Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Welcome Guest Connie Mann!

Missy, here. I'd like to welcome my friend from the Faith, Hope and Love Chapter of RWA, Connie Mann. Connie will be giving away a print copy of Angel Falls, her new release from Abingdon Press, to one lucky commenter (in U.S.)! So, here's Connie... 

Four Reasons It’s Still Too Soon to Quit
By Connie Mann

Once upon a long time ago, a dream to write books was planted in your heart by the Great Creator Himself. Since then you’ve dutifully nurtured and watered that dream, cultivating it and confidently marching off towards a faraway land called, “Publication.”

But now, after months have drifted into years, you’re still wandering around, seemingly in circles, trying to survive a vast, harsh wilderness called, “Almost there.”

“Almost there” is a tough, dry place to try to keep your bearings and stay focused. It is lonely and frustrating and the doubt gremlins work overtime, whispering horrible things in your ear, day after month after year. The temptation to quit rears its ugly head, making even the most confident writer question the dream.

If this is where you are today, let me encourage you. This particular wilderness, this season, won’t last forever, but it is often another stop, another way the Great Creator toughens our resolve for the rest of the journey.

Here are my top four reasons it’s still too soon to quit:

You’re getting “good” rejection letters

This only makes sense to fellow writers. After receiving enough form rejection letters to paper a room, a personal note scrawled at the bottom of a query letter can make a discouraged writer jump for joy! Somebody liked what they read enough to offer advice! Whohoo! Double high-fives if it came with the coveted revise-and-resubmit request. That’s huge forward progress.

You haven’t found the right editor or agent

Just like every reader won’t like your book, not every agent or editor will “get” your writing. That’s not only okay, it’s good. Your job is to keep querying and keep submitting until you find that one editor or agent who loves your work enough to do battle on your behalf. Without the championing of editor Ramona Richards, my new book, Angel Falls, would STILL be without a home.

Angel Falls was contracted back in 2004 and Ramona was the freelance editor. Just before publication, the publisher requested changes I couldn’t make, so the project was nixed and I slid into serious discouragement. I became a boat captain and eventually wrote other things, but Angel Falls has always been near and dear to my heart. About two years ago, I learned Ramona had taken a job with Abingdon. I sent her Angel Falls, hoping she’d remember it after all these years. Not only did she remember it—she’d sent me an email asking about the story--the SAME day my manuscript landed on her desk.

God’s timing is not the same as ours

I am often tempted to tell God, “Listen, if you can’t get this done by Friday, let me know and I’ll handle it.” Yet He wants us to trust in His perfect timing, which so rarely coincides with ours. His timing is always perfect, just as it has been with Angel Falls. Trust means walking in the dark and acting on what we believe—even when we can’t yet see the results.

We appreciate the dreams that cost us something

Writing is hard. A writing career is even harder and there are bumps and potholes all along the way. I believe that if it takes a while to reach the land of “Publication,” we’ll be better equipped for the hardships of the next phase of the journey. And we’ll be so much more thankful for all the help we’ve received along the way. Publication isn’t the end; it’s the gateway to the next part of the trip.

Let’s link arms and walk together, through every phase of this crazy journey and calling called writing. I am so grateful for those who have walked this far with me—and I look forward to taking those next steps together with all of you.

It’s still too soon to quit.

Connie Mann loves stories of suspense, adventure and second chances. She offers encouragement to busy women on her blog:  www.BusyWomenBigDreams.com and is an active member of Romance Writers of America and American Christian Fiction Writers. She’s also a USCG-licensed boat captain, so when she’s not writing, she’s usually on Central Florida’s waterways with local school children or her fabulous family. Please visit her online at: www.conniemann.com.

Connect with Connie:
Website:  www.conniemann.com

Angel Falls is now available:


  1. The coffee pot is ready.

    Welcome, Connie!

    I've been targeting the land of "Publication" for over 25 years, but my quest has gotten more intense since I retired.

    Now back to edits.


