Saturday, October 6, 2012

Something's Gotta Give

If you know me at all you know I'm obsessed with time. Wasting it. Using it. Saving it. Savoring it.  Time. Time. Time. It keeps clicking by.

Tell me you're waiting for the day to be over or the week, the month or the year and I'll get irritated, because time is the most precious commodity in my life and I don't believe it should be wished away.

We all have the same amount of time in our day. Think about it.

  60 minutes in an hour.           

  24 hours in a day.             
  1440 minutes in a day.

Thirteen years ago I had a life changing event occur. I lost my husband. This isn't the topic of discussion, but I'm hoping you'll digest this information and indulge me the bold  and potentially offensive comments I'm about to make now that I've given you some insight into my background and understand that I'm speaking from my heart.

Psalm 39:4-5

“O Lord, make me know my end and what is the measure of my days; let me know how fleeting I am! Behold, you have made my days a few hand breadths, and my lifetime is as nothing before you. Surely all mankind stands as a mere breath!"

 When you lose someone close to you, you are given a unique a pair of glasses that few others are privileged to wear. These glasses are like slow motion and 3-D sort of merged together. You look at the sky, the clouds, and the entire world around you differently. You realize how fleeting our time here on earth is and how very important it is to follow your dream today, because you might not have tomorrow. To everyone else this seems a trite acknowledgement, but to those wearing the glasses it becomes a burning heat inside of us.

Thus, one of the quotes that steers my day:

 My outlook on life has changed dramatically. I went from a type A personality to an A minus. Hey, for me, that was huge.

Dust bunnies were no longer able to hold me hostage.

I spent hours and hours savoring sunsets and sunrises and enjoying the splendor of what God has given me.

I spent time considering what I wanted my tombstone to say, and this wasn't it.

   "Her house was clean and her toilet bowls sparkled. She liked to write but unfortunately she never really had time."

But this was...........

This is also why I preach the inverted pyramid method of time management.  I simply asked myself if I was doing what I really wanted to be doing?

The pyramid should be filled top to bottom with what's most important to the least important in life.

 So if writing was near the top of my list why had I inverted my pyramid- spending most of my time on things I claimed were least important?

Consider this:

 What was the worst that could possibly happen to me if I did this?

 Agent of my dreams would reject me? They all did except the agent who would fulfull my dreams.

Publisher of my dreams would reject me? They did. On several, wait, many occasions and then when my writing grew, I sold to them.

 Reviewer's might hate my books. Yes. They have bashed me with words. Torn me into little pieces and left me to bleed to death. In those moments I crawl to the computer and bring up all the sweet emails that tell me my books touched lives.

After years of juggling the balls, I  have finally come to the conclusion that balance in a writer's life is a myth.  I CAN'T HAVE IT ALL.   

I've done the homework, analyzed the charts, and run the numbers. I'm off the hook. 

Something's gotta give means I can leave the dishes in the sink while I edit that short story. I can turn off the television in the middle of Survivor and go revise. I can get off Twitter and read. And,  I can say no when invited to a home shopping party across the street because, I'm a writer and writer's spend their time writing.

And guess what fellow scribes? This applies to you too. It's true...

Okay, Seekervillian, ready for five tough questions?

  •     Are you wasting time or savoring it, and exploiting it to the max?
  •     What have you done today to make your dream come true?
  •      Are dust bunnies holding you hostage? (What will your tombstone say?)
  •     Are you living in an inverted pyramid life wasting time on the least important things?
  •     What would you attempt  if you knew you could not fail?

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  1. Yes, it is true. My husband of 40 years just died a few months ago...and I do see/feel how precious "time" is.

  2. I was reading Hyatt's book today and you're supposed to be writing your goals but big ones.

    I wrote down three, that if I accomplished with my life, I'd be totally happy.

    And I realized those were the three on the low end of time.

    Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

  3. Oh Janet, lifting you up dear. xxxx

  4. Melissa, I have to rethink this one over and over and over again and I it's so easy to think you will do and then non importants take over.

  5. Great post, Tina. As always. I didn't know that about your husband - will give you an extra big hug next time I see you. No matter how long it's been. Mom died when I was a kid [my "adoptive" mom - Jan Christiansen hangs out here from time to time] and while it gets easier, it never goes away.

    So... questions...

    Are you wasting time or savoring it, and exploiting it to the max?

    Probably somewhere in the middle. Depends on the day and the moment. And while I totally understand what you're saying sometimes we do need down time - wasting time - to recharge batteries etc. But then it's not really wasting it, is it?

    What have you done today to make your dream come true?

    Fought with my netbook. Looked at laptops [but waiting on that]. Finished [I hope!] a two page synopsis for an editor. Wrote a cover letter to go with it and sent it to another friend or two to make sure there weren't any publishing faux pas that will get me talked about in code for years to come. Networked. Plotted. Told Ruthy to throw chocolate [hey! You didn't say they had to be publishing dreams!]. Posted some reviews to my blog to publish next week.

    Tomorrow [Saturday], I plan to send off several proposals after spending time with my kiddos - and taking the 7yo to a birthday party. Different kind of dreams :).

    Are dust bunnies holding you hostage? (What will your tombstone say?)

    /cough/sputter/snort/ Um... no. They're not. The tag on my blog/Facebook page says:

    "My ramblings as I journey through life as a Child of the King, wife, mother, teacher and, someday, published author."

    I'd like to think at least some of that will be on there.

    Are you living in an inverted pyramid life wasting time on the least important things?

    Probably some. I think that's true for most of us. But I'd like to think I'm doing better at the important things too...

    What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?

    Skydiving? Nuclear weapons? Um... You know, this writing thing is it, I think. For me. I know I could fail. That there likely will still be LOTS of rejection coming my way. But I'm attempting it anyway.


    And now, since sleep is important, I'm headed for my bed ;).

  6. Brava, Carol. Well done.

    Yes. Recharging. But limit that TV time! And no playing with nuclear weapons!!!

  7. And I have a happily-ever-after. I remarried a few years back.

  8. No nuclear weapons?! Man! There goes Sunday's plans... ;)

    [And I figured that much - but will hug you anyway ;)].

    And now that I found the info on a garage sale for tomorrow...

    I'm really off to bed ;).

  9. Love the post, Tina, wow. Your comments and testimony are well spoken. The quotes (and scriptures) were fantastic as well, definitely something to ponder on. Our time is even more significant to Christ and how we spend it.

    Sorry for your losses Tina and Janet, hugs and prayers to you both.

    Loved how you're spending your weekend, Carol, *smiling*

    I waste time and savor it, always seeking God on how to balance that better. I would pursue my writing more and not be so afraid/hesitant to put life on paper. Other than that, pleasing God is what I care most about and He guides me every step of the way :)

    You continue to be a blessing to me, Tina and Seekerville! Thank you for always being real, encouraging, and a joy to the rest of us. Have a great weekend everyone!

