Saturday, December 1, 2012

Weekend Edition

Holiday celebrating is in full swing here in Seekerville!

Grab a cup of egg nog and join the fun!

We Have Winners

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Monday Tyndale author Pam Hillman pondered "The Strange Phenomenon of Parkinson's Law." Winner of an  Official Pomodoro Technique Timer and CHOCOLATE: a Ferrero Rocher Diamond Gift Box and an IOU for a January e copy of Claiming Mariah is C.E. Hart.

  Thomas Nelson author, Cara Lynn James was your hostess  Tuesday with "Dialogue Ailments." The winner of her Four 1/2 Star RT Book Reviews historical romance A Path toward Love is Amy Campbell.

Wednesday Ruth Logan Herne joined forces with her buddy Mia Ross as they equated writing with building a gingerbread house! Winners of  two-packs of Merry Christmas books (His Mistletoe Family and A Gift of Family) are Ruth Tredway, Sherida Stewart, Joanne Hill and Jenny Blake.

"I Hear What You’re Saying but I Know What You’re Thinking."  FaithWords author Jane Myers Perrine was our guest on Thursday to share on subtext. The winner of their choice of Jane's Butternut Creek books is Vince Mooney.

Friday we shared a Best of the Archives post: "Why I Love Debra Dixon's Goal, Motivation and Conflict." The winner of their very own copy of Goal, Motivation and Conflict: The Building Blocks of Good Fiction is Pat Jeanne.

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday:Barbour and Bethany House author Mary Connealy is bringing us "Where do I Begin--Deciding Where to Start Your Story." And...Mary is also having a $25 CBD e-gift card drawing! Merry Christmas!


Tuesday: We are deelighted to have  Love Inspired, Heartsong Presents and Barbour author Elizabeth Goddard return to Seekerville. Stop by for a journey to the "Final Frontier!" And she's giving away two copies of her newest Love Inspired Suspense, Treacherous Skies.

 Wednesday:Award-winning author Dina Sleiman offers "timeless" advice on "Making History Work for You" in her guest blog that also features an e-book giveaway of her latest novel, Zondervan's Love in Three-QuarterTime or paperback copy of Dance of the Dandelion.

Thursday:Welcome back Barbour author and Seekerville friend Erica Vetsch who'll be sharing with us "insider" info on contest judges! Erica is giving away a copy of her latest release, A Bride Sews with Love in Needles, California.

Friday: Every Friday during this busy Holiday Season, Seekerville will be sharing a Best of the Archives post along with a giveaway. Don't miss this oldie but goodie!

Seeker Sightings 

THIS JUST IN: Make your reservations now for the Seekerville Rockin' New Year's Eve Party. Details here.

 Saturday is your last day to vote for Seekerville for the Writer's Digest Best 101 Websites for Writers. Details here.

The December calendar is up. Check out the upcoming fun!

Julie Lessman has a huge list of contest opportunities this month!  

Journal Jots December Contest! Don't miss out on Julie's weekly blog to her readers where she is giving away in December SIX TOP CBA BOOKS, A $50 GIFT CARD, AND CHOICE OF ANY OF HER BOOKS INCLUDING A COPY OF A LIGHT IN THE WINDOW (e-book or signed printed manuscript). 

November 27, 2012:Win your choice of any of her books including A Love Surrendered and her Christmas e-book A Light in the Window: An Irish Christmas Love Story at a giveaway on Lena Nelson Dooley's blog .

November 29, 2012:Win your choice of any of her books including A Love Surrendered and her Christmas e-book A Light in the Window: An Irish Christmas Love Story at a giveaway on The Sword and the Spirit blog.


Beginning this weekend, Sunday, December 2, Over the Edge and In Too Deep by Mary Connealy will be on sale for only $2.99 as an ebook. The sale lasts through Dec. 22nd.  

Click on the books to be taken to Amazon.

Bethany House ebooks Specials can be found, updated monthly here.

