Monday, March 18, 2013

Your Mid-Month Pep Rally from Missy!

Seekerville Pep Rally Time!
Missy Tippens

Missy, here. We’re starting our third full week of Speedbo, which means we’re just past the mid point. Are you hanging in there with us?

I’ve seen some people checking in who are blowing the doors off with their production. Personally, I’ve haven’t written as much as I planned, but I’m pleased.

I know three weeks into any project can be difficult. The first week, kick off week, we fly out of the starting gate. Excited. Motivated. Ready to take on the world. Then in the second week, we may begin to feel tired, a little less motivated…tired of the frenetic pace. We may start feeling a little sorry for ourselves, wishing we could just sit down and watch our favorite TV shows or pick up a book to read or grab our knitting (insert favorite hobby here). We may even start worrying about the dust bunnies under the bed or cooking a gourmet meal or other normal household duties we tend to want to ignore in normal circumstances. :)

And, discouraged that we haven’t come close to our goal, some of us may have even given up on Speedbo by now.

Have you had a bad few days? A bad week? Did you stumble and get behind your goal right out of the gate?

Don’t give up! Don’t let the self-defeating voices get lodged in your head.

(Here’s where you picture me with pom-poms, cheering you on—and hopefully don’t get scarred from the thought.)

I’m going to give a few quick suggestions for getting yourself back on track. And, okay, I admit I’ve learned some of these tips after getting off target while dieting over the years. So feel free to take these as motivation if you’ve also fallen down on your getting-healthy New Year’s resolutions.  :)

1  .   Change up your routine. Go somewhere else to write (like a coffee shop or library). Sometimes a change of scenery can get your mind revving again. It’ll also get you out of the house and away from temptation.

2.  Start your day right. Go for a walk or exercise before you write. It may clear your head and energize you. You’ll come in with exciting ideas and fingers itching to hit the keyboard. Along those same lines, don’t just slurp down a quick cup of coffee. Go ahead and eat a healthy breakfast. I’ve found that if I don’t eat, my hunger distracts me.

3 . If you’re tempted to do something (like bake and eat a whole pan of brownies or dust the junk closet) instead of writing, then set yourself a goal and reward yourself. If you can just finish that chapter (or scene or 1k words, or whatever), then you can go bake those brownies or clean out that closet. I’ve found that the temptation to dust fades quickly. The brownies, however… Well, REWARD YOURSELF!

4  .  When the going gets tough, do you start thinking this writing gig really doesn’t matter? Is that voice in your head saying, “Who cares? I’ll never finish and/or sell this book anyway”? Or is that voice telling you no one knows your goal, so it won’t matter if you don’t meet it?

Well, let me tell you that if you’re called to write or if writing is your creative outlet, then this gig IS important to you. I’ve found that I’m a happier person when I’m writing. And believe me, I’ve learned this the hard way! So don’t give up. Don’t belittle yourself or your writing. Tell that voice to GO AWAY. And pray for help refocusing.

5 . Are you worn out? Have you pushed yourself beyond your normal limits already? Are you dragging around dreading getting back to the keyboard? Then go ahead and give yourself an evening off. Go to bed early. Get a good night’s rest. I’ve found that I don’t write well when I’m running on fumes. Nothing is more discouraging than falling asleep while typing! It doesn’t bode well for our stories if even we are lulled to sleep by them! :)

So there you have it! Your pep talk from perky cheerleader Missy. Rah rah! Goooooo Speedbo!

We’d love to have you share your tips for overcoming the halfway slump.

Missy’s new release from Love Inspired, Georgia Sweethearts, IS AVAILABLE NOW (woo hoo!!) at the Harlequin website! Click here to read an excerpt.


  1. I'm sorry I posted late! Got a late start on writing and putting up my post. Then remembered I needed photos!

  2. Missy,

    Some of the photos show, some don't.

    I've just taken that break. Hung out with Carol and the MozArk gang yesterday. Drove home in the rain this afternoon.

    Now it's time to get back to work.

    Coffee's brewing.


