Monday, January 21, 2013

Popular Publishing Culture for Fifty Points

Usually we spend our days in Seekerville, noshing, talking, and noshing . 
In between we share writing, contest, and industry news
 and we throw in inspiration and gentle bun-kicking along the way.

This is not one of those days.



Think of this as a small business training day. CE points. If you are a writer then you are a professional with a business. Part of maintaining that business is keeping up with the changes and news in your specialized industry. We do that by reading trade magazines, following editors, agents and publishers online, going to conferences and taking online classes, oh and by reading books. Lots of books!

This is a competitive industry and it's your job to know what's going on and, yes,  what's gone on in the history of publishing. It's your job to have an opinion on industry issues. You don't have to verbalize your opinion but you should have one or be researching the topics so you can eventually weigh in. Think of yourself as a young- Nora Ephron -learning your craft.  Insert your own inspiring example, Nora Ephron is one of mine.

Don't spend the day on Facebook making friends and be unaware your editor just moved to another publishing house. Of course you can't spend all your time reading Publisher's Weekly, following editors on Twitter and scanning Galley Cat. 

But education on the industry should get a small amount of your time, just like publicity does.

This is your career. 

Rules:Please pay very close attention to the rules or your computer may blue screen. Kidding, but let's save us all a headache by being attentive. The link will be provided AFTER you read the rules. Read all the rules before you ask questions.

1. DO NOT click on download, play online, sign up for free trial or PLAY NOW. The only thing you will click on the front screen is the boxes with numbers, 10-50, Final Question, and Score Board.

2. This is an honor system game. When you get a question correct you add the points in the box. When you get a question incorrect you subtract the question in the box. You can be whatever team you prefer. (There are no teams, we are playing individually).

3. The procedure:Click on a box. (Your choice of the order.) Click on View Answer Question. Click on Scoreboard. Clock on Game Board. Four steps. You can do this.

4. The Final Question. You get to pick the value. If you pick 100 points and win, then you add 100 points to your total score so far. If you are incorrect you subtract 100 points.

5. I was reminded that you don't have to click on all the boxes. And you don't have to click on View Answer if you don't know the answer. Your score stays the same.

 Remember, today it's all about you!


1. There will be a random giveaway for anyone who plays the game. Five $10 dollar Amazon gift cards will be given away. But you must comment and tell us your score.

2. Readers can play too. It's not about winning, it's about playing. 

Other issues:

1. If you cannot access the game site for ANY REASON REAL OR IMAGINED, or we crash the site, please let me know in the comments or at seekers at seekerville dot net. I will send you a text copy with answers. No cheating.

For those of you not going to the site, click on the Jeopardy photo above to see the categories: 

Agents & Editors
Publishing Trivia
Digital Publishing
Publishing Industry
Name That Book

2. Answers may be submitted in the comments through Thursday, January 24th at 11:59 PM EST. That's a minute before Friday in NYC folks. Winners announced in the Weekend Edition.

3. It's also recommended that you increase the screen size to 125 % while playing for more enjoyment.

3.  In the unlikely event you are no fun and don't want to play, that's okay. No really. I used to be no fun too. You still have a chance to be entered in a drawing for a Surprise Package. All you have to do is wish Missy Tippens a very Happy Birthday in the comments.

Let the game begin!


  1. I thunk I orta brung de coffee afore I go gettin' my poor wee brain all tangled up in that thar game.

    Happy Birthday, Missy!

    Now off to the game.


  2. I did absolutely awful! Negative, but I won't tell how much. *g*

  3. Ugh! I also did absolutely awful!
    And, like Christina, I won't tell how much negative.

    But I did great on the book titles and got the final question. Does that keep me from total shame???

  4. Wait! Hold the presses!
    I redid my math.
    Got a PLUS 10.


  5. LOL. You guys are too funny.

    Thanks for playing.

  6. still trying to work out how to play.

    Happy Birthday Missy.

  7. 1060!!!! I risked it all on the final question, woohoo, paid off!

