Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Contest Update

It's April and contest season is going strong. Are your contest goals still going strong?

Published Author Contests

Book Buyers Best Contest for Published Authors. Deadline April 13, 2013.Contest is accepting e-published and self-published entries.

International Digital Awards. Deadline April 15, 2013.

 Aspen Gold. Deadline June 1, 2013.

Unpublished Author Contests

  The Sheila. Deadline April 12. All electronic.Eligibility: all RWA members, published and unpublished, who have not published a full-length novel (40K words or more) in the category entered at the time of the contest deadline and within the past five years.
Entry: Total of 35 pages, including synopsis (not to exceed 5 pages).

  Categories and Final Judges: 
Romantic Suspense – Katherine Pelz
The Berkley Publishing Group
Historical – Elizabeth (Lizzie) Poteet, St. Martin's Press
Women's Fiction – Alex Logan, Grand Central Publishing
Single Title – Emilia Pisani, Gallery Books
YA – Wendy Loggia, Delacorte Press/Random House Children's Books

Orange Rose. The Contest is limited to the first 150 Entries. Contest Deadline is April 13, 2013. Note: finalists are chosen by overall score NOT BY CATEGORY. Entry: 35 pages in total maximum, which includes the first chapters of the manuscript and a synopsis – manuscript pages should be first.
Categories are:
 Contemporary Category Romance
 Mainstream with Romantic Elements
 Erotic Romance
 Paranormal/Time Travel/Fantasy Romance
 Historical & Regency Romance
 Romantic Suspense
 Inspirational Romance
 Young Adult Romance
 Single Title Romance (over 70,000 words

This is an evolving list; more judges will be added in the coming weeks and months.
Orange Rose finalists are chosen by the top 10 scores overall, and each finalist entry is matched with three editor and agent judges actively acquiring that subgenre.

2013 Orange Rose Final Round judges will include:
 Tessa Woodward, Editor, Avon/HarperCollins
 Heather Osborn, Executive Editor, Samhain Publishing
 Junessa Viloria, Assistant Editor, Ballantine Bantam Dell
 Deidre Knight, Senior Agent, The Knight Agency
 Laura Bradford, Agent, Bradford Literary Agency
 Mary-Theresa Hussey, Executive Editor, Harlequin
 Courtney Miller-Callihan, Agent, Sanford J. Greenburger Associates
 Danielle Poiesze, Editorial Director, Entangled Publishing

Duel on the Delta.  Deadline: April 15, 2013 *date extended*Entry: first 20 pages of manuscript (optional one page, non-judged synopsis). HELLO!! This is a no-brainer. They are short on entries, they have a Bethany House editor, whom you hardly ever see judging a contest. DO NOT LET THIS OPPORTUNITY SLIP BY!!!

Final Round Judges Contemporary - Jill Marsal- Literary Agent, Marsal Lyon Literary Agency

Erotica - Angela James, Executive Editor - Carina Press, Harlequin Ltd.

Historical - Jill Limber, Editor - Boroughs Publishing Group

Inspirational - Sarah Long, Senior Editor, Fiction, Bethany House Publishers

Paranormal - Deb Dixon, President/CEO of Belle Books

Romantic Suspense - Deborah Nemeth- Editor, Carina Press

Young Adult - Danielle Poisez, Editorial Director - Entangled Select and Entangled Edge 

Pitch Contest. Deadline April 15. Enter 200 word max. This would be the back cover copy or pitch letter blurb. Accepting a max of 100 entries only, so get yours in soon! All genres accepted. Published and non-published authors accepted, as long as the entry is not published. Judged fully by PAN members, three judges per entry. Top 10% move on to the final round. Scoring for final round will be based on a single score from each judge of 1 to 10.

Kristin Daly Rens, Senior Editor for Balzer + Bray
Pam van Hylckama Vlieg, Agent and partner for Foreward Literary
Abby Zidle, Senior Editor for Gallery & Pocket Books
Jill Marsal, Agent and founding partner for Marsal Lyon Literary Agency
Jennifer Enderlin, Vice President and Associate Publisher for St. Martin’s Press
Lauren MacLeod, Agent for The Strothman Agency

TARA. Deadline May 1st.  Entry:The first 4,500 words of a qualifying manuscript (actual word count). Eligibility requirements: The TARA Contest is open to unpublished and published authors of novel length fiction, however the entry must be the author’s original work, unpublished and not contracted as of the time of the contest deadline. No entry can have been previously published in any format. (on author’s website visible to the public, self-published, ebook, mass market, etc.)

