Friday, March 1, 2013

Speedbo Begins & Overcoming Goldilocks Syndrome

Welcome to the first in my Writer Rehab Series. Today we're discussing what is commonly known as "Goldilocks Syndrome." *

To understand this insidious disease we'll share examples and known treatment modalities. Everyone is at risk. Learn the symptoms and be prepared. It could happen to you.

 1. One of least discussed symptoms of Goldilocks Syndrome is known simply as "I have to clean my office before I write. Sure, it starts out innocuously. The office could really be a mess. Everything in the house migrates there. The living room, kitchen and dining room are immaculate, but your office? Besides, having a disaster office actually makes it look like you are productive

But you're not. 

You start out most days determined to clean your office before you start writing, because you "can't write in the clutter!" 

But you never actually get around to writing. Or if you do it's certainly not what you planned when you wrote- 1. Clean office. 2. Write. -on your To-do-list. 

How to kick this unproductive habit? 

Yes, do clean your office. Once per project. And while you're at it move the desk so it faces away from the clutter. Out the window is ideal. 

Change your To-do-list to this, 1. Write. 2. Clean office. If you meet your writing goals you get to clean your office again.


2. Another tell-tale sign of Goldilocks Syndrome is being over-run with Bears. Bears that stand between you and your writing. Sure this sounds pretty benign, but beneath the surface is the malignant truth.
You let the Bears take over because deep down inside you think:

  • The Bears are right. I'm not really a writer
  • I'm taking away from the Bears in my life when I spend my time writing
  • The cubs should come first (and they're so cute and I love them this much.)
  • If I'm nice and make porridge and brush their fur they'll let me write.   

Goldi. You are a writer.  The hard truth is that you have to take a stand and create boundaries in your life. 

 Here are some typical interactions between Goldi and the Bears in her life demonstrating how you can turn it around and be in control of your Bears.

Bear: "We're out of porridge."

Goldi: "No, there's some some in the cupboard. Did you see the 'Do Not Disturb Sign on my door?"

Bear: "Yes. But I needed that porridge." (escalating cranky tone and Bear growl)

Goldi: "I understand. But this is my sacred writing time. I'll be free at one p.m." (PERIOD)


Bear: "Can you watch my cubs for me on Thursday?"

Goldi: "I'm sorry, that's my writing time." 

Bear: "But you don't have a job.  I really need a sitter."

Goldi: " Writing is my job. I'm sorry I can't help you."


Bear: "We need a volunteer for the annual Honey Run."

Goldi:  <smiles>

Bear: "It won't take up much of your time."

Goldi: "I never make commitments without looking at my calendar. You can call me next week if you'd like to discuss it."

If you need to, prepare a script on index cards so you're ready for the Bears. Value your writing time and never, ever commit to anything on the spot. "I'll have to think about it," is always an appropriate answer.

3. The final and most sinister symptom of Goldilocks Syndrome is the "not too cold, not too hot, I want it just right!" symptom. The disease may have progressed to advanced stages at this point and the only way to stop it is to show you.

Prepare to write.  Buns in chair. Hands on Keyboard. (BICHOK). Set your timer for five minutes.

 "I said my life was falling apart, " Mother. You aren't even listening."

"I am listening, Izzy."

"Mother, I told you I hate being called Izzy.""

"Since when?"

"Since months ago. Hello? I swear, you never listen."

"I do listen, Isabel..Izzy, but I have a ninethirty appointment appointment and this is the second time this week your lfie has fallen apart." Anna switched the cell phone to her other ear as she searched for car keys.

"So much for maternal support." Izzy mumbled.

"Do you want to come over later?"

"No, I'm busy."

"I couild stop by yourplace after myappointment. "

"I'm getting my nails done."

Anna tripped over the cat and hit a coffee table with her shin. The stack of books on the table tumbled liek a dominoes onto the floor.

"What on earlth was that, Mother?"

"Nothing Isabel, nothing." Ann rubbed her leg. I have to run. Bye. Love you.

 Arriving at the office complex with only five mintues to go, Anna racd to the lobby el

End of Five Minutes

 Compare that to this example.  (WARNING: GRAPHIC) This is what will happen if you have advanced GS. 

Once again-prepare to write.  Buns in chair. Hands on Keyboard. (BICHOK). Set your timer for five minutes.

"I said my life is falling apart. You aren't even listening, Mother."

"I am lsite  listening , Izzy--"

"Mother, I told you I hate being called Izzy."

"Since when?"  Anna reached for her earrings.

"Since months ago. I se swear you never listen."

"I do listen  Anna released "I do listen, Isabel, but I have a ninethirthy nine-thirty appointment doctor's appointment and this is the second time this week your life has fallen apart." Anna

End of five minutes. Productivity just took a nose dive thanks to "not too cold, not too hot, I want it just right!"

 Tragic isn't it?

Here's a treatment plan that can work for you.

1. *Join 1K1Hr
2. Start out gradually, increasing your hours daily. Minimum dose -one hour a day, one thousand words.
3. Then edit for one hour.
4. In 30 days you could have 30 thousand words.

 Don't let Goldilocks Syndrome ruin your life. Seek help now from a trained professional. Remember, together we can beat this! That's what Friends of Seekerville are for.

*Any resemblance to Bears or Goldilocks living or dead is merely coincidence.

* 1K1HR is a closed group. Holler if you want to join and we will pass that info along.


 Welcome to our Speedbo Team and our cheerleaders!

