Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Things That Make You Go Awwwwwww

The Seekers and the Digital First authors are talking about warm fuzzies. Warm fuzzies happen all year long, not just on Valentine’s Day. Warm fuzzies can be from your spouse, your kids, your mom, or your pet. Warm fuzzies are anything that make you go awwwwwww, how sweet.

I guarantee some of these tidbits will make you smile.

“We lived an hour away from each other. I lived in the country, he was in the city. On my birthday before he went to work he picked up my then favorite hamburgers and brought them to me. He had just enough time to hand them over and jump back in the truck and return to Illinois.” Diana Brandmeyer

"Once when Iran and I were dating, I remember riding down the road and he was making up silly songs about me. The rhyming was actually pretty good, and I remember laughing and trying to get him to stop because I was afraid he'd actually remember and repeat the words to someone else. I didn't know him well enough to know that he'd never repeat silly love songs to others." Pam Hillman

“We were in a night class together and one night he asked me if I wanted to go for coffee after class. Sure. Good looking hunk. Of course. We get to the coffee shop and he starts apologizing for having to cancel the date last Friday. Well we had no date. He had asked another girl out and forgot who she was. He thought it was me. Big mistake. We laughed and really had a fun time talking. Well we've been together 47 years so I keep telling him that was the best mistake he ever made. He agrees.” Sandra Leesmith

“When my son said he wanted me for his mom--in front of a judge.” Diana Brandmeyer

“One year My Cowboy showed up on Valentine's Day when we had three really little girls, and he had three roses in a vase for me, then he had a separate rose for each girl. The next year he came with a cut flower arrangement for me and three tiny arrangements one for each of the girls.” Mary Connealy

Julie's prized wall grouping from Keith
“The love of my life is both artist and handyman, so after he built a truly beautiful media room, we decorated it with a leather sectional couch and modern multi-colored pillows.  Would you believe he took a picture of one of those pillows and designed three different versions in the same colors, then superimposed them on canvas frames as a wall grouping? “It’s beautiful, babe,” I said, amazed once again at his mind-boggling creativity. “Look closer,” he said, and I squinted a bit, suddenly seeing our entire life before my eyes. Yes, you guessed it—this incredible man actually super-imposed pictures of each of us—me, my son, daughter, daughter-in-law and himself—over the multicolored canvases to create living artwork that captured US!! Let me tell you—I teared up on the spot and threw myself into his arms, giving him the biggest, most grateful kiss I could! What can I say—MasterCard has nothing on him—he’s “priceless.” Julie Lessman

“He kidnapped me! He and my best friend's husband made plans for a night away for us. Babysitting, packed suitcase, and even home made lasagna --all planned! My friend and I didn't have to do anything. We walked down a moonlit path and talked for hours.” Diana Brandmeyer

"We used to ride horses a lot. We'd ride to my parents four miles away and visit for awhile, then ride home late at night. I can still remember the still night, the stars, the sound of horse's hooves clopping down a quiet dirt road, and just the two of us, talking about nothing and everything." Pam Hillman

“Seeing all of my sons wearing tuxes 3 times!” Diana Brandmeyer

"When our first child was born, we were in the hospital, and I remember laying in that hospital bed watching my larger-than-life husband slouched on a hospital sofa teasing our newborn baby's face with the edge of the baby blanket just to watch him screw up his mouth when it tickled." Pam Hillman

Diana Brandmeyer's stain glass doors
“Our first Christmas together was bittersweet. I was still feeling sad about moving from my old home, an 1800s limestone block house. That house had a lot of outbuildings and one of them had stain glass windows waiting for a project I never got to do. Christmas morning my gift from my husband was those windows made into doors for what is now my office.” Diana Brandmeyer

“The last thing we tell each other each night is ‘I love you.’” Audra Harders

“Ed used to bicycle to work past the Japanese flower gardens. Well one afternoon he was really thirsty so stopped and asked the lady if he could get a drink. She talked him into buying some flowers for me. When he got home and gave me the flowers, I was so tickled, thrilled and let's just say he was well rewarded for his gift and that was the start of a beautiful thing. He discovered how much that simple gift meant to me and he stopped every Friday until he retired to buy me flowers. He and the lady became quite good friends and she always had a bouquet picked out for him. And I always looked forward to my lovely bouquet of flowers.” Sandra Leesmith