  2. Thanks, Helen and I've got fresh chocolate chips and banana cake to go with it. Perfect breakfast food. Great post, Connie ...even as a reader I need patience as I'm waiting for that next book. Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Hi Connie:

    I just loved your trailer. I watched half of it thinking you were talking about the real people that the story was based on. Having the author tell you, just as if you were sitting beside her in her home, is very powerful. You had my total attention. I think it’s the next step in trailers.

    Now, I’d really like to know what kind of boat you captain. We go to Orange Beach every year and every year we take the boat ride to see the dolphins and what looks like the everglades. It is always a thrill.


  4. What a beautiful post! Even though I'm published, this post touched me right where I like to tell God when to get His business done. Yup.

    And I love the call to walking arm in arm with other writers. I taped this quote to my desk, by one of my favorite bloggers:

    "This is the testimony of the brave who chose friendship in spite of fear. This is the loud voice of comparison squashed down, drowned out, overcome by a choice to love, to love, to love because Christ first loved us." --LisaJo Baker

  5. Connie, welcome to Seekerville and congrats on your book! What a wonderful inspiration of perseverance...

    and second chances! Yay! I love that you captain your own boat/ship... can you tell us more about that? What kind of boat, why school children, do you do charters, etc....

    And your trailer is unique! What a different idea in the presentation... And your house is clean, so I'll admit to being slightly bummed.

    (tiny sigh inserted for dramatic effect)


    I see that Ginny-Lou-Who brought words of wisdom but no food.... But Marianne knew I'd be stopping by HUNGRY!!!! :) Good job, Marianne!

    Oh, and Vince and I asked the very same question about boats (although I go NOWHERE near Orange Beach, but I do love to play in NYC... without a boat, generally.) Grabbing banana cake and loving it!

  6. What a wonderful encouraging post Connie. Thank you. I get frustrated in many areas wondering "When Lord". Patience is something I wish came easily to me but alas, it does not.

    Have a blessed day! Would love to be entered for your book giveaway.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

    countrybear52 AT yahoo DOT com

  7. Connie,

    Quitting is the one sure way NOT to get published.

    Sometimes I slow down, getting distracted, but I'll never give up.

    Thanks so much for the reminder.

  8. Good morning, Connie.

    Wow! I agree with Vince. That book trailer totally sucked me in. Your book sounds terrific!

    Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  9. Connie, you've nailed the writing journey. Thanks for the great advice and encouragement.

    I think the time just before publication is the hardest. You know you're close. You're finaling in contests, editors are interested, but no sale. I've seen too many folks give up at that point, which is such a shame. Hang in there, everyone! Pour out your heart to God and work harder than ever, and your dream will come true. I'm sure of it!

  10. Good Morning, Connie,

    This statement "We appreciate the dreams that cost us something" is so true and the cost is different for each individual.

    Best of luck to you with Angel.

  11. Welcome to Seekerville, Connie! Your post is encouraging and timely for many here and so true! The long bumpy road to publication did prepare me for the ups and downs of a published author. Still, I wanted to leap ahead and would've missed what God knows I'd need.

    Congratulations on the release of Angel Falls!

    I'd love to hear more about your day job as a boat captain!


  12. HI CONNIE and welcome to Seekerville. What a lovely testimony. I just love to hear all the ways God works with us. smile

    You are so right that we need to find the right editor. Reading is so subjective. Everyone has different tastes so when you find the person who thinks your writing is spectacular, you have been truly blessed.

  13. HELEN I am so thankful for that cup of coffee. Needed it. And MARIANNE, the banana cake is yummy but I'm still remembering those cinnamon rolls you sent home with me. sigh

    VIRGINIA love the quote. I might put that on my desk too. smile

  14. VINCE so glad you mentioned the trailer. It was really compelling. CONNIE you did a great job in capturing our attention for the story. Very different format. It works. smile


    And, YES, such an inspirational boot to kick us into gear this morning -- not only for the prepubs, but for those pubs who are also waiting for God's direction.

    CONNIE QUEEN SAID: "Quitting is the one sure way NOT to get published."

    OH, AMEN to that and everything in Connie Mann's post today!!


  16. Connie, what an encouraging post. The line you said that spoke the most to me was this:

    "This particular wilderness, this season, won’t last forever, but it is often another stop, another way the Great Creator toughens our resolve for the rest of the journey."