 This is the start of Speedbo! Enter by midnight tonight (as in 12:01 EST Saturday) for a chance to win a Speedbo Survival Package.  Speedbo information can be found here. This week's prizes include:

  • First chapter critique -up to 20 pages
  • First 5 pages critique
  • One page synopsis critique
  • Phone chat
  • First page hook critique
  • Package of Books to one reader
All you have to do is comment! You have to tell us you want a particular prize or it goes back into the vault.**Clarification for those who asked. If you want a critique tell us. If you want a phone chat -tell us. We don't want to give away prizes to people who will never claim them.**

 First week winners announced SUNDAY  in the Weekend Edition. All prizes are redeemable AFTER Speedbo.

Don't forget to stop by the Yankee Belle Cafe for meal planning!  Missy Tippens is cooking Quick & Delicious Shrimp today!

Let the Speedbo Games BEGIN!


  1. WooHoo! I'm here. And already tackled a chapter before bed. I'm feeling very industrious. But since I'll be at work for 9 hours tomorrow, I needed the head start.

    Oh. And I cleaned up my writing are last night. Hee Hee. So Goldilocks will have to come up with something else. (Which I have no doubt she will. :-)

    Happy SpeedBo!

  2. Hmmm...must be late. I can't type. That should be writing area. Not are.
    Although it could be, "Argh, matey! Get back to writing or walk the plank!"

  3. Wow, ahead of the curve, Clari. Sleep is a good thing. You earned it.

  4. Wait, every time we comment we have to pick which prize we want drawn for???

    I so don't have the brain power for that. I'll spend my allotted time trying to figure which I'd want. Can I pick random prize?

    Um, my bear is taxes. I should have already done them, but I've been ignoring it like a good little non-goldilocks. I think though, I better feed that bear.


  5. My back is to my office mess so at least I did something right!

    Bed time so I can get up to start Speedbo in the am. Night all.

  6. Melissa, I'm confused about that commenting for prizes thing too.

  7. Just once a week if you want a giveaway.

    If you don't say it we don't know if that you are phone phobic or don't want a synopsis critique as you never plan to write one.

    We don't want to waste your time or ours.

  8. YAY for SPEEDBO!! get myself prepared, tonight I ate chocolate as I jotted some outline notes--amazing how much chocolate can help the creative process, LOL. ~ Tina, LOVED your post (and those precious bear photos). I'm so thankful you made us aware of GS---hopefully all those afflicted will seek help. ;) I wasn't sure if Helen would be able to bring coffee, so I'm brewing some right now. Peach pancakes will be ready for breakfast along with Pecan Praline coffee cake--Enjoy! ~ Hugs, Patti Jo (who is really pumped for SPEEDBO - - of course, eating all that chocolate might be affecting me too, LOL)

  9. Great stuff Tina!

    1K1HR is a closed group, but you should be able to send a request to join. Any member should be able to 'add' people.

    I actually will be cleaning tomorrow. Today, breathing took precedence. But it shouldn't take that long and I'll be writing all afternoon.

    If I can breathe.

    Silly thing. Breathing.

    I'm off to dream land so, hopefully, I can get oodles in tomorrow.

  10. I'll take any prize. I'm not phone phobic.


    Like any of you would think I was ;).

    I *did* get most of my taxes done today.

    I don't like the outcome :p.

  11. Good luck to all of you Speedbo-ers!
    As I am not a writer I'm not participating but I am doing a form of it reading-wise. I am trying to read a book a day for the month of March so I'm going to be crazy busy but in a different way than all you writers!
    Oh and I'd only want to win the reader prize!

  12. Tina - you are the BEST...

    How DO you continue to out DO yourself???

    funny story from years past, about what you mentioned If you need to, prepare a script on index cards so you're ready for the Bears.

    A cute friend was single and being hit on by many a fellow. She finally wrote out these words and pasted them by her telephone: "No. Thank you. I'd rather not." All she had to do was read the words when she was wavering. She said it saved her a LOT of heartache.

    Happy SpeedBo!

    I'm in the midst of a manuscript already so won't exactly be participating but WILL be hard at it to meet the deadline!

  13. Wow, Abbi. Can you say, cross-eyed? Way to go.

  14. It works, K.C.

    How many times have you had a response AFTER someone walked away.

    Praying your writing time is all successful too.

  15. Great post. I kept finding pieces I wanted to quote.

    I have blinders where clutter is concerned, so I'm good there.

    I'm getting better at checking my calendar. I might need an intervention though. My mouth tends to say yes a lot.

    All good on the GS. I think. :/

    I'm ready to cheer everyone on!!! Guess I need to dig out the pom poms, not wait, I'm more of a taser kind of a girl.

    No excuses. Write, Write, Write!

  16. Thank you, Christina. We can use all the cheerleaders we can get.

  17. Tina,

    You make it sound so easy. One hour of writing. One hour of editing. Think I'll give that a whirl.

    Oh, and I'd love a phone chat.

  18. Love you, Tina! Thanks to your comment on FB, my daughter is now sending me chocolate tea. You are hired! ;)

    I've been weirdly nervous all day (Thursday), and suddenly I realized it's that nagging voice telling me my Speedbo writing goal is ridiculously large for the things going on in my life right now. But I am jumping in with both feet, because 'nobody puts Goldi in the corner.'

    Good luck and blessings to all.

  19. LOL LYNDEE!!!

    Time passes whether you shoot for the moon or not.

  20. Lyndee, you can do it!! One word at a time, one hour at a time.

  21. There you go, Connie. See asking is so much easier on all of us. Thank you.

  22. Tina,
    Clutter and I have an understanding, so I'm on the couch because of the mountain on my desk. But I do work there from time to time. ;-)

    I still catch myself in the too cold/hot. Just have to remind myself to write. Or just paste pieces of your post around for a subtle kick. .

