Saturday, November 10, 2012

Weekend Edition

Happy Forget-Me-Not Day!

Forget-Me-Not Day is a day to remember
 family, friends, and loved ones. 

So take a moment to drop an email, postcard or letter
 to someone you haven't chatted with in a while.

In honor of Forget-Me-Not Day, 
Seekerville will send a Seeker book package 
to one special person you're missing.
Who's that person in your life?
Winner announced in the next Weekend Edition.

We Have Winners

***Attention wonderful Birthday Month Winners. Please be sure you sent us your address if you were a winner.  Check Week OneWeek Two , Week Three , Week Four and Week Five giveaway lists to see if your name is there.****

Barbour and Bethany House author Mary Connealy brought us "Why We Love Being Seekerville" and she turned the day over to Melissa Jagears to celebrate her FIRST SALE.  The winner of Mary Connealy' Christmas romance novella Candlelight Christmas (with author Linda Goodnight) is Emily Reynolds.

Tuesday Seekerville celebrated Christina Rich's FIRST SALE with her post "Really, I Sold!" The handmade scarf winner is Melissa.

We welcome award-winning author Elizabeth Ludwig on Wednesday with "Six Things I Learned About Writing from my Dachshund." The winner of her new release from Bethany House, No Safe Harbor is Stephanie Queen Ludwig.

How much fact should you weave into your fiction? Thursday  Abingdon Press author Jennifer AlLee,  shared how she does it with "Fact in Fiction". Jenner is giving away three copies of her latest novel, A Wild Goose Chase Christmas. Winners are Marianne, K.C Frantzen, and Jeri Hoag. 

Margaret Daley (Love Inspired, Summerside Press, and Abingdon Press) visited Seekerville Friday to talk about "How to Produce and Not Go Down in Flames." The winner of  Christmas Stalking is Elaine Clampitt the winner of and of Shattered Silence is Terri from OKC.

Thanks to all our very generous guests!

Speaking of winners!!

 In spite of a mega storm hitting New York City which closed the Love Inspired offices, Assistant Editor Elizabeth Mazer judged the Seekerville First Page Contest and submitted the winning name to us just a few days ago.

Drum roll please...

The winner of the Seekerville First Page Contest is Lyndee Henderson!

Congratulations, Lyndee! Please submit your proposal--three chapters and a synopsis of your winning manuscript--to Elizabeth for her review. 

The remaining finalists are invited to submit the first, five pages of the manuscripts they entered in the contest to Seekerville for critique.

Thank you to all who entered the contest. A special and heartfelt thank you to Assistant Editor Elizabeth Mazer who, last we heard, was working without heat in the LI office building.


Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: Revell and Guideposts author and 2012 Carol Award winner Dan Walsh returns with "And They Lived..." Stop by to chat about satisfying story endings. One commenter will receive a copy of Dan's latest release The Reunion.

 Tuesday: Prepare to be shocked today, when Heartsong and Abingdon Press author Myra Johnson brings us "Confessions of a Crazed Writer." You will see a side of Myra you probably never knew existed! But have no fear--Myra will also share her best advice for avoiding the "crazy writer" trap and keeping your sanity through one of the most frustrating aspects of this business. Confess your own writerly crimes (or just promise not to laugh at the rest of us) and you could win a copy of Seven Spiritual Gifts of Waiting, by Holly W. Whitcomb.

Wednesday:Join our very own Seekerville friend and Desert Breeze author Tina Pinson for "Marketing101", a fascinating and personal look at marketing yays and nays as well as those she gleaned from authors Dan Walsh, Jeff Gerke, Jennifer Hudson Taylor, Tricia Goyer, Nikki Arana and Julie Lessman during a week of Marketing 101 on her blog,Write Where I Want to Be. Giveaways included.

Thursday:Welcome to White Rose Publishing author Dora Hiers, who enlightens us about "Romancing the Library." With personal experience promoting her novels through library-sponsored speaking programs and book events, Dora has many insights to offer. She'll also provide solid practical suggestions for authors interested in developing connections with libraries in their area. Join the discussion for a chance to win a print copy of Dora's latest release, Journey's Edge.

