Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend Edition Birthday Week 1

Happy Birthday Seekerville. Welcome to the beginning of our Week Two Party.

We're partying all month long and giving away prizes daily, weekly and monthly.

Our Week Two Prize is ...

And our Birthday Extravaganza Present is..

This Weekend Edition we're talking BIRTHDAY CAKE in Seekerville. 

What's your must have birthday celebration cake? 

Share for a chance to win not only a birthday present surprise but your favorite cake and your photo will be featured in an upcoming post on Yankee-Belle Cafe! Winner announced in the next Weekend Edition.

We have lots to share this in this edition, so grab your cake and beverage of choice  before we get started.

Chocolate Cake!

We Have Winners

We're getting those mailings out. If you are a winner contact us at Remind us if it has been more than 8 weeks and your prize has not arrived. See our rules under the legal tab above. 

Our Week One winner of a Simple Nook with Glowlight is Christina Rich.

The September Contest Update Prize Winner of a $25 Amazon gift card is Piper Huguley. But congratulations go to all of you for entering so very many contests. Seekerville is so proud of you!

 On Monday, we welcomed back Stanley D. Williams, PhD, more familiarly known as "The Moral Premise Guy," as we kicked off this exciting month of superstar guests, fabulous prizes, and a continuous cyber-buffet of deliciousness. Stan was our guest in Seekerville two years ago, and he returned with further insights into how authors can use the Moral Premise to create memorable fiction i addition to answering several previously submitted questions. Stan also interviewed award-winning author Tamera Alexander about her experience using The Moral Premise. The winner of The Moral Premise book is Walt Mussell.

Love Inspired Historical author Eva Maria Hamilton stopped by to share some serious KLOUT! on Tuesday.  The winner of her debut release, Highland Hearts! is Hannah Jones.

Wednesday we enjoyed "Reader Empathy: Catch It & Keep It" with Angela Ackerman. Angela  is one half of The Bookshelf Muse blogging duo, and co-author of The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer's Guide to Character Expression. Seekerville is giving away one digital and one traditional copy of The Emotion Thesaurus-those winners in order are: Keli Gwyn and CatMom.

On Thursday:Barbour and Bethany House author Mary Connealy  brought us: "Five Years For Seekerville-Five Years for Me." Winner of a $55 (fifty-five dollar) CBD eGift Card is Traveling Stacey.

Friday we were wowed with "Why Rewarding the Reader is More Important than Ever Before: Reading Has Changed" by one of our favorite male persuasion Seekervillians, Vince Mooney. Winner of a special birthday present in honor of Vince's visit is DebH.

Saturday Love Inspired author Tina Radcliffe is your birthday hostess today with her post "Something's Gotta Give." Winner of See's Candy is Melissa Jagears.

Red Velvet Cupcake!
Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: We're delighted to welcome Love Inspired author Brenda Minton who steps off the pages of her fictional town of Dawson, Oklahoma to bring us a post about "Small Towns". Stop by and chat at the xx and you might be the winner of a Brenda Minton double birthday book package.

Tuesday:"That was SO five years ago!" Today, Abingdon Press and Heartsong author Myra Johnson reflects on how far she's come as a writer in the past five years and takes a look at some significant "fives" in her life. In honor of Seekerville's fifth birthday, Myra will give away a box of five inspirational novels (including her own A Horseman's Gift) to one lucky commenter.

Wednesday:Revell author Julie Lessman says, "RAH-RAH -- FALL BREAK IS HERE!!!" Time for a little fun with Sr. Julie Asumpta in KISS-OLOGY 301, the final class in "Warming up the Pages with Romantic Tension." You won't want to miss this one because we'll discuss the "Caveman Kiss" with the  Queen of the Caveman Scenes, Ms. Mary Connealy, as well as feature favorite love scenes from the Seekers and some of your favorite authors AND a love scene from the winning comment during the entire class. Leave a comment for a chance to win your choice of any of her books, including Love at Any Cost and A Light in the Window: An Irish Christmas Love Story.

Thursday: Love Inspired author Ruth Logan Herne gathers folks around on Thursday for the second part of her soon-to-be-made-into-a-movie-starring-someone-young "How to Write A Selling Series" where she'll be dancing around, singing Happy Birthday!!! and partying with the lot o' youse! She's put together an adorable gift basket of cool things from Allegany, Cattaraugus and Chautauqua Counties (Kirkwood Lake series) including Cuba Cheese... Webb's Candies... NEW RUTHY BOOK!!! and assorted fun stuff. Stop by, leave a comment to be put in for the daily drawing and... for you coffee lovers... make sure you come by Week Two for a chance at the Keurig and gift basket!

Friday:On your mark! Get set! Go! The race to publication starts Friday, October 12, when Seekerville hosts Love Inspired Associate Editor Elizabeth Mazer.  We’ll be celebrating not only Seekerville’s birthday but also Elizabeth’s fifth anniversary at Love Inspired.  While her blog will focus on the Love Inspired Suspense line, she’ll answer questions on all Love Inspired imprints. In addition, she has graciously agreed to judge a Seekerville Love Inspired READ ME! Contest, open to any unpublished writer who leaves a comment on Friday. You may submit to any of the Love Inspired line for this contest. Watch for the contest rules which go up Friday at  12:01 and get your submissions ready for a Seekerville opportunity you won’t want to miss!  For our faithful readers we have lots of book giveaways in honor of Elizabeth's visit too!

