Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Last 361 Days

Happy day after Christmas! 


Most of you  are winding down from the holidays, some of you are still celebrating with family and a few of you brave souls are out shopping.

So if you're here in Seekerville today you get an extra helping of my sister's soft molasses cookies and a glass of eggnog or Chai tea. Your choice.

Let's talk about those 361 days.

Writer or reader, the question is the same...

What have you done over the last 361 days to make your dreams come true?


Pull out a piece of paper and list the months of the year.

Now next to those months write what measurable tasks you completed toward your dream in 2012. I'm not talking goals here. Goals such as getting an agent or winning a contest or selling a book can be limited by fairy dust, the time-space continuum and/or the alignment of the planets. I'm talking about measurable tasks completed.

For example:

January: Submitted queries to two agents.
February: Wrote" THE END" to WIP
March: Edited manuscript.
April: Pitched new manuscript at conference.
May: Entered six contests.
June: Submitted ten pages to Seekerville author for butchering.
July: Wrote half of new manuscript.
August: Researched time period for new manuscript.
September: Took online writing class.
October: Entered four contests.
November: Judged contest and entered two more contests.
December: Submitted requested partial to editor.

I'm guessing you've accomplished much more than you realize. Am I right?

As you contemplate this and decide on your "My One Word" for the New Year's Eve Party here in Seekerville, or your resolutions for 2013, give yourself a pat on the back. Or several. One for every step you took towards your dream.

The journey isn't about how far you have to go, it's all about how far you've come.

Now,  I think it's only appropriate to share some encouraging quotes -because writers LOVE quotes.

 “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”
― C.S. Lewis

 “Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goal.”
― E. Joseph Cossman

“What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”
― Robert H. Schuller 

 “Patience is not passive waiting. Patience is active acceptance of the process required to attain your goals and dreams.”
― Ray Davis 

"Bite off more than you can chew. Then chew it."
 ― Ella Williams

"The most successful people are those who are good at plan B."
 ― James Yorke

Share your monthly completed tasks from 2012 or a favorite goal quote for a chance to win: 

Today's giveaway for a writer is a rare find- a gently used copy of Robert Newton Peck's Fiction is Folks. I have my own copy recommended in a Debra Dixon workshop.

 For a reader, Myra Johnson's A Horseman's Hope  (available January 2, 2013).  



  1. hi all, its boxing day here and im watching the boxing day test when not dozing!
    this past year set reading goals and while I made one the other 2 challenges I failed. the a book from each state is around 12 short (way to many books set in Montana!). the 12 aussie books failed too. In June I was on track then life changed. ! am avoiding 29ths of months from now on! 29 June I end up in hospital after almost dying at home (not that i knew it at the time), just getting over this and August 29 mum passed away. twhen Nov 29 fell and after 3 drs have a wrist splinted and 6 weeks to heal so they say.
    due to all this i was more tired than ever before in my life and gone from aroun 3 books a week to one if i am lucky!
    but one goal to go to america next may has been booked and payed for.

    I have left over cookies and christmas pudding. (by new year hopefully dried apricots they are drying out in the sun)

  2. Tina, what a great motivational post! There's nothing more motivating than a nearly empty list!

    Thanks for the reminder to keep our eyes on the goal. And for the great quotes!

  3. Let's see. I did several of the samples you listed, but I don't recall in exactly which months.

    I wrote THE END to a WIP.
    I edited 5 manuscripts.
    I pitched two manuscripts at conference.
    I entered a contest.
    I submitted pages to Seekerville for critiquint--twice.
    I wrote, not half, but a complete new manuscript.
    I researched a time period for a new manuscript.
    I submitted requested partials to editor.
    I submitted requested completes to an editor.
    I have a new manuscript 90% complete.


    Coffee is set to brew.

  4. “Every goal comes with a built-in escape hatch. Rather then set goals. list the achievements you will have accomplished by the end of 2013.”

