Saturday, March 2, 2013

March Contest Update

Today we have double the fun! Besides the start of Speedbo and SIX great Speedbo prizes announced tomorrow, we're also giving you the monthly Contest Update.

 Comment and share your contest goals for the month for a chance to win BOC of  The Rancher's Reunion on Kindle or print or Oklahoma Reunion on Kindle or print  or my latest release Mending the Doctor's Heart in print only. 

Published Author Contests

 Daphne du Maurier Award Published Division.  Deadline March 15, 2013.

Carol Award. Deadline March 15, 2013

Book Buyers Best Contest for Published Authors. Deadline April 13, 2013.Contest is accepting e-published and self-published entries.

Unpublished Author Contests

Touched by Love. Deadline March 3. All electronic. First 20 pages and 2 page synopsis of an inspirational romance. Top  Prize editor critique by Raela Schoenherr, Bethany House Publishers. LOW ON CONTEMPORARY ENTRIES.

The 2013 Genesis Contest.  Deadline March 15. All electronic. Contest requires a completed manuscript. Submit the first 15 pages as your entry.
Contemporary-Sandra Bishop (MacGregor Literary), Dave Long (Bethany House), Jacque Alberta (Zondervan)

 Romance-Steve Laube (Steve Laube Agency), Raela Schoenherr (Baker Publishing), Tina James (Harlequin Love Inspired)

 Historical (through Vietnam era)-Greg Johnson (WordServe Literary), Terry Burns (Hartline Literary), Rick Steele (AMG Publishers) 

Historical Romance (through Vietnam era)-Kim Moore (Harvest House), Mary Sue Seymour (The Seymour Agency), Charlene Patterson (Bethany House) 

Mystery/Suspense/Thriller-Les Stobbe (Les Stobbe Agency), Dawn Anderson (Kregel Publications), Jan Stob (Tyndale House Publishers)

 Romantic Suspense-Natasha Kern (Natasha Kern Literary Agency), Tamela Hancock Murray (Steve Laube Agency), Becky Philpot (Thomas Nelson)

 Speculative-Amanda Luedeke (MacGregor Literary), Ramona Richards (Abingdon), Julie Gwinn (B&H Publishing)

 Novella (15K-45K)-Annette Irby (Pelican Book Group), Sarah Freese (WordServe Literary), Jessica Barnes (Guideposts Publishing) 

Category (45K-70K)-Melissa Endlich (Harlequin Love Inspired), Ami McConnell (Thomas Nelson), Sue Brower (Zondervan) 

Young Adult-Molly Hodgin (Thomas Nelson), Kim Childress (Zondervan), Nancy Lohr (JourneyForth Books)

Daphne du Maurier Award Unpublished. Deadline March 15. Electronic.Submit one (1) Electronic Entry of no more than the FIRST 5,000 words of your manuscript & one (1) Electronic Synopsis in the same document with no more than 675
words. Final Round Judges have agreed to judge on the first fifteen pages (15 pages) of the
entry. The additional ten pages are for final round judges who wish to continue reading.

Categories & Final Round Judges
Editor: Wanda Ottewell – Harlequin Romantic Suspense
Agent: Scott Eagan – Grayhaus Literary
Editor: Wendy McCurdy - Berkley Sensation
Agent: Courtney Miller-Callihan – Sanford J Greenburger Associates
Editor: Elizabeth Bistrow – NAL
Agent: Diana Flegal – Hartline Literary Agency
Editor: Faith Black - Berkley
Agent: Beth Campbell - BookEnds LLC
Editor: Denise Zaza – Mira
Agent: Amy Moore-Benson - AMB Literary Management
Editor: Kerry Donovan - NAL
Agent: Nephele Tempest - Knight Agency

Spring Into Romance. Deadline March 16. First 25 pages. Electronic.Contemporary Single Title Romance: Kate Studer (Editorial Assistant, Harlequin Mira and Overseas Editorial)

Novel w/ Strong Romantic Elements/Mainstream: Suzie Townsend (New Leaf Literary and Media, Inc.)

Contemporary Series/Category Romance: Alethea Spiridon Hopson (Editorial Director, Entangled Indulgence / Senior Editor Entangled Publishing)

Paranormal Romance: Dana Hamilton (Editorial Assistant, Harlequin Nocturne/Nocturne Cravings/Intrigue)

Historical Romance: Laura Bradford (Bradford Literary Agency)

Suspense/Adventure Romance: TBA
Young Adult Romance: Kevan Lyon (Marsal Lyon Literary Agency)

Fire & Ice.  Deadline March 22. Electronic.  
Submit the first 6,000 words.
 Single Title Romance:
Sha-Shana Crichton, Agent, Crichton & Associates

Series Romance
Allison Lyon, Editor, Harlequin

Historical Romance
Jill Marsal, Agent, Marsal Lyon Literary Agency

Erotic Romance
Jeanne De Vita, Editor, Musa Publishing

Women's Fiction
Alex Logan, Editor, Grand Central Publishing

Paranormal Romance
Deb Werksman, Editor, Sourcebooks

Young Adult Romance
Kathleen Rushall, Agent, Marsal Lyon Literary Agency 

Touch of Magic. Deadline March 23. All electronic. A complete submission will include an .rtf file of the beginning of a manuscript (including prologue, if applicable), not to exceed 25 pages total, and a separate .rtf file of a synopsis, not to exceed 3 pages (double-spaced) of your original manuscript. The synopsis will be used for reference only and will not be scored.
 Historical: Chelsey Emmelhainz, Editor, (HarperCollins)

Short Contemporary: Rhonda Helms, Editor, Carina Press

Single Title: Alicia Condon, Editor, Kensington Books

Paranormal: Rebecca Strauss, Agent, McIntosh & Otis, Inc.