“Even though Gary and I had known each other since 4th grade, we never dated until we were 30! Our very first "date", he invited me over to his place after church to talk and catch up on life. It was Super Bowl Sunday and I just knew I was going to have to compete with the game for conversation. I got there at 1:00 and left around 8:00. We talked, laughed, snacked, and laughed some more. He never turned the television on. It was the best and most memorable afternoon of my life.” Audra Harders

“When my husband brings me soda just because…” Diana Brandmeyer

“Our first Christmas together, he gave me Sorel boots so my feet wouldn't freeze when we went hunting. The following year on my birthday, he gave me a fishing pole and reel because I wouldn't enjoy spring fishing without good equipment. Some folks might think these selfish, male gifts, but I know better. It was Gary sharing a piece of his heart and life with me.” Audra Harders

Yeehaw - Lathan riding his first bull!!!
"I was on a business trip three years ago and received a text from my sister-in-law. Attached was a photo of my husband sitting on the ground and his four-month-old great-nephew petting a baby calf. It's been my background picture on my phone ever since!" Pam Hillman

So, everybody together now…. 



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February 11th: Blogging with Sandy Ardoin

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  1. love those tibits. they were touching.

    I remember last year you did a story of how people met and got engaged and you were going to do a follow up. Did that happen. I remember as it was here that I went and asked mum about how she and dad became engaged and if not for that post I would never know. I need to thank you for that post and the opportunity to ask mum before it was to late.

  2. I just put a kitten in my book, they elicit Awwwwwws, right? Kittens make the world better. :)

  3. LOVED these stories! Julie's made me teary-eyed.

    Sweet men you all have.

  4. I enjoyed that post! Thanks for sharing!

  5. sweet stories, ladies! "do they have any brothers?"

  6. Awwww,'s about the only possible answer with all these tears.

    I think the one that ripped my heart is the little boy standing before the judge...I need a tissue.

  7. Awwwww!Now I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I especially love the picture of the husband with his great newphew at the bottom, petting a baby calf. Awww!

  8. Nice stories!

    When I was little I always looked forward to Valentine's Day because my dad bought my mom a big box of chocolates and my sister and I each received a smaller box!

  9. You should have posted a tissue-warning alert! What lovely, heartwarming stories. No wonder y'all write romances.

  10. Awwww! I loved those stories. Thank you so much for sharing. Each one of them touched my heart. :)

  11. Loved the stories - definitely an "awww" factor!


  12. Awwww, Jenny, I remember when you did that. Such a sweet memory for you to carry in your heart. God bless you, friend!

    Melissa, yes, kittens and awwww's go hand in hand!!!

    There's my Squirl!!!! Hugs Squirly! Love you!!! Julie's Keith is a keeper!

    Edwina: :)

  13. I love awwww... moments. And in both of my jobs, they are plentiful!

    Throw in being a mom and Grammy, and I get a lot of smiles and "Awwws....."

    Can't beat that!

  14. Debra, my hubby doesn't have brothers, but he's got 2 boys.

    The oldest is taken, just got married 6 months ago to the sweetest, most beautiful girl in the world! :)

    The youngest is a sweetheart. He has single-handedly ruined future boyfriends' chances with about three different girls by opening doors for them.

    Oh, and he reads Seeker books, too!


  15. Melissa, kittens, yes!!! BIG GRIN HERE!!! Kittens, puppies, newborn calves, lambs, chicks, etc....


    I call those "auto-awwws" and they're such a part of country life that it's an organic "aw" as well. It doesn't seem contrived or made up in small towns and country living.

    Although I loved the way Virginia ruined her cat's reputation in Season of Joy! So real and I'm still laughing over it... and that's a skilled author trick right there!

  16. Jackie S, yep, that's a tear-jerker for sure. Love, and warm fuzzies, is a state of being, not a day, even though there's nothing wrong with sharing flowers, chocolate, and a dinner out though. Just sayin'

  17. Annie, I love that picture too! And I was so afraid I'd lost it. My dumb phone won't send pictures anymore, and I wasn't sure if my sister-in-law still had it, but thank goodness, I'd sent it to my son, and he was able to email it back to me.

