Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Barbara Vey's Reader Appreciation Luncheon 2013

Barbara Vey (L) and Debby Giusti (R) at
Barbara's Reader Appreciation Luncheon,
April 2013
Debby Giusti here!

I love Reader Luncheons! Some of you may recall my February 15, 2012 Seekerville blog that detailed how to organize and coordinate such an event. I pulled from my own experiences after hosting tables at a number of luncheons and included hands-on advice from some very savvy folks who have been in charge of writer and reader events, all of which have been extremely successful.

Love Inspired authors Debbie Kauffman and Debby Giusti wait
for the hotel shuttle at the Milwaukee Airport
My hope last year, as well as today, is that some of you may be interested in hosting a similar event in your own hometown. Just as I mentioned in 2012, a reader luncheon is a wonderful way to promote books and bring writers and readers together. It can serve also as a fund raiser for a special charity or a money maker for your local library or women’s church group.
Friday night Barbara hosted a Q&A with authors and readers.
Waiting to get started in the front row (LtoR) are
 Eileen Dreyer, Sharon Sala, and Sabrina Jeffries.
Doesn’t everyone like to go out to lunch? Add door prizes and swag bags filled with books and promotional items and the day becomes even more exciting. There are lots of opportunities to mix and mingle with established bestsellers or meet new authors who may turn into tomorrow’s favorites. The conversation always centers on writing and reading, and everyone goes home with new books to enjoy.
Following the Q&A, I had dinner with Lyndee Henderson
and her daughter Ellyn. Later that night, I got my tote and
table gifts ready for the next day. 
Publishers Weekly contributing editor, Barbara Vey is a dear friend who frequently guest blogs on Seekerville. You’ve probably visited her Beyond Her Book blog, perhaps during her huge birthday bash and mega giveaway each March. If you know Barbara, you know everything she does is a big success. In 2012, she hosted the first annual Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Luncheon, which I had the honor and privilege of attending. As enjoyable as that first gathering was, this year’s luncheon was even better.
I headed to the ballroom early Saturday
morning to set up my table. Everyone was busy getting ready.
Barbara makes everything look so easy. Of course, it takes months of planning and coordination as well as lots of folks—her friends, family and volunteers—working together to make the day so special. I knew you’d want to see photos.
(L to R) Heidi and Joysann review on Barbara's blog and
often visit Seekerville. Here they're helping Victoria with the
250 name tags and swag bags. Everyone's waiting
for the doors to open!
Tracey Devlyn (L) and Andrienne Giordana (R) show off
the cute totes they gave to their table mates. Loved
learning about the Lady Jane nights they host at a nearby coffee
shop where authors read excerpts from their latest releases.
The money raised benefits a local women's shelter.
Way to give back, ladies!

It's always nice to visit with former Georgian CL Wilson.
We flew back to Atlanta on the same plane,
along with Debbie Kauffman and Susan Carlisle, and talked non-stop
about how much we enjoyed the weekend.
Best-selling authors Sabrina Jeffries (L) and
Karen Hawkins (R) chat before the festivities begin.
Dianna Love and Debby in front of the author giveaway baskets.
Di and I live in the same town and joke about having to travel
to see each other. 
Being with Lyndee Henderson (R) and her daughter Ellyn (L)
made the weekend so very special.
Thanks, ladies, for joining me!
Another special treat was getting to know Jennifer Tipton's mother,
Alicia Stevernson (L), and sister Virginia Hardesty (R). Hope
you can join us next year, Jennifer.

Doris Greenberg (L) and Pandre Shandley (R) are former dance
instructors who now write YA stories
about the dance studio they used to own. 
(L to R) Alicia, Pandre, Virginia, Sally Lemke, Deb, Ellyn,
Doris and Lyndee. Thanks, ladies, for sitting at my table!
Dessert cupcakes featured my book cover!
What a special treat, Barbara!
At the podium to give away my tote.
And the winner is...
Lynne Wall won! A librarian from Aurora, Illinois, Lynne
loves inspy books and orders them for her library.
Best-selling author James Rollins entertained us
following lunch.
A book signing ended the day!
At the conclusion of the luncheon, Barbara asked us to save the date for next year. The Third Annual Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Luncheon will be held on Saturday, April 26, 2014, at the beautiful Crowne Plaza Hotel in Milwaukee.