Saturday: Seekerville is honored to welcome back the witty, sardonic, brutally honest maven of the library world-- ' S '.  Not to be confused with 'M.' Also known as Madame S in some circles. She'll be chatting about "The Dos and Don't of the Library World for Authors and the Kitchen Sink." and she's anything but  Q-U-I-E-T. We'll be giving away an Amazon gift card to one fortunate dear.

Sunday: Weekend Edition! and birthday prize winners for the week announced.

Strawberry Cake!

Seeker Sightings


Our Birthday Party Page is up so check out the upcoming presents! Don't forget to check out the Friends of Seekerville (The Village People) Photo Album. Continue to send your photos of you and Seekers or you reading a Seeker release to

On the Seekerville the Town web page we have our monthly calendar and links to the Yankee-Belle Cafe, the October Contest Update and...

 a handy link so you can nominate Seekerville for the Writer's Digest 101 Best Website for Writers in the genre fiction category. 

 Sandra Leesmith's December release of Current of Love is available for pre-order at

 Debby Giusti the Georgia Romance Writer's Featured Speaker at the Moonlight & Magnolia's Conference this weekend in Atlanta, Georgia.

Janet Dean at the Moonlight & Magnolia Conference.

Janet Dean, Missy Tippens & Debby Giusti at the M &M Conference.

Check out Glynna Kaye's post on the Love Inspired Authors blog as she talks about her October release,  Look-Alike Lawman.  

Right now you can win your choice of any of Julie's books including A Love Surrendered and Julie's Christmas e-book A Light in the Window: An Irish Christmas Love Story at a blog interview/giveaway on Fiction Hero Features blog.

October 1-12,  Win your choice of any of Julie's books including A Love Surrendered and Julie's Christmas e-book A Light in the Window: An Irish Christmas Love Story at a blog interview/giveaway on Writing for Christ: An Audience of One   blog.

October 6-19, FIVE CHANCES TO WIN!!! Win A Love Surrendered at a giveaway on The Bookclub Network blog.

 October 7-13, Win your choice of any of Julie's books including A Love Surrendered and Julie's Christmas e-book A Light in the Window: An Irish Christmas Love Story at a giveaway on Overcoming Through Time with God's Help blog.  

Join Myra Johnson for the Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt which ends at noon EST.

We have a Seeker FRIEND Sighting.   Julie Hilton Steele and Piper Huguley at M&M.

Carrot Cake!
Random News & Information

 At Open Road, former Pocket Books editorial director Maggie Crawford will join the company as a strategic advisor, focusing on commercial fiction, including romance, women's fiction, thrillers and mysteries, reporting to Tina Pohlman.-Publishers Lunch

Neil Gaiman's 8 Rules of Writing (Brain Pickings) 

 Romance Literature Statistics: Readership Statistics (RWA)

This entire site is a wealth of information for writers.  Tax Solutions for Writers

 SurfShelf Treadmill Desk: Laptop and iPad Holder (Amazon)

 Poisoned Pen Press Seeks Submissions for New YA Imprint (GalleyCat)

Results of Free Offering (E-Book Formatting Faires) 

 How to Say No Without Feeling Guilty [Podcast] (Michael Hyatt)

Walt Mussell has officially signed with Terry Burns of the Hartline Literary Agency

Pepper Basham has signed with Nicole Resciniti of the The Seymour Agency.

WHEW!!! That's it! See you Monday.


  1. Coffee pot's up.

    Wow, this was packed!

    I'm bushed. Going to bed. Nite.


  2. Wow!! I saw the word "cake" and had to stop by...then I read the winners and saw I was one! Thank you SO MUCH!! That truly made my just don't know! And congrats to all the other winners! I have gone through several birthday cake phases through the years...but my latest is a yellow cake with the best homemade, fudgy-chocolate icing. Yum. My mom got the recipe a few years ago and I can't help but request it. One of the tricks to making the cake so good and moist is adding a heaping spoonful of mayonaise to the batter and mix it in. Never fails. I do it with all of my birthday cakes for the kids and it's always a hit : ). Thanks for all the great giveaways, Seekerville! Blessings~Stacey

  3. Congrats to all the winners and to Walt and Pepper for signing! Yay!

    I have to say (please don't beat me) we eat a lot of boxed cake mixes around here BUT I did find a great recipe for marshmallow fondant icing which is SO easy and not to mention fun to make. I posted pictures on Facebook a few weeks ago of the Doctor Who cake that I made with that frosting and I think it turned out to be pretty cool.

    For those who aren't friends with me this is the pattern I used:

    And for the icing recipe go here:

  4. @ Stacey I love mayonnaise but I didn't know you could use it in yellow cake! Does it make it taste any different? I've heard of applesauce but never mayo! You learn something new everyday!

  5. YAY! Walt and Pepper!!!!

    Yay winners!!!! [Esp. that Wednesday winner ;). If I didn't already have it, I'd make Hannah share :D.]

    And yay for Friday! Looking forward to all week, but really for Friday.

    And [keeping with Tina's theme], I've sent out multiple things today. Which means it's time for me and my eyes to hit the hay.

  6. Salt and Pepper! Hooray

    I won something and I don't even know what it is!

    Cake--I HATE frosting, at least until they invented that whipped cream like stuff, then I can stand it as long as you don't give me the corner with the pile of roses. Bleck.

