see that some of you have already signed up :)

  51. Thanks, Renee! Your sccores above average :)

    Note: instead of logging into Klout to see your score, you can always add it to twitter and then whenever you tweet you'll see your score and everyone elses.

  52. Carol, lol about the chocolate!! Some of my influence topics have been funny, too!

  53. Thanks so much KC!!! My new puppy is barking 'Hi' to May :)

  54. Christina, a score of 10? Did you just join Klout? Because if you did, it takes them awhile to compute your true score. However, if that is your score after a couple of weeks, yes, tweet more, if that's the social media you like. Good luck and try different things to see what works :)

  55. Tina, I think you're a 10 because you just joined. Give it a week and then check back :)

  56. To the wonderful and marvellous Melissa ;) how interesting! And you're comment about Klout was spot on!

  57. Carol J, it's a personal choice. But according to Klout, they insist, it doesn't matter how large your network is (how many friends you have), but how engaged they are with you (how much they talk with you). For instance if you have 100 friends on facebook and each time you post something, they all hit like or comment, then you've got a very connected network, as opposed to someone who has thousands of friends and when they comment only 2 people hit like.

  58. Lots of people getting scores of 10 as I'm making my way down the comments - please don't be discouraged - that's just the base score while they calculate everything. Check back with them in a few days, and hook up all your accounts - facebook, twitter, blogger, etc.

  59. You're very welcome, Jenny! Glad you understand it now :)

  60. Thanks for coming to the party, Cindy W!!!

  61. Julie, you're the best!!! Thanks!

    The best way for all of us to help each other is to get connected - retweet, hit like, comment, write on each other's walls, etc. :)

  62. Ruthy, you do whatever works for you! And that goes for everyone!
    I like social media to connect with people, as well, and would feel horrible if I did it for any other purpose. But, of course, when you're online you're being monitored and I think it's just good to know about that. Does everyone know that everyone's tweets are being saved? Yes, that's right, what you tweeted you ate for lunch may be forever archived and may even show up in a museum someday! lol

  63. Ruthy, maybe that's how I got out of the slush pile - Seekerville! I know I put a thank you in my book to you guys :)

  64. Sandra! I like that. You and me and Christina and Bo Derek. Perfect 10s.

  65. Jenny, that's so good of you! I hope you have great weather on Saturday!

  66. Thanks, Annie! Hope you have some cake while you're doing your "soical networking homework" :)

  67. Ganise, yes, it's good to see you again, too!!

  68. Mia, thanks so much for coming to wave hello!!!

  69. Thanks, Pat! Hope you're enjoying your trip!!!

  70. Thanks, Rose! Good luck with learning Klout :)

  71. Thanks, Paula!!! I always love reading your comments!

  72. Navel-gazing? That is too funny, Carol.

    Does anyone else feel the need to sing Rockin' Robin when they read the word tweet?

  73. Thanks, Audra! And your comment was just too funny!

  74. You're very welcome, Joy! And you don't have to do everything to have a good klout score! If you like fb and blogger, great, stick with those things and continue having fun!

  75. Yes, Mary, Missy is Seekerville's queen of Klout!!! Yay, Missy!

  76. You're very welcome, Bridgett! Good luck with Klout :)

  77. No, Jill, you're not :) Thanks for stopping by!

  78. You're welcome, Jeanne. And I totally agree. It's good to know about Klout, don't obsess over it!

  79. I have a Klout score of 26. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.


  80. Lol, Lenora!!! Everyone loves you - your Klout is perfect, regardless of whatever number you are!

  81. Jan D, you nailed it - "be a good friend, or a good listener - just put other people first". Everyone make sure to read, Jan Drexler's comment :)

  82. Thanks, Sandra! I always have fun in Seekerville! And this month there's birthday cake! Yum:)

  83. Julie, I'm so glad to help those in Seekerville, since it was such a great help to me!

  84. You're welcome, Wendy! Thanks for coming to the party today!

  85. Thanks Eva! I had never heard of Klout. Not that that is surprising.. . I just don't get Twitter. Don't know how to work it :-( But who has the time?

    Anyway, I'm in good company with my score of 10!

