Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekend Edition Speedbo Week 1

 The Seekerville Second Annual Speedbo Challenge Started on Friday!

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All Speedbo FAQs can be found under
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Comment any time this week
to be entered in Speedbo Week 2 drawing

And we're doubling some of the prizes this week.
  • First chapter critique -up to 20 pages-2 winners
  • First 5 pages critique-2 winners
  • One page synopsis critique-2 winners
  • Phone chat- 1 winner
  • First page hook critique-2 winners

And one reader will win a package of books each week for the five weeks of March. All prizes will be claimed after Speedbo, because in March we're writing-not mailing.
 All you have to do is comment! 

We Have Winners

 Please see our rules for giveaways in Seekerville. Be sure to contact us with your snail mail address if you are a winner at  Don't be shy. Remind us if we get behind per our rules.

You can find a complete list of the Speedbo Participants here.

  • First chapter critique by Tina Radcliffe  -up to 20 pages-winner is Heather Marsden.
  • First 5 pages critique by Cara Lynne James-winner is  Piper Huguley
  • One page synopsis critique by Missy Tippens -winner is Julie Hilton Steele
  • Phone chat with Tina Radcliffe -winner is Leona
  • First page hook critique by Sandra Leesmith -winner is Vince.
  • The reader box of books winner is Edwina.

The winners of a Speedbo Survival Packages are Marilyn Puett and Laurie Logan.

On Tuesday,Sandra's friend, Jo Russell gave us words of encouragement with her post "Never Give Up. Keep Writing!"  Jo lives in the hinterlands and it is so wild that her neighborhood makes Mary look like a city girl. Her Internet did not transmit the comments which is why she didn't respond on Tuesday. She was able to go back, so if you commented, please check out the comments that day and find Jo's wonderful responses to your comments. Winners of Jo's devotional Which Button Do You Push To Get God? are:  Gail Kittleson, Marion Ueckermann, Christina Laswell, Jodie Wolfe and Edwina. The winner of the Plot Whisperer Book of Writing Prompts is Melanie Pike.

Wednesday we welcomed Love Inspired author Charlotte Carter for "Look Who's Talking" as she shares tips on how to manage a scene where more than two characters are "on stage" at the same time. The  winner of her latest release, Home to Montana is Ruth Tredway.

On Thursday
we're delighted to welcome Love Inspired debut author, Jessica Keller to Seekerville with her post "Writer Acrobatics." Winner of a MEGA MONTANA PRIZE PACK, that includes her release Home for Good is Walt Mussell.

Saturday we shared the March Contest Update.The  March Contest Diva is Carol Moncado. The winner of a Tina Radcliffe BOC is Jackie Smith.

Next Week In Seekerville

 Monday:Mary Connealy says "You Should Be Writing. Mary is giving away a copy of any one of her older books--if she has a copy. I'll negotiate with the winner to find a book they'll like. (Or at least I hope they'll like them)

BTW we don't give our Mary enough kudos. Did you know she is a multiple Carol Award finalist, a Christy Award finalist, a RITA Award finalist and a Carol Award winner??

Tuesday:Love Inspired author, Audra Harders hosts multi-published author, Jane Choate. Jane will share her unique way of creating a novel. You won't want to miss it!

Wednesday:Seekerville welcomes back Kregel Publications author, Jordyn Redwood. Jordyn is going to make you accountable today and she'll encourage you to "Finish that Goal." She's also giving away THREE Proof & Poison (Books 1 and 2 of the Bloodline Trilogy) two-book sets. Thank you, Jordyn!

Thursday:Welcome Genesis Award winner Alan Schleimer to Seekerville. Alan is a debut author sharing his thoughts on the road to publication.

Friday: We finish the first full week of Speedbo with Regina Jennings explaining how "Your Mama Didn't Raise a Quitter". Regina will be giving away a copy of her new release from Bethany House Publishing, Love in the Balance.

The Yankee Belle Cafe Cooks For Speedbo

Don't miss this feature for the month of March. Our goal is to keep you out of the kitchen and writing!

