Monday, March 4, 2013


Guess who took a class on photoshop??? I am now a danger to myself and photos.
YOU SHOULD BE WRITING...And yet here you are reading Seekerville.

This is SPEEDBO month
You Should Be Writing
NO fact just the opposite.
SPEEDBO is your excuse for everything.
If you're child comes up to you and says he's hungry, what is your response?
Please, Mama, may I have some more?
SPEEDBO, Shorty, 
eat a cracker
If you've got random animals hanging around looking gaunt?

Remember your wild ancestors and go catch a mouse
If you've got a man living at the house, acting all cute and lonely?
SPEEDBO, sweetheart. 
I'm writing a ROMANCE NOVEL, I don't have time to talk to my husband (or wife)!!!
If your pesky house is clamoring for undo attention?

Spiders and cobwebs are all part of of the creepy, crawly, slimy, scary circle of life
Of course sometimes we have to turn away from our books.
Sometimes Something Forces Us To Turn Away!

But it can't be just any little thing.

And of course you sometimes have to feed your family......
....but you don't have to do it in a way that will make them want you to do it again.
(THAT FACT combines with my basic laziness to make this post so SHORT)

Let me know how it's going.
March and SPEEDBO started last week, HAVE YOU?
My goal is to write a 25,000 word novella this month. Not as ambitious as some of you, but I'll be really thrilled if I get it done. I also have revisions on a full length novel, Stuck Together, book #3 in the Trouble in Texas series, due April 1st that must be done!
And, let's face it, I have a new book out this month and that takes time, blog interviews and a few events I have failed to avoid like the plague...
Let me know how it's going. Then get back to work.

Leave a BRIEF (brief so you can GET BACK TO WORK!) comment to get your name in the drawing for a signed copy of ANY BOOK OF MINE, YOUR CHOICE, IF I'VE GOT A COPY. (We'll talk!) EXCEPT SWEPT AWAY, THE NEW ONE. I'd really love it if you'd BUY that one.

And, DRUMROLL.............Out of Control is FREE!!!
It is FREE! at ZERO COST TO YOU, and also you can buy it for NO MONEY, as well as NOT HAVING TO PAY FOR IT!!!!!!!!
Even if you've already read it, I would love it if you spent ABSOLUTELY NO MONEY on it, because it bumps up my ranking on Amazon, etc and that draws (theoretically) more attention to my new book
Right now, FREE! (the same price as AIR) as an ebook on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Christian Book and wherever fine books are mystically transported through the air to appear in a flat black 8" x 5" library in your home.

See The Speedbo Prizes Here


  1. Hi. I would like a book.

    Thank you.

  2. I would like a book, too. I'm not Speed-Bo-ing (is that like boing on speed?) this month because I'm in transition between two projects. Still have lots of word count goals, though. Might even meet them...

  3. oh my I laughed so hard with the gross food picture and the "cook in a way they'll never want you to cook again" caption.

    so funny.....might try that.

    Back to writing...

  4. What IS that food?

    So, for once I can say I'VE BEEN WRITING. Except for breaks to walk the dog, cook dinner (Hey, I have to eat too!), and watch Once Upon a Time, I worked from 2 until midnight. That's about eight hours if you subtract the breaks.

    Ooooh am I stiff and sore, but my writing muscles feel GOOD!

  5. Wiping tears at this hilarious post, Mary. LOL!
    You're right. I should be writing, but spent all day digging through character profiles and plotstorm ideas for some direction in the WIP.
    Happy Speedbo-ing!
    Yes ma'am. I hear you. Back to writing. I'm going. I'm going. :)

  6. Mary, you are too much fun!

    OK, so, here's my confession: I didn't start writing until Sunday. However, I wrote about 1700 words that day, so I'm feeling happy about the start! :)

    My goal is to finish my current WIP, hopefully somewhere between 30,000 and 40,000 words for this month. I'm currently aiming for the 30,000 word mark... That would be just fine with me. :) So, I should write about 1,000 words a day for the rest of the month! We shall see...

    I have to say, it's good to get back into my WIP again. :)

    And now I'm done!


  7. I'm not writing Speedbo-ing but I'm doing a reading version and trying to do a book a day! So far I'm right on track and I actually will be starting Swept Away today! I can't wait to dive in! I have been anxiously waiting since I first heard about it and I'm so glad I finally have a copy! I actually own all of your books but I'd love to win one for my sister who is working to collect them all!

  8. first comment is the cat doesn't look gaunt. Second well I now have a really cute grey tabby cat in my back yard who is playing cute. rolling around albeit in the prickles and dirt but still cute. It let me take photos and get a near but not to the point of patting yet. wonder what it will think when I go to water the back shortly!
    Ok Im a reader I have time. (no I dont I have a post to preschedule for Thursday!). I am off to the big smoke tomorrow MRI on Wednesday and I am not sure if I will get much access at all. (Not taking my laptop as cant afford the cost of mobile access). Will try to get on at the internet cafe but it will not be every day.
    back to getting packed etc.

  9. I'm laughing at Jenny's comment because that cat looks like Ivan remembered to get cat food in February.... and then just opened the bag and let the cat help herself! :)

    MARY CONNEALY this is why I love you!!!!!