The top 3 finalists in each category are determined by averaging each entrants’ scores and will be notified the first week in July 2013. To be considered a finalist, an entry must have a minimum average score of at least 40 points. If there are no average scores of 40 or above in a particular category, TARA reserves the right to select no finalists in that category. All finalists will have an allotted amount of time (approximately 1 week) to review judges’ critiques and make changes to her/his manuscript before it goes to the final-round judge.Note: Per the request of our editor judges, all finalist must submit a synopsis (up to 1500 words max) via email.

Category Romance-Brenda Chin-Harlequin

Historical-Elizabeth Bistrow-New American Library

Inspirational-Emily Rodmell-Harlequin

Paranormal-Sue Grimshaw-Random House

Romantic Suspense-Emilia Pisani-Pocket Books

Single Title-Amanda Bergeron-Harper Collins

Women’s Fiction-Katherine Pelz-Berkley Publishing

Ignite the Flame. Deadline May 11. Contest open to unpublished, uncontracted, book-length (40,000 words or more) manuscripts. COFW recognizes self-published books as published.

Entry: scene of your hero or heroine's first meeting or reunion (up to 15 pages.) You may also submit an optional, un-judged, one-page set-up providing necessary background for the first-meeting, as a page within your attached submission.
*Romantic Suspense -- Rebecca Strauss literary agent Mckintosh and Otis Inc
*Historical -- Julie Mianecki Junior editor Berkley
*Single-title -- Kate Dresser Editor HQN
*Paranormal -- Alicia Condon editor Kensington
*Young Adult -- Annie Stone associate editor Harlequin TEEN
*Erotic Romance -- Nicole Fischer Editorial Assistant Avon
*Category-length contemporary -- Allison Carroll Editorial Assistant Harlequin Desire

Other Contests 

2014 Great American Fiction Contest -The Saturday Evening Post. Deadline July 1st.  Prize is publication and cash! Stories must be 1,500-5,000 in length. (Thanks to Pat Jeanne Davis for this info).

BOROUGHS 2013 NOVELLA CONTEST. Deadline May 31st. Winner receives a publishing contract.  "We invite you to submit your 25,000-40,000 word, completed novella based on the title of a song – any song – that you adopt as the title of your story."

Congratulations to our April Contest Divas: Our Diva's are sharing a bit about the contest journey.

2013 RITA Finalist Missy Tippens 

I wanted to leave this space blank just to show I'm pretty much speechless over the RITA phone call last week. But since Tina is the boss--and since I'm a writer, I figured I better try to find some words for her. ;)

This contest journey began with me excitedly mailing off my first published novel the moment the RITA contest opened in late 2008. I was so excited that I probably frightened the post office worker. I remember even posting about my joy of sending off those books here on the blog (and felt foolish later because I realized it probably sounded arrogant, like I expected to win). But it wasn't arrogance at all. It was a matter of being thrilled and honored to FINALLY be able to enter. My journey had been well over 12 years to reach the moment where I finally had a book to enter in a contest I had only dreamed of entering.

I've happily entered every book I've published since then. And...wow. Here I am stunned to find my 5th book listed among the other finalists. I feel so blessed. And, yes, thrilled and honored. And so thankful for all of you here who have celebrated with me!

2013 Golden Heart Finalist Piper Huguley

A Contest Diva listens!

For many years, there has always been this voice telling me to use my fiction writing to “have something to say.”  Only in the last few years have I come to understand that this desire could be achieved by writing inspirational historical romance fiction. 

That desire, coupled with a promise I made to my grandmother and her sisters years ago, gave me the idea.  It was up to me to tell the story of how the Bledsoe sisters left the rural South for the urban North in the largest United States migration in the early 1900's. Each sister leaves home for a different reason, but as she finds a new home, she finds love and understands that God has guided her footsteps—as God has guided mine in this project.