Monday: Jan Drexler is serving Ground Beef Grand Style.

Tuesday: Pepper Basham stops by the Yankee Belle Cafe to show us her super-quick chicken and dumpling recipe passed on by her grandmother.

Wednesday: Today Virginia Carmichael Munoz is cooking up a surprise in the cafe.

Thursday:Ruth Logan Herne dons the apron on Thursday with her ten minute amazing Chicken and Stuffing Bake .

Friday: Belle Bridges author Lindi Peterson is guest cooking in the cafe today.

Saturday: On Saturday the Café will offer free WIFI and seating for all Speedbo participants as the café gals serve Swedish Meatballs on Egg Noodles.

  Seeker Sightings

The March Calendar is up. Check it out to see who our guests are this month is Seekerville.

Be sure to visit Barbara Vey's Beyond Her Book Blog this week. It's time for Barbara's Annual Birthday Bash. 

The week's event schedule can be found here.

Seekerville will be featured Wednesday, March 6. Don't miss it. We're giving away a 7" 16 GB HD Kindle Fire Tablet and 24 books

Thursday, March 7th is Inspirational Day. Many of your Seeker Friends will be present with giveaways.  

Tina Radcliffe will be on the ACFW blog MONDAY. Stop by and annoy her if you have time.

Check out the Seekers who participated in the Writers at Work post at Barbara Vey's Beyond her Book on Friday! 

Mary Connealy is a guest on Melissa Tagg's on 'Welcome Mat Wednesday' on March 6th and  she'll be giving away one free copy of Swept Away.

Mary is also blogging on Tamera Lynn Kraft's Word Sharpeners blog on Wednesday, March 6th 

Mary Connealy's latest release Swept Away, released Friday, March 1st. It's been shipping from online sites for a while but now it should be in available bookstores everywhere.


 Debby Giusti invites all Seekervillagers, especially those in the Milwaukee, WI area, to join her at the Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Lunch on April 27th. New York Times bestselling author James Rollins will be the keynote. A total of 36 authors will host tables at the luncheon, and each person attending receives a tote bags filled with books & goodies. A book signing with follow. For information and reservations, go to



Patti Jo Moore and Debby Giusti met for lunch last week and talked about their wonderful Seekerville friends. Were your ears burning?

 March 6-13, 2013-Join Julie Lessman at Tamera Kraft's "Word Sharpeners" blog  for a chance to win choice of Julie's books including her upcoming release, Love at Any Cost. Hope to see you there:


Random News & Information

 Publishers Bundle eBooks with Print for Readers (Good E Reader)

 The Free Kindle Book Ride May Be Over (Indie Author)

 Second-Class Contracts? Deal Terms at Random House's Hydra Imprint (Writer Beware)

How have things changed in the last 3 years in Indie publishing? (Write on the River)

How Fiction Authors Can Create Free Content (Bookmarketing AME)

February 20, 2013: Giselle Regus has been named assistant editor at Harlequin. She had been editorial coordinator there. (MediaBistro) 

89 Book Marketing Ideas That Will Change Your Life (Author Media)

Self Publishing? Excel is Your Friend (Pub Rants)

Advice for the Aspiring Writer from Heather Burch (Lucienne Diver's Drivel)

Google Analytics in Real Life - Online CheckOut -Video (Via Steve Laube Blog)

That's it!



  1. Whoa, first post! That hasn't happened in SO long. Congrats to all the winners!!!

    Mary, WOW, I knew about some of that, but WOW!

    Much love and word count galore to all the Speedbo participants. A sentence at a time, a sentence at a time.

  2. Congratulations to the winners! And Vince should be happy. I seem to remember him wanting that first page hook critique. :-)

  3. Speedbo and Seekerville welcome Rogenna Brewer. That puts us at 98 participants kids!!!

  4. YAY. I won a synopsis critique. Opps. That means I have to get my synopsis written.

    Guess I best go back through synopsis posts. Gulp.