    You yell at us and make me laugh at myself.

    I did miss the mice you were supposed to put in this post, darling. Where are the mice????

    This is awesome. I've brought COFFEE!!!!! but I'm encouraging the lot o' youse to get back to it!

    Amber and Abbi, I love seeing you beautiful young ladies here! Amber, great job! You go, girl! And Abbi, I love Mary's books, too. She just makes me sit back and laugh out loud and it feels good to laugh, doesn't it? ♥♥♥♥

    She's a 4-Heart Author For Sure!!!!

    Valerie, good luck on the projects! I love working on two things at once, it makes my brain work better. I'm more focused if I can take a break from one to do the other.


    Mary, are you aiming to finish your book? Or are you done and working on the next one? I forgot where you are, but whoa.... 8 hours.... you're amazing, Ms. Curry. But I know that the work week cometh and that gets tough to teach all day and write at night.

    Natalie, good point... you've got to have a clue where you're going in order to get there. Everything starts somewhere!

    Okay, I'm back to the final 10 K on this book....

    And loving it beyond belief!

  10. Hey Ruthy no mice cos the cat ate them!~

  11. I'm at only 2000 words in my Speedboat goal, so I'm behind. However, if i take time to read a little bit from a Mary C. book, does that count as an acceptable break?

  12. That "food" picture was almost enough to drive me from the internet. But I will post anyway. Maybe just won't eat breakfast.

    I have hit my goal of a 1000K a day in order to complete my book. We had my in-laws 60th anniversary party this past weekend. I was in charge and I still met my goal.

    I fell off the wagon with Facebook today. Back to it!

    No need to put me in for your books. I have them all. Off to buy the latest!

    Peace and Speedbo prayers to all, Julie

  13. You are one of the funniest people I've ever met (maybe THE funniest!). I have tears from laughing at your photos and captions.

    SPEEDBO is going great! Already met today's goal--and hope to move further along.

    Enjoy the Blueberry pancakes I just made this morning (surprise--NO peach this morning, LOL).
    Please enter me in your drawing--and PLEASE feed that pitiful CAT in the photo you posted. I don't think he wants a mouse... ;)

    Hugs, Patti Jo

  14. Mary,

    What an entertaining post. A GREAT way to start a gloomy Monday. Okay, the weather may not be gloomy everywhere, but Mondays are, right?

    My plan for Speedbo is to write the last 25,000 words of my rough draft. So like you, not quite as lofty a goal as many BUT necessary none the less!

  15. oh wow, i over shot for SPEEDBO, but my goal is to actually finish a proper length manuscript.

    behind on count. little cub covets mommy time since i'm at work all day during the week. (apparently he gets enough of daddy during the week, so daddy's chopped liver on the weekends). did make some progress though.

    thanks for the laughter with the kick in the keister post, Mary. i'm off to go "buy" Out of Control. I want you at the top of that Amazon list. (oh, i also wouldn't mind another of your books too - selfish me)

  16. Wow, ambition rears it's ugly head. I planned to check in at Seekerville and go back to bed...Uh...oops...I mean go back to WRITING!!!!
    I'll see you all later.

  17. WEll Mary, How can I write when I have SWEPT AWAY sitting in my lap??????

    You know I can't put your books down. Oh my

    Will put Out of Bounds on my Kindle though. However I can't find it. I have been downloading books, but don't know where I left it. Its somewhere in the motorhome I hope.

    write write write

  18. My speedbo goals start today. I had to finish a ms and send it to my editor first.

    My church library would love another of your books.

    And I have crackers on hand for when the school bus arrives this afternoon. :)

  19. My goals are similar to Amber's.

    I'm going to write 30K on a book I've already have 38K on. I'm a little behind because I had a house full of company, but I will be caught up by the end of the day.

    This week is clear and I'm hoping to get ahead.

    And I'd love to win your book.

  20. What IS that on the plate, Mary? Scottish haggis or something??

  21. Deb -

    my goal is a full MS as well. This year, my official SpeedBo Goal is 65K as I missed my 70K by 100 words last year [though I did have a rough draft and a horrid sinus infection by March 31]. I'd love a 70K+ rough draft though.

    I'm 6K in which is a smidge behind but had an insanely busy weekend.

  22. Yes, ma'am.

    No cooking, cleaning, affectionate responses or sympathetic noises.

    Got it.

    I'll tell them "Mary said so."

  23. I'm at 3k and I downloaded "Out of Control" for my Kindle - thanks, Mary :). Looks like a day off for this substitute teacher so I will be writing!!

  24. Congratulations on the photoshop class. Very spiffy.

    I know I should be writing, but I'm at work instead and then after the day job I have to go to the evening job. :-( Mondays are not Speedbo friendly. BUT, I brought a notebook and am going to write for 1/2 an hour at lunch and 45 min. between jobs. That's all I can squeeze in today.

    I was very productive (sort of) yesterday. Wrote for hours and hours and hours...but in slow-mo and -- gasp -- I looked back and that made me edit. I'm so bad!!!!

    Y'all can send me your mousers for the month. They won't starve at my house. Apparently I have a larger mouse problem then I thought. :-0

    Do accumulating dust bunnies count as embracing nature? I hope so because I'll be ankle deep in them by the end of the month!