  10. Great post, Tina.

    Janet, (((((((hugs)))))))

    I spent 30+ years of my life sick. The older I got the sicker I got. I got to where it was hard to leave the house, my fingers were curling. I felt like a 100 year woman who'd been through the ringer several times over. Then I took gluten out of my diet. Within weeks I felt like I could run a marathon. Still haven't done that but I'd like to start preparing.

    I say all that because I know life is short. Too short. God gave me a new lease on life. I'm pretty obsessive about my writing, but there are times when I just stare at the computer or walk around the house aimlessly wishing the dust bunnies would take up residence elsewhere.

    I haven't done much (Friday) but I've actively worked on four different manuscripts this week and looked over critiques today.

    thank you for such a great post.

  11. Preach it, Tina! There are some, like me, who need to hear this message.

    I dreamed of being a writer since I was seven. And not just I writer. I wanted to be a published author. But I diddled around for four decades. Yup! Forty years passed before I dusted of my dream and set to work writing my first story.

    My dream came true just shy of my 53rd birthday when my debut novel released. While I'm thrilled, I ask myself what could have happened had I not waited so long? If I hadn't given in to that joy-quashing trio: fear, doubt, and procrastination. I'm not second-guessing God. I'm just wondering how things might have gone if I'd sent the Big Bad Three packing some twenty or thirty years before.

    These days I do my utmost to encourage others to pursue their dreams. To change "someday" into "today." To dust off their dreams and got for it. They won't be sorry, but if they let their dreams languish, they just might be.

  12. Wow. This is a heavy post and I'm so glad you wrote it.

    Hugs, Tina, I didn't know that you'd lost a spouse. Love that you have an HEA.

    Jan, praying for your peace and comfort! My heart aches for you.

    There was a woman at my church who always had a big smile, kind words and loved kids. During Lent one year she gave a talk on the 'last words' of Jesus on the cross. The 'why have you forsaken me' verse was a great comfort to her because when she lost her husband in a farming accident (in front of her) she cried out those words for years, and still did. But she had no time to waste, either. She lived in joy, and held the grief 'tenderly'. It was a part of her that she didn't deny.

    It was a talk I will never forget.

  13. Let's see.... If I could NOT fail, I would find a way to make sure everyone had clean water and enough food.

    Barring that, top-notch education for everybody.

    Uhhh, personally? I would cook a lot more. I fail a lot in the kitchen. I see great recipes and KNOW there's a disaster lurking.

    Writing-wise... If I couldn't fail, I'd write some huge 500 page YA monster of a book.

    But that takes time. And I have kids to feed, bless 'em. So I'll write what I think I have the best chance of selling.

    And on my tombstone it will say my kids didn't go hungry... except when I burned dinner and we all had to eat stale cheese and cold toast.

  14. Janet sorry for your loss I haven't lost a husband but lost my mum recently and know how hard it can be.
    Since mum passed away I spend less time watching tv and even online. I have listen to more music and walking way more. I find that the internet bores me to a degree.

  15. Great post! It definitely makes one think about what they are do with their time.

    Are you wasting time or savoring it, and exploiting it to the max?
    I'd say I was probably wasting time as by the end of the day I haven't completed half of what I have wanted to complete. Sometimes its not my fault.

    What have you done today to make your dream come true?
    I am currently renovating our spare room as an office for me. My husband insisted that we convert the spare room into an office/guest room (sleeper sofa)so I can write without interruption. He's a sweetie!

    Are dust bunnies holding you hostage? (What will your tombstone say?)

    Moving forward I would hope my tombstone would say, "She loved people as Christ loved people and she wrote for people to spread His love."

    Are you living in an inverted pyramid life wasting time on the least important things?
    One word, YES.

    What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?
    Submit my manuscript to my dream publisher.

    That was fun. Thank you and have a blessed day. Off to my office... :)

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.



  16. Janet, so sorry for your loss.

    Tina, I'm glad to hear you're living your happily ever after.

    Virginia, I totally get it. I didn't know anybody else did that. I have sons and have spent years cooking, but I've had too many disasters to count.

    It's amazing how people think if I'm at the store I'm at work, but if I'm home writing, I'm free. My family gets it, but not many others do.

    Thanks for this post. I think I can write for 10 minutes before getting ready to head to the store. I had to get my Seekerville in first.

    Hope you all have a great day!
    Jackie L.

  17. Thank you for this post today Tina. Time is a precious gift from God and we must not waste it. I was reminded of this just last night before I saw your post. After a wonderful evening of fellowshipping with Missy, Walt, Julie, Christine and others last night at M&M, I saw on Twitter that a writer that I had taken class with this past June had died. I had attended her book party in July.

    She had some major health issues but had seemed so very hopeful that she would get better, that her death is quite a shock. She was an inspirational author and knew God, but I do see her death as a reminder to do the work God has charged me to do and to not let self-doubt and fear to overcome me.

    Thank you for sharing your loss Tina and Janet's. These are important reminders of the precious gift of time.


  18. I'm sorry for your loss, Tina, but happy about your happily ever after. Time is definitely a constraint in my life. I can't cut the full time job or taking care of the 2 and 4 year old, but I can let the dust bunnies lie, and I frequently do :)

    Christina, that is so interesting about taking the gluten from your diet. We're doing that with my husband right now. I hope it has the miraculous effect that it did for you.

  19. Great day on Seekerville! Thanks for sharing your heart, Tina. So happy you have a HEA.
    Praying for you Janet K.

    Jackie S.

  20. Every morning, at my day job, we all meet to go over our assignments for the day and the manager gives us an inspirational thought for the day. Yesterday's inspiration started out "we only have 24 hours in the day." Without thinking I blurted out, "that's not inspirational, that's depressing."

    Why, I thought, can't I have 28 hours just once in while?

    But it is true, we only have those certain hours every day. They are a gift from God and it is up to us to use them as fully as we can.

    Thanks for a great post, Tina.

  21. Wow.

    I need to get off blogger and get writing!

    Like so many of us, I put everything else first, afraid my writing is just a "hobby," that if I give it time I am "playing" instead of doing "real work."

    Must. Change. Mindset!

  22. Amen and Amen! My dad died 22 years ago, and since then Mom and my motto have been LIVE ONE DAY AT A TIME. This was Dad's motto as well, and perhaps we had a unique situation because my parents were funeral directors. Then this summer we almost lost my Mom. Now, though i would like to read and craft, i know Mom is more important! Thanks for a timely reminder for those without the glasses!

