Saturday, November 17, 2012

Weekend Edition

We started counting all the things we're thankful
for here in Seekerville..

between us we have 260 fingers and toes, and yet,
we ran out of digits.

Have a wonderful holiday and know that we are truly
thankful for all of you!

Pumpkin Pie

We Have Winners

Please send your address to the Seekerville email if you are a winner.

 ***Attention wonderful Birthday Month Winners. Please be sure you sent us your address if you were a winner.  Check Week OneWeek Two , Week Three , Week Four and Week Five giveaway lists to see if your name is there.****

Last Sunday's winner of a Seekerville package to their Forget-Me-Not friend is Jan Drexler.

  Revell and Guideposts author and 2012 Carol Award winner Dan Walsh returned on Monday with "And They Lived..."  The winner of  Dan's latest release The Reunion, is Nancy Kimball.

Tuesday we were shocked when Heartsong and Abingdon Press author Myra Johnson brought us "Confessions of a Crazed Writer." The winner of Seven Spiritual Gifts of Waiting, by Holly W. Whitcomb is Eva Maria Hamilton.

  Seekerville friend and Desert Breeze author Tina Pinson joined us on Wednesday for "Marketing101" with a fascinating and personal look at marketing yays and nays as well as those she gleaned from authors Dan Walsh, Jeff Gerke, Jennifer Hudson Taylor, Tricia Goyer, Nikki Arana and Julie Lessman during a week of Marketing 101 on her blog,Write Where I Want to Be. Winners of Shadowed Dreams, Book 2 in her Shadow Series are Lisa Godfrees and Janice.

On Thursday we welcomed White Rose Publishing author Dora Hiers, who enlightened us about "Romancing the Library." The winner of a print copy of Dora's latest release, Journey's Edge is Jackie L.

Friday Award-winning (to include USA Today list) Love Inspired author Kathryn Springer joined us to talk about "Making Your Characters Come Alive."  The winner of a copy of "The Soldier's Newfound Family," Book #5 in the Love Inspired "Texas Twins" continuity series is DebH.

Sweet Potato Fries trump traditional yams.

Next Week In Seekerville

 Monday: Have you had the serendipitous experience of coming up with an ingenious element for your story halfway through writing it and realized that you’d unconsciously laid the groundwork for it all along? Love Inspired Suspense and Revell author Sandra Orchard will share a suspense writer's technique that will help you recreate that experience every time you sit down to write, while adding untapped layers, depth, and complexities to your story. Sandra will generously give away a book to each of two winners--their choice of one of the three books in her Undercover Cops series, or an ARC of her Revell release to be mailed in spring 2013!

Tuesday: Montlake author Sandra Leesmith will be discussing the precautions needed when using social media. She will be giving away a copy of The Price of Victory and a surprise Seeker book.

Wednesday: In keeping with the season, Debby Giusti will talk about "Giving Thanks," today. Thankful to have received the author copies for her next book, she'll be giving away an advanced copy of her January release, The General's Secretary, the fourth book in her Military Investigations series.

Thursday: Seekerville is closed so we can be thankful and eat turkey.

Friday: It's time for the December Contest Update (DECEMBER ALREADY???) and the prize vault is open.

Cranberry Sauce

Seeker Sightings

 Nominate Seekerville! The Writer's Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers Nomination Deadline is 12.1.12.

 Join Montlake author, Sandra Leesmith for a chat on Sunday, November 18th at 8:00 pm EST on  Click on chats and share. There will be giveaways during the chat.

Julie Lessman's An Irish Christmas Love Story- A Light in the Window. Win a Kindle or have a character named after you in her next book.  Three contests..

 Kindle Fire Contest!!

Review Contest!!

A Light in the Window Facebook Giveaways!!

Details here.

Seeker Tina Radcliffe has some exciting non writing news to share. Stop by her blog, Brain Drops, to find out what it is.

Crescent Rolls

Random News & Information 

How To Publish Your Book (Writers Market) 

More Technology for Writers (Writer Unboxed)

What Not to Blog About (Books & Such Literary)

Have a great weekend..oh, and I've added some of my favorite Thanksgiving foods to the post...what are yours??


  1. What?! Tina, Kansas, Kansas, Kansas. *g*

  2. Congratulations to all the winners.

  3. Kansas??? Ya think? You and Melissa and Toto??

  4. So how come Arizona???

    When does the moving van move???

    Have a cuppa coffee for the road. There's plenty.

  5. Wow! Winners! Congratulations!
    Interesting news from Tina.

    And sweet potato fries. We just made some last night, MMmmMMmmmMMmmm.

