Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Weekend Edition

Happy April from Seekerville!

We Have Winners

Please see our rules for giveaways in Seekerville. Be sure to contact us with your snail mail address if you are a winner at  Don't be shy. Remind us if we get behind per our rules.

Be sure to check here to see if you have been a winner during the last five weeks of Speedbo. Time to start claiming those prizes! All prizes must be claimed by  May 15th or they are forfeited.

"Chance favors only the prepared mind." Louis Pasteur.  "Chance favors only the prepared author." Mary Connealy. Barbour and Bethany House author Mary Connealy hosted the  Speedbo Wrap-up Monday! Winner of a $25 gift card is Carol Moncado.

Tuesday was the April Contest Update Winners of a ten page critique are Jennifer Thompson and Mary Curry. Winners of a Kindle version of RITA nominee Missy Tippens' A House Full of Hope are Marilyn and DebH.

Wednesday we were delighted to welcome Love Inspired author Noelle Marchand with her post "Characters that BREATHE." The winner of her latest release A Texas-Made Match is Sarah Richmond. Oh, and an additional copy from Seekerville goes to Clari Dees.

  Bell Bridge author Donnell Ann Bell  visited us Thursday and confessed..."I broke the rules again!" Winner of her latest book from Belle Bridge Books, Deadly Recall is Nancy C.

Friday Seekerville welcomed Christy Award winner (for her first book!) and 2012 ForeWord Reviews finalist Ginny Yttrup. Ginny shared "The Dead in Deadline." Winner of a-Bookish Baubles necklace and a copy of Invisible is Patti Jo.


Next Week In Seekerville

 Monday: CONGRATULATIONS — IT'S A SERIES!!  Break out the booties, balloons and cigars with Revell author Julie Lessman when she announces the birth of her brand-new series set in 1902 San Francisco. Julie will take you step-by-step in the gestation and birth process of a series with a few tips thrown in for good measure. Gifts not necessary … only the pleasure of your company is requested! Party giveaways will be a Kindle and several signed copies of Julie's new little darling.

Tuesday: Now that Speedbo's over and you're that much closer to finishing your wip, join Abingdon Press and Heartsong Presents author Myra Johnson on Tuesday for "Synopsis Writing 101." Myra will share her tips and guidance on encapsulating your novel-length plot in a well-honed synopsis that is sure to catch the eye of a contest judge, agent, or editor. 

Wednesday: Join Love Inspired Historical author Janet Dean to chat about the value of entering contests and for three chances to win a copy of The Bride Wore Spurs, her April release.

Thursday: Come and chat with Ruth Logan Herne about integrating real-life time and research into a grip-your-heart story that sells like crazy and makes people feel good about themselves and life as we know it! One lucky writing commenter will be picked for a 15 page critique....and Ruthy will give away a copy of The Lawman's Second Chance, the first of her new Love Inspired "Kirkwood Lake" series.

Friday: Love Inspired author Tina Radcliffe talks about the "The Rule of Three in Romance Writing" today.Stop by for three surprise giveaways.

Seeker Sightings


Missy will be popping up around the blog world again this week. Be sure to drop by for possible giveaways!
The week of April 8th on Margaret Daley's blog with a character interview.

Wednesday April 10th on Camy Tang's blog talking about her pathetic attempt at knitting like Camy.

Thursday April 11th on Trish Perry's blog with a personal interview.

Save the Date! Missy will also be the guest speaker at the Carolina Christian Writers meeting in Charlotte, NC, on Saturday April 13th. Check the website for info. She'd love to see you in person!

  Tuesday, April 9th, Tina Radcliffe will be guest blogging on the ACFW blog.

And she's on Mary Vee's blog ALL WEEKEND. Two more chances to win Mending the Doctor's Heart which includes a chance for international readers.

Julie Lessman Sightings: 

YOU MUST CHECK OUT Julie Lessman's video for her latest release Love at any Cost and have a chance to win a Kindle or a signed copy at Journal Jots.
April 5-8, 2013:Win your choice of any of Julie Lessman's books including her new release Love at Any Cost at an interview on Julie Graves blog.