    I see that picture every day on my phone. Awwwww...

  18. Kav, maybe the subject line should have said "Tearjerker Alert"!

  19. Rose, Jeanne, Hallee, so glad you ladies stopped by.

    And...I was thinking, this would be a good day to do something for a loved one just because. Something as simple as fixing them a big bowl of their favorite ice cream with sprinkles on it or popping the top on their favorite soft drink and handing it to them. Or...just TEXT them, and say, I love you and I'm thinking about you!

  20. I love the stories of LOVE of some of the gals here, Julie's made me smile for sure -what a thoughtful man.
    memories for you all that will be with you forever.
    thanks for sharing
    Paula O

  21. Taking a break from Awww moments, but if you're a twitterer, hop over to twitter and search for #Digital1st.

    Find a tweet about one of the Digital First books and retweet it. ANY tweet.

    I'm doing a joy-jig because I'm seeing tweets from OTHER people this morning, not just Diana, Johnnie, or myself.

    Now THAT makes me smile! :)

  22. Oh, Pam, what sweet, sweet stories! How fun to read about some of Seekerville's most romantic moments!

    Mary's story about the three roses brought a memory to mind. Exactly five weeks before my hubby and I got married, he brought me five long-stemmed red roses.

    And Melissa, kittens definitely have that "Awwww" factor. Puppies too!

  23. Pam, I feel all warm and fuzzy after reading these sweet memories that tug at the heartstrings. I must get my Valentine a mushy card.


  24. It seems like there should be more Awww moments, Pammy. I've been married for a long old time, after all.

  25. Such romantics.

    While I was reading all the stories, it struck me as funny what men have go through to be romantic. In today's world, men-bashing seems to be thing, but there sure are lot of sweet guys out there. Great daddy's and husbands.

    You got my awwwwwwwwwww.

  26. This reminds me to add more Awwwwe factors in my books.

  27. Good morning! Love these tidbits. Gave me my romance fix for the day! You girls have some amazing guys!

    My husband is not romantic at all - unfortunately for me. However, he did put snow tires on my car without too much badgering!

    Yay! Just ordered Pam's book for Kindle. What a great price!

    And the sun is shining right now. A good day! Now if I can just fix my son's headaches, all will be well.

    sbmason at sympatico dot ca

  28. Not doing kindle books...sorry. i would love to help. i'll read a print book if i find it at the library (don't have bookstores in the north country...) love those awww moments. Guess with spring around the corner we'll have those organic awws soon. Thanks for sharing! Have as great a day as you are!

  29. You're right, Tina! More aww factors and more baby animals!!

  30. Hi Pam:

    After reading your post today I am going to name one of my rewards in my RPP book, ‘the awwwwwww’. I hope I can find a good example in an actual romance.

    I’d like to use your example which I feel is ready to insert in a novel as is. I just love this example for its non-accessorized humanity:

    "We used to ride horses a lot. We'd ride to my parents four miles away and visit for awhile, then ride home late at night. I can still remember the still night, the stars, the sound of horse's hooves clopping down a quiet dirt road, and just the two of us, talking about nothing and everything." Pam Hillman

    That reads like the pure essence of romance.

    So the question is: where are all these awwwwwww moments in romances? If anyone has one, please post it. I need some examples for my book.

    I know Ruth had one that was so emotional I can only remember how it felt while reading it and not the exact story line or book! But it was like the lady who told the husband to buy flowers. This lady in the book had the hero buy something the heroine was going to lose because she could no longer pay for it. The story was about a family losing their housing development project to the hero who had money. Of a whole book, that’s what is most memorable…that awwwwwww moment. I’d love to see more awwwwwww moments worked into romances.

    I just had a big awwwwwww moment on Amazon Kindle this morning!

    “A Hope Undaunted” by Julie Lessman is free!

    “A Horseman's Heart” by Myra Johnson is 99 cents.

    “Claiming Mariah” by Pam Hillman, $1.99

    This is ‘shock’ and ‘awwwwwww’! These prices are a crime against art!

    BTW: Pam, I admire how hard you are working promoting your new book. So much energy. I hope your current tour is a huge success!