  6. You're moving to Arizona! It's really hot there. You should try the coast of North Carolina on your next move. Perfect weather here for writing outdoors :) Why the move?

    Congratulations to the winners! I feel like a winner this week b/c the Kindle I won during Seekerville's birthday month finally arrived yesterday!!! Now to figure out which book will be the very first to load on it. Yay!

    Also, just to share: I've woken up an hour earlier every day this week to do more writing. I didn't even set my alarm clock this morning and my eyes popped open to write. The extra hour is already turning into a habit :) Glynna Kaye's comment somewhere in the last month on Seekerville inspired this. She posted that she woke up at 4:30. I'm waking at 4:50 but maybe working backward to that 4:30 mark :)

  7. Tina, traveling mercies!

    Congrats to the winners.

    Annie Rains, I am jealous. I am in the Peidmont.

    Peace, Julie

  8. Wooo Hooo! Welcome to Arizona, TEEEENA! So glad it's official. Get yourself on down here, lady! Three Seekers will now call it home--good things are bound to come from that!

  9. HEY ANNIE! Congrats on that earlier rise & shine!

  10. Arizona?! Does that mean no more snowy winters? Praying for a smooth and easy move!

    Great weekend edition! And my favourite Thanksgiving food? How about a nice juicy tofu burger? And parnsips and carrots mashed together and served with a dollop of butter? Or a roasted veggie bake? Apple pie and whipped cream. Chocolate turtles....I could go on, but I'll whist. :-)

  11. Happy for all the winners, congratulations!

    another great line-upfor next week so be on your toes girls..

    get ready Thanksgiving is coming-ready or not.....

    Paula O

  12. Tina! Arizona?

    You must give one more detail: desert or mountains? It makes a difference, you know!

    And I won the forget-me-not package. How sweet! My aunt will be surprised :)

    Have a great weekend, everybody.

  13. Cranberry orange relish.

    I love it THIS MUCH and more....

    I love it plain...

    I love it with roasted turkey.

    I just love it. I... humble northern writer... embrace the BOG.


    Oh my stars, it's almost worth having a holiday to eat cranberry orange relish!!!

  14. I am now the proud owner of a bag full of frozen Sister Schubert Rolls.
    The suspense is killing me!!!!!!

    But it seems really inappropriate to fire up the oven at 8:47 on a Saturday morning to bake one roll.

    Or to bake FIVE rolls for that matter if my intention is to eat them all myself.

    Still, I can't take them anywhere without a taste test, right?

    Pardon me while I go pre-heat

  15. Kansas????

    I said she should make the jump back HOME to Western New York.

    A climate that inspires stories of warm fires... ice storms... sweet, long mid-summer days... DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!!! Right there is enough reason to stay away from certain states, but was I listened to???

    Nay. I think not!

    But this way I get to visit and maybe see petrified stuff. (Not Tom)

    I used to get Arizona Highways magazine as a teen. I was enraptured by the beauty and difference of our states.

    Then I got a clue about 106 degrees...

    And realized some northern chicks are not of the migratory species, LOL! But we do love to fly down and see our fellow birds in their warmer climes from time to time...

    Christina, I like Kansas, honey. I don't know what the TEEEEENSTER is thinking!

  16. Annie, good for you! Writing in those pre-dawn hours works like magic!!!

    So proud of you!

    And Glynna's another one of our full-time working gals... we have to figure out what works for each of us, to sneak time around the full-time job.

    You rock, kid!

  17. I passionately LOVE yams. Brown sugar, marshmallows, sweet potatoes.

    I'm quietly weeping now with the joy of those once or twice a year gems of golden lusciousness.
    EXCEPT for the last few years we have discovered the joy of simply baking sweet potatoes.

    They are truly wonderful with a turkey dinner. Plain old baked sweet potatoes, thrown in the oven, which is always running anyway. Wow, we are no in LOVE with them and I don't even miss the yams and marshmallows.


  18. Sister Schubert rolls are wonderful.

    You can get them in the frozen dept of Walmart folks. So easy-so you have more time to write and read.

  19. ARIZONA!!! Job move.

    GLENDALE, I will be there before Christmas.

    It's hot, but no more driving to work in the snow. And my sister (another writer) lives there.

  20. Well, Annie, Amazon did pretty good. For a 6 week back order they got those Paperwhites out in good time.

  21. Exciting, Tina!! TOTALLY intrigued by Monday's post - and in TOTAL denial about Friday's (wink).

    I also love sweet potatoes, but I'm the only one in my family who does. Pout pout.

    Have a great weekend, and congrats to the winners!