And, Mary is a guest today on Cheryl St. John's Great Christmas Tree Tour. She's sharing pictures of her children's homemade Christmas stockings, all done by her, by hand in crewel work. (better to have named it CRUEL work)
Read More Here....

Preorder Sandra Leesmith's  December 11 release, Current of Love for Kindle now for a special price of $3.99 on Amazon.

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 The Random House Publishing Group Announces New Digital-Only Imprints (AtRandom)

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 NaNoWriMo Giveaway (Day 30): How to Land a Literary Agent (WD)

Finding the Time by Erin Brown (Author Magazine)

Show Me The Money (Brenda Hiatt 10/12 Update)

That's it! Have a great weekend! 


  1. That video is seriously scary.

    I mean it.

  2. Oh, congrats to the winners!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, everybody :)

  3. Oh I love the video made my day, woops not it didn't winning Ruthy and Mia's books made my day. doing the happy dance here. I am so excited. Now I can go delete those books from my order at book depository.
    Thank you.

    I am in the middle of doing my tree and contemplating do I make white fudge or gingerbread or both.
    anyway am sharing both with you all.

  4. Love, love, love! the Christmas video.

    Congratulations, winners!

    I won't stay long because I don't want to infect you all with this bug my brother shared with me, but in spite of the wicked head cold (which Ruthy so aptly called the plague on my FB status) I met and exceeded my NaNoWriMo goal with 53,654 words. Yay, Me!

    And now I'm going to go soak my sore head in a hot shower. It's the only place I can get relief. I've decided it's because the water running over my ears helps equalize the pressure. Don't know if that's why it works, but it does. If only hot water were free. :-)

  5. I always thought you guys rocked. Now I am sure of it.

    I love Jib Jabs.

    Have a great weekend everybody and congratulations to the winners.

  6. Buahahahahahahahahaha.
    That was AWESOME =)

  7. Jenny, BOTH!!!!!

    And you're welcome! Happy your name fairly ERUPTED from the cat dish!

    Clari, I still have the lingering effects of The Plague and it's been four weeks....

    I think it went to a sinus infection because it didn't want to get better on its own. So after everyone else was sounding better and I was still shaking and shivering and Dave was mainlining cough syrup into me, I started amoxicillin... 48 hours later I could tell it was easing.

    Praying for you, dear one!!!!

  8. Oh, that Christmas video!!!! I love Jib Jab THIS MUCH!!!!!

    Sandra, doing a prat fall AND playing the drums!!!

    WHO KNEW?????

    And Connealy, rockin' that guitar!

    Oh my stars, that was fun, Teeeeenster!

  9. First good laugh of the day (might be the only good laugh of the day). You guys look great!

    Oh my! I'm not sure I'm ready for December and here it is. and we have snow on the ground!

    Congrats to the winners. It was a great week of posts!

  10. Congratulations to all the winners!

  11. Phew, I was prepared this week and kept all spewable liquids away from the computer when I watched the video. Hysterical -- kind of a elves/chipmunks cross. There's one elf I can't identify and it's driving me nuts. Have to go watch it again. Happy 1st of December everyone!

  12. The Christmas video is wonderful, congrats to all the winners of last week and looking forward to another good one with the line-up I see coming.
    "Merry Christmas Seekerville"

    Paula O

  13. Good morning, all!! Hope you're kicking off a great weekend!

    Guess what I just saw?? Virginia's cover is up for voting in a cover contest!! Here's the ballot if you'd like to check it out:

    Now maybe Mary can go make that into a real link for me. I've never gotten it to work!

  14. Clari, I'm so sorry you're sick. That Ruthy should have kept her plague to herself! We'll spray some Lysol around Seekerville.


    Congrats on winning Nano!!! Even while sick!

  15. Debra, I'm with you. I'm not ready for December! I just got the swing of November and feel like this year is blowing past too quickly!

  16. YAYYYY winners
    YAYYYY it's egg nog season!

    *clinks crystal*

    Merrrry Christmas, Seekerville & FURiends!!

    Good WE, Tina. Have 3 articles already tagged for review.