Romantic Suspense: Keyran Gerlach, Editor, Entangled Publishing

NSRE: Ally Robertson, Editor, The Wild Rose Press
 Duel on the Delta. March 31. All electronic. First 20 pages, with optional synopsis.
 Final Round Judges

Contemporary - Jill Marsal- Literary Agent, Marsal Lyon Literary Agency

Erotica - Angela James, Executive Editor - Carina Press, Harlequin Ltd.

Historical - Jill Limber, Editor - Boroughs Publishing Group

Inspirational - Sarah Long, Senior Editor, Fiction, Bethany House Publishers

Paranormal - Deb Dixon, President/CEO of Belle Books

Romantic Suspense - Deborah Nemeth- Editor, Carina Press

Young Adult - Danielle Poisez, Editorial Director - Entangled Select and Entangled Edge

 Fool For Love. Deadline April 1. All electronic. Open to Published and Unpublished authors. First 35 pages.
 Categories and Final Round Judges:

Short Contemporary-Final Judge: Brenda Chin, Senior Editor, Harlequin Blaze

 Long Contemporary-Final Judge: Esi Sogah, Senior Editor, Kensington Publishing Corp.

Historical-Final Judge: Sue Grimshaw, Category Specialist and Editor at Large, Random House Publishing Group

Paranormal/Futuristic/Fantasy/Time Travel-Final Judge: Suzie Townsend, Agent, New Leaf Litereary and Media

Inspirational-Final Judge: Tina James, Senior Editor, Harlequin Love Inspired

Romantic Suspense-Final Judge: Jill Marsal, Agent, Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, LLC

*NEW!* Young Adult-Final Judge: Michelle Grajkowski, Agent, Three Seas Literary Agency
Romantic novels geared toward young adult readers.
 Approximate word count: 40,000-100,000

Published Author-Final Judge: Katherine Pelz, Assistant Editor, Berkley Publishing Group
 Open to entrants who are previously published or contracted in any book-length fiction. Romantic novels of any sub-genre (entry cannot have been contracted prior to April 1, 2013 contest deadline).

 The Sheila. Deadline April 12. All electronic.Eligibility: all RWA members, published and unpublished, who have not published a full-length novel (40K words or more) in the category entered at the time of the contest deadline and within the past five years.
Entry: Total of 35 pages, including synopsis (not to exceed 5 pages).

  Categories and Final Judges: 
Romantic Suspense – Katherine Pelz
The Berkley Publishing Group
Historical – Elizabeth (Lizzie) Poteet, St. Martin's Press
Women's Fiction – Alex Logan, Grand Central Publishing
Single Title – Emilia Pisani, Gallery Books
YA – Wendy Loggia, Delacorte Press/Random House Children's Books


Our March Contest Diva is Carol Moncado who has not only embraced the contest circuit but created the Face Book 1K1H page to keep those writers writing. This month we are saluting the determination and inspiration that is Carol.

Some words on her contest journey from Carol:

Last year, I entered a lot of contests. A lot. And I did well in several. Finaled in three – a first place, second place and fourth place finish. I semi-finaled in Genesis. But then came a dry spell.

The last six contests I've entered… Nothing. In fact, the last one I entered, I came in next to last – and I finaled in it last year.

So why keep entering? Some of the feedback is spot on. Some is… not.
But all is valuable in some way. If the comments make me wince and then change, that's good. If they make me bristle, can I explain to my critters why I feel those comments are wrong – and not with a "because I said so." Some of those entries were really hard to see, especially last year's SpeedBo project – one near and dear to my heart. That's always hard.

But I'm sucking it up and moving on. I've taken those comments, discussed them with my critters and made my entries better. I'm definitely entering Genesis – with multiple entries, including last year's SpeedBo – and contemplating a couple others. I won't enter as many as last year. I'm more selective with the final judges and the score sheets. But I keep going.

Because I'm a contest diva. ;)

 Speedbo information can be found here
 View the 2013 Speedbo Participants Hall of Fame List here. It's not too late to join!

This week's prizes include:

  • First chapter critique -up to 20 pages
  • First 5 pages critique 
  • One page synopsis critique 
  • Phone chat
  • First page hook critique 
  • Package of Books to one reader
All you have to do is comment! You have to tell us you want a particular prize.  First week winners announced tomorrow in the Weekend Edition. All prizes are redeemable AFTER Speedbo.

Do stop by the Yankee Belle Cafe where Ruth Logan Herne is dispensing tips on cooking for Speedbo.

Happy Writing!


  1. Carol the Contest Diva!!! Of course :)

    This month I'm definitely entering a contest.

    Hot chocolate for all the late-nighters. Marshmallows anyone?

  2. /Polishes Tiara/

    What an honor to join the Hall of Contest Divas!

    And great contest update! I'm still trying to decide for certain, but I think I'm only entering Genesis [multiple entries though] in large part because we have a huge family vacation we're saving for in May.

    But... Any idea if TBL is low on short or long contemp entries?

    I was going to take a pic with one of the girls' tiaras and feather boas, but the girls, apparently, broke them all ;).

  3. Hot cocoa sounds yummy, Jan!

    Carol, I love your advice and your attitude!!! No pain, no gain, right? from the start I was pretty picky about the contests I entered. I guess I looked at it as a business decision. I rarely entered a contest unless the judge was someone I was interested in. And in some cases if I knew I could cold query the final judge without an agent I wouldn't enter either. My first manuscript, a Scottish Highlander story, finaled left and right. I even received a personal note from an editor, which was cool. When I entered my western and my biblical, they received mediocre scores. In one, I think they were 5 out 10 or 6 out of 10. Not good. But I received some awesome critiques. I tried again and semi-finaled in Genesis and then took 1st and 3rd out of four in the last contest I entered.