 April 5-12, 2013:Win your choice of any of Julie Lessman's books including her new release Love at Any Cost at an interview on Jamie Lapeyrolerie’s blog.

 April 11-22, 2013:Win your choice of any of Julie Lessman's books including her new release Love at Any Cost at an interview on Andie Tubb’s blog.

The audio version of Cara Lynn James' Thomas Nelson release, A Path toward Love is now available at Amazon.

Mary Connealy will be on Soul Inspirationz on Monday, April 8th, hosted by New Zealander Ellie Whyte.

And, chance to win a copy of Swept Away on Miralee Ferrill's Coming Home blog

Random News & Information

 Stop by Harlequin's e community this week to see what LI Editor Emily Rodmell says she liked about last year's pitches and why she contracted them. Check it out here.

 30 Terrible Pieces of Social Media Advice You Should Ignore (HubSpot) (via Steve Laube Blog)

Amazon to Launch Cover Creating Tool for Self-Published Ebooks, KDP Cover Creator (DBW)

Grimmelmann: ReDigi, Digital First Sale...and Star Trek (PW)

"Out of Print" is a documentary about the changes in books and publishing, narrated by Meryl Streep, and includes interviews with Jeff Bezos, Ray Bradbury, Scott Turow, Fred Bass, Darcie Chan and Jane Friedman. It premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival in late April. (Publishers Lunch)

How Do You Find The Time For Social Media?(

Here’s a quick tip you can do to get more views and more visibility for yourself online using Google+. (Author Marketing Experts, Inc.)

Digital Public Library of America will launch on April 18 (paidContent)

Indie & Agent Partners: Thought 1 (Pub Rants) 

How To Find Images for Your Author Site, Ethically (GalleyCat)

 Answers to 14 Questions You’re Too Afraid to Ask Literary Agents by Barbara Poelle (WD)

Demystifying Amazon's Sales Ranking System by Amanda Leudeke (Chip's Blog)

That's it. Have a wonderful weekend and may Spring be with you!

We leave you with these great photos from the ACFW Phoenix Chapter, Christian Writers of the West, recent meeting.

Sandra Leesmith presents BOOKS to Seeker friend and Speedbo winner Marianne Barkman.

Seeker friend Jan Christiansen, Sandra and Marianne.


  1. Am I first? Woot woot to all the winners (moi included)!

    And yippee skipee! There's going to be a synopsis blog next week! That's what I have to do next. I can't believe the good timing. Well, yeah, I can. It's a God thing as my BFF Karen likes to say.

    It's going to be sunny and warm this weekend! Yay!

    I'll go put the kettle on and see what sort of healthy snack I can find in my pantry.


  2. Congratulations! I had a fun month!

  3. It's only nine for Marianne and I. IT'S MIDNIGHT FOR MARILYN!! NIGHT OWL!!!

    Helen, I cleaned out the pots, all you have to do is fill em and set the timer.

  4. WOOHOO !!!! I am thrilled about winning Ginny's book and necklace!! THANKS sooo much!! And a big CONGRATS to all the winners!

    Next week looks like another great one in S'ville---looking forward to more awesome posts!

    Tina, thanks again for another great WE---you always do a wonderful job!

    And...while Marilyn looks for healthy snacks in her pantry, I'll nibble on my spice jellybeans the Easter Bunny left (love those red ones because they're CINNAMON!).

    Happy Weekend everyone! Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  5. p.s. Hey Tina---yep, it's also midnite here in Georgia...but since I'm drinking coffee and eating jellybeans I'm good for another hour, LOL!

  6. Thanks for the KP duty, Tina.

    I'm late because I was reading link articles. :)

    The pots are now filled and the timers set.

    Thanks for another great WE.


  7. I'm boring. I like vanilla jelly beans. Please mail them directly to my house.

  8. Ok, I may be punchy for sleep deprivation or maybe it's the head cold from Hades or maybe I've finally lost all perspective, but that Writer's Digest article by Barbara Poelle had me CRYING with laughter.

    I wish I knew her, just so she could sit in my kitchen and be funny. That would totally take some of the bite out of a rainy Monday morning.

