Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekend Edition Birthday Week 4

 Our party goes through October 31st!  We're collecting the comments all month long for the final drawing for our big birthday EXTRAVAGANZA present. Winner announced on Saturday November 3rd.

We Have Winners

 We're getting those mailings out as fast as we can. If you are a winner contact us at Remind us if it has been more than 8 weeks and your prize has not arrived. See our rules under the legal tab above. 

Did you check the Week Two and Week Three giveaway lists to see if your name was there??

This week's big winner of a 6" Kindle with Wifi is Donna Phillips.

Last Sunday's comment winner of a Seeker Book of choice is Kara.

 Variety isn't just the spice of life, it's the spice that will kick your manuscript up another notch. Sentences all start the same? Paragraphs? All your chapters begin with a character name, every single time?  Tyndale author Pam Hillman joined us on Monday for a discussion on mixing it up a little. Monday's giveaway is a critique of the first five pages of your manuscript to review your opening paragraphs. The winner is Kathy Eberly.

Just when you think you know everything you need to, you learn "Five New Things About the Publishing Business." Montlake Romance author Sandra Leesmith shared  FIVE new things she's learned during our fifth Seekerville year on Tuesday. Winners o fThe Price of Victory which includes a surprise Seeker book are: Becky Doughty, Elaine Clampitt, Elizabeth Alexandre, Walt Mussell and Pepper Basham

Wednesday Love Inspired author Glynna Kaye explores "Getting There From Here: 5 Ways to Kickstart That Opening Chapter."  The winner of a COMPLETE set of the Love Inspired 6-book "Texas Twins" series is LeAnne Bristow.

Thomas Nelson author Cara Lynn James share on Thursday with "The 5 Biggest Writing Blunders." The winners of away FIVE $5.00 Starbuck gift cards are Jamie Adams, Debbie Maxwell Allen, Melissa Jagears, Jackie L and Shelia H  and  5 one-page critique winners Jeanne T, Susan Codone,  Tea Norman, Jan Drexler, and Robin R.

Friday Christy-award-winning author Lisa Bergren kicked off the fabulous Fall Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt scheduled October 25-28 with a fun poll of her FIVE FAV COVERS from that hunt, which features 31 CBA authors. The winning cover per our poll is The Fairest Beauty! Winner of  Lisa's wonderful new release, Glamorous Illusions is Nancy C.

Saturday: Love Inspired Suspense author Debby Giusti will be blogging about "Five Years: Looking Back and Moving Forward."Debby is giving away three prizes of FIVE items each:(1) A journal in which to record your accomplishments -(2) A Seekerville pen-(3) A scriptural notepad to jot down inspirational thoughts-(4) One of Debby's books, winner’s choice (5) A BELIEVE button so you’ll never forget you’re a writer. The three winners are:Jill Weatherholt, travelingstacey, and Melinda.

Next Week In Seekerville

 Monday: Grab your slueth-scope and stop by for a visit with author and freelance editor Jason Black as he shares "The Sherlock Holmes Method of Writing." We've got reader and writer giveaways up for grabs in honor of Jason's visit!

Tuesday: Save the date. Today Super-Agent Natasha Kern will be back in Seekerville! And, we'll be giving away books books from many of Natasha's clients!

Wednesday:  Join Noelle Buss, Fiction Publicist from Bethany House, as well as the Bethany House Marketing Team as they share" Social Media: A List of To Do’s." We will give away every Bethany House October Release (plus a few extras) in FIVE book packs.

Thursday:  Want to increase the romance factor in your romance novel? Carol Award winning author Melanie Dickerson shares her secrets on how to heighten the romance and make your readers sigh with satisfaction.  Melanie will be giving away copies of her December release, The Fairest Beauty. Leave a comment and you might receive one of 3 IOUs.

Friday: It's time for the November Contest Update. The prize vault is open!


Seeker Sightings

Don't forget to check out the Friends of Seekerville (The Village People) Photo Album. Continue to send your photos of you and Seekers or you reading a Seeker release to We'll be picking a winner from all the photos sent for a special birthday prize on November 3rd.