    I may have been the only kid that asked for banana bread or angel food cake or anything frostingless for birthdays. Though I have this WONDERFUL carrot cake recipe that doesn't need icing, but hubby insists, so I half it which just makes enough for a light layer. It's goooood.

    And I nominated the blog--too bad they don't have a online submit form, but I followed directions! I'm good at that now, after all the contest and query submissions. I'm trainable. :)

  7. You're bushed.I'm still drinking coffee and in my pajamas.

  8. Walt and Pepper sounds like Salt and Pepper.

    I know, a pointless comment if ever there was one.

  9. My question....why aren't we all at the Moonlight and Magnolia Conference right now? What were we thinking?????????

  10. My favorite cake is Apricot Torte from the Lithuanian Bakery in Omaha Nebraska.
    And oh, my second favorite cake is Rib Eye Steak.

    What can I say??? I'm a rebel!

  11. Also I have a carrot cake recipe that would ROCK YOUR WORLD!!!!!!!!

    I'm dieting so talking about it is making me bitter.

  12. Mary--great minds think alike, eh? Eh?

  13. Because the ACFW conference was two weeks ago and my mail man insists upon delivering my bills.

    THAT'S WHY!!

  14. That's actually amusing and I didn't mean it that way.

    Love you Walt and Pepper. Sorry for being amused.

  15. Oh, wow! That's all I can say. Oh, and thank you!!

    Cake, Mary, I'm with you on the steak, but only because I can't eat German Chocolate cake.

    Congratulations to all the winners.

  16. One of these years I want to attend Moonlight & Magnolias. Besides ACFW (already been to RWA) it's one of my dream conferences.

  17. WALT & PEPPER! Congrats!!!

    Congrats to all the winners. =)

  18. WOW!!! I'd heard Pepper's BIG news, but I hadn't heard Walt's. That is awesome!!! Congratulations to them both.

    Lots of fun to look forward to this week in Seekerville. =)

  19. Night, Helen!

    Mornin', Peeps!!!!

    Oh my stars, so much fun stuff. FIRST:

    Congratulations winners!!!! YeeeeeHaaaaawwww!!!! And let me just say your presence is gift enough for us!

    And the occasional Seeker Book Buying Shopping Spree! :)





    THIRD: CAKE!!!

    ALLELUIA! ALLELUIA! (Think Handel at Christmas... oy,. I am lovin' me some cake!)

    And I get to make the fave over at Yankee Belle which means I need to clean the cat dish and wash an apron!

    Oh my stars, where am I s'posed to fit that into my day???? :)

    But for youse. For cake.... I will do as needs be done!

    Teeeeeena, I roamed over to Open Road.

    Still trying to figure it out.

    Insights, anyone? Because I was trying to discern goal/focus and drew a blank. Fill me in if you're smart because I love smart people.

    Must read comments. So psyched. Had a delightful book signing yesterday at Zarpentine Farms (apples and baked goods) and LOVED IT.

    I ate nothing. Didn't want crumbs in my teeth. But I thought about eating things, so that was almost as good!

    Today: Church and writing.


    Ignoring projects I could be working on. Quiet house today.

    I will write.


  20. Stacey, yes: cake!!! :) And I've done the mayo thing. More oil/mayo can never be a bad thing, right????

    Hey, don't forget oatmeal cake as youse consider cakes. With broiled coconut frosting??? Oh. To. Die. For.

    Renee, my DIL uses that marshmallow fondant and has created dinosaurs and other intricate frosting designs...

    I don't like the flavor/texture, I'm not a fan of eating it, but working with it and seeing the creations is stinkin' adorable.

    And it's way better tasting that original fondant (Original fondant is one of the very few things I admit to hating)

    But the cakes you can make with a moldable frosting???? AMAZING, RIGHT??????

    Melissa, thank you!!!! And my husband and son Seth are with you: Seth always got zucchini bread for his August birthday and he could eat an entire loaf on his own. Hysterical! He's not a frosting guy. Dave's not a sweet-eating guy which is why we're still married and I think my theory is sound: Do not marry someone who will compete for your treat.

    Dave's a salty guy.

    I'm a sugar girl.

    Occasionally we go out for ice cream together. (but he acts like he's a martyr, so I don't drag him often. Men. Sheesh.)

    CAROL!!!!!! So proud of you sending stuff out, gettin' it done! And I'm psyched over Friday too. Except I have to BEHAVE because the bosses will be looking in and we all know that behaving is not my forte!

    Think, Ruthy, think!!! Act appropriately! Do not Diss Mary Conneally Continually on Elizabeth's day! (and Elizabeth is such a fun, frank person that she'd probably laugh with me, but behind the scenes...)

  21. Rib Eye Steak?????


    But steak is perfect on a low-carb diet, so why are we talking cake again???

    OH! Happy Birthday to Us!!!!


    We need a cake-off bake-off....

    I will put my cake up against Connealy's....

    And I'll cry if I lose, and Connealy never cries so clearly everyone needs to vote for my cake because I'm the sensitive type.

    I love this idea.

  22. Congratulation Winners and a special congratulations to Walt and Pepper for signing. That is so AWESOME!!!

    My favorite cake for birthday's is a made-from-scratch German Chocolate Cake. Yummo!

    Happy Birthday Seekerville!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  23. Congrats to Walt and Pepper! That's incredible news.