  9. Congrats to all the winners.

    Virginia, I was on my way to read that article. Can't wait...

    Everyone have a fantastic weekend.

  10. congrats all winners.
    love the flower at the start of the post. I got in the garden today (before it got to hot and I wore out) It felt more like spring here today with temp over 90 but it was beautiful. Loving this late burst of warm weather. not looking forward to the colder weather.
    Please tell me spring has sprung in America! Or at least it will have in 4 weeks.

  11. Did someone mention jellybeans. I bags the black ones.

  12. I'm fighting Jenny for the black jelly beans!!!!!!

    Bless you for putting in a synopsis writing blog this week...I am agonzing over mine right now. All I have is a blank page because I keep erasing what I've written. Ugh.

    Guess who is reading Love at Any Cost right now???????????? (It's a welcome distraction from the synopsis writing -- Julie Lessman is such a bad influence on me!)

    Future Seekerville blog topic suggestion:

    I read an article about building suspense behind the scenes by DiAnn Mills in the Christian Fiction Online Magazine (one of last week's WE links -- thanks for that). Anyway -- one of her points was using symbolism. My poor post-Speedbo addled brain is having a hard time wrapping itself around that concept so I thought surely one of you talented Seekerville authors would be able to wax poetic on the subject. Just a suggetion. :-)

    And bah to Spring! We had snow on April Fool's Day...and the next day...and the day after that. Now we are having lovely artic winds. Their whooshing down from up north and pushing all your lovely warm air away. :-( I'm still wearing my winter coat!!!!!!

  13. Oops -- that should be arctic and they're. Blame it on no coffee this morning...wait, I don't drink coffee. Blame it on no hot chocolate this morning. No milk :-( Will have to hit Starbucks before work.

  14. Congratulations to all the winners!

  15. congrats to the winners, nice gifts..
    Hey girls I am a black jellybean gal too, save some for me...
    Enjoy the weekend everyone, finally sunny in Ga after some rains.
    Paula O

  16. All of you black jellybean gals.

    No one else wants the white ones????

  17. Spring is springing across America. Except for a few resistant areas in Western NY, Jenny.

  18. I want some of the black jelly beans! And the orange ones!

    I can eat them while reading something from CBD!!! Yay!!!

    And did you see my mama up there with Sandra?! How fun!!! Go Jan!!

  19. I want the orange and yellow jelly beans.

  20. Good morning, Seekerville! If it's Saturday, I must be cleaning house and paying bills.

    Ugh. I'd much rather be writing.

    But the sun is shining, the dogwood tree outside my window is on the verge of blooming, and green is popping out everywhere! YAY!!!!

    Oh, and send a few of those black jelly beans my way. LOVE 'EM!!! Yesterday hubby and I polished off the last of two boxes of Cadbury eggs, which he found for half price at the supermarket the day after Easter. Missed the regular ones, but the chocolate and caramel versions are almost as yummy!

  21. I won a copy of Donnell's book! This is SO cool. I loved Donnel's post, found so much of worth in it and wasn't able to put all my reactions in words. Her attitude and outlook were just amazing -- and, as so often happens with Seekerville, exactly what I needed to hear when I needed to hear it.

    Speaking of which, Myra's post is amazingly timely. I'm wrapping up a synopsis to send out with a contest entry I need to send Friday.

    Congrats to all the winners -- and super congrats to Julie on the new series. Dontcha just love good news?

    Am reserving later today to read comments and those links. How do you find so many good ones, Tina? For right now, I'm outside to walk and enjoy a gorgeous day. Hope everyone has a nice weekend.

    Nancy C

  22. Cool! I got a copy of Noelle's book. I was thinking about her post last night and the way she described John Wayne and Fred Astaire. Still grinning over that. :-)

    Congratulations to all the other winners and happy Saturday.

  23. It's sunny and warm in Georgia. Flowers are in bloom everywhere I look!

    Woke about 2 AM last night and realized Jenny will be in the A-T-L soon! We're planning to have lunch with her on Monday, May 6th. Let me know if you can join us. Details to follow!

    Jenny, that still works for you, doesn't it?