  17. Virginia, beautiful cover. EASY to vote for yours! Thanks for letting us know, Missy.
    Sure hope everyone gets to feeling better ASAP.
    You're probably *ahem* sick of hearing of remedies but I'm forging ahead.
    Soak each end of a Q-tip in hydrogen peroxide and swab out each nostril every night. It has worked for me for coming up on 5 years now. I've not been sick with anything other than a food situation last Christmas. Other than that, not even a sniffle. No flu shot either.
    It burns a bit, but worth it not to be sick once/twice a year.

  18. Great WE, Tina! CONGRATS to all the winners! ~ Looking forward to another great upcoming week in Seekerville---especially having Erica V. visit one day---YAY!!! ~ I just voted for S'ville as the BEST website (went to the link and included the info.). Happy December 1st everyone! (am off to a wedding) Hugs, Patti Jo

  19. Those dancing elves are Ruthy, Sandra, Mary, Julie and MOI!!!

  20. We've had the creeping crud move through here as well, Clari. Drink lots of Gatorade!

  21. p.s. And Tina....thanks anyway, but I'll pass on the *egg nog* (as I turn green....)since that was the last thing I had before getting SICK on T'giving.... ~ Hugs, PJ

  22. EGG NOG!!!!

    I'm addicted....

    I feel a work break coming on! Maybe a time to decorate, watch White Christmas and drink eggnog!!!

    K.C., I love you!

  23. K.C.....

    I'm willing to try it.

    I'm a jerk when it's hot...

    And when I'm sick.

    And most other times, too.

    But it's good to try our best to avoid the germ-age!!!

  24. Tina, loved the video of the rocking Seeker sisters!! And the addition of pictures for next week's bloggers! Congratulations to all the winners!

    December 1 already! We're decorated. I'm working on cards and just returned from a Cookie Walk with lots of cut out cookies. Easy peasy way to put a smile on the grandkids' faces.

    Jenny, thanks for the goodies!

    Congrats, Clari! Hope you feel better soon. Might try KC's remedy.

    Voted for Virginia's cover. They were all pretty amazing!

    Patti Jo, thanks for voting for Seekerville!!!


  25. Ruthy, so glad you're on antibiotics!!!


  26. Love the video. LOL

    Thank you for the awesome timer and chocolate. Mmm... And I can't wait to receive my copy of Claiming Mariah! :)

    Congrats to the rest of the winners!!

    I look forward to next week with Seekerville. Looks like some tasty morsels each day. :)

    Happy December y'all! <3

  27. Amazing what a talented group of Seeker elves we have--dancing, singing!! What a way to bring in the first day of -- gasp! -- DECEMBER!

    Awesome, Tina!!!

  28. Oh, my. Those have to be the funnest elves I've ever laid eyes on. You "elves" sure know how to party. :)

    Congratulations to the winners! I'm definitely looking forward to next week's posts.

    I also wanted to say "Way to Go!" to those who completed or exceeded their NaNo goals!!

    And DEBRA, I'll try not to be jealous that you have snow on the ground and we have 60 degree temps, in December. Sigh.

    This is a great WE, Tina. Thanks!

  29. I was alarmed for just a second when the elf video showed Ruthy sticking her head in an oven. I mean I know your cold has been bad, but hang on, Ruthy. Better days are coming!!!!!!!!!!

  30. OH MY FREAKIN' GOSH!!!! I about died laughing over that video, Teenster -- SOOOOO DARN CUTE!!!

    I laughed so hard that Keith came running, then he laughed hard too.

    LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! But I'm starting to think you may just have too much time on your hands ... ;)

    Hugs and SUPER CONGRATS to all the winners!!


  31. Singing Seekers! Who knew there was so much talent behind those authorly facades!

    Congrats to all the winners and a special ATTA GIRL to Clari for such a super accomplishment.

    And what a cool Christmas tree. I could build one in every room in the house :-)

    Thanks for the WE, Tina.

    Nancy C

  32. Congrats winners!! Super WE, Tina!

    I hope those that are sick feel better soon!

