Friday, March 22, 2013

What NOT to Write: Get an "ELNORA-STYLE" Writing Makeover with Guest Blogger Lenora Worth!

Hello, darling Speedbo people. When I was asked to do this blog during Speedbo Week, I looked at it wrong and thought "Speedo." And I said, "Oh, no." I didn't want to wear a bathing suit to this blog party. 

But Ruthie explained what y'all are doing and of course, I thought of shoes. Only because I thought of what not to write and that lead to what not to wear and then back to what not to write. 

So I thought I'd go through a list of things you do and don't want in your manuscript. These are things you can go back and fix, of course, by adding in or taking out. So don't panic right now if you've just done it exactly the way I'm telling you not to do it. It will all be pretty by the end of your edits. Oh, I brought alone some strong Louisiana coffee and some rich chocolate. And of course, now that I'm living in Florida, some Key Lime Pie.

Sit and back and get ready for some fun makeover talk:
First, let's take a good long look at your story as is--How do you feel about it? If a friend read it right now, would she love it or would she call in the Speedbo Police right away? Is it too long, too short? Does it have enough goal, motivation and conflict to hold everything together? Always go over your first draft with a fine-toothed comb, because, darling, it will not be your last draft.  Your first draft is the skeleton for what will become a book. (Just like a new outfit involves layering and fluffing and ironing out some wrinkles.) Don't go with the first dress you try on.

Second, decide what you style will be--this is your voice. Serious and buttoned up like a Brooks Brother suit? Carefree and free-spirited like a Betsy Johnson jumpsuit? Humorous and colorful like a Wal-Mart nightgown? There are many different styles of telling the same story, right? Just like shoes, each story has something unique that only you as a writer can create. Learn from others, but don't try to be the next .......... somebody. Be the first YOU!

Third, Just like bell-bottoms 

and mullet haircuts, human nature will never change. 

Both of the afore mentioned styles are still around in one shape or another. Just go to any mall and watch the people--you'll spot something old and it's new again. In writing, that's called a new twist on an old plot. And any old or new plot involves human nature. Human nature never goes out of style but it does add an interesting component to life. And to our stories--use it, but make it fresh. And make it work, as Tim Gunn would say. Human Nature is like classic clothing. It's always there in the back of the closet but it might need a good cleaning and airing before you can throw it on and go out the door.

Fourth, think outside the box.

 If your story feels drab and dull (or if people are telling you it feels that way) you might want to be a bit more daring. Try something you wouldn't normally do. This doesn't mean if you're a t-shirt and jeans type writer, you decide to step out in a glitzy tub top and stilettos. But it does mean that you might need a trim or a tweak, some new color thrown in there, and a slightly higher heel--as in a slightly different twist.

 If you get feedback that says "this is too traditional" or "not enough conflict" or "this is not for us but we wish you well elsewhere" then you might need to try something different. You don't have to throw out your whole drawer of manuscripts, but you might want to give them all an updated style. You can learn to do this by reading current writers--especially those you admire. You're not copying; you're shopping for something stylish and up-to-date.

And fifth and finally, please remember Elnora's Number One Rule for What Not To Write. 

Don't forget the enchantment. In the fashion world, we'd call this bling. In the writing world, we call this the one extra accessory that makes your story shine. 

I've always believed in this rule but when I heard David O. Russell, the director of "The Silver-Lining Playbook" tell someone "Without enchantment, you can't get through the tough parts" it hit me that that's how I write. I always want to add that little bit of enchantment (but steeped in reality) to make the story shine brightly and grab the reader. This is not the Harry Potter kind of enchantment. It's all about Cinderella and the shoe that changed her life, but it's also about how a real-world Cinderella would be capable of wearing the pumps, pumping the gas, feeding the kids, nurturing her own soul through her faith and yes, feeding the forest animals while she cleans the house. Her prince will understand her, accept her flaws and will try to be a better man because he loves her. And she will do the same in return.

So there, my lovelies. Let's recap (while wearing our dashing berets). We don't want boring. We don't want average. We need style and flare and daring. We need something attention-getting but in a good way. And we need that little bit of style, voice, and real world charm to get the attention of an editor, an agent and hopefully, lots of readers. There is no magic wand for this. You really just need to look, listen, learn, practice and oh, yes, wear fabulous shoes! And carry a big notebook!
Lenora :)


  1. A nice, tidy overview of how to get it done!

    Thanks for being here, Lenora.

