Saturday, February 9, 2013

Weekend Edition

Happy Valentine's Week,  Friends of Seekerville! 

  Please see our rules for giveaways in Seekerville. Be sure to contact us with your snail mail address if you are a winner at

"Ready For My Chance"---A story of the kind of flexibility that would make a circus contortionist green with envy by Mary Connealy was our Monday post.  The winner of the first ever in the known universe giveaway of Swept Away by Mary Connealy, and coming soon from Bethany House Publishing is Chill N (Nancy C).

Nancy Mehl was our guest on Tuesday, talking about "Settings, Backstory and Description." The winner of Unbreakable, from Bethany House Publishing is Megan Parsons.

Wednesday we were delighted to welcome the writing team known collectively as Sparkle Abbey to Seekerville. Their post is aptly called "Two For the Price of One-Writing Together." And the winner of a trio of books in the Pampered Pet Mysteries published by Belle Bridge Books is K.C Frantzen.

Thursday our guest was Gwen Hernandez, author of Scrivener for Dummies, who shared on "Scrivener: Everything but the Muse." The winner of either a signed book (US/Canada only) or a free class registration for either February or September is Jackie Layton.

What do small-business owners and authors have in common, and what can they do to spread the word about their services or stories? Freelance editor Amber Stokes shared "5 Tips for Spreading the Word and Surviving in the Online World" on Friday.The winner of a $10 gift card is Linda Maendel.

Monday: Love Inspired author Tina Radcliffe is going to start the countdown to Speedbo 2013. We'll share what we (in Seekerville) learned from last year, what we're doing this year and how to sign up. And she'll share some great ideas to get you prepared. And because her copies of her April release Mending the Doctor's Heart just arrived, she'll be giving away a copy and a few more surprises.

Tuesday: Pam Hillman is our hostess talking about Tyndale's Digital First line the second time around, with cameo appearances by Tyndale Digital First authors Johnnie Alexander Donley and Diana Brandmeyer.

Wednesday:To celebrate Valentine's Day, Julie Lessman will present an encore performance of her favorite blog on romance, "Stupid in Love," a true story as to just what "Stupid in Love" means and why it's what every romance reader is looking for along with a few new clips from upcoming and latest books. Giveaway will be winner's choice of any of Julie's books including her upcoming release Love at Any Cost.

Thursday:Be sure to mark today with a BIG RED HEART to remind yourself that Ruth Logan Herne is going to be here celebrating Valentine's Day with the lot o' youse! Vince Mooney has inspired her to scrap the mundane teaching lesson she'd planned and jump into the waters of romance! Ruthy will use a bunch of authors she bribed to demonstrate those little romantic things we love in life and fiction. Come see what sweet things our heroes do to make our heroines feel beloved! Some lucky commenter will receive a delightful Valentine's sack of treats

Friday :Love Inspired Historical author Janet Dean will talk about "God at Work in Our Work." Janet will give away a copy of her April release The Bride Wore Spurs.

Just in time for Valentine's Day and hot off the ebook press, Claiming Mariah by Pam Hillman - $1.99 Limited Time Special Promotion 2/10-2/16 All Buy Links here! Search and retweet #Digital1st and #1.99 ebook to spread the word! A complete list of Pam's blog stops for this week can be found on her website.


Myra Johnson will speak about her experiences as an inspirational romance author at the monthly Men in Mission dinner at Christ Lutheran Church, Charlotte, NC, Monday, February 11, 6:30 p.m. Book sales and signing to follow, including Myra's latest release, A Horseman's Hope.

Join Julie Lessman at "Remain in His Love" blog for an interview and giveaway of a choice of her books. Hope to see you there. 

Julie Lessman's Irish Love Story, A Light in the Window, has just gone on sale for Valentine's Day for almost half price at $3.99. Check it out at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


If You Want More of Gwen Hernandez and Scrivener:
 Check out this Audio Interview with Joanna Penn on The Creative Penn and remember her next upcoming online class is February 19th followed by a class in May. More info here.

Postal Service Plans to End Saturday Mail Delivery by August (Washington Post)

The Laurie Contest is Low on Inspy entries. Save the category. Sacrifice yourself today. Deadline February 14.