As Tina advised, I have used contests to obtain feedback on my work. As with anything worthwhile, it has been a struggle, but this month I placed second in the NTRWA’s Great Expectations contest and I got a full request from Thomas Nelson. 

Also, this week, I was nominated for RWA’s Golden Heart in the Historical Romance category after the Inspirational category was canceled. 

So if there is a voice guiding your writing, listen.  God is speaking.  And always keep the promises you’ve made to your grandmother and her sisters.

In honor of Piper Huguley, Seekerville is giving two ten page inspirational or sweet romance (historical, contemp, suspense, single title or WF) critiques. We're also giving away two Kindle copies of Missy Tippens' RITA nominated Love Inspired book A House Full of Hope.

Let us know you want your name in the cat dish. Winners announced in the Weekend Edition.

That's it. Now go forth and contest!


  1. Love the contest updates. I can't wait until I can enter the published contests.

    Whoot, Piper and Missy!

  2. Thanks for the updaate. A couple look interesting to me.

    Coffee is in the works.


  3. Ok, no one is going to see my post on yesterday's, so I'll post here for Mary Connealy, but I will not be going to ACFW conference this year, :(

    Instead, I will be chillaxin' in a hospital bed chowing down on pudding and overdone pancakes. With a cute (hopefully) third child, second boy in my arms.

    Now the Real Contest is what to name him. Hubby and I are so not agreeing.

  4. LOVE the parts by Missy and Piper! How exciting to read about your journeys to the big contest finals.

    I'm entering that novella contest. That's what my SpeedBo work was for. I've sent my first chapter in for critique by Audra and donning my rhino hide for the feedback. That's not meant to be a negative. I just know myself and that I need to prepare emotionally.

    I'm going through the novella now and revising. I've caught several contradictions so far along with awkward sentences, misplaced modifiers, misspelled words, extra or missing punctuation and more. That's why they call 'em dirty first drafts.

    Where's the coffee and doughnuts? Shall I make a run to Krispy Kreme?


  5. LOVE the contest update! As always!

    Contemplating Duel but not sure yet. Maybe my SpeedBo one [which did hit Genesis], but just not sure.

    MOREEEEEEEEEEEEEE dancin' for Missy and Piper!!!!!!!!

  6. How totally exciting!!!!!congratulations, Piper and Missy!!!!!
    Looking over the contests posted, I think I know why March was chosen for Speedbo month. Now, I'm almost ready for more books. Oh, no, not me, Sandra. That would be Mom who has read all the LI books from the basket! I really need to get her going on the kindle, eh?


    And I just booked tickets for April 13 to fly back to Alberta

  7. Congratulations Missy and Piper. Such amazing achievements!

    And good luck Melissa - that was me a couple of years ago at conference weekend :)

  8. good luck to all entering contests. Dont enter me as in Aust we cant get the LI range on kindle (due to Mills and boons having rights).

  9. I so enjoyed reading about Missy's and Piper's journeys. It is so interesting to read the behind-the-scenes stories on authors and experience with them in order to truly celebrate with them! Congratulations! I would love to be put in the cat dish, or western hat, or umpire's cap, or whichever lol for Missy Tippen's book A House Full of Hope on kindle! Thanks!
    tscmshupe [at] pemtel [dot] net


    What's going on in contest world???

  11. Melissa, you can name your child Seeker. LOL

  12. Kara is from Australia. That explains the no Peeps.

    We must get Kara Peeps.

  13. Remember, you should actually tell us if you want a critique or the Kindle version of A House Full of Hope, otherwise we assume you have it or are CHICKEN.

  14. TINA, great contest update. Oh the days. So excited to read more about MISSY and PIPER. Great going.

    MARILYN Krispy Cremes sound like a great plan. Thanks.

    MARIANNE, so glad you were able to get to Arizona so we could all meet. Have a safe trip home. btw Seekers, Arizonans love when the Canadians come to town. We call them Snowbirds. Now its getting time for them to fly back North. We'll miss you.