  3. Wait. How can you know if some show and some dont?

    Happy Speedbo Monday.

    Don't forget to let us know if you want you name in the hat for a Speedbo critique.

  4. Helen, that sounds fun! I'm glad you got to go!

  5. I just reloaded the last photo, the only one I hadn't loaded myself. Maybe they'll all work now.

    BTW, they all show up for me on Safari.

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  7. Great pep talk, Missy! I've had to do some of those things -- change up the routine and let myself rest. I also use my DVR as a reward. I get to watch certain TV shows I like if and only if I get my 1000 words for the day.

    Someone else earlier had mentioned reading, and because I babysat my granddaughters this weekend and knew writing would be impossible, I took along a romance and read that while the baby slept. It was good to refill the well.

    Tomorrow I hit the ground running again.

    And I'd LOVE to be have my name in the hat for a critique!


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  9. Since I'm getting near the end of my project, I'd love to win a box of books for a reading binge reward.

  10. Thanks for the pep talk Missy, I needed it! Last week was a low word count week for me. This week I need to make up ground.

    I stayed up late to reach 1000 words today. I'll need a big mug of Helen's coffee in the morning!

  11. i'm with you, Missy, rah rah to all you speed bo writers. i'd like my name in for that box of books! Thanks


  12. Aww, such a great post, Missy! Love the tips. :) Reminds me of being back in college and sometimes needing a break to put things in perspective... And starting the day out well always makes it easier to get things done and stay motivated!

    I'm not really keeping up with my original optimistic word-count goals - but I am keeping up with writing, and I'm on track to finish my WIP, even if it's shorter than I might have hoped. ;) I'm only about 2k away from the 50k mark, and 50k *does* count for novel-length, right? Got a chapter or two and an epilogue to write, and I think I'll be about done with the first draft. :) Sooo excited!! I've written over 15k words in 2 weeks! :D

    Here's a link to my word-count progress chart for this WIP (via StoryToolz):

    I'm ecstatic that Speedbo has made that line steadily climb the past couple of weeks! :) And I'm super grateful to my #1k1hr buddies on Twitter who have helped motivate me!


  13. Rah, rah, sis, boom, bah! Thank you Missy rah, rah, rah! Love pep talks.

    Smiles & Blessnings,
    Cindy W.

    countrybear52 AT yahoo DOT com

  14. I have learnt Dust bunnies like to live at least a month otherwise they get angry and attack!

    I know what you mean about week one we start well and then flag. its the same with healthy eating and living. I have to say an early morning walk gets me going and I been wondering what I will do when its wet and I cant get out. I love it.

    From a positive perspective you are half way there so on the downward track. You can do it.

  15. I so needed this pep talk.

    I stumbled coming out the gate. I did better last week, and I hope to kick it in gear this week.

    Thanks, Missy.

    Jackie L.

  16. I like to take a break for a day and watch a movie. If it hits all the criteria -clever dialogue, beautiful scenery, a lovely score, and the all-important emotional draw, I find it helps refuel me for a day of writing.

    Thank you Missy. What color are your pom poms, by the way?

    This Speedbo came along at a perfect time for me, and I had a great Saturday Writing Day--completed my goal.
    Thank you Seekers!

  17. Marilyn, I'm glad you tried some of the tips already! Sounds like a fun weekend with your granddaughters. :)

  18. Terri, good for you for having a good attitude! Trying to push to make up is always a positive way to handle a few slow days.

    Helen's coffee is good this morning!

  19. Marianne, thanks for taking up the pom-poms with me! :)

  20. Amber, that's so exciting!! You've done an amazing job! Yes, your short draft may be a little shorter than you planned. But from my experience, my drafts usually grow at least 2k words during the first set of revisions/polishing. So if you fill it out, you should have a good size story. :)

    Way to stick with it!

  21. Yay, Cindy W is another cheerleader among us! :)

    You know, I had a hard time trying to come up with a cheer. I haven't been a cheerleader since junior high school! I was in band in high school. :)

  22. LOL, Jenny! Gotta stay away from those vicious dust bunnies!

    I guess your weather is starting to head toward cooling off. I'm glad we're warming up around here! Was 78 degrees and gorgeous on Saturday. I drove home from the Georgia Romance Writers meeting with my sunroof open and windows down. A perfect day!