    Birthday cake: Yes, I'm boring. I like chocolate cake (from a box) with chocolate frosting (from a container). MUST have coffee with my cake.

    Now to polish up my love inspired novels for next Friday :)

  24. Yipee! I am a winner! Thank you Seekerville and congrats to all of the winners!

    A special congrats to Walt and Pepper--that is awesome!

    Special birthday cake? I love a spice cake with buttercream frosting. I usually get a box mix and make it for myself, but I am scoping out homemade recipes that I can give a try.

    What an awesome place to hang out on the Internet. Having now met some of the Seekers in person, I can say that they truly rock!


  25. Birthday Cake Yea!!!!
    I would have to say Mom's Blackberry Jam cake with sour cream icing, this was made from scratch and soooooo good.
    Congrats to the winners today and looks like a great line-up for next week.
    Having so much fun celebrating this month with the seekers....
    Paula O

  26. Praise Jesus. Many people to congratulate here:

    Winners,Christina, Walt, Pepper, Deb, Janet and others I think..


    Have a good Sunday all! We, Canadians get a day off tomorrow: Whoo-hoo for that! ;)

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

  27. WHOO-HOO, WALT AND PEPPER!!!!! SUPER CONGRATS, YOU TWO!!! You go, boy and girl ... ;)


    Would you believe I'm sitting on a dock overlooking the lake in 30-degree weather because the only place I can get Internet in my daughter's friends's condo is OUTSIDE!!!!! So bundled up, I can barely type ... ;)


  28. Congrats Walt and Pepper! I'm so excited for both of you.

    I like pie better than cake and for years my husband has gotten pie for me.

    This past week I discovered Italian Lemon Cream Cake. That is now my favorite cake, and I hope he can find it next year for my birthday.

    Happy birthday Seekerville. Thanks for all you do for us!

    Jackie L.

  29. Yes, please vote for Ruthy's cake in the bake off.
    We will all know she won on a sympathy vote.
    Plus, if you taste-test my cake you will be in a state of bliss that will make it hard for you to vote in a clear headed way and Ruthy will probably trick you.

    (but we will all know who REALLY won!)

  30. Congratulations Walt and Pepper!!! That's exciting! Is it the result of attending ACFW conference?

    And thanks for all the cake sampling. I think the chocolate was my favourite and I love how cybercakes don't have any calories. Yum.

    Great weekend edition!!!!

  31. If anyone has a recipe for a luscious chocolate cake with no calories, I'd love to have it.

  32. WOWWWW!
    Go Walt! Go Pepper!!!
    This is most excellent news and worthy of a carrot cake celebration!

    Congrats to all the winners and especially to Seekerville for helping US to celebrate YOU!

    Love you all!!!

    May and KC too

  33. Congrats, Walt!!!

    Hooray, Pepper!!

    Love the good news!!!

    And that 'READ ME' contest hold a special place in my heart.

    Ohhhh, sigh of residual happiness!

    And fear, for that moment I heard Melissa had asked all five of us for COMPLETE ms's and not just 3 chapters.

    But Tina didn't leave us to be swept out with the tide. She gave us wise words to hold on to (take your time!!) and by Jan I got the call.

    I love contests, but I love this one most of all. :)

  34. And I'm not going to read the day Miss 'S' shows up.

    Sounds like there's going to be lots of fightin' words.

    When someone's anonymous and giving advice, they tend to let it all hang out.

    Plus, I rarely take advice. I like to learn the hard way.

    That's why I've been arrested 26 times.

  35. Sorry, things are posting twice.

    And I take it back about Miss S... I read the other article and she's brilliant.

  36. She is brilliant Virginia. But the library world is small so she likes to stay anon.

    She's cataloged at the National Archives in DC, at every major library branch in Colorado and many across the US. She's also worked at Ingram Book Distribution. She's also done a lot of teaching as well.

  37. NYT bestseller Margaret Brownley just visited Seekerville.

    Wow, I'll pick out all the calories in the cake for you, dear.

  38. What Great Comments Today

    Tina: I loved your very funny comment:

    “Because the ACFW conference was two weeks ago and my mail man insists upon delivering my bills.”

    That was a category 4 Spew Alert. But then you walked it back in the next comment. Don’t walk back your best one liners. Please.

    CAKES: How can you miss the best cakes of all: White Wedding Cakes? They are great even a year later! If it is good enough for a bride on ‘her day’, what could be better?

    Congrats Walt! You give me hope! It’s hard working in Romance with only one “X” chromosome. Blaze that path. Way to go!

    Also -- Pepper, Congrats! I look forward to you giving Julie a run for her money by adding Spice to Edgy Christian Fiction! It’s not if, it’s when.

    NOTICE (That means LA among others). If you don’t like “Free” eBooks, you must read, "Results of Free Offering (E-Book Formatting Faires") which Tina linked to on this post today. There is at least one case where ‘free’ could make you a lot of money with almost no marketing expenses. Be sure to read this if you have books in a series to sell. Shorter books written in a series – WOW – it is already working great for this author.

    Mary Inspiration

    Salt and Pepper
    Walt and Spice
    Get an Agent
    Twice as Nice.

    This may be pointless, too, but it rhymes.

    Back to work. I have a lot of rewards to run down and find great examples for.

    Virgina Was it you who mentioned that there was a best page to “ALS”? I can’t find the reference. Maybe Carol wrote it. But I don’t have page numbers on my Kindle copy. Can you give me the coordinates? I think the best part is the end where Patrick and Marcy wonder how many more Christmases they may have left. That made everything so real for me. I know that is exactly what they would be thinking at that time.