This Robot Book Scanner Can Digitize 250 Pages per Minute [video](Ebook Friendly)

Ideas About the Future of Bookselling (The Shatzkin Files)

Easy Tips for Getting More Amazon Reviews – Now! by Penny Sansevieri (Book Marketing Blog)

 Newly Awarded Patent Suggests Amazon is Interested in Selling Used eBooks (The Digital Reader)

Agent Ethics: Schmagents and "Pre-shopping" (Jennifer Represents...)

iTunes Launches Breakout Books Section to Highlight Self-published Titles (Paid Content)

How Writers & Readers Can Use Twitter’s Vine (GalleyCat)

Hachette, Penguin and Simon & Schuster Launch Bookish (GalleyCat)

If you write Children's-Middle Grade-YA type books you should definitely bookmark Falling Leaflets Blog. Lots of good info and opportunities. 

The Ten Best Jane Austen Characters in Pictures (Guardian)

 11 Places to Get a Free and Legal Photo for Your Blog (AuthorMedia)

RTF for KAV: 

Whew, lots of information this week! Stay warm while you read them. 

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  1. A great week behind us, and another great one ahead.

    The coffee pot is ready.


  2. Yay! Congratulations to all the winners! (Waving at Linda!)

    I had such a wonderful time here today (yesterday, for all you East-Coasters) - thank you all for making me feel so welcome and encouraged!! Truly a blessing to read everyone's comments and interact with you all here! :)

    Love you guys!

    And Ruthy, I guess the pressure's on for Valentine's Day! ;)


  3. Great WE, as always! Congrats to the winners!

    Contemplating the Laurie, but havent' decided yet...

  4. Im so excited for my friend and a fellow commenter here on occasions. Narelle Atkins got a 6 book contract with Heartsong Presents. Her debut book will be out Feb next year. Isn't this exciting. (It is to me shes my friend).

    Congrats to all winners.

    On Valentines day. Who here gives up something for lent like chocolate? did you know Valentine's day is the day after Ash Wednesday and day 2 of lent!

  5. Jenny, you are a sweetheart and dear friend :) Thanks for joining me in celebrating my first contract.

    Congrats to the giveaway winners and I do think Easter is too early this year if it may mean missing out on chocolate for Valentines Day!

  6. NARELLE!!!! OH MY STARS!!!!!

    Honey, that's beyond exciting and moves all the way to MIND-BOGGLING WONDERFUL!!!! Narelle, 6-books, really?????


    Jenny, m'love, thank you for giving us the shout out!

  7. Helen, coffee, loving it!!! We are blessed to have you and I'm so glad you're feeling better!

    Amber, YES. It's an all-pressure, all-bets-off Valentine's Day inspired by none other than our gallant Vince Mooney, romance philosopher extraordinaire and what a good idea he had.

    I'm a HUGE fan of Vince's "Rewards Per Page" theory, and it's been a big help in driving my numbers I think.... which doesn't mean I'm PAYING him. :) But it does mean I'm so grateful! (laughing in snowy, blowy upstate!!!!) We're exploring those sweetisms, those magical "awww" moments, those little things heroes do to make us sigh....

    And half the time they don't even know they're being romantic because they're, well.... MEN


    Come back and see us then. We'll chat romance. And you must read the trade announcements of who's hiring right? Love Inspired is looking for an entry-level editor...

    Amber, I could come visit you in NYC!!!! That would be so fun!

  8. I just went through two binders of 'writing stuff' that I print off or bring home from conferences. I just pulled out a couple to re-read and one of them was Vince's Rewards Per Page post.

    Yes, it's still snowing here too, Ruthy. light little things floating down but visibility is up!

    Ooops no more. Snow Globe still going on and thank God for electric power, when so many along the coast are out again.

    Congratulations to the winners. I guess this means I have to buy that Scrivener for Dummies book...

  9. I'm going to have to buy that Scrivener for Dummies, too, Debra. Either that, or sign up to take the class on it.

    Congratulations winners!

    The Laurie contest looks good. And low on inspy? I'll have to dig mine out.

    Looking forward to next week's Valentine's line up.

    Happy Saturday everyone! I'm getting RWA PRO pinned at the HCRW meeting today (happy dance).

  10. Wow, Jenny. A 6 book contract? Tell your friend congratulations. That's amazing.

  11. Narelle!!!!! WONDERFUL NEWS! Many congratulations!!!

    AND Jenny, what a TERRIFIC friend you are making the announcement for us!

  12. Narelle...i agree how exciting. Will wait impatiently to see them out on the shelves! Congratulations.

  13. Great weekend edition. So many links! WHEW! Don't know if I'll get through them all.

    Congratulations to all the winners.