    There's coffee brewing.


  2. Very nice :).

    I was SO EXCITED tonight. Was rereading my NaNovel and it was about 2000 words TOO LONG for my target publisher. Uh, yeah. I'm NEVER long. But when I got to the end, I realized I'd started book 2 in the same file and it's 2500 words so I'm good :D.


    Anyway - I like to think my first drafts are getting prettier [overall] but this is a great list of things to make sure to look at when I go back. My SpeedBo novel [goal reached last week] is full of talking heads and floating body parts but I can fix that later :).

    I do like to think the MS I was working on today has enchantment. I guess we'll see when the Genesis results come in or I finally get it out to my critters ;).

  3. Please God make skinny jeans go away.


  4. My dear maternal grandmother's name was Elnora. And Enchanted is one of my favorite movies. Remember the song from the ball where Giselle and Robert lose themselves in the dance? I play that a lot when I'm trying to get into the emotion of a story.

    And thank you, Tina, for the skinny jeans prayer. It kept me from getting all mushy and crying.

    I'm just beyond 25K words overall and almost to 13K for SpeedBo. Since this is a novella, I'm in good shape. I'm a hair's breadth away from the black moment. I need to write another page before I hit the sack tonight. Thank goodness for my 1:00 to 5:00 work day. It makes late-night writing workable since that's when my brain seems to like to create.


  5. Hi Tina:

    You prayed, “Please God make skinny jeans go away. Amen.”

    That’s too easy. For most American, me included, He already has! ☻

  6. That graphic of the bell bottoms got me on youtube and old videos of John Denver. Those lyrics. Such pain and regret. Guessing my hero is going to feel that when he chases down my heroine as she catches the train out of Dodge...The end is in sight.

    "I'm with you in singing skies and dancing waters, laughing children, growing old, and in the heart and in the spirit and in the truth when it is told." John Denver. This lyric almost sounds scriptural, doesn't it?

  7. Skinny Jeans... I so agree, be gone. But I will be working on that bling. Talk about those old styles I almost croak when I see some of what keeps coming back.

    How bout those elephant bell pants. I'm waiting for football shoulder pads.

    But it's si true there is nothing new, and stories are no different. At one point historicals don't sale then they come back around just packaged a bit differently.

    Along with writing I think of ads and packaging on food and things, what really changes. Usually something to catch the eye of a new generation.

    Thanks for post, Lenora and the key lime pie. Yum.

  8. Hi Lenora:

    I always enjoy and look forward to your posts on the Craftie Ladies. Those posts are enchanted with witty charm. Reading them is always a treat.

    Enchantment is great for writers who have a magical touch. For those not quite so magical, I favor giving one's writing charisma!

    Of course, I owe this idea to Elnora. I think I've been late night enchanted.


  9. Lenora, love the fashion analogy, but then I love to shop. Is it okay if I wear my new plaid fedora instead of a beret?

    I loved the comment about being yourself instead of the next someone else. Also, I need to go back and add plenty of bling to my current manuscript. Thanks for the fun post, looking forward to the great chocolate!

  10. 1024 words today!

    Good night all.


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  12. Lenora,
    Love the old time pic from the patterns. I watch the Partridge Family sometimes and see a lot of those cool fashions.

    Vince, that's too funny!

  13. Loved your post Lenora. I too will be glad when skinny jeans aren't the style anymore. Give me some bellbottoms any day. Loved the flare!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

  14. Skinny jeans on men. Do not like.

    I had a hard time getting rid of some of my old patterns (Yes of course they all come back into style!) I never thought about their nostalgic charm as much until I saw your samples!

    Enchantment and charisma.
    I need to let that settle into my brain. And on Friday morning my brain is only saying GET ME THROUGH THE DAY.

    Thank you Elnora and Lenora! :)

  15. Thank you for the wonderful post! Now, for some odd reason, I feel like going shopping :)

    Happy Friday, Seekerville!

  16. Oh, no, enchanted. I'm not sure if I can do enchanted. I raised boys, and I can deal with sports analogies. (We've had cable for years so they can watch ESPN.)

    My best girl friend and I just had an entire text conversation about UK's newest basketball recruit.

    I never saw the movie Enchanted, I lost my ability to dress with bling, and I don't even know what else is wrong. I need to get my girliness back now that the youngest is in college.