  15. I missed Krispy Kreme? Marilyn, I LOVE YOU. Glazed??

  16. SUPER CONGRATS, MISSY AND PIPER -- YOU GUYS ROCK!! It's SO good to see the Seekers represented in the biggest romance contest of the year, and we will be there cheering you on in July, so you go, girls!!!

    Thanks for the contest info, Teenster. This is the first year I am entering a few contests in several years, with A Light in the Window, so I'm glad for this contest blog today!!


  17. Congratulations Missy and Piper! It's fun to see finals here--pubbed and unpubbed. :)

    This looks like a great contest update. :) I don't know which one I'll enter yet. I'm looking at the one you mentioned a few weeks ago by the Oregon Christian Writers--it's their debut contest. I need to work on my timing--actually having submission ready for high contest season. :)

    Thanks for posting this!

  18. I'm so ready to read Piper's book NOW! Sigh.

    And Melissa, you have the best excuse for missing ACFW. Don't ask me for name suggestions, though. I've been trying to find a puppy name, and we've come up with some doozies...and not anything you'd want to use for a person.

    Have fun with the contests, everyone! I just sent in two entries yesterday :)

  19. Congratulations to Piper and Missy!

    Missy, I'm looking forward to meeting you when you come speak to Carolina Christian Writers on April 13. I need your input on writing a proposal that sells.

  20. Melissa!!! I saw your comment from yesterday and had to go digging on FB to find out if I read it right! LOL

    Congratulations!!! Baby number three. They're wonderful. Although you'll find yourselves outnumbered, which can be frightening sometimes. :)

  21. Thanks for all the well wishes!

    Marilyn, you'll do fine! But you're right about building up our rhino hide. It's part of this job. :)

  22. LOL, Sally! I bet Tina will put the names in a cat dish! :)

  23. Jan, I'm with you! Piper's story sounds so good!

  24. Sandra A., I look forward to meeting you as well! I hope the program is helpful. I'll be sharing from my experiences (and failures!).

  25. BTW, I'm going to get a new headshot made tomorrow!! So I'll finally be able to say goodbye to this one--which, fittingly enough, was taken in 2006 when I finaled in the Golden Heart. :)

  26. Yeah, Ruthy has hidden everything BUT the cat dish. Cat dish it is.

  27. Missy, when are you speaking to the Carolina group??

  28. You're much more beautiful, now Missy. :)

  29. Duh. April 13th she is speaking. Thank you, Sandra.

  30. Tina, thanks for the contest update!

    Did everyone note that my wonderful editor, Emily Rodmell, from Love Inspired is judging the TARA? Just a FYI!!!

    Good luck to all those who enter.

    YAY, Missy and Piper!!!

  31. Melissa, I'll help with naming him!!!


    My children LOVE!!! my help. I, um... won't be sharing their e-mails with you, just take my word for it!!!!

    Babies are way more fun than conferences. I will not pretend otherwise...

    Oh, the smell of a newborn.... LOVE IT!!!

    Helen, the coffee is perfect. Is this a new blend or did you clean the sludge Mary left in the pot?

    Mary should never be left in charge of the kitchen coffee pot. I'm just sayin'....

    And the cat's dish has very little tuna left in it right now, it's actually better to use it kinda sticky... then the entries get that little extra texture going for them...

    Unless it's a dry food day in which case it's NO HELP AT ALL.

    Snowing here.


    Slanty-wind-driven snow. If anyone comes up to me this week and spouts off about climate change or global warming, I may just pop 'em in the jaw.

    Be forewarned....

    (Ruthy lived through the "Mini Ice Age" of the 80's when doom and gloom were forecast because of global CHILLING....Ruthy turns a skeptical and well-arched brow to folks who refuse to review the last 100 years of weather and realize everything has a cycle... some cycles are longer than others...)

    Shoot, was that ME on that soapbox????

    Pshaw. Sorry.

    Hey, I'm leaving sponge candy and malted milk balls from Andy's Candies for youse to try.

    Yes, you will love them!!!


  32. RUTHY, you aren't complaining about the snow, are you??? Not after the grief you've given us Southerners for being wimps???