    What a crucial perspective for a writer to maintain. I've heard from friends who've gone before me on this writing journey that before pub struggles don't end once you sign on the dotted line to have your book published. Thanks for the reminder that God wastes nothing on our journey. Great post today!

  17. Welcome to Seekerville Connie!

    I needed this post today.

    I love writing, editing, and researching. I love the friends I've made at Seekerville and ACFW. But still the doubts creep in and sometimes they just slap me in the face.

    I'm so glad to receive this word of encouragement. Thanks for stopping by.

    Jackie L.

  18. Good morning, Everyone! Wow, you all get moving early here at Seekerville! I'm so delighted to be here today!

    Helen, many thanks for the coffee, and the chocoate chips and banana cake are perfect, Marianne!!

    Many thanks for the kind words about the trailer--it was an experiment, not sure how folks would like it. I'm so glad you all did! And Ruth, thanks to my talented son and creative camera angles, only a small section of the house had to sparkle! :)

    Thanks for asking about my captain's job! I love it. It helps keep me balanced. I've learned I need to be outside and around people on a regular basis. Too much time alone inside my head and I get a wee bit stir crazy. I work for our local school board and pilot a 33 foot pontoon boat on the Silver River in Ocala, FL. Several days a week, I get to take 5th graders on the boat and get to show some of them their very first alligator! Very fun!

    I'm so glad today's post offered encouragement! This writing gig is tough and it's easier when we all stick together! Thanks for the great quote, Virginia!

    Let me know if you have more questions!! I'm having a ball!

  19. Hi Connie!

    Wow! I loved your trailer. I was enthralled with the story, and can hardly wait to read that book.

    And thank you for the words of wisdom. Writers understand how hard this job is. My family thinks I sit at my computer playing Farmville all day. How hard can that be, right?

    Your image of writers linking arms and going through this journey together is so appropriate - that's what we do, and it's a blessing.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  20. Excellent advice, and I love the timing of your sending in your manuscript and the editor asking for it.

  21. Welcome, Connie! Very inspiring, very encouraging. The waiting is so hard, and sometimes even "positive rejections" aren't enough. I know--I got my share of those in the 25 years before I sold my first book, and more than once, I came close to giving up the dream.

    But we just can't second-guess God's timing. My breakthrough also came from Abingdon Press, back when Barbara Scott came onboard to launch the fiction line. Now I'm working with Ramona on a three-book series.

    Congratulations on Angle Falls, and thank you for sharing your journey with us!

  22. Thanks for your inspiring words, Connie. Sometimes, we need a reminder that God's timing is indeed the right time and to be patient.

  23. I love places like this where we can be honest and admit we share the same doubts and struggles and battle the same issues--wherever we live and wherever we are on the journey.

    What's even better is that we can also share the encouragement, the high-fives, and the happy times, too. As writers, that sense of connection with others who get where we're coming from means so very much.

    I feel like I just got to have coffee with all of you and my heart is smiling, big time!

  24. Thanks for your inspiring words, Connie. Sometimes, we need a reminder that God's timing is indeed the right time and to be patient.

  25. Connie, welcome to Seekerville!

    Years ago, when all communication was still through snail mail, I received my first personalized rejection letter. I was so excited and told my husband, “Yes, it’s a rejection, but LOOK!!! It’s to ME!!!!”

    He got the strangest look on his face. “Who else would it be to?”


    So I had to explain.

    I still don’t think he understood.

    And…I too remember when Angel Falls was contracted the first time. When I saw the title surface again a few months ago, I was thrilled for you, Connie!

    Long live second chances!

  26. Pam--I've seen my hubby with that same look on his face! LOL!

    Thanks for sharing my excitement over Angel Falls--AGAIN!!!

  27. Good morning, everyone! Connie, we're so glad to have you today!

  28. Vince, I agree on the trailer! I thought she was talking about real people the story is based on. :)

    Hey! You mentioned going out to see the dolphins. Would you believe we've never done that? I'd love to know what company you use.