    Thanks, Lenora.

    Jackie L.
    (Gotta get writing for Speedbo now.)

  17. Hmm...I remember that pattern cover for the guys.....

    Great advice and love those SHOES!

  18. Tina,

    I'm with you unless you are a skelton...skinny jeans look icky....

  19. What is a "tub top"? Did I miss some fashion that wouldn't look good on me anyway?
    I'm from the 50s, when jeans were what you wore to the farm, so I refuse to follow "styles" in jeans. If it's denim and it fits, that's good enough for me. I am wearing flares now (as we speak. Or write.)
    This was a very good post, a good summation of what we should be doing and a good analogy. The rule of style used to be, "Take off one accessory before you leave the house -- less is more," and sometimes it works for writing.
    Kathy Bailey
    Pre-pubbed in New Hampshire

  20. What? A world without bell-bottoms and mullets? Say it ain't so!!


    Wonderful advice, Lenore. And I love the old sewing patterns. Ahh, takes me back to my youth when I had time to sew.

    But, all the encouragement you offered today is GOLD for tidying up my manuscript. Out with the old ric-rac, in with the bling.

    And sprinkling in lots of enchantment. These are romances, for heaven's sake! Gotta have plenty to sigh over and love.

    Thanks for joining us today, Lenora!

  21. Hi Lenora, It is wonderful to see your sweet face. Thanks for joining us here in Seekerville.

    Love the make-over idea. And the idea of bling in the manuscript is a great one. I think I need some in mine. smile

    How do you like Florida? Have a fun day.

  22. Lenora, I've got the big notebook. I'm working on everything else.

    Enchanted is mine and my daughter's favorite movie probably because it blends several fairy tales together.

    The dance at the end...I cry every time. Why? Because the romance of the entire story is in that dance. She’s shy and unsure in an unfamiliar world. He’s jaded and cynical from past hurts. But they show each other what it feels like to FEEL love.~ Amazingly beautiful.

    I’m short 3.5K on my speedbo goal and I’m hoping to catch up today. :)

  23. Good morning, Elnora. I love makeovers. Great tips! Mullets and bell bottoms...shudder

    Seven inches of snow last night! I'm snowbound with nothing to do but write!

  24. Now, how to ask this next question without getting myself in trouble.

    I love your beads Lenora.

    I have been toying with purchasing some myself....but the ones I am looking at have a dual functionality.

    Are you familiar with Hot Girls Pearls?

  25. Lenora, I loved your tips. The pictures were so fun. I saw those bathing suits and I had to chuckle because of two thoughts that came to mind: They were so stylish, and two: I'd never have looked good in them, even when I was younger. ;0)

    It's so easy to want to write like someone else, and I so appreciate what you said about being the first Me to come on the scene. What great words.

    I'm also thinking about how to put more bling into my ms. Sigh. Bling doesn't come easy for me. I'm glad I have time to figure that one out.

    Thanks for your post today!

  26. Wonderful to see you here in Seekerville, Lenora! Along with your alter ego Elnora! Love you both!! Laughing at your confusing SpeedBo for Speedo.

    Thanks for that list of reminders to toss out the worn and drab for the colorful bling! My favorite tip was to add the enchantment that makes a story leave readers with a satisfying sigh.

    Thanks for the yummy Key Lime pie, Florida sunshine on a fork. Enchanting. :-)


  27. Well, I can tell we have some early risers around Seekerville. Ruthie warned me about that. I must have more coffee, and someone please pass the pie. I'm glad you've enjoyed my post. I'm impressed by you Speedbo writers. You will have to let me know when you sell your stories so we can celebrate. Tina, I must confess I love skinny jeans. But I have a trick for wearing them. I treat them like leggings and always wear something very long and loose over them. Like a too-skinny plot, they have to be covered in something descriptive. Love all the comments. And I love living in Florida. Right now, I'm looking out at the water. But the day is blustery and cloudy. And I have words to write. Now where did I put that bag of enchatment?!?

  28. Vince, it's always nice to see you here and at the Craftie Ladies blog. Speaking of that, must rush over there. They are probably wondering where today's post is not there. Let me get in my private jet and get that little matter cleared up. But I will be back. And I'll be glad to answer any questions. Love me some Seekerville!!!