  4. ***Please Forward***


    Do you have a romantic inspirational work-in-progress that you'd like to get feedback on? Would you like to have a chance at chance at some cash prizes and getting read by Raela Schoenherr of Bethany House. Then consider entering the TBLA Contest.

    We are currently very low on entries, particularly in contemporary, which means entrants may have an increased chance at finaling.

    Manuscripts do not have to be completed to enter. Deadline is March 3, 2013. Emailed entries consist of up to 20 pages and a 1-2 page unjudged synopsis.

    Details can be found at Faith, Hope & Love | TBL Contest or
    Questions? Contact Kelly Ann Riley or Sandra Orchard---2013 TBL Contest Coordinators or

  5. Woot Carol! You go girl!

    I entered a contest back in 2004 and got feedback I considered fair and spot on. Then I veered off in another writing direction -- writing short stories for the Trues -- and didn't get back to novels until NaNoWriMo 2008. I did 50K that month, finished the book a couple months later and finaled with it in a Harlequin online pitch contest. They requested (and rejected) the full. At the same time my marriage was falling apart and my muse packed her bags and bought a one-way ticket to Bora Bora where she stayed until recently.

    I recently entered a re-worked version of that 2008 book in a contest just to get back in the game and the groove. And my SpeedBo book is for another contest with an end of May deadline. It was a 2011 NaNo book but I quit after 12 days because I'd started a new job not long before and it was kicking my behind. I just couldn't take the stress.

    But I've kicked back a little, lured the muse back home and here I am -- older, wiser, single, happy, blessed beyond measure, and writing again.

    And those prizes rock! I'd love any of the critiques.

    Did I hear hot chocolate mentioned??? No marshmallows though.


  6. YAY Carol!! You wear that tiara very well, btw. ~ Jan, thank you--I'd LOVE some hot chocolate--with marshmallows please! ~ Seriously thinking about entering the Fool for Love contest for unpubbed. ~ Okay, a little more writing, then sleep. Hugs, Patti Jo (yawning...)

  7. Heehee! Love Carol's picture!

    Go, you!!! And I've saved all my contest critiques. Whether the judges were right on or out to lunch, they put in the time and effort to read the pages.

    The longer I'm in this business, the more I really admire that. It's so rare. I treasure any feedback.

    Plus, like Carol,I love contests. I even want to enter contests that I can never win, like the Daphne, because it's so cool... and forget the fact I don't write anything near suspense. I just want to enter it.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Virginia, I'm missing the contest circuit. I'm stuck in the middle. I no longer qualify for unpubbed contests and I don't have a copyright page for the published contests. :( I even wrote a blog about it yesterday. Yeah, there are a few contests that allow pubbed authors, but they can't enter a ms that has been contracted or the final judge isn't a judge I'd be interested in so I feel like I'd just be feeding money into the shredder.

    Can't wait until I'm eligible to enter published contests. *g*

  10. You go, Carol.

    I may have to enter some contests just to get my picture in one of those spiffy frames. ;-)

    But don't everyone hold their breath, I'm sorta mediocre to terrible at contests.

  11. I just flipped over to the Yankee Belle Cafe and wow! What great recipes and ideas. I'm a crock-pot gal myself. I can put it on before I go to work (I just work half-days in the afternoons) and it'll be done when I get home. Right now I have a freezer full of vegetable beef soup, ham from the Honey Baked ham my bosses gave us last Thanksgiving, chicken salad from the huge package you have to buy at Costco and half a loaf of homemade bread. I think I'm set for a while.


  12. Tina, don't be afraid to write to the contest. ;) You should enter. I would if I could.

  13. Carol - Thanks for the advice. I'm not quite ready for contests, but your advice has helped me prepare so I will enter with the right attitude when I am ready.

  14. Way to go, Carol! Awesome! I love your spirit. Your word counts never cease to amaze me. And 1K1H has been such a blessing to my writing!

    Great Contest Update, Tina! That TBL announcement makes me wish I had a contemp WIP. Hmmm. If I can get the first 20 pgs. of this historical polished up before 3.3.13 I might enter it for good measure. I always look forward to your contest updates, even if I don't enter. Reading about contests makes me excited about writing! :)

  15. Christina, how come you can't enter?

    You can always enter a contest where you haven't published in that genre in the past five years.

    You don't have to enter your book (being published) in a contest. When they say 'pubbed and unpubbed' they usually mean you're entering a manuscript that hasn't been published (and sometimes in a genre inwhich you haven't been published).

    Entering my YA and polishing it through the contests is how I got it spiffy enough to get a spot in Franny Billingsley's writing program, which I'd been trying to get into for 3 years straight!

  16. Way to go, Carol - my little Contest Diva! So proud of you. It's just a matter of time.

  17. I'm not a contest diva . . . I don't think, but I'm a bit disappointed that I can't enter anything for a good long while. And Virginia, I only write one category so I can't do that.

    I'm in awe of Carol's go-get-it-ness!

    Speedbo day one went well. 3k a day is what I'm going for and I surpassed it a bit. I did that last year, so I know I can, but this WIP is a little more intimidating. It's not "for fun" because it's contracted. And the rate I'm going I'll be way over 100k...That's bad. But then, last year's WIP looked like that too early on, so maybe it'll even out again.

    2/3rds of a book to write in March. Go me!