    MELISSA! You should definitely hold a contest here in Seekerville to name your new baby boy! I bet we could come up with some doozies that would make your hubby immediately agree to whatever name YOU choose! ;-)

    PIPER & MISSY, congratulations again! Love seeing your smiling faces on the blog today!

  33. So THRILLED for Missy and Piper!

    Whoo-hoo! Congrats ladies!

    Loved reading more about your journies to the Rita's and the Golden Heart! :)

  34. Melissa, congrats on the baby and already knowing it's a boy. Wow!

    I was one of the few in this day and age that didn't know what either of mine were until they were born.

  35. Oh, and Piper, there's usually an unofficial GH loop formed by the finalists. I've been on 3 of those loops and they are wonderful!

    Great place to ask every question you could ever imagine about the contest and there are usually several veterans GH'ers.

    Hope you've already connected with your class of 2013!

  36. Congratulations Missy and Piper!

    Probably won't be entering any contests this month.

    Please enter me for a critique...I am chicken but not enough to stay on my side of the road.

    Happy contesting, everyone!

  37. JENNIFER THOMPSON!!!! WHERE HAAAVE YOU BEEN??? You are entered in Ms. Not a Chicken.

  38. All in favor of a Seekerville-Name-That-Baby-Contest, say aye!

  39. Melissa, no matter HOW HARD SHE BEGS! Do NOT name the baby Ruthy. If you do, at first it's fun but then after a while, it's kinda weird how she keeps showing up at the house.

  40. I think we should all get to name Melissa's baby.
    I nominate the named


  41. WAIT! Melissa's baby is a BOY?! You know this then?

    Probably NOT Mary then.
    I respect that.

  42. I've known people who had baby boys and I totally get that you can become fond of them.....but to me it's just an urban myth. Babies should all be girls.

  43. chillaxin' .... yeah right.
    I remember those days.
    Infant care = slave labor

    That newborn baby cry though, there is nothing like it on this earth. Tiny soft sweet babies.

    These days I like VISITING them. I'm officially an old curmudgeon. (and have been for most of my life, including in childhood)

  44. Missy and Piper finalling in those contests.......that's nice, too.


  45. Yep, it's a boy. Didn't know with the first, and only a few weeks before birth on the second.

    I had hoped it was a girl, because we agreed on that name.

    So name away. We don't like popular, common names and it has to sound good with the middle name "Ross" - GO!

  46. Thanks for these contest updates, Tina--still thinking I need to enter at least one.

    Still SUPER excited over Missy's and Piper's BIG news this past week, and have made them each their own Georgia Peach Cobblers (Ladies, if you don't want them just give them away, LOL).

    It's almost noon here in Georgia, and I need more COFFEE---Helen, please brew some more---FAST! ;)

    Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  47. p.s. Meant to add that I really enjoyed reading about the journeys of Missy and Piper! ~ See, I NEED that coffee.... ;) PJ

  48. @ Melissa J. - - Isaac Ross? Josiah Ross? Chandler Ross?
    Martin Ross? Phillip Ross? (okay, Phillip is pretty common, I guess). That's all I can do right now as I await Helen's fresh coffee...

  49. Ooh, ooh!

    I just thought of a GREAT name for the baby!

    Wait for it....

    Maximus Ross

    Call him Max. Every family should have a Max.

    But not ours. Three boys and no Max. :(

  50. Let's go with Missy's name..

    Tucker -Tucker Ross Jagaers


    Mick Jagears..hehehehehe

  51. Thanks for the contest update. And I can even send ebooks. Does it count as new if your book just released in print even though it was in ebook already?

  52. Missy & Piper looking good in their post and proud of them being proud..they deserve it -long journey.
    Lot of contest it seems for this Spring-Good Luck all who enter..
    Congrats Melissa on a boy soon to enter the family, Name him Mel Seeker Jagears..How is that for a name, I like it...
    see ya
    Paula O

  53. Name him Marion to make Mary happy. ;-) John Waynes real name was Marion. ;-)

    Congrats Melissa

    And congrats to those finalists.

    Sign me up for a critique. Though I still have to send one off.