    The one 50 point question I got was an educated guess, made me dance in my seat, the other ones were very hard! and one made me mad that I was thrown by the review date. Grrr

    Happy Birthday Missy!

  8. ok found it got 5 questions including the last one right but it still puts me at - so many I cant count!!!!!!

    Did I mention Happy Birthday Missy
    may the most you wish for be the least you receive.

    I think a pavlova in your honor is in order!

  9. H A P P Y
    B I R T H D A Y
    M I S S Y

    I took the test. I got 14 right and 11 wrong. This is +3 in whatever units you use. I valued them all the same.

    I'd like to see a test with just questions about Seeker Books. We'd all do a whole lot better. : )


    Possible Categories for Seeker Jeopardy

    *Heroes and Heroines
    * Settings
    * Name the Decade
    * First Books
    * Cowboys, Businessmen, Law Enforcement

  10. LOL, Melissa. If you lost the final question I would be shocked.

  11. Well, Vince, I'll have to do that someday. But it would be a rather narrow view of publishing. Ours is only a small pond.

  12. Pavlova is that meringue stuff...I read it as baklova first.I love baklova.

  13. Um, I played it like real Jeopardy and if I didn't know the answer I didn't choose to answer before checking the question. Is that why so many people are getting negatives?

  14. Could be. I thought about that. Because I would not pick a box at all if I thought my risk was too high.

    Then again writers are sort of anal and have to know if they know ALL the answers.

    But that's okay. Since you still get in the hat if you play and tell us your score.

  15. Okay, I thought we had to attempt to answer ALL the questions.

    I got a lot of questions right, but the 50 pointers I missed outweighed the lesser ones I got right.

  16. What a fun game! I only answered a few questions right and then guessed on the rest of them. My score was around 150, but enjoyed the activity and the answer/questions :)
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISSY! Hope you have LOTS of fun and are super blessed :)

  17. It's okay, Helen. You keep making that unleaded jet fuel for us and we love you. I just noticed your first comment was spoken in....

    I am editing my book and this is how they talk..


  18. Hey, Kara. How are you? A very respectable score.

  19. But if you open a box on Jeopardy, Trebeck reads it, and if you don't want to answer, you don't buzz in, you don't have to answer it just because the question has been revealed. Except for the final question of course.

  20. And yes, I'm the anal writer. I'm being picky about how the scoring on a pretend game ought to take place! :)

    Or more, I don't want to look like some silly, lying goose that my score is so high.

  21. I chose poorly on all but seven questions. I went through them all because I thought I could learn something just like I do on real Jeopardy. I did, it was fun and didn't take long.

    Happy Birthday Missy!

  22. That's the spirit, Mary Cline!!!!


    It isn't just for breakfast anymore.

  23. Melissa, I did the same thing. If I didn't know it, I didn't give myself credit for it, but checked the answer to see how stupid I was anyway.

    As it seems, I am quite dumb.

    But what a fun game, Tina!!!! And I like that you kept the broad scope, although this would be fun to have a Seekers version on the website....

    I was surprised by some of the things I didn't know and NOT AT ALL surprised by others. This tells me I rely on you far too much to keep my head above water and need to do more work in the trenches.

    That won't happen, but at least now I know it SHOULD.

    Shame on me. :)

    Hey, toaster strudels today. Don't scoff, I love these things!

    And don't look at the calorie count, either.

    Just pretend!

  24. I'll be back when the "following directions" part of my brain is awake. right now, I'm dreaming of toaster strudels.

  25. Happy Birthday, Missy!

    I'll check back in with my score later today. Not enough time right now to play.

    I hope you all have a good day.

  26. MISSY TIPPENS!!! Happy birthday to you!!!!

    What kind of cake do you want? I'll make it.

    I think Tex is making red velvet sheet cake this week, but that's TOMORROW.... We need a celebration today.

    Name your cake, chickie! I'm on it!

  27. Apparently I can't play this on my iPad so I'll have to drag out the computer. In the meantime, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Missy!!!!