  29. Hi Elnora, and thanks for the great post!

    Perfect timing, too - just when I'm beginning to think my first draft is unsalvageable (can you tell I've reached the middle?), you're here to remind me it's only the first draft. I'll be coming back later to fix it, but first I need to push on to the end.

    And add some bling. I love that!

    Bell bottoms? Those of us who lived through the '70's are too smart to fall for that fashion catastrophe again!

    And skinny jeans should be banned.

  30. Lenora - thank YOU for being here, too!

  31. Tina, I will have to check out HOT GIRL PEARLS. I do so love my pearls. Those came from Spiegel. Long ago!

  32. Good morning, Lenora and all others on the great blog that is called Seekerville! I actually peeked in last night, for somecoffee and I'm back and read the comments. Hope you have a terrific day ...and not ONLY because I want that book done,but because you are you

  33. Disclaimer: I am extremely fashion-challenged

    that said, everything you wrote in the post makes great sense. i love the "don't forget the enchantment" part.

    i think i'm still searching for my writing style. real world? i've never been a good shopper and tend to be a Wrangler Jeans (relaxed fit), tShirt/sweatshirt (seasonal), ball cap, ponytail type of girl.

    i've no idea how that translates to my writing style -- hopefully there i won't be so inept. hmmmm, you've given me good food for thought. thanks!

  34. OKAY, I'm back and taking notes. Carol, good luck with the Genesis! Love all the comments about the movie Enchanted. I also love The Princess Bride. And the one where Drew Barrymore is Cinderella, but can't remember the name. Playground Monitor--love that name--and love that your grandmother was an Elnora!

    Lyndee--John Denver was a poet and a great songwriter! And Terri, fedoras are always chic!

  35. HI LENORA! It's so fun to have you on SEEKERVILLE!
    I think my husband and your husband hung around together quite a bit in Dallas.
    He was a little foggy on which husband went with which author but he was glad for the company of whoever he was with. :)

  36. I love that 'enchantment' idea. That is what we're trying to do isn't it. Add sparkle, charm, enchantment to the story we tell.
    I'm going to remember that.

  37. Humorous and colorful like a Wal-Mart nightgown? I LOVE that line. I wish it described my writing but I think I more boring and buttoned-up than that. Thanks Lenora. That pie was scrumptious.

  38. HELLO, Mary. Yes, Big Daddy had fun with all the Husbands at ACFW! He liked your cowboy and I was glad he had someone to swap war stories with. We need the support of our menfolks, that's for sure! And your stories are enchanting!

    I wanted to tell y'all that I did a whole series of LI books based on fairy tales. I think those tried and true stories we love make for a great "base" (like those dress forms on Project Runway). How many of you have used fairy tales as a base for your stories?

  39. Raisin bran muffins anyone? My recipe makes a LOT. Fortunately the batter keeps in the fridge for 6 weeks. They're yummy and healthy and keep you moving {if you get my drift ;-) }. And the tea kettle is on if you want a cuppa.

    Will someone explain the Lenora/Elnora thing to me? I know there has to be a story there.

    And Hot Girls Pearls. What a great idea! Sadly they are about 12 years too late for me. LOL


  40. Marilyn, Elnora is my alter ego. She gets me in trouble. She speaks her mind and walks to the beat of a different drum. She buys shoes--lots of shoes. She has hissy fits but she always wears her pearls and her pumps!


  41. I have an alter ego named Sophie.

    She's sassy.

  42. But she still doesn't wear skinny jeans.


  43. Ah... now I get it.

    I don't have an alter ego though my ex-husband would disagree. He called her a very ugly name after I was awarded lifetime alimony and half his retirement check. She doesn't wear skinny jeans either.


  44. How fun, Lenora!! Thanks for your words of wisdom. I'm trying to add some bling to a proposal right now! :)

  45. LOL, Vince!!! So true!!! Or else I would be frightening people daily. :)

  46. Lenora, you asked about fairytales. I really want to do a transformation story--ie. Beauty and the Beast. Will have to start thinking on that idea again...

  47. Good morning, Lenora/Elnora.
    Love the post and love the pearls and heels.
    I'm with you on the skinny jeans. I'm actually wearing a pair today with a long tunic sweater over them and my tall, gray boots. Love skinny jeans with boots and sweaters/tunics. (ducking the rotten tomato that just passed my head--that wasn't nice, Tina. :-)
    I do not like skinny jeans on guys.