  5. I don't know who to attribute it to, but the first writerly quote I ever wrote down was this one:

    “A professional writer is an amateur who never quit.”

  6. Wow, I really feel like I didn't do much this year.

    Finished WIP.
    Edited and turned in ms.
    Half-finished urban YA fantasy.
    Finished MG fiction.
    Edited MG fiction.
    Judged contest
    Finished another WIP
    Need to edit it.

    Feeling like this year had a lot more obstacles than goals.

    I like holding something in my hands, that show my efforts have paid off.

    Like cupcakes. Tonight I made a goal of chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting.

    I succeeded. But then, again, I didn't hold them in my hands very long before they went to my mouth.

  7. Thank you for a terrific and thought-provoking blog post,Tina.

    I love this goal quote which applies to writing and all life goals. "The smile of God is the goal of your life." Rick Warren.

    Mmmmm your sister's cookies are absolutely delish!

    Please enter me in the draw for Fiction is Folks.

  8. Jenny, be like the hotels that skip over floor #13....

    You go straight from 28 to 30 from now on, LOL!

    Chirstmas pudding, Aussie style???

    Oh, tell us more, Jenny! I must use this idea in a book. Seriously, is it like fruitcake or is it more like a pud?

    And do you use a sauce with it?

  9. The smile of God...

    Oh, I like that one, Ruth Ann!

    Wait, I forgot to try the cookies and I love me some cookies!!! I'll try some when I get back. Taking a cute guy to the airport in Buffalo this morning....

    A train to NYC and a plane to Boston mark the official end of my holiday season today!

    Then it's back to the grindstone, but oh so much to be thankful for.

    We are blessed.

  10. plum pudding and no there are not plums in it. its a mixed fruit mixture served hot with custard, cream or my choice ice cream.

    mum has a recipe thats a depresion recipe yo make it.

    i had some over at the neighbours yesterday,

  11. Sad to look over an empty calendar. I've filled my months with pretty much EVERYTHING except writing...

    Only in December: Blogged every day (so far).

    But that changes today, in prep for the new year. My only resolution: Write EVERY SINGLE DAY.

    Now off to blog, then WRITE SOMETHING.

    Thanks for the kick in the pants... needed it!

  12. As seniors now our calandar holds lot of appointments to drs and test that need done. but we do try to mix in some fun now and then with lunch at Ryans or shop at wal-mart. I set goal of 100 books to read this year and have exceeded that. I read a lot and hubby is tv watcher with Fox channel on most of time with little discovery and animals. who knew that getting older would slow you down so much...I am looking forward to another year and seeking God's Grace and guidance...

    Paula O

  13. Mmm, eggnog - yum! Thanks for this post. I needed it! ~Susan

  14. Starting backwards today!

    Shakespeare there is a really good Jerry Seinfeld chart for tracking writing every day.

    Jerry Seinfeld Method-Don't Break the Chain

    Jerry Seinfeld Method-Don't Break the Chain

  15. Nothing like a little repeated verbage. Sigh.

    I want a cupcake. Please and thank you.

  16. You accomplished quite alot, Jenny, considering how tough your year was. Look forward! Not back.

    We're proud of you!!!

  17. Ha! Thank you, Melissa. Melissa who has never quit@@@

    Vince, liking your quote. From you of course. More can be found over at Philosophy of Romance blog.

  18. Helen! You've been busy the last 361 days. Way to go!! All the while doing coffee duty.

  19. Shakespeare, that's the ticket right there. Write some every day.

    An author e-mailed me not long ago wondering what he should do about his time frame....

    My first reply was to drop the blog and write the books....

    No one buys a blogger in real life.

    Books are salable commodities. I love blogging here and at Yankee Belle, chatting with folks, but the most important part of my writing day is just sitting my butt on my stool (it's taller and works better for me!) and writing. When I write, my mind works harder and I find myself producing more as a result.

    And they say the best way to keep mind-fatigue and diseases at bay is to exercise the brain!!! (imagine gray matter doing pushups, LOL!)

