Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weekend Downton Edition

Welcome to Downton Seekerville!
Did you miss Tina's guest role on Downton Abbey?

We Have Winners

 Please see our rules for giveaways in Seekerville. Be sure to contact us with your snail mail address if you are a winner at

On Monday, Love Inspired author Tina Radcliffe started the countdown to Speedbo 2013. Winner of her  April release Mending the Doctor's Heart is Anna W. The winner of a ten page critique is Sherida. And the winners of Rachel Aaron's 2k to 10k: Writing Faster, Writing Better, and Writing More of What You Love are Amber Schamel and Joanne Sher.

To celebrate Valentine's Day, Julie Lessman presented an encore performance of her favorite blog on romance, "Stupid in Love," a true story as to just what "Stupid in Love" means and why it's what every romance reader is looking for along with a few new clips from upcoming and latest books. The winner of their choice of any of Julie's books including her upcoming release Love at Any Cost is Linda Marie Finn.

Ruth Logan Herne  celebrated Valentine's Day with Seekerville Thursday and shared  those little romantic things we love in life and fiction with her post, "Let Me Call You Sweetheart. How a Hero's Actions Speak Louder Than Words." The winners of a delightful Valentine's sack of treats are Andrea Strong and Joye.

Friday Love Inspired Historical author Janet Dean talked about "God at Work in Our Work." Janet will give away a copy of her April release The Bride Wore Spurs is CatMom.

Top Ten Maggie Moments Season 1

Next Week in Seekerville

Monday: Join Love Inspired author Missy Tippens as she shares "Practical Examples to Help Understand Point of View." 

Tuesday: Today we welcome Seeker friend Susan Codone with "Don’t Stop at the Intersection: Finding Your Call to Write." This is an eye opening post and we have a giveaway.

Wednesday: Love Inspired Suspense author Debby Giusti is your hostess today. She'll unveil her topic on Wednesday, so don't miss it!

Thursday:Seekerville welcomes Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief of Southern Writers Magazine—the “author’s magazine”—as she highlights what S.W.M. offers to authors via a truly unique forum of sharing and learning secrets of success. The magazine gives authors a distinctive blend of promotional venues as well as invaluable information on enlarging reader networks, name recognition, instructional articles, success stories, marketing and inspiration. Giveaway included.

Friday: To keep us out of trouble Thomas Nelson author, Cara Lynn James, will be talking about "How to Disguise Characters and Avoid a Law Suit." She'll show us how to model a fictional character after a friend or foe without risking legal problems. Cara Lynn will give away a package of Heartsong Present romances to a lucky winner.

Free Wallpaper Download here.

Seeker Sightings

 Ruth Logan Herne debuts her May release cover-The Lawman's Second Chance.

Debby Giusti will be interviewed in the February 18 issue of More to Life Magazine. Access the magazine here.

Less than 24 hours left!!! Claiming Mariah is still $1.99 but the offer ends TONIGHT! Download your copy here: Kindle or Nook.

After a crazy, fun-filled week promoting Claiming Mariah last week, Pam Hillman is relieved to only be blogging in SIX places this week! Oh, wait, Claiming Mariah is battling it out on Clash of the Titles, so hop over there and Vote for Claiming Mariah on COFT. Voting ends...Wednesday, I think. AND that's not all: Check out Pam's author events on facebook for some COOL giveaways!!! Deirdre Handmade Jewelry is partnering with Pam to give away handmade pewter bookmarks, plus a 40% off coupon in their store, AND Pam's Kindle/Nook giveaway is still in full swing. Have YOU registered yet??? Pay attention to ending dates. Click on the links on the Pam Hillman, Author Events page to register for each giveaway.

And...a huge thank you, [big hug], and joy jig to the Seekers, and all the Friends of Seekerville who tweeted, shared, shouted, and bought Claiming Mariah while it was on special. With your help, Mariah snagged #1 slots on three different Christian fiction lists. I'm so honored and blessed to call you friend!

February 8-22, join Julie Lessman at "Remain in His Love" blog for an interview and giveaway of choice of any of Julie's books, including her upcoming release, Love at Any Cost.  Hope to see you there.