    And I like fairy tales as the basis for stories. One of mine has a hint of Cinderella-rags-to-riches vibe to it.

    My speedbo goals have just about ground to a halt this week because I'm covering vacation shifts at work and pulling a lot of overtime. Good for the paycheck, not so good for writing goals. Can't wait till this weekend. We're under a winter weather watch for Sat/Sun and they're predicting 5-8 inches. We'll see what happens. It would make for good writing weather. :-)

  48. Oh, LENORA ... how I DO love that bling!! :)

    EXCELLENT POST -- concise yet fun and chock full of great tips!!

    I especially love the "bling" part about enchantment and David Russell's statement that, "Without enchantment, you can't get through the tough parts."

    WOW ... THANK YOU for passing that along because it apparently hit me hard like it hit you. I just started a scene that felt really boring to me, so if it does that to me, I can't imagine how many yawns it would evoke from a reader. So I went back in a laced some enchantment by fleshing out the setting--adding fun things, decor, people--so that it was more enchanting for me and hopefully to the reader as well. AND in the middle of doing that, I got a brainstorm idea to sow even more depth into the heroine via that very setting, so YAY!!


  49. Lenora, love your style, great post for Friday...
    I think you have hit the nail on the head for SpeedBo..
    Listen up everyone.

    Paula O

  50. Somehow I missed that David Russell statement about enchantment and tough times.

    Lordy, that's true! Even though my happily ever after had been broken into tiny pieces, I continued to read romance novels because I love them so much. And for Christmas that year a dear friend sent me a plaque that reads "And they lived happily ever after." She said, "I know you don't believe this now but one day you will." I put it over my bedroom door -- on the inside -- so I see it every day when I leave the room.

    I have a different kind of happy now and I still need the enchantment on a regular basis.

    So just in case anyone was doubting that statement by Mr. Russell, don't.


  51. Lenora, hoping our men can hook up again at RWA in Atlanta!

    We're overcast here but promised a nicer day ahead.

    I will stop work on SpeedBo this afternoon to watch Indiana Univesity play in the NCAA. Love the Hoosiers! But their shooting has been cold. Any other basketball fanatics out there wading through March Madness??


  52. Hi Lenora,

    Let me just say I LOVE your books!

    Secondly, thanks for the tips. I ran into this yesterday when I was judging a contest entry and it was deadly boring. Oh my! How to encourage an obviously new writer without making her want to throw her novel in the trash!

    I'm going to go back and re-read my comments and make sure there's enough positive to balance the negative. Maybe I'll mention 'BLING'! and ENCHANTMENT!

    sbmason at sympatico dot ca

  53. Love all the comments, Janet Dean, so good to see you here. Don enjoyed visiting with your husband, too. He gets such a kick out of meeting other husbands. He tells them he's Mr. Lenora Worth.

    Cindy, buttoned-up can be fun. Just let your buttoned up character do something or long to do something that is out of character. Might surprise you.

    Julie Lessman, glad my "enchantment" could help, but darling, you rock on your own!!!

    Marilyn, I had to laugh about your ex. We will name your alter ego Mary Sue!!!

    I know I haven't responded to all the comments but I'm reading them and enjoying them. Bran muffins were great--I can always use some fiber. Fiber--now there's a good word for a story. Got to have some fiber to ... uh ... move things along. You don't want to ever get stuck in the sagging middle. Muffins, anyone? :)

  54. What a radfantacious post. Very timely, too. I'm working on plotting a story and trying to come up with a good conflict to sustain it.

    Please leave the mullet in history where it belongs. My daughter had an interview for a job at a salon and I was her model. I started out with big 80s Texas hair. I mean big, but it quickly toned done, thank goodness.

    On of my favorite twists on a fairytale is the Princess and the Frog adapted from the Frog Prince. Although I didn't like all the voodoo stuff I did appreciate the New Orleans twist. I even wrote a blog on it a few years back. I'll have to see if I can reblog it sometime.

  55. I have an alter ego named Mary Nealy, she writes gruesome romantic thrillers. I don't let her out much. She gets me in trouble.

  56. Mary, there you go. We all have a little imp in us who likes to stir the pot!!! I'm trying to imagine you as gruesome. Does not compute!

  57. Before I read Elnora's post, I looked at the pictures....

    And I am not surprised to find that even her bathing beauties have CUTE shoes!!! :)

    For those of you who don't know Lenora, hands down, she's the sweetest gal you'll ever find on the face of this earth!