    Go for it! And we'll be right here encouraging you. 100%.

  20. 'Mornin', Tina!!!!

    Paula, you brought up a great point. And this isn't necessarily directed at you, but at all of us as circumstances change....

    Everyone thinks that retirement or quitting your day job once you're published frees up time. I bet for most of us it does the exact opposite because there's no pressure to finish... to succeed... to fit round time into square time peg-holes.

    So we need to prioritize. Instead of openly letting our brain envelope a whole week off, we look at mini-chunks of time.

    Set aside a last week of the month for appts. and only schedule them then unless it's emergency stuff.

    Use services close to home to save time, money and gas.

    Coordinate schedules of doing. Deepak Chopra's study with the Harvard neurologist shows that we should trick our brain into "youngness" by believing that we're young, telling our brain that, and doing new things all the time, even as simple as sleeping on the opposite side of the bed, changing rings, changing routine. The brain gets lazy.... and we know how tough it is to jump-start bones/joints and muscles that have been out-of-service.

    The brain is the same way he says.

    I love that you brought this up, and I'm over-the-top impressed with 100 books! Brain exercise, 101!!!

  21. Melissa, yes, yes, 100 times yes.


    Total agreement. And drinking coffee. Smiling!!!!

  22. Hi Tina, Thanks for the positive look at 2012. It is always easier to focus on what you haven't done or what needs to be done when if you look at what you actually did do you'll be amazed. And thankful.

    Have you settled in yet?

    Are you loving the weather?

  23. HAPPY BOXER DAY Jenny and all of our Canadian, British, Australian, South African friends.

    Jenny if you read one book a week that is still more than most people.

    Yay for reading.

    Love the molasses cookies and the cupcakes. They went well with Helen's coffee.

    Congrats all of you for all you have accomplished. woo hoo

  24. Did I hear Molasses Cookies? Where? Where?

    This post is a great reminder to not only to seek out our goals, but to stop and appreciate the road leading to them. :) Here is a short, simple quote I love:

    "Don't bunt. Aim out of the ballpark."
    ~David Ogilvy

    nicnac63 AT hotmail DOT com

  25. Sandra, it's like autumn weather here. Warm days and crisp nights and mornings.

    Lots of new things to learn about Arizona.

  26. I doubt I can exactly get this right, but I'll try.
    January, pitched new 3 book series
    Signed contract for Novella collection with Margaret Brownley, Robin Lee Hatcher and Debra Clopton.

    February, set a goal of 3000 words a day for the month and made it
    March SPEEDBO, spent the month on a new book, until I had to drop out of SPEEDBO to revised book written in February. Also tackled revisions to previously turned in Swept Away, book #1 in Trouble in Texas series, coming in March 2013
    Also did promotion for In Too Deep, book #2 of Kincaid Brides series

    April Turned in February book, called Fired Up. Coming September 2013, book #2 in Trouble in Texas series.
    Pitched Novella collection with Karen Witemeyer, Carol Cox, and Regina Jennings. (I might be off a month on this)

    May-Writer's retreat with Erica Vetsch in St. Ansgar Iowa, very productive, very fun. Worked on Fired Up, much forward progress.

    June-Fired Up...due October 1st. Wrote Novella, due Sept. 1st.

    July-Wrote Novella for collection with Witemeyer/Cox/Jennings my book is called The Meddler Meets her Match.

    August-Promotion for Over the Edge. Can't remember. Pretty sure I was writing.

    September-turned in Novella, collection called A Bride for All Season-my book is called Winter Wedding Bells---Attended ACFW--pitch new series to Bethany, brainstorm new novella anthology with Hatcher/Brownley/Clopton (which has sold). Revised an existing book and published it with Linda Goodnight as an ebook Christmas novella, Candlelight Christmas

    October-Received revision notes on Fired Up. Continued writing Stuck Together, Book #3 in Trouble in Texas Series, due April 1st. Revise Meddler Meets her Match.
    Entered Rita (I've judged some contests in here, too)

    Novemeber-Revisions Fired Up; Writing Stuck Together; Revisions Meddler Meets her Match; Candlelight Christmas released, promotion.