    Don't enter me. I have read Highland Hearts and loved it!

  86. So, I'm looking at KLOUT and I find this page that lists these things I'm 'influential' about and they're not all exactly rational. Did I pick these up, 20 things, based on who I tweet about? Or who I follow?
    Many make sense.

    Others make minimal sense, but at least some.
    Montana is there and I had a series set there, but where's Texas?

    NY Jets is there. Well, I'm a Tim Tebow fan (John Elway should be covered in boils!) and maybe once tweeted something about Tebow. That qualifies as influential?

    Some are just odd.

    Heroes? The TV show? The one that's been cancelled for two years and I don't remember ever tweeting about or talking about online? And I guess KLOUT just decides what you're influential about because I tried to click on my 'influential' list thinking maybe if I cut Heroes, there might be room for Texas or something. But I see no way to delete them and 20 is the maximum.
    Any thoughts, Eva?
    btw...fun to look at it!

  87. You're welcome, Donna! And thank you, you're comment made me smile!

  88. I did not tag you as a longhorn bull's butt, Ruthy. that would be so rude and the kind of thing a publisher, since it appears they are WATCHING US ALL, might not approve of.

    You were definitely the bull's head.

    The impressive spread of horns, well, sweetie, the resemblence is more metaphysical than physical but it is undeniable.

    I wish I remembered where I did that. I should probably take that off.
    I meant to go back after we all had a good laugh, but now I can't find it.

    I should have written it on my hand or something.

  89. For whatever reason, Mary, somehow you are making or have made the impression to Klout that these are things you value, but don't worry, Klout is ever evolving and those things can and will probably change as you do other things. However if someone gives you a +K for those things it may take longer :) It's like KFC secret's recipe - who knows exactly how Klout gets their scores or information!

  90. Thanks for the laugh, Ruthy and Mary.

  91. Did anyone else see that the GRAMMAR QUEEN has a Twitter account?
    That is so scary.

  92. She's got a lot of KLOUT, too.

    but we knew that

  93. Mary - maybe because you write some of the best heroes? Not like superheroes, but like Tom Linscott.

    Just sayin'.

  94. Wow, thanks for enlightening us about Klout, Eva Maria! I have an account, but I don't pretend to understand what it's really all about. Glad it works in the background and I don't have to do anything but my usual social networking.

  95. You're welcome, Myra! And yes, isn't it nice not to have to do anything besides just sign up? Analysing the data isn't a requirement :) But if you want to see which posts people like best, check 'Your Moments'.

  96. Patty, if you just joined Klout, don't worry about the 10, it will change :) Thanks for stopping by the party!

  97. Oh my stars, I'm just in time with fresh chocolate/peanut butter chip/peanut butter swirl brownies and a beverage team!!!

    Holy Moly, Eva Maria, muy bien on having so many friends, chickie!!!!


    Julie Hilton Steele, I was inconsolable, too. I'm just not a WHINER like Ginny-Lou-Who.

    I'm make of tougher stuff.

    Connealy, yes, show off Tippens. That's what I'm calling her from now on, here and in the Cafe...

    Stinkin' show off with Klout.

    Spelled badly, to boot.

    (turning back, wheeling about, pretending not to care while dashing tears of disappointment away, only to see the firm gaze of sweet, tender-hearted hero, a man of law and order and he's going to arrest that Tippens woman for having too much clout... Now that's romance, right there!)

  98. Bulls head, my eye, Connealy.

    Although I DO have a certain savois faire between my ears, a somewhat haunting presence of firm resolution.

    Oh. Wait.

    I don't.


    Anyway, being equated to a longhorn bull that people ride is about as much of a compliment as I'd expect from you, and I bet the publishers are watching YOU to see if you're really mean...

    Which you are.

    Not me, because they know that I'm the keeper of the gate of small children's whimsy...

    How could a person who cares for the sweet and gentlest of them all possibly be mean???

    Nope. Watching you. Waiting. Wondering... Probably scoping out which BIG ANIMAL I'll be next.


  99. I've never heard of Klout, Eva Maria, and now I'm a bit chicken to go check out my score for fear I'll get a blank screen with flashing "0".