  18. congrats Carol. My goal for the month is to find out finally what I did to my wrist!

    I also want to read more this month.

    I have been good haven't disturbed my speedbo writing friend yet today!

  19. Yay, Carol! Love your acceptance speech there. I've gotten some low contest scores, too. One ms of mine recently finaled in a contest, the judges had nothing but good things to say, they even gave me 298 out of 300 points. That SAME entry just bombed in another contest and they hated it. How in the world did that happen?

    I think I entered the Genesis last year. I'll probably throw my hat in again this year, too.

    So day one of Speedbo for me was only so-so. I got one chapter revised. Hoping to get more accomplished today.

    Jenny, what happened to your wrist? I used to do hand therapy at an outpatient clinic. Maybe I can help???

  20. I am so stinkin' proud of Carol... and I'll tell you why: because I've been there. Done that. The ups and downs of contests and proposals and rejections....

    and through it all I remembered the non-quitters who changed history. Jesus... Churchill.... St. Thomas Aquinas.... Roosevelt.... Lincoln.... Washington who commanded rag-tag troops to the MOST STUNNING VICTORY OF MODERN TIMES against a well-disciplined and funded British army and navy....

    Nora Robert's quote about how writing spoils don't always go to the most talented they go to those who DO NOT QUIT became one of my mantras....

    and Yoda's "There is no try: There is only Do or Do Not."

    This is how I see Carol. She has weathered ups and downs and hasn't run home to mother.

    And I'm crazy proud of her.

  21. Marilyn....

    Muses are fickle things, aren't they??????


    So glad you're "back" and treading the waters again. Life can kick us... but it only collapses us if we allow it to happen.

    You've hit the "self-adjust" button and moved one. I think your attitude shows the do-er you are and I'm so glad you're here!

  22. Mary-VCM of many names is "SPIFFY"....

    I'm choking on my coffee right now.



    Aye yi, yi.

    And they think I talk funny.

    As if. :)


    Sorry to be remiss, but I have coffee here and cinnamon-chip snickerdoodles (baked double batch yesterday for my "Eat one-freeze one" campaign....)

    You will love these cookies, and the coffee is hot and fresh. I dove into WIP this morning with 1500 words. Now must run some errands, and then back hoping to get another 1k in. Day by day..... If it's more, I'll smile. If it's not, I'll smile because 2500 words in a day is solid, peeps.

  24. Last month after I entered two book in the Holt Madalion and Carol Awards, I said I was done BUT then I entered my books in the Inspirational Readers Choice Award....

    Congratulations Carol, I bow to your grace.

    Good Luck to everyone that enters any of these contests.

  25. Carol!!!

    WTG!!! I'm benefiting immensely from 1K1H. Thanks for having May and me in your group. :)

    Great contest menu, Tina. You serve it up so faithfully. What a blessing you are! Look at those wonderful covers. Would love the new one (have the other two)!

    Happy writing - it's a snow day here so bundling up with blankies, pillows, hot tea and dogs. Let our fingers fly on the keyboard!

  26. Happy Weekend, Seekerville! We sure got off to a rousing start yesterday with the SPEEDBO kickoff! I'm amazed at the word counts logged in!

    I've been on a 'sabbatical' from entering contests the past few years. Maybe I'll get on board again in 2014. But there are some GREAT opportunities here that Tina's rounded up, so check them out! Looks like several contests are short on inspy entries, too, and we sure don't want those contest categories to permanently close, never to be reopened, due to not enough entries!

    Congrats to Contest Diva, Carol! You have the heart of a survivor--and are "more than a conquerer!"

    Virginia--I've kept all my contest critiques, too. The stack is about knee high! :) I plan to write a few blog posts using them as a foundation--if I can ever find breathing room to go thru them all!! Once you get published, "wiggle room" gets slimmer and slimmer!

    Now off I go to work on my taxes...

  27. Yeah, Marilyn, love your enthusiasm.

    I'm actually unemployed and now going back to writing short stories and novels again. Shorts will always be my roots.

  28. Natalie Monk..dip into the contest can do it. YOU CAN!!!

  29. Good Speedbo day for you Melissa J.

    I did 2198-so proud of myself. I am so easily deterred by editing.

  30. It's great to see so much contest information in one place - thanks!

    My first day of Speedbo was okay, not as much done as I would like (562 words) but enough to get me going this weekend. I'll start again after work today.

    I'd like to be entered for the first chapter critique -up to 20 pages. Thanks!

    Laurie Logan

  31. Good Morning Seekerville!

    Another day of Speedbo. My day will have a morning session and an evening one split by taking my one and only to the movies. Can't neglect him entirely...

    A sure fire heart-tugger for me is the phrase: "Low on entries" I try to do my part to help...especially with the GH cancelling the Inspy category this year.

    Ruthy, is there a cinnamon-chip snickerdoodle recipe at the cafe? Or is it as easy as throwing in some cinnamon chips into your favorite snickerdoodle recipe? Whatever, they sound tasty! I'm helping myself!


  32. Carol, I think you need a Hall of Fame all to yourself! You go, girlfriend!

    So, be truthful, does your family remember what you look like? Do you ever come out of your luxurious writer's cave???

  33. "But don't everyone hold their breath, I'm sorta mediocre to terrible at contests."

    Tina Pinson, the contest slump has bitten us all. I always prayed my entry would land in the hands of someone who "got it"

  34. Christina, I feel your pain. When you're newly published and fresh off the unpubbed contest circuit, it's kinda like going cold turkey on contests because you just don't qualify anywhere.

    Chin up, girlfriend. It does get better!!