    December-Revisions Fired Up (due January 1st); Writing Stuck Together, signed new Six Book Contract with Bethany House; MUST TURN IN Fired Up by January 1st (I'm ready, it will go in tomorrow or Friday) TURN IN Meddler Meets her Match (I'm ready, it will go in today). Continue writing Stuck Together, which I've been neglecting to do other things, but I'm lonely for it!!!!!!!!!

  27. Hahaaa, well, I'm not sure I accomplished more in 2012 but I'm definitely planning for 2013!!!! Maybe a book but definitely submittals.
    Thanks for the eggnog. *slurp*

    Merry After-Christmas ladies!!!

  28. Tina, great post. I didn't think I've accomplished much this year but as I look back I realize that I didn't do too bad.

    Pass the coffee.

    And does anyone have fruitcake. I'm the only person I know that actually likes the stuff. I haven't had any in years.

    I'm off to compile my list of accomplishments.

    Thank you Seekerville for motivating all of us, to write, edit and submit. :)

  29. I just read Mary's year in review. I am not going to cry. I am going to pull up my big girl panties and ...whimper a bit.

    She doesn't mention she also has a job outside the house.

    I am pretty sure she is the Bionic Woman.

    Unable to verify that, but working on it.

  30. I love fruitcake, Bridgett. Good fruitcake with a cup of tea. Mmmm.

  31. Now eggnog I do have in the house. Toasting you, Jessica!!

  32. Mary, wow you smoked it in 2012!

    Virginia didn't you forget a little something like...debut novel published by Love Inspired. :)

    My year...

    Entered 4 contests.
    Submitted 3 Queries which resulted in 1 partial and 2 full request. Sent those in.
    Based on feedback, incorporated an indie publishing company.
    Revised completed ms per editorial suggestions.
    Published debut novel.
    Written and produced 1 Christmas play.
    Completed 90% rough draft of 2 WIP's. (Striving to finish before end of year.)
    Joined 1k1hr facebook group. (tremendously improved my word count production)

  33. Timely post, Tina--and thanks tons for featuring my latest release!

    I have to agree with you--Mary has to be bionic. How else could one person accomplish so much? And I think Ruthy must be her bionic twin.

    JENNY, tell us more about the "boxing day" tradition. And what's the "boxing day test"?

  34. The Boxing Day Test match is a cricket Test match hosted in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia involving the Australian cricket team and an opposing national team which is touring Australia that summer. It begins annually on Boxing Day (26 December) and is played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Every four years, the Boxing Day Test forms part of the 5-match Ashes series with England.


    Okay, this is pathetic, but I really don't know what I accomplished.

    I must've entered a contest because I finaled, but it could've been entered the latter part of last year.

    I sent in a partial requested due to that contest.

    I made progress on several ms, but didn't complete.

    I joined ACFW for the first time.

    I'm sure there's more, but my brain if frazzled after all that holiday food. (I lost 30 pounds this year, then gained about 10 or more of it back.)

    Now, with a fire burning in the stove and snow on the ground, I'm going to work on my ms.

    Connie Queen

  36. Wow!

    I just read Mary’s post and I’m exhausted. (Well, I’m home sick today so I started the day half exhausted.)

    Mary’s life makes me think of the old Army ad that showed soldiers up before dawn doing all kinds of training with the tag line, “the Army gets more done by 9 am than most people do all day along.”

    Some Quotes:

    “The more you do, the more you can do.”

    “If you want to get something done, ask a busy person.”

    “Mary is more than an inspiration: she’s an industry.”


  37. Hope everyone had a great Christmas. We had a white Christmas :) Last time that happened was nine years ago.

    I queried 5 agents. They all responded with request for fulls. One even called me. She said to let her knew when the book sells.