    Seriously, I'm heading over to check it out. Thanks so much for the info.


  100. Hi,

    I admire folks for being so brave as to check their Klout scores, I am a little afraid to. It will probably be a 10, but I will face it--soon. Thanks for the very informative post Eva!

    I have your book as an e-book and I enjoyed it, so don't put me in the drawing!


  101. Eva Marie,
    I checked my score- it's deplorable.
    Social media - who needs it anyway? Well, maybe me. Thanks for the info. It always helps to have a measuring tool.
    I love Highland stories.
    Ruth Tredway

    rtredway at juno dot com

  102. @Eva- Thanks for the tip! I rarely log on to Twitter since I have the TweetDeck app on my desktop so I didn't know that Klout could be seen on Twitter. I'll have to give it a look see later. :-)

  103. Wow Keli! 64 that's awesome, I don't think I've ever gotten to that point yet! I know that you plus one'd me a few weeks ago so thanks for that hopefully that gets me on my way to the 60s LOL!

  104. Ruthy, I see your score, but not that you joined Klout. I wonder if you joined if your score would increase once you linked up all your social media? It may take a couple days to get your true score after that, but if your Klout score is bothering you, it might be worth a try!

  105. Kristen, I don't think anyone gets 0! :) I think 10 is where everyone starts out until they calculate your true score (which takes a couple days) :) Anyway, I hope joining Klout helps you in some way! Congratulate yourself on taking the step :)

  106. Tina, Seekerville is a 43, but it's not signed in, so who knows, maybe if it was, its score would be higher!

  107. Thanks so much, Piper! So happy to hear you enjoyed Highland Hearts! Don't fear Klout :)

  108. Ruth T, glad you were brave enough to look! Thanks for coming to the party today!

  109. Eva Maria, welcome!! And thanks so much for this info. I signed up for Klout and visit sometimes but have never really understood it! LOL

  110. Renee, I didn't know they have sports team perks!! I must check mine more often to see if they have Falcons stuff. :)

  111. JULIE, of course I was inconsolable! Who else bothers to comment on my pinterest old-diir-turned-coat-rack ideas??

    Nobody. Not even the people who will hang their coats on it.

    A creative girl needs her outlets.

    And Ruthy, if publishers are watching our every move, I don't know how you got that multi-book deal. We all know you're under a fruit fly infestation. You don't have time to write.

    Tina, I joined twitter so I could respond to Melissa Endlich who tweeted my review, and I only ehard about it when Jan Drexler posted it on my facbook page. And that was the extent of it.

    Whatever happened to e-mail? Nobody ever e-mails me.

    I do love Neil Gaiman, though and he tweets all the time. So does Shannon Hale. So I lvoe to see what they're eating for lunch.

    Happy to know that posting our food choices can positively affect our chances for publication.

  112. You're welcome, Missy! Thanks for the welcome :)

  113. LOL, Ruthy! You know, you do such a great job on FB that I was surprised my score was higher! I'm terrible on all social media! I'm never regular on any of it. I do Tweet and post stuff on fB when friends have books coming out. But other than that, I have no clue how this stuff works.

    Maybe the fact I have our blog link automatically tweeted each day helps.

    Who knows! :)

  114. Oh my goodness! LOL I know nothing about this. Thanks so much for posting! Now I want to go check mine. heeheee!
    Thanks, girlie!

  115. Welcome to Seekerville, Eva Maria! I had never heard of Klout before your post. But then I have a long way to go with understanding and using social media. Having said that, you've encouraged me to get more involved. Or perhaps my measly score of 10 has shamed me. Sigh. Comforting to know I'm not alone.

    My score is twice Seekerville's age so that's good. Right????

    Happy Birthday, Seekerville!!!

    Where's the chocolate?


  116. LOL, Mary!! :)

    And Jan, you make a good point. I try to do more of the talking about others. But I need to be better about tagging them on FB (I already think to do it on Twitter).

  117. JULIE S. I'll be seeing you in two days!!! You are coming in on Thursday aren't you??

  118. And Piper, too!! I'll get to see you in a couple of days, too! I'm looking so forward to M&M!

  119. Virginia is not feeling the love. We need to do an modern card shower and shower her with email....and pinterest comments.