Guess who the luncheon speaker will be? Debbie Macomber. I've already made plans to attend. Think about joining me there.

What's the best reader or writer event you've ever attended? Have you considered hosting an event in your local area? Any suggestions for easy ways to get readers and writers together? Share your ideas and leave a comment to be included in a drawing for one of my books, winner's choice.

Happy writing! Happy reading!

Wishing you abundant blessings,
Debby Giusti
Faith with an edge...cross my heart!

By Debby Giusti
Trusting the Wrong Person Can Be Deadly...
Lillie Beaumont's dark past has just turned up on her porch--fatally wounded. The dying words of the man imprisoned for killing Lillie's mother suggest hidden secrets. Criminal Investigations Division special agent Dawson Timmons agrees. He has his own motive for seeking the truth, and it gives Lillie every reason to doubt him. But even as they reluctantly begin to face painful secrets together, Dawson fears that a murderer is waiting to strike again. And this time, Lillie is right in the line of fire...

Watch for THE SOLDIER'S SISTER, available Sept 2013.


  1. Wow, what great pictures. Especially loved those cupcakes.

    Lyndee, you and your daughter look lovely!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us Debby.

    Is the luncheon held the same time, same place every year? How can we sign up as readers or writers?

  2. Almost felt like I was there! Thank you Debby (and Barbara) for letting us in.

    I remember your post from last year.
    Gosh it does get the creative juices flowing. What fun (and lots of work that pays off obviously)

    Debby - so the totes at each table are given by the hostess AT that table? How do you know who will be sitting with you? Do they sign up for specific seats or ???

    (If you said that in the post, I'm sooo sorry I didn't read more carefully.)

    This looks like a super idea. I'll have to think about organizing something... next year! :)

    As always, you look MAHvelous! What a good time was had by all!

  3. Waving to Debby!

    This event was really fun, not only because we had an outstanding table hostess, but because the entire event is very personal. There was time to meet and learn about each author, and the pace was just right. Thanks again, Debby, for a wonderful time, and Barbara, if you're out there, congrats on another successful event!

    Thanks for the compliment, Tina. Never can tell how one's hair might look after using a hotel hair dryer!

  4. Waving to Debby!

    This event was really fun, not only because we had an outstanding table hostess, but because the entire event is very personal. There was time to meet and learn about each author, and the pace was just right. Thanks again, Debby, for a wonderful time, and Barbara, if you're out there, congrats on another successful event!

    Thanks for the compliment, Tina. Never can tell how one's hair might look after using a hotel hair dryer!

  5. Hi Debby:

    Looks like you had a lot of fun. It’s nice to see Sharon Sala again. I meet her at the OKRWA years ago. I’ve read most of her books under her pen name Dinah McCall. I know there are a lot of romance authors and yet it seems to be a small community.

    I just have one question: how much does it cost a fan to attend? My ACFW chapter did something like this at a church just a few months ago. I was out of town so I don’t know how it went. But I think it went very well.

    I guess you could start an event like this little and make it bigger each year. The fact that you are going to go back next year is a great endorsement.

    I think I saw your deluxe “Writer’s Prayer” cards. This was not a Christian event was it? How were the prayer cards received?


    P.S. I have all your books. In fact, I’m two reviews behind. I’ll try to catch up soon. : )

  6. It's quite obvious by the pictures that fun was had by all. I would love to attend an event such as this but it's hard to travel to far away from Northeast Indiana.

    Would love to have my name tossed into your drawing.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

    countrybear52 AT yahoo DOT com

  7. This looks like so much fun. DO readers get to choose where to sit, or put in a preferance? AS Vince asked what costs are there for readers?
    Haven,t been to one but itlooks like fun. MY closest was last monday in Atlanta!:)
    cominfg sunday meeting in Spokane withsome readers and authors

    today we see the montacello i think Jefferson, home.

  8. Morning Seekerville!

    The coffee's hot and I'm sipping my first cup.

    Lots of goodies on the breakfast bar...a yummy egg and sausage casserole, an assortment of muffins and pastries, fresh fruit and grits. Enjoy!

  9. Tina, you asked the right questions this morning. Sorry I failed to include the link for info about Barbara's luncheons.

    I know! I need to learn how to embed the link. :)

    Not sure when Barbara will start taking reservations for next April's event. I'm hoping she'll stop by later so we can ask her.