    P.S. I’m very serious about needing awwwwwww examples for my book. All that is left to do in plug in the examples. And add the awwwwwww reward plus Clari Dees' on-going AEs.

  31. Paula, Julie and Keith are the sweetest couple, aren't they?

    Myra, how romantic! Roses...just because...are much more romantic that "just because I have to". :)

    Janet, I have done my duty!

    Mary, there ARE more mushy moments. But we so often miss them because we don't think they're big enough to take note of....

    Just last night, my son texted me right before he left for work, and he said about my dil "said hey she loves u, u know I do too."

    Awww, just a little text, nothing special, but it gave me a warm feeling because he's not one to ever say he loves me, even though I know he does. :)

    There are awww moments all around us. We've just got to LOOK for them.

  32. Connie, at the risk of bringing the wrath of all businesses down on my head who make 20-30% of their yearly budget on Valentine's Day....

    Little awwwws go a LONG way, and a guy doesn't have to go out and buy roses, chocolates, and spring for a big dinner if it's not his style.

    If the weather permits, a guy could stash a couple of his girl's favorite soft drink, her favorite candy bar, load her up in the truck or on the 4-wheeler, and take her a hill and watch the sunset, and break out the snacks. I guarantee she'll remember that.

  33. Awwwwwwww Pam, Sweet stories. Loved the photos too.

    Best wishes on your blog tour. Have Claiming Mariah on my Kindle. Now if I can just find my Kindle. LOL

  34. Tina, exactly.

    As a matter of fact, Ruthy's got an awwww moment post featuring Seeker books and Friends of Seekerville coming up right here in Seekerville on Valentine's Day!

  35. Susan, you are my awwww for the day! :) Thank you!!!!

    And sounds like your hubby showers you with awwww moments. For instance, if dh took my car and washed it, I'd definitely call that an awww moment! lol

  36. Marianne, spring is rife with awwww moments, isn't it? Out here in the country, the baby calves start coming, frolicking in the pastures, baby rabbits, Easter chicks.

    Oh my.

    Spring is the ultimate awwww!

  37. Now, Vince, you are giving Susan a run for her money as my new Awwww factor this morning!

    I'm beyond honored that you enjoyed this.

    Okay, people, tell me this. How do you FEEL when you write, read, or see a special awww moment? Is there something inside you that literally MOVES?

    There is in me.

    It's like my heart or my stomach literally jumps or squeezes.

    It's the awwww factor.

    I'm sure there's a scientific term for this...

  38. Awwww, I love the stories! What woman doesn't love to be wooed, even thirty or more years after the wedding?

  39. Aww, Vince.... :)

    That was in Yuletide Hearts and it was Matt Cavanaugh buying the beautiful quilt that Callie's dad ordered for her but then couldn't buy. So Matt bought it when they sold their first house in the project, to make sure Callie got her blanket in the end... and Maude McGinnity, the quilt shop owner, jacked the price on the quilt really high so no one would ever buy it... and then brought it down to where it should have been for Matt. I'm smiling, because your rewards per page helped me to see "Awwww " moments more deeply, the importance of them. You inspired me, Dude.

  40. Thanks Pam for using my memories in this piece. Wow some amzing memories from other writers too!
    Diana Lesire Brandmeyer
    Mind of Her Own


    Sandra's story is absolutely HILARIOUS and one of the best I've ever heard.

    LOVE Diana's stained-glass door and I have met her sweet hubby -- despite reading all the incredible things he's done for her, he is even kinder and sweeter in person, if you can imagine. What a keeper!!

    PAMMY ... I agree with Vince ... LOVED your horseriding memory!!! VERY romantic and I felt like I was there.

    I also agree that you are one amazing promo workhouse, my friend -- you are literally EVERYWHERE, and I am SOOO doggone impressed. I hope you sell a million books!!


  42. CHERYL!!! Soooo good to see you pop up, you sweet thing -- MISS seeing you, girl!!

    Thanks, PAULA, I realllllly fell in with my guy because he is INCREDIBLY thoughtful and affectionate. It's called years and YEARS of prayer answered!! :)

    VINCE ... BLESS YOU for mentioning the sale and freebie items the Seekers have going on right now -- you ROCK!!