    Wouldn't be interested in a synopsis critique or hook critique, but I'm game for the other prizes. Especially a first chapter critique.

    I will need to break early as March 1 is my anniversary. 33 years. I've spent time writing that story.

    Thanks for the reminders

    Write on everyone.

  23. Ok, then I shall choose first chapter crit--I can never have enough of those lying around. :)

    And Abbi--I want your goal! So fun! If I did that I might clean off one shelf of my TBR pile. I only have 4 of those--physical - I'm not even looking at my kindle!

  24. Tina, great post! I'm guilty of what I call 'procrastination cleaning'. I learned to set a time limit on cleaning before I write so I can still meet my word count goal :) Since we're a day ahead in Australia, I've already made my Speedbo goal for today and I hope to add a few more words tonight.

  25. Oh, hahahahaha! I loved this!!

    And no one ever asks me to do anything because they know I'm swamped with kids.

    But the porridge convo sounded familiar.

    I'd love any of those prizes.:)

    And my procrastination station would be 'research'. Well, it's really just deciding I really need to find out exactly how a woman might put on gloves in 1906, or maybe exactly how many homeless shelters there are in California, or maybe even the best recipe for chocolate bourban pecan pie.

    It can go on and on. Without any writing.

    Anyway, starting now! Whee! Loved this post and SO EXCITED for SPEEDBO!!

  26. Starting engines here. The morning bear is that there are problems with the dishwasher. Will leave my beloved wife s note so as not to disturb my writing time.

    Any gift would be great, though a phone chat to bounce a plot off someone would be my favorite.

  27. Im here cheering you all on. Never been a cheer leader before. does this mean if I see some of you online at FB I can question if you have done your words for the day?

  28. LOL. Cheerleader but not drill sarg. Jenny.

    Though it is tempting.

  29. Pinson!!! Congratulations! That's a long, long time.

  30. Narelle, already you're ahead. Is that fair? LOL. But with a six book contract, kiddo you gotta keep moving. WAY TO GO!!

  31. WOW! March 1 and we're off and running with SPEEDBO!!! Wishing you all the very best for a SUPER productive month!! Now off to set my timer for 1000 words!

  32. Thanks for the coffee and breakfast, Patti Jo!

    Tina, before I read this post I'd considered cleaning up my office. I should've done that yesterday. Ok, I'll write first.

  33. Sorry about the dishwasher, Walt. I guess you can put in your 1000 words then think about your plot as you wash dishes.

  34. Go Cara and Glynna!!!! Really 1000 is manageable, right?


    I have declared Goldi to be out of sinc with Ruthy goals and banish her to the dirty office!

  36. Welcome to Karen Kendall. Karen I saw your comments but somehow they aren't appearing yet.

    We're cheering you on for Speedbo.

  37. Carol Garvin, saw your comment too though it hasn't appeared. Thank you for being a team cheerleader.

  38. Great post and so true!

    I am so proud of myself. I wrote 500 words in thirty minutes and THEN, and only then came to Seekerville.

    Put me in for the synopsis critique or the phone chat.

    Back to the pot of tea and then more writing.

    Peace and happy Speedbo.

  39. haven't wrote yet. at work. will be writing when i get home this eve. will attempt to train 3yr old to allow mommy 'Puter time while he watches Scooby-Doo.

    would like any of prizes offered. phone time first, then maybe first 5 pages crit.

    er... need to have five pages before i can get them critted though...


    oh, and thanks for the post. it will keep me from being Goldie.

  40. I heard the starting gun. Mary must have shot it off at dawn today!

    I am in for Speedbo but will defer the prizes to others.

    To reach my goal, I need just over 850 words a day-yes I use a handy dandy excel spreadsheet like Pam.

    Good luck everyone!

  41. You should be proud of yourself, Julie!!! Way to go.

  42. DebH! An evening warrior. We are cheering you on.

  43. This is exciting! Getting ready to sit down for Speedbo. Are we reporting in totals as well? Please put me in for the synopsis crit, a five page crit, or a phone chat. I would love to talk to a Seeker! They are so nice!


  44. Let the words begin!

    Goldilocks...I love it. Great examples of how I tend to invest my time. And really?? Does ANYONE have a clean office??


    We're off and running in Speedbo!!!!

  45. Piper!!! Good Speedbo Morning.

    You are under no obligation to report your totals. But we'd love to hear them to inspire us.

    I am shooting for 2,000 a day.

  46. Wow, it's already busy here!

    I'm so excited to be doing Speedbo this month! All the prizes look good, and I want in on all of them. :) With starting a new book, I can use the help. :) Oh, but I'll opt out of the reader prize this time around. I have A LOT of books in my TBR pile. Sigh.

    Tina, I loved your Goldilocks Syndrome cures. Kind, firm. Concise. :)

    We haven't started taxes (closes her eyes, plugs her ears and sings "Lalalalal!"). I know, that's a bear my hubby and I will need to deal with. I'll help him. On April 1st.

    I'm aiming for 20,000 words this month, and figuring out my blog/making it better. I'm writing a little more slowly because I hope to do my new first draft in a way that will make it easier for revisions when that comes around.

    Okay, I've rambled enough. Off to get into my day, deliver kids to school and WRITE!

  47. Good morning Seekerville..SpeedBo has begun, I am stopping in to see all looking bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning with ideas of their start. Day One has begun..
    I am amazed that Abbi plans to read a book a day for the contest, I love to read but don't think I could do that. I will try to read more then I usually do...
    I have not found my whip yet but it will be found if I see shirkers along the way -so be forewarned....
    I am in for the readers prize too.
    Paula O

  48. I've got to get busy this morning and get a good start on my goal.

    I'm taking the advice of How I went from writing 2k/day to 10k, and take 5 minutes to jot down what I'm going to write before I begin.