  54. Jan, I love the name Max. One of my Kirkwood heroes is Max.... But first there was Zach, Luke and Seth, three heart-throb law enforcement dudes in Western New York, along the shores of Kirkwood Lake....

    No relation to my sons...

    Zach, Luke and Seth. :)

    Last year I had a Matt (Matt Cavanaugh, Yuletide Hearts), so oldest son already had his namesake. Luke was teasing me about writing Zach's story first (Falling for the Lawman) and I told him he gets the hotter heroine... "bad girl" Rainey Cabrera McKinney... In "The Lawman's Christmas Wish".

    That made him happy, LOL!

    Boys. Hysterical.

    Melissa, our coming grandchild is either Noah or Finn.... if it's a boy. Or Adelaide Ruth if it's a girl.

    Addie Ruth.

    LOVE IT!!!!!

    Oh, I just saw "Tucker"!!!! Sure, use a DOG'S name for your kid... but I love the name Tucker and yes, I used it in the Kirkwood Lake series... Tucker McKinney. But he's DEAD, Melissa, and FICTIONAL so he won't mind you namin' a cute kid after him.

    If the kid's ugly, all bets are off.

    I'm just sayin'.

  55. Good info on the contests. And to think I hustled to get my entry to Duel on the Delta out by the first deadline. I hope they have enough entries for the Inspiritual catagory. Come on, ya'll, submit something.

    Piper and Missy, you ladies are looking good. Thank you for the stories behind the stories.

    Please put my name in the cat dish for the critique. I'm editing the first chapter of my SPEEDBO even though I'm still working on the draft.


  56. FYI -the extension on the Duel on the Delta is mentioned on the RWA web site.

  57. "Does it count as new if your book just released in print even though it was in ebook already?"

    Dunno. Email the coordinator.

  58. Okay, Melissa, since you can't name him Mary in honor of Conneally (certainly NOT me) how about simply Cowboy. :)

    Love the chance to say Congrats to Missy and Piper again. Piper, enjoy the GH ride. It's quite a trip, and Pam's right, the loop is great. I know many deep friendships that formed through GH finalling.

    Also giving a shoutout to Duel on the Delta since I won first and second place in last year's Duel. I won a duel - that makes me feel like I should write Regency. :)

    Pulling up my big girl panties and saying, okay, put me in for a critique. I'm SUCH a coward.

    No need to put me in for Missy's book though, I already have a print and E copy.

    Happy Name the Baby day.

  59. Mary Curry! You won FIRST AND SECOND place.

    I love over achievers.

  60. Info from RWA site on Duel on Delta

    22nd Annual Duel on the Delta

    Sponsor: River City Romance Writers
    Fee: $25 for the first 20 pages (optional 1 page synopsis); electronic submissions only
    Deadline: April 15, 2013 *date extended*
    Entry: electronic entries only; first 20 pages of manuscript (optional one page, non-judged synopsis). Electronic submissions only.
    Judges: trained, published and unpublished authors.
    Final judges: editors/agents.
    Top prize: Final round judge ranks top 3 entries in each category. Top prize, Duel on Delta pin, certificate, & $20.
    FMI, http://www.rivercityromancewriters.org; contest chair: duelonthedelta@yahoo.com.

  61. Wonderful, inspiring words, Missy and Piper! I'm so proud of you both and thrilled for your achievement! May these contest finals open doors and encourage you!

    Thanks for the contest update, Tina!


  62. Of course glazed. Is there any other kind???


  63. Well, occasionally, Maple donuts work. But only when my blood sugar is reaaaally low.

  64. Oh and put my name in the cat dish for a Kindle copy of Missy's book. I don't qualify for the critiques and I already won one on Saturday.


  65. Okay -- I'm taking a deep breath and pledging to submit to the Duel on the Delta contest. Gulp! And I was eyeballing the Tara as well...would that be too ambitious a contest for this newbie to enter?

    Thanks for the contest updates, Tina. And whoohooo to Missy and Piper. So excited for you both.

  66. You can have the maple ones, Tina, and I'll take the chocolate ones. Deal?


  67. DEAL, Marilyn. And your name is in the cat dish.

  68. Kav, I really, really, like the TARA contest. They are very efficient and give kind commentary.

  69. Okay. You knew it would happen.

    After asking my critters [and Melanie] if I'm crazy [shhhhh!], I'm likely entering Duel. I have files open on my computer with the entries in them just waiting to be polished.