  24. Congrats to all the winners!

    I can OD on jellybeans. Any color. Although, truth be told, whites are my least favorite. Sorry, Tina!

    Carol, are you pulling my leg? Is Jan your real mama or your cyber-I-love-you-like-a-mama mama?

    Loved the pics! Waving to Sandra and Jan and Marianne! Looking good, girls!

  25. Jan, Sandra and Marianne!!!! I love that pic!!!!

    Okay, I'm saying hi for a MINUTE and then I'm heading back to 1K1HR because I've got about 90 minutes of writing time and must use it!!! Quiet house!!! SUHWEEEET! LOVE YOUSE.... back later or that stinkin' Naomi Rawlings and Melissa Jagears will think I'm NOT FAST AND GOOD.... Or they'll figure out I ducked over here, LOL!

  26. Another terrific Weekend Edition! Thanks Tina! I have two links I intend to check out.

    Congratulations winners!!!

    Virginia, is it Monday morning where you are? Saturday here. I think. I'm checking the calendar. LOL After your recommendation, I'll check out three links.

    Loved the pictures of Sandra, Marianne and Jan!

    I plan to take a walk on this sunny warm day we're having!

    Happy Weekend everyone!


  27. Did anyone go out and look at Graham Brown, the hunk of an author that agent Barbara Poelle mentioned in her article? Worth the trip. :-) Virginia, Barbara was as hilarious as you believed, head cold or not.


  28. Just wanted to pop in and confirm I have entered my first contest and written my first synopsis. Commitment was definitely a good choice for my word of the year.

    But more importantly, I am a grandma again! My third grandbaby and second girlie girl was born yesterday. We all are thrilled!

    Did I mention I was up all night after baby's arrival getting my contest entry ready to go today?
    I feel kinship with my son and DIL at the moment.

    Congrats to all!

    Peace, Julie

  29. Congrats to all the winners this week.

    And congratulations to Julie on your new grandbaby and for submitting to a contest. I've entered 4, got one final and waiting on 2. You never know.

    Thanks for all the great informational sites. I'm digging into them now.

    I concur that it's sunny and warm in Georgia...but will it last!

  30. JULIE HS!!! YAY twice!!! Granddaughters are the greatest! Out of six grandchildren, we had to wait until the very last two to get our girls, and it was worth the wait.

    And congratulations on entering your first contest! Hoping for super-super results!

  31. Happy weekend all! It's a perfect day here in Georgia!

  32. Yes Debby early lunch have to get the bus to Chattanooga from the airport at 2pm. But have the whole morning free. I cant wait and yes May 6th.
    4 weeks today I will fly out infact will probably be on the way to the airport in Adelaide around now.

    On Jellybeans as I said I love black I love the aniseed taste but I do like white, yellow, green, some red ones. Hate purple.

    But Im trying to be good and not eat these things much.

  33. Debby -


    She's my I've-known-her-nearly-30-years-and-her-daughter-is-my-BFF-and-she-adopted-me-after-my-mom-died-when-I-was-10-plus-she-knew-my-mom Mama.

    Whew. That's a mouthful!

    She was one of my very first encouragers when I started this "trying to write for publication" journey a few years ago.

    [Keeping in mine with the nearly 30 years thing, that I'm not yet 40...]

  34. Hi Seekerville! Am I the ONLY one who can't stand jelly beans????

    TINA--so nice to see signs of Spring in Seekerville! We're having a high of 61 here in the mountains today and my blue, white, yellow and pink hyacinths are bursting with blooms. The iris bulbs my agent, Natasha Kern, sent me from her garden last fall are peeping out, too. Alas, it's supposed to SNOW here Monday and Tuesday. SIGH.

    JAN, MARIANNE & SANDRA -- love the photos!

    Congrats, JULIE, on the first contest entry AND the new grandbaby! You're starting off the year with a bang!

    So cool, JENNY, that you're going to get together with Debby! And what a beautiful time of year you picked for a trip to the States!

    Is everyone recovering from SPEEDBO? Are you "Pausing With Purpose" before you take an evaluating peek at what you produced?