    So many great ideas on Seekerville!

  49. Love the teddy bear photos and the time management awareness. Those bears are so cute but they do take up a lot of time. I have a special writing bear though, Professor Attley -- if you scratch his forehead he helps you find the right word. He used to be a great exam buddy but now he's my writing pal. :-)

    I'd be interested in a synopsis critique since it doesn't have to be submitted until after Speedbo and I don't know what's going to be happening yet! A plotter I am not. I'm scared of the dreaded synopsis, have never written one, don't want to, know I have to, will do it terribly and therefore will need help.

  50. Just signed up for Speedbo, but I can't officially start until Monday.

    One of those volunteer bears have grabbed me. My time is obligated to St Stephen's historical society this weekend.

    The "clean your office bear" is afraid to come near me. Too much clutter. :)

    Tina, enter me for everything. I'm not a picky person.

  51. Welcome to Ellen, and Pat who joined Speedbo today.

  52. Good idea, Connie! I have to do that too.

  53. Welcoming Glynna Kaye and Bridgette Henson to Speedbo!

  54. I just realized the coffee is not set up.

    Good gravy!!

    Plugged in the big silver church ones.

    And not cooking, so brought in Dunkin Donuts from the manager, Michael Russo.

  55. You are not alone, Kav. HATE SYNOPSIS. Must write one for every book.

  56. WAY TO GO, seekervilles! You rock, and i am sure you are all winners. Would love to win the book package. i will also keep close tabs on what you are doing...i want to read that book when it is published, and it will be!


  57. I was so sleepy last night I completely missed that we had to post what prize we wanted. Oops.
    I'd like the first chapter critique, the first five pages critique, or the first page hook critique. Not greedy at all, am I. ☺

    And now I'm off to figure out whether I'm taking a snow day or braving the roads which are slicker today than they predicted. The morning snow has already dumped an inch and is still coming down. They've started cancelling some things around town, and our neighbor slid off into the ditch a little while ago.

  58. Finally signed up for Speedbo this morning! I need the challenge to make better progress on my wip after several interruptions last month!

    Oh, boy, Tina, you nailed me on GS in the "not too hot, not too cold" department. I am addicted to getting the words right the first time. Or a research detail. Or whatever. Not sure I can kick the habit entirely, but I will work on being satisfied with slightly less "perfection" while in creative mode.

  59. I'm all set for Speedbo - all the bears I knew about are conquered -

    Taxes are done, sent in, and refund in the bank (yay!).

    FAFSAs done. Finally.

    Daily laundry load humming.

    Forget the clutter on the desk. It multiplies all by itself.

    But this morning I have a phone chat with an editor for a potential new project!!!

    There's my bear. It threatens to stop Speedbo production even before it starts :/

    I'll let you know what happens...

    Oh, no prizes for me. Not that I'm phobic about phones, or synopses, or 1st chapters - I just get a kick out of other people winning :)

  60. Whoa, Tina! Great post!! No cubs here to interrupt my writing. But I'm a Goldilocks who likes "just right" porridge. I'm going to kick the habit and take the words as they come. Off to the SpeedBo races!


  61. This is my first Speedbo so I'm still sorta wandering around trying to figure things out. I sent my first sign-up email to the wrong email addy. (sigh) I hope you got the second.

    I can SO identify with Goldilocks Syndrome. Thanks for the tips.


  62. Taxes done??? JAN!!! I wish mine were! We've got to start on those this weekend.

    Hey, interrupted by an editorial phone chat for a new project? That's one "bear" I wouldn't resist! Hope it goes well!

  63. Number 2 is the one I need to work on!!! Setting boundaries.

    I'm excited about SpeedBo. I need to focus and work harder, and if I don't, I need to know that someone is going to be disappointed in me! LOL! And that's where you come in, Tina and Ruthy! :-)

  64. As the special guest reader today, I read the great literary classic Green Eggs and Ham to a 3rd grade class. I have my notes. I have my OneNote file set up [thanks, Christina!] with pics [the three girls are based on two of mine - visually anyway ;)].

    Here goes nothin'.

    Plus I need to wave to the Playground Monitor! Hi, Marilyn!

  65. Mellie -

    I will be disappointed.

    Don't make me come over there and kick your tushie into gear. I need to know what happens.

  66. Hey, Tina, late coffee only makes it BETTER TASTING mid-morning... which is what it is here in the East and my little peeps are gathering to sing...

    While we sing I'll think of Goldilocks and being a good decision-maker. And truly, the Seekers are what helped me learn to say:


    I'm sorry, but I can't.

    When I'm done writing.

    After writing time!

    Sure, next week... I'm busy right now.


    These girls whipped my Anxious-to-Please mindset into shape and gave me permission to write, write, write...

    We are all a WIP.


    But we are ADAPTABLE!!!!

  67. Hi Carol! My sister, bless her, does my taxes. She's a CPA and the only thing I understand about taxes is I have to pay them.

    And speaking of GS, I need to get off here, write my morning pages (I'm doing The Artist's Way too) and then work on the WIP a bit before heading to work at 1:00.


  68. BICHOK........

  69. Off to the races everyone! I woke up at 5 this morning to get an hour in before work. Maybe I'll do another hour tonight!