  22. Congrats on the move, Tina!

    I've been mega-busy helping process ACFW First Impressions entries this week. All I can say is WOW! The interest in the contest was amazing.

    Anyway, I just had a chance to catch up on this week's blogs. Myra, I loved your crazed author post! I can so relate. lol As I read your post and some of the comments, I remember several similar instances. I don't remember any that involved butcher knives though.... lol

  23. And Thanksgiving food... all of it. Turkey, dressing, sweet potato casserole, pecan pie, fruit salad. Yum!!!

    Btw, is it peeCAN or peCON? lol

  24. Congrats to all the winners.

    Are ya'll sure that fake name genrerator is legal? I hear sirens coming down our street...Just felt so wrong that I had Clifford A. Palmer's credit cards number (including the cvs#), his mother's maiden, his weight and height...

    Connie Queen

  25. Thanks for another great Weekend Edition, Tina! Congrats winners.

    The highlight is your move, Tina. How fun to live near your sister.

    Mary, Sister Schubert rolls come in a bag??? Are you sure these aren't knockoffs. LOL

    I say peeCON, Pam.

    I love Thanksgiving! I love the food, sitting around a lovely loaded table with our family. We take turns sharing our blessings. I'm guessing our youngest grandson will say losing his two front teeth. Doubt they'll make his Christmas list however.

    Happy Thanksgiving all! You bless me everyday!


  26. Tina, what a fun WE. Congratulations to all the winners! How fun, and what a great week coming up. Looking forward to it. Though I confess I may not get to the Contest Vault one on Friday because my honey and I always have a date day and shop together.

    I LOVE sweet potato fries. :) I also enjoy homemade cranberry sauce and cinnamon applesauce muffins. Oh, and my grandmother's apple pie recipe--Gluten free of course.

    Have a wonderful day, all!

  27. I want to play with fake name generator, but I suppose I need to get going on my NaNo today after losing a week's worth of writing time to being full time granny.

    I was in exile near Silver Creek NY...

    Yes, didn't even have wifi except for an occasional late night moment. I need to see what I missed this week.
    Earlier this month I had a free trip to Az and I am glad to report they are ready for Tina.

    And SOUND THE TRUMPETS. My new laptop and I are finally in the same room. Thank you again, ladies!

    okay, back to fiction land...

  28. Ha! Interesting, Debra. When I visit Silver Creek I can get wifi sitting on the far right corner of the porch and only if the laptop is tilted to a specific angle.



    Why, yes. Yes, I did.

    Most recently in the 51st and Northern area. But that was almost 20 years ago.

    Jan Christiansen isn't too far from there. She's my other mama. If you get to hug her [and her daughter/my BFF] before I do... Well, I may have to come out there and be all y'all up.

    Er. Right.

    Winners! YAY! Congrats to all the winners!!!!!

    I lurked this week. I'm officially a few words behind for NaNo and the week was insane. But today is my local ACFW write in - so like 8 hours of gloriousness. I would LOVE to hit about 15K today but that's a stretch even for me. 10K is more likely. I pray.

    Okay - back to work on other stuff.

  30. Favorite Thanksgiving food is turkey, of course.

    My dear husband likes his dry as dust, so all those hints and tips about cooking the perfect, moist turkey? You'll have to share them with someone else. Somehow, I'm able to cook one that's dry on top and moist as you go down, keeping everyone in the family happy. Don't ask me how I do it.

    Oh, and I get to go to a book signing today!!! Jenny Rogers Spinnola is doing a signing at BAM in Rapid City. Anyone else going?

    Anyone else within driving distance?

  31. Annie, you're a North Carolinian? Me too! Haven't made it to the coast yet but hope to soon.

  32. I won again this week! Thank you!!! I'm in shock!

    Tina! You lucky girl! I love Arizona!!!

  33. Hi Tina:

    I’m heartbroken.

    I was so hoping you were moving to Sedona and that you were going to write about crystals, channeling, and the beautiful people. The food, the fashions, the spiritual enlightenment. The whole southwest genre thing. It could all be yours! (Even the best spas in the world!!!)

    But then you’re only 112 miles or so from the epicenter of the New Age. That’s just a little over two hours on one of the most beautiful roads I’ve ever driven.

    I can see it now: a heroine who owns a crystal shop and a hero who has lost his faith in all that is spiritual. You might even be able to channel Jane Austin to act as your CP.

    Can you spell R I T A?


    You are the real winner today!