  29. Hi Connie:

    A 33 foot pontoon boat! I know just what that is like. I can even feel the wind on my face as I think about it. I can hear the engine and feel the rocking and smell the salt air with a little brackish undertone. If working on a boat was good enough to inspire Mark Twain, I’m sure it’s a great experience. But are you going to write about it? Do you write just non-hyphenated romances?

    What would be better than a heroine boat captain who takes fifth graders to see alligators. What a way to meet a wonderful widowed father with an adorable child or two desperately in need of a mother. And what if the engine fails in the everglades? And there is a storm coming as darkness falls? Prayer. And this is all material you know! I’ll pre-order the book today!


  30. Thanks so much for the encouragement. Loved your book!

    Peace, Julie

  31. What a beautiful quote, Virginia! Thanks so much for sharing that.

  32. Ooh, just saw Marianne's snack! Thanks for feeding us. :)

  33. LOL, Ruthy!!!! I thought the same thing about how clean her house is!! I would never be able to film like that. Would have to find one little corner somewhere. :)

  34. Hi Missy:

    The Dolphin tour boat is very close to the condos. There is plenty of parking. You wait under the shade of big trees. The two ladies who run the tours are great. Very happy to be doing their job. Amazing how they can make that boat swing around and hug the dock. I wouldn’t think it was possible to do that. Boat has half covered and half open. (I get on first to claim a shaded seat.) Very stable ride. Soda pop is cold and just $1. Clearn bathroom on board.

    Here’s the cool thing: they know the dolphins! They have photos of about 50 dolphins and sometimes when they see a dolphin they can tell us his name? You go up the Intercostal Water way and into what I think is part of the everglades and that is a different world and the breeze will make up for any heat. You see snakes, birds, alligator trails, and much more. It’s about 1 ½ hours. Does not cost much. It’s a joy each time we take it. I could drive right to it but I can’t think of the name at this time. My wife will check with her Orange Beach file tonight and I’ll get you the name. There are many tour lines and this is the only one I have been on. We’re going again this year!


  35. Vince, what a great idea! Connie, you must write that story! :)

  36. Thanks, Vince! I appreciate your wife looking it up for us. Sounds like something we'd love. (Although the kids still want to do the parasailing thing!)

  37. Vince, you've got me laughing--and thinking! Hmmm...always story ideas floating around. I did write about a heroine who owns a marina and traps alligators, though!

  38. Welcome to Seekerville, Connie. You are one busy gal.

    Terrific Book Trailer. I'm going to go put it up on the Seekerville FB PAGE.

    Okay, if you haven't checked it out..DO SO!!!

    Have you ever thought about writing about a heroine who is a boat captain like you??

  39. Hey! I just saw some of the endorsements of Angel Falls on Connie's website. Very cool, Connie!

    Here are two of them:

    “Heart-pounding” “Masterful”
    —RT Book Reviews – Four Stars

    “If you’re looking for nonstop action and heart-pounding excitement, then Angel Falls is just the read you’ve been looking to find. Connie Mann deftly weaves danger and suspense into a story that left me sitting on the edge of my seat, flipping the pages.”
    —Debbie Macomber, #1 NYT Bestselling Author

  40. Tina, Vince already has a story idea for her to write. :)

  41. Thank you for the inspiration, Connie. I've been in the wilderness, not for 40 years, but close to 20. But I have a different perspective because of the experience. It taught me patience, to wait until you're ready. The journey is just as rewarding as the destination.

  42. No, Missy, my boat captain heroine would accidentally see a drug deal going down. Way different from Vince.

    Wait. A trilogy. Boat Captain Sisters.

    Vince's idea, mine and I guess we could let Connie help with the third idea.

  43. Tina--I get to help with the idea, too?? Oh, good. LOL!! Love it! so how about Boat captain sisters trilogy. In book one, first sister sees a drug deal go down and meets a young widower with small children (per vince's idea)!! Actually, I do have an idea brewing about a boat captain heroine. Stay tuned!

    Thanks so much for putting the trailer on the Seekerville FB page!

    Missy--thanks for mentioning the endorsements. I am blessed to have had quite a few fabulous authors read the book and endorse it for me!! So thankful...

    Hang in there, Elaine!! I so hear you...