    I want a critique if my name gets picked. Or a bag of bags :) No phone chats for me. I might just go on and on about how much I love you Seekers, and it might get awkward :)

  70. Melissa, your BEAR? TAXES?

    It will eat you if you don't do as it says, so that's pretty important. Not like hungry children and lonely husbands, those will be fine...well, fine-ish

  71. Marilyn, yes you are in. I sent you your certificate and Speedbo jpg.Email me at my personal email if you did not get it.

  72. I've got a standard response when they ask for my zip code as I'm making a purchase at a store.
    Clerk, "Zip Code?"
    Mary, "I'd rather not."
    Simple and it almost always works.

    If they persist I say, "You mean I can't buy this from you if I don't give you my zip code?"

    They usually let me through, the jerks. And if they don't I walk away from my purchase.

  73. That's what April 1 is for. Taxes.

  74. Mary - you could always go with the old standby.



  76. Tina,

    I'm working on the first of two contracted Heartsongs!

  77. Welcome to Speedbo, LaShaunda !!!! May all your goals come true.

  78. That's what I thought, Rose. Congratulations, again.

  79. MAY AND KC SAID TO TINA: How DO you continue to out DO yourself???

    Definitely the question of the day and I want to know too!!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Goldilocks Syndrome!!! You are SO clever, Teenster. :)

    Well, I am ready for Speedbo, but I will admit that like Clari, I jumped the gun and wrote till 2:00 AM last night because I have errands to run today, which eats into my writing time, so I am already three days ahead. :)

    Hugs and HAPPY WRITING, ALL!!

  80. Carol? So, you still breathing?
    Next time read those punks Yertle the Turtle (Dr. Suess).
    It's Atlas Shrugged in a child's book.

  81. Can we just feed the IRS tax code and the 2013 tax return to the bear and kill two problems with one bear?


  82. Pam, that's between you and the bear. But remember...WHAT WOULD GOLDI DO??


  83. Yay! I'm all amped for Speedbo! I've got 35K words to write this month!

    Fun post, as always. :)

  84. My office still DARK!!! It's on the back side of the house where there is no light.

    We have been living in the living room with the fireplace and one light running off a generator. I also have the fridge and stove running in the kitchen, but we live in a tree grove and it's too dark to see the cook without a flashlight. And the coffeepot still doesn't work. :)

    However, I have written a chapter and a half this week!!!!!


    P. S. I'm checking in from my son's house.

  85. Still breathing for the moment, Mary. 862 words in [but lots of them are recycled from when I wrote 1K on this sucker last year - not all but lots]. Got a call in to the doc at the moment.

    You will likely be quite happy to know I did not think of you once on my way to or from my daughter's school today ;).

  86. Look at you in the face of adversity, Helen. Brava. You are a poster child!!!!

  87. Great post, Tina! Good advice, all the way around, and showing us what we can accomplish in 30 days--INSPIRING!

    Good luck to all you Speedboers :)

  88. Just call me Goldi! I can so relate to each syndrome! The only time I even think about cleaning my office is when I'm stuck in the middle of a scene. Then cleaning looks good.

    Plus, bears arrived for the weekend. The littliest bear wants a golf cart ride and trip to the playground, which I can't refuse!

    Speaking of playgrounds...waving to Marilyn. So glad you're doing Speedbo!!!

    Tina, here's the question I keep asking: DO YOU EVER SLEEP?

  89. Ugh, it's #3 for me! But I have a request in to the 1k in 1 hour group, so hope to remedy that. :)

    I would like any of the prizes except the phone chat. (Another phone phobic here.) :)


  90. "Two minutes spent searching for m dash symbol" .... You were watching!!

    Have printed my Speedbo certificate and placed it where I can't overlook it. Have enlisted Possum Perimeter Patrol to keep bears away. Trust me, possums are fierce when provoked. Settling in this afternoon for as much planning and plotting as a "mister" can muster.

    Mercy, look at those prizes! Can we tell you we're interested in all of the writerly ones?

    READERS -- ready yourselves. I'm counting on your cheering section!

    Nancy C

  91. Anna, I just sent an email to your web page. You won a prize a short time ago and did not claim it.

  92. This is my first Speedbo and I am excited about it! My bear is the "not to hot not to cold" one. Will be working on that. As far as prizes go, a phone chat would be mucho fun! I have set my goal as 1190 words a day or 25,000 for the month. Whichever happens. I was unexpectedly offered a part-time job yesterday and accepted. Since I"m not yet sure how much I'll be working, I sliced my word count in half. Hope everyone has a very productive day!

  93. Did I miss something? Why is Mary talking about zip codes?

  94. I sleep and I think. I sleep and I think. There is a reason my one word for this year is ONE. Trying not to multi task.

  95. Tina, I think your sleeping is more like a cat nap between 4AM and 5AM. :)

  96. Since I made it into work safely, I'm cheering all you current BICHOKs.

    "Rah, Rah. Sis Boom Bah! Ignore the bears and Write On!"

    I'll be BICHOK this evening.

  97. Great post Tina. You made me laugh. :)

    I got a jump start on Speedbo and have two chapters edited already.

    Please sign me up for any of the following:
    one page synopsis critique
    first page hook critique
    package of books

    This backward writer would be too scared for the phone discussion. :)

    Praying we all have a productive month.

    Jodie Wolfe

  98. Actually, Clari, you need a deeper voice, the Speedbo Song is


  99. Myra she is practicing saying no. That's just Mary's random way of doing it.

  100. PAT W!!! Way to go!!! We have two Pat W's around here btw.

    The other one is from Florida. Where are you from???


  102. Tina,
    Now that you mention it, I do recall someone mentioning a whip earlier. I have an eight foot bullwhip that I can pop really loud, and I know all the words to Rawhide.


    ♪♫♪"Keep movin', movin', movin'. Though their disaprovin', keep them fingers movin'. Rawhide!

