Friday, November 23, 2012

December Contest Update

Welcome to the final Contest Update of 2012!

Today we're giving away a Ruth Logan Herne's His Mistletoe Christmas 
to one reader and one writer. 

Just comment and if you're a writer let us know how
 Seekerville kick-started your 2012 contesting!

Published Author Contests

The 2012 National Readers Choice Awards is open. Deadline December 10, 2012. 

Write Touch Readers’ Award Contest. Deadline January 11, 2013.

Golden Quill. Deadline January 12, 2013.

 The Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence. Deadline January 15, 2013.

Beanpot Contest for Published Authors. Deadline January 30, 2013.


2013 Award of Excellence. Opens November 1. Deadline January 31, 2013.

Unpubbed Author Contests

 2013 RWA Golden Heart Awards. Please note the deadlines for the Golden Heart have changed. November 15, 2012, the 2013 Golden Heart Contest opens to entries. This contest requires a full manuscript. There is no feedback.

Entries must be submitted to RWA's contest site no later than 5 p.m. CT, January 2, 2013. Entrants who fail to meet this deadline will be disqualified, and the entry fee will be forfeited.

The Golden Heart contest is limited to 1,200 paid entries.

Once again Seekerville will be reimbursing one person their Golden Heart Entry fee.This opportunity is open from November 15 through to the Golden Heart deadline of January 2, 2013. Send proof of entry to the Seekerville email address. Winner will be announced on January 7, 2013.

The 2013 Great Expections Contest is open! Save money by entering before December 7, and pay the early bird fee. Deadline December 28. All electronic. Submit the first 25 pages and a micro synopsis of not more than 300 words. This contest is open to all authors who have never been published in book-length romantic fiction as well as authors who have not been contracted or published in the entered category during the last three years (during 2010, 2011, or 2012).
Contemporary Series – Shana Smith, Harlequin
Erotic Romance – Kelli Collins, Ellora's Cave
Historical – Mallory Braus, Carina Press
Inspirational Contemporary – Becky Monds, Thomas Nelson
Mainstream with Romantic Elements – Emilia Pisani, Simon and Schuster
Romantic Suspense – Libby Murphy, Entangled
Single Title – Sue Grimshaw, Random House
Specialized (Futuristic/Fantasy/Time Travel/Paranormal) – Deborah Nemeth, Carina Press
Young Adult – Erin Black, Scholastic 
The Marlene Awards. Deadline January 15. All Electronic. 35 pages maximum (story opening and synopsis). 

Series Contemporary - Johanna Raisanen, Harlequin
Single Title - Esi Sogah, Avon
Historical - Leah Hultenschmidt, Sourcebooks
Paranormal - Latoya Smith, Grand Central
Romantic Elements - TBA
Young Adult - Reka Simonsen, Harcourt Children’s Books.
The Winter Rose Contest For Unpublished Authors. Contest opens December 1 and ends January 18th.   Enter the opening twenty-five (25) pages of romance novels of all above sub-genres (projected length of at least 50,000 words).
Contemporary Series: Brenda Chin, Harlequin
Contemporary Single Title: Emilia Pisani, Pocket
Historical (includes Regency):Amanda Bergeron, Avon
Paranormal: Angela Polidoro, Bantam Dell
Romantic Suspense: Julia Fincher, Pocket
Young Adult: Holly Blanck, St. Martin’s Press 
 Inspirational: Shana Smith, Harlequin Love Inspired
The Write Stuff. Deadline January 21. First 30 pages (maximum)-No synopsis-Finalist will be given 1 week to make edits before submission is sent to final judges.
Contemporary/Single Title: Abby Rose, Senior Editor, Champagne Book Group
Contemporary/Category: Scott Eagan, Greyhaus Literary Agency
Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy: Kim Jacobs, Editor, Turquoise Morning Press
Historical: Emma Sweeny, Emma Sweeney Agency
YA: Kimberly Blythe, Senior Editor, Omnific Publishing
Women’s Fiction: Regina Brooks, Serendipity Literary Agency
Romantic Suspense: Elizabeth Pomada, Larsen Pomada Literary Agency


Linda Howard Award of Excellence. Deadline February 22. Here's a trip down memory lane. Check out the 2009 Inspy Category.  Submit the first 25 pages. All electronic. The finalist judges are not listed yet. We'll post them as soon as they become available.

Other Writing Opportunities

The Ladies Home Journal Personal Essay Contest. Deadline December 7.Write an essay (first-person, non-fiction narrative) on your interpretation of the topic:
 "The Day That Changed My Life." The essay should be a maximum of 2,000 words. Electronic or snail mail.