    I finished two ms and submitted them - both ended up with request for fulls.

    I finished requested rewrites on both books and sent them back.

    I judged four writing contest and entered one.

    I met my critique partners and began plotting a project we are working on.

  38. Hi Tina:

    Oh, I’m so embraced! I can’t ever remember what My One Word was last year…and I’m pretty sure it was a really good one. Next year, this time, I will have remembered my One Word.

    Goal-oriented pilot on the PA to passengers just before takeoff.

    “My goal it to get this plane to the San Francisco airport.”

    Achievement-oriented pilot on the PA to passengers just before takeoff.

    “If weather conditions prevail, we will be setting down at the San Francisco air port at 10:32 pm.”


    P.S. “Remember” might be a good one word for those who can’t remember last year’s word. Can anyone else not remember their word?

  39. Mary, shut up.

    Vince, mine was "embrace" so I'm laughing that you used it today!

    I wanted to embrace whatever God sent my way with more grace and less whining.

    Still contemplating for 2013... 2011 was "Forge" as in 'forge ahead' or "crafted of sturdy metal"....

    Both worked for me.

    So 2013....

    Remember is actually a great word. So many connotations.

    Except then I'll start to fret about all the nonsense I FORGET and I'll think I'm old.

    Teeeeena, Arizona.

    I refuse to think of it, absolutely refuse to even imagine it because now there are THREE SEEKERS and many buddies in Arizona and I'm not one of them. (says she as the blizzard bears down from Indiana)....

    I'm doing revisions. Not bad ones. Kids have all been delivered to points of mass transit.

    Time to work.

  40. I am working on finding My One Word for this year. Somehow last year I missed actually coming up with one, so this time around I'm reading the book and doing the exercises. So far I have my LONG list of words that I need to narrow down from.

  41. Doh!


    That's what happens when you forget to sign out of your home account, you sign in as YOURSELF.

  42. To automatic spell check or not to automatic spell check:

    “Is it better to spell the right word wrong or to take your chances against a sea of misunderstanding and spell the wrong word right?"

    VIRGINIA Are you counting “Season of Joy” and it’s 4 ½ star RT review in 2013?

  43. Great post, Tina! The flip calendar on my desk is getting mighty skinny, proof we have only 5days left in 2012. For me a few of these days are FREE. Love these quiet times after Christmas with the carols playing in the background and the house decorated with nothing to do but write.

    A favorite quote: Whether you think you can, or think you can't, you're probably right.

    Think this is from Henry Ford. But whoever said it was right on. We need to believe in ourselves and just do it.


  44. Jenny, Happy Boxing Day! Hoping 2013 is a wonderful year for you!


  45. Wow, I'm impressed with everyone's list of accomplishments! Congratulations!


  46. My brother in law brought his famous (it's really really good!) egg nog to Christmas. With this thermos full of egg nog he also brought disposable cups. They were those tiny Dixie cups that hold maybe three ounces.
    We teased him about the cups and he said, "That's because they are how much egg nog equals one serving."

    Oops, maybe shouldn't have had a 12 ounce glass of it then!

    Honestly, I didn't even taste it. It's delicious and I was really afraid if I had even a sip, I'd be nipping on it all day. And. I. Am. Dieting!!!!

  47. Vince, you are en route? How fun!

    California dreamin'

  48. Hmm, I am thinking several of you need to have a spread sheet for tracking submissions to contests and editors and agents.

    Good for:

    Tax purposes

    To know when a contest is announcing finalists and or winners

    To be sure you don't submit a msc to two editors at the same house.

    To track how long it takes for submissions to be read so you can nudge whomever you sent it to.

    etc. etc. etc.

    Try it. You'll like it.

  49. Going out on a limb here Jamie, but...

    SHE SAID TO LET HER KNOW WHEN THE BOOK SELLS?? Isn't that HER sell the book?

    Hey, you've had a great year, kiddo.