    We'll be sure to include the info on the Seekerville Weekend Edition.

    The luncheon is always held in Milwaukee. The Crowne Plaza was lovely, and the staff went out of their way to make all of us feel at home so I'm sure she'll use the same venue next year. BTW, the price of the room was reasonable, and I snagged a good deal on airline tickets.

    The luncheon is the perfect destination for a mother/daughter weekend, as Lindi and Ellyn can attest, or a girl's get-away.

    Walt and Vince, you'd enjoy it as well. So would your wives.

  10. I've been looking forward to this post because I know what a great event it is...and always a treat to see Debby's beautiful smile.

    And-- waving to Lyndee. Yes, sounds like a nice mother/daughter weekend!

    I think the RWA chapter conference is the weekend of June 1. With Michael Hauge workshop. nice!

  11. Hi KC and May...

    Yes, folks can sign up to sit at a certain author's table, which is what Lyndee and Ellyn did as well as Jennifer Tipton's mom and sister. Otherwise, you find a seat when the doors open.

    Authors provide table gifts. Flying makes that a challenge. This year I had to check a bag and take a carryon and was worried about the mugs breaking. Next year I'll shop for suitcase-friendly items. :)

  12. Thanks for sharing this Debby, you are right most of like a luncheon out and to talk with friends that are book lovers would be great. I like the idea. loved your pics with all the lovely Ladies.
    I have been following AusJenny on her trip to America and she has been to some wonderful places and meeting authors that she loves..this is a little like your luncheons just smaller scale.
    Paula O

  13. By the way, KC, some authors host their own solo reader events. They give away their books and mix and mingle with all the guests. I can see you and May hosting a reader and pup function in the future.

    Wouldn't that be fun!

    Be sure to include doggie bones and pet treats in the swag bags. :)

  14. Lyndee,

    It was such a joy being with you and getting to know your fantastic daughter! Of course, she'd have to be since you're her mom!

    I felt so blessed to have so many delightful ladies--we all became dear friends--at my table. Truly it was God inspired, and I am grateful to everyone who made the day so special.

    Of course, Barbara sets the tone for any event she hosts, and it's always one of love and affirmation.

  15. Thank you for sharing the pics and the summary of the day, Debby! Looks like fun--and you looked so lovely!

  16. Oh what fun it meet with other writers and readers! Love to know if anyone ever plans anything in the Boston area.
    Kathy Bailey

  17. When I have readers, I am going to have lunch with them!
    Kathy Bailey

  18. Hi Vince,

    Sharon Sala (pronounced Sail-a, which I didn't realize) is a lovely lady. Sitting next to her in the pic is Eileen Dryer, a trauma nurse and bestselling author. I've always enjoyed her books, but we'd never met before.

    Yes, the writing world is a small community. It's like the military...we all move around but run into each other often, which makes it fun.

    The cost of last year's luncheon was $40 with an added fee to reserve a seat at a specific table. That includes a delicious lunch, swag bag filled with books, table gifts and a chance to win one of the doorprize author bags. In addition, other book baskets and totes are raffled off with proceeds benefitting a local charity.

    Good for your ACFW chapter hosting a reader luncheon! I hope they make it an annual event. Perfect for a church group to organize as well.

    Barbara's luncheon included all genres, but folks pick their tables by what they like to read.

    I give away my Writer's Prayer when I sign or attend a conference and am amazed at how many people keep it by their computers and say the prayer each day before they begin to write. God gave me that prayer right after I got "The Call." He knew I needed it. Evidently others do as well. :)

    Thanks, Vince, for your support, which means so much to me. Hugs!

  19. Cindy, I hope more reader luncheons will spring up around the country so you can attend one close to home.

    Yes, you're in the drawing. :)

  20. Jenny, I answered some of your questions above. See the comments for Vince.

    It's been so fun reading about your travels. Of course, meeting you IN PERSON was so, so special! Now I can SEE you at each destination. Hope the weather is perfect today for Monticello. Sorry Atlanta was cold when you were here.

  21. Any Denver Seekervillagers online today?

    Jenny has a three-hour layover in the Denver Airport on Sunday. I know she'd love to see you.

    Tina, you moved away too soon!