    Congrats to all the other winners!

    Peace, Julie

  5. I think I slept most of the day away, gotta write some before going back to bed. Doubt I'll get 3k in, but here goes nothing.

    Put me in for the chapter crit for this week, thanks!

  6. 2264. Done for the day. May the Speedbo Force be with you.

  7. Congratulations all!!! Hope you're getting some writing done.

  8. Woot! I won a survival package (though I can't seem to find what it is). Does that mean I'll be voted off the island? *grin*

    Congrats to the other winners. And put me down for a first chapter critique for next week (if winning more than once is allowed).


  9. Everything around here that says package means we shove stuff in an large envelope. Put your name on it and off it goes.

    This I will mail this week so you can utilize it during Speedbo.

  10. Wow!! So much to read and digest in this weekend edition!

    Congrats to Mary... we all knew she was talented, didn't we? But that's an impressive list of accomplishments. I'm bringing a virtual cake for everyone share in celebration... maybe a coffee cake. Mmm, yes, with bits of apple baked in, and carmel drizzled over top.

    Has anyone put coffee on yet? We need coffee with coffee cake. Gotta have caffeine to keep us writing into the night. :)

  11. Carol, you brought coffee and cake???

    I love you this much!!!!


    Oh my gosh, we're off and running, and I'm tickled pink for 98 people so far.... Rogenna, welcome aboard!

    You know it doesn't matter, published or aspiring, pushing yourself to expand that word count, get the job done.... It's EASY to let things get in the way of a home-based job.

    Too easy sometimes.

    Okay, I'm off to write, happy Sunday, peeps!!!!

  12. I'll contribute hot chocolate (with whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate of course) and fresh-from-the-bakery hot cross buns to soothe speedbo appetites. :-)

    Love these WEs! Great way to start my morning. Congrats to all the winners. I'm off to play catch-up so I can meet my quota. wish me luck! :-)

  13. I'm a winner! Thanks, Seekerville and thanks for a great WE, Tina. I look forward to sending off my five pages to Cara in April (since we are writing now for Speedbo)!


  14. I love Sunday blogs here on Seekerville!

    Congrats Winners!!

    Next week looks amazing! Seekerville and YB Café. I hope I can make those Chicken and Dumplings that are coming up. I can't seem to make those to save my life.

    If we are starting over with the same prizes, please put me in for the 5 pg critique, phone chat and First pg hook.

  15. Congrats Winners.

    I thought of a couple scenes, surely a couple thousand words worth.

    I guess I better het it written down so it counts.

  16. Great WE, as always Tina! (wish you could've been with Debby G. and moi at lunch the other day--SO fun!).

    CONGRATS to all the winners!! And WOW to all that Mary Connealy has accomplished--very impressive. :)

    So far, so good on my SPEEDBO count--if I can keep it up. Right now I need COFFEE! (speaking case there's not any here yet I made a big pot of fresh coffee) ~ Also, since it's Sunday I figured I needed to offer several desserts: so please enjoy the Pecan Pie, Georgia Peach Cobbler, and Peach muffins.

    Super excited about all the upcoming blog posts in Seekerville. Happy Sunday, Friends!
    Hugs, Patti Jo

  17. TINA 2200 words ALREADY TODAY? I just rolled out of bed (well, an hour ago) Yeesh, you go girl. Excellent.

  18. And thanks for the kind words but Tina must be up to something (I have to watch her EVERY MINUTE) because this place is so fun I can't imagine a nicer but of women and men gathering ANYWHERE everyday.

  19. Speedbo Welcomes Cindy Woolard to our challenge. WOOT!!!!!!

  20. 2264 -and NOT already. That was my stayed up and barely made my word count under the wire Speedbo goal.

    Today. IS. A. New. Day.