  23. Touching people's lives--now, there's a goal for anyone, writer or not. Thanks for the reminder, Tina!

  24. FABULOUS post, Tina. JUST what I needed. I definitely need to treasure my time more. THANK YOU.
    (and I want EVERY PRIZE you're giving away this week! Shheeeehhh.)

  25. Tina, this was a beautiful post. I always appreciate your words and your wisdom I see now they come from a deeper well than I realized. I am sorry for your loss, and so happy that God gave you another husband.

    Janet, I truly am sorry for the loss of your husband. May the Lord comfort you in your every day.

    I am challenged by the questions you asked. I do try to use my time well, but I was challenged by the thought of what might be on my tombstone. What are my priorities?

    So, in answer to your BIG FIVE:
    Are you wasting time or savoring it, and exploiting it to the max?
    I do waste some of my time, but not as much as I once did. I'm learning how to prioritize the most important things--God, family, writing, and other things in each day. It's still a struggle because there is so much I could do, but I have to ask if that is what God would have me do. My hubby is good at helping me with this. :)

    What have you done today to make your dream come true?
    Having dealt with infertility, having children now is probably one of my biggest dreams come true. I have to remember what a treasure they are, even when they are willful and driving me crazy. :) So today, I've hugged them big and gotten them ready to have "boys day" with dad at a college football game.
    My other crazy-big dream is writing to be published. I haven't done much today (it's only 7:15 afterall) toward writing, but after I shower this morning, I plan to spend time revising my story.

    Are dust bunnies holding you hostage? (What will your tombstone say?)
    Probably not as much as they should. :) My house has loooots of dust. I also have two sets of hands who help with cleaning, sometimes begrudgingly. ;)

    Are you living in an inverted pyramid life wasting time on the least important things?
    Somewhat. I am learning to keep priorities, and your post today is clarifying for me today what my pyramid can (should) look like.

    What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail? Writing and being published. :) I dreamt it for years. After God gave me my first story (and many others in my head and in my seed file), I am pursuing this dream. We'll see what God does with it.

    Okay, this is reeeeaaallly long, so I'm signing off. :) Thanks, Tina!

  26. CHRISTINE--I'm so glad you discovered gluten was the problem holding your health hostage, and that you have a full, healthy life now! I went off gluten ten years ago, and it's been a great help. Run that marathon, lady! :)

  27. Tina, this is a very touching post. I've heard you mention it before but not to the detail you did today.

    I've been trying to change the way I spend my time outside of work. I've written more in the last two weeks than I have the two months prior to that.

  28. Condolences on your losses, Tina and Janet. Blessings on your lives.

    Now your questions.

    Are you wasting time or savoring it, and exploiting it to the max?
    I admit I waste entirely too much time, but I also savor it. I spent many years ruled by the clock and duties. Now I pretty much do what I want when I want. But I fell asleep on coffee duty last night—and then woke early this morning. The world has spun around on me!

    What have you done today to make your dream come true?
    I edited three chapters of a book that I intend to submit by the end of next week.

    Are dust bunnies holding you hostage? (What will your tombstone say?)
    Nah. I know where they are, and they know I know. Dust bunnies are the kind of thing I do when I finish a project and need a change of pace to recharge my batteries before starting another.

    Are you living in an inverted pyramid life wasting time on the least important things?
    I hope that age has taught me a few things. I’m more relaxed about a lot of things than when I was younger. Of course, I had kids to feed, clothe, and get to church and school. And being the pastor’s wife can entail some mental conflict over what’s most important---what and how I want to do, or what and how others think I should do. It took me a lot of years to assert my right to be myself and make my own decisions.

    What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?
    Live my life honorably before God.
    Make some things happen for my kids that I know they want/need. Write better books

    Fresh coffee is now available!

  29. Tina,

    I LOVE this post!

    I really do utilize my time wisely, yet relatives have told me that I'm an overachiever-because I want to see my dream come true?

    Friends have chewed me out because I do too many writing related activities, and don't spend enough time with them-because I want to see my dream come true?

    I've had other writer's or aspring writer's tell me that I set to stringent of goals-because I want to see my dream come true?

    You know who I listen too? God, the One who gave me a talent to use!!!

    Don't get me wrong it is tough to listen to other people chatting about a hot new movie, but when my book copies arrive, it makes it all worth while!

  30. Wonderful, inspiring post!

    My take on the writer's juggling act:

    Don't drop all the non-writing balls. One ball isn't much of a juggling act, and one obsession isn't much of a life.

    Instead, drop the wiffle balls (brainless TV, dust bunnies, excess church committees, online chitchat) and keep the bowling balls (writing, family, health, conversing with the Lord) in the air.

    When I drop a bowling ball, my smashed toes remind me to shuck off those wiffle balls. Then my lovely assistant (the Lord) can pick up the bowling ball and hand it back to me.

    BTW, when someone tries to toss you a running chainsaw, JUST SAY NO. :)


  31. Tina, a tremendous post today, thanks for reminding us...
    Yes time is so important and we do waste it in a lot of the things we do.
    I find as I have gotten older I appreciate things around me more such as just looking at the clouds and seeing the beautiful sky God has given us.
    I know most folks have lost someone in their lives and can idenify with your comments today.
    I love the verse you put here and will steal it for friends and family. So glad that you were able to move forward and now have a second chance at Love...
    Paula O(

  32. Bless your soul, Tina. My condolences to you and Janet.

    But... sorry if you don't mind me asking, I've seen the name 'Tom Radclife' here. I now realized that wasn't your husband... (?)

    Anyways, I really am truly sorry for y'all who've lost your husbands.

    And this post is a keeper Tina. In fact, I'm thinking I'll come back again to re-read and fully grasp what you're saying. It might be life-changing for me.

    A lovely day to you all. Thanks for the great job you (and all the Seekers) do here, Tina.

  33. Hey, hey, hey! You are so right, Tina!!! I try not to waste time, and I'm really good about ignoring dust bunnies! You would be very proud of me. My house is always a terrible mess. Cleaning is not a priority. Okay, I better stop now before you start picturing my house as something out of Hoarders. I don't like clutter. Hahaha!!!

    Anyway ... my biggest obstacle is motivation. If I can stay motivated, I can write a ton and still cook for my family and not look like something out of Hoarders. So, when I'm not feeling motivated, I go somewhere else to write, and I can almost always get 1,000 words in about an hour.

    Life's too short to do things you hate, so I do what I love! God keeps me on track. If I'm not sure if I should be doing something, I ask God. He's always guided me--when I ask him!

  34. This post hits hard on heels of passing of author Dee Stewart and too many hrs lamenting what I want to do vs. what I'm actually doing.

    Prayers for you, Janet.