  23. Jackie, I'm glad it helped. You can do this! Just try to enjoy it. :)

  24. I'm not getting as much done as I hoped, but I'm still on deadline :)

    Thank you for the midway motivation!

    Happy Monday, Seekerville!

  25. Debra, the pom-poms are red and black for my Atlanta Falcons! Oh, wait! I guess they should be royal blue and white for March Madness. Go Duke!! :)

    I, too, am big on watching movies to inspire my writing. I know Tina does it too. It's always a great way to unwind and get writing ideas.

    What movie is next on your list to watch?

  26. Missy!

    I've already experienced the feelings you described! And I did just what you said: I took the night off. When I got back to work on Saturday the words flowed for me. And by Sunday night, my word count was right where I wanted it to be.

  27. Rose, I'm glad that worked for you! We can't be machines. We need to refuel every now and then. :)

  28. MIssy, this was a great rah-rah post. I finally got to get up early and work on my story, didn't get a ton done, but I'm so happy! :) Hopefully, I can regain momentum I lost and get a few more words in this month. My life took many detours down the busy-ness side road--mostly unavoidable. I'm looking forward to getting back to the fun of writing.

    Happy writing today, everyone!

  29. Jeanne, it's good to celebrate the victories! I'm glad you feel like maybe you can get back on track. I had some similar things happen with my schedule being knocked off course. I had been so excited to be home alone on Saturday night, ready to write like crazy, and ended up with a horrible migraine. I was so frustrated! Had to just go to bed.

    But the frustration fueled my blog post today. I knew I had to forget it and move on.

  30. I needed a mid-month pep rally too. The hardest thing I'm grappling with is not looking back and fixing things. Plus I had to pause with the writing and --gasp-- plot a bit (just a teensy bit) because it's a suspense and I had no idea where I was going with it when I started. :-)

    As the word count adds up though, and the suspense plot becomes more obvious I figured I'd better start taking some notes and figuring out where its headed next. If we were counting imaginary words in my head, I'd be waaaay over my goal by now. Alas, the ones I actually have down on paper don't add up high enough. :-(

    And Missy -- I have your book sitting on my teetering TBR shelf. Along with Tina's. And I just finished Janet's.

  31. Morning MISSY, Great pep talk and rally. woo hoo

    AMBER what an accomplishment. Only 2K away from THE END. I'm trying not to turn green.

    DEBRA let us know the name of the movie. I'm ready for a good one.

    Wait, I think I'll sit and read MISSY'S new novel instead. Oh MISSY. I can hrdly wait.

  32. I had one of those #4 days yesterday [why bother? it won't sell anyway] not with my word count but in general. It's lingering into today. Joanna Davidson Politano is blackmailing me into not quitting though ;).

    That said, I'm going to go take a nap. It's cold. I'm tired. A warm cuddly blanket sounds like just what the doctor ordered. Followed by giant pancake and ice cream at some point.

    SO good to see Helen this weekend! Our little group is officially on it's way to being a charter! Will mail the paperwork later this week :D.

    If you need me, I'll be fellowshipping with "the comforter" then cleaning and watching LOST.

  33. Great tips, Missy. I feel better already! :)

    I'm a bit behind my word count, but I am pretty happy because I have learned that 5K a week is actually a reachable goal for me. (This coming from someone who wrote very rarely because conditions were never perfect. Blew through those walls this month! LOL)

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  34. I was just a little behind at the beginning of last week. Now, I'm waaay behind. Spring break derailment.

    Everyone is gone this morning and I'm getting busy.

    I'm completing the end scenes so I may start revising/reading the ms to layer in setting and other lacking scenes. Word counts slow down during this process I won't beat myself up if I don't make up for a loss time. Just want the story to be right.

  35. Missy, thanks for cheering us on! I didn't meet my goals last week. We had houseguests, which was delightful but took a huge chunk of my time. I've got four free days this week and I'm hoping to make up for my failure to meet my word count.