    Due to circumstances beyond my control, I didn't get to participate as much as I'd hoped in March, so APRIL is my personal Speedbo month. In the past week I've written an additional 12,000 words, for which I am VERY VERY thankful!

  35. heeheee, Janet!

    I meant Mondays in general, not that this was Monday.

    But I get the day wrong on a consistent basis so you were right to check.

    Also, I did check Graham Brown's page! Hunka hunka.

    Julie, I'm loving all these baby pics you put up on facebook. ADORABLE,

    And YAY for entering a contest!! I'm praying for a good set of feedback, fresh eyes, and a final/win!!!

  36. Congratulations to this week's winners! Loving your photos, Sandra!

  37. Hey! I"m late, but Tina just added my Seeker Sightings. Please check out the blogs I'll be on this coming week. I'll be doing giveaways!

    Also, if you're in the Charlotte, NC, area, please check out the event where I'll be speaking.


  38. Glynna, I only like JellyBelly's. Can't stand regular jelly beans!

  39. Great WE Tina, Congrats to all the winners.

    ANd yes, CAROL, JAN told me all about the adopted mama (and that is a mouthful so I'll let you say it so I don't mess it up) I was so tickled to meet her. Is she the one who taught you to bake such yummy chocolate chip cookies? Or was that you?

    It was so much fun to meet her and MARIANNE. Marianne brought her mother so we met her also.

    That's one of the wonderful things about Seekerville. We have friends from all over the world and it is such a thrill when we get to meet you face to face.

    Sandra who is smiling.

  40. Glynna, I'm with you. Don't care for jellybeans at all.

    Synopsis blog? Yay! Now that's going to be interesting. I need a template where I just fill in the blanks! lol

  41. Road tripping today for research, the small town/village of East Aurora New York... home of Pres. Millard Fillmore... Fisher Price Toys!!!... Vidler's Five and Dime... The Copper Shop, part of an historic Craftsman's Guild....

    Rainy, windy, so we'll be a little limited but I can guarantee you that FOOD will enter into this trip!

    Synopsis: Completed!
    Opening Chapters: Done!

    Time to see what other havoc I can create in the huge region of Upstate New York! :)

  42. First contest, JHS....

    I will not tell you what mine said, because I was CERTAIN they would see the brilliance of my work and greet me with palms.

    Of course that was about the same time I went to my first RWA chapter meeting, brought pages for a critique (only one set so I READ THEM OUT LOUD!!!) and it was ten pages of TELLING.

    Did I spell that right?





    JHS, I'm so proud of you! And Elaine, you ROCK IT!!!! Four....

    And good or bad results, you come here and we'll commiserate... offer assistance or congrats... and food.

    Hey, it's the least we can do.

    Love youse.


  44. WHOO-HOO, another fab WE, Teenster!!

    Soooo fun to see Marianne and Jan with Sandra!!

    And LOVE the links, Tina -- you're a wonder!!


  45. Oh, my, the Barbara Poelle interview was fantabulous.

  46. Thanks for all the articles, Tina! You sure have your finger on the pulse of publishing. Sounds cliched, but very true.

    Love of picture of Sandra and friends.

  47. Almost missed it, but happy weekend edition, Seekerville. Thanks for the prize (I think!).

    Back to work for me this week. Figures because it's finally going to warm up.

  48. Just found my picture here on Seekerville with Sandralee and Marianne. We had fun that day. Sandra sat at one end of the table and I at the other. When she mentioned she is on Seeker, I yelled from the other end of the table..."Hey, I'm on Seekerville, too!" We nearly hijacked the whole meeting because we were so excited. It was the first time we'd met, then she introduced me to Marianne.

    Yes, Carol is my "adopted" daughter and to say I encouraged her to write might be an understatement. Nudged, pushed, cajoled, twisted a few limbs...that's my style of mothering, but look what a great writer she's become. I expect a call from her any day saying she's either secured an agent or receive a publishing contract.

  49. LOL! That sounds about like what she did all right ;).

    And I can't wait to make that call, Mama!

  50. Jan and Carol, thanks for sharing. My mama died when I was a young wife. May I join in the group hug?