    Off to do some soul-searching...

  35. Hugs and Prayers Tina and Jan.

    Tina, I am always struck by the concept of time and how life can change in an instant.

    For eight years, (I call them my years in exile - sorry Ruthy) I lived far, far away from my family. Three years ago, a job loss brought us back 'home' to IL where I now live an hour from my daughter and two minutes from my son. I have four grandkids and love being Grammy. My doors are open, even if it eats into my daily writing time. I find that I still manage to do both when I put my mind to it. It's as though I do get more hours in a day! Isn't that amazing, how God provides?

    And the Laundry, dishes...they will handle themselves, won't they? ;)

  36. Wonderful reminder, Tina! I had my own eye-opener when I was so very ill about a decade ago and didn't know how much longer I'd be on the planet. I was at peace with the prospect of "going home," but I still had so many things I'd dreamed of doing--including sharing the stories God had given me with those he wants them to touch. Thankfully, He's given me that opportunity.

    God's blessed me with many varied talents and interests, but I came to realize I can't do them ALL. And by "dabbling" in a dozen areas of interest rather than focusing on a few, I hadn't mastered any of them. I had to choose. It's always about choices because everything we do means something else doesn't get done.

    Because I must work a full-time day job, my time available for excercising freedom of choice is extremely limited. So I have to lug a day's basket of opportunities before the Lord and say "which ones?" I don't always choose right and have to be careful about not beating myself up over that or I get discouraged. If I choose "wrong" on a given day, I have to prayerfully evaluate it, put it behind me, and look to the next fresh day.

    Each day isn't a cookie-cutter of the previous one. Yes, I rise & shine EARLY to write each morning, but some evenings I take care of other writing-related demands, spend time with family or friends, grocery shop, cook meals, do laundry and (gasp!) clean the bathroom (although I'll never achieve the Good Housekeeping award!) So many things I need to do and would love to do must go undone, but I can live with that (most days anyway) if I have time to write, time for family/friends, and time with God.

    Like Tina, I think achieving perfect "balance" is a myth--life is a constant balancing act--but I feel strongly that I need keep in touch with God so my priorities align more and more with His. I don't want my final days on the planet to be filled with regrets, and only He can tell me what those things might be that would later trouble me.

    For those of you who want to write for publication but struggle with demands that can't go unheeded (of which we all have many), remember that there are SEASONS in our lives. Ask God to give you a peace about where HE wants you to focus right now, then do your part to cooperate with him.

    As far as what I've done today to reach for my dream, well, I was up at 4 a.m. on a Saturday to write just like I am every day. And now it's back to my manuscript for the remainder of the morning because my Fairy Godmother hasn't made a stop to wave her wand and write the book for me!

  37. Ganise, I am the very lucky man who married Tina. It will be eight wonderful years in January. I am very blessed to have her in my life. I had been looking for her for several years and she found me.

    I have always had this theory about time. When we are five years old, one year is one fifth of our lives. At 50, it is only one fiftieth of our lives. Remember when you were young and summers lasted for ever? And it took so long for Christmas to get here? Now the time seems to fly by. As we get older, we appreciate just how quickly time goes by. And how finite amount of time we really have.

    I am not a writer. i could never write a book! I have worked in emergency medical services since 1976. I have saved a few lives, delivered a few babies, and helped many people, directly and indirectly, with their injuries and illness. It has been a great calling.

    I will leave the writing to my amazing wife!

  38. Oh my....goosebumps and tears right now....Janet Kerr, praying for you, dear lady. ~ And Tina--WOW--such WISDOM you shared with us--I had no idea you'd been widowed, and am sending you an extra hug...When I read your husband's comment I almost melted---sooo sweet. So thankful you and Tom have a HEA life together!!! ~ Wish we were sitting in Jett's right now having coffee together *sigh* ~ Blessings on your weekend! Love, Patti Jo

  39. AW, Tom's post is so beautiful! Tina is a treasure, and I'm so glad you found each other.

    Tina, you're so right. Life is precious. We are but a vapor, and we have to redeem the time. I've been guilty of frittering and floundering this past summer. Not good.

    I'm back on track with goals and discipline and routine, and I'm so much happier.

  40. Tom:

    Thanks you for sharing that with us. It's so appreciated.

    Doesn't help that you're a techie either. :)

  41. Tina, Jan, Jenny and everyone who has experienced the trauma of losing those you love so much, may God bless you and heal your hearts.

    My mind spins over all the issues and absurdities I often mistake for important. Dust bunnies have never stopped me, mine actually have names : ) Toilet duty belongs to my husband and I love doing dishes because no one can hear me talking to myself over the running water. My family knows and accepts that I'll never be Julia Child.

    There is one thing though that sap the strength right out of me...I absorb others' emotions like a sponge.

    --When my kids were young, every tragedy in their lives became mine.

    --Since my kids have grown up, every tragedy in their lives STILL becomes mine : )

    --friends share the peeves and irritations and I get sucked in as smooth as you please wanting to fix everything.

    You probably see the pattern here. I'd get wrapped up in others' lives until I couldn't get their problems off my plate. I'd carry them around as if these problems were directly affecting me.

    Talk about messing with my mind!

    It's taken lots of time and practice, but I've finally learned to redirect the world's problems to someone who can actually make a difference.


    When I surrender the worries and angst of my day to Him, a miracle happens. The weight falls off my shoulders and my mind is swept clean. When I do this before I sit down to write, and then ask Him to fill my imagination with His words, JOY once again returns to the northern Front Range of Colorado.

    Tina, you asked "Are you living in an inverted pyramid life wasting time on the least important things?"

    My answer changes on any given day. BUT now that you've brought it to light and burned that question into my gray matter with what looked suspiciously like the fiery finger of God, I'm going to post an inverted pyramid by my computer and think about the water I want my wellspring to produce.

    Sheesh, it's Saturday morning girlfriend. You made me think way too much.

  42. BTW, ditto on everything Glynna said : )

  43. Tom, that was very sweet. Tina found a keeper in you : )

  44. Erica, may our picometers fill up fast : )

  45. Welcome, Tom! Thanks for sneaking in in praise our our Tina!! And you're SO right--time is relative. And precious.

  46. Oh wow. Now I know where Tina gets her inspiration! What a beautiful post by Tom.

    Thanks for sharing with us Tina! And normally I let the dust bunnies lie, but this is our Canadian Thanksgiving and having dinner tomorrow so ... dust bunnies beware!

    Happy writing everyone!


  47. I'm hoping to become a better steward of my time through a Bible study on balance starting in a week.

    Praying for you Janet.

    Jodie Wolfe

  48. What a motivating post this morning, Tina. Thank you for sharing your hard-earned wisdom even though it made me cringe because I have been a time-waster.