  43. love the awwww, stories.

    i'll have to skip through some books to see if i can catch the awww moments for Vince and his examples.the first one that came to mind was Ruthy's from Yuletide Hearts.

    an awwww moment for me always makes me cry. of course, i also cry at really sappy commercials too, so...take that info for what it may be worth. my DH tends to tease me about my "boo hoo" moments.

    most romantic thing we've done was go night scuba diving during a full moon. was so cool to be holding hands with my dive buddy and seeing the sea life by the light of the full moon. seeing the full moon from 40 plus feet down was pretty cool too.

    the seekerville ladies sure have been blessed with real life hero husbands. big swoon factor.

  44. I loved these!!!!

    That picture of the hunky hubby and the baby... I would have texted back, "BE CAREFUL!!!!!"

    I always hate when my husband tosses our toddlers up in the air. It freaks me out. My friend told me, as she watched this scene for the tenh time, "That's why there's a man and a woman. Women would never give the kids that much fun, it's too dangerous." Ha!

    Now when he does something the kids love and it makes me cringe because it's a little bit scary, I try to take a deep breath...

    Little babies on tiny cows with horns, indeed! Sweet, sweet moment.

  45. Vince, that Ruthy book is 'Yuletide Hearts', one of my favorites.

    The quilt she wants is in a shop and the hero finds out, and buys it for her.

    I'm pretty sure, unless I'm getting them mixed up.

  46. Lots of awwwwwws. I love them.

    A week after our first date hubs brought me a dozen green carnations and a jar of dill pickles. It was St. Pat's. Two weeks after our first date hubs cut a wooden heart in shop class and wrote the words with intent to love.

    He still buys me dill pickles. :)

  47. This is such a sweet post!! Worth reading twice! :)))

  48. One thing My Cowboy says is, "Women talk things through, men think things through."
    If you really dwell on this you can figure out that even if a man is pretty quiet about what he's thinking when he does say some little thing it means a lot.

    I know right now it means a lot to me if he comes into the house and says, "There's a new calf, you want to come see it?"

    He knows I love seeing them but for him to walk all the way to the house, then wait for me, then walk back down to the barn or over to the yard across the road with me is a lot of extra time he spends outside.
    So that is an awwwwwwwwwwwww moment that probably seems pretty dull to a lot of people.
    "He took you to check calves?" Eye roll. "Oh brother!"

  49. Diana, so glad you made it over today!

    Talk about a workhorse. Diana sings like a bird on twitter. She is amazing! I can barely keep up. Which reminds me, I need to go see what she's up to....

    Julie, it's so hard to gauge how effective all the social "chatter" is. Goodness, when do we know when we've saturated the market or whether we've drowned it with too much???

  50. DebH, that night dive gave me my awww chills, and I'm not good at being underwater, but that sounded so romantic!

    Speaking of boo-hoo moments: Star Spangled Banner. I can feel my sons and husband move AWAY from me when it starts. They know I'm going to be boo-hoo'ing by the end. Shucks, I'm just describing it, and I'm tearing up! :)

  51. Virginia, on tossing the kids up in the air.

    Yep, every kid at our church has been tossed as high as the rafters, while every mama's heart has been in their throats.

    Finally, when they get about 4 yo, dh has to tell them they're too heavy and he can't do it anymore.

  52. Christina, I got nothin' on the dill pickles! lol I prefer sweet gherkins!


    Vince, you just lost your BFF status... lol

  53. Mary, Iran likes to do that too, and I've been so busy with the day job, ACFW job, mom job, and writing job that I haven't been as good about being involved the last few years.

    That changed now that I'm working one less job. I ride with him more to check the cows. Our son got a Rzr a couple of months ago...looks like a side-by-side 4-wheeler/really souped up golf-cart.. and I want one so we can ride the dirt roads this summer.

  54. Sat. night, we sent all the kids to the movies. Bruce wanted to stay home and cook for me. But I wasn't in the mood for something fancy so he went to the store and bought the fixings for nachos. Nachos on the couch, our favorite detective show, and no kids. That's my kind of night off.


  55. I bumped Vince from BFF??

    Pam, you are so easy!!

    If I'd known this is all it took... :D

  56. Awwww, Pam! Lovely. Hectic week but your blog is bringing what's important back into focus.

    I bought artichokes for the special dinner I'll prepare for hubby on Valentine's Day. Anyone else love artichokes? A good price at Publix. I couldn't refuse.