    Don't enter me in the draw because I have ALL your books, Mary! :-) And I was smart and finished Swept Away last week before Speedo. So no temptation there.

  25. Mary,

    How DO you do it? Every time, you just make me smile. Thank you! Still chuckling over your photo choices. OMGosh... The meal... HA!

    Yes - book please. And I did take advantage of the FREE book on Amazon, though I HAD read it before. Yes, any book of yours would be terrific! Thanks.

    I'm not officially Speedbo-ing... or is that BOING because May and I are on deadline but we're right there with y'all.

    The 1K1H group (thank you Carol!) has been a tremendous blessing. Always someone ready to write and offer encouragement!

  26. Becky, nice to have you on board! Go for it, Teach!!!!!

    Mary's Out of Control is one of my fave Connealy books. I just laughed myself silly.... and then on through the series, did the same thing. You can't read one and not come away feeling better about EVERYTHING.

    Except, maybe, weight.

    But everything else is happier after a Mary Connealy novel!!!!


    WALT smirk....


    Hey, I brought Thomas's English muffins (regular and corn muffin style) for a quick breakfast:


  27. You know this:

    But everything else is happier after a Mary Connealy novel!!!!

    might make it sound like Ruthy is being NICE to Mary. That can't be right. Can someone in NY check Ruthy's temperature?

  28. Mary--this was LOL funny. :) I loved your pics and your thoughts. I had a great first day of Speedbo, and today I'm stuck on what scene I want to write. Sigh. Hoping I figure it out soon.

    That food pic looks like a red potato on top of hummus with green salsa or something like that around it. Very interesting.....

    Have a great writing day, everyone!

  29. Hey, I was nice to Mary once before, CM.....

    I think when she was in danger of winning a RITA and I was sucking up.

    It's what I DO. :)

    And I can't even hardly pretend her books aren't wonderful... sigh....

    Although in every other way imaginable I can and will make fun of her.

    (Pretend you hear a really BAD chorus of "That's What Friends Are Foooooooorrrrrrrrr...." :)

  30. CONGRATULATIONS TO ROBIN S who is our 100th Speedbo Participant.


  31. I was wondering what was on that plate as well. Looks like a giant mushroom covered in goop.

  32. Speedbo report: So far, so good. Exceeded my daily goal on Friday, took the weekend off (as planned!), and ready to jump back in after the morning chores are done :)

    Not that stopping by Seekerville is ever a chore - more like the wake up call to get going!

    Thanks, Mary.

    And if that's the food you make, I'm not eating at your house, ever. We'll meet at McDonalds....

  33. Okay, okay, okay....maybe one or more blogs and then I'll get my wordage in. *grin*

  34. what a great way to start a Monday! Thank you for the mood boosting post, Mary!

    I dabbled in Speed-bo over the weekend. I'm ready to dive in the deep end today!! My voce mail may be full by the end of the day, my dogs may be whimpering and crossing their legs but there will be progress...

  35. When you're ready for a quick break, don't forget to stop by the Yankee Belle Cafe. We're discussing cute sons and ugly recipes today.

    Plus I'm sharing a quick, easy and cheap Speedbo recipe :)

  36. This is the second time this morning I've attempted to make contact. Wordpress didn't work, so now I'm now using Goggle, although I sent a Goggle comment late Saturday and never got any acknowledgment. I wanted to sign up for SpeedBo because I want to finish this novel by end of month and have 40,000+ words to do, so I'll need someone to crack the whip.

  37. Hilarious, Mary!! Thanks for the laugh and the short post. :-) As you say we've got writing to do.

    Go SpeedBoers!!!


  38. Hi Mary! Thanks for the laugh! Always needed on a Monday. After a busy weekend with family and no writing, I'm getting down to work today. I've been looking forward to this SpeedBo.My goal today is get 1k done on a new story I'm targeting for Love Inspired! I'll let you all know how it goes!

  39. 1966 words into my story. I plan to hit hard later in the month.
    Right now I'm supposed to be painting a bathroom. Instead I painted a picture frame and shelf.
    (We're on a working vacation. My hubby will frown then laugh when he catches me on the computer.)
    Jackie L.

  40. Mary, You are a gem!
    It's Monday morning and time to head back to the day job, and still you can make me laugh.

    (Psst! Are we sure Mary's day job isn't working as a stand-up comedienne?)

    And Ruthy? The lack of mice in the post is probably my fault. My terrier caught them yesterday. Four of them. And I had to dispose of the bodies. Blech!

    I have very small Speedbo goals compared to the rest of you. I need an additional 10-12K words on a manuscript that already has "The End" written. Usually I write long and have to cut. It's... um...interesting to need to add additional scenes. So lots of brainstorming going on here. My goal is to get those added and get the manuscript polished this month. I did good on the word count this weekend and now only need 7-10K.

    I'm off to work now. Happy writing, everyone.

  41. Elaine Manders. Send an email to seekers at seekerville dot net.

    I'll send you back your info and you will be number 101.

    Glad to have you aboard.