  39. I'll work on my delivery, Vince.

    Thanks for the tips.

    If I go into stand up or sit down comedy, I'll hire you as my Burgess Meredith.

  40. I've been confused all morning.

    Mary and Ruthy are having a bake off?

    See I didn't even realize Mary could bake.

    (Or cook actually)

  41. Wow! So much great news! Congrats to all the winners and a BIG CONGRATS to Walt and Pepper! So excited for you guys!


  42. CONGRATS PEPPER & WALT!! May this just be the start of GREAT things to come!

    Another wonderful Weekend Edition, Tina! Love all the photos. Looks like our Seekers & Seeker Villagers have been having a blast at Moonlight & Magnolias! I've heard our very own Debby Giusti's talk was fabulous!

    I love red velvet cake when they're made moist. And if you're not into cakes, try Blue Bunny ice cream's red velvet cake flavor. YUM.

  43. Connealy, really????


    I will take you on, and take you down!

    Cake-off, 2012: I'm totally psyched and IN!!!

    Margaret, hello!!! No calories... Oh, sigh. Dagnabbit. Well, if we stay VIRTUAL, you're safe, honey. Darn it all, it's the real stuff that kills us. ;)


    Oh, happy dancing still over succes on multiple levels last year!


    My mama cat is clearing out baby rats left and right over beyond the chicken coop and the old shed that Seth has cleared out around.... I think she's loving that they can't hide, and mama and daddy rat are PLOTTING MY DEMISE as they see their young dragged off.

    Life in the country. I will congratulate the cat....

    And glower in the direction of the rats. Stupid grain eaters, and I have 35 acres of corn planted behind me.

    Kitty will be very, very happy.

  44. Paula, I'm intrigued by this cake. Is the jam done as a layer (like a filling, or a conserve?)

    Or is it in the batter. Because that could be an interesting texture in my cake-loving head.

    AND.... I visited a glass bottle dairy a few days ago with Mia Ross and Beth and bought some pastries from their in house bakery...(glass bottle dairy/farm is in current WIP)... and I'm delving into how to make this decadent chocolate/cheesy/hazelnut bar topped with whipped cream. I shall experiment and bring it to the Cafe because it was TOTALLY WORTHY.

    You. Will. Love. It.

  45. Vince, I think it was page 138... or 183.... or 158...

    But start with 138 and see because I remember laughing that anyone picks a page out of a book and it probably involves KISSING.... :)

    Julie gets the kissology prize!

    Teeenster, it's Mary's fault. You know me, I would NEVER hijack your WE by throwing down the gauntlet and challenging Mary to anything because she's older and wiser than I am....

    Therefore I just let things go, slide off my shoulders, smile and nod. You know how easy going I am.

    But Mary, she's so stinkin' competitive, she's DRIVING us to this bake-off.

    By pretending to be low-key.


    And on Sunday, too.

    I'm chagrined.

  46. Another great WE, Tina!

    And congratulations to Pepper and Walt! To all our weekly prize winners too!

    Wow, our Seekerville birthday celebration is off to a terrific start!

  47. WOOWOO to Walt and Pepper! AAANNNDDD all the winners - next week looks wonderful. LOVE this place.

  48. Mary, I saw Walt and Pepper but thought Salt and Pepper, too. :-)

    CONGRATULATIONS! Walt and Pepper. So excited for you.

    I don't know that I have a cake favorite. My sister's a cake decorator, so we get a LOT of it around here. All kinds. My b-day cake this week was Angel Food with sliced strawberries and whipped cream. Yum! I also love a good ice-cream cake. (DQ here I come.) And we'll have more cake this week for my brother's b-day. Then more cake the following week for my mom's b-day. The scales have been banished for the month of October.

    Great week in Seekerville, lookin' forward to next week. Happy B-day, Seekers. Congrats, winners! :-)

  49. Vince - that was probably me. It's page 235. It's a little over halfway through at the Italian speakeasy. 53% maybe? Something like that. My copy on my kindle is an ARC so not sure of its the same. Will look at what chapter later.

  50. Congratulations to all the winners! Gotta LOVE Seekerville. :)

    I have to be quick, but wanted to say a ocuple of quick things. :) My favorite, must have birthday cake is flourless chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and toasted coconut shavings on top. For this gluten free girl, it gets top billing in our house.

    I learned so much last week, and I'm looking forward to more this week.

    Thanks, Seekerville for all you offer to help those of us on the trail behind you!

  51. Congratulations Pepper & Walt!!!! And the week's winners!

    Sandra, love the cover for your new book. It's a real eye catcher and very different (in a good way).

    My whole family's favorite cake is the Chocolate Covered Oreo Cake Missy featured in Yankee Belle Cafe a few weeks ago with ganache icing poured over it! It has already been requested for my son's 18th birthday later this month.

  52. Happy Birthday Clari!!

    I love Angel Food Cake.

    BTW Clari's debut release has a cover up on Amazon.

    The Marshall Meets His Match

  53. Happy Birthday, dear Seekers! And congrats to Walt and Pepper. Yay!

  54. And RUTHY talks about a bake-off and a rat family IN THE SAME COMMENT. And THAT is all you need to know about who would win a bake-off between us.