Mary Connealy in the HuffPost on Valentine's Day. Making Your Heart Go Pitter Pat.

Good news! Amazon has just moved the up  shipped date of Swept Away to February 18. It should begin shipping on Tuesday!

We had to share this response from one of our Seeker friends when she found out she won a Mary Connealy book. 

Gifts for Fans of Downton Abbey

News & Information

Coming Soon! Night Classes in the Village. Online Classes in Seekerville's Village taught by friends of Seekerville and Seekers.

The 50 Steamiest Movie Kisses (It's A Wonderful Life is in there!) Movie Fone

Southern Heat Contest Opens February 14. Closes March 31. Has an inspy category but judges are TBA. Enter at your own risk.

The Lauries have been extended to February 21. This could be your helicopter. Ask Carol Moncado if you don't get this inside joke.

Facebook Sued Over 'Like' Button by Dutch Programmer's Family (PC World)

Southern Writers Short Fiction Contest. Deadline March 1.

Perpetual WIPs: Literary Agents (The Daily Dahlia via Falling Leaflets)

The Main Reading Room of the Library of Congress has an Open House (Book Patrol)

Day in the Life of an Editorial Assistant by Carly Silver (Romance is My Day Job)

Writing YA? Sign up for SWOON updates. 

The Art of Writing Great Twitter Headlines (CopyBlogger)

If you missed the Love Inspired Chat on eharlequin you can still read the comments!

 How to Write a Synopsis by Nathan Bransford (Backspace)

Sign up for Speedbo Begins TODAY. See the handy tab above or  see our official Speedbo Post.  Or you can just email us with your goals at Seekers at Seekerville dot net.

Everyone who signs up by March 1st is entered in a drawing for a Speedbo Survivor Package.  One winner chosen for every 50 writers that sign up. 

That's it, but before you go....

Downton Abbey’ Quiz: Are You Upstairs or Downstairs?


  1. Ooh, ooh, I want to know more about the night classes.

    As for upstairs or downstairs, I have no idea. I've never seen the show. It's not on any channels I get.

    Congratulations to all winners.

    Another great week coming.

    Coffee is brewing.


  2. Great WE, Tina---and I am SOOOO excited about winning Janet Dean's April book--WOOHOO!! ~ Congrats on making a guest appearance on Downton Abbey *wink* - - I didn't think I'd missed any episodes, but I guess I didn't see that one (although I'm sure you were wonderful). Guess I'd be "downstairs" at Downton Abbey, LOL. ~ Okay, off to bed for a few hours, then heading to our coast! Hugs, Patti Jo

  3. p.s. Okay, just took the Downton Abbey quiz---Yep, I'm definitely "downstairs" LOL!

  4. Helen. No PBS? Well I will contain my shock and move on

    Tomorrow is the last new show until next January and promises to be unlike any other finale they've given us. Masterpiece is the only show I watch ( unless Dancing with the stars grabs me) so I tend to be a little obsessive about it.

    Last week may have had the record for best lines. What do you think Tina?

    Congratulations to all the winners. Where else can you win just by showing up?

    Julie are you feeling better?

  5. Congrats, winners!

    I'm clueless about the Downtown Abbey references :)

    Thought long and hard about entering the Laurie contest and didn't. Maybe I should reconsider now that they pushed the deadline back.

    Happy Saturday, Seekerville!

  6. Looove Downton Abbey!!! Watched the Season 3 Christmas episode last! You all are in for a treat this Sunday night!

  7. I've never watched Downtown Abbey, and we do get PBS. My sister loves it though!

    Hey, where do we sign up for Speedbo? I've got a rough draft to write!

  8. Yay! Thanks so much for the critique, Tina! PERFECT!!! Congratulations to all the winners. Looking forward to next week's Seekerville posts. Have a good weekend everyone!

  9. Tina, always knew you to be a star. Terrific week in Seekerville. Congrats to all the winners!!

    Maggie Smith. No one delivers a line better. Been a fan since Murder By Death.

    Ooooh, Night Classes!!

    May and I had a major breakthrough on the WIP yesterday. Yes, a Pacific White-Sided Dolphin is just the ticket!! Have a grrrrreat writing weekend all! And congrats lucky winners!!