    I read this early in the morning and have been pondering it ever since. I've come to the conclusion that worry is my biggest time waster. Believe me I have plenty to worry about -- big stuff, gnarly stuff, life changing stuff but worrying isn't going to solve anything. However worry can become allconsuming to the point of crippling and that just eats away at time -- and creativity.

    So thanks for the wake up call -- and the smart whack upside my head. I'm going to work on this!!!!

  49. I have two small children. I have to keep reminding myself to stay away from the in a minute phrase. Before long, they wont be around. I've got to enjoy every minute with them.
    I am doing what I've always wanted. I'm an artist and stay at home mom. Love it!!
    So what the house is a mess. I'll just turn on the show Hoarders and remind myself how bad the house could be!
    Thanks for the post and reminder. I'm going to go play!
    Campbellamyd at Gmail dot com

  50. You're right, time is a very precious thing. We should not waste it.


  51. "Yesterday's inspiration started out "we only have 24 hours in the day." Without thinking I blurted out, "that's not inspirational, that's depressing."

    Why, I thought, can't I have 28 hours just once in while?"

    That totally made me laugh. I could use a couple of long days each week. Followed by a couple of short ones.

  52. I attack the dust bunnies only when we get company. Not often thankfully.

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to Susan, Ganise, Janet, Kav, and our other Canadian friends.

  53. I love it when Glynna waxes long comments. She's normally a short and sweet and too the point commenter.

    This isn't about condemnation but about realization that time is valuable and in order to reach those writerly dreams you have to use it wisely.

    He will direct you.

  54. Jenny, big hug going out to you today. Loss is loss. It brings with it a beautiful appreciation.

  55. To change "someday" into "today."



  56. "It's taken lots of time and practice, but I've finally learned to redirect the world's problems to someone who can actually make a difference."

    LOL. Why does it take us so long to figure this one out, Audra?

  57. Patti Jo, that was so much fun at ACFW, gathering with all the gang!!

  58. Ganise, hope Tom cleared that up.

    Didn't mean to confuse you.


  60. Jeanne!! Our struggles make us stronger and channel our priorities.

    You are one strong woman!!!

  61. Helen!!! WOOT for you. Submit that book.

    Don't let clock rule you. I'm with you. I turned off the alarm clock and slept in.

    Just don't let it steal from us either.

  62. Wow! this is AMAZING!
    Love it, Tina.
    Thank you for sharing it and shoving me out of excuses.
    Thank you for continuing to encourage in a "kick you" sort of way (that we all really need at some time or other - except maybe Ruthy)

    Thank you!

    Carol, my husband says we can't play with nuclear weapons on Sundays...since it's the Lord's Day and all ;-)

  63. LOL, both Melly and Amy Campbell mentioned Hoarders. That's too cute.

  64. Annie, I pray so too. I know it's been a miracle here. We just put my 19 yr old daughter on GF. She's 5'7" and weighs 99 pounds. Been sick for a while.

    I recently took high fructose corn syrup out too, it was causing some of the same celiac symptoms but in a milder form.

  65. Kav and all, I highly recommend the one day at a time approach to life.

    This is my second year of reading, Jesus Calling and Wow has it changed my life.

    I now talk to myself out loud for one thing.

    I am wholly devoted to one day at a time. At first the concept seems hugely irresponsible. But when I start worry about tomorrow I talk aloud and tell myself that I am working through TODAY only.

    Just today.


    And my God is big enough to handle ANYTHING that today brings.

  66. High POV

    Can you have a dream
    without a vision?

    Can you set a goal
    without a mission?

    Have you made
    a statement
    of commitment?


    Are your resolutions
    just intermittent?

    Do you do by habit
    what you must do?

    And in the end
    will it be said
    that to your own self
    you have been true?


    Again, Tina, again, you have inspired me, and turned my words towards poetry, for there is a higher vision, a POV, where life is seen, as a totality, where the seams are woven, but woven invisibly, where what stops and goes, never really slows, but gives us hope, even as the tear drops flow.


    Asking Philosophers questions can provoke an avalanche of reflections.

    Okay, Seekervillian, ready for five tough questions?

    Are you wasting time or savoring it, and exploiting it to the max?

    If you kill time, you fracture eternity. I’ve seen too many people die, even my brilliant young doctor, gone, dreams unfulfilled. I’ve walked grave yards and seen a thousand graves and found it sad to find not a single epitaph. Name, date born, date died, that is what will be on most gravestones. So yes, at long last, I savor the moment and regret that it took so long to discover the present.

    What have you done today to make your dream come true?

    I have lived another day. I've tried to follow the great Greek dictum: “first be a good animal”. I woke early and I’ve done many things already to move closer to my goals and I asked myself: “Why did it take so long?”

    Are dust bunnies holding you hostage? (What will your tombstone say?)

    Dust bunnies were often my only friends. It’s only the idea of dust bunnies that can hold us hostage. Prisons without walls welcome dust bunnies but the bunnies aren’t really there. My tombstone with have a motion activated recording device so that I may offer the meaning of life to those still able to benefit from such wisdom.

    Are you living in an inverted pyramid life wasting time on the least important things?

    No, no longer, pyramids offer the wrong paradigm. The limitations, if real, are never symmetrical – the symbols should never be mistaken for the reality, no, I’ve wasted all the time I’ve had time to waste, for I have now entered the stage where the race to beat the clock has begun.

    What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?

    I would attempt to break the bank in every casino in the world. I’d give billions of dollars so retired Catholic nuns could live in the most beautiful places on earth for such is their just reward.


    “Even when you find the time
    You must still find yourself.


  67. If you haven't read Charles E. Hummel's "Tyranny of the Urgent," add it to your next Amazon shopping list! I HIGHLY recommend it. I discovered it in college and my slender 3 1/2 x 5 copy has been read again and again. So much wisdom in so few pages.

  68. Glynna, 4 a.m.? I am inspired. I think I'll start setting my alarm clock so I can write. If I wait until later in the day, it doesn't seem to happen as often as I would like.

  69. Janet, I'm sorry for your lose.

    Tina, thanks for always trying to motivate. Loved seeing the post from your husband today :) Sweet!!!

  70. Annie -- I think you have to go with your inner clock if at all possible . If you're a late night person, try to schedule time at night. If you're a morning person, then the morning. Sometimes, of course, we just have to take whatever we can get even if it's not our "peak" time. If you want to try to morning thing, first just start out setting the alarm for 15-30 minutes earlier than usual and get used to writing at that time. Then once you're comfortable with that then gradually set the alarm earlier. Of course, I DON'T stay up until midnight! :) I will admit that as the days get darker & colder it's harder to drag myself out from under the covers to the computer!