  44. Hi Connie:

    Is that book titled “Trapped”? If so, you need to tells us.

    Matthew 5:15

    “Neither do men light a lamp, and put it under a bushel, but on a lamp stand; and it gives light unto all that are in the house.”


    This reminds me of a story:

    I used to train salesmen so when I’d go into a department store and the salesman would start talking to me, I’d say in an accusing voice:

    “Are you trying to sell me something?”

    And taken back the salesman would often say,

    “No, sir.”

    To which I’d say,

    “Then what are you doing in this job? Are you a professional visitor?”

    Then we’d both laugh.


    I often buy books because of the location. I want to vicariously visit places I’d love to see in person. “Trapped” seems like a place I’d love to visit.

    BTW: I’ve only read one romance where the heroine owned a marina. It was a SuperRomance and that was many years ago. It’s sure time for another. (Of course, I read all the Travis McGee books. He lived on a boat in Florida.)


    P.S. Do you know that if you Google 'Angel Falls', Brazil, your photo is there along with dozens of spectacularly photos of the falls? (Are they your photos?) It’s amazing. I really want to see this place in person. Wow.


  45. Wow...that trailer grabbed me! Please put my name in to win a copy of your book! And I've just "liked" your page on Facebook. (No wonder I spend so much time on FB...following all these great authors...) :)

    Connie, you got me with "Once upon a long time ago, a dream to write books was planted in your heart by the Great Creator Himself. Since then you’ve dutifully nurtured and watered that dream, cultivating it and confidently marching off towards a faraway land called, 'Publication.'"

    Some folks on here have already heard that I started writing back in 1971, when a new English teacher came in in the middle of the first semester. I was in 7th grade. He assigned a creative writing project--write a short story, a series of poems, or a play. I discovered writing and I loved it--and that I couldn't write "short". For over 40 years I've had a dream of writing for publication. Back in 1988-89 I submitted to Harlequin Intrigue and came somewhat-close to an acceptance. The ultimate rejection (after rewriting the book at an associate ed's request) hurt badly. Then I entered the Intrigue contest back in 2001-02 (can't remember which year it was), but never heard a thing.

    In late 2003, I became a Christian (before then, I'd questioned God's existence...won't get into it all), and I changed my writing focus to Christian romance. I kept all my old manuscripts, in hopes of rewriting them for the Christian market, particularly Love Inspired. But I hadn't written in quite a while when Speedbo came up in March and I signed up. Rewrote one of those old novels over the course of a month-plus and am slowly revising/editing it.

    And now LI has the Happily Editor After pitch scheduled for next Wednesday and I managed to snag one of the last spots yesterday. *gulp* I am very nervous, because I've started questioning whether writing is what I am really called to do.

    Rhetorical question: Did God keep me from being published in Intrigue because He had something better in mind for me?

    Not that long ago there was a Seekerville blog post about being prepared. That spoke to me. Speedbo spoke to me. Now I have an opportunity to see if an editor might like this particular ms. Preparation? I think so! But I'm still nervous...and a bit scared, I admit.

    As you can see, I still can't write short! Sorry for the book here, but I wanted to share how just the first paragraph of your post today jumped out at me.

    Thank you so much for this. Another one to print out, methinks... :)


  46. Hi Missy:

    Parasailing, you say?

    The only time I parasailed, after a week of trying to get my wife to ok the flight, (she has an interest in my health), the boat ran out of gas and I had to come down like a real paratrooper! A real old paratrooper!

    I could have drowned in all those lines and silk. I remember, just before the boat stopped, that I seemed to be at the same height that I am when I am in the landing pattern in a light plane. I was feeling pretty good. I was just pretending I was flying a plane and was not scared at all. Then it happened. A black moment. (No more parasailing. : ( )

    My wife also had acquaintances who went parasailing on their honeymoon and the line broke free in high winds and they crashed into a mountain and both died.

    Here’s the point: both these events were in Mexico where I don’t think they regulate parasailing. I’d want the operator to be regulated and I’d also want there to be no hazards if the line breaks free. (You do wear a life vest). I just want to land in nice warm water.

    I do it again…but not in Mexico.