  55. TINA, I have a very few, very beloved, very delicious recipes.
    It's not that I CAN'T bake, it's that I choose not to.

  56. Ruthy said: Teeenster, it's Mary's fault. You know me, I would NEVER hijack your WE by throwing down the gauntlet and challenging Mary to anything because she's older and wiser than I am....

    Mary sez: Well 'wiser' for sure. The other? HAH!

  57. btw, dibs on titling a book Walt and Pepper.

  58. TINA I had to read this FOUR TIME.
    Clari's debut release has a cover up on Amazon.

    Cover up? I thought? There's a cover up? Like a crime is committed and now they're trying to keep it out of the news?

    That's not very nice of them, Clari. Are they trying to accuse you of something they did??? HUH???

    I have a niece who's a lawyer if you need help.

  59. Her cover. It is up. On Amazon.

    Put your glasses on.

  60. So I agree. Isn't Sandra's cover gorgeous? Montlake -the publishing arm of Amazon, which bought Avalon books.

    Congratulations, Sandra.

  61. I <3 Sandra's cover. Meant to mention that earlier.

    Have successfully stalked my table at Panera. Time to get some serious work done...

  62. Thanks everyone for all you kind words of congraturlations. I'm very happy about everything.

    The odd thing is that I usually I'm heavy on the pepper and light on the salt.

    My favorite cake is red velvet.

    On a separate note, I met Janet yesterday. Hope to meet the rest of the Seekers soon.

  63. Happy birthday. I love red velvet cake.

    csdsksds at gmail . Com

  64. my favorite birthday cake is cheesecake! Either chocolate or a plain one w/ blueberries. Yummm.

  65. Okay, I'm going to weigh in my choice here. I like carrot cake. Not too much oil. With fresh cream cheese frosting. And I'd like it chilled please.

  66. Thanks for the shout out, Tina.

    Mary, What's the name of that lawyer niece? I may be needing her. This cover up thing is really worrying me. Is it anything like Cover Girl? No, wait. That's makeup.

    Oh. Wait, I get it now. I make up stories and then I get a cover up. No. I'm still confused.

  67. VINCE--- I don't even know what ALS stands for... :O So, guessing i was me and I was just doing the usual, talking without my brain.

    Seriously, I see Carol has claimed responsibility.

    Mary... the cover up! HAHAHAH! That LIH is out of control. Dirty rotten scoundrels.

    Tina... YOur re-wording made me cackle. You sound like my almost-teenager. She thinks if she speaks slowly enough, I'll get it.

    Sometimes works, sometimes, not.

    RUTHY-- can't wait to see who sells from this contest!!!

  68. And I can't believe that I won a copy of The Moral Premise

  69. And I'm a winner just by hanging around and taking in all the tips and banter.

    Add my congratulations to Walt and Pepper. Way to go, guy and gal!!!

    I love angel food cake with that white fluffy frosting--and some strawberries. Looking forward to having one later this month, even if I have to bake it myself, when I celebrate my own birthday.


  70. Salt and Pepper....
    Poor Walt will never live this down!

    After 30-some odd years, I'm used to it :-)

    Thanks for all the congrats and CONGRATS :-)

  71. Vince,
    You are awesome!
    As far as giving Julie a run for her money. I'll have to become a MUCH BETTER writer before I can do that.

    The spice I add is more tangy than hot :-)

  72. Btw, I'm telling my Agent story tomorrow on The Writers Alley. It's a really cool way God worked!

  73. After reading Walt's comment "heavy on the pepper" I threw away the Blondie I was eating.

  74. All that cake sure looks good. I'd be drooling more but I just made pumpkin bread! Mmmmm ...


  75. Happy Birthday, Seekers! :)

    -Ashley Clark

  76. Happy Birthday, Seekers! :)

    Ashley Clark

  77. 253????

    Oh, Vince, I wasn't even close!!!


    I'm lovin' all these cake ideas!!! You guys have great taste... and novel ideas.

    No pun intended, hahahaha!!!

    to MARY CONNEALY: rats happen.

    I hate that I have to say that, but at least their little colony is hundreds of feet away....

    I hope.

    At least that's where the BABIES are coming from.

    Clearly my cat is truly Rat Patrol Kitty.

    Okay, I might be almost Mary's age. That's all I'm sayin'...

  78. VIRGINIA!!!!


    We love success for the lot o' youse!!!!

    Truly we are blessed that the LI/LIH/LIS editors play with us. I just love those guys to pieces. Where else do you see this happen????

    No where.

    AND.... with two new LIS coming out per month, we're looking at 20 (TWENTY)inspirational novels per month put out by Harlequin.


    I'm telling you, that number makes me grin.

    Opportunity. Chances. Beginnings. What a blessing!

  79. Walt, I love the Moral Premise. It makes perfect sense to me.

    I think it's one of the best written works for story development, but you know me...

    I don't read the others. I saw this one, it made sense, I bought, I learned.

    Most writing books... well... you know....

    I'm a practice girl.

    But Stan's work? LOVE IT.

  80. Ruth glad you like the idea of the blackberry Jam cake, we always picked blackberries in the summer and Mom fixed jams and jellies, later she would put BB Jam in the batter of a cake made from scratch. I dont have the recipe, a sister has it. I am not much of a baker-but sure do like to eat.
    thanks for commenting.
    Paula O

  81. Happy Birthday, Seekers! Congrats to Walt and Pepper...and all the week's winners! Tina does a fantastic job on WE.

    Jackie S.