    Hmmm, food choices affect my publication....I've never shared food pictures or any such things because I have an actual camera not a cell phone camera (until well, last month) and who drags around a huge SLR to the dinner table??? I don't even know where my cell phone is half the time. But maybe I should start a new trend. Taking pictures and tweeting the toys I trip over every day and the messes I ignore, chronicling the life of a stay-at-home mom to advance my Klout.

  120. And Walt, and Debby and Janet....

    Anyone else coming for the conference??

  121. HI Eva,
    Really interesting post. My big fear with all of this is the risk to privacy. I'm old fashioned, I guess. The Klout site wants me to download an app. I don't do apps unless my son is here to walk me through. I know,that sounds sad, lol.

    I have read your delightful book, and it was really great. Thanks for sharing and giving me more to contemplate!

  122. P.S.

    Anybody read Scott Westerfeld's YA series Pretties, Uglies, etc.??

    The last one, Specials, is about a world where all material needs are linked to your 'face rank'. They arrange name chanting parties to raise your rank so you can have even the most basic needs, and only the very special ones (the famous ones) are rich.

    We're getting there.

  123. Missy, yes I am coming in Thursday. Can't wait! Will be with a friend most of Thursday but will try to get to early registration.

    Maybe we can have an impromptu class led by you about Klout!

    Peace, Julie

  124. @Missy- I didn't know either so I missed out! Apparently they had a deal where PA members got a hat and a Terrible Towel and a chance for a meet and greet at Heinz Field. :-( Waaa.

  125. erm, i doubt i have a number. i use my husband's FB account to peek at peeps i know and family. i've never signed up for twitter - but i do have a blogger account.

    i would guess if i signed up to look, i'd get that base number of 10. not going to sign up though - i feel the need to keep a low profile because my "real life" job requires it. sadly writing is taking a back-burner position right now - but i visit Seekerville daily for the learning opportunities, such as today's post.

    gotta love Seekerville. Happy Birthday for the month. It's a good birthday month because mine is on the 29th (yay!)

    would LOVE a chance at winning the book. i love the cover art.

    p.s. Ruthie and Mary are priceless entertainment. good thing their humor is free for the reading...

  126. Thanks for the welcome, Janet! Glad I could introduce you to Klout :) If you just joined Klout, don't worry about the score of 10, it won't stay that low for long :)

  127. Thanks, Lyndee! I'm so happy to hear you liked Highland Hearts! Definitely ask your son to help if that makes you feel more comfortable! I don't allow many apps to connect with any of my stuff either :)

  128. Happy (Early) Birthday, DebH!
    Thanks for joining the party today!
    Have you ever thought of writing under a different name?

  129. The 'how you engage' aspect makes sense. Thanks for that explanation, Eva.

    Virginia, I agree that 'face rank' concept is pretty scary, isn't it?

    And Ruthy, "a Keurig for Christmas"? That may be the only way I can get one since my DH thinks we drink so much coffee around here the Keurig portions would be too expensive. ::sigh::

    Happy Birthday to Seekerville this month. This is one very awesome community!

  130. This comment has been removed by the author.

  131. Radcliffe, I can't get you any of the Beebs hair gel, he's stingy with it, but I can get you a smoking hot picture of me and him together.


  132. Missy, I'm not attending the conference but will be dropping in. I'm definitely there for the signing and think a Friday evening Seekers and friends get together is a must.

  133. You're welcome, Carol J. So glad it made sense :)

  134. Looking forward to seeing all those going to M&M!


  135. Oh no, another things to make me feel pressured to get involved with. I'm not telling my Klout score because it's so embarrassingly low. Which kinda ticks me off since I joined Twitter just yesterday. What is Twitter good for if not for increasing my Klout?

  136. Melanie, if you only joined twitter yesterday, then it might take awhile for Klout to compute that in, so hang in there :)

  137. Melanie, you know that Carol doesn't count for much!!!

    And I'm glad you joined Twitter! Now I can follow five people. :D

  138. I mean, Carol award, not Carol, the person....

    Just to clarify. Watching my KLOUT score drop as I'm unfriended in droves...