  22. Can't enter drawing, just won one of Debby's books, but asking Seekers to pray for me -- an agency wants to see "Trail," my Oregon Trail novel. Please, God, let this be the right time -- and if it isn't, help me to accept it with grace.
    Kathy Bailey
    Pre-pubbed in New Hampshire

  23. Debby, thanks for sharing the pictures and fun of Barbara's Reader Appreciation Luncheon! I know Lyndee, her daughter and everyone at your table had a great time with you, the hostess with the mostest!

    Sharon Sala/Dinah McCall is a terrific author and lovely gracious person. I once introduced her workshop at RWA.


  24. Jenny, hope you enjoy Monticello, my dh's favorite historical house.

    Prayers for travel mercies west!


  25. Deb, we need more info about the RWA Conference and Michael Hauge workshop. Is that in your local area?

    GRW hosted Hauge for a weekend-long event some years ago. He was and is fantastic!

    Hope you can attend!

    BTW, were your ears burning during Barbara's luncheon weekend? Lyndee and I were talking about how wonderful you are! :)

    Come to think of it, we said wonderful things about lots of Villagers so everyone's ears must have been burning.

  26. I am all set for a "revise and resubmit," which is better than I've had for a while. LOL
    BTW, this is in addition to the agent who currently has a partial.
    Kathy Bailey
    Shocked and awed in New Hampshire

  27. Hi Paula,

    We should change Ausjenny's online name to Traveling-Jenny! Love her updates each day.

    I'd like to visit Australia, but the flight is so long. Not sure how I'd hold up for that many hours in the air. :)

  28. Waving to Glynna as she heads to work. Hope your weather has improved. Has the snow melted yet?

  29. Kathy, I would love to have lunch with you in Boston! Wouldn't that be fun!

    Hmmm...maybe a future Seekervillager retreat destination!

  30. Kathy, I'm praying. Keep us posted!

  31. Janet, I lived in VA for a number of years at various time, graduated from high school there and considered it home, yet I've never toured Monticello, which is such a regret!

    See it for me, Jenny!

  32. Sounds like you're very close, Kathy. Keep storming heaven. Find a special scripture to pray that confirms God's work in your life.

    I love John 15:16.

  33. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Needed that coffee. Love your books Debby!

  34. Debby, you look so great standing up there giving a speech. I am in AWE.

    And the luncheon sounds so great. Tina??? Weren't we going to try and get in on this one of these years???

  35. Hi DEBBY, How exciting to see all the photos. I've heard so much about this event each year and the photos make it come together and seem easier to picture in my mind.

    I love reader events. We have a similar event in Arizona called Arizona Dreaming where readers come to meet authors.

    In Tempe they have a famous street fair every spring and fall. When Borders was alive, their store that was on the main street would feature a table outside with all of the local authors. We would have so much fun meeting readers.

    Thanks again for sharing all the fun photos.

  36. Hi LYNDEE, How fun to see you and photos of your daughter. I know you had a blast.

  37. Yep, Debby, snow is all melted down below and tiny, tiny leaves are beginning to come out on the trees. But I can still see snow up on the mountains. Had a beautiful fresh snow up there last week!

  38. Thanks for sharing this exciting experience with us, Debby! You looked so poised and pretty standing behind the podium. What a fun way to connect with readers and other authors!

  39. Thanks Debby for sharing this great event. The very best convention I ever attended was the Romantic Times Convention in Savannah. I won't say how many years ago. I joined some reader meetings. Talk about avid readers! Because of that I'll never forget why I'm writing.

    Starting a Christian readers event in Macon Ga is on my TBD list. It's such a good setting and I'd like proceeds to go to abused and exploited women and their children. Churches would support it, I know. A lot of praying and work would have to go into that.

    God bless everyone who appreciates readers. Put me in the dish for your book.

  40. Wow -- y'all know how to throw a party! What a fantastic idea! If only it was closer to where I live! I can't imagine the number of hours it took to organize! I just noticed I'm talking in ! again. Oh well, this post was !!!! worthy! I'm also amazed at the willingness of the authors to contribute not only their time but the goodie bags as well.

  41. Cindy, thanks for your kind words about my books.

    Sending cyber hugs and chocolate! :)

  42. Mel, wish I could join you for the Heart of Dixie Reader Luncheon this June. Always love the event and the wonderful folks in the Huntsville RWA Chapter. Let us know all the fun details.