    Great tips for keeping on keeping on! Thanks!


  36. Pictures look great Missy esp that one of a book called "Ga Sweethearts".
    Good to see the post today cheering all on, lest they lag by the wayside.
    Ga is having a rainy day, I don't like to clean house on days like this,is that a good excuse...
    Two more weeks left to finish those words and polish them up real pretty so lets get them fingers moving guys and gals...
    see ya at the finish line.
    Paula O

  37. And Missy...

    Georgia Sweethearts looks delightful. Love the title and the cover.

  38. Thanks for the push, Missy. I needed it this morning.

    I don't watch NFL or basketball but I lived in Oakwood, near Lake Lanier, for a few years. So, I'll cheer the Falcons with you.

    And of course, cheers for all Speedbo-ers.

  39. Good morning Missy.
    Adorable cheerleader outfit, and the dieting looks T-E-R-R-I-F-I-C on you! :)

    Congrats on your latest release! Give me an M, give me an I, S...

    But I'm laughing here: or cooking a gourmet meal or other normal household duties we tend to want to ignore in normal circumstances. :)

    Gourmet meals as an other normal household duty! That falls under DH's purview, NOT mine! LOL!

    I took your advice and took the weekend off. Actually, it was planned... Had company all weekend. But getting back into the swing this afternoon.

    Doing well and the 1K1H group on Facebook has been a big help to me. Checking in with others who are writing at the same time (and we KNOW we are) has helped spur me on. Thanks to Carol for setting it up (speaking of those blasting the doors off the word count. Wawzah!)

    Off to write I go, although we have serious T-storms just starting. Hopefully the battery will hold up awhile on the laptop.

    Happy Week 3 Speedboing everyone!

  40. Good tips, Missy Cheerleader!!! ;-)

    I am not doing well with SpeedBo. I'm way behind on my goal, but I was starting to stress myself out the first week, and I decided to stop putting so much pressure on myself. I'm starting to get decent word counts, so it's all good. I am actually ahead of deadlines--way ahead--so it's all good.

    My tip is to get enough sleep. I can't write very well when I'm sleep deprived. I end up sitting in front of the computer screen, just staring and wasting time.

    Exercise is also a great tip. I really need to do more of that! I think it does clear your head and help you think.
    Thanks, Missy!!!!!!!!

  41. LOL, Kav! Yes, I wish those words in our heads would count! I'm always plotting or hearing conversations in my head while I'm driving. I often end up calling home to leave a message on the answering machine or having Siri leave me a note. I just did that Saturday on my way to the GRW meeting! I came up with a good resolution to a new subplot. :)

    Thanks for adding our books to your TBR pile!!

  42. Sandra, I hope you like it!! I always get a little nervous when I hear writer friends are reading it!

    Now you and Kav are making me nervous! :)

  43. Anna, I'm so glad!!! Woo hoo on making the 5k per week! It's hard to knock down walls (for me, those walls are usually habits, excuses, etc). But you've done it!

    Picture me waving my pom-pons. :)

  44. Carol, you deserve a day off! You've been amazing this month. I'm stunned every time I read about your output.

    Don't give in to those negative voices. You can do this. If you were to give up, you'd never know what could have happened. So keep at it! We're cheering for you!

    Congrats on getting a chapter started! I know you'll be a great support for each other.

  45. Connie, my kids were off last week. That was part of my production problem. It's never easy to write with them at home, even though they're teenagers. Luckily, they slept late several mornings. :)

    Keep up the good work! I hope the revisions go well. I was doing that yesterday on my proposal. Then sent it off for critique last night.

  46. Janet, I'm glad this week is looking more open for you! It's always nice to know when we have a good writing week. Saves a lot of frustration.

  47. Paula O, yes! It's a nasty day here, too. Misty and COLD! I got so spoiled this weekend. Now spring has just disappeared.