  10. Yikes, I've never watched Downtown Abbey. Have I really missed out? Can't fit one more thing in. Haing too much fun with everything else. smile

    Congrats to the winners.

    Only two more weeks to get ready for speedbo.

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

  11. And yay Pam!!!! #1 in 3!!

    And yay Mary! HuffPo. Who'd a thunk it?? Too fun!!

  12. Congrats to all the winners...including me. Sorry :P

    I've never watched Downton Abbey. I know tons of people around here do, and my sister-in-law has started watching it. She loves it, and we have very similar taste, so I've resolved to try it...sometime when I have time...and DVR space.

    I'll have to check out the steamiest kiss link...I'm wondering if the Princess Bride made it.

    I'm off to check it out before I have to really start my day.

  13. Congratulations to the winners. It really was a great week, Tina, and i'm looking forward to the next. Seekerville rocks! Thanks for the coffee, Helen, and i'm with all those that don't watch Downtown Abby. I'd rather be reading!

  14. Night classes?? For real?? Yep, I'm excited!!!

    After the excitement of that I scrolled down and misread. I thought it said 'Speedbo starts today.' I panicked!

    Helen, Downton Abbey shows up as Masterpiece on our schedule.

  15. Good Morning SEEKERVILLE!!

    Downton Abbey is the Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth of this generation.

    Time to catch up on this show folks.

  16. Congrats on your acting debut Tina. :-) Just don't stop writing, okay?

    Can you believe that I've only seen about three episodes of Downton Abbey? It just wasn't shown here at all. Finally, just after Christmas the PBS station we get form the states started showing it. Unfortunately I started back to work the week after and my long commutes and evening job frazzled my brain and I've forgotten to record it most of the time so when I do catch it I'm totally confused as to what is happening. Loved the Maggie moments though!

    I'm excited about Night classes at Seekerville too. Can't wait to hear more about them!

    I've signed up for Speedbo! :-)

    Loved the Book in a Week link -- every second sentence is "Just write." LOL. I'll have to remember that in March.

    Thanks for another great WE.

  17. Oh, and I'm definitely Downstairs -- no surprise since I've been both a house cleaner and chambermaid in a former life. :-) But this time round i'd like to graduate to gardener. Wonder if they'd let a woman be a gardener though?

  18. WHAT??? Don't give up my day job,Kav?? LOL.

  19. I am here and I will make up for those who have don't watch Downton Abbey. I won't go into detail but rest assured I'd have a good chance of winning a Downton Abbey Trivia contest.

    okay= speedbo.
    the speedbo site say signup starts on the 23rd but the WE says today.
    As your resident ISTJ, I must be quite certain I am following the rules.

  20. Congrats to the winners!

    And I'm definitely downstairs, except for the part about stealing the dog. Couldn't do that.

    I think I remember seeing Tina in last week's episode of Downton Abbey...wasn't she playing an 18 year old?

    And where do I sign up for Speedbo? Is there a link I missed?

    Have a great weekend, everyone - I'm off to a baby shower. Love baby showers, especially since the daddy of this one just got back from a six month deployment in Afghanistan!

  21. Yeah, that's because my days are all messed up. Will go fix it.

    Sorry. Brain fart.

  22. The countdown to Speedbo is on...can't wait!

    Oh, and can't wait to learn more about Southern Writers Magazine on Thursday!

    But I don't want this season of Downton Abbey to end on Sunday. A sad day, for sure. I'll be watching for Tina's cameo!

    Thanks, Tina, for another great WE!

  23. SIGN UP FOR SPEEDBO AT Seekers at seekerville dot net

  24. Helen, same here. I haven't seen Downton Abbey either. I don't watch much tv, and missed this series until it was already a hot topic.

    Fantastic WE, Tina!

    Sorry to be so scarce this week, but Diana, Johnnie, and I have been having a ball flitting all over the WWW promoting our $1.99 ebooks. That ends tonight, so I can go back to my normal (yeah, right!) life.