  21. Mary Connealy is a multiple Carol Award finalist, a Christy Award finalist, a RITA Award finalist and a Carol Award winner, How about these accolades...I know all the rest of you are just as proud of Mary as I am, I love to read her stories and she well deserves this.
    Now I can see many hard at work and the ideas being put to paper for all the stories soon to be turned in.
    Congrats to last weeks winners..
    thanks for the post and all the great info here today...
    Have a great weekend all.
    Paula O

  22. Good morning, Seekerville! Congrats to all the Winners and to those who made their projected SPEEDBO word counts! And for those who DIDN'T...remember today's a brand new day! Forget yesterday and move on!

  23. How do I sign up?? I would like to be added as a reader!! margie at mijares dot net

  24. Congratulations winners....and I'd love to win any books but especially Julie's new book!!!!! contests are fun and appreciated...thanks for all you do...@ Seekerville....

  25. Margie, readers don't have to sign up.

    They just have to comment and you just did. Stick around and comment each week and your name is in the hat.

    Tell us a little about yourself, Margie!! And WELCOME TO SEEKERVILLE!!!

  26. A fantastic weekend edition!! Thank you, Tina!

    I'm so jealous of Debby and Patty Jo! Thanks for sharing the photo!

  27. Julie, I'll look forward to reading it! You can send it anytime. :)

  28. So many exciting things happening on Seekerville! SPEEDBO is getting off to a slow start for me. Does that mean I have to call it SLOWBO????

    My brother is in the hospital and I'm spending all my time there, but not getting much writing time. Excited about my new story and anxious to see where these characters are going and what kind of trouble they are going to get themselves into.

    Hope you all are ahead of your goals and that you are immersed in your story world.

    Happy Writing!

  29. Praying for your brother,Jan.YOU WILL CATCH UP! I'll happen.

  30. Wheew...looking forward to reading those books and reviews! Way to go, gang. Awesome and tremendous.


  31. Thanks for the prayers and the words of encouragement, Tina!

  32. Thanks for the info in the Weekend Edition, Tina, and congratulations to the winners! Next week looks great both here at Seekerville and at the Yankee Belle Cafe.

    Wishing a good week of writing to all of us doing Speedbo....and sending appreciation to the Readers cheering us on.

    Wow, MARY, WOW!!!


  33. Congrats winners!!

    What a nice picture of Debby and Patti Jo! Thanks for sharing those smiles with us.

    If the week ahead is anything like last week, those promised recipes will be very welcome.

    Saving the comments and links as my reward-reading this evening :-)

    Tina, WE is a "writer gift" every week. Thanks and double thanks.

    Nancy C

  34. Congrats to all the winners.

    I just wanted to offer a suggestion since this will be a big month for prizes.

    After the month is over, go back and search your name on this sight. If you missed your name among the winners list, it will pull up on the posts.
    I've always wondered why people didn't claim their prizes. (Okay, I thought How Rude!)When I searched my name, I realized twice I'd missed my name on the winners list.
    It was in bold letters like the rest, I just overlooked it.

    Everyone have a great writing weekend.

  35. Jan, I didn't know about your brother.... Praying, kiddo, and if you need us to help with anything, like cashing your royalty checks, just let me know.

    I'm here to serve, honey.


    Snow. Snow. Snow.

    We are caught in a cycle that just keeps snowing. And I love snow, but it's March, Peeps.... And I'm thinking St. Patrick's Day and spring.

    So I was gone all day. My 1600 or so this morning is my only progress writing wise. But I love seeing MARGIE here! Welcome!

    I shopped for a bridesmaid dress with pregnant daughter today... and we found one that will work on the sale rack. She saved $80.... I was labeled a hero... win/win. :) AND.... Bear Creek has pasta dishes so I'm going to try them to see if Bear Creek gives us more quick "Get the writing done" recipes...

    I love Bear Creek.

    Tonight I'm working on blogs. Back to work-in-progress in the morning... Hey, though, I'm leaving some chocolate-filled cake with whipped cream icing. It's been in the fridge so it's cool and delicious.

    Help yourselves!