  82. Paula, what does it taste like? Is it moist? Tender? Dense like carrot cake?

    I'm wondering how a plum cake would be.

    Doesn't that sound very British? "Plum Cake"....

    With cream cheese frosting, of course.

    Hey, can you ask your sister for me? Pretty please with sugar and spice and everything nice?

    OR... you could make it yourself and come on Yankee Belle and share pics and we'll laugh with you.

    Never AT you.


  83. Another awesome WE, Tina--thank you so much. And I am THRILLED to win a copy of The Emotion Thesaurus!! Had it on my Christmas Wish List--so I'm EXTRA excited now! (and boy, do I NEED this book). ~ CONGRATS to Walt and Pepper---wonderful news! Congrats to ALL the winners this week, and another THANK YOU to Tina and all the Seekers for all you do (and for making us feel so welcome). ~ If anybody gets "tired" of birthday cake (ha! probably not...) I'm setting out yet another Georgia Peach Cobbler and some warm fudge brownies...Enjoy! Hugs, Patti Jo

  84. Look at that Ashley Clark. She likes us so much she said it twice.

    Thank you, Ashley.

    Thank you, Ashley!!!

  85. Pol, I think you're going to have to ask your sister for the recipe. I smell a cake baking in your future.

  86. Congratulations to all of the winners!!!!!

    My favorite birthday cake: German chocolate with coconut pecan frosting!

  87. Request For A Ruling

    Is cheese cake a cake or is it a pie?

    I think it is a pie. I mean, just because you call it a cake does not make it a cake. Yorkshire Pudding is not a pudding – it’s just a popover.

    My wife’s three cookbooks list cheesecake as a desert (chickens all).

    Now, if cheesecake is a cake then I think it is the best cake, if and only if, it is New York cheesecake.

    BTW: Ruth are the Yanks going to play tonight or not?


  88. Pepper and Walt -- way to go!! Congratulations!

    And congrats to all the winners.

    I always enjoy the pix ... thank you for sharing. Everyone looks super.

    Must have birthday cake ... strawberry shortcake.

    And thanks in particular for the link to the tax solutions website. What a terrific resource.

    Hope everyone had a good weekend.

    Nancy C

  89. Hi Carol:

    It was you who left the page number in ALS. The Speakeasy scene is central. The hero compromises his principles to rescue the heroine and after that he has too much invested in her to ever let her go. That was the game changer. He was hooked and his goose was cooked at the same time! : )

    BTW: You are in the book six times! I’m in it at 2232 and while Julie writes long books, that is not, I repeat, not a page number. That’s a weird Kindle GPS number.

    Come to think of it don’t you think that copies of ALS would make great Christmas presents for all our relatives who get presents? I do. : )


    P.S. For the non cognoscenti, ALS is: “A Love Surrendered.”

  90. Hi Pepper:

    Genius! Pure Genius!

    You wrote:

    “The spice I add is more tangy than hot “

    “Tangy Christian Fiction”

    I love it! It’s like a new subgenre. ‘Tangy’ means fresh, memorable, enhanced, distinctive, alive, long lasting -- even out of the ordinary!

    Marketing people can have a field day with a term like this. And you own it! I’d sure run with it before someone else picks it up.

    Good work!


  91. Tina, those cupcakes and cakes look sinful!!! I wish I could have a piece.

    Wonderful articles, as usual. You always know what's going on.

  92. Congrats everyone. And Pepper and Walt congrats on your signing with agents.

    That carrot cake look yummy and I suppose the cupcakes look good too.

  93. Congratulations to all the winners this week!
    And a special congratulations to Hannah Jones for winning Highland Hearts!!! :)

    Yay, Walt and Pepper!!!! Congratulations!!!

  94. Congrats Walt and Pepper and all those who won during this amazing Birthday week.

    If I were eating cake, it would be red velvet, but my second choice is carrot and I believe that in both cases that it's the cream cheese icing that I really like about them! Guess I should just ask for icing, haha...

    Hugs to all here. See you tomorrow,

  95. Vince: First: How do you get BOLD type in a comment? I'm so jealous.

    Second: Cheesecake is a cake. It has no crust in many cases (Good NY cheesecake uses a dusting of graham cracker crumbs on a buttered springform pan) and pie has crust.

    BUT.... having said that, oh wise one... I've had cheese pie that's made with a cheesecake recipe, LOL! And I actually like cheesecake made in a glass pan (pie pan, right????) better because cheese picks up flavors easily and the metal taints it.

    So we're going to compromise and call it a "Pike".... Half Pie, Half Cake. Kind of like mercury carries properties of a liquid and solid at room temperature. It's all mathematical.



    And it's still dicey in Baltimore, and tell me how the teams with "home team advantage" are advantaged by the first TWO games being in the wild card park.


    (I get snarky when I'm tired, but at least I got a lot done today... except watch the game I was waiting for... Shoot, I'm whining. I'm totally unattractive when I whine.

    Not as much as MARY, but close.)


  96. Pinson. YOU SUPPOSE. You are so funny.

  97. SIX TIMES, Vince?! I can't search my copy b/c it's not a Moncado in the ARC. Guess I'll have to read the hard copy now ;). And we won't mention how many copies I have at home now... ;)

    Ruthy - to bold you put [b]at the beginning and [/b] at the end of what you want to bold except you use < and > instead of [ and ]. Stick an i in there and you get italics :D.