  42. Love this post, Mary!!! Especially the poor Oliver Twist boy asking his mother for more (I laughed out loud) and the plateful of something really disgusting the SpeedBo participant had cooked to deter her family from wanting more. I also liked the ordinary husband dressed as a Spanish dancer in a desperate attempt to get his wife's attention. Love it. It's so unlikely but so cute, it makes me want to turn him into a book character!

    Technically, since I don't work outside the home and my kids are at school all day, I should be able to get my 2,000 words--that's my daily goal, 5 days a week, or 40,000 words for the month--and still cook dinner every night. Technically, I said.

    Since at the beginning of the month I had 25,000 words on my WIP, by the end of SpeedBo I should have 65,000 words on a 90,000 ms. that is--yes yes yes!--contracted and due Oct. 1st. So far so good. I have written about 2,600 words.

    Hey, here is something really cool. On the 2nd day of SpeedBo, which was March 2, I wrote 2,222 words. I didn't realize it until I stopped and added up my words. I think that's a sign. What it is a sign of, I don't know, but it has to be a sign! :-)

  43. Hi Jessica. Good Speedbo morning toy you!!!

  44. Yeah Elaine, you made it over! Don't forget to send your email to the Seekerville email addy to sign up. SPEEDBO is hopping!


  45. I did 2173 yesterday. I am loving Speedbo..I have already hit over 6000 on my new story.

    Just need to stop and work on editing the current one.

    Sometime I am going to do a post on why the story you are not working on is more attractive than the one you are supposed to be working on.

  46. Hoping to get some writing in at the hospital today. Behind on word count, but will be able to catch up as soon as my brother is well enough to come home. Would love another Mary Connealy book. I know that because I've loved all the others I've read by you.

    Happy Speedbo-ing, everyone!

  47. I was wondering the same thing, Glynna--WHAT'S ON THAT PLATE???

    My first thought was that "gaunt" cat threw up a fur ball.

    Seriously, Mary, imagine all the words you could have written had you NOT trolled the Internet looking for all these cool pix!

    But imagine this post without them? NO WAY!!! You go, girl!

  48. Good morning...i haven't had time to read this weekend. We came down to Yuma to a wedding. Was an awesome day for that. A bit of cloud cover to keep the heat down to 80* and humidity at 63% so it was great. Tiring day, though. Back to Phoenix today. i'm with you Jan, i'd rather die of natural causes than to eat at McDonalds (we've had some rally bad experiences there) but that might be a better choice, after looking at those pictures! racking the whip on all you SpeedBo participants. i am waiting for those novels.


  49. Amber, you confessed, that's so touching. Unnecessary but touching. It's all on you...and not just Amber but each of you. YOUR goals. YOUR success or the lack there-of. You're not failing us here at Seekerville, because we're all busy failing ourselves.

  50. ABBI we love READERS!!! We would not be so foolish as to not, right? Good luck and have FUN with your SPEEDBO goals.

  51. Why does my name have that G+ thing on it. I mean I know it's like joining Google something but how did I do that? How did that appear? WHAT IS GOING ON!!!???
    Everytime I load a blog post I get this window popping open asking me if I want to SHARE on Google + (or words to that affect) really....
    eyeball roll

  52. Ohmygosh but that is funny! And I'd love to win your book.

    My goal is to take the approximately 13.5K words I had from a 2011 NaNo book and work it into novella. I'm not sure what I want my word count to be, but my goal has been at least 1000 words per day. I wrote 1204 Saturday and 1081 yesterday but I had to cut 1338 Friday so I'm behind overall. But I know those words had to go.

    I am single, my kids are grown and moved away and I have no pets. I've already had my apartment flooded so I hope lightning doesn't strike twice. I'm easy to please in the food department (but like everyone else, I'll ask, "What IS that?") and I can easily ignore dust and cobwebs.

    So what's my excuse??? None!


  53. JENNY! God bless you. I'll be praying for your MRI. Hope you're feeling well. You've had a tough year.
    Hope you get the cat tamed. My experience has been, if you give them food, they just tame down LIKE MAGIC.

  54. WALT, I think to stop and read my book is a very wise use of your time. I fully endorse the idea.

  55. Ruthy, there will never be mice in my blog post.
    I'm pretty sure I've been ABSOLUTELY CLEAR ABOUT THAT!!!!!

  56. p.s. @ Jan C. - Praying for your brother. ~ Hugs, Patti Jo

  57. JULIE HILTON STEELE ... I like 'fell off the wagon with Facebook.' That is just so stinking close to how it is. I'm such an internet junkie it's a wonder I get anything done. But I have a lot of fun!!!

  58. LOLOL!!! I love this, Mary!! My favorite was the husband!! LOL

    And the good food photo!!! LOLOL! Great, sneaky idea!! My kids hardly ever like green food. i'll be copying yours. :) :) :)

  59. Patti Jo, you posted at 7 am and you've ALREADY MET YOUR DAY'S GOALS!!!???
    I'm impressed!!!

  60. Mary, thanks for the fun post. No kids, yes on the cat- and chasing mice. That food? I made something like that once- DH resorted to his standby syrup & PB on toast- that's the clue he really didn't care for my food selection. But he's never ugly about it!
    My goal is to get to 50,000 words on current project, drive to Phx to see granddaughter (and her parents), and keep up the day job. Can't wait until August 31- day job gone!!
    I'm short on MC books, and would love to have one.