  28. Happy Birthday, Missy!

    Man O and I love Jeopardy but we had the computer attacked and my yahoo account was hacked. No games for us. We are paranoid. We are down to my laptop and my WIP is on it!

    Peace and blessed Monday, Julie

  29. Wow -- I'm in awe of the mind who made that game up!!! I aced the Reader category. :-) Very proud of myself for that but really bombed on the rest. Mostly any questions I got were uneducated guesses. My total 280. Should have bet more on the final question but I still wouldn't have matched Melissa!

    Thanks for an intriguing start to the morning.

  30. Hi Tina Hi Seekerville, trivia ??on a monday morn oh My Gosh..I will skip. Many have tried though and I applaud you, CLAP-CLAP
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISSY!, mine was yesterday January is a good month...
    Vice as usual did well on the game, does he do EVERYTHING?
    Have a great day all
    Paula O


  31. Happy Birthday, Missy!!! Hope you have a great day!

    Don't think I'll do the game.

  32. SORRY VINCE messed up your name with my typing arthritic hands this morn. I know who you are and we all know who you are....
    Paula O

  33. Paula, come back when you're awake... You know, honestly, it was an eye-opener for me.


    Great questions, though.

    And she got some of my fave all-time books in so those were easy points.

    The industry stuff????


    Smell that burned toast????

    That was me. Sigh...

  34. I wagered 100 on the bonus. Ended up with 460.

    Sad part is, I got all of the book questions right. Very few of the publishing. Guess this means I'm a better reader than writer. huh?

    Oh well, had fun playing. Tina, thanks for creating the game.
    Ruthy pass the struddels. Think I need a sugar high to forget the shame. *g*

    Happy Birthday, Missy.

  35. I am definitely the no-fun gal who won't play cuz I be scared. LOL

    But...Happy Birthday to Missy!!! It's another year. :-)

    Great idea. I love Jeopardy!

  36. So has anyone successfully played this on a Mac? I can't get anything to work. Every time I click a category it takes me to a larger image of the picture and when I click that I get the next image from the blog instead of a question.

    Gee, guess that means I'm supposed to be WRITING not playing!

  37. Have to come back when my brain is awake...

  38. Happy Birthday, Missy!!!!!!!!!
    I hope your day is wonderful, magnanimous and stupendous!!!!!!

    Now I gotta go play Jeopardy.

  39. Happy Belated Birthday wishes to Pol!!

  40. Way to go you guys who tried.

    Will send a paper copy to all those who request.

  41. Well done Kav. And you are a librarian so you must have absorbed some in trivia just by being in the library!

  42. Icky toaster strudels. Lets have something a bit more nourishing.

    Leftover apples in the house. Have to check out the Yankee Belle Cafe for apple cake recipes.

  43. I was defeated by the internet. I couldn't get logged into the game.
    One the other hand, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISSY
    And on the other hand (three handed person alert) you KNOW Tina's not going to pick me as a winner anyway.

    Also, I'm no fun, so this all is as it should be.

  44. Mary Curry, they wanted my credit card information.

    Surely that's not right.

    I clicked on Play Online and stuff like Tina told me.

  45. Tina, I ended up with 460 points. I doubled my score at the end because I knew the final answer. :-)

  46. Awesome game, Tina! I ended up with only 40 points, but I feel as if I learned many new things. Like others, aced the reader part and not so much the publisher part. Thanks for putting it up.

    Happy Birthday, Missy! Missed you on Saturday!


  47. Thanks to Tina for sending me a paper copy.

    I ended up at 360 but only because I picked 100 for the Final question. I know something about the tech/ebook side, authors and books. The rest of the industry? Not so much.

    Learned a lot!

    Peace, Julie



  49. I LOVE Jeopardy!!! (It's one of the very few TV shows I actually view). As soon as I send in a proposal I must complete (hopefully by this afternoon) I will play--sounds FUN! ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISSY!!! Baked a GEORGIA peach cobbler just for YOU!!
    Hugs, Patti Jo

  50. That's the spirit, Piper!!! It's all about learning and FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS. Sigh.