    The good news is that I have LOTS of fodder for some great blog topics for Seekerville in the coming months. I might have to ask Johnnie and Diana back and we can do a series on group marketing. :)

  25. Thank you, KC! And you'd better believe it, I made a screenshot of that sucker!

  26. Thanks for WE, Tina. Loved the Downton wallpaper. Hubby has a tea cosy bought in UK with a common wartime motto, Keep Calm and Carry On. Just the reminder I need many times. Will try to take the quiz later. Congrats to all winners.
    The Anglophile in Phila.

  27. What is this? Some of you haven't seen Downton Abbey? How can this happen. Get hooked up with hulu or netflix and watch it from the beginning...I think I might have to rewatch it since the last one is tomorrow night. I'm so sad!

    Congratulations winners!

    yes, Pam normal life????? I'm trying to remember what that is! Group marketing to!

  28. I rushed through the kissing scenes. My favorite was in there. Last of the Mohicans. Plenty of them I didn't see and probably won't.

    Debby, we only have to wait until January for Season 4, and after tomorrow night's episode...
    who knows what's in store.

  29. Well that's optimistic of you, Debra. Maybe we could all go to England and watch it early there.

  30. I would be Mrs. Hughes according to my daughter, who says that Phyllis Logan and I must be related... :)

    And who knows, we could be!


    And so many fun links, I didn't get to them all but I've got a space of time now. Too tired to write and I'm wallowing in the scent of fresh red sauce and meatballs... Oh, happy day of simplicity! :)

    And making Tres Leches cakes.

    How crazy-fun is THAT????

  31. Oh my stars, Downton.... Imagine a high-class, high-bred caste-type system of "Ton" and "Peasant" in a time of great ups and downs... Pre WWI and then the war, and then the flu epidemic and then returning to peacetime but EVERYTHING WAS CHANGING!!!! Really great overview of women's rights, romance, empowerment, romance, servants' quarters and star-crossed lovers, rights of succession, oh, and ROMANCE????? :) As a writer, there are few shows I watch... My daughter turned me on to this one because it's just a lovely experience and she was right.

    I smile just thinking about it, kind of like I do when Gibbs is on my DVR. :)

  32. Just signed up for Speedbo! I'm SO hoping to finish the first draft of my WIP!

  33. Tina the photoshop of you into Downton Abbey made me laugh truly out loud. That's ltol.

  34. Yeah, it made Violet Crawley laugh too, Mary.

  35. Another wonderful Maggie quote: "Nothing succeeds like excess." She has, by far, the best lines in the show.

    Tina, I thought that was you in last week's episode! Loved your outfit but do yourself a favor and don't carry on with that guy -- he's no good for you and, besides, he's much too old.

    Congrats to all the winners. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

    Nancy C

  36. Night classes?

    Night classes??

    More info, pretty please.

    Nancy C

  37. I took the quiz. I'm downstairs. (shocker)
    But none of those questions is really right for me. I sense that I would be hanging from the roof or maybe in the dungeon. Do they have a dungeon in Downton Abbey?

  38. Last of the Mohicans....



  39. I saw the word "Downton" and had to pop in and say how much I love it! I really don't want this season to end. I also picked up Pam Hillman's "Claiming Mariah" and can't wait to read it! Love the cover! I hope all of you at Seekerville are doing well. Blessings~Stacey

  40. Linnette, YAY! :)

    And how about this line from Mrs. Hughes: "Oh heavens, girl! You're building a fire, not inventing it!"

    I love her practical pragmatism and open heart. She makes me smile!

    NANCY!!! More info coming, we've hired the entire English literature departments of Duke, Princeton and Omaha Community College to help us plan and plot! :) Unfortunately it does look as if Duke and Princeton have been unexplainably delayed... Hmm....

    Mary, I wanted to skip a couple of questions, too, because it was "NEITHER" and if they don't have a dungeon, I'll be glad to arrange one for you.

    With Tres Leches cake which is DONE, I might add, and ready to be sampled, one and all!!! Vote for the straight version with whipped cream topping or the coconut version with coconut milk, whipped cream topping and garnished with toasted coconut...

    I'm dying to know what youse think!

  41. STACY!!!! Yes, read Mariah while snuggling that baby!!!

    Oh, we love us some babies here in Seekerville!!!! And Downton! ♥♥♥♥

  42. "we've hired the entire English literature departments of Duke, Princeton and Omaha Community College to help us plan and plot!"