  35. LOL! Luxurious writer's cave?! Where?! Usually I write in my chair in the living room [though I've been on the couch some lately too].

    Thank you all. You've warmed my heart on this very cold day. To know I've made Ruthy proud... :D

    I get to see Andrea Strong and her little girl today at the local VeggieTale premiere [one of the largest, if not THE largest, in the country - they'll have a couple thousand people]. Then the in-laws are coming over and must clean enough for that ;).

    Dunno how much writing I'll get in but was a smidge over yesterday. Plus I love my new characters [and totally want my heroine's house] and want to get some time with them.

  36. Went to read an article on Forbes and this popped up:

    Forbes Thought Of The Day
    “ The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do. ”
    — Walter Bagehot


    [Dunno about the GREATEST pleasure but it's up there.]

  37. Wow, busy days for you writers! I am just a reader...waiting to read all the great books!

    If my name can go into this drawing, I would like Tina's book (print form)....any but Oklahoma Reunion which I have read.

    Thanks and blessings on all you writers!!

  38. We like that forward momentum, Laurie. Way to go.

  39. I divide up my writing for Speedbo into two sessions too, Piper. More manageable.

  40. Seekerville welcomes Debbie Killebrew to Speedbo!

  41. Wow..what talent showing up here, as well as enthusiasm! Rooting for you as you dive into your writing! Remember, there are readers waiting! yes, i'd like a paper book! Thanks for sharing your goals.


  42. Oh, I am so glad I found this site. I've already spent two days doing the editing I'm promising myself. The prize I'd love to win is a first chapter edit - Thanks for this wonderful offer.

    HM at HVC dot RR dot COM


    Way to hit those goals!!

  44. LOL, Marianne! BTW I already mailed you a paper copy. Friday. Should arrive today or Monday.

  45. CAROL, our contest diva! You rock, girlfriend!

    I'm a perennial Goldilocks, so 1H1K is usually more like 3H1K. But since I write all afternoon most weekdays, the word count still adds up quite nicely. If it ain't broke (IMHO), I don't think I'll work too hard to fix it.

    Go, Speedbo-ers!!!

  46. Carol, you are truly a contest diva!! And yes, you wear the tiara well--you've earned it. I always love to see your smile--it reaches your eyes. :) Good words about contesting.

    What a great contest update! The only one I intend to enter this year is the Frasier (I don't think it was listed) hosted by My Book Therapy. The deadline is March 31st and the feedback has always been super.

    Being so new into my second story, it's not ready for longer entry contests. But, later this year..... :)

    Yesterday I wrote my first scene--1550 words. I'm shooting for 5K words per week. It's a busy month in our household.

    Okay, so I'm off to some time with Jesus and then celebrating our oldest with a lazer tag party. Bring on the action! :)

  47. Love the contest update! Thanks Tina for the reminder to enter The Carol.

    Carol M, you wear that tiara well! Proud of your determination, what all Contest Divas have! Good for you!!!

    Christina, I can identify! I was two years from sale to publication and that's a long dry spell without feeding my contest appetite.

    Jenny, praying you find out what's going on with that wrist!


  48. Hi Carol! I love your great attitude. Love ya, girl!

  49. LOL. You are showing considerable restraint, Jenny.

    Do you do most of your reading these days paper or ebook? What's easier on your wrist?

  50. V, I really only write one genre. Historical. not many contests allow published. Although I do have a suspense. Unknown I might look into that. But only if I like the final judge.

  51. Hi, Laurie! Your first day is much better than mine :) way too many things to do. I hope to get some done today. Kids want to go bowling and to the coffee house for music.

    Last night dd had dance performance at a Roaring 20a party. It was like the real deal.

  52. Hi, Laurie! Your first day is much better than mine :) way too many things to do. I hope to get some done today. Kids want to go bowling and to the coffee house for music.

    Last night dd had dance performance at a Roaring 20a party. It was like the real deal.

  53. UGH. I've been at this laptop for 90 minutes and I'm only about 480 words ahead. It seems I didn't find and delete all the strikethrough text yesterday after all. :-( And I've been adding in notes I jotted as I did my readthrough a few days ago.

    So... I think I'm ready to dive in and begin creating anew. I just need to keep the sense of impending doom from creeping in. I don't know why I feel that way. I've been so excited about this project all week.

    Maybe it's that same excitement people get about bungee jumping -- until they actually get to the top of the tower and look down. LOL!


  54. Hi Tina:

    Goal for 2013: Have at least one contest entry polished and ready to send in on a moment's notice. What a luxury it would be to have three different entries polished and demonstrating your best work -- all on 'contest standby'.

    Contest Motto: ”Different strokes for different folks”. (“Different nudges for different judges.”)

    From the same contest: “Loved your hero.” And “your hero is a chauvinist jerk”. I think some judges, upon detecting a whiff of alpha, trash the hero! Are there any contests where the judges write for Presents ? I need to enter those contests.

    BTW: I thought I was the first one to enter SpeedBo back when it was first announced. Am I on the non-Hall of Fame list of SpeedBo entrants? Where is the link to that list? I’ll be revising “Rewards Per Page”, adding two to three new chapters (thanks to Clari Dees and Virginia (you know who)). I’ll also be using Scrivener to do this. So this ties into my online course on how to use Scrivener. I need to get at least one example of each reward. Ruth and Missy have great acknowledgement examples, Sandra has a fantastic dedication (it almost brought my wife to tears – it had an illustration to go along with it) and Ruth also has an excellent “Dear Reader” section. I just pop these examples into Scrivener and they are put on a corkboard with a picture of the book cover. It’s amazing!