  51. Okay, so I don't have to bake. Never a good idea anyhow. Patti Jo brought good stuff.

  52. Bridgett. Stupendous.

    Melissa Jagear is the number to beat in the super genius category with 1060. The rest of us-- 460 is the number.

  53. Fun, fun, fun! (at least when you follow the directions, MARY!)

    My score was abysmal (zero - I risked everything on the final question and missed it!), but I swept the last category. Does that count for anything?

    It also let me know how little I actually know about the industry. Thanks for the heads up :)

    And Happy Birthday, Missy!!!!

  54. Ok, I'm so confused. Is this real? Do I really get to play?

    Have I lost already???

    Going back to the article...

  55. Oh, NO!!!!! I have always sucked pondwater at Jeopardy!!!

    But I'm BRILLIANT at wishing people HAPPY BIRTHDAY, so big hugs and happy birthdays to MISSY!!!


  56. Oh my gosh, that was so fun!!! I got a lot of thigns right, but the editing side was... weird. And the agents and such, fine. And the industry, fine. God all the books but THE BIBLE.

    I sat here for thirty seconds and no... couldn't figure it out! hahaha!

  57. Fun! I didn't know many answers (negative score!) but enjoyed learning a few extra tidbits.

    Happy Birthday Missy!

  58. Ha ha! You guys are more fun than the game itself!@!!!

  59. but you gave me so many orders. How am I to remember them all?
    Okay, I'll go try again.

  60. Hi Tina:

    You wrote:

    “Well, Vince, I'll have to do that someday. But it would be a rather narrow view of publishing. Ours is only a small pond.”

    I must have sounded terrible! Sorry. I didn’t mean you should have changed this post! It is perfectly fine about the publishing world. I was just suggesting a fun Jeopardy feature for a future WE. In that case, Seekerville would be a big pond. Why you could even feature single authors. Like have a Mary Connealy day. Twenty-five questions would be easy to come up with. Of course, then you’d have to have a Ruthy day. (Do you know your Yankees?) : ) JK.

    Maybe the Jeopardy element could be dropped in on Sunday – make it an AE (anticipatory event). Talking about that, did you know that Linda Fairstein, the mystery writer, always works a Jeopardy contest in each of her novels? Usually hero and heroine bet $20 on the 'Final Jeopardy'. It’s reason enough to read her rather than Lisa Scottoline. (And they are both great). But I digress.

    VIRGINIA Like you, I got all the books right expect the last one! I said it was “War in Peace”. : ( What did you put?


  61. I DID IT!!!!!!!!

    I really raged on the Book Trivia! Not so much on the rest!
    Melissa J go 1060 points?

    Wow, girl.

  62. Happy Birthday Missy!!! I made your oreo cake yesterday, so help yourself!

    I just did the ones I thought I would know. Made a 90. A couple of the 50 pointers got me.

  63. VINCE I actually thought of War and Peace first for that last question. But then I remembered how SNEAKY Tina is!!!!!!!!!

    Should be be talking about this? Are these comments spoilers???

  64. I did remember that the
    Agent of the Year was a name I could not pronouce. And I was right. So I think I should get half of the ten points for that.
    345 for me

  65. Hi Mary:

    I don’t know, Jeopardy can be real mean on pronunciation. One person lost because they answered ‘Wimbleton’ instead of ‘Wimbledon’. I think most Yanks think it is Wimbleton. I did until I saw that Jeopardy show.


  66. LOL. Vince you are terrific. NEVER EVER CHANGE.

    We could do a Vince day.

  67. And I thought Downton Abbey was Downtown until I SAW it.

    I mean Petula Clark sang Downtown and she was British.