    And then of course we will sell you some property in the swamps.

  43. Wow!

    I’m out of town for two days and away from any computers, and you guys are starting Night Classes and watching all the episodes of Downton Abbey. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you guys have too much time on your hands!

    Perhaps your next book should be about a romance writer who is struggling to build her platform. You’d be writing a roomance, building your platform and educating other writers in the best methods to build their platforms (and find love) —and you’d be doing this all in one process.

    I just went to the OKC ACFW chapter meeting on Saturday and Kathleen Y’ Barbo gave the best social media seminar I’ve ever seen. (And as a real estate instructor I've been to more than my fair share of these things!) It was two hours, non-stop, info about social media from the point of view of publishers and what they are demanding. There was even mention of the seminars publishers are putting on for their writers. I never learned so much that I didn’t know that I didn’t know in just two hours. If you can somehow get Kathleen to give this talk at your local chapter, it may be the best one you’ll see in a long time to come.

    I really enjoyed the note about a fan reading her Mary Connealy books too quickly. I think the best reason to read them quickly is to avoid being swept away by the tide of books that are quickly on their way right behind the current one! Now Mary even has Amazon trained to open the flood gates early to relieve the pressure. Mary is becoming a force of nature. ☻

    About Downton Abbey: I think I would be a guest of the Upstairs. I’d be invited because I could bring my fellow professor and friend, C.S. Lewis, along with me.

    Isn’t it just amazing how many things there are to do that are more fun than serious writing? Good, worthwhile things, too.


    P.S. Overhead at a writer’s convention: “My WIP stands at 65,000 words but my Facebook output in the same timeframe is at 75,000 words.”

  44. VINCE! that's a hoot. Get off facebook and finish the book...

    I say that to people WAY TOO OFTEN.

    I'm annoying myself!

  45. Carol- what's the helicopter?

    There, I've asked. :)

    And I love Downton, but when they start killing people off, I stop watching. :( :(

    The fashion is changing a bit, but I still love the dresses and the lines.

    OK, taking a deep breath and signing up for Sppeedbo. If I lose my mind, I blame Julie H. Steele.

    P.S. I was reading Myra's new book (found it in Walmart) and there's an Officer Steele.

    Isn't that weird? Did they scheme over that? Coinicidence?

    And I'm ashamed to admit this, but that was my first Myra book. What was I thinking by never picking up her books????? I got what I could right away on Kindle.

    Myra, so very, very talented.

  46. "I never learned so much that I didn’t know that I didn’t know in just two hours."

    Haha, Vince!

    I'm always surprised by how much I didn't know that I didn't know.

    Usually right after I try to tell someone else how to do it.

  47. God is merciful and pours out His grace...
    my power will go out just before Downton because I was thinking about it during church. (I'm a little excited about the finale)

  48. Deb, I can tell you what happens????

    No, I won't, I'll DVR it and see it but someone leaked it to me.

    I shalln't care for that person again, mind you.

  49. I've been spoiler-ed enough this season. I know what's coming up. But most of the two hours will be "new" to me. And there's always tomorrow to watch it online. Thanks for thinking of me Ruthy!

  50. I didn't want to mention this but I can't hold it in much longer.


  51. Night classes? Seekerville! Just when I think this place can't get any better, yuz pull this gift out of your bag of generosity! WOW.

    I've never seen the Abby show, BTW. Partly because I don't know how to use our tape/DVR machine, and also because I tutor on rotating evenings so I never know what's on TV, teehee.

  52. RADCLIFFE. You are upstairs????


    I'm just... shocked and chagrined.

    And yet, you are Italian.

  53. Lyndee, it's one of those things that grabs you. When my daughter talked about it, I laughed because I didn't need one more thing on my list...

    And she said it's a great show for writers because it's an overview of all the areas of script, upstairs/downstairs/family/friends/rich/poor/hardworking middle class/and on and on....

    That's my excuse, LYndee!!!! :)

  54. Love Downton Abbey!! I can't believe the season is almost over!!

  55. LOL, Lyndee. Okay, fine, barely squeaked by.