  Nominate Seekerville for the Writer's Digest 101 Best Website for Writers in the genre fiction category. 

Merry Christmas From Seekerville!!

Available now on Amazon!

Two Inspirational Christmas Stories ...

The Outlaw's Gift by Linda Goodnight
1880s Oklahoma Territory
When drifter Seth Blackstone shows up at Raven Patterson’s homestead, Raven thinks this may be the solution to all her problems. But Seth’s mysterious past is about to catch up with him and could mean disaster for them both.

The Christmas Candle by Mary Connealy
Arkansas Ozarks 1883
Gabe Wagner, has left his hectic city life and moved onto Rose Palmer’s mountain. His plans to build a house will tear the heart out of her Ozark Mountain home. Rose learns that what she calls peace and quiet has evolved into isolation and loneliness. As Christmas approaches and she searches for the perfect way to honor the Savior’s birth, she realizes she wants to let Gabe into her life. But to do it, she may have to face a larger world that frightens her while she gives up the safe life she has always known.

 This just in: Simply Saturday Guest Blogger Mary Connealy's Easy Shrimp Chowder at the Yankee-Belle Cafe

Ruth Logan Herne brings you a lovely new release, just in time for Christmas! His Mistletoe Family.

Available for pre-order on Amazon and your favorite cyber bookstore!

Julie Lessman's An Irish Christmas Love Story- A Light in the Window. Win a Kindle or have a character named after you in her next book.  Three contests..

 Kindle Fire Contest!!

Review Contest!!

A Light in the Window Facebook Giveaways!!

Details here.

Congratulations to Pam Hillman. Stealing Jake (Tyndale) is a finalist in the EPIC eBook Awards in the Historical Romance category.

Debby Giusti will be at the Southern Magic Readers' Luncheon, in Birmingham, Alabama, on Saturday, November 3rd. A book signing will follow the event. Tickets are available here.

October 25 - 28, 2012 Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt!! Books and prizes and fun from each of 31 CBA authors including Lisa Bergren, Liz Curtis Higgs, Kristen Heitzmann, Robin Lee Hatcher, Tamara Alexander and our own Julie Lessman, to name only a few (entire list can be found at Julie's Journal Jots). 

Prizes include the chance to win a Kindle Fire and 31 New Releases from said authors plus prizes from each. The hunt features exclusive material from each author about their new release, not found anywhere else.

HINT: Julie's giveaway will be choice of Julie's books, a $50 gift card and having a character named after you in Julie's next book! For more information, and the starting point, begin the hunt at The hunt can be completed anytime that weekend. Remember: It all started at Lisa Bergren’s blog on October 25.

Check out this Love Inspired featured holiday edition of RT Book Reviews Magazine.

Pages 8-13 and the cover feature Seekers Glynna Kaye, Missy Tippens, Debby Giusti, Janet Dean, Ruth Logan Herne and Tina Radcliffe.

Random News & Information

 Over at the #1K1HR Facebook page, theyr'e gearing up for National Novel Writing Month! Be sure to join the page for races, challenges and - just maybe - prizes! You can add your name to the NaNoWriMo username list. Watching your buddies' bars fill up with words is [almost!] as exciting as watching your own word count increase! Join other SeekerVillagers and writers galore for "Thirty Days and Nights of Literary Abandon".

Brenda Hiatt's SHOW ME THE MONEY Updated!

  Some Hard Numbers (Janet Reid, Literary Agent)

The party ends on October 31st and we'll announce the last of our winners next Saturday as we resume our normal Monday through Saturday blogging with Sunday's off.! Comment today for a chance to win our very last Weekend Edition prize: our Seeker Christmas Collection.

Ruth Logan Herne's His Mistletoe Christmas (available mid November), Mary Connealy's The Christmas Candle (part of Candlelight Chrismas e book novella with Linda Goodnight) and Julie Lessman's A Light in the Window (An Irish Christmas Love Story) 

That's it! Thank you for making this such a phenomenal and fun birthday month


  1. Yeah for Natasha and Bethany house visits. Yeah for Nanowrimo--I'm only writing 20k, but I like the meter, so I'll be there, and maybe I'll count words revised, that gets me to 40k......anywho...