  14. Thanks Helen...i needed coffee. Obviously because i forgot to congratulate the winners on Seekerville! Me? not lucky, but this weeks trip to the city went so smooth we were done 2 hours earlier than we lineups at stores, banks, etc! And we even got in a coffee at Tim Hortons. And when we went to the doc- no lineup there either. So i guess i can't have both wins and smooth sailing. Have a weekend as awesome as you all are!

  15. Oh my stars!! Did you see this??

    "The winner of the first ever in the known universe giveaway of Swept Away by Mary Connealy, and coming soon from Bethany House Publishing is Chill N (Nancy C)."

    I am DELIGHTED. Thank you, thank you, Mary. This is an extra-special 'win' for me. Yes, I'm gushing. Yes, I'm allowed.

    Okay ... now to read past that paragraph in the post ...

    Can't-wait-to-read-it Nancy C

  16. Thanks for the Weekend Edition, Tina. Congratulations winners!!

    Congratulation to Narelle!!! Thanks for passing her mega sale along, Jenny!

    Annie, congratulations on the pro pin!!

    Feeling bad for those knee deep in snow! Stay warm.


  17. Congratulations to the winners! It really was a great week! Next week looks good too. Thanks for this super WE, Tina.

    NARELLE--congratulations on the 6-book contract! That's amazing!

    ANNIE--Congratulations on the Pro Pin! :) So happy for you!

  18. Congrats to the winners, and looking forward to a LOVEly week in Seekerville this coming week*smile*. ~ Thanks for faithfully writing the WE, Tina--you are wonderful! ~ Need to get off my computer--am hosting the first meeting for my high school reunion planning committee--and they'll be here soon--I hope we all recognize each other, LOL, since it's been a "few" years. *wink* Hugs, Patti Jo

  19. NARELLE!

    Please do share the details! Fantastic.

    And - be STILL my beating heart. May and I won?!

    And the winner of a trio of books in the Pampered Pet Mysteries published by Belle Bridge Books is K.C Frantzen.

    I PROMISE... we did not rig this... Okay, there might have been a serious chocolate bribe but.. ;D

    Thank you! So excited and can't wait to read!

    Julie and Vince - hope y'all are up and at 'em soon. So so sorry. I've escaped thus far. Hope it holds.

    Alrighty - everyone have a terrific day. Thanks for the PAWSOME WE, Tina!!!

  20. Wow, Narelle! You don't mess around. Most of us take a dinghy off the island. You took a yacht. CONGRATULATIONS!!

  21. Hi Ruth:

    Did you see “Blue Bloods” last night? I have not heard so much Yiddish spoken since I lived in New York. The hat maker scene was a classic. That scene had more ‘meshugeners’ than any show I’ve listened to since Allen Freed’s Rock and Roll show in the 1950’s. I think you’d like it.

    You can watch here:

    If you’re snowed in and need a rest, this should be: ☺☻☺☻☺☻☺.


  22. Hi Jenny:

    I can relate to your comment.

    I know all about lent and giving things up. I also know that when one stub one’s toe and it hurt more than anything, one should ‘offer it up’ to God in tribute to Christ’s suffering on the cross.

    As a kid I always gave up the things I didn’t like -- like spinach. My parents were livid over this but I explained to them that while some people give up what they like in an effort to commiserate with the Lord’s suffering, I chose to give up what I didn’t like in order to celebrate the joy of all the gifts God has showered upon man. At this point I’d remind my mother and father that sacrifices went out with the Old Testament. The two of them would just shake their heads and let me have my way. I didn’t know back then that I was a philosopher. : )


  23. Wow -- congratulations Narelle! A 6-book contract! And congrats to all the winners.

    Great, thought-provoking WE as always and I'm looking forward to this week. Hopefully my life will calm down and I'll be able to pop in every day.

    One questions: Can someone tell me what an rtf file is?

  24. A L E R T

    I’m afraid that I’ve been Scrivenered!

    I’m on my third day of reading the ‘one hour’ tutorial and I don’t think the end is anywhere in sight. In frustration I've watched two videos on YouTube (aprox 25 min) by authors showing what they love most about Scrivener. Wow! The program does so many fantastic things that I just have to learn to use it. I might have to go from my One Word – rejuvenate, to reinvent.

    The wonders of Scrivener are so numerous one really has to consider it possible that the program does supply everything but the muse. Actually, I think at one time Scrivener did supply the muse but the poor lady always got lost in the labyrinth and became hopelessly depressed and died.

