Monday, March 25, 2013

An Interview with Bubba T. Bulldog, aka The Loggerhead

The Tortoise and the Hare are baaacckkk!! Aesop Owl interviews Bubba T. Bulldog and Jack Rabbit (as opposed to Jack Sparrow) to find out what they've been up to since last year's Speedbo Race.
Aesop Owl, Jack Rabbit, and Bubba T. Bulldog are ensconced on a comfy outdoor patio at Jill Rabbit’s Espresso Bar on a hill overlooking the Speedbo Race Track.

Owl takes a sip of his Chai tea and opens his notebook. “So, gentlemen, glad you agreed to this interview while Speedbo is going fast and furious. I’ll make this as quick as I can so you can get back to the race.”

“No worries, Owl.” Jack leans back and drains his mug of swamp rum. “I’ve got plenty of time. I’ll make it up in #1K1HR with Pepper Basham and Carol Moncado and the gang. Them’s some foxy ladies to be racing with, ya ken?”

“I see.” Owl clears his throat. “Well, as I was saying, let’s talk a bit about last year’s race. It was a draw, from what I understand.”

“Now, Owl, you know I won that race. Bubba T. barely crossed the finish line.”

Bubba T. lifts head, the veins in his bull neck popping out, beady eyes shifting from Jack to Aesop Owl and back. “I finished. All that matters.”

“That you did, Bubba T, that you did. Congratulations to you both.” Owl scribbles on his notepad. “Now, moving on to this year. I’d like to know what you two have been up. Have you been practicing for this year’s race? Bubba T., we’ll start with you…”

Jack jumps ups. “While you two are gabbing, I’m going to find something else to drink. Savvy?”

Bubba T. watches him go, then turns to Aesop Owl, blinking slowly. “I did learn something from last year’s race. I’m slow. I know it, and so does everybody else. But I’m steady, and I’m in it to win, to get to the finish line. This race lasts an entire month, and one thing I can do…I can hold out for the long haul.”

“No one can deny that, Bubba T.”

Bubba T. eyes Owl’s skinny little legs and holds up one of his own limbs as thick as a half-grown sapling. “Doing leg lifts in swamp mud 24/7 puts one of those highfalutin’ exercise machines to shame. But last year’s race taught me something, and I’ve been working on it.”

Aesop Owl leans in closer, pen poised as he waits for the scoop from Bubba T. "Yes?"


“Sprints?” Owl blinks. “You’re joking.”

“Loggerheads never joke.” A menacing tone enters Bubba T.’s gravelly voice.

“But sprints?” Owl shakes his head. “A loggerhead can’t sprint—“

“Maybe not like a jackrabbit, but I can put on a burst of speed here, one there when the need arises.” Bubba T. sits back and smiles a sly little grin. “It adds up.”

“Hmmpf.” Owl writes some more on his pad. “What about Jack? He’s already fast. He’s takes off like a blue streak. Really, there’s nothing he could do to improve.”

“You’d be surprised.”

 “Really?” Owl ponders.

“Endurance training. Jack thinks I don’t know, but I’ve seen him down at the swamp, doing leg lifts in the mud. Yep, he’s been building his endurance. He's planning to stay the course this year.”

“What with his bursts of speed, and his improved endurance, he’s going to be hard to beat.” Owl shakes his head, eyes wide. “Really hard.”

“Oh, I’ve still got an ace in the hole.” Bubba T. lifts his buttercup of swamp rum and salutes the firefly sign over the door, smiling as Jack’s laughter floats out the open door. “Here’s to Jill’s Espresso Bar.”

Jack snuck out on the interview, but Aesop will corner him later, and we’ll see how that endurance training is going. Until next year....Jack and Bubba T. bid you farewell!


Pam Hillman was born and raised on a dairy farm in Mississippi and spent her teenage years perched on the seat of a tractor raking hay. In those days, her daddy couldn’t afford two cab tractors with air conditioning and a radio, so Pam drove the Allis Chalmers 110. Even when her daddy asked her if she wanted to bale hay, she told him she didn’t mind raking. Raking hay doesn’t take much thought so Pam spent her time working on her tan and making up stories in her head. Now, that’s the kind of life every girl should dream of! Claiming Mariah is her second novel.