    Don't try to understand 'em, just rope and throw and write 'em, soon we'll be readin' what you wrote.

    My heart's calculatin', your story is a'waitin'. A'waitin' at the end of this month..."♪♫♪

  103. AWESOME post, Tina!

    Hello, My name is Pepper Basham and I have Goldilocks Syndrome

  104. Ooo, and any prize will do :-)
    LOVE critiques!
    Love chats
    Love Seekers.

    Back to edits

  105. AHHHH!!! LOVE IT, CLARI!!!! THE WORDS, and even the whip. (No comments Connealy)

  106. Peppah!!!

    Hi ho. Hi ho. It's back to edits you go.

  107. Haha! Loving the rawhide quotes!

    And the Goldi syndrome is hitting me sideways with that old tactic "you can't write as good when you have a cold."

    We'll just see about that, lol.
    Went into a frenzy organizing the MS last night and added over 2K. I think I'm on track and have some direction, though it's varying a little already from my Excel Plot Map.

    Got in 260 this morning. Going to charge up with a little reading (seems I write better on a full tank of words) and hit the keyboard again this afternoon.

    Happy Writing everyone!
    I <3 Speebo!

  108. Tina,
    Ruthy would be so proud. I've edited 60K words and added 10K in 3 weeks, while working full-time, having sick kids, and trying to lose weight.
    I think that should "gain" a prize all by itself! LOL ;-)

  109. I'm almost late signing up--flying in on Debbie Giusti's coattails! (Hi, Debbie!)

    Looking forward to writing with everyone this month. Thanks for setting up this challenge,

    Anna Adams

  110. Maybe we need a Goldilocks Anonymous support group. ;-)

  111. I like this Goldilocks idea! Can most relate to the "editing as I go" problem.

    If I won something, I would like the first chapter critique. I would use any of the other prizes as well.

    It's great to be back at Seekerville, just in time for Speedbo!

  112. Myra, I'm in on the support group!

  113. I had planned to participate in SpeedBo - but hubby in hospital with pneumonia and I'm at home with acute bronchitis and pneumonia. Not feeling up to writing presently. But I could use some good books to read while recuperating so if my name is drawn, I'd like the bo0k package.

    Good luck to all the Speed

  114. The talk with that editor this morning went well - it will be a quick project for a denominational publication (a cookbook!) - and, as my agent says, it will be "a labor of love".

    But my extended family will be thrilled, and that's what it's all about, right?

    Back to Speedbo - I made great progress this morning. Only 725 words away from my daily goal!

  115. Welcome Anna Adams!!

    May the Speedbo be with you.

  116. Edwina!! Oh, my..praying for you AND hubby for a swift recovery.

    There will be other Speedbos.

  117. Congratulations, Jan Drexler!!

    Woot, this is a good week, huh?

    Jan, got her LIH debut box of books this week too.

  118. Oh Edwina, I am SO sorry!! Praying for you and your hubby

  119. Jan
    Thrilled to my toenails for you!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!

  120. Hi Dr. Tina:

    I like your Goldilocks Syndrome but I believe the writer is Mama Bear. She tries to write and even makes her family meals ahead of time to allow more continuous writing time. But, oh no! Here comes this attractive annoyance, Goldilocks, who breaks into Mama Bear’s house and tries to steal her family’s lunch. She’s what I call a ‘time-lifter’! (That’s like a shoplifter.)

    Today Goldi comes in emails, Facebook entries, blogs, phone calls -- ever the attractive annoyance, is our Goldilocks.

    Don’t underestimate Goldi: she can make even cleaning a room look attractive. And you think baby pictures and pictures of grandchildren are cute? How many of them have golden locks? Goldi makes temptation look tame.

    JULIE wrote: “I am already three days ahead.” Now why don’t I find that encouraging? Remind me not to get into the Amazing Race with Julie. ☺


    P.S. I’d like to win a “first page hook critique”. I might have the best opening hook ever! (How’s that for a hook?)

  121. I like your hook and your therapeutic thoughts, Dr. Vince.

    Yes, rather discouraging when Julie is three days ahead.

    I am going to go take a one hour break and do 1K1HR. See you all in an hour.

  122. MYRA I mentioned the zip code thing because it's an example of me setting boundaries and saying no.

    That's all.

    I'm pretty stinking good at saying no. Mostly

  123. You know, in the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears I used to identify with the baby bear and for years I identified with Goldilocks. Then I got to where I thought of myself as the Mama Bear.

    Now, lately, I consider myself more like the porridge.

    That's not a good sign.

  124. At the Starting Line and ready to go!

  125. How did you meet my family? LOL! Great post!!!

    If this is where we are supposed to say so, any prize would be lovely.

    Having a wonderful time and getting lots done and it's only day 1!!!!

  126. Stopping back by this afternoon with a warm Georgia Peach cobbler--right out of the oven (for anyone needing a quick snack as you are SPEEDBOing (yes, I've been writing a lot too but took a "baking break" LOL). ~ Edwina, sooo sorry about your hubby and am praying for you both. ~ Okay, back to writing (almost at 1k but want to reach at least 2k today). Hugs, Patti Jo

  127. I'd love to win the "first chapter critique".

  128. Went to the store. I know. But I had to.

    I like breathing too much.

    And after talking to my doc's office, my Singulair and Flonase from a couple weeks ago now get Claritin D and Ocean Nasal Spray chasers.

    I do have 1804 words, including the recycled ones. If they weren't recycled, I likely wouldn't have any. I'm with Natalie on the "can't write with a cold" thing.