    I’m going back to the tutorial right now. It’s like trying to tour the universe. Even a fast trip takes almost forever. I've learned to do one thing I really love: the snapshot feature. I’ve needed this forever. Now if I could just learn the other 9,999 things that go along with using the program. ☻

    Now…how many people can say today that they will take the online course? As for me, I don’t think I can not take it.


  25. Hi Kav:

    Since I’m here right now I think I can answer your question:

    “Can someone tell me what an rtf file is?”

    RTF stands for Rich Text Format. This is a richer version of the plain text format. It is a text file that should be able to be used on any word processor. They like this for writing contests because the judges can upload your file in any word processor they are using. They can’t do this with a Word document.

    Most word processors give you a choice to save a file in RTF format. In Word you go to file and click on “Save As”. You should get a choice of formats to save the file as. Select Rich Text Format – it will probably be spelled out in full. I just saved this file as an RFT.

    I hope this helps.


  26. To add to Vince's excellent explanation, Kav, it should be a drop down. Just for you I will add a jpg of this on the Weekend Ed.

  27. Thanks Vince! I didn't know about rich text format and now I do. Just tried it out and your instructions were perfect! And yes, it's for a contest I might enter but not sure if they take Canadian entries. Waiting on word on that.

    And I watched Blue Bloods last night as well. I love how fresh they make each episode and the strength in the family unit. It's a cop show with a unique twist and I'm hooked.

  28. LOL -- and a visual from Tina! Hoorah! Thank you. So I'm guessing I should always be saving in rtf -- or just save the contest entries that way?

    Hmmm.. I wonder if I can count this as a reference question even though it's me asking the question and you answering it. (I'm at the college library and it is s-l-o-w here because of the storm.)

  29. I love the WE's! Thank you, Tina!
    Congrats winners!

    Isn't Blue Bloods great? Tom Selleck. Need I say more??

    Yay, Narelle!!

  30. Thanks Ruth, Annie, Rose, Marianne, Janet, Jeanne, KC, Tina, Kav and Donna for your congrats and good wishes. The contract includes two 3-book series, the first set in a small town and the second set in Sydney. I initially sold my first Sydney book, and my hero in that book owns a yacht. Tina, I like the idea that I cruised off the island in my hero's yacht :)

  31. Thank you for the deliciou Weekend Edition (I love candy hearts!)and congratulations to all the winners! Missy, thanks for my A House Full of Hope prize!

    Also I appreciate the RTF information, Vince and Tina. I may not know enough about formating to enter the contests, but I plan to try.

    Fabulous to see you on that YACHT, Narelle! And YAY to Annie on the RWA PRO status!

    Looking forward to next weeks' fun! March looks like a clear month for writing, so the Speedbo preparation will be great.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend!

  32. Oh Narelle! What fabulous news! I had to re-read Jenny's post, making sure it said "6-book." Wow and double wow. Congratulations and wishes for all the best with each of them.

    Annie R -- Congratulations on the PRO pin. Check out the PRO loop. I'll see you there :-) Hope you hear good news on the manuscript you submitted to be PRO.

    Used ebooks. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around that. Wondering how or if it will affect used books stores. And how cool is that about the Breakout Books?

    Oh, and thank you Tina especially for the link about
    'schmagents.' Excellent reading and some 'everyone should read this' points.

    Last but by no means least, congrats to all this week's winners. What great prizes.

    Nancy C

  33. Such a great place to hang out and learn!

    Does anyone actually like those candy hearts to eat?

    I'm so impressed with Narelle's contract. Oh my gosh. That's historic. And Australian characters? super!

    You've worked hard for it and you deserve it!

  34. P.S. CONGRATS Narelle!!! Didn't see that wonderful news when I left a comment earlier (obviously I hadn't had any of Helen's coffee at that point, LOL). How exciting!! Blessings, Patti Jo


  36. Debra, the question is...who doesn't eat those valentine hearts??

  37. Hi. I'm dieting. I'm cranky.
    Thank you for this moment to share.

    nope, you don't want to hear more.

    TRUST ME!!!!!!!!

  38. Mary im with you but not cranky. I do like the hearts but gave up candy and chocolate after new year. have a little boiled candy but thats it.

    hey i could give up healthy eating for lent. only im starting to get obsessive and cant stop myself! but have lost almost 5 kilos this year.

  39. It's been a lo-o-o-o-ng day. Visitation. Funeral. Food afterward at the church.

    Then I get home to read that about Narelle's big sale. Congratulations!!