    Gotta go watch that video & vote for Virginia's cover..

  33. Love the pics of next week's lineup!

    Everyone looks so festive!

    Christmas is in the air...almost.

  34. Don't the ladies look amazing???

    Great photos!

  35. That video is too cute! Love it!!!

  36. Christina!!! Where ya been you, debut,author,you!

  37. I just got a Birthday gift in the mail from the Seekerville people I wasn't expecting, thanks Tina. It's a beautiful day today and it's my son's bday so he's happy to go outside and play!

  38. Hi All:

    Loved the video! I have to go back and see who is who now that Tina has said who is in it.

    I voted for “Season of Joy” and I would have if I did not even know Virginia. It not only says “Christmas” the most to me, it also is perfect for the story.

    Congrats to the NaNo winners! Also prize winners. I’m delighted to win one of Jane’s "Butternut Creek" books. What fun. (Don't they have great covers?)

    K.C. et al. Sandra Byrd has a free book up today on Amazon: “Asking for Trouble: 1 (London Confidential)”. Sandra’s YA books make the best use of AE’s, anticipatory events, that I’ve so far come across. She’s an amazing writer well worth reading.

    How about Mary’s Picture! The Lady in Red. Just marvelous. It’s like having a character come alive and walking off the page. I vote for that picture. No kidding.


  39. Hi Ruth:

    Sorry to hear you are not well. I know what would work but I don’t know how to make it. My Norwegian grandmother always gave us hot toddies (yes, with whisky) and that cured everything we ever got! Do you know how to make a hot toddy?


  40. I didn't send it Melissa. I still have approximately six to mail.

    No. Make that 8.

    I am almost caught up.

  41. Vince, thanks for the Sandra Byrd heads up.

    Don't forget Mary's are on sale and you can preorder Sandra for 3.99-regular 9.99-Current of Love.

  42. Mary, nice job on the link....

    And how hysterical is it that I'm the baking elf?????

    Oh my stars, I laughed myself silly at that because I don't think you can "set it up" that way, they just insert.....

    Stinkin' hilarious!

  43. Vince, a hot toddy, hmmm?????

    I gotta do the "virgin version"....

    So I do hot lemonade.

    I know, I know, lame!!!!

    But it's soothing, cheap and it makes me feel like someone's taking care of me even when they're so sick of my whiny self that they STAY AWAY IN DROVES!!!!

    Actually, that effect isn't such a bad thing, right??? :)

  44. VINCE! Thank you for those kind words about my Lady in Red picture.


  45. Ohmygosh!!!! That video was too much! I had my hubby watch it with me--so funny!!! Thanks~

  46. Best. Video. Christmas. Card. EVER.

  47. Oh, you guys are SO sweet!

    Honestly, if I didn't have to vote for my own cover, I'd vote for Dorothy Love's! Love it, so pretty!

    And I'm also a huge fan of twinkle lights so I love Jillian's... one of her TWO. Wow. Two covers! Overacheiver!

    That elf video is... addicting.

    since I've never seen any of you in person, I'll just pretend tis is real.

  48. It is real. I am a bit surprised at how real it is.

  49. I will agree with Tina and not because I'm a total suck-up.

    I AM a total suck up but it's crazy funny how that video and Tinas photo-shopping hand made us all look like we were doing something we'd actually do.

    I'm still laughing like crazy over the pie.

    When I went to visit Mary I bought a cute, country sign at a tiny shop in Nebraska... Just a lovely lady selling beautiful hand-made things out of this adorable shop....

    AND IT'S A WORLD'S BEST PIE BAKER pumpkin pie sign, LOL!

    Clearly, Jib Jab KNEW...

  50. Hi Tina:

    I just downloaded Mary’s two books. They were not available yesterday. I also downloaded Sandra’s the day I learned about the deal. (I have Mary's print books but I can’t read the type. : ( )

    I have an idea for a blog post. Perhaps a Seeker might want to try it next year. It’s called “Free Indirect Discourse” – It lets the author have a first person effect while in third person. Jane Austen was a pioneer in it’s use and I love Jane Austen. (I’m taking a Lit course and the professor is very big on this approach.) If the Seekers have not covered this yet, I think it would make a great blog. I would think you could find many examples of FID, as it is called, in current Seeker books. I would sure like to learn more about this so that it will become second nature to me. Just a 2013 idea.