Friday: Award-winning author Love Inspired author Kathryn Springer joins us to talk about "Making Your Characters Come Alive"  Kathryn will be giving away a copy of "The Soldier's Newfound Family," Book #5 in the Love Inspired "Texas Twins" continuity series to one lucky commenter!  (Seeker Glynna Kaye's Book #4 "Look-Alike Lawman" debuted in October.)

Seeker Sightings

Congratulations to Missy Tippens! A House Full of Hope was nominated for a RT Magazine Reviewers Choice Award in the series romance--Love Inspired category. Check out the entire list of nominees which includes many Seeker friends!

 Looking for a way to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy? Take part in Write Now Relief. Come bid for a 50-page critique by one of more than a dozen Christian fiction authors, including our very own Missy Tippens! Bidding takes place Friday November 8th until midnight (EST) Friday Nov. 15th on the author blogs. Proceeds from the winning bid will go directly to Samaritan's Purse. Check out the event on Facebook. And be sure to stop by Missy's blog to get details and to bid!


Stop by the Mary Connealy shout-out on Stan Williams' The Moral Premise Blog.

WHOO-HOO ... Julie Lessman's Christmas e-book A Light in the Window: An Irish Christmas Love Story just released November 9th. Enter Julie's RELEASE WEEKEND CONTEST by leaving a comment on Ruth Axtell's and Julie's blog in USA TODAY'S Happy Ever After Blog entitled: Inspirational Fiction: From Sweet to (Gasp!) Swoon. Contest details and links on Julie's Journal Jots website. Prizes include another Kindle (over and above Julie's Kindle Fire Contest) or equivalent gift card, a copy of any of Julie's book and a writer's critique OR five top CBA books!!!  Contest runs Friday, ll/9 through Sunday, 11/11 only. Hope to see you there!! 


Random News & Information

 ACFW First Impressions Contest closes November 15th. 

 Submit Your NaNoWriMo Novel to Avon Impulse (GalleyCat)

 Why You Should Write By Hand (GalleyCat)

A Tasty Exploration of Food in the Regency Period (Harlequin Blog)

 Crown Launching New Religion Imprint (PW)

 Some Fiction Consolidation at Nelson and Zondervan (PW)

 Surviving Sandy: Stories from the Publishing World (PW)

Authors cannot review authors on Amazon (Salon)

Juggling Agent Interest (Steve Laube Blog)

Look what we've got. Clari Dee's books arrived!!

 That's it! Have a great weekend! 

 Expecting snow in Colorado so I'm going to make Mary Curry's Pumpkin Soup, featured at the Yankee-Belle Cafe.


  1. What a great week, and another great one to come.

    Congratulations to all the winners.

    Super congrats to Lyndee!

    Melissa, email me about the scarf.


    And congrats to all the other winners!!!!


  3. A WE worthy of double portions of coffee. It's set to brew.

    Congratulations, winners!!


  4. Congrats Lyndee!

    And I didn't even bother to click on the "why you should write by hand" link--they've evidently not seen my handwriting.

  5. Lyndee!!!!!!!!

    That is SO AWESOME!

    Happy dance for you!!

  6. Congratulatons winners! And Lyndee!!!

    Coffee time. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

  7. Lyndee, congratulations!!!! You are smokin' hot, girlfriend!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW!!!!!!!!!

    So stinkin' excited for so many of youse!!!! Happy dancing in upstate New York!!!! And grinning, (despite my sore throat and aching head, yes, WHINING-WITH-A-CAPITAL-W!!!!!

    But I got over 2K done this morning, now must walk away, do something physical and then re-attack the next scene....

    When small-town politics affect farmers (even fictional farmers) I'm all ver klempt!!!!!

    Dropping off donuts.... and cider.... and hot tea for any other sickies among us!