    Enjoy your writing day! A good excuse to ignore the cleaning. :)

  48. Connie, thanks! LI did a great job on the cover. It's exactly like I described the scene.

    Also, I can't take credit for the title. The editors came up with that one. :)

  49. Bridgett, you used to live just down the road from me! I'm only about 30-40 minutes from Oakwood. :)

  50. KC, thanks for the cheer! You've spurred me on this morning. :)

    Hope you don't lose power! My laptop battery never last as long as I'd like.

  51. Melanie, I'm glad you've found what works for you. I know a lot of people don't function well under high pressure. So backing off a bit can actually make you more productive. I'm glad you're ahead of your deadline!

    Okay, this is where I admit the exercise thing isn't something I've tried very often! But I do know it helps my creativity. I just need to actually practice it more than one or twice a year. LOL

  52. Is looks like everyone is hanging in there!!

    Missy, I'm going to go exercise for a FEW minutes, while watching LOST (great idea Carol). Then get to work on the word count.
    And I'm looking forward to our phone chat when Speedbo is over!

  53. Missy I really like this line: I'm a happier person when I'm writing.

    I think there's a lot of truth in that. It's a statement that's going to stay with me.

  54. Great pep talk Missy.

    I'm so excited I met my Speedbo goal this past Friday. My goal was to get through my entire manuscript, working on the revisions the editor requested. Whew!

    Now I'm going to let it rest for a week while I'm away and then finalize things after I return.

    Praying you all through this month.

    Jodie Wolfe

  55. Donna, good for you for exercising!

    Yes, I'm looking so forward to our chat!! I've got it on my calendar to check in the first week of April to schedule it. :)

  56. Mary, it's so true for me! I've found that times when I'm taking a break, I get more dissatisfied with life, get grumpy.

    As soon as I start writing--ANYTHING!-then I feel happier. Even if it's just a blog post or jotting a story idea.

  57. Jodie, that's fantastic! I hope you're able to send it off soon, and that she/he loves it!

  58. Missy, thanks for encouraging us to keep working! Love your pom poms!

    Go Seekerville! Go Seekerville! Rah-rah-rah!

    I'm ready to make some great progress this week. Last week was filled with lots of writing projects that needed to be completed. I'm excited about the week ahead.

    So good seeing you at GRW! Can't wait to read GEORGIA SWEETHEARTS!

  59. I made myself cross over 55K before I checked in with you this morning.

    I am about to take a lunch break but I am going to plow back in this afternoon.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

    And I have your book!!!! I hope it will be my next contemporary treat. My screened porch will be done and I can move out there for writing and reading!

    Peace and blessings, Julie

  60. Debby, I enjoyed seeing you as well! It's always fun to get together. Love my Georgia Romance Writers friends!

  61. Julie, I hope you get some nice outdoor reading weather! Thanks so much for getting my book!

    Congrats on hitting 55k! What's your target word count on this book?

  62. Missy,

    Thanks for the great pep talk! I like to look at it as the Q&A you had on Saturday that I had to miss, 'cause I was kinda busy! :)

    Appreciating the booster shot on this cloudy day!


  63. A mid-month pep talk for the sagging middle. Just what we need! Thanks, Missy!

    I've resorted to my favorite motivator: chocolate!

    In the morning I count out one Ghiradelli 60% chocolate chip for every 100 words I want to write. They go in a little cup. As I write I watch that word count - and every time I hit another 100 words, I get to eat a chocolate chip.

    I've had 5 of them so far today. There are 20 left in the cup.

    Back to writing!

  64. And I didn't notice you were late on Seekerville this morning - I was too busy being late over at the Yankee Belle Cafe.

    We can both blame Speedbo, right?

  65. I'm praying the answer is 'yes' this time around, Lord willing. :)

    Thanks, Missy.

    Jodie Wolfe

  66. Piper, it was great to see you Saturday! I'm sorry we didn't get more time together. Maybe soon!

  67. JAN!!! LOL! I love that idea. That's a very direct reward system! :) I could do it with bites of brownie, I guess. :)

    Yes, I was about 10 or 15 minutes late. I hate when I do that because I know we have some readers who like to check in before they go to bed.