    As long as it doesn't turn into Bell's Palsy like last year, I'll be fine.

  129. Wow. I was Goldi all over the place on Tuesday AND my office is still a mess. At least I'm writing now. :)

  130. And I would like to win the books! This is great.

  131. Okay, did my first 1K1HR of the day. 1240. Still need 760 to meet today's goal. Time for a break.

  132. Welcome to Mary Vee, Cathy Shouse and Heather Marsden.

    The full list goes up tonight at midnight BTW.

  133. I've been BICHOK for two sessions and will do at least one or maybe two more sessions, but want to say that my back/hip really does hurt and this is only day one. I think I need a new chair.

    Oh wait, that might fall under the category of cleaning my office. Hummm.

  134. Nichole! Good to see your smiling face.

  135. Tonya and the other Anna W.

    Need you to email us at the Seeker email.

    seekers at seekerville dot net and officially sign up for Speedbo.

  136. Do shorter intervals Lyndee.

    half a 1K1HR or 1/2K 1/2 HR.

  137. Ok I got it cheer not drill!

    Im cheering albeit sluggishly this morning.

  138. Happy Speedbo everyone! Well, I'm writing by hand, but I'll type up what I have for a chance at a critique.

    Looking forward to what the end of March holds for my story.

    Most writing will be in the am before work but today it will be after work (1st day on new job) and at end of long week.

  139. You can scan it and email it as far as I am concerned Patricia W. Get thee signed up.

  140. Great Sally. We just have to keep this momentum for 30 more days.

  141. CAROL, breathing is so key.

    Wow, SPEEDBO didn't cause your Bells Palsy did it?

    We'd better post a warning label, Tina!

  142. Oh dear. I just realized I AM GOLDILOCKS. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!

    I get in my own way. LOL. Goldilocks, scram. Let me write.

    Great post Tina.

    I'm so excited because this is March and I get to see TINA this month. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  143. I just wrestled a baby calf out of the mud with my bear...bare...hands.

    I couldn't leave him in the mud. He was standing when I first found him, but by the time I changed clothes and got back down there on a 4-wheeler, he was too tired to stand anymore and had sunk down to his little belly.

    All is well. He was with his mama last time I saw him.

    The Speedbo bible does give leave to get the calf out of the mud.

    Just saying'

  144. Baking break??? Are those allowed, Patti Jo???

    But . . . since you're sharing that yummy peach pie with Seekerville, I won't complain!

    And I guess we really have to let Pam off for helping a poor calf out of the mud. I hope you washed your hands before coming back to the computer!

    Hey, I've just made my minimum daily word count! And still another hour or two of writing time ahead!

  145. Thanks, Tina. You know, it's sorta like starting an exercise program and running two miles the first day, only to find that on day two you can't get out of bed! Gotta remember this is the long haul.

    My wonderful son made me an hour long CD that goes to dance music at the end. It reminds me to get up and move every hour. Maybe he will make me a 30 min one if I ask nicely.

    Back to the cave.

  146. Myra, I've washed them in Irish Spring, ladies's smell-good soap, and Go-Jo.

    Multiple times....


    I posted a picture of Mud Puddle on facebook. :)

  147. Spent my day subbing writing long hand so I have no idea where I am on word count, but I have begun!! I would love a critique of anything - and books....always more books :). Happy March 1st!

  148. Welcome to Speedbo Patricia W and Tonya L~!!!!!

  149. Oh, Pam What a visual!!!Thanks for sharing. Thanks for saving that baby cow.

  150. Well, I haven't cleaned, but I did go to work...and spent most of the day outlining. So I have started but no idea how many words since it's all long hand right now.

    I would love a critique of anything and books - lots and lots of books :).

  151. I thought February would never end this year. Ugh! Too many things happened. Now, it's suddenly March and I just realized that means Speedbo. How could I forget? Ugh!

    (I'd like a stack of books, please.)

    1K a day. Hmm... that might be a nice minimum. Though I take Sundays off. No matter what! No work on Sundays for me. So, that means I have to make up 5K somewhere or end up with only 25k end of month. I can do this. Please tell me I can do this!

  152. Myra, OOPS! I don't guess baking breaks ARE allowed--but in my defense I did it for my Seeker friends, LOL.

    Okay, I realize not everyone loves peach cobbler like I do....but for those who do, it's here! (still warm, by the way--isn't that amazing?!). ;) Hugs, Patti Jo (who is getting back to my WIP!)

  153. Tina.. I'm from West Texas. And all West Texans are amazed today because THERE IS NO WIND!!!!! This almost NEVER happens.

  154. WE HAVE TO EAT!!! And what could be better than food from Patti Jo.

    You certainly don't want me to cook.

  155. Wow, Pat. That is amazing.

    Deep in the Heart of windless West Texas today.

  156. Closing out at 4,188 for the day. That's a Lyndee World Record.

    I'm not up to Carol Moncado speed yet, but it was fun. ;)

    And I'm especially happy that the last sentence I wrote on today's work is a perfect hook! Whoohooo. Praise God!

  157. Oh my gosh. I'm guilty, guilty, guilty. The Bear thing...well I collect them and theya are everywhere in my home office and work office. Me thinks I need to make some changes.

    I would love to be entered for the reader giveaway. Thank you so much.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

    countrybear52 AT yahoo DOT come

  158. And so I began. And I began by doing a little editing. Okay, I know you're supposed to turn off the internal editor, but this is an existing project that needed some work before I could move forward. My word count for today?

    -1338. Yes, that's a minus.

    But sometimes you have to take a step backwards before you can move forward, right?