  61. I know ROSE well enough to have complete confidence that she will achieve her goals. That's just who she is. GO ROSE. (and you're right Mondays are so so so so MONDAY-ish)

  62. Love the title and essence of your post, Mary. I'll still make you a picture if you tell me who. :)

    I've been trying to finish up formatting (again and again) on a project so I'm way behind my speedbo goal. But, that's okay. I'll catch up!

  63. DebH, you OVERSHOT SPEEDBO? You mean you wrote MORE than your goal!!???

    RAGE ON, DEB!!!!!!!!!!

  64. btw lizzie starr has been urging on my local RWA writer's group, Romance Authors of the Heartland RAH! with YOU SHOULD BE WRITING posters. Hers are MUCH NICER THAN MINE. Hunky men, looking straight at you and saying, "YOU SHOULD BE WRITING."
    lizzie offered to make one for this post but I thought it clashed with the generally horrifying pictures I'd chosen to use. LOL

  65. SANDRA!!! SWEETIE!!! It's Out of Control not Out of Bounds, that might be why you're having trouble finding it. Unless you mean you're having trouble finding your KINDLE, that is so easy to have happen. It happens with my phone, too, but I can just call it and listen for it to ring. Kindle needs that technology.

  66. GO CONNIE QUEEN!!! Excellent goal. YAY for the clear week. I hope that holds up.

  67. Glynna, I have no idea what that is, only that it is UGLY.
    I actually have a recipe for ham and 15 bean soup that I always told my kids was the UGLIEST and MOST DELICIOUS food in the world.

    And yet the little darlings hated the thought of me making it.


    moving on......

  68. Carol, you're an inspiration, seriously. The work you do should stand as an example to each of us what is possible. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

  69. BECKY, Good for you.
    So, Becky, you've got that g+ think? How did I get that? I think I'm the only seeker, in that line up on the left side of the blog, with a g+ instead of the B in the blogger orange square. I feel like I belong on the Island of Misfit Toys. Right next to the train with square wheels and the water gun ( that shoots jelly. :)
    Having Becky here with her g+ makes it all better.

  70. Wow, Kav I read your lovely long comment and all I came away with what
    blah blah blah LARGER MOUSE PROBLEM blah blah blah

    I'm horrified.
    D-con and glue traps. FAST!!!!

  71. KC the deadline takes precedence, we all know it HAS TOO. You'll be writing.

    And the 1k1h group is brilliant. Group writing sprints!!!!


    (wow, I first typed 'I can barely tipe threw my tiers, weird)


    (not THAT thrilling!!!)

  73. JEANNE T, but that's what all my children got for their special birthday meal. Each of them. For eighteen straight years. (they moved out so fast after graduation they left SKID MARKS on the driveway after the last person left their graduation party---yes, I am a genius.)

  74. ONE HUNDRED SPEEDBO-ERS. (we are just inventing words right and left today!)


  75. JAN serving food like that is a plan that has worked well for me for 36 years. My Cowboy husband either takes me out or cooks himself.
    He calls it self-preservation.
    I call it EVIL GENIUS!!!!

  76. Sorry to be a nag JESSICA. After raising four daughters, I find it comes naturally!!!!

  77. Donna! LOL on the dog, poor pooch, can't you just stand him on a big sheet of plastic and hope for the best???

  78. Oh Mary, you ARE an evil genius.


  79. ELAINE did you sign up?
    it's not to late. We want you to sign up and encourage people, even if it's the 10th of March or the 20th or the 30th, to jump in and join us on our writing sprint!!!!!

  80. CHRISTINA, stop in regularly, especially if you want encouragement and (if you mistakenly talk to Ruthy) a completely gentile and loving KICK IN THE BACKSIDE)

    We do our best but she's totally Out of Control...hey, that'd be a great name for a book!!!

  81. JACKIE, a work vacation? Does that mean you took time off from your job to stay home and work?

    This is both insanely wise and utterly depressing.

    Good luck, in case you're confused and picture frame does NOT equal a bathroom wall.....painting-wise. Sorry.

    Let's see, using math in our daily lives
    Picture Frame < Bathroom walls.

    I bet YOUR bathroom will look a lot better than MY bathroom though, not that hard to accomplish, unfortunately

  82. Hi Mary! Thanks for the chuckle!

    Working hard on my editing and doing great so far!

    I'd love to be in the drawing and will download your book when I get home!

    sbmason at sympatico dot ca

  83. Clari, send me your mailing address, I have a Presidential--well, no a CONNEALIDENTIAL Medal of Freedom for your dog. HE IS MY HERO!!!!!!

  84. MELANIE 2222 is great.
    It's a sign that...that...thinking...okay, I got nuthin''s just a really good writing day.

    YAY on the contracts. Did you see I finally got a review up on Amazon for The Fairest Beauty? And I gave it to my daughter and she just adored it and is now hunting for the rest of your books. (she fell for my scheme!!!!!)

  85. ps I need to put up reviews on Barnes and Noble, and elsewhere.
    I'll get it done. I PROMISE!!!