    And I just realized I didn't provide food. What kind of hostess am I?? Ruthy will be ashamed.

    So, everyone needs to go by the Cafe and read about Jan's yummy recipe for a nice, warm beef stew!

  68. I admit I've really started flagging the past few days. But I'm so close!!! Only a little over 2K from reaching my Speedbo goal. And only 13K away from 50K. Dealing with sickness and conflicting schedules, but hoping to get in 1K today.

    Thank you for the motivation, Missy!

  69. Praying for rest, productivity, and encouragement for everyone!

    Someone mentioned that we're not machines, so I submit...

    Even the Energizer Bunny has BATTERIES that will eventually run out of juice if not re-charged or replaced...regardless of what Energizer would like us to think. :)

    So, let's all join cheerleader Missy to recharge, revitalize, and rejuvenate.

  70. Missy
    Thanks for the Pep talk. Speedbo has been very not good for me. I didn't even get a good first week in.

    1 - I chose too lofty a goal. I wanted to finish an MS with a word count for my target line, but I should've gone for a half-MS.
    2 - My current work project is more brain drain than I figured it would be, so after work, not much creative juice left in the hopper.
    3 - my adorable toddler (see Mary Connealy's blog of youngest reader). He doesn't see mommy all day so he wants serious mommy time once she gets home. (apparently daddy is chopped liver since he sees him all day). it's hard to resist a "momma, turn off your 'puter and play...please?"

    i was starting to think it's not my time to write, except your line about I'm happy when I writing resonates with me. I will finish woefully below my Speedbo goal (way,way, way below). But if I can just finish one or two sentences daily - I think I can start feeling better about myself.

    Otherwise, seeing how well others are doing would get me uber depressed. (i know we're not supposed to compare with others, but, blast it, i'm way too human)

    ANYhoo... thanks for the PepTalk. I feel mucho better now and not so defeated. I will revel in my baby steps forward.

    oh, and sign me up for anything Seekerville is offering. all is welcomed by me.

  71. I've been doing really good but today I've had a hard time getting started. I keep procrastinating :/

  72. Checking in late today--had lunch with my best Carolina writer bud, Dora Hiers!

    And what happened to spring???? A gorgeous weekend and two days in the 70s, and now it's cloudy and mid-40s! Brrrrr!!!

    (Be quiet, Ruthy. Yes, I'm a Southern wimp.)

    Missy, I totally agree--I'm so much happier when I'm writing regularly. If I have to put it aside for several days, I start feeling antsy and grumpy.

    Now I need to get cracking on the day's Speedbo goal. May not make my minimum 1K by quitting time, but I'm ahead for the month so not too worried.

  73. Thank you, Missy and Sandra, for the encouragement! :) Love my Seekerville friends!!


  74. Thanks, Missy--LOVED your pep talk! And personally, I think you'd make a very cute cheerleader. *smile*

    ~ Sometimes I take a brief "needlepoint break" if I feel my writing isn't going well. You made some great suggestions today, so I'm going to keep your post to refer back to.

    ~ I did take another baking break and made Peach Shortcake (served with whipped cream)--so if anyone needs a snack, please enjoy! Hugs, Patti Jo
    p.s. Am over halfway to SPEEDBO goal---but it's SO hard not to go back and *EDIT* !! ;) PJ

  75. LIH so it is 70-74K. I am adding one to three K daily between now and the end of the month.

    Peace, Julie

  76. Missy the weather has been warm the nights are chilly I even have to wear a a light sweater walking around 40 but its warming up to around 80 in the day time. but know the cool weather is just round the corner. They say Easter may be wet (We need the rain but not when I am walking!)