    Welcome to Seekerville, sweetie!

  58. Christina, the frog analogy always makes for a good enchantment thread. Especially if we add a twist and make the frog the real prince. Isn't this such fun!!!

  59. Thanks, Pam. I have to give Ruthie credit for the pictures. We had trouble getting my downloads to her but she found better ones. And they are priceless. But the black pumps are mine!!! I've sure danced a lot in those shoes. And you are so kind to say I'm sweet. Most days, I try. Somedays, not so much

  60. I wear my "Muffins" over the top of my jeans, dagnabbit.

    I love the Elnora side of the very chic-looking Lenora.... I can be myself around Elnora and she LAUGHS!!!!

    Skinny jeans? That person should be hung.

    But I do have a great pair of boots to wear WITH skinny jeans, and I didn't care that I didn't have skinny jeans... I just loved the boots. Faux fur tops... lace up... distressed leather.


    Okay, I love The Nora's take on all this. It makes perfect sense with a flair for fashion.

    And Enchanted???? Did youse know our new Assistant Editor at LI is GISELLE?????

    Of course she and I had to have a long discourse over the movie because I LOVE THAT MOVIE SO MUCH!!!!


    Amy Adams won my heart.

    And Patrick Dempsey?




  61. I am astounded at all the skinny jean aficionados here. But like the romance genre, I suppose there is a subgenre and a fashion statement for everyone.

    Mine would be....purses. I am a purse-a-holic.

  62. Arriving late to the party--had a busy morning and just got home. Fun to find "Elnora" visiting, and such great advice!

    Oh, yes, I LOVED Enchanted! Fun, fun, fun movie! I keep hoping the rats and cockroaches will come out and clean my kitchen one of these days!

    And could we please not talk about muffin tops? I just changed out of my jeans into my stretchiest pants, or I could NEVER have sat down with my computer! We had a lunch date at Cheddar's with a church group and ate entirely too much. I need a wheelbarrow!!!

  63. This is super fun, thanks for making me smile today :)

  64. Ruthie, you are so funny. Own those boots, darling! Own 'em. Patrick Demsey's hair is enchanted all on it's own. We can change the name "skinny jeans" to "jeans we have to have to wear our kicking boots with". I have to admit, I found a wonderful pair of Steve Madden riding boots (and I don't really ride anything) but I had to have them, then I had to find the kind of jeans that would stay tucked in them. Big Daddy was with me when I bought them, too. Of course, when we made the big move and he counted how many boots I already had, he was not so happy. :) Is there any pie left? Need an afternoon snack

  65. Oh, purses. Now there's a good plot prop. Just dig through a woman's purse and learn a lot about her. Remember that movie with George Clooney and Michelle Phiffer and that big tote bag she carried around? That bag represented her busy, chaoticly organized life. Now if I could just remember the name of the movie? One Fine Day??

  66. Myra, Cheddars is good. I have on my stretchy pants, too. I weeded out my wardrobe when we moved. I'm trying to get to that place where everything is stretchy and flowing, like those models in the J. Jill catalog. They look so at peace, so serene. Me, I look more like a frazzled "What Not To Wear" canidate. I have found that everyone is more laid-back, dressiing wise, here in Florida.

  67. Loved this - great way to express the do's and don'ts! And when you speak to us shoe aficionados and bling fanatics, why Miz Scarlet doesn't have a thing over on us with her heart palpitations!

    The Queen of Bling,

  68. LOVED your post, Lenora!! (and I always enjoy your posts on Craftie Ladies too--even when I don't post a comment).

    Thank you for these great reminder tips (and your sense of humor *grin*). YUM--your Key Lime Pie looks amazing. If there's any left, I'd love a piece (with COFFEE, of course!).

    I'm enjoying doing SpeedBo again this year, and am zipping along. Lord willing, I'll make my goal of a 55k word manuscript by the end of March (but I cringe when I think about all the changes I'm sure I'll need to make when I rewrite).

    Thanks again for sharing with us today, and so glad you're enjoying your new home in Florida. Hugs from Georgia, Patti Jo

  69. P.S. @Myra--We LOVE Cheddars---YUM!! And we now have a new one only FIVE minutes from our house! That was such exciting news around here, LOL, because we all love their food. ~ Hugs, Patti Jo

  70. Edwina, a woman after my own heart. Parti Jo, good to sed you here!! I have enjoyed our day together, everyone!!if I missed responding to anyone, send me an e-mail and wel will talk more. Thanks, Ruthie, for inviting me. :))

  71. Lenora, darling!

    So good to see you in Seekerville.