  1. Mumma T reporting in here.

    Besides being slow and steady, I'm linear. But I hit a wall mid chapter 12 and jumped ahead to chapter 14 of a 15 chapter outline.

    Tonight I wrote THE END!!!!!

    Yes, I still have to go back and plug the hole. But my Speedbo goal was to finish the book.

    Can I count the hole as edits? Huh? Huh? That way I could say it's a complete first draft.

    Aw, drat. You say I can't??

    Aw right. Back to work.

    Coffee's on. Lots of it as deadline draws near.


  2. Haven't written the end but I do those little burst of speed.

    Gotta get a few more, but i'm keeping on.

  3. love the interview. I like the endurance idea its good for other things like walking! I found walking at a constant speed I seem to cover more ground than if I walk and jog (could it be the jogging wears me out that I dont seem to be able to keep up my normal speed when walking).

    (6 weeks til I meet 2 Seekers and and one friend of the seekers! got my money today)

  4. Oh, Jenny, wish I could come to Spokane but I hope to meet Sandra! Coffee is good, Helen!

  5. Congrats, Helen! Way to go.

    I'm still plugging along and hope to get a sprint or two in today. Tina Pinson, we've still got 6 days to go.

    I hope you all have a great day.

    Jackie L.

  6. A fun post today thanks Pam...
    I wrote a poem for my friends here...
    SpeedBo writers
    what a hearty bunch
    the load is lighter
    ...after lunch...

    Words written quick
    to fill the page
    this is the trick
    to get through the maze

    ahh but end is near
    last week to polish
    all words will appear
    magical work my dears

    I had no fears
    knew you could do it
    not many tears..
    your inner light was lit...

    Paula O

  7. Slow and steady wins the race!

    But so does record breaking time!

    Which is why there is no correct way to write, right?

    I hit the 42K mark last night. I have 3000 words left to go before the 31st and then I'll have a rough draft to turn into a book!

  8. Bubba T. is my hero. I want a Bubba T.-shirt. LOL. Definitely sprinted some this weekend but I'm still a long way from my end goal. Darn working at a full-time and part-time job and long commuting time to boot is eating away at my coherent writing time. But -- now that we're entering mittenless weather (here's hoping anyway)I can bring my trusty notebook with me and write while I'm waiting for the buses and sometimes even on the buses if I get a seat. Look at Kav. See Kav sprint. Sprint, Kav. Sprint!

  9. BTW, Helen and I have been running neck and neck!

  10. pol -- what a great SpeedBo poem!!!! I think it should become the official SpeedBo cheer! :-)

  11. I have seen tortoises sprint. I believe. I believe!!!

    I've learned the importance of that rough draft and buzzing through it. (Yes, I'm a plotter) but I love letting the characters run while I try to keep up. Finishing a rough draft like Jack... and then revising/editing/polishing like Bubba. That's me.

    So, when is the Speedbo party? I know there's go to be a celebration of some sort and I don't want to miss it. I'm pulling for you all to hit your goal and finish and pat yourself on your back with that sore arm. Remember to stretch and use alternate heat and ice. Imagine if we were doing this with quill and paper?

    Helen, I hope chapter 13 comes to you today and begs you to get it down on inside that box of solders and circuits.

  12. Paula O, thanks for the Speedbo poem!

  13. Rose, that's fantastic!! I'm sure you'll get it done.

  14. Kav, with a Bubba T shirt you can claim that you're truly southern. ;)

  15. Morning Pammers, What a great post. Loved hearing how Bubba and Jack are doing this year.

    Sounds like everyone is clipping along. Good going folks.

    Hang in there.

  16. PAULA, loved the speedbo poem.

    HELEN, Just go for that hole. Even if it is a horrible rough draft, it will get done. Often I've heard that those end up being the best chapter.