  51. Vince, I'm lost on Free Indirect Discourse....

    Is it the way she "spoke" opinions as if in first person....

    It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.

    So that she's "thinking" in first person (as if carrying on a conversation) but is actually doing the book in third person...

    and isn't that basically "storyteller" omniscience?

    When I read her work, that's what I sense is the omniscience of her story.... so that you're getting observations as well as seeing the story unfold.
    Whaddya think, big guy?

  52. Hi Ruth:

    I had to LOL, literally, about your virgin toddy comment. When I was about ten, my father took me to lunch at an upscale restaurant filled with other business men. The cocktail waitress came and asked if we wanted drinks. My father said, “I’ll have a Virgin Mary”.

    I was just scandalized.
    It just sounded so wrong.
    Sacrilegious, even.

    Then when it came the appearance made it even worse.

    I wondered if this was some kind of 'coming of age' lunch boys had with their fathers. (I was waiting for 'the talk' other kids said was coming.)

    But nothing happened. I didn’t learn to later what a virgin drink was. (This is a 100% true story!)


  53. Hi Ruth:

    I’m not real up on FID but here is what Wikipedia has to say about it:

    "What distinguishes free indirect speech from normal indirect speech is the lack of an introductory expression such as "He said" or "he thought". It is as if the subordinate clause carrying the content of the indirect speech is taken out of the main clause which contains it, becoming the main clause itself. Using free indirect speech may convey the character's words more directly than in normal indirect, as devices such as interjections and exclamation marks can be used that cannot be normally used within a subordinate clause."


    Quoted or direct speech:

    He laid down his bundle and thought of his misfortune. "And just what pleasure have I found, since I came into this world?" he asked.

    Reported or normal indirect speech:

    He laid down his bundle and thought of his misfortune. He asked himself what pleasure he had found since he came into the world.

    Free indirect speech:

    He laid down his bundle and thought of his misfortune. And just what pleasure had he found, since he came into this world?

    I agree with the professor that this is a very useful technique for authors.


    P.S. I think it may be used in Deep POV passages but I don't know enough yet to comment on this.

  54. Okay, we have two Thursdays next week which is fine unless Tuesday is your birthday. See, some of us really do read the WE...

    I'm already trying to decide what I'll wear to the Seekerville New Year's Bash.

    Vince and Ruthy, you just went way over my head.

  55. ha!!!! Debra!!! Good call.

    I fixed it.

    You can borrow sparkly pjs from me.

  56. I think, Vince, that this would be a topic for YOU to Blog on. Not a one of us would dare.

  57. Congratulations to all the winners this week. I was vacationing in the Great Smoky Mountains and unfortunately, we didn't have Wi-Fi in our cabin so I missed tuning into Seekerville all week. Looking back it looks like it was a very fun and inspiring week.

    Have a blessed week!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.
    countrybear52 at yahoo dot com

  58. Oh, my gosh! I missed the video the first time. Guess my computer hadn't fully loaded. What a HOOT! I just love you really know how to have fun! :)

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

  59. Oh, my gosh! I missed the video the first time. Guess my computer hadn't fully loaded. What a HOOT! I just love you really know how to have fun! :)

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

  60. Free Indirect Discourse.

    I think they had a lot of that in the sixties. Hippie communes, free love. All that.

    I don't know if Seekerville is the right place for that kind of talk.

  61. In seriousness, I think FID (oh, boy, now it's got initials) is very common.

    Janet Dean in Wanted: A Family-

    "He might be kind, considerate and hardworking,but he kept his past secret. Why? Had he been harmed by others? Had he done something evil?"

    Ruth Logan Herne in Yuletide Hearts-

    "The idea of selling it made Matt feel guilty, but that was silly. She and Hank had designed it with no intention of living there. Why should he feel bad?"