  68. Well, if you're going to throw pronunciation in there, I should probably deduct points. I was a very lenient host. :)

  69. Thank you all for the fun celebration!! What a treat! :) :)

    Ruthy, I'll have red velvet today AND tomorrow! :)

  70. I knew this had to be Tina before I got to the end. What fun!!

  71. Mary, thank you for the three-handed person alert. It saved some confusion.


  72. Patti Jo, good luck with that proposal!

  73. Donna, did the cake turn out amazing??

  74. Well, that was totally fun. I didn't attempt to keep score because I got confused at that part, but I got 14 out of 26 right.

    And I learned some stuff too!

    VERY fun!

    One I thought I knew for sure, and I was wrong! lol

  75. By the way, I had fun playing Jeopardy! But I ended up with a score of 10. LOL

  76. Oh, since others are commenting...

    Yep...I answered War and Peace, too.

    That one was really tricky! lol

  77. War and Peace. There was a HINT at the end of that one.

    Passeth Understanding????

  78. Happy Birthday, to you. Happy Birthday, to you. Happy Birthday, Miss Missy! Happy Birthday, to you!

  79. I'm blogging with Mary today...So far neither of us have crashed her blog, and she hasn't asked for my credit card.

    But there's still time....

  80. LOL. Pam. Will stop by. and then click on blog.

  81. Tina, what a hoot! Where do you find these gems??

    No way am I sharing my score...but if I had figured out how to make the Final question worth 100 points, I would have been very pleased indeed : )

    Great Monday game!!

  82. Happy birthday, Missy!! I'd sing, but then you'd probably boot me out of the Jeopardy studio...

  83. Hi Tina:

    You mean it’s not Downtown Abbey? Then where is it? Uptown? My wife loves that show and I’ll bet she still thinks it’s Downtown Abbey.

    By the way, when Petula Clark was singing that song, Downtown, I was in London, early 1960’s, and I asked a policeman how to get to ‘Buck-in-mun’ Palace. He stopped me and kept making me repeat the word ‘Buckingham’ after him until I got it right. It must have taken eight tries. I actually wondered if I could be arrested in England for mispronouncing the Queen’s English. I felt like a five year old! It’s funny now but it wasn’t back then.


  84. Vince, I got corrected a while back on DownTown Abby, too.
    Down Ton Abby. Got it.

    I've never watched it. I believe people when they say it's wonderful, I just resist getting hooked on shows. The better it sounds, the more I avoid even commercials lest I be sucked in.

  85. A bummer to note....I just got an e-mail saying the unpubbed inspy category for the GH has been cancelled due to low numbers (they needed 25). I would have thought there would have been that many from Seekerville alone!

    Seriously, it may be that the requirement to be an RWA member and the fee on top of that was too much for some to handle. Some of us were talking about it at our table at the GWRA meeting last Saturday.

    Now I have to decide if I want a refund or reup in another category. Sigh.


  86. Well now we know what we're getting Mary for Christmas.

  87. Well Piper this is the first time in recent memory the GH and the RITA didn't close out fast. As in fill up.

    I think that there are several reasons.

    Lots of authors have opted to bypass traditional publishing and that 50 bucks can go toward inde or self publishing.

    There has been a lot of Love Inspired requests for manuscripts as the lines are expanding. No agent required. So why not just send straight to the editor?

    And many of the other CBA publishing houses do not judge the GH. While it is NOT revealed, it is generally thought to be true that Harlequin judges that line. So if you are not targeting LI you are possibly wasting 50 bucks.

    Then the Genesis may be a better option as it divides out the inspy categories.

    Good logic.

  88. Wow! Pam tipped me off that there was a final question by mentioning 26 questions! I didn’t see that last question the first time. It was so easy I bet the works on it. (But that was after I read the question so it doesn’t count). Now I have 15 out of 26. I think I’ll buy a lotto ticket at lunch.

  89. With 24 hours in a day, it all comes down to where do I spend my time to earn the most advantageous results.

    I do believe this might be my year of living anti-socially. Sort of. Not quite. But pretty much.

    Gotta get these books written!!!

