Friday, May 31, 2013

June Contest Update

We're half-way through the contest year! Unbelievable.

Share your goals for the next six months for a chance at today's giveaway, 

Mary Connealy's Swept Away

Print or ebook

Published Author Contests

Heart of Excellence Readers' Choice Awards-Deadline June 15.

Unpublished Author Contests

Lonestar Contest. Deadline June 8th. Entry: first 25 pages.Unpublished may enter any category. Published my enter any category in which they’re not published, or in which they’ve not been contracted for five years. Open to RWA and non-RWA members.
Contemporary Series
 Agent – TBA
 Editor – Wanda Ottewell, Harlequin
 Epublisher – Leanne Morgena, The Wild Rose Press
Erotic Romance  
Editor – Nicole Fisher, Harper Collins 
Editor – Violet Hughes, Ellora’s Cave 
Epublisher – Char Chaffin, Soul Mate Publishing

 Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal
 Agent – Pam van Hyckama Vlieg, Foreword Literary, Inc.
 Editor – Junessa Viloria, Random House
 Epublisher – Debby Gilbert, Soul Mate Publishing
Historical / Regency
 Agent – Jessica Alvarez, BookEnds, LLC
 Editor – Katherine Pelz, Berkley Publishing Group (Penguin Group)
 Epublisher – Susan Yates, The Wild Rose Press

 Inspirational Romance
 Agent – Kimberly Shumate, Living Word Literary Agency
 Editor – TBA
 Epublisher – Nicola Martinez, Pelican Book Group

 Romantic Suspense
 Editor – Whitney Mae, Ellora’s Cave
 Editor – Rachel Burkot, Harlequin
 Epublisher – Lori Graham, The Wild Rose Press

 Single Title
 Agent – Jill Marsal, Marsal Lyon Literary Agency
 Epublisher – Chris Keeslar, Boroughs Publishing Group
 Epublisher – Jennifer Lawler, Crimson Romance
 Young Adult
 Agent – Laura Bradford, Bradford Literary Agency
 Editor – Aubrey Poole, SourceBooks
 Epublisher – Kat O’Shea, Leap Books

The Maggie Awards for Unpublished Authors. Deadline June 10. Entry to consist of synopsis and prologue (if applicable) and first chapter(s). Total number of pages may not exceed 35 per entry. Judges are encouraged to add their comments directly on the manuscripts. Scores WILL NOT be released to the entrants.

Single Title Romance
 Leah Hultenschmidt
 Senior Editor (YA and romance), Sourcebooks

Contemporary Series Romance
 Kathryn Lye
 Editor, Harlequin HQ

Inspirational Romance
 Nicola Martinez
 Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Pelican Book Group

Historical Romance
 Tessa Woodward
 Editor, Avon

Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
 Christopher Keeslar
 Editor in Chief, Boroughs Publishing Group

Young Adult
 Erica M. Chapman
 Associate Editor, Entangled Publishing

Novel With Strong Romantic Elements
 Deborah Smith
 Vice President and Editorial Director, Belle Books

Put Your Heart in a Book. Entry period: June 1, 2013 – June 30. Entry: synopsis and first chapter/prologue (30 pages max).

Short Contemporary
 Agent: TBD
 Editor: Lauren Ruth, Entangled Publishing
 Multi-published Author: Katherine Garbera

Single-Title Contemporary
 Agent: Michelle Grajkowski, Three Seas Literary Agency
 Editor: LaToya Smith, Grand Central Publishing
 Multi-published Author: Margaret Mallory

 Agent: Jordy Albert – The Booker Albert Agency
 Editor: Tessa Woodward, Avon Books
 Multi-published Author: Connie Brockway

 Agent: Eric Ruben, Ruben Literary Agency
 Editor: Melissa Johnson, Carina Press
 Multi-published Author: Eloisa James

Young Adult Romance
 Agent: Kevan Lyon, Marsal Lyon Literary Agency
 Editor: Leah Hultenschmidt, Sourcebooks
 Multi-published author: Keri Mikulski

Romantic Suspense
 Agent: Pamela Harty, The Knight Agency
 Editor: Patience Smith Bloom, Harlequin
 Multi-published author: Diana Cosby

Category 5 Contest (Writers on the Storm- The Woodlands, Texas Chapter of American Christian Fiction Writers). Entries accepted June 1 through June 30 deadline.Entry consists of:11 pages, the first page should be your 250 word synopsis single spaced with the same header information as the ten manuscript pages that follow.

Contemporary - Mary Keeley of Books & Such Literary Agency
Historical - Julie Gwinn, Fiction Manager for B&H Publishing Group
Mystery/Suspense/Thriller - Fay Lamb, Acquisition Editor for Harbourlight Books
Romance - Tamela Hancock Murray of The Steve Laube Agency
Speculative/ Young Adult - Jeff Gerke, Founder of Marcher Lord Press

 Indiana’s Golden Opportunity Contest. Deadline July 1. Submit the first 55 pages. Two final editor judges. Open for entries May 1.