    JENNY, have fun.

  17. Aw!! Love the shout out!!!

    I'm with Debra. First draft like Jack, polish/edit/revise like Bubba.

    Helen, I could go either way on calling it done. Except if you do you're another MS ahead of me ;).

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Pam, fun post! Love Bubba! Proud of his determination and those bursts of speed. Will miss that little loggerhead.

    I'm doing morning stretches to keep my muscles flexible and strong. Not a bad comparison to getting words on the page. Stretch my productivity. Be strong and never give up. Be flexible like Helen leaving that hole or me keeping a loose grip on my outline.

    Go SpeedBoers!!!!


  20. Morning, Jenny! Wish I could see you when you're in the USA.

    Thanks for the poem, Paula! Love it!


  21. THREE CHEERS FOR BUBBA T -- I'm with him and those "bursts of speed," that although not frequent, do happen and do add up!!

    Sometimes I wish I were more of a Jack Rabbit like Mary or Ruthy or Carol and Pep, but the truth is I am s-l-o-w ... until I get toward the end, then the pages fly by like a cartoon script, which is better late than never, eh?

    Fun post, Pammy ... er ... "Owl."


  22. Hooray Helen!!! way to be able to write THE END.

    enjoyed the post today. unfortunately, having signed up for Speedbo, my miniscule word count makes me think i'm Owl - just watching... *sigh*

    if i was going any slower, i'd be going backwards. baby steps, i know...

    proud of everyone else though.

  23. YAY, HELEN, TINA P, ROSE AND CAROL, you're almost there ... blessings on chapters 12 and 13, HELEN ...

    PAULA ...LOVE the poem ... thanks for the cheerleading ... some of us need it more than others!! :|

    And JACKIE'S right, guys ... six more days to go, so chin up KAV and any other Bubba T-ers!!!


  24. Six more days? I'm going to have to do some pretty hard sprinting to meet my goal, but I'm pumped about my WIP anyway. We'll see how this week turns out - other deadlines are threatening to be speedbumps :(

  25. Fun story, Pam--and a great analogy for writers!

    Really??? March is over this week??? Seems like the month barely began!

    Actually, it has felt more like February all month. WHAT HAPPENED TO SPRING???

  26. I loved this, Pam. :) I'm definitely like Bubba this Speedbo. I started out at a stumbling pace, but without being completely prepared and took a step back to get this story firmly planted in my head. Then, I can be like Jack and throw it all out on the pages. :)

    I'm so thrilled for everyone who is close to/has met their Speedbo goals!!! WAY TO GO!!!! :)

    HELEN--so happy for you! I'd call it edits. ;)

  27. I'm definitely the turtle in this race. Slow, slow, slow. I thought my goal was too small and would be easy. Turns out, this month has been crazy and with computer problems, my small goal, isn't. But last night I reached the end of the last chapter and am ready to start on the epilogue. Even better, the snow is still falling, 60+ schools are closed, work is closed, and I have a snow day to write. Yippy! Color me happy in spite of this delay in spring.

  28. WTG Helen and others who have met or exceeded your goal(s).

    I'm @ 45k of 60K towards my Speedbo goal and this week I'm in TN for spring break.

    6 days left? Eeek! Well five for me. (I don't write on Sundays.)

    Better get busy now.

    Mad Dash to the Finish Line!!!
    Sound familiar? :)

  29. Great post, Pam.

    Helen, I'm linear, too, but I got hit with the same off the beaten path twists in my story that you did! Congrats on getting to The End!

    I'm about 10,000 from The End, but I think I'm going to be there before then, then have to go back and expand the places that need beefed up to cover my word count deficit. If my personal Speedbo goes into the first week of April, I'm good with it.

    I am up for any prizes that might be left, but a phone chat would be awesome.

  30. Pam,

    I'm with you on the tractor. I used to love to plow. (I never raked hay, that was Daddy's job.)