  8. Love the "Forget me not" bouquet, and the sentiments...
    I try to stay in contact with my family though we live in different states, Nebraska-Texas-Ky and myself in Ga....
    Congrats to all the winners this week. way to go Lyndee........
    cant wait till next week and to see post with Dan Walsh -found him as author not long ago and love to read his stories.
    have a great weekend all
    Paula O(

  9. Congratulations to the winners. Double congratulations to Lyndee!

    Great WE edition. I've read three of the article links, and I'm going back for more.

    Have a great weekend.

  10. Good Morning, S E E K E R V I L L E

    Hope your day is productive and peaceful.

  11. Did you all notice the Seeker friends nominated for the RT Awards?

    Congrats to Missy Tippens, Virginia Carmichael, Jessica Nelson, Sandra Orchard, Shirley Jump, Marta Perry, Abby Gaines, Lacy Williams, Christy Barritt, Winnie!!!!

  12. CONGRATS! Wow, there are about as many people to celebrate this weekend as last :-)

    Double congrats to Lyndee - and the other finalists. What an amazing opportunity!!
    YAY to Missy!!

  13. good morning, seekers...
    and happy-forget-me-not day!

    i'm missing my friend, n.

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  14. Good morning everyone! Congrats to all the winners - especially Lyndee!!

    Thanks for telling me about 'Forget Me Not' day. I will try my best to email my poor neglected cousin in California who I haven't talked to in a while! And maybe a few other family members, too.

    Have a great weekend! Tomorrow is supposed to be like summer again here (for one day anyway).


  15. Wow, what a week it's been. Wshew. Thank you JENNIFER. I'm very much looking forward to see how you put your principles into practice. Thank you!!

    Congratulations to all the winners - soooo many today!

    Awwwhhh - Forget-me-not Day. Who knew? I'm missing my friend, Nancy who lives several states over now. She loves to read so that would be wonderful if she should win.

    Great WE, Tina. Going to work through the links shortly. Lots to see, as usual!!!

    Have a splendid day everyone.
    I should have my book, in paw, end of next week! /backflip/ (That was May.) ;D

    AND, May's Facebook pack has over 1000 members now! WAWZAH! Bring your 4 footers, and come by!

  16. Ruthie, hope you get mo betta soon! WOW on the RT! Lots of celebrating going on. Congratulations, one and all!!!

    Our little town is having the Veteran's Day celebration today, complete with ROTC posting of the colors, patriotic music and what is usually a marvelous guest speaker. Thank you VETERANS among us, and their families!!!!

  17. Congrats to all the winners today, and a BIG CONGRATS to Lyndee!!! YAY!! ~ Thanks for another great WE, Tina---looking forward to another wonderful week in Seekerville! ~ Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  18. YAY LYNDEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's a great WE today, as always :)

    We're expecting snow here, too, so I'm planning to stay in and bake. Now isn't that a great way to spend a Saturday? My family sure thinks so.

    I'm missing so many people, I can't even begin to list them... but to choose one - my Aunt Martha who lives in Grand Rapids, MI. She hates to write, but loves to quilt and read. I was able to talk with her on the phone recently, but I'd love to send her something special.

  19. Happy Saturday! Congratulations to all the winners, it's been a great week in Seekerville.

  20. Thanks for another great weekend edition. Congrats to all the winners and especially Lyndee! How exciting is that?!

    And here's an announcement of noteworthy proportion -- I actually managed to download an ebook onto my very cooperative and oh-so-savy new laptop. Ms Periwinkle WriteNow took all that techno wizardry stuff in stride, unlike her predecessor who balked at everything. And guess which ebook I downloaded? A Light in the Window!

    So now I'm bopping between two books -- His Mistletoe Family for the long bus rides and bus stop waits and A Light in the Window for my at home reading leisure. It's a race to see which one I finish first. :-)

  21. Thanks for the great WE - and the amazing news! Everyone here is so supportive. That's why Seekerville is so unique and special. It's like having a second family of cheerleaders! Thanks all! YOU ROCK!

  22. Silly me, forgot to say...


  23. So happy for all the good news around Seekerville this week. After Tuesday, I needed it! :-)

    My snoopy dancin' is temporarily curtailed due to a messed up and painful knee, but I'm cheering for all the wonderful ladies and the RT awards. So excited to see that when Melissa Endlich tweeted it.