Contemporary Romance                                                              

     Traditional Print Editor        Latoya Smith      Associate Editor Grand Central Publishing   
     E-Pub Editor                       Rhonda Helms    Acquisitions & Develop. Editor Carina Press

 Erotic Romance                                                                 

     Traditional Print Editor       Leis Pederson      Editor Berkley Publishing Group
     E-Pub Editor                      Michele Paulin       Editorial Director Resplendence Publishing    

 Historical Romance                                                           

     Traditional Print Editor       Laura Fazio            Asst. Editor NAL at Penguin
     E-Pub Editor                      Erin Molta                Senior Editor Entangled Publishing

 Inspirational Romance                                                     

     Traditional Print Editor       Shana Smith          Associate Editor Harlequin Love Inspired
     Traditional Print Editor       Becky Philpott       Assoc. Acquisition. Ed. HarperCollins  Christian Publishing              

 Paranormal Romance                                                                   

     Traditional Print Editor       Kristine Swartz       Editorial Assistant Berkley Publishing Group
     E-Pub Editor                      Heather Howland    Senior Editor Entangled Publishing

 Romantic Suspense                                                                     

     Traditional Print Editor      Patience Bloom     Senior Editor Harlequin Books
     E-Pub Editor                      Deb Nemeth           Developmental Editor Carina Press

 Young Adult Romance                                                     

     Traditional Print Editor       Leah Hultenschmidt    Senior Editor Sourcebooks Casablanca
     E-Pub Editor                      Stephanie Taylor          Owner & Editor in Chief Astraea Press

 First place winners in each of the seven categories will continue to the Best-of-the-Best round.
Best of the Best                      Katherine Pelz         Assistant Editor Berkley Publishing Group      

The Dixie Kane Memorial Contest. Deadline July 15. Entrants do not need to be members of RWA to enter. Open to published and unpublished authors.Entry: First 5 double-spaced pages. Also, one-page single-spaced synopsis (not judged).  

***No electronic submissions. ***.
Final Readers for first place entries:

Short/Long Series Contemporary, Rhonda Penders, Editor-in-Chief, The Wild Rose Press
Single Title Contemporary, Kathy Cottrell, Senior Editor Last Rose of Summer, The Wild Rose Press
Historical Romance, Allison Byers, Editor Historical Division, The Wild Rose Press
Paranormal, CallieLynn Wolfe, Senior Editor Black Rose, The Wild Rose Press
Inspirational, Nicola Martinez, Editor-in-Chief, Pelican Book Group
Novel w/ Strong Romantic Elements, Cindy Davis, Editor, The Wild Rose Press
Romantic Suspense, DJ Hendrickson, Editor, Champagne and Crimson Rose, The Wild Rose Press
Erotic Romance, Diana Carlile, Senior Editor, Scarlet Rose Line.

The Rebecca. Deadline July 15. Eligibility: unpublished or published.Entry: first 5000 words, electronic only. Cash prizes.

Contemporary Romance Leis Pederson, Berkley
Historical Romance Jennifer Enderlin, St. Martin’s
Paranormal/SFR/UF  Adam Wilson, Pocket Books
Erotic Romance Peter Senftleben, Kensington
 Young Adult Romance Pam van Hylckama Vlieg, Foreword Literary

Other Contests

 2014 Great American Fiction Contest -The Saturday Evening Post. Deadline July 1.  Prize is publication and cash! Stories must be 1,500-5,000 in length. (Thanks to Pat Jeanne 

Davis for this info).

"Tribute to Our Troops" Essay Contest-The Saturday Evening Post  Honor the Troops, Win a SpeidelWatch. 200 word essay. Deadline July 4.

The Family Circle 2013 Fiction Writing Contest. Deadline September 16, 2013. Submit an original (written by entrant), fictional short story of no more than 2,500 words (typed, double-spaced and page numbered on 8-1/2 x 11 paper), including your full name, mailing address, daytime telephone number (including area code) and e-mail address (optional) on each page by mailing story in an envelope with proper postage affixed to: Family Circle Fiction Writing Contest.Grand Prize (1): A prize package including a check in the amount of $1,000.00.

 Are you a Poet or Literary Writer? Check out Poets & Writers List of Contests.

The June contest DIVA is Seeker Villager, Mary Curry.


"Tina asked me to tell what contests mean to me.

I've thought about it and thought about it, and I keep coming back to one word.


That probably sounds pathetic, but when I began writing, I had one fear - that the stories that fascinated me would be boring to others.