  77. Natalie, that's amazing that you're so close to your goal only halfway through!! Woo hoo! You'll have extra time this month for editing and polishing. :)

  78. Pam, you're right about the Energizer Bunny! We, too, have to recharge.

  79. Deb H,

    You're doing fine! Just re-set your goal for a half a book (or whatever you decide is do-able for you). We all have to find a balance between challenging ourselves and discouraging ourselves. :)

    I know how toddlers can pull you away. My daughter (even while in middle school!) would grab my face with both her hands and turn it away from the computer to get my attention. :)

  80. Tonya, I think getting started is the hardest part! Once I do get going, I wonder why on earth I didn't do it sooner. [grin]

  81. Myra, I agree about the weather! I got so spoiled this weekend. And hopeful that maybe the worst was over. But alas, it's only March. My hubby reminded me of the blizzard we had in March once, about 20 years ago. Ugh.

  82. Patti Jo, thanks for the shortcake!! I don't think I've ever had peach shortcake. only strawberry. YUM!

    Yay on being halfway to your goal!! That's excellent!

  83. Then go, Julie!! You can do it!

    Jenny, I don't think I'd ever be dedicated enough to walk in the rain. :) Hopefully it won't hit at your walk time.

  84. Love the tips, Missy! And your new cover is amazing. :-)

  85. Hi guys,
    MARY and MISSY: I too am happier when writing, always have been, which is Probably Just as Well since my day job is in journalism.
    I am holding my own with my Speedbo goals, have five chapters left on my first draft. Was helped to be productive in an odd way -- many health challenges this month, including one wasted day in the Emergency Room. They still don't know what's wrong with me, besides the obvious, but it gave me time to write -- in bed with a yellow legal pad, which is how I do first drafts anyway. A mixed blessing, a "mysterious ways" thing. I also got my Genesis entry in on time without formatting issues, major for me. I am coming into the homestretch on the book, so the only goal left is to query agent. This forum is a real inspiration to me. I would like to be entered into the drawing for a critique -- any of them -- and also would love love love a box of books to get me through the rest of the New England winter.
    Kathy Bailey
    Pre-pubbed in New Hampshire

  86. Missy, thank you for the mid-point cheers! I was wilting a little. I'll try the writing in a different place idea. (Hoping it will warm up enough to write on the patio!)

    I have found my goal of 5K per week is do-able. I'm right on target, however I anticipate a couple of low productivity days ahead this week, so I'm trying for extra words early this week.

    My reward for hitting my daily goal is to check in with Seekerville. I'm watching the progress and reading the thoughts, knowing we are all in different places, but have a common goal. I appreciate all the cheerleaders here!

    To all: Cheers and prayers!!!

  87. Not sure I am dedicated to walk in the rain either if its chilly. when its muggy and warm its refreshing. I have to say I will miss walking if it is to wet but do have back up walk a way the pounds dvds.

  88. I so love that cover! I have to read that one... What a hunk!

    I took the night off a few nights ago and went to bed early... but then the baby was up during the night and I had a headache in the morning and I STILL didn't have anything done!

    ha! So, I feel better if I work just a little, so I can say, in the morning, I did something. Maybe not a lot, but something.

    And I'm still working!! I haven't met my goal, but I'm ahead of where I thought I'd be!

  89. I got behind on my SpeedBo but was able to have a good weekend. I've maintained a 500 word per day momentum (well below my intention), but am finally getting to 1000 words per day.

    Will keep at it.

  90. Virginia, it's true--whatever we are able to get done, no matter how little, is worth celebrating. Baby steps are still progress!

  91. Late to the party and sorry to say it's not because I've been writing. I plane to take care of that now. Thanks for the tips Missy! Love the new cover :)

  92. I have to admit that I hope to watch Skyfall again now that it's out on DVD. I'm not a big Bond fan, and never got through the first Daniel Craig. But I was absolutely grabbed by this one. It's very character driven. Lots of Bond vs his own doubts.

    The man can wear a suit!

    as for pom poms... has March Madness started?

  93. I'm late to the meeting room today, but I'm here and totally psyched! Missy, I love your reward system advice... to set a reachable goal (chapter or word count or pages) and then give yourself permission to do something else...

    I love tiny reward systems! They totally work for me!!!

    Deb, I'm printing brackets as we speak! :) We should start our own Seekerville "pool" of Bracketology....

    We could set it up online and let the computers keep track. We always do a family one... and it's hysterical.

    And I always lose.