    Jessica Nelson in Love on The Range-

    "But Trevor had made Julia cry and she'd sounded devastated. Was she an old flame, someone who'd left him and now wanted him back?"

    Austen pioneered it but I think every romance auhor has picked it up, even if they didn't know what it was. :)

    Now half the blog is done already!

  62. Such a nice surprise to see my name among last week's winners. Thank you Seekers for Debra Dixon's GMC. I'm eager to get into it. Congrats to all the others. Voted for my fav place on the web over at WD weeks ago. Looked over this month's calendar. Exciting weeks ahead. Hope those not feeling well are back on track soon.

  63. Tina, love the video!

    Aren't you trying to get a proposal done?

    Heading back to my WIP! It's a balmy 60-something in GA today. I want to go outside and play.

    Mother May I?

  64. Vince, must we label it, my friend?

    Can't we just use it and call it good??

    I'm starting to confuse myself... and we've got poor Deb discombobulated.


    I don't get deep POV either.

    I mean, I understand how to do it... but why it's "deep" as opposed to simply "internal" makes no sense to me.

    But you know me, Vince.... I don't read the manuals. I just keep writing and eventually (even a broken clock is right twice a day, right?) I come out okay!

    Dorrie from Nemo: "Just keep writing, just keep writing, just keep writing....."

    I love that fish!

  65. I love omniscient POV... It ranks right up there with Nora Roberts head-hopping for me....

    Story telling was more spontaneous before the rule book said there was a right way and wrong way.

    I employ the new methods because it's accepted and I want to make money....

    But I love to go back and read things that break these rules... pacing was quicker and more rapid-fire conversation took place.

    And it's not because that's what I knew first... It was a fun in-your-face way to write.

  66. Hi Virginia:

    WARNING *** This is a TMI long post about IFD. You may want to skip it.

    The rationale for an IFD blog is to show writers who are not aware of it, how to recognize the method and then how and when to actually do it. I do not know this.

    IDF may seem common but writers went without knowing about it for four thousand years or so. It is not something that everyone was doing but did not have a name for. It was not being done to any extent.

    For example, there is this new book that’s out and I quote:

    Calista nodded and smiled brightly. “Thank you,” she chirped, hoping she oozed positivity and enthusiasm. They wouldn’t want unhappy people around here. She was sure they had enough of those already.*

    What I don’t know is whether the last two sentences are examples of IFD or if they are simply the narrator telling us something. Often IFD ends in a question mark. These do not.

    I need help in determining what is IFD and what is not IFD. I really don’t know and since I am doing major research for a book on Deep POV, I really need to know.

    I think you are perfect to do this blog. You are right. Half of it is done and you’ve done most of that. What we need now are trial exercises for those who want to learn this.

    For example:

    1. Does the example passage have IFD in it or not?

    2. Rewrite direct discourse passages as IFD passages. (The commenter posts the rewrite and the blog author says if it is right or wrong.)

    I’m not the one to do this. I think you would be ideal. If not, then I think Julie Lessman could do it very well because I think of Julie as a current day Jane Austen.


    *This passage may have come from "Season of Joy".

  67. Vince- it's NOT IFD. Or IDF.

    The words 'she was sure' would be skipped.

    And it's really interesting you pulled out that line because it was flagged in edits and was originally 'They had enough of those already'.

    I think the 'deep' POV doesn't use any pronouns (he thought, she was sure, it seemed) because it distances (going toward the shallow end, not the deep end where we wanna be) the reader from the perspective of the character.

    But sometimes without any pronoun markers, it sounds choppy and almost 'telegraphic'. Since we're not allowed any purple prose (in this line) we don't get a lot of words to soften the IDF. FID. IFD. Whatevah....

    I think we should have a post on POV and the way thoughts repcede action.

    Have we done that yet???

    I'm not the one to do it, but I read something a few months ago and I slapped my forehead. DUH.

    MC thinks 'oh no, the dam is breaking!'