    Love your blog. I'm a bling girl. Love enchantment too.

    Thanks for showing us how to dress for success! Manuscript-wise!

    Wishing you good shoe shopping in the near future.

    Happy Easter!

  72. Ruthy.
    The word Muffin should not be used with any link to clothes or body.

    I'm especially sensitive to it as I fell off the wagon today and had a big old chocolate muffin with chocolate icing. When I go on a bender I go big. chased it with a mini bag of potato chips.

    Do I feel better? not sure yet.

    I'm a bit of a fashionista, too Elnora. I have a fleece vest to go with every frumpy, dark and boring outfit I have for the 6-7 months of winter we enjoy in W NY...

    For that touch of enchantment?

    I'll get back to you.

  73. Thanks, Debby. Always so good to hear from you!!

  74. That is a Golden Fleece if it keeps you warm, Debra!!

  75. >>You can learn to do this by reading current writers--especially those you admire. You're not copying; you're shopping for something stylish and up-to-date.<<

    I so like this! I'm not reading Seekervillager books ... I'm a reader shopping for something stylish and up-to-date. Who knew I was such a shopper :-)

    Fun post. Thank you for the smiles, Lenora.

    Nancy C

  76. Thanks for this post, Lenora. I just reread it and there's lots of meat here. I've been forging forward on Speedbo. Last week I was writing away and found myself yawning while writing a scene. If I'm bored by it, lol. It's SO hard not to fix it on the spot! But I'm being a good soldier.

    Tina, or whoever is keeping records, I'd be happy to be in the drawing for all of the writing prizes. I'm not sure if I said that before...Thanks...

  77. Enchantment! I love it! :)

    Right now my manuscript is too short. And I'm at the dark moment. The first quarter is very skinny and I'm looking to fatten it up on the second draft. I'm making notes as threads develop to remind myself to add related scenes in the beginning. Hopefully it'll all come together.

    Lovely post, Lenora!

  78. Natalie, I find that mine fatten up when I either add in the elements of how people around them react... which means H/H have to either react or initiate or plan to NOT initiate...

    Or when I say "How would that make him feel? And if he feels that way, what would he do?"

    Some guys would go weed the garden. Some would take off on a motorcycle. Some would pound a wall until their knuckles bleed.

    So emotions and people/setting help to fill in those thin spots. When I stand back and say that scientifically speaking, every action will spawn an equal and opposite reaction then I can weave from whatever action I choose... and those ripples in the water fan out and give me pages.

    Shoes... Love 'em.

    Purses: Oh my stars, I am the QUEEN OF THE GARAGE SALE DESIGNER BAG.

    What's better than a Burberry bag?

    A $10 Burberry bag at a garage sale.

    My peeps watch for cool things when they roam the sales. And on the east side of town, there are some mighty fun bags in need of a home, LOL!

  79. Lenora, this was fun, dahlink.... I've kissed my family goodbye... I smell like fried fish....

    And my kitchen was cleaned up by Lisa and Sandy, so I'll cook for those two ANYTIME!!!!!

    I'm supposed to clean tomorrow. I promised myself I'd clean.... but there's a hero and heroine calling me to start their story.

    Just a little, they say. Just the first few pages.... Must go read their synopsis and figure out what's keeping them apart externally.

    Internally these two don't have a prayer. They should run SCREAMING...


    Gotta think that one over a little more.

  80. I loved the fashion here today. The memories came flooding back. Not all of them good.

  81. Thanks everyone. Thanks for the compliments on my books and for reading them. Kaybee, you sound adorable in your cute comfortable outfits.! I read back over the comments and smiled. I am on my new ipad keyboard so I saw my typos--this thing is tiny and in my lap so hard to get it right.But nice when traveling! Sigh, wish I could stay in Seekerville forever! I'm so glad I get to see some of you in person!!!

  82. From Louisiana coffee to Key Lime pie to the scene where the guy tells the princess, "Don't sing!" I relate to your enchanting article! Good thoughts, Lenora, yes, keep it fresh and and add a dash of "different," and we have it made in the Florida shade. :) Thank you for the info!