  98. Ruthy:

    Right before the words you want to appear in bold type
    Right at the ent of the words you want to appear bold type


  99. end

    And look what happened to the type between those two tags. :)

  100. I've made sauerkraut cake, tomato soup cake, and just about any other type of cake imaginable. Key word:

    Congratulations to all the winners of this week's prizes! woo hoo!!!

    How clever of Pepper and Walt to sign with agents at the same time so we could have that clever little graphic. "Walt and Pepper" That would be a great book tour as well, so get right on that will you?

    I really can't decide on cakes. Texas Sheet Cake? Haven't had Cheesecake in awhile and pumpkin cheesecake is sounding pretty darn good right now.

    Carrot Cake might be the magic choice for me today.

    Ruthy I had all intentions of getting to Zarpentine Farms yesterday because I was in the big ROC, but I didn't get out of costume duty until 5pm. Do you know how long it takes to make a Merida (red head heroine from Brave) wig by hand? Too long.

  101. Congrats to all the winners.My Fave birthday cake is Italian Rum Cake .We use to have it for everyone's birthday at my Granny's and it's still my fave although I make my own cakes now.I will have to learn how to make it!

  102. FYI, I had 5583 words at Panera today.

    [stupid blogger not taking [u] for underline]

  103. I have to say I love Black Forrest Cake. My friend bought me one for my birthday a couple of years ago and we shared half each as her birthday was a few days later.
    Haven't had a birthday cake since then.

  104. Vince,
    [b] You are brilliant [b]

    That's a fab idea :-)

    And I'm a BIG fan of Hershey Cake. Oh my goodness. I'm drooling just thinking about it.

    Thanks Debra for setting up the book tour for Walt and I. I definitely think we should go with that :-)

  105. Obviously bold did not work for me.
    Try again.... later

  106. Just so you know...
    I MEANT it in bold.

  107. Don't use [ and ]. Use < and >. But if you try to type with the <> then it won't work and will italicize rather than show you. Or Bold. Whichever.

  108. And I know you meant it in bold, darling.

    Love the Walt and Pepper world tour idea. Can I come along and be an assistant?

  109. yay, Nontechy CAN be taught.


  110. You gals stop toying with me...Italian Creme Cake or Black Forest Cake. Equally yum.

  111. Congratulations to Walt and Pepper!

    Next week's line-up looks great! I love me some German chocolate cake. Not even anything fancy. Just a plain Betty Crocker chocolate cake with coconut frosting. Cheap and delicious.

  112. Wow!

    Congrats to all the winners this week, and especially to Christina for winning the NOOK!

    That is SO cool!

  113. And congrats to Walt & Pepper for snagging those agents! Yay!!

    Cake: Homemade anything. Love chocolate, fresh strawberry cake, hummingbird cake, super-moist carrot cake. Yum!

    Speaking of cake.

    This is not good.

    I have none in the house.

    It's almost 10 PM. Should I bake one NOW???

  114. Oh, there's a cake bake-off????

    I'm SO THERE....

    JUDGING, that is!

  115. Personally my favorite birthday celebration cake is my family's homemade Ice Cream cake with chocolate cookie dough ice cream!

  116. WOW!

    HUGE Weekend addition! Love it :D

    CONGRATS to all the winners!

    CONGRATULATIONS PEPPER AND WALT!!!!!!! Yayayayayay so exciting! Celebrating up here in Vermont for ya :)

    Okay.....favorite you all know how hard this is for a girl that loves food? Lol! But I have to say....I seem to always, always, always choose marble cake. Usually with my mom's homemade chocolate frosting....guilty guilty pleasure but oh so yummy once a year! I also have this thing about....German Chocolate cake O_o chocolate and coconut? Uhhhh what could be better? LOL

    Can't wait for more! As always - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SEEKERVILLE!!!

  117. Thank you, Hannah, you sophisticated College Girl you!!!

  118. @Ruthy - The taste of the fondant is a bit sweet for me but the kids seem to love it and YES! the whole time I was making the fondant I was thinking it would also double as edible Play-Dough LOL.

  119. Is Ruthy bold enough to try this in public???

  120. Oh, I am happy now!!!!

    Thank you Carol and Helen! I tried this before because it says it underneath my box, but it never worked because it didn't have the backslash...

    Laughing boldly in upstate!!!

  121. My absolute all-time, favorite birthday cake is the one my mother always made for me, even after I married and moved into my own home: strawberry cake with strawberry icing. Yum-O!

    Congrats to all the winners!!

  122. Thanks for the coffee! :)

    Well, I'm not sure if this qualifies (since the topic is birthday cake) but my favorite birthday treat is pie. Not just any pie--BUTTERMILK PIE!

    My wonderfully talented baker friend makes me a buttermilk pie each year for my birthday. Strangely enough, I can't stand buttermilk. I think it stinks, and tastes like rotten milk. (Maybe because it is?) But buttermilk PIE is one of the tastiest things to ever touch my lips.

    A close second (seeing as I'm not a big cake eater) is the delicious cannoli at the Moonlight and Magnolias Awards dinner. Oh My! They were scrumptious!

    **searches for the Seekerville dessert table**

  123. Congrats to the lucky winners!
    Amy Campbell

  124. My birthday cake has to be chocolate fudge with milk chocolate icing!!!YUMMY!!!!