I was never the funny kid in the class. 

I was never the one to hold people spellbound if I told a story.

At a party you'd likely find me in a corner (if you found me there at all).

So how did such a self-professed introvert gain confidence to believe someone other than her mother and sisters would find her stories interesting?


I vividly recall getting back my first Golden Heart finalist results. My reaction pretty much mimicked Sally Field's famous "They like me!" Oscar speech.

Of course there have been plenty of non-finalist "they don't like me" moments too.

But whenever the voices of despair hit, I can pull out those finalist and winning moments and find the confidence to persevere."

That's it! Now Go Forth and Contest!

Tina's Maggie's 


  1. I will enter the Maggies. (I am working on fixing the synopsis. The rest of the entry is ready.) Beyond that, I don't have anything.

  2. The Maggies is good. I love the Maggies.

  3. My goals for the next six months???

    Finish line edits, copy edits, and promote book #1

    Finish line edits, copy edits,and promote novella.

    Have a baby.

    Turn in book #2.

    Have two series proposals to my agent.

    All while homeschooling, kid carting, church finance keeping, cleaning house (or maybe not that one), regular life stuff.....

    Most importantly - Not die of exhaustion.

  4. Melissa.

    I really don't know what to say.

    Do you like your chocolate white, dark or milk?

  5. Tomorrow is the deadline for Boroughs Publishing's "What's in a Name" contest. My entry has been in for a couple weeks now. The contest is done in several phases with finalists moving forward based on popular vote. So starting June 10, I will be promoting my entry to everyone from friends and family to the Facebook group for my elementary school.

    This novella was my SpeedBo project. And yes, I will be begging for votes on here. *grin*

    And while I'm doing that, I have several ideas whirling in my head. The one I write will depend on which characters talk loudest and reveal the most of themselves to me.


  6. Be sure we are friends on Facebook Marilyn so I can vote.

    Good for you for stepping out an doing this.

    Also you can post it on the Seekerville Facebook page to solicit votes.

  7. I can't enter Category 5 because I'm helping work it. But I want to try the new WIP out in a contest really, really bad and I'm sad because there will be no Phoenix Rattler this year. I'd consider Maggies but ten days ain't a lot of time to get a synopsis and third chapter written.

  8. Do it Nancy. Just do it.

    Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it.

    No pain, no gain.

  9. Looks like the Rattler just changed dates that's all.

    The Phoenix Rattler Writing Contest Rules
    Rules may change - new contest design pending
    Watch here for date of our next contest - change from Autumn 2013 to Winter 2014 pending ACFW approval

  10. Milk, definitely Milk chocolate....yet, my grocery store denies me. The cheapest and tastiest (because hubby devours chocolate more than me) seems to be a bag of Hershey's milk chocolate chips.....and yet, for the past several months, someone must be having a chocolate chip cookie bake sale every. single. week. and they are rarely available!!!! And none of the other chocolate chips taste as good by the handful.

    The inventory people have yet to get themselves together and rectify this! Grrrr Don't they know I need chocolate???

  11. Whew! I got scared for a minute there. I love the Ratter. Was my first contest and actually the second, too.

    The Category 5 looks fun. I don't have a synopsis ready, but I guess I could write one up and submit it to the CPs before June 30. (I have CPs! YAY! Thanks to Tina's Critique Partner Yenta Service. ;) )

    Whenever you post a Contest Update, Tina, a little voice in my head says, "Enter them all!" Lol. I've found I love contesting too much. It's such a thrill, though, no matter the results. Like waiting on Christmas.

    Hmm... 6 month goal. Yikes. Before December I want to query the current WIP to 3 agents, plot, write and begin contesting book #2, read 3 writing craft books (any of the ones piling up on my Kindle), and lose 30 lbs. Hey, losing lbs. means more energy, which means more writing, so I guess it's a writing goal, right? Lol.

    I'm entering the Lonestar, Lord willing. During macros, I realized a scene (actually a sequel) is missing. Said unwritten scene would be included in the 25 pages, so I better get to writing. :)

  12. Okay Tina, I think I've been officially challenged. If Ruthy sees, that's it, I'll have no choice, LOL.

    Natalie, I hear you. I LOVE Rattler. It has been very, very good to me (garnered me a proposal request from a top agent) and the coordinators there helped us a lot when putting together the Category Five contest. An author who is judging for us even said in e-mail this seemed a lot like Rattler, which I took as a very high compliment. =)

    Enough playing with my friends. I've got a third chapter and synopsis to write. That's one of my goals. The second is to not pout if I don't final in Genesis this year. Third, finish my Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maas workbook. Fourth, complete this MS (which aptly enough will be my fourth MS since 2010). Fifth, hookup with a beginning or struggling writer in Scribes and mentor them through their biggest challenge.