    I have to get ready for a big WIN meeting at noon. That’s the Tulsa chapter of ACFW. We should have members of five different chapters there. I’m bringing Ruth’s “Meg’s Allegany Maple Fudge”. It came out perfect! Hope I can get some photos of the event. We all wish Myra could be here.


  55. Thank you to all the READERS who are cheering us on for SPEEDBO! Our keyboards are humming! I'm going the tortoise route--shooting to come in at 25-30K for the month, so sticking to my 1000-1500 words a day that I can squeeze into 90-120 minutes before work.

    ANNIE -- Believe me, ALL the Seekers have had that same thing happen in contests. Praised up and down with enthusiasm in one and the SAME entry beaten up badly in another. The trick is to try to find something you can take from the one that beat you up to improve the manuscript. But it IS so confusing at times. But no matter what we write or how well we write, everyone has different tastes. (Take a look at some of the reviews of NY Times best sellers!) Hang in there!

  56. Vince. I just looked at the Seekerville at Seekerville dot net emails. No email from you requesting to enter. I will add you and send you your badge and certificate. Because I am that good.

    Go here to see the list.

    But give me five minutes to add you, and convert to pdf and download to webpage. Maybe ten. :)

    Speedbo 2013 Hall of Fame

  57. Good morning! I entered Speedbo at the last minute but more for editing than anything else. My goal is to edit the two historicals I have written.

    I did 100 pages yesterday! This is the book I started in Speedbo last year and kept going until I finished it in May at 112,000 words!

    I may have to up my goal to 3 manuscripts to edit. That's okay by me.

    Have already entered the Fab 5, the TBL and the Genesis (Shhh, don't tell hubby till he sees my credit card bill!) That's about all I'm going to do for a while.

    Congrats to Carol! You deserve more than a tiara for all your hard work and perseverance! It will all pay off for you, I have no doubt about it!

    I'd love to be in the drawing for a chapter critique!

    Have a great Speedbo weekend!

    sbmason at sympatico dot ca

  58. Wait a minute...wait a minute...wait a minute. Is this a Goldilocks Syndrome test? Trying to distract the earnest writer from her Speedbo goals by trying to lure her away with contests?!


    Do we have to curtsy when Carol comes by now since she's a diva?

    Speedbo confession: I edit-stalled and didn't make my word quota on the first day! :-(
    But I got up early today and wrote for an hour before work. I'm at 2172 so I have some catching up to do this weekend to reach my goal!

  59. Harlequin Presents has a big internet contest every year. Let me see if I can find it for you.

    Have fun at WIN.

  60. Here is the Presents Blog.

    Keep your eye on it.

    They have had the I <3 Presents Contest quite a few times in the past.

  61. 100 pages, Susan. Wow. That's really excellent.

  62. Marilyn, take a break. Go back to it later. No frustration allowed.

  63. One of my RWA chaptermates won that Presents contest a few years ago and she's going gangbusters with Presents now.

    Judging is SO subjective. Another of my chaptermates entered a contest and got feedback that called her a racist because she commented that her hero's teenage stepsister had been raised by his father and 2nd wife on an island and ran wild most of the time. That book went on to sell to Presents Extra. Ha!

    My pet peeve is the judge who circles every use of the verb to be and writes "passive voice" by it. "She was walking" is NOT passive voice. It's not the greatest writing in the world, but it's not passive voice either. I have a theory about why people mark it that way, but it's just a theory.


  64. Hi Tina:

    You’re right. I did not enter by mail. I just entered directly on Seerkerville by leaving a comment. So do I still make the Hall of Fame?

    BTW: Can you tell how I put your SpeedBo logo on my “Philosophy of Romance” website? It’s a Blogger site just like this one. I don’t know how to do it but I think it must be easy to do once you know how. If I learn how to do it, I’ll post the SpeedBo logo.


  65. Oh my stars, what a great group we've got going....

    I've shopped, gone to the bank, promised my next-born child if they let me do an addition on my house... wait, make that GRANDCHILD, oops, and made a birthday cake for son and m-i-l later.....

    And now I WRITE.

    So stinkin' psyched!!!!

    Marilyn, sometimes I walk away and do something silly like feed the chickens before they die of starvation.

    Saving their former-T-Rex-type lives clears my brain. If you want a few hens, I'll send them snail mail.


    The postman will LOVE IT!

    PS: There's nothing funnier than picking up chicks in a post office.... LOVE THE LOOKS!!!!

  66. Oh Ruth! I'm not sure my apartment management would appreciate the chicken coops on the patio. Or if they are free range, I doubt they'd last long roaming the volleyball court at the end of my building. LOL! But you are so sweet to offer.

    I'm thinking of showering and then heading to the Books a Million in the shopping center next to my apartments. I can pop in the earbuds and write there. When I'm stuck, a change of scenery often helps.


  67. Annie, don't know what those contest judges said, but I have to say your entry was very polished. The story and conflict were superb. Loved your characters. In both stories!!!! Especially Breathing Lessons. I can't wait to see that one in print.

  68. Thanks, Tina, for the contest update! I want to enter the Daphne! Love that contest.

    Kids are visiting today. No Speedbo. Will double up tomorrow. Today I'll play! What fun!!!

  69. Marilyn, you must be talking about Lynn with her Presents success. She's on fire!!!

  70. Hey CAROL Congrats on being the contest diva. What a thrill.

    And of course you have stories. Sorry about the unhelpful crits, but you have a terrific attitude. One of these days you will be able to thumb your nose at them. chuckle.