    MC acts.

    Sometimes, every now and then, you read someone acting/thinking/acting and it feels off.

    MC runs for the hills. "Oh no, the dam is breaking!"

    See? :) Everybody probably already knew that but me!

  68. Sorry, I was trying to write 'the way thought precedes action'.

  69. Ruthy, everybody hated Rowling's new book because it was omniscient and followed several characters.

    They were so used to the limited omniscient POV of Potter books they couldn't udnerstand why chapter two gave them another view!

    For omniscient POV I love Jonathon Stroud. He makes it sound like the narrator is making snarky observations in the reader's ear.

  70. Hi Ruth:

    WARNING: Way Too Much Information About Deep-POV.

    I agree, omniscient POV is wonderful…if you’re omniscient. For the rest of us there’s multiple third person pov. : )

    I think as you do about Deep POV’s name being misleading. It’s not deep in the sense of being profound as in, “he’s a deep thinker”. It’s not deep in being more expansive as in “shallow water vs deep water”. It’s called Deep POV because it makes it sound way better than it really is..

    Deep POV is actually the shallowest of POVs in that it is by far the most restrictive. It is very one dimensional. If reality is 3-D then Deep-POV is 1-D.

    Here’s why:

    In Deep-POV the idea is to make the narrator invisible. Not having a meaningful narrator takes away one dimension. Almost all classics have important and distinctive narrators. Who tells the story and how it is told is very important.

    Next, in Deep-POV the author cannot comment on what is going on outside of the sense awareness of the DPOV character. This is amazingly restrictive and it removes another dimension from the equation.

    Then, even with its remaining dimension, Deep-POV can only go forward sequentially. The purists will tell you that you can’t even write:

    “She got up to open the door after Jones knocked on it.”

    You are supposed to write:

    “After Jones knocked on the door, she got up to open it.”

    Rationale: Life happens sequentially.

    The biggest claim for Deep-POV is that it mirrors reality. It puts you the reader in the DPOV character’s head as if you were that character.

    This is nonsense. The DPOV character seeing a woman crossing the street knows all kind of things the reader does not know. The DPOV character has access to all his feelings and memories. The reader does not. This is nothing like reality.

    So there. I am not at all impressed with Deep-POV as a way to write a whole novel. I’ve started to read nine all Deep-POV novels and could only finish two of them. Other people can obviously finish them as they have published authors. But I know the rules and they annoy me. I want a full bodied story.

    I’m with Mary on this. She does a great job on Deep POV passages when Deep-POV is the most effective. Like in dramatic action scenes. Yet Mary pops out of D-POV so as to keep her writing fully three dimensional.

    I said all this so I could say this: you are right, deep-pov is not really deep and should not be called as such. I am calling it ‘restrictive-POV’ in my book.


    P.S. I’m working very hard today on rewriting my first three chapters to my “Stranded” book. These Seeker posts are my reward for progressing on that project.

  71. Hi Virginia:

    I think the best person in the world to do a blog on POV is Alicia Rasley. Her book “The Power of Point of View” is first rate analytic philosophy as well as a great exposition of POV in writing.

    Alicia Rasley has been a guest on Seekerville. Perhaps Tina can get her back.


  72. Oh no, Vince! Does this mean you didn't finish my book??

    OKay, well, I'll just tell you the end. They get married!


  73. Hi Virginia:

    I have not yet finished “Season of Joy” because I bougth the Harlequin ebook and the type was too small on my Sony eReader. That left my work computer as the only place I could read it. I did make it to page 89. I just bought a Kindle version and now I can read it on my Kindle. Also my review will be verified on Amazon this way. Not to worry. I loved it so far. I’m just wondering why RT didn’t give you that last ½ star. : )


  74. Ha! My thought exactly!

    :) I think five stars is retired...

  75. Was traveling this weekend so missed the fun. What a hoot those jib jab videos are.

    Sounds like you all had a blast. Virginia I can hardly wait to see your book in the store. I want it.

  76. I'm excited for the New Years party! whoot whoot!!!!!!