  86. Jan, I hope your brother is okay. I think I need to find ONE MORE PICTURE of someone ailing and the SPEEDBO author, swinging the door shut on the whiners...........

  87. What a fun post. Perfect for a Monday morning. I'm still laughing at your great points, Mary. Except for one. There was a time when that thing about feeding the kids would have made me feel guilty (hey, at least I made sure the crackers were on a shelf they could reach) until one day I read how you should never do for your child what they can do for themselves.

    If only that worked LOL If I had a page for every time I had to stop and feed someone I'd have ... a bunch of pages.

  88. MYRA, that cat pic? That's actually our cat. And the weird part of that is........we don't have a cat.

    Except there is evidence to the contrary, right???

    I've seen two more since this one. And guess what? I'll get they are all PREGNANT. It's the circle of life. :( On the farm the CIRCLE seems to be a distended belly-ful of cats and cattle and WHATEVER

  89. Hi Marianne, the whip stings. I think I should stop playing on Seekerville and go write. Maybe in just a FEW MINUTES. (Mary is now ducking the whip!!)

  90. Marilyn aka Playground Monitor. If you've got 13k done and are doing 1k a day, a novella is 20-25 K so you're done with the novella by like...NOON ON FRIDAY!!! What are you going to do the rest of the month.


  91. RUTH TREDWAY, I had a friend who actually made the PB&J a rule. You don't like what I know where the peanut butter is.

  92. AUDRA you go right ahead and tell them it's all my fault. (here we have a good reason why most of my friends live 5 states away from me, so their husband's can't strangle me. It's only two states with Audra but they are HUGE.

  93. Jamie, see, you're building character for the little darlings. This is a GOOD thing. Next time they beg for food, you say, "Go eat a Cracker shorty....YOU'RE WELCOME!!!

  94. Oh, she's come out of her batcave!!!!!

    Can I hear an "Hallelujah Chorus????"


    Mary and the cats....

    I'm laughing because I sneaked the first one in my suitcase to thin out our farm cats...

    She may or may not have been pregnant.

    But she' is/was a GREAT MOUSER.

    And we all know how Connealy LOVES HER MICE!!!!

    I do what I can to help, honey.

  95. Thank you for this fun post, Mary!
    Would love a book from you! :)

  96. Must get to work, but I'm having too much fun reading all the Seekerville comments.

    Off to write!

  97. no mary
    perhaps overshot is the wrong word.
    i bit off more than i can chew for SPEEDBO (james earl jones) by making a 55K goal.
    at the rate i'm going, i'll miss that mark by oh... a whole bunch.

    btw. if you ever need some Photoshop tips, feel free to contact me. i am a GA in my "real job" arena. been using that program for... EGADS! 20+ years. (great, now i feel really old...)

  98. I should be writing and I will, but talking to Seekerville is a lifeline that inspires me. It's All About Balance.
    Please put me in the drawing.
    I'm not "writing" a book specifically for Speedbo, but have committed to finishing the first draft of the sequel to my Oregon Trail story, entering Genesis and contacting an agent by the end of the month. Different goals than writing a book from scratch, but goals they are. Going back to work now...
    Kathy Bailey
    Pre-pubbed in New Hampshire

  99. Got an email from Barbara Vey...she has to postpone her anniversary bash until next week.

    Rescheduling our Seekerville day on her anniversary bash to March 13!

    Mark your calendars for a fun day next WED at Beyond Her Book!

  100. Got a K in this morning. My hero is finally out of his "I have to impress my boss [aka the heroine]" shell and being himself instead of all stiff and formal and stuff and that's no fun.

    Since he's now being "normal" [whatever that is], the words are coming much more easily. Also realized what his black moment is going to be [he's gonna hate me] and how the heroine can help him through it [she might just love me].

    Went to the new doc. Love her. She said I'm a hoot. Then she gave me a shot. Steroid shot which will [supposedly] help with the allergy insaneness and let me, you know, breathe while doing other things [like sleeping].

    Quick Walmart stop and I'm off to finish grading papers. Got about half of them done while waiting in the office. [Waiting now for the food to get done btw.]

    Hoping for another 2K today but we'll see...

    We have the PBJ rule at my house [ish, sometimes hubs will make something else like Ramen or other leftovers for them if he's home]. We're having spaghetti/tortellini for dinner tonight which is easy peasy.

    Mary - you are so kind, my friend. I've said "If I could just write as much as Mary Connealy when I grow up..." I'm sure trying. This will be my 10th MS in just over 3 years. Some of them are prettier than others, but I hit "the end" on 9 so far and will start massive rounds of editing on many of them come April [or "the end" of this one, whichever].

    Ah... lunch.

  101. Mary, I was going to check-in with Seekerville as my reward for doing Speedbo writing....but I cheated. I've got your Out of Control on my Kindle (Thank you!) and would love to win another book. NOW to start writing....well, maybe just a quick look at the Yankee Belle Cafe.....

  102. Okay first, Mary,

    I looked at one picture and thought is that a bowling ball is puke? Then I set my imagination and came up with other not so wonderful ideas.

    Anyhoo I'm hoping to finish a rough draft, and I just recieved my manuscript back for edits. We'll see how it goes.