  40. Okay, I'm having to work the WE into my time management spreadsheet because although I KNOW THERE AREE LINKS I think I can just click a few.

    I think I spent at least ten minutes on every one, except two I'd seen ebfore on facebook this week.

    Jam-packed with good stuff, as always!

    TINA- didn't you say Seekerville gets thousands of tweets a day? What happens if I follow you on Twitter?

    Is that a dumb question? Seriously, I wonder if my entire feed will go up in flames.

    Then again, I'm already following Neil Gaiman and he's followed by the entire Twitterverse.

    P.S. I don't like the term 'follow'. Maybe I can elad Seekerville on Twitter? :D At least on facebook, we can all pretend we're 'friends'.

  41. "Wow, Narelle! You don't mess around. Most of us take a dinghy off the island. You took a yacht. "

    HAHAHAHA! That's so funny! I had a great mental image of that. Mine was definitely outfitted with a nice motor. No oars. Maybe padded seats.

  42. Thousands of Tweets a day? That would be a healthy exaggeration.

    I was talking about Twitter in general.

    Besides, you would only get our Tweets and those go out about once a week. We are Twitter challenged.

  43. Hi Tina:

    I like how you illustrated the RTF info. There is something else you might also consider illustrating.

    Some contests will disqualify you and you will forfeit your entry fee if your name appears on the story sheets. In Word your name can appear without you knowing it or even being able to see it. Your name could be hidden in the ‘Properties’ section of the File menu.

    While in Word hit ‘File’, then hit ‘properties’. Does you name come up as “Author”? If so, the judges could see your name on each page of your story! This could get you disqualified!

    My name is in that area and I can’t get it out as a default. This has to do with how you set up your computer when you first bought it. So I must delete my name before I send my entry in to any contest. And I must remember to do this every time on every contest!

    BTW: I just saved this file to RTF and reopened it and even in RTF my name is still hidden in the “Properties” section. I’m not sure if judges even know this or ever look at properties if they do know about it but some contests are very explicit about authors deleting their names from this hidden properties area! (That's how I found out about it!)

    Also: for Scrivener fans, the Dummies book has a link to a free “Scrivener Cheat Sheet” that those who are interested might enjoy viewing.

    RUTH: I hope you are well and have power. I know you are probably busy, 24/7 on the 14th’s post. You could save me a lot of work by finding examples I can use in my RPP book. I can’t wait! I’m thinking of those words famous lyrics: “Nobody does it better”! ☺


  44. Vince there is a way to get your name permanently out of your properties. But remember-on docs already in use you still have to manually get rid of your name.

    Here is how to do it going forward:
    Open a new document.
    Go to file when the drop down menu opens...
    Go to options.

    It's going to want something in user name and initials so I put in xx. But you can put in Derek Jeter if you like.

    Then hit ok.

  45. BTW the Contest Coordinator is responsible for taking out your name from the properties.

  46. Tina, great WE!

    Hope all our Northern Seekervillagers have power and are safe and sound.

    So excited about Narelle's great news.

    In case you don't know Narelle, she's one of the sweetest people on earth! We just don't get to see her enough in the USA! Come to Atlanta this summer, Narelle!

    Waving to Jenny as I eat my chocolate now! :)

    Congrats to Our PRO Annie!

  47. Oh.... Ok. I was really wodnering about that 'thousands' part.

    But since I really don't understand how Twitter works anyway, it could have been possible.

    Still deciding on whether to do a last minute Sandy contest dash for a MG book I have... My son sooooo wants me to enter it. I should make him pay the fee!

  48. Hi Tina:

    I did it. But on my 2003 Word I had to use these menus: Tools ► options ► user information. I opened a new document and now the author is x,y,z. Thanks, Vince

  49. Tina and Vince, thank you for the information about removing my name from documents. I'll try this....hope I can follow directions! Do wish we could still just MAIL in a contest entry, but I'm trying to learn to be a computer person. Thanks for the help! I need the "How to Enter Contests Without Being Disqualified" post!

  50. Sherinda! Great post idea. I'll do one in May! Thank you.

  51. Great articles, Tina! I'm always so glad publishing and writing news on the Weekend edition. Thanks!

  52. Thanks Sherida, Nancy, Debra, Patti Jo, Helen, Virginia & Debby for your congrats on my contract.

    Debby, I won't be in Atlanta but I'm going to ACFW in Indy :) It's 5 years since I trekked across the big pond to RWA and I'm so looking forward to attending my first ACFW conference.