    Congratulations, Lyndee and prayers for you as you prepare and submit!

    My good news this week is that my author copies were delivered by the big brown truck! Squee! I'm finally holding my book in my hands. How amazin' cool is that?

    And I'm missing my brother who's across the state in school, and looking forward to Thanksgiving when he'll be home for a week. Yay!

    Happy weekend, ya'll!

  24. Clari! What happened to your knee?

    Send us a photo of your books in the box. I'll put it up in Seekerville.

  25. Congrats to all the winners. Especially Miss Lyndee!
    Amy C
    campbellamyd at gmail dot com

  26. Congrats Lyndee and all the other winners.

    congrats all to all nominees also.

    I have to say the person I miss the most cant be sent a book. I miss mum but not the mum from the past few years. I do being able to talk to her and there are so many questions I wish I had asked.

  27. Congrats to all the winners!!!

    Lyndee! YAY! Keep us posted on your proposal submission to Elizabeth Mazer! Congrats to those who entered the Seekerville First Page Contest. We're proud of all of you!

    Looks like a great upcoming week on Seekerville.

    A beautiful day in Georgia. Hope to find time to take a walk and enjoy the fall leaves.

    Happy weekend!

  28. Tina, what a great bunch of Seeker friends to be on that nominated list!!!!

    oh, huge hoooooorays!!!!!!

    You know I think RT is doing a great job of upping the ante for Christian romance fiction.

    I loved the inspirational issue THIS MUCH....

    Yay for Romantic Times!

  29. What a week of winners! Congratulations eveyone.

    Especially Lyndee! Send that proposal to Elizabeth Mazer...NOW!!!

    Thoughts and prayers are all over our friends in the northeast. Always remember, this misery too will pass.

    Have a great Veterans' Day weekend, everyone!! Hug a vet today!

  30. Ooh, fun, Tina! I'll email you a picture straight away.

    Have no clue what I did to my knee, though. It started complaining at work yesterday when I knelt to work on a low shelf of books and by last night was really sore. I thought it would be better this morning, but it still doesn't want to take weight and bend at the same time. So I'm taking the stairs one step at a time and icing my knee. It was a great incentive to sit and write today. :-) Added 4043 words to my NaNo WIP.

  31. Congratulations, Clari!!!Her books have arrived.


    Here's a suggestion, put one of your books on your knee and hold it there to reduce swelling....

    Why you ask?

    Cuz your books are so so so so cool!!!!!

  33. Have a great weekend everyone ! Congrats winners,Lyndee Missy and Clari!


    Oh, I'm sorry about you knee, Clari! :-( Praying!!

  34. Mary everyone else sends their five pages to US.

  35. Congrats to the winners!

    SInce it's Forget-Me-Not day I guess I miss my friend Rachel. She lives in Boston now and we've known each other since kindergarten so it's kind of tough not getting to see her all that often especially since we saw each other pretty much everyday since forever!

  36. YAY LYNDEE!!!!!!!!

  37. Above, Tina is responding to a comment I left that was COMPLETELY MISLEADING.
    So I deleted my misleading post but left Tina's CORRECTION to my misleading post in case anyone read my misleading post and was misled.

    Also I think it makes Tina look a little goofy, which is fun.

  38. You are just hilarious, Connealy.


  39. I love the cover of your book Clari!! If I were looking for a book at the store that is the one I would grab.

  40. Thank you, Tina, for sharing my book pic.

    Thank you, Ganise, for your prayers for my knee. They are greatly appreciated.

    Jamie, thank you for liking the cover. I think it's pretty neat, too. When my boss saw it, she said, "I can tell you wrote it. It has a horse on the cover." Then the rumor circulated the small town I work in that I had written a how-to book about horses. :-)

    Mary, I tried that trick with my book on my knee after I got done giggling. You know something? I think it helped. Or it could have been the ice pack underneath. :-)

    I have to share something funny that happened this evening.

    I had just passed out the bag of Christmas tree shaped Reese's I'd found at Dollar General when I spotted my book in my dad's hands (already half read)

    I asked, "So. Is it any good?"