  2. Congratulations to all you winners, enjoy the awesomeness. :-)

    Happy 5th Birthday again Seekerville!

  3. Congratulations to the winners! What a week it was, and what a week to come. So looking forward to it. :)

    Tina, thanks for the WE. I read a couple of those articles this week, and I hope to peruse more tomorrow. :)

    Yawn. Heading to bed now. Thank you ladies, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEEKERVILLE! What a blessing you are.

  4. Congratulations to all the winners! This has been a great birthday party. Happy Birthday Seekerville!

  5. Mia - I didn't see your comments until a few minutes ago... Thank you, my friend. Much needed at the moment.

    And YES! Join us for NaNo on #1K1HR - or even just buddy up on the NaNo site. I <3 seeing people's bars fill up.

    True story.

    The first year I did it [2007] my son was 4mos old. He spent 12 days in the hospital [two stays separated by 3 days while they ordered the equipment for surgery], surgery the day before Thanksgiving, hubs with kidney stones requiring ER and serious drugs 5 days after that, etc.

    It was a thing I knew would be a throw away thing but had a very supportive group of friends. I found out later they were all refreshing their pages to see if my bar turned purple before midnight.

    They had a little party on the message boards where we hung out when I did.

    I absolutely love the support from writer friends - and I love watching others' bars fill up during the month.

    The next year - a friend and I didn't realize we were battling each other. "Okay, if I can just keep as many words as Carol today, I'll be good" and I was doing the same thing ;). We didn't know it until about the 18th or so.

    Anyway - join us on #1K1HR or NaNo. And even if you don't officially do NaNo we'll have some fun over on the Facebook page :).

    Er, right. Seekerville. CONGRATS to all the winners!!! And yet ANOTHER fabulous!!!! week coming up!!!

    And now - I probably need to go to bed. And get my pics of me reading Seeker books to Tina...

  6. Thank you, Seekerville, for 5 years of great tips and times. Happy Birthday!!!

    Coffee bar is set.

    It's easy to get caught up in following all these links. :)

    Congratulations to all winners.


  7. Congratulations, everyone. Looks like another awesome week ahead. Great WE Miss T

    Tina P

  8. I have been loving this birthday month thing!

    Love all the WE links...

    I'm bringing homemade lemon cupcakes with marshmellow frosting. It was super hard to make, but I didn't have any powdered sugar and thought it would be a worth a try....


  9. You will all need a month off to recuperate from this party and have time to ship so many prizes! Congratulations to all!

    I'll remind you all to vote for Seekerville today if you haven't done it already. Do it today before your power goes out!

    Did you see the size of that slow moving monster? Ugh!

    Charge your phones and computers and kindles -- and figure out what you're gong to eat that doesn't need warming up.

  10. Happy Birthday, Seekerville! And congrats to all the winners.

    I checked out Brenda Hiatt's updated Show Me the Money. Did anyone see the figures for Entangled Publishing (recently added)? WHAT? They need to add an inspirational line :)

    I've never done Nanowrimo, but I'm considering this year. Especially after Carol's comment above. Wow, you had a busy month that year. I hope your son is okay now. How many words would you have to write in order to write a whole book in a month? 2,000?! Wow.

  11. I'm with Virginia ... the WE links are especially good this week, Teenster ... where DO you find the time, young lady???!!!

    GREAT WE, as always!!


  12. Happy Weekend. So three more days to our grand finale then you folks go straight into NaNo from party mode.

    WHOOOAAAA!! Good for you!!!

  13. What a fun birthday bash!

    I would love to win the laptop. My husband and I have both just started college classes and with one desktop it is interesting. We have 4 kids and you know how with kids it is hard to find extra money for the extras.

  14. I've never done NaNoWriMo either, but it sounds tempting.

    So does MARY CONNEALY's Shrimp Chowder.

