Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Weekend Edition

Seerkerville has been named as one of the 
101 Best Websites for Writers for 2013 by Writer's Digest. 
You can find us in the May/June issue.

Thank you to the Village People for nominating us!
Thank you to Writer's Digest for the honor!

We Have Winners

  Please see our rules for giveaways in Seekerville. Be sure to contact us with your snail mail address if you are a winner at  Don't be shy. Remind us if we get behind per our rules.

Be sure to check here to see if you have been a winner during the last five weeks of Speedbo. Time to start claiming those prizes! All prizes must be claimed by  May 15th or they are forfeited.

 Love Inspired author Missy Tippens shared "How to Hook Your Reader: 3 Tips for Using POV and Emotion to Your Advantage." The winner of her RITA® finalist book,  A House Full of Hope is Michelle Fidler.

Wednesday Love Inspired Suspense author Debby Giusti provided "Easy Editing Tips" for our Speedbo manuscripts. Winner of a Debby Giusti book is Mary Cline.

  "Doing the Misstep Dance Or Putting Plan B in Motion" was our Thursday post with Tyndale Digital First author Diana Lesire Brandmeyer. Winner of a digital copy of Mind of Her Own is Roanne King.

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday:  Tyndale author Pam Hillman messes with your mind on Monday. Cue the theme song from The Mentalist...

Tuesday: Have you been wondering what the judge or critique partner meant when they said you need to "Show don't tell"?  On Tuesday, Montlake author Sandra Leesmith will SHOW NOT TELL you how to revise telling prose and make it show the action.  She will give away a ten page critique and point out places where you can show instead of tell.

Wednesday:Today Seeker and Love Inspired author Glynna Kaye  will be talking about "deep cleaning your manuscript for submission." She'll be giving away to one winner a copy of Chris Baty's No Plot? No Problem! A Low-Stress, High-Velocity Guide to Writing a Novel in 30 Days. (And no, Glynna doesn't write a novel in 30 days, but the book has some fabulous tips!)

Thursday: Today come meet multi-published Montlake author, Carolyn Hughey, and her alter-ego, K. T. Roberts, and find out what she has to say about writing mysteries and why she loves them so much.  She'll also be sharing tips she uses for completing her manuscripts and how she manages to keep all her crazy characters straight when she's writing a series. Carolyn will give away a copy of one of her books.

Friday:Join Superromance and Montlake/Avalon author Holly Jacobs on Friday as she talks about being a geek... and how geeks can create their own towns/villages/settings for their stories without having to go far! Holly will be giving away a copy of her Wheldon, PA series to one lucky commenter.
Seeker Sightings

SHAMELESS GROVELING!!  Julie Lessman is desperate for your VOTE!! Julie is one of twelve authors vying for Book of the Month on The Book Club Network, so she swears she will get down on her knees and kiss your feet if you vote for her in this golden opportunity for authors! All it takes is one click on Julie's newest release, LOVE AT ANY COST on the right-hand side of the website! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!  Here's the link: VOTE FOR JULIE!


JULIE'S CONTESTS!! Don't miss Julie Lessman's contests going on where you can win a Kindle, having a character named after you in her next book, a signed copy of that book, choice of her books, a $50 gift card, and/or choice of five top CBA books! Here's the link, so check it out!  

April 11-22, 2013: Win your choice of any of Julie's books including Love at Any Cost at a character spotlight on Andie Tubbs blog.

April 19-30, 2013:Don't miss the chance for five giveaways of Julie's latest release, Love at Any Cost at the Book Club Network.

April 19-30, 2013: Win your choice of any of Julie's books including Love at Any Cost at a character spotlight on Nora St. Laurent's blog.

Debby Giusti will attend Barbara Vey's Reader Appreciation Luncheon, held in Milwaukee, WI, on SAT, April 27. She'll also take part in a panel discussion held at the Crowne Plaze Hotel, Friday evening. For more information check out Barbara's website: Or contact Debby: debby at debbygiusti dot com 

Missy Tippens was the guest speaker at the Carolina Christian Writers meeting in Charlotte, NC, on Saturday April 13th. Here's photos from the event.
Missy Tippens and Myra Johnson

Third from left is Seeker friend Jennifer Fromke.
Random News & Information

Congratulations to the RT Book Awards Winners!!