  71. Eva Maria. Another Canadian. Happy Thanksgiving.

  72. Vince! Well said, as usual from our Seekerville poet laureate and philosopher in residence.

  73. Oooh, GK, thank you. Will add this book to my list. You amaze me.

  74. Where else but in Seekerville can you round out your day with a bit of philosophical poetry? Thank you, Vince.

    And Tina I just started reading Jesus Calling every morning mid year! I'm amazed at how it speaks to what I need each and every day. I'm trying really, really hard to live in the moment and let those words carry me but I fail miserably many times a day...but not as many times as I did before I started reading Jesus Calling so I think it's beginning to sink in. :-)

  75. Tina, hard to believe it’s been 13 years. I lost a brother and my father in 1985, and I totally understand what you’re saying about those glasses.

    Are you wasting time or savoring it, and exploiting it to the max?

    I waste time on the ODDEST thing: accounting/crunching numbers. You can give me an accounting problem to solve and I will spend hours immersed in it. I don’t mean to, but I have to find the answer.

    Sigh. So weird.

    For instance, early this morning, I decided to work on an accounting issue. Next thing, I looked up and it was after 1 pm!!! Yikes!

    I need to set my timer for accounting tasks, not just for writing. Yes, I think I will do that!

    Hey, I did take a break and walk to the mailbox (almost a mile) and back. The weather is gorgeous, and the birds are chirping.

    I definitely savored the time.

    What have you done today to make your dream come true?

    Yesterday I spent several hours brainstorming and plotting before I started the accounting.

    Didn’t today, and I know not to do that. Write first, then accounting.

    I need an Accounting Anonymous Accountability group. lol

    Are dust bunnies holding you hostage? (What will your tombstone say?)

    lol – Good one, Tina! Me and the dust bunnies are laughing our little heads off.

    Are you living in an inverted pyramid life wasting time on the least important things?

    Maybe not wasting time, but committed to areas that demanded my most productive time of day when I feel like I can conquer the world: mornings.

    But that’s in the past. The future is bright with an inverted pyramid with writing stuck right there in that big block at the top.

    What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?

    This is the dream, right? Not just a dream, or any dream, but THE DREAM, the dream that keeps us going…

    Like Carol said, for me it is write. Just write.

    I am in the dream when I am writing.

  76. Thanks for sharing Pammers you little number cruncher you.

  77. So often women are told we CAN have it all, whatever we want to do. It is refreshing to hear someone say we can't, which I believe is the truth. We must make the hard choices about what the priorities are for us.
    I lost my husband 7 years ago, through divorce, not death, so I can relate somewhat. It's sad that we often don't realize how good we had it until it is lost. I'm so thankful for God's redeeming grace.
    Blessings to you, Tina.

  78. Pam K, you still go through the same steps of the grieving process.

  79. I have decided I dont like day light savings. I am already not sleeping but to know 6 becomes 7 my mind decided it would have to wake even earlier! (wonders if I will ever sleep properly again)

    On dust bunnies they are my friends except they keep mutating. I go to bed and think I much sweep under my bed but I figure twice a year is enough right? Irony is I can clean someone else's home but not as good for my own.

    I actually learnt from my collapse end of June to chill out and not to sweat the small stuff. I found there were things that didn't matter in the scheme of things. Why get upset over a small issue that really had no bearing on the outcome. It made me appreciate more what I have and that life is to short to worry about things we have no real influence over.

  80. I'm a huge fan of Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, Jenny.

    And we should be like Martha Stewart and find new and decorative uses for those Dust Bunnies.

  81. Now you all know why we didn't stop cold in the water when 8 Seekers were published and the rest of us were TREADING WATER....

    Because Teeeeena BOUNDED IN with this kind of super-smart mentality, devised our "Plan B" (if what you're doing isn't working, change what you're doing. Only she didn't say it quite so nicely. Or maybe she did, but I heard and felt the rump-kick!)

    So we embraced this mentality, the what have you done TODAY to make your dream come true?

    We changed target publishers.

    We changed timing.

    We turned the TV off.

    We encouraged each other daily.

    We set up our own little internal Plan B loop.

    We worked.

    We prayed and prayed and prayed....

    and then we worked some more.

    Because there was no magic trick. Or secret formula. We knew that.

    But if you STOP KNOCKING, no one will come to answer the door.

    So we knocked and we all ended up published.

    This is mentality I embrace daily.

    Teeeena is smart. (and bossy, but the smart is the BIG part)...

    But more than that, she's wise.

    Kinda Yoda-like.

    Which is somewhat scary-looking. But not Teeeeena. Yoda.

    Although in the dark, there is a resemblance. Kinda.

  82. Janet, wafting sorry's and hugs your way.

    I won't pretend to understand, but hugs are nice.

    Oh my stars, I do love Tom Radcliffe. I'm just sayin'... He put up with me for DAYS.

    Possibly worthy of canonization.

  83. Thanks Tina, for the inspirational post.
    My "work" mantra for a long time has been "life is too short to have a job you hate."

    thankfully, i've a good job where i can be creative and it is a good one. it took forever to find a husband (married for first time @40) and now i've an adorable little boy about to turn 3. i'm not rich (heck, probably not even middle class now) in money - but rich in the life the Lord has given me.

    i am still trying to figure out how to budget time most effectively on the things the Lord wants me to accomplish daily though...

    as for your awesome questions for the day:
    i know i savor my time, but lately much of it has been wasted. you post has given me inspiration to be a better steward of the time the Lord has allotted me.
    i have spent time here at Seekerville, learning at the feet of wise women who have followed what the Lord inspired them to do to teach other what they have learned. i've also spent time with my little guy. savoring the sponge of learning he is and investing myself into him so he can grow into the man the Lord has created him to be.
    Dust bunnies run rampant. My tombstone would probably say "her house wasn't the cleanest, but it was full of love - just like her."
    i'm probably living life slightly inverted, but the goal is to spend time on the important stuff, not the tiny stuff.
    if i knew i could not fail? start animating children's stories. animate, animate, animate. it's sort of the same thing as becoming a pubbed author - which is my 1a goal in life.

    Your husband's comment made my heart melt. i'm thrilled that the Lord provided you with such a prize.

    thank you again for your inspirational and sort of kick in pants/reality check post.

    Seekerville is definitely a GIFT from God (at least to me).

  84. Awe, thanks DebH and for sharing your own inspirational story.


    You know what really matters?

    Is that you did it, you recognized those stupid ol' fear dragons and conquered them.


    And that's what it's all about, Charlie Brown!

    Oh, Tommy Radcliffe stopped in!!! Hey, Tom!!! (waving to you from Upstate where there is no snow yet and I'm kinda laughin' at youse guys a LITTLE.)