  36. Can't believe it. I won the huckleberry jam. This totally rocks!

  37. Brilliant idea Connie. For Speedbo only the weekly prize winners are also listed under the Speedbo tab as we are not dealing with prizes until the end of the month.

    Well unless the Seeker giving the prize says she wants to do it now. Who am I to complain?

  38. Thank you all for the nice comments on the WE Ed. Often times folks email me links for which I am very grateful.

  39. So I'm late arriving . . .

    I'm new to SpeedBo and am starting a couple of days late. My goal is 40K this month. Hopefully more because I really want to sub this story . . .

    Good luck to everyone participating &d thank you to Seekers for doing this. You ladies are awesome. :-)

    Would like to be included in running for 1st chapter critique or phone chat is possible.

    Abbi :-)

  40. Thanks Clari:

    I was sure I didn’t win anything this week but now that I checked the comments I see that you mentioned that I did. And yes, I am delighted to win the one page critique. I’ve changed the order of my scenes, as several judges suggested, so now I need to have a fresh look and critique at the new approach.

    Sandra: Is it okay to send in the number of words that actually appear on a Love Inspired first page? A page of double spaced text that starts a third way down from the top margin is not very much; but a real first page would be ideal.

    BTW: Just because I love your work does not mean you have to like mine. ☻ If it needs work I need to know. Be like a mean contest judge. ☺

    SPEEDBO: I'm not doing well on Speedbo yet. Spent three days on Scrivener tutorial #10. One good thing: after Scrivener everything else is going to seem easy. Right now I’m the mirror image of Julie: she’s three days ahead and I’m three days behind. I must write two full new chapters tomorrow!!!

    Congrats to all the winners! It’s fun to win.


    P.S. About Mary: what I admire most is how generous Mary is in helping other authors advance their careers. I see this everywhere I go and I really notice it when she helps an author who is a member of our Tulsa ACFW chapter. KUDOS.

  41. Ruthie, thanks for the prayers and for your kind offer to cash my imaginary royalty checks. I can't believe how far you would go to help a friend. You're amazing! Go ahead, you have my permission to not only cash any royalty checks that come in while I'm running back and forth to the hospital. In fact, just for being so kind, you may keep half of the money.


  42. I really got a lot done today since I'd planned for it. Usually on the weekends it's "I'll write if I feel like it" and then something else comes along.

    Love the articles and the recipes.

  43. Never late, Abbi. That's the beauty of it. Just KEEP looking forward.

  44. What a busy weekend edition. Congrats to all the winners. woo hoo

    Did you get back to Tuesday's blog and read the comment responses Jo made for all of you commenters that day? Sure hope so.

    Great going on the speedbo endeavors.


  45. LOL I posted the above earlier today, but on the wrong day. I scrolled too far down and posted on yesterdays. Too funny.

    So I'm delighted with all the Seeker activity.

  46. Jan, I'll cash 'em for 25%, honey. With your brother being sick and all.


    You know, life interferes with careers and Tina's right... you'll catch up when things smooth out. Please know that kidding aside, I know how hard it is to be a loving servant in multiple departments, and I'll be praying for your family... and sending cyber hugs.

  47. I have to give Mary more kudos, huh....

    Oh my stars, we'll never be able to live with the girl, I'm worried about the big head, you know.

    But on a LIVELIER NOTE, our new assistant editor at Love Inspired has(YESSS!!!!)the same name as my favorite Disney Princess "Giselle" (ENCHANTED....)AND....




    I'm pretty sure loving the Yankees has become a new requisite for working at 233 Broadway....

    Because everything looks better in pinstripes!!!! :)

  48. Jan, prayers to your brother.

    Congrats to the winners! It's so exciting around here. I noticed all the posts yesterday - a Saturday. Wow. Very cool. Feelin' that energy, and it's such a push forward. I'm at 6,279 and the day's not over. Since I'm working on a WIP that had a 20,000 word head start, by the middle of next week I will be starting the down-slide to the HEA. Yay!

    Ninety-eight participants? Can't we drum up two more writer friends to hit triple digits? ;)

    This week I'd love to have my name in the hat for a phone chat.