Free Download : How to Choose a Point of View for your Novel (WD) 


 Barbour Makes Strong Commitment to Fiction with Development of New Team (ECPA)

 Amazon Buys Book Blog “The Totally Hip Video Book Review” (video) (The Digital Reader)

Texas woman self-publishes, hits best-seller lists (Yahoo!News)

 4 Ways to Free Yourself from Procrastination in Your Creative Endeavors (Creative in Everything)

Thrill of the Chaste: The Allure of Amish Romance Novels (Young Center Books in Anabaptist and Pietist Studies)by Valerie Weaver-Zercher -Check out this interesting book!

Univ. of South Carolina Press Launches Young Palmetto Books (PW)

Lauren Smulski is now editorial assistant, Single Titles at Harlequin. She was previously a designer & editor at Stewart Howe Integrated Member Services. (PW)

Why Amazon Bought Goodreads (Washington Post Wonkblog)

New Adult – Perhaps the latest word for Chick Lit (PubRants)

Self-Published Title Tops Best-Seller List Again: The Bet by Rachel Van Dyken (DBW)

Congratulations to Seekervillian Tina Pinson! Her ebook In the Manor of the Ghost (Desert Breeze Publishing) has been released in print edition.

And we leave you with this cute photo of 
Seekervillian Patti Jo Moore and her Seeker book jackpot.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! to Seekerville on being named one of the 101 Best Websites for Writers for 2013 by Writer's Digest.

    Seekervillagers understand why this happened!!!

    This is an exclamation point occasion!!!!!!

    Thanks, once again, for the great WE and the interesting links.

    Coffee has been set to brew.


  2. I voted for Julie because I've never had someone grovel at my feet, I think it would be fun. ;P

    And I clicked on the procrastination link, ironically because I'm procrastinating......

  3. Congrats, Seekerville! Whooohooo!

    And I voted for Julie.

    Congrats to the winners.

    Was a great week here. Looking forward to next week.

    Have a lovely and blessed weekend, all.

  4. Yeah, the groveling won me over as well. Gotta love a good,honest groveler.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS TO SEEKERVILLE! It's really no surprise you've been awarded the honor of being one of the 101 best websites! It's not just the fabulous content, it's the hearts of each of you ladies that make this site amazing. You so deserve this honor!

    Congratulations to the winners! Tina, this is a great WE! I clicked a couple links. I plan to check out more tomorrow, when I'm a bit more coherent. :)

  6. The Writer's Digest Award goes to Tina, our wonderful web mistress, who does it all...seemingly without effort. Of course, we know she spends hours making us look good.

    My hat's off to you, Tina dear! Thanks for shoving, pushing, prodding us into the limelight. I'm on my feet and clapping wildly as you take center stage, which is where you belong.

    With love and gratitude, always!

  7. Ditto on the kudos to TEEEEEENA!!!!

    And a double round of KUDOS to the villagers who nominated us!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I'M JUST SILLY GRINNING TODAY, IT'S SUCH A COOL THING TO BE INCLUDED ON THIS WONDERFUL LIST!!!!!

    Helen put on coffee, I've brought CELEBRATION FOOD!!!!

    LET'S PARTY!!!!

    Bagels, homemade right here! Lox... fresh, sliced onion.... Danish.... Stuffed crescent cups, ham/chicken/cheese/broccoli/shrimp....

    Fruit bowl and CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!!!!!

    Side of beef, and Jack might come 'round today to act as our MEAT SLICER....



    Oh, I love that, what a marvelous addition! Thank you!!!!!

    (I'm clearly adopting Helen's mindset that today is an exclamation point day!)

    Thank you, Villagers, and let me just say it is an honor... and a distinct pleasure on our part... to move forward with each and every one of you!

    God has blessed us.... with you.

  8. Ruthy, you're so right. I should have mentioned the wonderful Villagers who nominated us.

    Forgive me!

    Mega thanks to all of you!!!


    Grabbing a bagel and another cup of coffee.

    BTW, congrats to all the winners last week. YAY!

  9. Well, in my excitement I forgot THE WINNERS!!!!


    So we're even! Aren't those bagels marvelous???????