    I have a story or two from my plowing days that I need to write as a scene in one of my wip's. One time a disk on my tandem plow caught the hose on the diesel tank and ripped it off. Took a shower in diesel to get that hole plugged because I just knew Daddy would kill me if I let all the diesel run out on the ground. I was tomboy all the way. But...I did get that hole plugged using a glove and a screwdriver.

    I'm behind on Speedbo and I don't foresee me catching up. Unexpected emergencies came up.
    I'm really ready for everything to slow down and be normal again.


    I'm not as far on my novella as I wish I was, but I did get the book turned in that was due April 1st, so that's the MAIN goal and it's done.
    But I wanted to be farther on this novella, just to keep ahead of the game, cuz I've got to start ANOTHER book, eek!

  32. I don't know where I fit in, Pam. This has been one of the strangest months. So far, I have nearly 8K for my WIP, but I also have about 10K in other writings. Together, it's still not much. Now that I'm sick and can't do my other duties, my brain is so muddled and I'm so tired, I don't want to write or even read. And that's saying something. I'm usually always doing one, the other, or both. We'll see how I finish out...

  33. I think I'm a logger head. I work slow and steady and also have that basic body shape! :(

  34. You know I have to say I always thought I was slow.

    But I was comparing myself to Frick and Frack. The Speedy Seeker writers. You know who you are.

    Make sure you're comparing yourself to someone with the same typing skills, processing skills and brilliance. Now I realize I am actually a speedy writer when I stopped using the wrong measuring stick.

  35. Loved your post, Pam--thanks for another great interview with those characters *grin*.

    Paula--Great SpeedBo poem, and we all appreciate your support!

    I'm back from a medical appt. so ready to dive in to SpeedBo--hoping for a sprint today, as I need one.

    Please enjoy some goodies I baked late last night: Pecan Praline Coffee Cake; Georgia Peach muffins; and...for those who need chocolate, Fudge Brownies. Enjoy! ~ Hugs, Patti Jo

  36. Helen, I'd call that editing.

    And I'd pat myself on the back, grab fresh tea and...



    I love editing.

    What a crazy month it's been. I got notice that my Christmas book was accepted and that's wonderful news!!!! Now onto the next one which is a heart-jerker for me, so it's a page by page writing process... but so stinkin' beautiful....

    Rose, that's awesome! I love that you're cruising along, that's how I work, it's a steady drip (and about as annoying, some would say,a but THEY SHALL GO NAMELESS ) and it adds up like crazy. I just wear blinders around Carol and Mary....

    Dory, Finding Nemo: "Just keep writing, just keep writing, just keep.... etc, etc.!"

    Patti Jo, good to have you back... Now straight back at it, darling girl. :)

    I've got a few minutes of quiet right now... time to clean up kitchen from lunch and stop by here. I love a few minutes of quiet!

  37. Less than a week left? Yikes. I may have to camp out at 1K1HR and do some serious writing.

  38. I just saw your post Helen. As part of the Olympic Speedbo Judging Panel, I give you a 10. Anything before THE END is considered first draft.

    Congratulations. You can now move to Nationals. Can you ice skate??

  39. Sorry everybody!!! My ISP has been on the blink all day. I could get on some places, but not there were grids that were out.

    The ISP said they had a problem, and I just got on Seekerville! Yay!!

    I could read comments from my iphone, but couldn't reply, even though I tried.

    I love how some of you are relating to both Bubba T. and Jack. Me? I think I'm Bubba in both the creative phase and the re-writing phase! lol

  40. Tina,

    My ice skating experience consists of winter skatin on the pond as a kid, very clumsily.

    But you oughta see me ride a bike!

  41. Patti Jo, pass those fudge brownies!!!! Oh my, they sound like just what I need today.

    In addition to no ISP (which was a good thing, I suppose), my fingers are raw from scrubbing mud off a Sunday shirt. Cows got out Saturday night and DS2 got mud all over a perfectly good shirt.

    Granted, he was chasing 60 cows to get them up before they go in the highway, so we can give him some credit, but I would liked to have known the shirt had big splotches of mud on 2 days ago...