  47. Congratulations, Connie!
    Nice to read your words of encouragement!

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. Hi Vince,
    Yes, TRAPPED! is the story of my gator-trapping, marina-owning heroine. It's a romantic suspense set in Central Florida in an imaginary town. I do let people know that while it was written from a Christian worldview, it was not written as a Christian book, so no one is surprised.

    I've seen that on google, too. The "real" Angel Falls is in Argentina. The falls on my book cover (and in the story) are Iguacu Falls, which straddle the border of Brazil and Argentina. But Iguacu makes a terrible book title, and the orphanage is called House of Angels and the children call my heroine Miss Angel, hence... Angel Falls. :)

    I got to visit Iguacu Falls and they are more spectacular than the photos!!

  50. Hi Melanie--thanks so much for sharing your journey! I'm so glad you haven't given up and that Speedbo encouraged you to keep going. Hope that LI pitch session goes wonderfully next week. Let me know how it goes, would you??

  51. Yes. We're going to let you help. We're good like that.

    :) LOL

  52. So what's a typical writing day like for a boat captain, writer, Connie?

  53. Tina--You all are SUCH fun! I am having a ball!!

  54. A "typical" day?? Is there such an animal?? :) Actually, my best writing time is early, before my internal editor is awake (I am NOT a morning person, much as I try to be). I stumble to the computer, coffee cup in hand, and write--with a short deadline. Then I rush through my morning routine and head out to the boat. On days I don't captain, I still try to get the writing done first, because if I don't do it first thing...well, it doesn't always get done. I need deadlines in order to be productive. :)

  55. Melanie P, good for you for nabbing that spot in the pitch session!! I'm so excited for you!

    P.S. Don't ever feel bad about posting a longer comment!

  56. Oh my gosh, Vince. Well, forget parasailing!! LOL I don't think I'd have the nerve to do it now even in the US!

    My kids will not thank you.


  57. Connie, I think that is the coolest job! So the school system owns the boat? And it's basically for science purposes?

    I love that idea! The perks of living near water.

  58. Missy, yes, it's a neat arrangement. I work for the Silver River Museum, which is part of the local school system. The boat tour, museum visit and tram tour of the woods are all part of the 5th grade science curriculum. It's such a fun job!

  59. Thank you, Connie--from another FHL member!

    I was almost too busy to stop by Seekerville today, but I'm SO glad I did! Love the coincidence with your editor....God's timing is indeed PERFECT!

    Until last month, I thought I would have a couple of years to concentrate on writing because my husband planned to finish a PhD thesis while continuing his job. I was making progress on my dream of writing--(and finding it IS hard work, but I love it). However, last month he decided to retire early, which is a GOOD thing, but I am allowing all the details of preparing for retirement to take up my writing energy.

    I'm learning that God does have a plan. I believe God wants me to write. I may not be "almost there," but each day I can get a little closer--and hope hubby and I will be writing TOGETHER soon--long thesis for him and inspirational romance for me.

    Thank you for your encouraging words!

  60. This post is so encouraging! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I'm wading through the sludge of revisions and scrapping everything to start over tempts me around this stage. Can't wait until line edits! My favorite part!

    Love the cover of Angel Falls!

  61. How did I miss the trailer? Going to watch it now! And what an interesting job you have! Yes, writing BEFORE cleaning/errands/cooking/online stuff *should* be my plan.

    MELANIE: I will be praying for you for good things during the Happily Editor After pitch session. Have you seen the thread with all the help? Do check that out--good advice there! God's timing is perfect---even if we don't understand at the time. Blessings to you!

    Thanks to all for the yummy goodies and coffee! :)

  62. Sherida, I think your writing sounds much more fun! :)

  63. Natalie, it always seems that new, fun ideas strike about that time! Don't let it tempt you. :) You'll be glad once you finish that story.

  64. Congratulations Connie!

    Your story is wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

    What an intriguing title too. I've been to "Salto Angel" in Venezuela myself - twice! It's a wild and glorious place, not at all what I expected and worth the wait!