  10. So many exciting things going on.

    First...Congratulations!!! to Seekerville for being named best by WD. You are my favorite webisite, and I love stopping by.

    Julie, I voted for you. I hope you win!

    Congrats to all the winners!

    Have a great weekend.

  11. Good weekend post, Congrats WINNERS and to Seekerville..."One of the Best", hey but we already knew this.
    Got ya covered at Bookclub Julie.
    Rainy weekend in Ga but the world is turning on its axis and God Reigns so see ya next week, "Good Lord willin and the creek don't rise"
    Paula O


    The well deserved Writer's Digest award!!!!!

    Tina P's print release!!!!

    All of the winners!!!!!

    Whoo hoo...we need cake...homemade chocolate cake with a thick layer of fudge frosting.

  13. Great Weekend Edition, Tina!! That Seekerville is one of the 101 Best Web sites for writers has me grinning like a ninny!! Bought the issue of Writer's Digest last night! Yay!! Thanks villagers for nominating Seekierville!

    Congrats Tina P on the hard copy release of your book!!!

    Patti Jo, thanks for snapping a photo of Seeker April books!! Such fun to see The Bride Wore Spurs beside Tina and Missy's books!

    Off to watch my grandson play tennis. Have a great weekend all!


  14. Yay Seekerville. Rah rah. Top 100 is no small feat. How awesome

  15. Ah, my friends, I have heard of this great accomplishment of the people of Seekerville and I am here to offer my uh....

    talents, shall we say???

    At the carving station... A pirate slicing a steamship round....

    Fitting. Savvy?

  16. I have groveled over Julie often, in fact...

    the sad fact of her husband has kept me distant.

    Still, if there are Kimmelweck buns, my slicing abilities will make you happy, my pets.

    (checking to see if my blade is sharp... smiling... it appears to be in fine working order...)

  17. Congrats to Seekerville!!!

    I voted for Julie (whether she grovels or not! lol).

    Blessed weekend to all!



    Yay, winners!!!!

    What a great day to visit the village. We should have a party over on un-pubbed island, shouldn't we? Where's Jack? Where's that fancy lemonade served in the coconuts with the little umbrellas?

    Where's the rum? Or even the butter rum flavored lifesavers?

    And on another note - thanks for the link to "The Thrill of the Chaste". I'm ordering my copy today. Be sure to read the great review (the first one). A in-depth review, if I ever read one.

    Of course, since I write "bonnet rippers", I'm into this stuff.

    Yup, a real geek.

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

  19. What an honor to receive the Writer's Digest award! Tina, the kudos all go to you putting in endless hours to make us look GOOD.

    And I know it takes extra time to make ME look good, you awesome girl!

    Thanks villagers for all your support. Without you Seekerville would be just another blip on the cyber map. WooHoo!

    I heard Ruthy brought bagels?
    And Jack is wielding a knife?


    Party on!!!

  20. Oh wait! I forgot the winners! Congrats to all the winners this week!!

  21. Congratulations, Seekerville! Yay! for winning. (Of course, we all know you're the best writer's website, hands down!)

    Finally home after being gone for 9 days to W.Virginia (just outside D.C.) and am tackling a mountain of laundry since it was a very dressy-multiple-outfit-a-day type trip. But I came home to a package from Julie L.
    I've got my copy of Love At Any Cost that I won from here. :-) As well as a couple of cool Seekerville items. Color me happy! Thank you Julie and Seekerville!

  22. CONGRATULATIONS, SEEKERVILLE! Of course, we villagers knew you'd make the list...but we'll have to create a new subdivision to house the new throng of writers coming to camp out!

    So glad that Barbour sees the value in fiction. I read a nasty commentary a few weeks ago about Christian fiction being passé. Bah!

    Re. Thrill of the Chaste -- so want to read that...and if you want to hear a great hour long chat with the author and Suzanne Woods Fisher go to and check out the show Amish Wisdom -- the March 28 podcast. Fascinating stuff. Just love that show to bits.

    Okay -- not going to procrastinate on that synopsis any more...well, not that I've been procrastinating really what with work...and work...and the other work...and book fair #1 coming up next week and...well, today's the day I try to wrestle it into synopsis submission and send it for my critique. I'm trying to squish 3 pages into 1.