  139. Gee, Eva, you and Klout are doing pretty darn good!!

  140. Stop, Tina P. YOU ARE SCARING ME. Worse than the idea of lunch with Vince and Stan even.

  141. Tina R., lunch with Vince and Stan would be a breeze. You just throw out random philosophical words and nod.

    They'll think you're so smart they just can't figure out what you're saying.

  142. My Klout score was a 10--is that what everyone begins with? Just wondering. I had trouble geting signed up. Tried to enter my birthday 3 times and every time it still would come back to the same screen and ask me to enter again. Maybe they can't believe I am that old? LOL

  143. Rose, you're too funny! Yes, if you just signed up 10 is what you get, wait a few days and then check back :)

  144. Hi Eva,

    I was too scared to sign up for Klout! I'll just keep my head in the sand for now! LOL.

    Thanks for all the valuable info.

    sbmason at sympatico dot ca

  145. lol Susan, that's okay! I think social media should be fun . It should be about getting to know people and making friends :)

  146. Virginia, publishers MUST watch you HERE because I have proof that you are virtually unreachable in your forest dwelling place.

    If UPS can't find you, honey, you really cease to exist.

    And that's the truth!

  147. Missy, I'm going to spread rumors about you and the bird.

    I know stuff.

    And I'm telling.

  148. Aw, Deb H., you're so stinkin' nice.

    Nicer than Connealy. By FAR.

    Here, have some chocolate, honey. At Connealy's you'd be lucky to get old, moldy pizza.

    It's really disquieting to think that, isn't it???? And yet, folks still buy her books.

    I have no clue what one has to do with the other, but it's clearly mathematical.

  149. Hi Virginia:

    So you said, “Tina R., lunch with Vince and Stan would be a breeze. You just throw out random philosophical words and nod.

    They'll think you're so smart they just can't figure out what you're saying.”

    Heck! Women can do that without using philosophical words! Besides, Stan and I would be picking your brains for writing knowledge at lunch. That’s how you get smart. You learn from others. : )

    BTW: You have a lot of ‘wise insights’ in the “Season of Joy”. In just two chapters, I’ve been overwhelmed! To wit:

    “I think once pride gets center stage, God’s truth is hard to hear over the noise.”


    “Elaine told her once that if a man wasn’t in contact with any of his ex-girlfriends, then he was a bitter and spiteful person. So, maybe staying friends with Jennie was good.”

    “Every time a friend tells me that I’d be great with someone, I know it’s doomed.”


    “But there was only so far you could run from yourself. Then it was all about facing your fears and being bigger than you past.”


    “Nope, I just listen to them. It’s funny how many people forget that kids need someone to hear them,” he said, his words serious, but a grin spread over his features.”


    Hero prays for future wife.

    “I usually pray for her health and safety, for her to grow in God’s grace.”

    Her fork was still poised above her tray. She hadn’t spent much time praying in the past ten years, but if she had, it wouldn’t have been for anyone else. It would have been for herself. Was there a man praying for her right now? One she’d never met, but who cared for her already? She dropped her gaze as the thought brought sudden tears to her eyes. Could she be loved and not even know it yet?”

    I don’t think I’ve read a romance where I’ve come to care more about the hero and heroine at such an early stage as I have with “Season of Joy”.

    “Season of Joy”. is a tour de force!



  150. Hi Eva Maria!! SO nice to see you here again! I think I'd heard of KLOUT but didn't know what it was, LOL. Wow, I learn something new everyday. ~ LOVED your book (and that cover--oh my!) so no need to enter me in the drawing. Thanks for sharing this info. with us today. Blessings, Patti Jo

  151. I was tied up all day and almost missed out on the Seekerville fun.

    Still not sure about my score. Maybe I'm a negative, as in -10?

    Agreeing with Julie HS. Missy needs to give a workshop on Increasing Your Klout at M&M.

    We can Skype Eva Marie to ensure Missy gets it right.