The 2013 Minotaur Books/Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel Competition. Deadline December 17. Electronic entry of complete novel. If a winner is selected, Minotaur Books will offer to enter into its standard form author's agreement with the entrant for publication of the winning Manuscript. After execution of the standard form author's agreement by both parties, the winner will receive an advance against future royalties of $10,000. On the condition that the selected winner accepts and executes the publishing contract proposed by Minotaur Books, the winner will then be recognized at the Edgar Awards Banquet in New York City in April 2013.

Creation House 2013 Fiction Writing Contest. Deadline December 20th.  Only novels based on a Christian worldview are eligible for this contest. Entries must be completed manuscripts. Creation House is a hybrid between self publishing and traditional publishing. The winner of the Creation House Fiction Writing Contest will be awarded a contract by Creation House to publish the winning novel in 2013 as a trade paperback and also as an e-book for worldwide distribution. The contract will include competitive royalties for the Author, Creation House’s premium marketing plan, and also 100 complimentary copies of the published work for the Author.

The 2013 San Francisco Writing Contest. Deadline January 7, 2013. Check out the variety of genre categories.The official writing contest sponsored by the San Francisco Writers Conference is now open to writers worldwide in the categories of fiction, nonfiction/memoir, poetry, and children’s/YA books. All writers are invited to enter up to the first 2,500 words of an unpublished manuscript, short story, essay, or poem in the appropriate category.

The grand prize is $500 and a consultation with a literary agent who represents works in the winner’s genre. First place winners in each of the other categories will be awarded $100 prizes. The winners will be announced at the 2013 San Francisco Writers Conference on February 15th

Seekerville would like to give a shoutout to Jeanne T. 
who stepped out into the contest world this year 
for the very first time. She entered and finaled
 in the Phoenix Rattler and Launching a Star.

Share your contest story by sending an email to and
you might be our next Seekerville Contest Diva or Divo!


  1. A lot of great contests coming up. Get those entries ready!

    Congratulations, Jeanne T.

  2. I will be entering something, but I don't know what yet. I'm studying Great Expectations. though the fact that the inspirational category is
    "inspirataional contemporary" is surprising. (I checked the web site and it says historical is welcome.)

    Also, as a publisher that recently rejected me told me that my book is not a romance but a novel with strong romantic elements, I'm wondering if I shouldn't enter that category instead.

  3. Woohoo roomie Jeanne Takenaka for the winS!

    I think you should try the romantic elements route, Walt!

  4. Walt, if you heard it from the horses mouth then go for it.

  5. How lovely that Christina and Melissa are no longer eligible for the unpubbed contests.

  6. These contests look good. I'm going to have to ponder which to enter.

    Congratulations Christine and Melissa for no longer being eligible for some contests! :) Happy contesting everyone!

  7. Jeanne!!!! So stinkin' proud of you! What a wonderful accomplishment, to enter and final from the get-go!



    And yet I was so sure the world would see, NAY.... EMBRACE my brilliance, LOL!

    The world was smarter than I was! Congrats to you, lovely December Diva!

    Teeeeena, what a great contest update. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  8. Walt, that's often the question...

    Which category best suits the work???

    So you either crap-shoot your pick....

    Or you examine those first 35 or 50 pages and see if there's enough romance to woo the judges. If not, your decision's made, right?

    If so, then you can toss a coin.

    OR... if you decide you want it to be a romance, you re-write the opening and kick-start the romance elements earlier.

    Best of luck on it! You can do this, Walt... You got a bunch of us who believe in you! Get movin', bro!

  9. Tina, yes, isn't that awesome???? No more Christina Rich or Melissa Jagears cloggin' the win columns in unpubbed contests!


    That is simply delightful, ladies!

    Hey, I brought pie... and stuffing.

    We're actually celebrating today. We did a small Thanksgiving for 8 of us yesterday... and gave the married local kids time to spend with their other families....

    And today we're celebrating all together. We steal Beth's house... a split level with room to stuff the noisy kids downstairs....

    I cook turkey, stuffing, potatoes and cranberry orange relish.

    Everybody brings a couple of dishes/desserts.

    And we Thank God. We decided it's a little crazy-crazy to try to fit so many schedules on one day, so we shifted ours. The other plus? I worked until 6 PM on Wednesday, so this gained me a day to make food...

    And made the time stress disappear. SWEET.

  10. I would love to read Ruthys book.
    Im in the city at the cricket (well not right now) but day and its hot (it was around 34 which is around 97f and lets say iN THE SUN ITS HOT) which makes me sleepy and brain dead.

  11. I'd like to hear more about Great Expectations.

    I have a historical romance to enter...somewhere.

    Congrats Jeanne T! You dived in and did well!

    I go by final round judges nowadays. How's that for thinking positively?

    Happy Weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Private Marvin. How's it going this month?