    And I'm hearin' youse on that juggling.

    Frankly, if folks walk in and everything's not perfect, I'm okay with that because I'm not a Better Homes and Gardens gal....

    Although I love my spot gardens!

    I would rather write than do so many other things.

    Ordered chaos. That's my title for my life and I make it work because I am living my dream.

    Canned tuna, anyone???

  86. Joanne Sher, LOL! Grinning!!!!!

    Aw, Marianne, those slaps upside the head are such teachable moments.

  87. Tina--thank you. YOU are a woman of strength. Beautiful inside and out.

    For the record, I revised two scenes today. MOst of a chapter. That felt good.

    AUDRA--I loved what you shared--I am a fixer. My friends confide in me, and I'm blessed that they feel safe doing that. Then, I get overwhelmed with the big things going on in their lives. God always reminds me to bring them and leave them with Him. Oh yah. I forgot. Again. BTW, I LOVED sharing a meal with you at ACFW!! You are one sweet lady.

    GLYNNA--I am a 4:00 girl too. It's the only guaranteed time I have for writing in a given day. I haven't read Tyranny of the Urgent in awhile. Thanks for mentioning it again. Loved what you shared here today! You Seeker ladies are so wise!

    VINCE--such truths in that poem! Thanks for sharing.

    Okay, I'm back to real life--laundry folding, dinner making. You know. Enjoy your Saturday!

  88. Took my 7yo to a gymnastics party. Reinforced my desire to sign even a half-decent book contract in an effort to have the spending money for the kids to get to do stuff like that.

    To that end...

    We cleaned the house [that doesn't help per se but the dust bunnies were mutiny-ing].

    I've researched agents and sent a cover letter out for approval [to someone other than those I sent it to last night who did approve mostly and suggested a second opinion].

    I put the synopsis and first pages in the same file. [Hey! It counts! Doesn't it?!]

    Um... Well... Actually gonna rent movies and hang out with the fam but will likely work and half watch the movies because they're more their speed than mine.

    Tomorrow... Panera.

  89. Hi Tina:

    Your dust bunny question made me think of one of my favorite quotes by Adlai E. Stevenson:

    “You can tell the size of a man by the size of the thing that makes him mad”.

    I found this to be very true over the years.

    BTW: How did that snow turn out yesterday in Denver? I didn’t get hear. You’d think it was going to snow in Tulsa right now but I don’t think it will get cold enough.


  90. I think time is definitely something you think more of as you get older. There's definitely seems to never be enough of it and I believe one thinks more carefully about what they do with it. When I was younger I'd wish the day was over & would go faster because nobody likes school right but now it's like you look at your old friends and see they have kids now and you wonder where in the world did the time go??!! Wow, I'm really sounding like my parents now LOL!

  91. Janet, I'm so sorry to hear about your husband! I'll pray for you! xo

    Tina, So glad that you got another happy ever after! :-)

  92. Tina, my gosh, 13 years have passed!

    What would I attempt if could not fail. What I'm doing right now. I'd be a less intimidated by it, and maybe wouldn't walk away from my keyboard as often.

    Now, my friends and family and most of you, I think would say I've already achieved my goal. I'm published, selling and happy.

    But I want more books out there and I'm in the second book I'm worried.

    Kind of a crazy mixed up answer, but that's how I feel, crazy mixed up.


  93. The snow was only on the grass thank goodness. Right now we have a snow rain mix.

  94. I'm sorry to hear about your loss, Janet. I'm sure you made time to enjoy each other

    As for Tina's questions... Ginny Mary Virginia made me feel quite selfish. clean water and food for the world! and I was thinking of ME. argh!!

    I didn't waste a moment today. I've got some major writerly stuff to get done but today was about family... back to the office for me now...

    Noticed that I'd been too busy chasing my dreams to clean the litter box when I should have. Dust bunnies are at least fragrance free...

  95. Tina, what a great post.
    You know what I did today? Fun, interesting day but the best of it was, with my sister, I stood in a forest and let bright yellow leaves rain down on my head.
    It was just a beautiful moment and I am SO GLAD I realized it was beautiful and instead of hurrying out of the blustery wind, I stood there and REALIZED I was in the middle of something special.

  96. What else comes to mind.
    When I went to the RWA Conference in NYC, I was walking home from an author event with Tina, Tina's daughter Amy, Debby, Debby's daughter Mary, Cara, Cara's friend
    Oh, I'm not sure who all was there, but it was a nice, small group and because I am scared of everything I was rushing for the safety of the hotel and we got to the intersection of ... what was it? 7th and Broadway maybe... and
    Debby said to everyone, "STOP!"
    Then she said, "Just stand here, soak it in, look at this wonderful, beautiful, wild, crowded, neon moment.

    It was close to midnight and the streets were just teeming with people and all the buildings were skyscrapers with neon lights all over them and it was Broadway and there were signs lit up over every show and it was spectaculor.

    I'd have never really experienced it if Debby hadn't been wise enough to know we were in a special place and it was a very precious experience we might never have again.

    I cherish that. We stood and looked and looked and crowds rushed around us and it was wonderful.

    Thanks you, Tina for reminding us to savor life. To believe in our dreams. To remember what's important.

    I honestly believe that I am living proof that dreams can come true because the fact that I have a book published still boggles my mind and gives me tremendous joy. If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT!

  97. What would I attempt if I knew I could not fail?
    Wow, I've had such great things happen to me I feel selfish to ask for more.

    I think I'd...write a screen play. I'd love to have a movie out of my work.

    I'd....hmmmmmmm maybe go on a 100 mile bicycle ride. By 'not fail' you mean 'not die of a heart attack' right?

    I'd hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. (honestly wouldn't that get old after about an hour? And I don't think even in my imagination I could see myself getting back UP)

    I'd get a picture taken of myself hugging a real buffalo. (failure would mean death, right)
    I saw a buffalo today and my sister and I teased each other about getting out and standing close to get a picture.
    We giggled a lot.

    I used to want to do reckless things like skydive. But I've gotten over that.

    I don't seem to have a very good imagination today do I? LOL

  98. Mary Connealy, so proud of you.

    I so believe in exploiting moments.

    Once when I was stationed in Augsburg, Germany someone told me that the very barracks I lived in were used by German soldiers in WW2. Imagine that. At that moment I decided to exploit every opportunity and I still remember leaning out a window of the barracks and closing my eyes and thinking about German soldiers marching by years ago.


  99. Mary, I attempted that once. The buffalo thing. I think I was in junior high. I grew up with this image of them being docile and all that, so it seemed a no brainer to approach one. I don't recall a fence, or a sign, not that I would have paid attention. Only that big, massive, what I thought was docile, beautiful creature. I think I about gave my parents a heart attack.