  34. And here I thought Flagstaff, but then you'd still have to deal with snow. Glendale is pretty, too. My favorite memory of the Phoenix area was watching people hangglide off a mountain, oh and the scorpions and unidentified flying things at night. *g* Lots of inspiration for writing. ;)

  35. What flying things at night???? And the bliss is that if i miss snow i can just drive to Flagstaff!

  36. LOL! I guess you'll have to watch the night sky when you get there.;)

  37. Congratulations to the winners! Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year. My husband loves to cook, it a great cook and does it all, so I spend the day writing.

  38. Happy Thanksgiving to all my wonderful Seeker friends! (and Mary Connealy, please pass me that bowl of yams! Mmmmm....) ~ Congrats to all the winners, and I'm looking forward to this coming week's posts (especially Sandra Orchard, because she and I are accountability partners!).Tina, praying your move goes safely and smoothly--although I really wish you were moving to GEORGIA instead *sigh*. ~ Hugs, Patti Jo

  39. I would miss the snow.

    I love winter. It's my season to breathe.

    Me and Frost. Love him, too.

    Whose woods these are, I think I know...
    His house is in the village, though...
    He will not see me stopping here
    To watch his woods fill up with snow...


    I smile just thinking those lines.

    And then come February, I'm ready for that first flock of geese to "v" northward!

  40. I don't believe Tina will be missing winter. They do have winter (gasp!) in Arizona. It's just a much nicer version of winter.

    I would love to see if I would miss snow.

    For thanksgiving??? dark meat and that big spoonful of stuffing that we only make once a year. Thankfully we do a big Harvest Dinner at church so I can get my fix, because the Marvins do an UnThanksgiving meal on Black Friday.

  41. Whoa, Tina! Need some boxes? ;) I still have some from my NJ to IL move. Can't believe we've been back three years this month! So nice to be with family. And I bet you will have a great time with your sister near. Very cool that she's a writer, too. Yay for you!

    Thanks for the great WE. Whoohoo for the winners!

    Fav Thanksgiving food is my daughter's low WW points pumpkin pie - it's crust-less- that cuts the fat right out! Really looking forward to having a house-full of people - something I missed terribly for the 8 years we lived on the east coast! Prayers to those traveling this holiday.

  42. Cool! A chance to get rid of those things you've been intending to anyhow :-) Fun news, Tina. Safe travels!

    Nancy C

  43. Ok, I love laini taylor. My girls read Dreamdark and Silksinger years before the whole 'Daughter of Smoke and Bone'. I didn't want to pick it up becuase the cover looked soooo chick face YA sparkly.

    And it's amazing. As always.

    So talented.

    Anyway, will have to click that link in a second.

    And Tina is going to be so much closer to me!!!

    I know you all are jealous.

  44. Arizona, Miss Radcliffe?

    another unsuspecting soul moves to Arizona for employment purposes and the love of 110+ degreed summer days.

    Just like a day at the beach.


    Tina, you can come say hello to me.


    I'm up in Mesa, and after a year and a half, I'm an old pro dealing with the heat.


    Congratulations to all the winners


    Tina P.

  45. I knew I'd love that Laini Taylor link. I KNEW IT.

    "Write with an imaginary machete strapped to your thigh."

    *revises mental picture of myself writing*

  46. Well of course you and I shall have tea, Tina P. ICED.


  47. Congratulations to all last week's winners.
    Tina, you'll love Glendale. Brother went there for work and stayed 18 yrs. and only moved back to PA to be near all his grandchildren. A beautiful place. Happy Thanksgiving Day to everyone.

  48. Seekerville's own Sandra Leesmith is doing a chat right this SECOND on Writer's Space.


  49. I barely made it in on the weekend! But the kids are out of school this week, so it'll actually not the end of a weekend around here. :)

    Great WE, Tina!! I'm so hungry now after all that food. You posted some of my favs!

  50. Looks like I'll be heading to Arizona sometime for a visit. With 3 Seekers there, I'll have a place to stay just about everywhere I go! :)

  51. Yay, Mary!!! I'm so glad you found the rolls! You'll love them. Let them thaw before baking. They turn out better.

  52. Yay!!! Thanks all of you for joining me on the chat. How fun was that? Well it was fun, but I was scared to death trying to type and read at the same time. LOL

    Thanks for joining me.

  53. Tina, Tina, you are moving to ARIZONA. I'm soooo HAPPY dancing.

    We'll have to get together at the Chocolate Affair. I bet that chocolate factory in Glendale is why you chose Glendale. LOL

  54. Congrats to all the winners! IMO cranberry sauce is THE best part of Thanksgiving. I'm pretty easy to please , just open up a can of Ocean Spray jellied cranberry and I'm good to go LOL!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!