    He nodded. "It tastes like a Resse's."


    Then I laughed. "I meant the book, Dad. Not the candy."

    So I have my first review of the book. It tastes like Reese's. That's a good thing in my opinion, cause I like Reese's.

  41. Christina, I just GRIN every time I see your face in your pic!

    So happy for you!!!!!

    Kav!!! Two lovely Christmas stories! We are honored and delighted!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

    Clari, yes, send pics!!!! Isn't that so stinkin' exciting??????


    Oh mylanta, it's just plain wonderful. Grinning in upstate!!!!

  42. Mary made Teeeeena look goofy????


    Connealy, I owe you. Big time. I try and try but she's just too smart for me!


  43. Do Characters Have Voices?

    I'm doing NaNo and I just gave my hero a deep melodious voice that makes him sound like an FM DJ. He can make people nearby think a radio is on by simply adlibbing a weather report.

    This made me think. (Which is a good thing, right?) A lot of mention is given to hero and heroine’s eyes but I can’t remember any hero or heroine in over 1200 romances having their voice described. Now, I always assumed that Charity sounded like Erica Kane in “All My Children” -- but Julie Lessman never says that.

    Shouldn’t writers pay as much attention to their character’s voices as they do to their eyes? We can tell people by their voices many times better than by just looking at a picture of their eyes? If you have three sisters, they could all have different voices that matched their personalities. It's an idea.

    MARY Was the comment misleading or was the interpretation of the comment misleading? Knowing this is essential in appropriating guilt.

    Congrats to all the winners! I received two prizes in the mail on the same day last week. That’s like winning all over again.


    P.S. NaNo Check In: I believe that Sunday is NaNo report back day. I am at 22,220 words. That’s above quota. How is everyone else doing?

    P.P.S. Don’t be tone deaf. Give your characters a voice – a voice of distinction would be nice.

    P.P.P.S. I downloaded Julie Lessman’s “A Light in the Window” and here’s the very unusual opening ‘hook’:

    "I will not throw up … I will not throw up ...".

    This gives a whole new meaning to “edgy Christian” fiction. : )

  44. Well Vince, from

    Oklahoma Reunion

    When she looked into Ryan’s eyes and he began to speak in that
    deep, smooth voice laced with a dash of Oklahoma twang, she was lost.

  45. And congrats on your NaNo word count!!!!!

  46. Congratulations winners!

    Love the article about writing by hand! Sweet validation! Yay! I'm not crazy... well... Lol :)

  47. No, Eva Maria, you're not crazy. Sounds like I've fainally found my twin on this one. I loved that article, too.

  48. The Sneaky Voice of Telling

    Hi Tina:

    I might have known that you would have at least one character with a described voice. You are such a good 5-senser. I searched through several Seeker books and I did find a gravely voice in one of Glynna’s books. Two heroes had deep voices in another two books. In short, I found very few voices described as voices.


    what I did find of interest was a great number of ‘voice’ mentions used to ‘tell’ readers what the characters were feeling. These voices indicated: impatience, anger, doubt, lack of confidence, joy, jealousy, attitude, fear, and just about any emotion that can be detected in a human voice. Voices were also trailing, loud, child like, lilting, lowering, threatening, comfortable, husky, conspiratorial and the list goes on. There was also many inner voices having their say. I found this all very interesting.

    Is it fair to ‘tell’ using voice references? Is that not telling? How do you show a voice? (I know on an oscilloscope but besides that.)

    Is this telling use of ‘voice’ really sneaky telling or is it allowed as indirect, second order, showing? In my short investigation I’ve found that when ‘voices’ are mentioned, there will follow more telling than you’d experience at a hen party. : )


    P.S. In my now over 25,000 word new NaNo WIP, I had no uses of ‘telling’ by using ‘voice’ but I think I should layer some in after the book is finished. Maybe my inner voice will tell me what to do.

  49. LOL, Vince. It's not cheating if you weave in telling with voices so nicely no one notices except you. And you're using a magnifying glass.