  13. first congrats to Jeanne Takenaka, you made a big splash girl....
    I see lot of contest ahead for the writers and from what I see these gals and guys are up to the challange...
    Ruthy would love to win and read your Christmas book-looks good.
    thanks for sharing.

    another week almost gone and the month will soon follow, get ready December roars in like a lion and finishes up the year.........OMG where did it go --too fast for me.
    I was reluctant to say 2000 and now 2013 is upon us....

    Paula O(

  14. I would love to win a copy of His Mistletoe Christmas. Christmas is my favorite Holiday.


  15. Good morning, everyone. Tina, I should have said last night thank you for the shout out. ;) I so enjoy the people here at Seekerville.

    I just want to clarify one detail. I did enter two contests earier in the year, which I did not final in. These finals came as a huge surprise. Just ask Tina as I shouted excitement and thanks to her for the contest challenge in September. :)

    Thanks for the congratulations!

  16. Go contests Go

    How fun. THanks Tina for the terrific update.

    Jeanne, Go girl. Congrats on finaling TWICE woo hoo

    Walt, you can always enter both. I'd go for the recommendation if you can only enter one.

    Happy leftover day. Love it. No cooking today.

  17. Congratulations, Jeanne T!

    I not entering any more contests this year, although some of the ones posted look very intriguing.

  18. The downside of eating out this year(pots and pans packed) is no leftovers!! :(

  19. Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!

    I've been away from writing for a while, and am trying to make a comeback-- not that an unpubbed writer can have a "comeback"...
    Anyway, I entered Great Expectations in 2011 and was a sad, slimy one point away from finaling in my category. If I wasn't just starting to stretch the muscles of the muse again, I would love to re-enter GE with the same, revised opening.

    I think I'm done with contests until the story is finished, though. Doesn't seem like much point until the novel finally has a "The End".


  20. Good day Seekerville!

    Another great update Tina, thanks for all of the information.

    Congrats to you, Jeanne! The contesting thing is so hard; what a coup for you to get that recognition. Good luck with further results!

    And Ruthy, for those of us who do not contest well :(, please know that you are a beacon of hope. It may be that contesting is not for everyone, even though the feedback is so very valuable. You represent the hope that there is more than one way!


  21. Congrats, Jeanne T!

    Great contests! Thanks for the list. Good luck to all who enter.

    I have Ruthie's new book already. Hoping to read it over the Christmas holiday. Yay!

  22. i am looking forward to seeing new authors as a result of the contests coming up! Congratulations to Jeanne! Thanks, Tina.

  23. I need to go through my files and enter at least one of these contests. :)

    His Mistletoe Christmas sounds great! Crossing my fingers. ;)

    Hope all y'all had a nice Thanksgiving.

  24. Whitney!!!!!!!!Welcome back.We missed you.

  25. I have been going store to store looking for Ruthys book
    With no lick.

  26. Whoo hoo, more contests! I have contest fever these days. Thanks for the awesome update. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  27. Way to go, Jeanne T ! Congratulations for 'contesting.' And those finals are such a boost, are't they?

    Thanks for the contest update, Tina ... I'm considering ... :-)

    And a belated wish for a Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

    Nancy C

  28. Piper, I love you! And yes, you're so right. It took a long time for those contest finals to come in, and my learning curve was the better for it.

    So was my "hide", LOL! You toughen up when people let you know what's wrong with your work... and what they like about it.

    I learned so much from contests. I truly considered that my college education class money. My investment in my future. And yes, it has paid off beautifully!

  29. Okay that should have said,no luck. Not lick. I hate typing on my phone. Fat finger syndrome is real folks.

  30. Hi Tina:

    This is a great Contest Post! Those deadlines are very doable. Now to pick and choose.


  31. I'm a reader. I absolutely love all the Christmas stories that come out. Favorites with me.


  32. I'm cruising in on my last two chapters of "Falling For the Trooper".... Next September's release.

    Oh my stars, I'm having so much fun with these two.... And the goat... and the farm.... and a pair of roosters that love to crow!


    I might just dedicate this story to Blackie the Rooster....

    And well-deserved, too!

  33. I am a reader who would love to win Ruth's book!!Happy Holidays to all!

  34. Sounds like a fun book... can never get enough of Christmas! I'm a writer, but not a novelist. The Ladies Home Journal contest sounds like something I might try! Thanks!

  35. Pam, go for it! How much fun would it be????

    Vince, how do you decorate for Christmas in Tulsa????

    How do folks down south decorate? Do youse use greenery and snow for winter villages?

    This always fascinates me.

  36. After spending the month NaNo'ing, I might have to take a bit of a break in December. Although, I might need to check out the contests with January deadlines. :) Thanks ~ these lists are awesome!