    And I love the comment on the Yankee Belle recipe page, quoting the rotund professor trying to reach perfection in this life. I think I'll use that line myself. :)

    Blessings to all, and prayers for safety for those in Sandy's path. Seems to be headed straight for us. :(

  15. Congratulations to all the winners! Great prizes. :)

    This has been a fun Birthday celebration so far, and there's yet another week of it! :)

    Happy Sunday y'all!

  16. Congratulations to all the winners!

    I'm going back and reading those links now.

  17. Congrats to all winners! Happy Birthday (again) Seekerville.
    Been a great month!
    Jackie S.

  18. Congrats to all the winners today and Happy weekend to all of Seekerville, I looked at the village people pics and so nice to see all the smiling faces and put faces to names I know of authors. looking forward to another week coming up - Birthday month is almost over and what a great one it has been thanks to all the contributors.....
    Paula O(

  19. Congrats to the winners!
    And *gasp* Can it be Nanowrimo time again?

    I have another manuscript due in April so I guess that is a good excuse, right?!

    Pawsome WE, Tina. HAPPY HAPPY to Seekerville!

    Love all the amazing covers here, and the other things seen around the web. You are wonderful!

    Have a good one. I'm traveling today after church. Byeeeeeee!

  20. I can't believe I won a Kindle!! Wow!! I had to go back and check a second time to believe it. Congrats to all the other winners!

    Congratulations Pam for the EPIC eBook Awards nomination!

    I hope everyone is bunkered down and ready for Sandy. Praying for everyone in its path.

    I'm glad everyone is psyched for NaNo!

  21. Congrats to everybody who's winning, and Happy Birthday again Seekerville. It's been a great month!

    Hey, Melissa, that's a good idea for how to work with Nano. I've been feeling left out that I wasn't participating. Whoever picked November must not have family visiting for Thanksgiving. OR they're way better organized than me.

    Hope you all have a great day!

    Jackie L.

  22. Congratulations to all the winners!

    Great WE, Tina.

    It's been and AWESOME birthday month all around.

    I was going to take a picture of me sitting on the beach reading a Seeker book but I forgot my books in Kansas. :(

  23. Congratulations to all of the winners! Thank you, Debby for all of the wonderful prizes! :) I can't wait for the start of NaNo! If you've never done it, why not make this the year you write 50k words in 30 days?

  24. Congrats to all the winners this week and wow, what a great birthday celebration. The line-p next week looks amazing. Thanks Tina for the wrap up.

    Today is my 34th wedding anniversary! And guess what dh got me. A new Pommy puppy! She will never be Trinket, but she will help heal the hurt that someone would poison my special little Pom. We get the new cream colored girl next week. Whoohoo...We will be a pack of four again. Forgive me for rambling on in my excitment.

    Hugs to all and blessed Sunday - prayers to those in Sandy's path!

  25. CONGRATS to all the winners!!! And again...HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEEKERVILLE!!! One of the BEST places to be! ~ Looks like another great week coming up with some great posts. ~ Tina, thank you again for ALWAYS doing a great WE!! Hugs, Patti Jo
    p.s. Since it's a blustery day here in Georgia, I've got a big pot of chili on the stove--help yourself. And for dessert...warm peach pie with whipped cream--Enjoy!

  26. p.s. Lyndee: Happy Anniversary, AND Congrats on the new puppy--so sweet!! ~ Blessings, Patti Jo :)

  27. Lyndee, happy anniversary and congrats on the puppy!!!

  28. this is a great contest!!!!! so fun....just read the new Julie Lessman....did a review on Amazon....loved it..

  29. this is a great contest!!!!! so fun....just read the new Julie Lessman....did a review on Amazon....loved it..

  30. Wow. What a ton of winners. I LOVE birthdays.

    Congrats to all of you.

    Tina-great links.

    Prayers for those in path of Sandy. I informed the Lord that if it was going to be named after me it had better be nice.

    Thanks Seeker friends for making our celebration so much fun. Love you all.