    If my brain kicks back into gear I may try to write later. If not, there's tomorrow. We have snow in the forecast (though I'll believe it when I see it). A snowy day would be good for writing.


  159. LYNDEE!!!! WOWZA. I am flabbergast.

    I am jealous.

    Maybe tomorrow.


  160. Yeah, Marilyn, into every life a little editing must fall. I can meet my writing goals in 1K1HR but eventually someone has to edit that dreck. (How do you spell dreck?)

  161. Edwina, praying for you and your hubby! Sending hugs your way.

    Carol M, all those meds should fix you fast! I take most of those routinely, which shows how much I like breathing.

    Good thing we have a health clinic in Seekerville. Really just OTC meds you can grab off a shelf. They'll go down more easily knowing you'll get some of Patti Jo's peach pancakes! Yum!!

    Mercy, Walt, how long does it take to fix a dishwasher?

    Clari, love your rendition of rawhide!

    Mary, I snorted at your porridge comment and that's hard on my sinuses. Stop that!

    I'm happy with the two scenes I wrote today. Hmm, that probably means I'm revising without knowing it, but I'm moving forward! Yay!!


  162. Teehee, Tina, I don't think that's going to happen every day, but I'll take it when it comes! My head is tired now, lol.

  163. Well Mare,
    At least you don't identify with the broken chair :-)

    Oh Carol! Praying it stays FAARRR away from Bell's Palsy

  164. Janet
    I think SEekerville's BEst meds are the fellowship and food
    (and occassional swift kicks from Ruthy)
    She calls it tough love.

  165. I have ALL of they symptoms. ALL of them...send the medic this way!

  166. Thanks for the warm welcome Tina. This is my first Speedbo. I stayed after work today and met my 1500 goal. Look forward to see what I get in tomorrow. The best part about starting a new story is seeing where your imagination takes you.

    Happy writing to everyone. May all your goals come true.


  168. It's my first SpeedBo as well. I would love to win a critique, either synopsis or first chapter or 5 pages. Gotta go- BICHOK!

  169. Welcome Ruth!!@!! Gotta love a gal who BICHOKs.

  170. /waves wildly to Ruth T/

    She's one of my local gals :D. Love her! AND she just joined 1K1HR ;).

  171. Spent the day at the hospital, so haven't met my goal for the day yet, but the night is still young. I'm a pantser, so inspiration hit me this morning while on my way to the hospital. Yay!

    I'm up for any prize that's out there. Can use all the help I can get.

    Happy Writing!

  172. After perusing possible prizes ... please enter me for the first chapter critique.

    Now I finally have time to go back and read comments :-)

    Nancy C

  173. Checking in before the end of Day 1. Thanks for clarifying on the prizes, Tina. Makes perfect sense. And we do still have to reschedule that phone date. ;) After Speedbo.

    Relieved to say I made my day 1 goal and the word count was goo. At least I was impressed. *g*

    Congrats to everyone else on their busy, productive days.

  174. Good luck everyone!!

    A package of books sounds wonderful thank you.

  175. Jan! Hope all is well. I don't like hospital visits.

  176. Way to go Mary Curry!!!!!! Slap down those goals.

  177. I'm fired up, ready to work on the sequel to my "older woman" romance - recently heard this called BB or Baby Boomer lit. Anyway, I would love to win a 20 pg critique....LOVE IT!!!! (Or a 5-page crit or a synopsis crit!!) Thank you for having Speed-bo.

    Gail Kittleson

  178. Gail! What a lovely picture of you!

    Go! WRITER! Go!

  179. TINA!!! You know me SO well!!! So no more cleaning the writing room before writing! Or editing! Making signs for my bears right after posting. And thanks to you, I did enter a contest.....and owe you a copy of my first book...when it comes out. You might be waiting a bit...but hopefully not too long...;)

    I'd like any of the Speedbo prizes, if it is not too late.

  180. Prizes for this week stay available until midnight EST tonight. You are in Sherida.

    I am making note you owe me a book.

  181. Thank you,Tina, Not only for exposing the Goldilocks Syndrome (I found I have quite a few of those symptoms) but, also, for answering my emails and helping become part of the Seekerville Community. I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!

    I'm going to work on defining boundaries and limiting babysitting for my 18 grandchildren (o.k., only 14 of them are young enough to still need a sitter, but I have 5 great-grands) to those times that are absolutely necessary.

    I would love to win a first chapter critique or a phone chat - but I would use any prize I might be lucky enough to receive.

  182. Way to go Leona!! 18 grandchildren. Oh my. Put them to work, reading your mscs for spelling errors. I used to do that with kids.

  183. I requested to join the group 1K1HR and I guess i had a holy writing day. It wasn't so much the kids, but the DH who isn't use to me doing things during the day. Since it wasn't a school day, we homeschool ! I took advantage of it. 3403 words today.
    Linda Finn

  184. It's my first Speedbo. It comes at a perfect time. I just started a manuscript. Today I reworked the 12 pages I had to correct a major error. Then I wrote a bit. My goal is to average 2260 words a day.

    I'm always eager to learn from the sages so sign me up for a phone chat, please. :)

    Praying for everyone to stay focused and to be inspired by God.


  185. Second Attempt: I'm not sure I'm posting in the right place, and I can't find the post I sent yesterday. It's my first attempt at Speedbo. Since I just started a new manuscript the timing is perfect. On day one, I reworked the first 12 pages of my WIP to correct a major error, then wrote 246 new words. Day two was another 804 words. These aren't bad totals for me on a weekend. It's my busiest time. I need to average 2260 words a day to finish this book by 3/31. Thanks for letting me participate. :) I'd love to win a phone chat. I'm always open to the wisdom of the sages.