    I needed the encouragement today too so your reminder of God's timing is spot on. Thank you again for being in Seekerville! :)

  65. Hi Missy:

    My wife found the brochure. The cruise line is Cetacean Cruises, (I don’t know what that means). The URL is:
    and they have a good video of the cruse.

    I think Captain Bill is the owner but I’ve never seen him. It’s always been the two women. The website has a discount.


    P.S. I forgot that my Parasailing misadventure was fully photographed! I’ll have to post some pictures on FB now that I know how to do it.

  66. Hi KC:

    That’s it! Angle Falls-- "Salto Angel". That’s where May needs to go on her next caper. And you’ve been there twice. I’m putting in my request right now!


  67. That is an amazing timing! Can't wait to read it after hearing about your experience!

  68. Connie,

    Thank you for your words of encouragement today. It can be difficult to keep the faith sometimes, but talking with others can help *waves at Melanie Pike*. I look forward to reading your book.


  69. Wow. God makes me laugh. Perfect comedic timing? How He finds ways to bless us in such amazing ways is, well, amazing!

    Thanks for sharing your story Connie!

  70. You are correct, Connie. There are two myths about writers. The typical writing day and the balanced life.


  71. Vince, thank you! And thank your wife for me. I went to the website and now have the phone number and address put into my cell phone. I can't wait to take the cruise!

  72. LOL! I think that last Tina laugh was rather maniacal. :)

  73. do you know if the place you work is hiring? (half joking, half not) my hubby has a captain license and seems only truly alive when he's on a boat out on the waters. God definitely wired him to be a sailor.

    the story ideas running amuck in the comments sound pretty nifty. i finally got to see your book trailer when i got home from work. VERY NICE! definitely makes me want to read the book.

    would love to be in the running for winning it - but will definitely put it on my wish list for later purchase (i use the wish list so i don't forget before i can reward myself with another book)

  74. Connie,

    Such an encouraging story! So happy you finally got to publish the story of your heart.

    Wow, your trailer is amazing.How did you remember all those words? I'd need cue cards! LOL.

    Thanks for sharing.

    sbmason at sympatico dot ca

  75. Couldn't get online for a while due to severe thunderstorms here...but I'm back! Such fun to chat with all of you today. I'm so glad the post encouraged many of you--I know God has sent just the right words when I needed to hear them many, many times! Glad to be part of that today.

    Keep moving forward, trusting His perfect timing!

    Tina--you've got me giggling!

    Sherida--I'm with Missy, your writin sounds way more fun than hubby's!

    DebH--Sadly, I only work a few hours a week. Hubby probably needs more than that!!

    Debra--I love it when God makes me laugh, too! :)

    You all are awesome!

  76. Welcome Connie! (and my apologies for being so late joining in today---been one of those days--not bad, just "crazy" LOL).

    I sure needed to read your post, and will add it to my "Keeper File"! ~ CONGRATULATIONS on the release of ANGEL FALLS (and thanks for sharing the events leading up to its publication). Yep, God's timing is definitely the BEST!

    How fun that you're a boat captain---sounds so adventurous!
    Thank you again for this post.
    Blessings from Georgia, Patti Jo

  77. I am continually amazed at how timely Seekerville posts are for me. Wow and double wow. Thank you for every word you wrote, Connie!

    Nancy C

  78. Abingdon has one of my projects and I hope to hear from them. So far, nothing yet.

    Congrats on your book. The timing thing strikes home with me as I'm getting the good rejection letters, revise and resubmit, etc. Hopefully, I get to the published side soon.

  79. Thanks for sharing this, Connie. I haven't given up, but I admit to slacking off periodically. When motivational strength wanes I try to regain creative enthusiasm by working on different projects.

    I'm made homemade granola bars to share... my stock snack food when I need inspiration. :)

  80. This is just what I needed to hear today, Connie. God Bless and thank you:)

  81. I'm glad Connie's post was good timing for so many of you! Connie, thanks for your inspiring words.

  82. Many many thanks again for having me here! It was such fun to chat with you all! Many have said the post encouraged them--know that being here and hearing your stories encouraged me big time, too! Isn't it neat how God works?
    Let me know how things go with your writing, won't you??

  83. That is both encouraging and inspiring. Thank you.