    Thanks for the contest info TINA,

  71. Yes. Debby. Lynn Harris. Marilyn, I didn't know she won the Presents Contest.


  72. I love hearing about all the contest entries already. You know that's how we started here in Seekerville. We kept bumping into each other in contests and started communicating. Then started sharing info. Then decided we should share with everyone. And that's the way it was.

  73. Yep, Lynn Raye Harris. I think it was called the Instant Seduction contest when she won, but it was for Presents.

    Hi Debby! Enjoy the kids.


  74. oh my gosh, is this the gathering place for Speedbo? I got lost in all the comments. So much fun, then I took a trip the cafe which was nice but looks like it could be dangerous for me--gluten!

    I need to think about some of those contests-fast. Time is running out for me to enter.

  75. We have a lot of gluten free's here, Diana. You'll have to catch up with Jeanne T and Julie Hilton Steele.

    How's your Speedbo coming along??

  76. or should it be gluten-frees. No apostrophe.

    Seriously bad when I am editing my own comments.

  77. I'm going to look at Touched By Love contest.

    Other than that I'll focus on Speedbo for this month.

    I'd love a first chapter critique.

    Thanks for Speedbo, the contest, and all you do for us.

    Congrats, Carol

    Jackie L.

  78. Not that I need to add another blog to my blogsphere but it would be cool to have a gluten free blog. I've recently taken most processed foods out too.

  79. Diana and Christina, we have some gluten free stuff coming this month in the CAFE!!!! Yay for you to find us now! We know there are lots of folks getting rid of gluten in their diets, so we're looking at more ways to HELP YOU!!! :)


    Also, reporting in that I got another 1300 done between baking cake and now need to frost it and make meatballs...

    In different bowls. :)

    So that's 2800 for today, a good day with family birthdays going on.

    Okay, I'll stop back later after birthday trimmings and trappings, but I'm leaving coffee... FRESH!!! and cake now.



  80. The kids are going to the movies in a bit. I think I'll get some writing done then.

  81. Congrat Contest Diva - Carol. We're friends on FB and her posts always inspire me. She inspired me to sign up for Speedbo. I know soon we will buying one of her books. Go Carol :)

  82. Speedbo and Seekerville welcome Marcy H !!!!!

  83. Ruthy!! 2800...she's the one to beat!!!! HA!!

  84. Wow, Carol, you Contest Diva, you!!

    What you said could have come directly out of my own contest book, even down to the 2nd from last out of a gazillion entries.

    Yep, been there, done that EXACT same thing...with my current book Claiming Mariah that just came out with Tyndale. :)

    Keep on keeping on!

  85. Annie, 13 weeks ago I tripped on pavers out back and fell heavy as I was walking at speed. landed on the ulnar side of the wrist and its been painful ever since. My dr thinks its cartilage, the OT thinks it may be TFCC but they are not sure so doing an MRI on Wednesday as there is still so much pain in it. I have a splint that is meant to be for that sort of injury but can only wear it a bit as it hurts after a bit and then its back to the back slab splint. At least with the MRI I should know for sure what I did and get the right treatment. Its just so frustrating. typing hurts after a while. but I do better first thing in the morning. May be a good think I will have little to no access to the net after Monday for almost a week.

  86. Thanks for the contest update, Tina!

    Carol, loved your advice. Thanks!

    I entered a contest at the end of February! I made 1/2 my February goal...however, I learned I don't know how to submit. So my goal for this month (besides Speedbo) is to learn about Standard Manuscript Formatting. Any suggestions for a quick way to learn?

    I'd love any prize....thanks!

  87. Tina, The kindle is easier but I have a few review books that are paperback. Also have to get LI in print as we cant get them for the kindle really annoying.
    I tend to read more on the kindle.

  88. Speaking of the tortoise, Glynna, it's entirely possible The Loggerhead and the Swamp Rabbit will return for an Speedbo encore on the 25th.

    I'm negotiating terms, but that Jack, he's being difficult as usual...

  89. Seekerville and Speedbo welcome Katy L!!!!

  90. Sherida -

    What kind of thing are you talking about? How to set it up with one click in Word? If you just want to know what they are, look at the Genesis manuscript requirements, those are pretty standard across the industry.

    Be sure you turn OFF widow/orphan control as it's a pitb and it will almost always end up a bit shorter [which is very useful when you didn't realize it was on and you're ONE. STINKIN'. LINE. over]. ;)

  91. No contests for me.

    Enter me into the chat-hat please!

    Gotta get busy, have company this weekend.

  92. Some kind of bear has arrived in the form of an email from my CPA (AKA my sister) asking for a detailed accounting of the $500+ in non-cash donations I made this year so the IRS won't come looking for me. I have it all but will have to type up a list of the various thrift stores and other charities and non-profits I donated items and services to. So maybe, just MAYBE I'll get back to the manuscript tonight after I tally this all up.

    So much for my Saturday plans.


  93. Sherida,

    If you belong to an RWA chapter, I'd be willing to bet you could ask a fellow member about standard manuscript format and he/she would be happy to help. That's how I learned.

    Or Google "romance novel manuscript format" and you'll probably get hits from various RWA chapter websites with helpful articles.


  94. Seekerville and Speedbo welcomes Leona Loller. Leona is our

    97th Speedbo Participant.

  95. Sherida, this one by Christy Craig and Faye Hughes is helpful for formatting.

    Romance Novel Formatting

  96. CAROL, MARILYN & TINA: Thank you for all the suggestions! I will do/check out all. I had entered one contest last year where the entry was mailed and did okay. However, the electronic submission took me some time to figure out. I'm obviously a beginner...I need to take a word processing class. I didn't even know there is only to be one space after a period now! But I love writing! Thanks again!