    And I don't care, it's just a fun thing we started when the boys were teens. And it's hung on. So yes, Deb, the brackets are ready, get the pom poms out of mothballs.


  94. I love Helen's idea of books as BINGE REWARD!!!! Helen, I like how you think!!!

    And Amber, good for you! That's awesome... Happy dancing for you in upstate... In the snow. And the freezing rain. And the wind.

    I'm not bitter.


    I love being a Yankee.

    I love being a Yankee.

    I love being a ....


  95. Oh, Missy, I should have started the day off here in Seekerville with you, sweetie-pie, like I usually do, but Mondays are NOT my friends, so I got SOOO sidetracked!!!

    Which is what your post is all about today and I soooooo needed it!! I am revved and ready to go tomorrow ... I hope ... :|


  96. Well Missy, you're right about temptation. But I'm much more tempted to bake (and eat) brownies than to clean the closet. I get your point -- brownies come later.

  97. Great pep talk, Missy. You know, the aroma from that pan of brownies is permeating the air. I have to finish my words before diving in...


    It's much easier to get me to finish a task if I get a bite every now and then to appropriately whet the appetite.

    And chocolate does it like no other, LOL!

    I'm not getting as much done as I'd planned, but every word counts. Every word written is another word written (is that profound, or what??)

    Thanks for mid-week pep talk, Miss. I can just see you jumping and waving those pom-poms. I'll bet you were a real cutie in high school -- just as you are now!!

  98. I"m finally back!! Sorry to be away so long. I had my book club over tonight and had to spend time this afternoon cooking and getting ready. :)

    Now to go catch up...

  99. Thanks, Jessica!

    Kathy B, good for you! It sounds like you're rolling along, no excuses, just making the best of your situations. Nice job! Also congrats on getting the contest entry sent!

    I hope they can figure out what's going on with your health. Will say a prayer right now.

  100. Sherida, nice job on planning ahead and staying on target!! I hope you get to write on the patio. There's nothing nicer than spring weather and working outside. My only problem is seeing the computer screen. I think paper and pen are the way to go. :)

  101. Virginia, I sent a photo of Tim Tebow along with my art fact sheet. I think they came pretty close. :)

    I don't know how you do it with all your little ones!

  102. Hey, Myra!

    Jamie, I'm glad you stopped by! I hope you get lots done tonight.

    Walt, glad your momentum is picking up!

  103. Debra, I still haven't seen Skyfall. You've convinced me I need to! :)

  104. Debra, I still haven't seen Skyfall. You've convinced me I need to! :)

  105. Also meant to say they just selected teams for the tournament yesterday. So it start soon!

  106. Ruthy, our guys do brackets.

    What team do you root for??

  107. Julie, I hope Tuesday goes better!

    Cara, I threw the closet thing in there for people who may not crave brownies like I do. hahaha

  108. Hey, Audra! It's good to see you. You can join me with the pom-poms if you want. :)

    Although, I was actually in the band in high school. Played the oboe in concert band and twirled baton in marching season. Maybe I should have done my pep rally with my baton! LOL

  109. Rah, rah shish shoom bah. go speedbo, go speedbo.

    Thanks for the pep rally. At least at this one I wasn't pulled from the crowd and made to push a peanut across the gym floor with my nose.


    Couldn't sleep at 2 am and got up to write by the light of my cell phone. got down a few hundred words.

  110. Missy, love the cheerleading! Being a Georgia gal-born and bred-looking forward to reading your book!

  111. I'm definitely in a slump. Thanks for the pep talk!
    I've been getting up at 5am so I can write before work, but we have special church services going on all this week so I've been up late. I slept in this morning and am determined to keep it up.I write really slow, but I'm starting to get faster.

    Thanks everyone! I'd love to be entered in the drawing.

    Larkspur, CO

  112. Wow, Tina P, that's dedication!! Writing my cell phone light. :)

    Edwina, thank you! I hope you like it!

  113. Amber, keep up the good work! Sometimes our schedule just won't work for the extra push of Speedbo. We just do what we can.

    Hang in there!