  43. Mary, check your calendar for next April. Yes, you want to be there!

  44. Sandra and Glynna, I'd love to attend the Desert Dreams Conference. Keep me posted on dates and whether you're planning to attend.

    Is the Arizona Dreams something different, Sandra?

  45. Oooh, Elaine, that sounds like a good idea. I know I would come to Macon for such an event.

    Whenever I would see these lovely, vivid, visual blog posts, I would always does Debby get in there, since it is her camera?

    You have to see her in action.

    She just hands the camera to the person, and says in the sweetest voice, "Will you take our picture, please?" She's so lovely about it, people always oblige her. They must be thinking: "I may not fully understand how this camera got in my hand, but of course I will take your picture, lovely Southern lady!" She's amazing!

    Ask and you shall receive! Debby's a great teacher in all respects!


  46. Myra, you need to host an event in your local area with your ACFW Chapter. I'll drive over and join in the fun.

    Bet I could talk Missy into coming with me!

    Now wouldn't that be fun!

    Maybe Julie Hilton Steele would be there...


    Who else is in the Carolinas?

  47. It's certainly something we'd think about, Deb! Would love for you and Missy to join the Carolina authors for a special event. There are quite a few of us up this way!

  48. Elaine, I'm joining you in prayer for your reader event in Macon. Please keep me in the loop about what you have planned.

    Macon is a beautiful city with such a rich history. Plus, a very Christian town. So glad God has placed this TBD on your heart.

    I'm hearing more and more positive comments about the RT Conventions. Nice to know you found it to be a good experience. The next RT will be in New Orleans. I've never gone. Perhaps someday...

    You're in the drawing!

  49. Kav!!!

    Love the explanation marks! Barbara Vey deserves all the praise for hosting, coordinating, organizing, chairing, pulling everything together, getting the authors, inviting the readers, reserving the hotel, providing huge swag bags for those who attended...

    You get the idea!

    She's certainly !!!! worthy!

    Cyber hugs heading your way, sweet Kav. Have a great day.

  50. Piper, I'm LOL!!!

    You're so funny today!

    At least you didn't say I was pushy!

    Let's go to Macon together, okay?

  51. Myra! I'm in the car and headed your way, girlfriend!

  52. Hey, there is a world of difference between pushy and sweetly asking right? I regret all of my pictures of ds with either me or dh, not all three of us that often! You've got to ask! You rock!

    And yes, let's go to Macon when Elaine has her luncheon! It would be fun!

  53. Sandra, one never knows what the future will hold, but would love to know more about your reader/author event in Arizona, particularly in the Phoenix area. Martin & Janice Whitbread of Living Books Inc. have one each year in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, where they bring in one or two authors to meet with their distributors, but that's the only one I have heard about. Love being a part of this group, and seeing the pics

  54. What a fun time, Debby! Thanks so much for sharing the photos!

    I look forward to attending another Reader's Luncheon in Huntsville, AL, with the Heart of Dixie folks. They throw a great party!

  55. Hi Jenny:

    I’m just loving your comments. You’re taking me back to when I was a kid and saw all those wonderful historical sites for the first time on summer vacations. Year after year! Keep them up!

    Also: If it is not too late and you’re in the South: try some cornbread. Real cornbread. People outside the south cannot get it right! Put a lot of butter on it.

    Lastly: I know you don’t like Crows but I wonder, how do you feel about Magpies? : )


  56. Debby, I love your pictures and are adding them to my album. I am amazed every year how wonderful everything turns out. Readers come from all over the country and we even had one from the UK. Tickets for next will be available August 1st and we have a dynamic line up of over 40 authors. So happy you're coming again.

  57. Debby, what wonderful pictures that capture the greatness of Barbara's luncheon!! I am so excited to have met you and have such joy to read your books!! I can't wait to see you next year! :)

  58. I'm still laughing, Piper!!!

    Macon, here we come!


  59. Marianne,
    I hope you and Sandra can connect. Isn't it fun learning about events happening around the country! And even in Canada and Australia!

    Seekerville is international!

  60. Missy...think about Macon and the Carolinas too. Lots of fun events in the works!

  61. Barbara, thanks for stopping by and letting us know when the reservations open for your April 26, 2014 luncheon! I know it will be a sell out with Debbie Macomber as the keynote!

    I'm already excited!

    Plus, Barbara's blogging with us on Oct 16 so be sure to mark your calendars and stop by Seekerville that day.