    Thanks for the laughs, now back to writing.

  103. I would like a book! This is my first Speedbo, but I've really enjoyed it so far and I may just up my goal. The first week is going great!

    Thank You Seekerville!

  104. (fist pump)Yes! A Connealidential Medal of Freedom! Bella will be quite pleased. She's already pretty smug about the fact that she's a better mouser than our cat. The cat absolutely will not demean herself with that lowly activity.

  105. Flat Black 8" by 5" Library, hahahahahah. Oh that is SO BRILLIANT!
    I'm going to have to come back and read the comments later to find out what that awful dish is. Octopus?
    Eat a cracker.
    Too funny.
    While writing, stay hydrated. Use of a straw eliminates the need to break keyboard contact.
    Power on to the Speedbo participants! I'm cheering fro you!

  106. When i went back out the cat was gone. (and so were alot of prickles.)

    Thanks about the MRI. I really want to know what I did and what can be done to get it better. So over the pain and not being able to use it much. The other wrist is trying to go out in sympathy. Maybe a good think I will be basically internet free for 5 days. (tomorrow cant see when I will find time 8ish MRI, followed by meeting niece for brunch, friend for lunch and then around 3 friend for early tea/dinner!) But will get some reading in

  107. Oh the G+ means that you signed up for Google + and joined your accounts. (Blogger and Google +) I did this not knowing it put them all under the one banner which is why I no longer have Ausjenny there which is so annoying. once done cant see how to undo it.

  108. HI HO!!! Jamie Adams is number 101 of our Speedbo participants.

    Welcome Jamie!!!

  109. What was that THING?

    I saw a red potato, a chicken drumstick and... cat barf. I'm pretty sure. Or newborn poo.

    Anyway, yes. working hard. Not going as fast as I wanted or thought I would.

    A little disappointed to have contracted said plague from small ones. I thought them all in a room together would help.

    Downloaded the air book even though I have a real, paper, material, signed copy!!

  110. YAY! Grading done and entered on the computer! I can go play with my imaginary friends for a bit :D.

  111. I don't even WANT to know what that gross food was.

    I just had a loaded baked potato.

    Ohhhh, I'm not feeling so well...

  112. I'm behind already but catching up soon. Sometimes life just doesnt take Speedbo for an excuse. Wow - i would really like a copy of In Too Deep

  113. Just got my internet back!!!!!!!

    Have only written one chapter since my last report. But the tortoise is still moving along.


  114. LOL, Mary! I guess I'm glad I am not one of your bio kids....Hmmm, maybe I can try feeding that to mine, if they even THINK about lingering much past graduation. :) Thanks for the idea!

  115. Speedbo Welcomes Elaine Manders number 103. Keep them doggies rollin' RAWHIDE!!!

  116. I love your books, Mary! Awesome post. :)

  117. WHEW ... made my goal today, so now I'm leaving my Seekerville comment and happily so!!

    CAROL M!!! You are too cute and I do believe that's the fewest words I've ever heard you say ... ;)

    ABBI HART ... a book a day??? WOW ... talk about READ-BO instead of SPEED-BO!! Way to go, girl!!

    WHOOPS ... CAROL M just couldn't do it, so she commented again ... ;)


  118. Mary...I'm all for the evil genius food plan. In fact, I practice it quite often lol!!!

  119. I met my 1500 goal, hoping to get a little more in tonight. My first prize I ever won from Seekerville was a Mary book, so I'd love to win another one because I'm hooked.

  120. I'm sorry to say the picture of the food turned my stomach. Yuck! Hopefully it tasted better than it looked.

    On my lunch hours at work I am deep into reading Swept it!
    Would love to be entered to win one of your books. :)

    Back to work....

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

    countrybear52 AT yahoo DOT com

  121. I didn't write much today since I wasn't feeling well. Tomorrow I'll try again.

  122. Kathy Bailey, those are great goals! A lot of folks aren't working on new, but just pushing and prodding to work harder and longer... That rocks, chickie!!!

    Helen, I'm a tortoise too.... but we never stop so we make progress eventually!

  123. Hi Mary. You make me laugh. I am at 7,730 words with none written today, but I WILL be working on it this evening, even it I only get in 1,000 words, after tutoring lessons. Tomorrow we are to have 6-9 inches of snow in Chicago, so I will be glued to the desk. My excuse for not writing earlier today? My daughter brought the grand-babies down to say good bye because Wednesday they travel to Australia to visit the other grandparents for a month. What nice timing for her to schedule their trip during Speedbo, don't you think? I've trained her well. And she's a great cheerleader, too. Off to throw food in dh's craw and prepare for my student.

    I hope you feel better, Cara Lynn.

  124. Mary is always entertaining, I started to not stop by as I am late today but glad I did..
    I want one of your books, love to read your adventures. looks like all are busy as little bees here so will catch ya later.
    Paula O

  125. Hey, the afternoon got crazy, sorry to be so absent. the crazy isn't over yet but I'm going to try and get back soon.

  126. LOL Julie! Is it really all that surprising that I couldn't go all day without saying more ;)?

    Love you bunches :D.