  90. Thanks for the info. Tina. And while I was thinking finances, I didn't think of the self-pubbed angle. Makes sense. Some editors are going to the self-pubbed lists to find authors and it is almost as if self-publishing is like an audition.
    At GRWA, two authors revealed they got submission requests and then one got a two-book contract based on her self-pubbed efforts.


  91. Do I get credit for Agent of the Year if I called her "Pepper's Agent" instead of her real name?

    If not, I have something like 180 plus the bonus which I got right but I didn't realize I had to choose the amount so I got nothing for getting it right.

  92. Okay, I played the game and got out with my blouse, so I guess that's a victory, of sorts, lol. I know almost nothing about digital print.

    And Mary has blown past the number of books that I thought she had in print! Kudos, Mary!

    Sorry to hear RWA cancelled the GH inspy category! I hope they give us another chance next year.

  93. Ooh, Piper, very interesting news!

    Not about the cancelation, that stinks. :( Very sad they couldn't get enough entries for inspy. Very sad. Makes me want to enter!!

    And I also just self-pubbed a book I just loved but never found a place. I'd put up a link, but don't want to be spammy. :) It's been such an exciting decision and going so well!

    yay indies!

  94. You aren't being spammy. Give us the link.

  95. Yes. Mary Curry. You get credit for that. The bad news however, is that we are telling your students you failed to follow directions.


    That looks weird. Will it work? Am I techno-challenged? Is it Monday??

    And no laughing.

    It's Miss Jane's Bicentennary and I'm CELEBRATING with a whole series of Austen-inspired romances!

    (And thanks for letting me spam. I'm so excited about it. :)

  97. Wait no.

    I only counted positive points.

    I had 210 positive points then doubled with the final answer.

    But if we also subtracted wrong ones then I don't know what I got but I don't think I want to know... :p

  98. LOL Tina. They'll say I'm learning from them rather than vice-versa.

  99. Missy said: Donna, did the cake turn out amazing??

    Yes.I made one for my son's 18th b/d, now his friends ask me to make it for theirs. :)

  100. Vince, Mary I did say War and Piece for the last one before the bonus question

    Virginia took me awhile to work it out also

    One of the questions I have been playing the soundtrack to the stage show and still said the wrong book!


    Jeopardy Score: 140

    basically, i don't know anything. i'd say the majority of the questions, i didn't even try to hazard a guess. i only guessed on the few questions i thought i knew, and even then got a couple wrong.

    not even close to being savvy on ANYTHING bookish. not a good thing for a writer wanna be. *sigh*

    if one would have HAD to answer every question, my score would've been uber negative. (think Melissa J's score, only in the negative)

    good info though. always glad to learn something.

  102. Blogger ate my second post...ERG!

    As I said before, I didn't lose my blouse, but basically, I don't know much about digital publishing other than POD!

    Also, it seems like Mary has gone and published a ton more books than I realized. I thought she was around 17, so good for you, Mary!

    Sorry to hear about the GH inspy category. I hope they will give us another chance next year!

  103. Thanks again for all the b-day wishes! What fun!

    And VIRGINIA!!! I just checked out your books, and it's gotten fantastic reviews! I bought it and can't wait to read it! :)

  104. Donna, I'm glad you made it! I think it'll become a standard b-day cake around here now. :)

  105. DebH, the important thing is you learned 25 new pieces of publishing info today.


  106. Aw, thanks Missy and Tina!

    It's the first book I ever wrote... I hope it doesn't show.

    Kidding. About the showing part.

    Mostly, it was just plain fun!!

  107. Okay I missed a few, but I got all the book titles right. Yay for me! Also answered the final answer and a couple of other questions...missed a few but my score ended up at 260.


    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

    countrybear52 AT yahoo DOT com

  108. Cindy W!!! Way to go. All the books is a big deal. Congrats.

  109. Happy Birthday, Missy!...And congrats on your GOTCHA win! That's a nice bday present, huh?

  110. I tried every question, and my negative score was higher than I can count :::roll::

    But it was FUN!