  50. Hi Tina:

    You wrote:

    “It's not cheating if… no one notices…”

    What would you call this: Observational Ethics? I think you’ve come up with a new ethics. You might be a philosopher, too. : )


    P.S. It’s a good thing that almost no one reads these posts on Sunday nights. That why I like Sunday nights on Seekerville.

  51. VINCE. They're all reading this. All of them!!!

  52. Oops, I'm reading it, Vince. :)
    It's not observational ethics it's balance and talent. You can break the rules if you do it KNOWINGLY and gracefully. The rules are good but not hard and fast. I will add that a few of my favorite authors have written books that break rules like starting with rather dull backstory.
    A new author wouldn't get away with that. But if I trust the author to give me a great book, I'll hang in there through overly long stretches of scene description, backstory, internal musing, extrended stretches of 'telling'.
    I'll forgive beloved authors many, many things.

  53. I'll add to your quote of Tina's
    “It's not cheating if… no one notices…”

    I'll say “It's not cheating if… no one notices… because the book is so good and yoru voice is beloved and you've earned the trust of your readers."

  54. I'M READING THIS ON A SUNDAY EVENING, VINCE! By the way, congrats on the Na-No word count!



  56. I'm rolling here. Rolling with giggles.

  57. LOL, VINCE ... I just haven't made it over here yet, but I'm here now and READING THIS and wouldn't miss it ... ESPECIALLY ON "FORGET ME NOT" DAY, are you kidding???


    VINCE SAID: "Now, I always assumed that Charity sounded like Erica Kane in “All My Children” -- but Julie Lessman never says that."

    LOL ... that would help if I knew who Erica Kane was and what she sounded like!!


    He strolled to their booth with a casual gait as steady and slow as the drawl that coated his voice like hillbilly honey. “What’ll you have?”

    "Well, Katie Rose,” he drawled in a teasing tone that hinted at a twang, “I see you still know how to make a splash.”


    His gaze flitted to Katie and held. Mischief twitched at the corners of his lips. “Although to tell you the truth,” he said with a hint of the Arkansas drawl he always reserved for a tease, “there are days when I’d rather be jerking sodas.”

    SUPER CONGRATS, VINCE, on your word count and BLESS YOU for buying my book!!


  58. Your nano word count is stunning. I'm really proud of you. Good job.

  59. Waving to Vince!

    Say what? Just kidding.

    Love your imput. Always!

    From now on, I'm using gravely voices in my stories! I want to be like Tina! :)

  60. LOL. Thanks to Vince, no one will ever, ever write a romance without a hero with a measurable voice.

  61. Now I want to put an Oscillscope in one of my stories! I'll "show" the wavelength of my hero's deep voice. Hehe

    Congrats to Lyndee!!! I hope she loves the proposal!

    Thanks for the congrats on the RT nnomination. I'm thrilled and honored!

  62. BtW, Vince, do you feel there's something up with all of us suddenly visiting on Sunday night???


  63. Congrats to Lyndee, all the other prize winners.

    And WHOO-HOO on that box of books, Clari! Looks great!

  64. Lyndee! What wonderful news! Good for you :-)

    Congrats to all the winners. Looks like another super week ahead. Now to check out comments and some of those links.

    Thanks, Tina!

    Nancy C

  65. Hi Missy:

    I know you guys got loops. All this Sunday night action seems to be the result of what Tony Hillerman liked to call the Moccasin Telegraph.


  66. Hi Julie:

    Erica Kane was played by Susan Lucci for 41 years. She had 18 Emmy nominations before she won on her 19th nomination. She was the highest paid soap opera actress.

    To see Erica Kane go ballistic check this clip on YouTube:

    Now what do you think of Erica as Charity? : )


  67. Voice description....


    Mine are destined to all sound like Jeter.

    How can one improve on perfection.

    I need to write a note in my acknowledgements. ;)

    "All hero voices should be equated to Derek Jeter being interviewed about being a Hall-of-Fame player, still playing... Humility, strength, goodness and total hot tamale sensuality in one easy Midwest/NY tenor. For a live broadcast go here:

    Farewell to Yankee Stadium