  23. A EXTRA SPECIAL thank you to the "Villagers" who nominated Seekerville for Writer's Digist recognition--and to TINA who keeps us all going!! Wooo Hooo!

  24. Is there no one in search of beef????

    I perhaps could use a bit o' rum, in that case... Glynna, darlin', be a dear and get me a spot from that little waterfall just beyond the tree line...

    That's a dear!

  25. I'm loving julies book reading it right now. thanks

  26. I'm sort of surprised - hasn't Seekerville been on this list before? You are number one on my list!

    Congratulations to the winners and all the finalists! Seems like a bunch of contests announced this week.

  27. CONGRATS on Seekerville's Best Website Award!!! (And HUGE CONGRATS to Miss Tina for ALL she does!!)

    CONGRATS to all the winners, and to Tina P. on the hard copy release of her book!

    Am sipping some of Helen's coffee but eyeing that beef that Capt. Jack is slicing (okay, I'm also eyeing Capt. Jack too, LOL)...*sigh*....Think I'll have some thinly sliced beef on a sandwich--- thank you Jack!

    Later today if anyone needs something really sweet I've brought Georgia Pecan Pralines, and some yummy Georgia Peach cookies I buy at a local market---sooo good.

    Am about to go vote for Julie L.!
    Have a sensational Saturday, everyone! Hugs, Patti Jo

    p.s. I just realized in that photo of the Seeker books, you can see a tiny bit of my Georgia Tech shirt, with the top of BUZZ, our yellow jacket mascot! ;) PJ (Proud GT Mom)

  28. What a great day in Seekerville! Thanks to everyone who nominated us, and to Tina for spearheading the campaign!

    How's everyone's Saturday going? It's sunny in the Carolinas but cooler than I like it. Just got back from the mall--something I NEVER do on Saturdays! At least we got an early start. But I HAD to check out Macy's one-day sale! Bought nothing, however. :-( I am the world's worst shopper.

  29. Whoo-hoo!! 101 Best Websites for Writers!!!!

    !!!!!OH NO!!!!!

    That means people are watching, and I'm posting on Monday.


  30. Yes, Melissa, your name is going on the list of people who voted for Julie.

    It is an official spreadsheet -- NOTARIZED -- no less, and I will have it at the ACFW conference for Julie to ante up! lol

    Years ago, Brandilyn Collins and Deb Raney had some kind of bet at conference. I don't remember what it was, but Deb lost and she had to dance a jig in the lobby of the hotel when the conference was over.

    Sweet, shy Deb Raney...She came through. I made sure I was there to see it. lol

  31. Georgia Peach cookies?

    Well, that's a new one! lol

  32. Thank you to all of you who made the WD award possible!! We so appreciate your votes and the fact you hang out with us here. You keep us going!

    Ruthy, I'm all over that chocolate fountain!!

  33. Janet, I went to B&N to buy a copy of WD magazine, too. :)

    Actually, I dragged my WHOLE family to buy the magazine after hubby's b-day dinner! He grumbled a little but settled nicely into the magazine section himself. :)

  34. Tina P, congrats on the printing of your book!

  35. Kav, a synopsis is bad enough. But a one-pager! Whew. Painful. You can do it, though!

  36. Patti Jo! My son who's a senior is also going to be a Yellow Jacket. He'll be heading to GT in the fall. We're so excited for him!

  37. Happy Weekend Edition, Seekerville!!!

    You're all so awesome at helping the villagers celebrate that it's only fair turnaround that we recognize your chance to dance.

    Congratulations for the well-deserved award. We all know you're really in the Top Ten, let alone the top 101.

    Thanks. Tina for all the great links as usual.

  38. Congratulations!!!! A recognition well deserved and no surprise to your followers. Kudos to Tina. Your labor of love hasn't gone unnoticed.

    Congratulations to all winners from last week, to finalists in the TBL and to Tina P. on the print release of her novel. It's been an exciting week. Looking ahead to next week and more good things at Seekerville.

  39. Congratulations, Seekerville!

    Well deserved, of course.

    And congrats to all the winners. Another fabulous week as usual.

    Off to continue my editing!