  97. We all started where you are Sherida. You are doing great.

  98. I need to get my contest on. Really, I do. Thank you for the updates, Tina!

    Kudos Carol, my contest - word count - manuscript producing idol and kind cheerleader.

    This writing day has been interesting. I see the outline. I ignore the outline. But I'm having fun, so it counts!

    My word count for the month is 50,000. So far I'm at 5,171 toward that goal. Whoohooo...

    Lovin' Speedbo! Thanks, Seekerville, for having us.

  99. Sherida -

    One of my very first contests I got counted down for two spaces ;).

    Shoot me an email - I'd be happy to help you figure it out :D.

    carolmoncado at gmail dot com

  100. Lyndee. Good night!! FIVE THOUSAND ALREADY?

    Do you want to do my Speedbo too?

  101. CAROL: Thank you! I'll email you after Speedbo. And I just did a request to join the FB #1K1HR group. Sounds great!

  102. JENNY: So sorry to hear your wrist is still giving you trouble. Praying that you're on the path to healing SOON!

  103. TINA! It's currently 83 degrees in the Valley of the Sun. Are you sitting out on your patio enjoying the delightful WINTER weather?????

  104. Entered one contest yesterday, and plan on entering another tomorrow. I'll also check out the ones listed here. :)

    Jodie Wolfe

  105. Teehee, Tina. If you want a section of historical in the middle of your contemporary, I'm in. Anything to help you, my friend.

  106. I'm here. *waves at everyone* My goal is to write at least 1200 a day and hopefully finish my wip by the month's end.

    Mending the Doctor? Ooooh! Would love to have that one. I think I have the other two. ;-)

  107. Congrats, Carol! More than guts, it takes a lot of time, money, and energy to send all those out. I have a feeling when you publish, it will be domino style!

  108. I'm inside, editing, Glynna.

    My office is 84 degrees. Does that count?

  109. Wow, Jodie, this is your take off year. Way to go!

  110. What a great list!! When I am ready...Got in over 1,000 words today and may even squeeze in a few more tonight. Whoop.

  111. Way to go Linnette. How are you doing so far with your Speedbo goals?

  112. I was writing and revising all day and forgot all about checking in.

    Best wishes for all of us you are entering contests! The Seekers certainly believe contests can make a huge difference.

  113. A great big THANK YOU to Tina who organized SpeedBo and so much more!!!!!!!!

  114. I have removed and apologize for my rude comment before. Who am I to decide what is right or not (concerning the number of spaces after a period)?

    I'm frustrated with my writing today and it showed in my snarky comment.


  115. LOL. Marilyn. I didn't see it, but I agree. No editor ever turned down a great story for two period instead of one.

  116. Becky!! Wow, you don't let any grass grow either. Congratulations on a great showing.

    I have to get over to 1K1HR asap.

  117. Congrats Carol and all of you other contest divas!

    Maybe by the end of March I'll have something enterable!

    My DH has been off this week so I will get more done come Monday when things get back to 'normal.'

    I'd love to be in the drawing for everything but the First Chapter critique.

  118. Is there a 1K1DAY group? *rolls eyes*

    I've plugged along here and have 1204 words for today. Sometimes I think it would have been easier to begin something new than pick up a project from 15 months ago. I keep finding continuity errors and contradictions. So I have to cut and slash to correct them before moving forward again. *sigh* But I think I'm past all that so it'll be new words from now on.

    Of course, the next chapter is 7, and we all know that's when the aliens appear. *grin*

    I'll have to stop in a bit and get ready for church tomorrow. It's snowed off and on all day but nothing has stuck. But who knows what'll happen overnight? Our town is full of bridges and overpasses that ice quickly, and there are plenty between me and church. I'll just have to see how things are in the morning.


  119. LOL Marilyn. I have only four hours until midnight and today has been editing because I have to fix the mess first. I have to turn this sucker in soon. LOL

  120. Speed Bo report
    My count for 3/1 was 3371.
    My count for 3/2 was 4228
    Total words for this short March week. 7599 words :)

  121. Sometimes we just play catch up, Donna. That's what family is for..teaching us to be FLEXIBLE.

  122. Whoops, forgot to say which prize. I would like a crit.

  123. That's a very cool list of participants. Closing in on 100!
    Go Seekerville!!!

    Congrats to our Diva, Carol.

    I'm loving this Speedbo. I just made myself cry with the scene I was writing.

  124. Holy MACARONI, Mary Vee. You guys are making me look like a whiny kid as I struggle to hit 2000 with only two hours left.

    Slap myself.

  125. Busy times for all the writers.

    I'd love the package of books thank you.

  126. I would love to win the books and the Kindle.
    Thanks for the giveaways and God Bless!!!
    Sarah Richmond

  127. Carol, thanks for the encouragement to submit. I'm not sure memoir fits into any of these contests though. Still, I'm grateful for this site and have been writing more and more each day. I appreciate the encouragement.

    The books sound interesting and I do have a Kindle :)
    HM at HVC dot RR dot COM

  128. What a busy weekend edition. Congrats to all the winners. woo hoo

    Di you get back to Tuesday's blog and read the comment responses Jo made for all of you commenters that day? Sure hope so.

    Great going on the speedbo endeavors.


  129. Stopping in late...

    Anyone watch The Bible on the History Channel?

    Family was here this weekend. Fun! No Speedbo!

    Barbara Vey's Anniversary Bash starts sure to stop by her website. Lots of prizes. Seekerville is one of the hosts on WED.

  130. Atlanta had a dusting of snow this morning. It's been cold. Makes me think I'm living up North!