  49. What. A. Day!

    I put my story notes and AlphaSmart in the car so I could go somewhere after church and write. I forgot earbuds so I made a quick swing through Ross and got a deal on two pairs. That way I can just leave a pair in my Alphie bag.

    Then I got to Atlanta Bread Company and ordered lunch. It was 43 degrees outside and 143 inside. My brain was frying and I couldn't take off a layer without being arrested. So I finished my sandwich and came home. By the time I got here, the sandwich was disagreeing with me and I ended up taking a 3-hour nap in my recliner.

    But I feel better now. And I got 1081 words written after I woke up. I'm calling it quits for today because I'm afraid if I struggle much more with this very uncooperative hero and heroine, I might just poison their coffee and type THE END. ;-)

    And tomorrow it's back to the salt mines.

    Marilyn -- also a SLOWBO participant

  50. DEMERITS!!! I am late to the WE AGAIN this weekend, so please forgive me, Teenster, but the good news is that I wrote extra this weekend, so I am now about five days ahead, so YAY!!!

    I have to say my favorite part of the WE are those links -- where on earth do you find all of those puppies??? You must surf the Web in the wee hours of the morning, girl!!



  51. VIRGINIA!!! Bless you, you sweet thing, for being excited about my new book AND my new series. I have to admit, I'm pretty excited about it, too, because I absolutely LOVE the McClares. What a crazy household AND sooo much fun, so I hope you will think so too. :) Good luck in the draw!!

    VINCE SAID: "Right now I’m the mirror image of Julie: she’s three days ahead and I’m three days behind. I must write two full new chapters tomorrow!!!"

    LOL, Vince, but YOU are have/are learning Scrivener, which makes me soooo jealous, but I am too chicken and too software-challenged to even attempt it right now. I truly hope to slow down down this year in the deadline department, so maybe when I do, I'll check Scrivener out. But if we're talking where we want to be with Speedo, I'd pick where you are any day (with Scrivener) than where I am with 5 days ahead on Speedbo!!!


  52. 2173. Catch you Speedbo-ers and Readers in the morning.

  53. LOL, Marilyn.
    That's a very excellent word count with a disagreeable hero and heroine.

    Julie! Five days ahead. WAY TO GO.

    I'm happy just to meet my daily goals. For me being this has been a miracle. I am so easily distracted.

  54. RUTHY and LYNDEE - thank you so much for your sweet words and especially for your prayers for my brother.

    PLAYGROUND MONITOR - I'm confused. I have an AlphaSmart, but I'm not sure why you would need ear phones for one. Yours must be different than mine. What do you use the ear phones for?

  55. I survived the weekend and can't believe I actually did some writing. I'm learning to take my snatches of writing time.

    Congrats to the winners. Looking forward to next week.

  56. Jan, I use ear phones to play instrumental music from my phone to drown out the chatter in restaurants and coffee shops.

    Sorry I didn't make that clear.


  57. Jan, I'll have to join you on the SlowBo, but you and I will perservere.

    Let's row, row, row together! :)

    Good night, Seekervillagers and Speedbo'ers.

  58. I use swimmer's ear plugs when I write in public. I am so unable to write with any background noise.

  59. Congratulations winners!!! Wonderful week ahead!

    Love how SpeedBo is growing as word counts are growing! Yay, SpeedBo!

    Fun to see Debby and Patti Jo's big smiles!


  60. Greetings, and thank you for the book. And now, onward into the fray...ole!

    And I would love to try for the 20 pg crit again, or the 5-page, OR the hook crit, OR the phone call...

    Thanks, Speedbo-ites!

    Gail Kittleson

    and if anybody can tell me how to make e-mail follow-up comments go to the e-address I check instead of to gmail, I'd be grateful!!

  61. Thank you! I won a Speedbo Survival Package! I'm not sure what it contains but the mystery is half the fun. Plus anything to help survive Speedbo is appreciated. :)