    Yes, I'd love to touch one. Get a picture with one.

  100. Tina, thank you for sharing that with us. I think how precious time with my husband is often, but not often enough. Tom seems wonderful, I'm happy for the two of you!

    Jan, I'm so sorry about your husband. I think about how Jesus carries us through times so we don't have to walk them alone.

    I find that I don't treasure every day like I did when my kids were little and always around. Need to remedy that.

  101. Christina and Mary - DO NOT attempt to hug a buffalo. They are bigger than you, faster than you. Leave them alone.

    Go to Keystone, SD. They have a stuffed one you can sit on for a picture!

  102. Tina, I love your inverted pyramid image.

    The thing about time - you're going to spend the most time on the thing that's most important to you.

    For many years, the most important thing to me was educating my children. I have no regrets that I put writing on the back burner...but now they're mostly grown up, and I have time to write.

    Man, I love this job :)

  103. Janet - so sorry about your loss. It must be a terribly hard time for you.

  104. i loved this posting ;)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  105. Ah, Tina. I've been trying all day to figure out how to answer your questions. I still don't know, but you've given me a lot to think about.

    So, my comment is thank you.

    Hugs on your loss and more hugs for your HEA. Tom's comment was so endearing. Someone to cherish for sure.
    Janet, I offer condolences and prayers to you. I'm so sorry for your loss.

    Thank you to everyone who shared thoughts and stories. You've all inspired me today.

    Vince, I love the poem. I'm printing it out just like I printed Tina's post.

  106. Hello all!

    How nice is it that everyone is participating in this discussion :-)

    THANK YOU Tom! I enjoyed reading your comment. Life does fly by the older you get! Love that you and Tina have been married for so long. *Sigh* Grin.

    Bless you all!

    God is indeed good and will give us the knowledge and the grace needed to live in His Will. Everyday won't be perfect but it still doesn't mean it won't have purpose (Quoted an artist right there, Kirk Franklin!)

    Thanks again, Tina! You are one smart woman :-)



  107. Okay, I found something to say.

    There's a prayer/meditation site that I visit each day. The prayers repeat in some sort of cycle. This meditation has come up for me before, but it came up today again and struck me as very appropriate for this discussion so I wanted to share.

    "Where do I sense hope, encouragement, and growth areas in my life? By looking back over the last few months, I may be able to see which activities and occasions have produced rich fruit.
    If I do notice such areas, I will determine to give those areas both time and space in the future."

    I know that reading and writing inspirational fiction offers hope, encouragement, and growth for me, so I feel determined to make the time and space for both.

  108. Tina,
    Thank you for reminding me of what's truly important.


  109. Only in Seekerville can we chat about hugging Buffalos.

    Better to hug a Buffalonian.

    I'm a Buffalonian.

  110. Well Mary Curry thank you for your kind words.

  111. Thank you, Ganise and Edwina, and Donna!

  112. It's been a while since I commented here, but the exact reason is because I had too much on my plate. I finally realized some things needed to give if I wanted to presue this dream of mine, so thank you for your post. It makes me feel better when I realize I am not the only one.

  113. Tina, what an amazing, inspiring post! I'm feeling convicted. Ouch! :) But that conviction will spur me on.

  114. Oh, Mary Curry, I love that...

    And it says we'll know by 'the fruit' whether it's of the spirit.

    I always ask myself if I feel peace with a decision, or in someone's company, or when I intereact with them.

    I feel sick at heart, anxious, discouraged... I know they're sucking more out of me than I can give.

    Within reason. I can't surround myself with positive people 24/7. Mostly because I have TODDLERS. Geez. My so had a meltdown today because the top of his sock came up too high.

    But I love what you said...

  115. My tombstone with have a motion activated recording device so that I may offer the meaning of life to those still able to benefit from such wisdom.


    I was still laughing at that.

    And about the retired Catholic nuns... Are you serious? I can't tell. But I do know a very beautiful community in CA, the Mission SAn Jose Dominican sisters who care for almost 40 retired, infirm sisters. Some of the new recruits go to nursing school, just so they can better care for the older ones. They grow very close. When one of them passes over, they have a very big party. Sounds weird. But they know where they want to be going. And you can't be sad about that.

  116. Hi Teacher Michelle. Thanks for making us a stop in your day.

  117. Awe Virginia love that about the nun party.


    There's the link to the St. Martin's community (their retirement sisters) page, where they posted the most recent passings. I met Sr. Hyacinth in 1999 and she was building their first web page using html. I see she was born in 1909, so that would have made her 90! She sure didn't look it...


  119. “The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”

    ― Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

  120. There are moments & events in our lives that make us take stock. I took note & did something about it.

  121. This is a wonderful and relevant post. I have pushed the limit and i am forging ahead but I am constantly trying to do more and be more. We deserve it!
    Linda Cacaci

  122. How did you manage to kick us in the tooshie and hug us at the same time???


  123. Hi Virginia:

    Yes, I am serious about the nuns and retirement. I saw a program on how much better off retired priests were over the nuns. The retired nuns were not even treated like second class citizens. Maybe fourth class at best!

    This got me upset. I had Dominican nuns for a time in elementary school and now I know what a great job they did. And if you are going to have a patriarchal society, with men in charge like the Church, then you also have a duty to put the women and children first. That’s the deal. Power for duty and responsibility. Facilities should be equal at least.

    BTW: I enjoyed the Dominican website. I hope things have gotten better for the nuns. At the end of a long life of service, they should be treated as well as possible.


  124. A Special Thanks to: Jeanne T, Mary Curry, Tina and KAV:

    Thanks again for your nice comment about my poetry. Sometimes I write a poem and then I wonder, “should I have really posted that?”

    I really do appreciate your comments.


  125. what would I attempt? I would go back to school and get my degree

  126. I understand time is important because I lost my soulmate, my precious husband Tommy in October 2011 unexpectedly....Thank yo for a great post...


  127. I own a pair of the glasses you're wearing - but sometimes I forget to put them on. Thank you for the reminder. Exactly what I needed today.

    Time is certainly precious - and I'm so glad I spent mine on Seekerville this morning, rather than laundry. The clothes can wait...I have refueling to do. ;)

    Blessings. I've had a wonderful TIME visiting with you today. Now, I'm off to pour things into my upright pyramid.


  128. Oh I needed this today! Thanks so much for the encouragement that I'm doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing. (Yes, dealing with doubts!)

  129. Beautifully said. You've reminded me of a poem I wrote entitle Majesty:

    Mountains stand sharp, edged in green.
    Storm clouds roil in a summer’s sky.
    An eagle soars.
    I gaze, but cannot hold them thus.