  31. Okay Julie, sent messages with pics as my Iphone and computer aren't working well together.... to Seekersville....ya'll have some great pics!!!!!! too fun. love ya

  32. Oh my, the cerebration is almost over. It has been a lot of fun. If there are any misspelled words please forgive me. I believe I broke my finger last night trying to kill a creepy crawly. I won the battle but my finger was a casualty.

    I would love to win the Seeker's Christmas collection. I love the Seeker authors and Christmas!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  33. Melissa, I agree! Any word count is better than no word count and 20K in a month is 240K in a year.

    That's 3 long books.

    VERY SWEET. ;)

    What a great week of winning, laughing and birthday bash fun! Yowza, I'm totally over-the-top psyched! I have my goals set for November and December.... and looking forward to what can be accomplished over a long Northeast winter. There's something real sweet about being snowed in WITH INTERNET!

    So, Hurricane Sandy/Frankenstorm.

    What kind of fear is struck into my heart with a name like: FRANKENSTORM!!!! Oh my stars, what a combination of factors, coming together, I feel like I'm in the middle of a Weather Channel "It Could Happen Tomorrow" episode.

    Because it could!

    Praying for safety and wise choices.

  34. DONNA! Isn't that exciting???? SUHWEET!


    So stinkin' excited for you!

    I think I'm falling in love with my hero. He's stinkin' adorable. And a cop. And rugged. And not afraid to get dirty but CLEANS UP WELL.

    If you get my drift. :)

    I love writing romance.

  35. This month has been so awesome I'm going to miss all the celebrations and excitement! It's been a huge learning experience for me and one I won't ever forget.

    Thank you for all the hard work this month. I know you have put tons of time into the posting and commenting. You've been a blessing:)

    I also wanted to thank you for the prize I won during week 2. I really appreciate it! How do I claim the gift?
    Thanks, again. It's been a fun journey, even though I still have my traveling shoes on for the publication world!
    Talynn, Ink in the Book

  36. This week sounds AWESOME - and fabulous WE for sure. Can't believe the month is nearly over. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SEEKERVILLE!

  37. Congrats to all the winners!

    Love the new Christmas books. Yay, Mary and Ruthy! The stories look wonderful.

    Praying for all those in the path of the storm. Stay safe!

  38. It's been such a fun month of celebration! Happy Birthday Seekerville! :)


  39. Hey! I'm excited my book cover won the contest! :-) Sweet. I have to thank Zondervan and Mike Heath of Magnus Creative, the freelance designer who does my covers. Thank you, Mike! And thank you, Zondervan!

  40. Here's how clueless I am. I voted for your cover but I had no idea it was your cover.Your name needs to be bigger. But GORGEOUS DESIGN!!!

  41. We're getting those mailings out as fast as we can. If you are a winner contact us at Remind us if it has been more than 8 weeks and your prize has not arrived. See our rules under the legal tab above.

  42. Congratulations to all the winners!!!

    Looks like another great week!

  43. Lyndee, Happy Anniversary! I'm so excited about your new puppy. : )

    Tina, I voted for Melanie's cover without realizing it was her's, too. I'm glad you won, Melanie!

  44. Congrats winners! I'm so excited to win a prize from Debby! What a blessing. Hope all of you had a great weekend~Stacey

  45. Oh my goodness, thank you for the copy of Glamorous Illusions, Lisa! I am thrilled :-)

    Congratulations Pam on the final!

    And congrats to all the winners. What wonderful gifts.

    That's a great lineup of guests for this week, too.

    Did anyone else read the five tips for writing historical fiction? One of the suggestions was to buy books with art from the period. Good tip. But then they said to cut them up. I could never take scissors to a book and wondered if it's just me :-)

    Thanks for another enjoyable WE, Tina!

    Nancy C

  46. Happy 5th Birthday


  47. This has been such a fun month! As always, you hosted some wonderful guests who taught us a lot,loads of fun and fellowship and delicious coffee and desserts. Thanks for a great month - and here's to another fabulous 5 years!