  127. Wow,Lyndee, you do have a clever daughter. Your word count in three days is amazing!!!

  128. p.s. Cara Lynn James, praying you feel much better tomorrow!
    Hugs, Patti Jo

  129. What are you going to do the rest of the month.

    Well, here's the thing. I'm STILL on that dreaded chapter 6. It's where the hero and heroine should begin to get intimate and let's just say they're avoiding it. If I let them have their way, they'll paint the kitchen cabinets, pressure wash the drive and re-grout the tub before they so much as hold hands and kiss. sigh

    So I emailed a friend who writes for Harlequin and yelled, "HELP!" And she gave me some very good advice to include picking up a selection of books from my vast romance library and thumbing through and reading the scenes where the H and h first move beyond sultry gazes and on to... whatever.

    I've written about 315 words and now I'm headed to my recliner with half a dozen books to do research. Yep, research. And when that's done, I can watch Bones. And when I'm done with that, I'll see if I can get Max and Victoria to put down the pressure washer and move their relationship along.


  130. LOL - Fun post, Mary. Got about half of my goal today but hey, there are still a few hours left. :D

    Please throw my name in the hat for one of your books. I'm on my way to Amazon to download OUT OF CONTROL. Thanks!

  131. ROBIN S!!! CONGRATS ON BEING #100!!

    AUSJENNY ... praying for that MRI, girlfriend!!


  132. Would have been here sooner but -- ta da!! -- I've been writing. My heroine is making me laugh ... poor thing is just a walking disaster ... leaving catastrophe in her wake. I love getting to know the characters.

    Mary, a fun post that was a good chuckle at the end of a writing day. Thank you. Well, thank you for everything but the food picture. That was just plain gross. Oh, no, wait, I should thank you for the food picture because it kept me from eating too much at dinner.

    So proud of all those word counts -- go writers!

    And thanks *so* much to the cheerleaders (or perhaps that should be cheer-readers). Your encouragement means a great deal.

    Nancy C

  133. Marilyn just force it.I honestly know exactly what you mean that a scene will NOT progress. A lot of times that's because subconsciously you just know it's a really important moment and you don't feel like you can do it justice. So my advice is FORCE IT. WRITE IT. Write it BADLY then fix it. If you envision a 2000 word scene and are done after three paragraphs, THAT'S OKAY, you will punch it up on revision.

  134. So far I've added 3235 words to my WIP.

    Today in the mail I receive Tina's new book, Mending The Doctor's Heart. Now I have to resist the temptation of reading instead of writing.

  135. Chapter 6 is DONE!

    400 more words and I'll be at 1000 for the day.


  136. I can hear the words hitting pages.

    I'll put my hand up for a book thank you.


  137. Love your books!

  138. Thanks for the laughs, Mary. Need I say that it surely helps to be at my age, w/children gone from the house, pets nil, and husband busily engaged w/his own writing?

    Report: I've added about 9,000 words since we started, and intend to keep chugging along. I'm in 1947, aboard a "fast" train to CA, and just met a Japanese internee. Ooh....the history you'll learn....

    So, onward. And if I didn't mention it lately, I'd love to win a first chapter or 5 page or hook critique. Don't know if I could survive the laughter involved in a phone call w/one of you amazing ladies...but I would certainly be willing to try for that, too.
    Thank you immensely...

    Gail Kittleson

  139. Great post, Mary. :)

    My Speedbo goal is 1,000 words a day for the manuscript that I am pitching in Love Inspired's Happily Editor After chat coming up in May. (Kinda nervous about it, but pushing through anyways.) I'm over 3,000 words into my story, and that's not counting today's work. I LOVE the 1K in 1 Hour Facebook group, too! It's so inspiring!

  140. Was so busy scarfing Pineapple Gelato yesterday, I didn't get to visit Seekerville!

    I love the kid asking for food.

    When I'm on deadline and my family asks what's for dinner...I say "Pretend I'm Dead Casserole." :)

  141. Thanks for the heads up on Out of Control I went to amazon & got it.

    I would love to be entered in the drawing for a book.

    MinDaf @

  142. Speedbo is on it's way! Very excited to finish my first 75k novel this month!

  143. Thanks for the heads up on "Out of Control" I'm on my way to the kindle as soon as my husband lets it go

  144. ohmygoodnessgraciousmeohmy I am gonna refer back to this post the next time I get interrupted. I cackled so loud n so long that my poor hubby had to ask me what was makin me laugh. LOVE it!!!

  145. Oh Oh Oh, I love things that cost the same as air! lol Thanks!

    It worked. That food looks disgusting. Convinced me to skip breakfast and continue writing. (Not speedboing, but chomping away at my WIP!)

    Happy hump day! Thanks for putting my name into the drawing. :)

  146. Oh Oh Oh, I love things that cost the same as air! lol Thanks!

    It worked. That food looks disgusting. Convinced me to skip breakfast and continue writing. (Not speedboing, but chomping away at my WIP!)

    Happy hump day! Thanks for putting my name into the drawing. :)

  147. I just love your books and I got your free one now to read. Horray!! I hope to be the winner. Thanks for the giveaway.

  148. My choice of one of your books is "Out of Control"since I have the other 2 in the series. Thanks!!!