  111. Happy Birthday, Missy! Hope it was splendid.

  112. Now everyone has little tidbits of information to chat about at your next cocktail party.

    "How about that R.L.Stine."

    "Who? Pass the caviar."

  113. Ruthy Day, Vince????

    SUHWEEET!!!!!!! Just what this over-inflated ego needs!


    I don't think you sounded like you were insulting Tina and I'm an EXPERT on that. I practice.

    This was such a delightful change-up! Loved it.

  114. I got a 610. All the book questions, but fewer of the publishing ones. Better study up.
    Happy Birthday, Missy!

  115. Hi Erynn! Welcome. Excellent score.

    You've been reading your trade mags.

  116. Happy Birthday Missy!

    I played the game but I gotta say I didn't do very good. It was fun though.

  117. I forgot to leave my email

    MinDaf @

  118. Glad to see I'm not the only one who had more fun than points.

  119. A day late, but I did it.

    Not really well.


  120. Way to go Walt. Not negative is good as well.

  121. Happy Birthday, Missy! That sounds like an awesome birthday gift you got on Saturday! (new cover?) i did send you a message on facebook. i was too busy reading The Air We Breathe yesterday to remember the game...and i about decided i was going to be a no fun person until i read these comments! Maybe i will go try, now that i've got the book finished.

  122. i had my coffee and was all set to play, but can't follow directions or something cause it won't let me play! Have a great day!

  123. Send me your email Marianne and I will send it to you in a document.

  124. Great game! I sure learned a lot, namely that I'm a newb when it comes to the publishing industry. AND I totally forgot about the final question. Probably wouldn't have bet much anyhow...

    Happy Birthday, Missy! And thanks for the fun education, Seeker peeps.

  125. Well, I played the game just for fun. Got a score of -270....a few of the questions kept me from going a lot lower. That last question helped a lot! I really no NOTHING about the publishing world. It was fun, thanks.

  126. Thanks for playing, Debbie and Diana and for being brave and sharing your scores!!!!

  127. Hey, believe it or not, I am pleasantly surprised by my score. I didn't think I would get any of the questions correct. :)

  128. I finally had a chance to finish playing the game I began yesterday. It's probably not legal, but I bet 100 on the final question, even though I had -70 going into it. :) I got it right, so does that mean I have a +30?

    I realized how much I don't know about this industry. One thing I will say is that I answered all the questions in the Name that Book category. I did't answer the questions in a couple categories. Well, I tried the 10 point ones and missed them. Sigh. :)

    This was fun, Tina. Thanks!

  129. I got 360. Melissa Jagears is my hero. :-)

  130. Congratulations, Jeanne and Karen.

    Alex would be proud.

    This is Seekerville. We have our own rules, which we make up as we go. You did great.

  131. I played, but I can't/won't post my pathetic score. It was so bad I quit counting. I think I answered four or five right, so sad.

    Happy Birthday, Missy.

  132. I would love to win,Enter me!!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!!!
    Sarah Richmond

  133. Happy Birthday, Missy!

    I've not had time to play yet, but I will. I'm not being much fun this week, but May is. :)

    I'm still slogging through first draft, but! It's coming along!

  134. Sarah, the caveat to be entered is to post your score or tell Missy Happy Birthday. :) Give it a shot.

  135. Ginger! At least you tried. Good for you.

  136. Good ole May!!! I bet May's score beats everyone. That pup is smart.

  137. I did well in Name That Book (except missed the Bible question. EEK!) I did fairly well with some of the other categories, but missed most of the 50 point questions.

    I ended up with 110 + the Final question, but not sure how many points it was worth.

    That was fun! I've always loved Jeopardy. :) Thanks for the giveaway--I've always loved Amazon too! haha

  138. Fun - except I didn't do very well. Did get the final question! Happy Birthday Missy - a few days late. Your birthday is the same as my wedding anniversary so for some strange reason I always remember it...

  139. Cheryl and Cindy!! Thanks for playing.