  50. VINCE--- Feel better!! I just came down with something and I forgot how it feels to think through more than the usual fog of anemia, lack of sleep, and old age.


    And I thought we were namign what we DID?

    Sesaon of Joy was finished last Dec. and the review was nothing on my part. (Thank goodness. Bless that woman, whoever she is. I should stop while I'm ahead.So many nice people have said they liked it I feel like I can just sit back and be satisfied. *whew*)

  51. Jenny--

    I agree with Ruth- skip the 29th!!!!

  52. jamie reminded me of one very important thing!!!!

    I found my critique partners (well, Mary Curry found me) and they've been very kind of took at all the junk that spews forth from my keyboard.

    Well, most of the junk.

    I do have some pride.

    That was a big step and my sister very much appreciates the fact she's no longer obligated to read my romances. :) Also, my older girls were my beta readers and they're still at the age when smooching is YUCK.

    So having adult critiquers, who read romance, has been such a blessing.

  53. Hi Seekerville!

    My, we have been busy bees this year, haven't we?

    I love setting goals, but I love tracking progress even more. My word for 2012 was "vision" - I wanted to keep my vision of what my writing career could be, and what God wants me to do with it, in front of me all year long.

    During 2012 I -

    - acquired an agent (thanks to Seekerville)

    - signed my first contract for a sale to Love Inspired Historical (thanks to Seekerville - book due out May 2013, available for preorder on Amazon NOW!)

    - finalled in a contest for the first time (I would have won, but Melissa Jagears decided to enter the same contest!)

    - finalled in another contest

    - attended my first writing conference (So much fun, and got to meet so many Seekers and Seekervillians), made my first pitches, had a proposal request

    - proposal sent out for an historical trilogy (currently in the email inboxes of seven different editors, thanks to my agent!)

    - got my website up...still working on the running part

    - joined the crew at the Yankee Belle Cafe

    - and between now and the end of the year, finishing up another proposal for Love Inspired

    Thanks, Seekerville peeps, for encouraging me, holding me accountable, and generally kicking me when needed. :)

  54. Fruitcake with royal icing and tea. :-)

    And after reading Mary's annual report I am going to cry unconsolably for the rest of the day and then wallow the rest of the week! Gah!

    I don't remember month by month - except for March and November when I did the seeker and nanowrimo months and...tada I finished to rough drafts from them! Took longer then a month each, mind you.

    And I got a Seeker critique and applied all the editing tips. :-)

    And the biggest thing I learned was to accept that my writing has to be done in bite sized portions right now and not to use that as an excuse.

  55. Word for the past year was LEARN and did I ever!

    One WIP and an accompanying research trip which netted me a Library of Congress researcher card and a lot of info.

    One Romance Workshop in town

    One Conference in Atlanta with great workshops

    Two fabulous critique partners took me into their fold.

    Got brave enough for three or four critiques.

    Expanded my reading of craft and novels in general.

    Word for 2013? COMMITMENT

    Getting the WIP done.

    Entering a contest or two to get over the fear.

    Start the second book.

    And be open to opportunities of all kinds.

    Peace and blessings ahead, Julie

  56. Myra What Mary said!

    The first boxing day test was 1968 I have been to 4 now and they are great. the atmosphere is electric. the MCG is a great venue. this year i am watching it from the comfort of my lounge chair.

    Virginia seem the 29 is spaced ou. 2 months, then 3 months and always early morning so am right till march!

  57. Hi Seekerville!

    Tina, great post and thanks for the Jerry Seinfeld link. The spreadsheet is a good idea as well--if you enter a number of contests, you can get confused. I applaud all who posted what they accomplished in 2012. I find your achievements inspiring, but I am not posting....

    I'm not as brave as you are. :)


  58. Tina said "spread sheet"....

    Ruthy made a face.

    Then ran for the anti-wrinkle cream!!!!

    Mary, egg nog.

    Oh I love eggnog.

    So does Tina.