    I need to email my critique pages in [tonight!] so not sure if I'd be eligible for another one, but I just want to make sure all y'all know I'm brave enough ;).

  70. Can I have some of the maple long johns, Tina?

  71. Creme filled maple long johns. Be still my heart.

    You can have one for every contest you enter this month, Carol.

  72. How about John Ross Jagears.

    Or Captain Jack Ross Jagears.

  73. Every contest? Or every entry in every contest?

    Gotta be clear ;).

    No filling though, please.

  74. Thank you for the Contest update, Tina.

    Piper and Missy, I'm so excited for you both!! I enjoyed reading about your contest journey.

    Melissa, how about...
    Reese (like Julia's boyfriend on Designing Women)

  75. For every entry this month you get a donut. Have a Dunkin by you?

  76. DONNA ding ding ding! Reid--That's my choice! Though it doesn't sound good with Ross so it'd be Reid Alexander.

    I'll have to tell him that you agree with me. :) With No coaxing.

  77. Yippee! So excited for Piper and Missy! You go, girls!

    And Ruthy, I ordered some global warming because I'm so sick of this cold weather, but the post office said it won't be here until July or August. ;-)

    Congratulations on your newest, Melissa. Good luck on the name decision. I kind of like CatMom' suggestion of Chandler Ross. It has a nice ring to it.

  78. LOL. Tina, thanks for the big RED letters!! That got my attention! Seriously thinking of entering!

    Congrats again to Missy and Piper! Great inspiration.

    And congrats to Melissa on the expected bundle of joy!

    Already won a critique in the March madness! And I have Missy's wonderful book.

    Have a good one.


  79. Congrats, Piper and Missy!

    And Melissa (on your soon coming baby boy)!

    I love contest updates. There are a few posted that look very enticing :)

  80. Tina, yes, on the 13th. You need to come to NC!

  81. Yes, Tucker is my grand-dog's name. And I've claimed it for my next hero!! :)

  82. Congrats again to Missy and Piper.

    You're tempting me with Duel on the Delta but I have had to seriously lick wounds the last two times I entered that contest...

  83. I know, Nancy. For some reason Duel never liked me either. But there you go, Marry Curry won and placed in it. So they like her.

  84. Tina, thanks for the comment info about the TARA. I was vacillating (which is a lot like being indecisive) but will try to work it into the budget. After all, I'd have until July to tweak the synopsis :-)

    Am preparing three entries for the Pitch contest ... plan to send those tomorrow. Also the Orange Rose ... with a ms that already has the synopsis.

    It occurs to me that because of writing blurbs, pitches, and a couple of synopsesises (ahem) I am -- PREPARED.

    Oh Melissa, heaven help your baby's name ... you are dealing with creative minds here. Very, very creative :-)

    Nancy C

  85. Enticing is right. Enticing to me as well. The ones that allow pub entrants.

  86. Okay, I'm greedy :-) Please throw my name into the cat dish for a critique?

    Nancy C

  87. Nancy C, you are in the cat dish..er, your name.

  88. Whoo-hoo, Missy and Piper!!!
    Congratulations. :)

    *Waving to Seekerville* Bless you all! (Good to see the familiar faces again.)

    Ouh, new pics!!

  89. Critique for me. I read Missy's book and loved it.

    Peace, Julie

  90. Josiah, yes!

    Mick! - Dare you! lol

    Jack - in honor of Jack Sparrow and Jack Rabbit, or Bubba T.

    Sprint - not to be confused with the phone company.

    You know, I kinda like Cowboy for a real name. Hadn't thought of that. One Sunday morning in Sunday School, I had a Dallas, Houston, and a Maverick...no not Maverick, even though I do know someone with a kind named Maverick. I know several Coltons.

    I know a family whose kids are Cheyenne, Dakota, and WYATT!

    Someone joked that they had two Indians and a cowboy, and their grandma said that was a fairly accurate assessment.