  40. I am forgetting the beef in honor of Patti Jo's offerings!!!! Georgia pecan pralines??????

    Georgia Peach cookies????


  41. Missy, try one of the peach cookies in the chocolate fountain!!!!



  42. I do believe Kav's one page synopsis has landed in the evil RUTHY'S mailbox....



    Be afraid, my pretty. Be very afraid!!!!

    (laughing in upstate... )

  43. Congrats on the Writers Digest honor! I always buy that issue because it's filled with great stuff. This site totally deserves the honor and hat's off to Tina for her ever-diligent work.

    I, too, clicked on the procrastination link. I struggle with that and... oh look! Zappo's is having a sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  44. Myra! I see you're in the Carolinas. Which one and which city if you don't mind revealing your location? I grew up in Concord, just up I-85 from Charlotte. And #2 son lives in Asheville where he works for UNC-A.


  45. Congratulations, Seekerville, and all the other winners!!!!!!!!!!!

    I voted for Julie, because she's worth it!!!!!!

    I've got sticky cinnamon rolls to go with that coffee!!!!!!!!

  46. Hi Tina:

    Congrats for being one of the 101 best websites for writers. Do you happen to know if Seekerville is the only Christian site?

    BTW: The link to the point of view download is broken. Here is the right link. I hope it works. It is a good article worth reading.


  47. YAY FOR SEEKERVILLE!!!!!!!!!!!
    Writer's Digest heard about the party we throw here everyday and wants in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Congrats Seekerville!!!

    I love that you were recognized for the awesome work you all do, especially Tina R.!!

  49. Congratulations Tina Pinson on your paper printing!

    That is very exciting! From what I hear about digital vs paper percentages, this is going to be a real boon for your sales. Maybe someday you can share a little about what went into that decision for Desert Breeze?

  50. Many Congratulations to Seekerville for being named one of the 101 Best Websites for Writers for 2013! It is an honor well-deserved!

    Blessings to all of the authors who make Seekerville the top-notch site that it is!

  51. Aw, Edwina!!! Thank you to my amazingly well-coordinated and put together jewelry/outfit buddy!!! I long to be able to do that, kid.


    A sunny Sunday here, still cold... (well, when the sun arises!) but sunny. And that makes things better.

    Tina Pinson, did I forget to say congrats on your print books over here????? I think I did on Facebook, but isn't that just delightful?????


    WONDERFUL WE, Teenster, as always!!

    SUPER CONGRATS to all the winners and to the Christy finalists too!!

    YAY, Tina Pinson, on the paperback version of In the Manor of the Ghost!!

    LOVE the pic of Patti Jo -- TOO CUTE!!


  53. Zappos. POV. So many choices, right, Marilyn!!???

  54. OF COURSE SEEKERVILLE IS ONE OF THE BEST! Was there ever any doubt? Nice to know other people have recognized the fact, though :-)

    Congrats to the winners -- and next week's lineup looks super. And how fun to see those pix!

    Voted for Julie. Would have clicked on the procrastination link but figured I'll do that later. Ahem.

    Thanks again, Tina, for sharing so much info.

    Nancy C

  55. Congratulations to the week's winners and a big round of applause to Seekerville for Writer's Digest award. Thanks to Tina and all you guys for making this happen.

    I've been reading this weekend. Got my winning books from Janet Dean and Roseanna White. Thanks, ladies for the great reads.

    I took time out to vote for Julie.

    Looking forward to a productive week. Have a Blessed Sunday, everyone.

  56. Tina P, love the pic with your book!!! Yay, you!

    I voted for Julie too! Of course, I would.

    A beautiful day in Georgia! Wishing everyone a joyous Good Shepherd Sunday.

  57. Yay!!! Congrats to SEEKERVILLE for the award from WD!!! Thanks for the WE, Tina, and congrats to the week's winners. I voted!

  58. Well-deserved honor each and every Seeker!
    Congratulations and how I agree!

    Seekerville is the place to come for terrific information, support and general friendship.

    Thank you for ALL y'all do and Congratulations again!

  59. Tina, thank you so much for all you've done for Seekerville, the Seekers and the Seeker Villagers!!!

    As usual, the articles are great. I look forward to what's going on in the publishing world all week.

  60. Congratulations, Seekerville! A well deserved honor.