  152. Ummm...I think my Klout score is like 44, the last time I was on the WAterbrook/Multnomah website, because to continue reviewing with them, I have to have a Klout account. This post is AWESOME, but I'm still not sure what it's all about...EXCEPT, that I have a higher score than Mrs. JK Rowling herself. Can I gloat about that one a tiny bit?? ;-)

  153. Yes, gloat, Casey. You've worked hard for your 44! Excellent!

    We're proud of you!

  154. Okay, I'm not a negative. I'm a positive 10. But that's only with FB. Now I need to add Twitter.

    Perhaps tomorrow!

  155. I've got a Klout score of 53 right now. I still don't really understand it. I've had to get one because of the Blogging for Books program.

    But it's very interesting to use.

  156. Thank you, Patti Jo!!! So glad you learned something here today! Thanks for coming to the party! :)

  157. lol, Debby! I should have skipped all the information I wrote for today and just went with something like, want to know about Klout, follow Missy :) Because, Missy, there's just no mistaking your genuine niceness :)

  158. Thanks so much for coming to the party, Casey! And yes, gloat away! 44 is above average! :)

  159. Debby, as you add accounts, remember it will take a few days each time for your new score to get recalculated :) And I don't think anyone believed you would be in the negative numbers - impossible!

  160. Dawn, that's great! With a score of 53, I hope you get a lot of perks over time :)

  161. Vince, I love how you encouraged Virginia!

    Virginia, its your release month!!! What better way to celebrate that then having quotes from your book appear on Seekerville! What a party!

  162. And I can't wait to read Virginia's book. I love the praying for future wife bit. I have my girls reading Goyer's Praying for your Future Husband book. zIt's great.

  163. Wonderful, evocative book trailer ... May it bring you lots of klout :-)

    Nancy C

  164. Oh, Vince... You suck up!!

    You're just trying to cover up the fact you were scaring the rest of us with philosophy talk.

    Somebody told me that the hero praying for his future wife scene was corny. But my husband did, before we met, so I guess he's corny. And it makes me tear up every time I think of the years he prayed for me before I even knew him.

    When he first said that, when we were dating, I almost fell off my chair.

    He laughs about my response: "Dude, seriously?"

    I do't know why those words came out of my mouth. I was shocked. That's all I can say.

    Thanks for the BRAVA. :)

  165. I have no Klout.

    Happy Birthday Seekerville.


  166. Thanks so much, Nancy C! I'm glad you liked the book trailer for Highland Hearts!!! Enjoy the party!

  167. Mary Preston, thanks for coming to the party!!!

  168. Shelia, good for you that you checked your score! Check back with Klout in a few days and see if your score goes up! :)

  169. Thank you again to Tina for having me on Seekerville!

    And thanks to all the Seekers for contributing to this awesome blog each and every day!

    And of course thanks to everyone who came by the party today and made this day so special!!!

    Happy Birthday Seekerville!

    Let's keep the party going! :)

  170. I have 10 KLOUT points! I would love the opportunity to win a free version of Highland Hearts! My Grandmother was born in a castle in Scotland that was being used as a hospital during the war. She lived there until she was sixteen before she emigrated to America. I love all things Scottish! Thanks again!

  171. Hannah, that is such a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing it! :)

  172. My Klout score is 59 - and I have NO idea what I'm doing to make it that way (LOL yeah, I read your post, but still!).

    I've always wondered what was average - thanks for htat Eva!

  173. How sad... my Klout score is 10. But at least now I know a little more about what it is and how it works. Thanks, Eva!

  174. Joanne, that's awesome! Whatever you're doing, just keep doing it! :)

  175. Jennifer, lots of people were getting scores of 10 if they just signed up, so don't worry about it and check back in a few days :)

  176. I would love a copy of this book, Enter me!!
    Sarah Richmond

  177. Right now my KLOUT score is 41. Thanks for the chance to win this book!


  178. Love this post. Interesting


  179. 10! I had seen some bloggers asking their readers to give them some "Klout" and wondered at it. Your post was great explaining what Klout is about!

    jswaks at gmail dot com

  180. My Klout is 47 today - has been as high as 52. I SOOOOO don't understand it. Thanks for the helpful post. Highland romances....ready to read

  181. Sarah, thanks so much for stopping by the party!