    We need to have eggnog at our New Year's Eve bash. I'm bringing some. It won't be as good as your brother's but it won't be in a Thermos, either... we'll serve it right proper, out of the paper carton.


  59. Now I feel like I've accomplished something and I can look forward to the new year as another work in progress but never finished. :)

  60. PS if I was bionic, I'd insist on a smaller bionic belly. No one would BUILD this one!

  61. JAN--

    It was so fun to see that list! I know you from Yankee Belle and I forget we're writers, too!

    Cannot wait for that book. I'm so thrilled for you!!

  62. JULIE--

    I know all those things... but seeing them written out together. WOW. Great job!!!

    I'm envious of your conferences and classes because I just don't have the guts to go to any. (Well, time and family factor in, but it's mostly fear of strangers.)

    Maybe I'll go to one next year if you PROMISE to be there!! I'll hide in your shadow and eat cookies from the vending machine.

  63. Virginia,

    Please attend ACFW. Pretty please.

  64. Virginia a quote for you

    "There are no strangers here just friends we haven't met"

  65. Virginia,

    When I went to M&M in October, it was just like Jenny said. Everyone was already friends, so it was easy--even for shy folk like us. The Internet does really does connect people. So whereever and whenever you decide and are able go to a conference (If we are voting, I vote for RWA next year because I live in Atlanta and I know I will be there) there would already be people to have lunch with, talk with, etc. I would, and I know everyone wants to meet Edna's friend!


  66. Piper, lol. You noticed I didn't post mine either. Looking forward, looking forward.

    Hey speaking of profile picture. Love it! You're beeee-u-ti-ful!!!

  67. Julie, wow. I love learners. Folks who think they can't learn something new irk me.

    WAY TO GO!!!

  68. Jan, great year. We so love kicking people, but you seem to have an energizer bunny mentality already. Less kicking required.

  69. Thanks, Tina.

    Lol--I didn't notice that you had not posted yours --you wrote this great column, after all! It is good to have company though, all the same.


  70. Love your quotes, Tina. And thank you so much for the delicious cookies and tea. I really needed those cookies -- not. Diet time. Maybe I'll wait for the new year.

    I hope everyone had a happy and blessed Christmas.

  71. Okay...I had to dig out my journal that I set my yearly and monthly writing goals in. Last year I started keeping track of the 'highlights' of my career per month. Here it is:

    January-Polished and submitted a contemporary romance novel to my agent. Worked on galley edits for Job's Tears and content edits for Rose of Sharon.

    February-Guest speaker at a writer's retreat.

    March-Contacted by a non-fiction publisher to write a pictorial history book which I turned down. Summerside rejected the contemporary my agent submitted.

    April-Auditioned for a Guidepost cozy mystery series. Was a co-presenter with Mary Connealy at a library event.

    May- Job's Tears released. Blogged on Seekerville. Harlequin/Heartsong opened up submissions, my agent submitted a contemporary and historial proposal.

    June-Receive a contract on my contemporary, Wedding On The Rocks from Harlequin/Heartsong. Entered two short story contests.

    July-Finished the rough draft of my contracted book. Rose of Sharon released.

    August-Polished my contracted book. Spoke at a Sioux Falls Library event. Received a short story assignment from Standard Publishing.

    September-Submitted by book. ACFW conference.

    October-started blogging with a group blog. Wrote sample chapters for my historical proposal. Worked on first round of edits for Wedding On The Rocks.

    November-Submitted my historical, Living In Faith to Harlequin/Heartsong.

    December-Working on a series with four authors that Heartsong Presents is interested in.

  72. Rose!!! This is impressive. You are the poster child for completed tasks.

    Mary is too, but she's kinda scary with her bionic belly.

  73. I can't do this by month. However, I can name the following:

    Won a contest for my writing with a second manuscript.
    Won a contest in my writer's group for getting the most rejections.
    Got an agent.
    Got my manuscript in front of several publishers (and got turned down by a few of them as a prior point indicates)
    Read a lot.