    Then there's Boston and his new little sister .... city name, but I can't remember what it is...

  91. Oh and Melissa J, we have unique names for our grandchildren including the one born by THIS FRIDAY!

    Henderson is the oldest. What a romantic name for a hero, Henderson Steele.

    Bellamy is the girl.

    This one will be Holt if he is a boy and Malone if she is a girl. Both will have Moore (a family name for THREE out of four grandparents) as the middle name.

    Oh and can I plug Ruthy's hero's name in her May release? Alexander Steele. Sigh.

    Man O is beginning to wonder if I married him for his name.

    Peace, Julie

  92. Ohh, I like Reid, too. And then there's Ransom. Having twins, perhaps?


  93. Thanks for the update. A few good ones out there.

    Congrats to Missy and Piper.

  94. I'm up for a critique! Can't get enough. :)


  95. Good Afternoon Seekerville,

    Busy day at work. Thanks for all of the congrats and support. I forgot to say in my post that each one of the sisters has a book, so there are multiple books floating around in various stages. The one that finaled in Great Expectations is a different one that finaled in the GH. I do tend to think of it all as a twenty-year family saga, so no problem there!

    I'm connected with the GH 2013 class. We are still trying to think of what to call ourselves. We are a small class, given the elimnation of some categories, etc. but it is always interesting to read everyone's publishing journeys.

    Glad to see Missy talking at Savvy Authors about one of my writing issues--thanks for the advice Missy!

    You guys rock!

    Congrats on your new boy, Melissa. I look forward to the naming decision--I just love names!


  96. I didn't know you finaled with two different mscs, Piper.

    Good job.

  97. melissa

    i like Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes cartoon fame) or Cy (short for Cyrus - but two names ending with s probably won't flow well)

    big congrats to Piper and Missy. I so love reading about the journey.

    cat dish for Kindle copy. i'd be brave enough for a crit, except i don't have enough to warrant a look-see :(

    thanks for the contest updates.

  98. So, I was saying... new pics!

    I see Helen and Jan D. (YAY!)

    Hello to those I don't know!

    Whoo-hoo, Seekerville. Hope you,ve all been doing goood.

  99. GANISE! So good to see your name pop up again! I was just thinking the other day we hadn't seen you in awhile.

    So MELISSA, Reid was really the name you've been pitching for? I like it!

    Henderson and Bellamy, Holt and Malone--wonderful names, JULIE!

  100. Congratulations to Missy and Piper!

    Tina, thaks for all the contest information.

  101. Melissa, good luck convincing him! Reid Alexander sounds great together.

    Tina, I forgot to say I'm definitely up for the critique.

  102. I like Reid too. Shall we make a field trip to your house Melissa? A pleading party.

  103. Reid.... Holt... Love 'em!

    How about Hennessy?

    And JHS knows I love her names... Megyn Kelly on Fox News named her little girl "Yardley"...

    LOVE IT!

    Totally romance novel-friendly.

    GANISE!!! Welcome aboard the ship-in-harbor, cupcake!

  104. Thank you for the great contest update. There is one that has caught my eye. I will be rushing to meet the deadline, but that's always the way it is!

    Congrats again to Missy and Piper. I have Missy's book in my TBR. It has moved to the top to ensure I read it before Atlanta.

    Tina - Finished Mending the Doctor's Heart. Beautiful story. I am going on Amazon to write my kudos.

    Congrats to

  105. Yardley! Love that.

    Thanks, Lyndee.

  106. :) :) You guys are sweethearts. Thank you! Myra, Ruthy and Tina. So nice to be here again. Truly.


  107. Julie Hilton Steele's comment @ 4: 01 PM : JULIE!!! FUN news. I like the the name, Bellamy. Never heard it before. *Staring at it* How do you pronounce it?

  108. COngratulations again to Missy and Piper!!!

    As for conests, I'm looking at the Duel on the Delta. I have a little time left.

  109. Congratulations Missy and Piper! Missy, you know I love your stories. I still harken back to the lessons you and Lindi gave in your Cinder-Bella Theory class.

    Piper, the Bledsoe sisters' saga is just the type of historical fiction I love to read. Can't wait to see it in publication.