    One of the giveaways will be so exciting...

    I'm just saying...

    Don't miss it!

    Don't miss next year's luncheon either!

  62. Vince, you need to come east again. So much to see and experience.

    Isn't it fun hearing about Jenny's travels. I'm enjoying her updates too.

    Cornbread. Yum! I baked a batch and placed it on the buffet bar. Good with butter, as you mentioned, or crumbled up in buttermilk, which is so Southern.

  63. Heidi,
    Loved seeing you at Barbara's luncheon. Also love your reviews on her Beyond Her Book Blog! Thanks for being such a dear friend to Seekerville!

    Hugs across the miles!

    Wishing you sunshine and warm weather!

  64. Debby, it was so nice meeting you at the luncheon. One of the things I love the most about reader/author luncheons is how intimate they are. Participants make new friends so easily at these events! Hugs, Tracey

  65. Tracey, you're so right about making new friends.

    Loved meeting you and hearing about the amazing Lady Jane nights you and Adrienne host.

    Hope to see you at RWA this summer!

  66. This sounds like so much fun! One of these days....

    Love the pics, Debby!

  67. I've never been to a writer/reader event, but I think our local library has something like that once in a while. Looks fun! Love the pics!

  68. Debby, thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. Looks like such fun! The only reader/author gathering I've been to was the literacy event at RWA last year in Anaheim. Great to get readers and authors together!

  69. Pam, you need to come to Atlanta!

    Natalie, sounds like you must have a "happening" library. Check it out the next time they have a writer event. Bet you'd enjoy the day.

    Sherida! The RWA literacy signing is huge, but so fun. The venue was great in Anaheim. Sometimes it's crowded. Nice when there's room to spread out.

  70. Loved your post, Debby--and you look radiant in all your photos! The luncheon really sounds fun and well-organized (but I can only imagine all the WORK that goes into it--whew).

    Hopefully one of these days I'll attend a reader's luncheon--what a fun idea. (And if YOU ever decide to host one here in Georgia, I'll gladly help you!)

    I've been gone almost all day, but did manage to bake a Peach cobbler after I came home--ENJOY!! ;)

    Hugs, Patti Jo

  71. Oh Debby the pictures are so much fun. All those smiling faces and so many good things accomplished. What a great feeling everyone must have had as they made their way home. And some wonderful ideas for gatherings, too!

    My local chapter hosts a conference every other year. Last time they had a raffle that raised money for a literacy effort, with great success. They're in the planning stages for next year, so I intend to share some of these ideas. The only book signing events in which I've been involved were free events at a local community college. They hosted a writing contest with several categories and several age groups. The winners were announced the day of the book signing and presented with checks by the author who helped sponsor the contest. Lots of fun.

    I just wrapped up my writing day and will read comments after dinner. Hope everyone's had a productive day.

    Nancy C

  72. HI Patti Jo!
    You need to attend one of the Alabama Reader Luncheons. So fun. Or whatever Elaine is pulling together in Macon. That's close!

    Enjoying the peach cobbler. Yummy! Thank you, Patti Jo!

    Didn't we have fun with Jenny! I want her to stop by Atlanta again.

  73. Hi Nancy!
    What a nice idea of helping college students. Thanks for sharing!

    If you stop back, Nancy, be sure to mention your chapter's conference. Who knows, some folks may be in your area and decide to attend.

    Spread the word through Seekerville!

  74. Debby...that looks like a lot of fun! Do they have author luncheons like that in Atlanta often? I've never heard of a luncheon like that before...but I think it would be great.
    The only thing I've ever been to that featured an author was a booksigning by Tamera Alexander. It was really fun because she had it at the historical home where her book took place. Afterwards my husband and I got to tour the home, which was really neat because I was able to visualize the things happening in the book. I love touring old homes, anyway, so it was a real treat.
    Thanks for sharing! Blessings~Stacey

  75. Hi Stacey,
    Barbara's luncheon was held in Milwaukee.

    I usually attend the Southern Magic Luncheon in Birmingham each November. Another event is the Heart of Dixie Luncheon in Huntsville.

    Hosting an event in an historical home sounds like fun! What a nice opportunity for readers to experience the book's setting first hand.

  76. Terrific pictures, Debby! Thank you for posting and for the Lady Jane's Salon shout-out.

    It was great seeing you at the luncheon!