  42. waiting to be inspired for a nice long (fast) sprint

  43. Now that I'm back online, HELEN!!!! Congrats on writing THE END!!! Whoo-hoo!!!!

    Go Sprinters... Sprinters could be some of you #1K1HR guys and gals. You sprint for an hour, half-hour if that's all you can spare. Ready. Set. Go Bubba T! :)

    Paula, thanks for the poem! Too cute!

    A Bubba T. t-shirt. lol

  44. Go Cindy! Inspiration comes from the oddest places. Right now, I'm inspired by the gorgeous sun shining through my window.

    Be inspired.


  45. Unless I forget to mention it this week, please put my name in the hat for the phone chat.


  46. Way to go Helen.

    I'm so amazed w/all the progress this month. And we still have 6 days left!

  47. I'm very slow, too, but not so steady! I need to improve. Not sure I can do it.

  48. Ach, I'm tired.... it must be near bedtime in upstate! (Early bedtime, just like the little kids!)

    You know, no matter what your "count" is at the end of this week....

    If it's more than what you started with, AND if you found yourself more focused on production (at any pace) you've done yourself a huge favor....

    Everything takes practice. Writing/pacing/production is no different. It gets easier the more you do it.

    So don't give yourself an April Spring Cleaning pass...


    This is not a reflection of your character. Blame bad vision, lack of mobility, or be honest and say, "I don't care, Writer At Work"...

    And smile your way along the road to success.

    It's a sweet road, all told....

  49. It is SO good to hear about all of you reaching and closing in on your goals. Congrats abounding for your persistence and dedication! What inspirations you are.

    My Speedbo project came to a halt last week -- too many big bad bears who were not impressed that I had other plans.

    The good news is that while I couldn't write I realized my Speedbo projects is a shorter novella than I originally thought ... or maybe it's just a long short-story. Hmm. And I have more words written on it than I did at the beginning of the month. And I can dedicate some time to writing again. And there are still several days before the end of Speedbo ...

    Nancy C

  50. Ahh, sage advice Bubba T. Endurance is the key. So ol' Jack's been training in swamp mud, eh? Sometimes slogging through words feels just as weighty as mud.

    Love the update on the bulldog and rabbit, Pam. Lots we can learn from them. Sprint or marathon? I think it takes a bit of both.

  51. YAYAYAY, Helen.

    The End.

    Them's sweet words.

  52. Congrats, Helen, on reaching "The End!" Way to go!!!!!

    Loved your post, Pam! You make these animal characters so colorful! :)

    My Google Chrome crashed one day after reaching the end of my ms and won't reopen. :/ Trying to fix it, but in the meantime, I'm working at a snail-pace through Internet Explorer. Next step: scour Seekerville for tips on 2nd drafts and expanding a 50K novel to 75K+.

  53. Congrats, Helen, for writing the end.

    Sometimes, those little energy packets help, but I plod a lot.

  54. I am most definitely a loggerhead, but I always get there in the end.

  55. What a day! And Natalie, you're not the only one with computer problems. I think half of us have problems with our hardware, the other with software, and the other half with our ISP...

    Uh, that's like 3 halves... Oh well, you get the idea.

    I'll have to talk to Jack and Bubba T. about training the ultimate Speedbo marathoner... a furry or furry friend who is consistently slow and steady AND has those burst of speed.

    Stay tuned until next year!!!!!

  56. Cute post! I am a steady tortoise. Have to be with my RA. And it eventually gets done.

  57. Thanks for your post, Pam! I'm the tortoise. I'm even reading your post late-- just catching up! Slow, but get 'er done! Thanks for the encouragement!

  58. Carrie & Sherida, so glad you stopped by even if it was at a tortoise's pace! lol

    But, yep, I'm the same way. I might not get around to something (like someone's blog post or pictures on fb) immediately, but I save the email for later, and then visit when I get caught up.

    Slow, but sure. That's my motto.

    Just call me Bubba T.