    I'll have to think of this by month going forward.

  74. piper that is so true about the internet. i am a shy person who loves to talk but in a crowd i am in the corner but when away I go out of my way to talk with people. So looking foreward to meeting some people in May!

    (so looking forward to being able to tpye two handed again. took splint of for a bit today to shower etc but know I still need it.)

  75. Tasks, not goals reached, Walt.

    I bet you did a lot of tasks...editing, submitting, judging, reading craft books, going to conferences, workshops, chapter meetings. That's why you attained those goals. All those steps on the journey. Way to go.

  76. Rose, oh my stars, that's a great year.

    Julie.... whoa. Whoa. Whoa.

    I'm going back to Slackerville where me and my kind belong!

    JHS, love that word choice! You go, girl! And wasn't this a huge learning year??????

    And then some!

    Tina, that's such an important separation. The tasks are what make the goals. It's like going upstairs... you might be able to skip a step here or there, but you're not going to get to the second floor without going up the stairs.

    Walt. You went up a lot of stairs. How's that WIP coming, Dude???? ;)

    I'm waiting to hear you wrote THE END.

    Those are sweet, sweet words of success right there.

    Jenny, bring a fresh English pudding for the New Year's Eve celebration, okay? I'll make a caramel-vanilla sauce for it.

  77. I'd love to read A HORSEMAN'S HOPE thank you.

    Even for this non-writer it's amazing how much you accomplish if you list it.

  78. LOL, TEENSTER ... loved this blog ... until I read Mary's, then I went back to bed. :)

    I accomplished more than I ever have and feel less fulfilled than ever before. Mmmm ... there's a lesson in there ... With three books out in six months rather than one a year, I've upped the ante working on four books in a year. BUT ... since not one hair on me is bionic (a la Mary), I've decided one book a year sounds just lovely ... ;)


  79. i did read a lot of books, made my own Christmas cards and a few gifts. i didn't keep track of the books i read, but maybe that will be my goal for 2013. Looking back, i see i didn't have any goals that i can think of, but we did get Mom back home after almost losing her in August. That was a goal i had nothing to do with, though. i would love it if my name could be added to the draw for the book, though, please.


  80. when the world is trying to bring you down, just keep your eye on God for your strength!

  81. Great post, Tina--and even though I'm a day late chiming in, I'd still love a molasses cookie! ~ Even though I feel that I worked pretty hard towards my writing goals in 2012, I KNOW I can do better....So, with the Lord's help, I WILL do better this coming year! ~ Hugs, Patti Jo

  82. January:Went back to school for another semester
    February:Mastered unarmed combat for the stage
    March:Had 6 performances of Pierre & Marie; I was Marie
    April: Learned to sword fight for the stage
    May: Graduated with a Masters in Theatre
    June: Had first baby, a girl named Kiaya
    July: Survived the first month of mommyhood
    August: Survived the one year anniversary of my dad's death
    September: I turned 24
    October: Survived the one year anniversary of my brother's death
    November:Finally went through my pre-pregnancy clothes
    December:I read a lot of plays & I've almost reached my goal of reading 100 books in 2012.

    Thanks for having the giveaway.


  83. Another inspiring Rose checked in. Way to go, Rose!!!!!

  84. And Rose you have had a very traumatic year. God Bless you!!!

  85. You made your own Christmas cards, Marianne. I want to make cards someday. I bought a book.

    Julie Hilton Steele makes gorgeous cards.

  86. Patty, I just got Glynna Kaye's Molasses Cookie recipe today. Stay tuned to the New Year's Eve party for this great treat.

  87. Late to comment, but want to say how much this post helped. Reviewing my spreadsheet and daybook jarred me into the realization I did a lot more writing-wise in 2012 than I thought. Thanks!

    Nancy C

  88. This post helped me so much!!!! Thank you.

  89. Glad to hear that this helped, Nancy C and Natalie!!!