    A candlelight dinner for two with 'chokes. Hubby usually brings me roses, which I love. Awwww....

  57. Awwwww. (And then she sighed).

    Nice post. It's so nice to recognize these special moments that enrich our lives. Thanks for sharing.

  58. Awwwwww...loved these stories! Thanks for sharing, ladies.
    Hugs, Patti Jo

  59. Hi Pam:

    Virginia as your new BFF?

    Okay, but did she tell you that she has book #47 on Amazon Kindle right now? “All The Blue of Heaven” (Colors of Faith) [Kindle Edition], Virginia Carmichael. Don’t BFF’s share? Isn’t that like keeping a great new boyfriend a secret? If that were my book, I’d share this information with you. ☺☻☺☻

  60. Sweet stories! I especially love the fabulous art work!!! Jim and I aren't as sentimental as maybe we should be, but my son is. He always sends flowers or give beautiful jewelry.

    In fact, he's had his own jeweler (a middle aged lady who loves him to pieces and gives him Christmas cookies) since he was 18. She told Jim and me that we must be great parents to raise such a fantastic son. Hard to believe -- we actually were talking about the same kid!

  61. Mary, our hubbies must be radically different. Mine TALKS things through like crazy. There are times I just want him to be quiet and let me THINK!

    Debby, we LOVE artichokes at our house! Wish we thought about having them more often.

  62. Connie, I would be all over those nachos! Now that's what I call date night! :)

    Lyndee & Patti Jo, glad to see you again today.

    Artichokes, Debby? I've never cooked an artichoke in my life. Wouldn't even know how to begin!

    Virginia, you've been holding out on us. Do tell!!! That is truly NO easy feat!!! Congratulations!

  63. This is Dedicated to:

    An awwwwwww moment can even happen when reading the dedication of a book. Here’s one I just read a few minutes ago:

    Set up:

    A color drawing is above the dedication. It shows six dogs on a rock in heaven howling up at the earth in the distant sky.


    In loving memory of Hannibal, Ace, Beau, Buddy, Suzette and Cody.

    It's hard to read this without feeling love for the author. After reading this dedication you are psychologically prepped to enjoy the following story.

    Dedications can be very important to the overall reading enjoyment of a story. And this one from, Sandy Wardman’s, “Cody the Coyote”, is one of the best I’ve ever read.


  64. Awwww is right, Vince! I love that dedication!

  65. Awwwesome memories (forgive me).

    Thanks to one and all for sharing!

    Nancy C

  66. those were a lot of great aww moments. Thanks for the awww. we all need a good aww every now & then.

    MinDaf @ aol.com

  67. Touching sentiments, Pam. Loved them all.

    You're doing such a great job of promoting your book and the entire Digital First program offered by Tyndale. Keep up the great work!!!

  68. Awwww, some sweet moments! Thanks, everyone, for sharing!

  69. Hey, Cheryl! Waving madly to you. :)

  70. Nancy C and Crystal, thanks for stopping by. It's like Awwwwwww just pops out when you read those stories, isn't it?

    Amazing! lol

    Waving at Audra and Missy \o/

    Okay, gotta share although by morning, it'll probably be GONE, but Claiming Mariah is #417 on Amazon RIGHT NOW, and #1 on three separate lists. And, yes, I made screenshots of every one of those lists. Yay!!! :)

    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #417 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

    #1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fiction > Religious Fiction > Christian > Historical

    #1 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > Religious & Inspirational > Historical

    #1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fiction > Religious Fiction > Historical

  71. I went back for a second helping. Just beautiful!!!

  72. Mary P, that's why I'm here again too! Those stories and those pics sure make me smile.

    Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  73. Oh my! I wanted to come back and comment yesterday but MIL had medical issues. What a cool bunch of people hang out on this site.

    Julie, I'll tell Ed what you said. That's very sweet. He is an amazing husband.

    Jackie, that boy ripped my heart out many times as he was growing up,now that he's a man--he takes my breath away sometimes.

    Mary, yes what's up with that? Shouldn't there be so many of those memories by now we could fill a book? :)

    Again, thank you so much Pam for including me in your post.