    Melissa, I would send you some chocolate if I had some. I eat it all and never have any to share. Even though I'm allergic to it. God thought that would be funny I guess.

  13. Poor Melissa. This is really a travesty.

  14. Go Natalie, you diva you!!!! That's what we like to hear.

  15. Yes, Nancy. The gauntlet has been tossed down.

    You can do it!!

  16. I can't believe I didn't enter a contest in May. What a month.

    I've written down, in red pen, The Category 5 contest and I may try one more.

    I WILL enter a contest this month.

    Melissa, nothing really compares with having a baby. Congrats!

    Tina, thanks for cheering us on.

    Jackie L.

  17. 2013 is half way over....unbelievable! Time flies when you're struggling with edits, reading every craft book you can get your hands on, keeping up with your blog and the million others you follow, working on a new short story, working full-time...let's see, which contest should I many to choose from. :) Thanks for the terrific list!

  18. Jackie~!~~~ What were you thinking?? LOL.

  19. Jill so proud of you for working so hard on your craft!

  20. I'll have to look this over on the weekend and start plotting. I'm anxious to submit my edited ms (based on comments from last -- and first -- contest)and see what happens next. But I guess that means I really have to wrangle my synopsis into submission. Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!

    Six month goals? Really? Well, definitely enter more contests. I'll enter at least one June one -- maybe two. Have the book I'm working on now completely edited. Upcycle another story. Polish up a children's picture book and send it out somewhere! Find a new job that will give me more writing time!!!!!! And, of course, stopping in at Seekerville every day. :-) Oh, and read more books!!!!

    Don't enter me in the draw for Mary's book though, 'cause I already have it.

  21. Melissa, I don't know how you do it! After reading everything on your plate, I think I need a nap!

  22. Marilyn, yes! Let us know when it's time to vote!

  23. Natalie, good luck adding your sequel and getting the entry subbed!

  24. Nancy, Maas's workbook is amazing, isn't it? Our local ACFW chapter spent two meetings last summer working through some exercises.

  25. Jill, I agree. Where has the year gone???!!!!

  26. Oh, Kav, good luck with the synopsis wrestling! That's no fun. But such a good feeing to have finished it. :)

  27. Mary Curry, thanks for sharing your Diva story! I agree about the validation. I feel the same way.

  28. Kav, I've been praying for a new job for you for months! I know it is going to happen!!!

  29. Great WE Tina.

    Congrats to winners and to Mary Curry. Great Diva story. smile

    Best wishes on all the contest entries. You are stepping out and that is huge.

    Happy writing.

  30. Thanks to all who helped and participated on my first blog tour. It was so much fun.

    Be sure and check in on Amber's blog Seasons of Humility for results and winners.

    Thanks again to Amber for setting it up and to bloggers who hosted the tour: Carolyn, Vince, Kara, Kav, Renee, Tammy, Sherida, Julie and Virginia.

  31. Tina, thanks for all the great contest info!

    Good luck, Seekerville!!!

    "Tribute to Troops" essay contest caught my eye. Must check it out.

    Mary Curry, loved your comments about validation!

  32. Nancy K...we're thinking alike!

    My inner self keeps telling me to review Maass' "Writing the Breakout Novel." Even thought it might make a good blog post.


  33. Thanks for the contest update, Tina! I entered The Maggies as always. Was a finalist last year and attended Moonlight & Magnolias, a lovely conference if anyone is considering it.

    Mary C, I relate to that need for validation that contests fill. Proud of you for stepping out and entering. Winning the Genesis is huge! Validated must be stamped on your forehead. :-)

    Melissa J, you are amazing. You and Ruthy may be twins separated at birth...and by a few years.


  34. Good morning Seekerville!

    I will go in the Maggies with Walt--I don't know which category though...

    I've been kind of cooling it on the contest circuit a bit, with editing and working on the new Happily After Editor request and stuff, but the Maggies are a dangling carrot and that's what the critique workshop was for anyway!


  35. Hey! Hey! I'm eligible to enter the Golden Leaf!!!

    And I'm so glad to see contests that have a category for published authors! What fun!

    And congrats MARY CURRY! You contest diva, you!

    (I guess I've used my quota of exclamation marks today.)

    My goals for the next six months?

    Finish my WIP. I thought I'd get it done months ago, but it's turning into a more complex story than I thought it would be.

    Other than that? Hmm. Not much. Nothing like Melissa Jagear's list!

  36. I read the rules again - it looks like I'm not eligible for the Golden Leaf after all. Oh well.

  37. Loved reading the contest updates, and MARY—I totally relate to not being the funny or sought after one at a party. :)

    So glad you've finaled and that you've stepped out and are writing. :) Loved your words today.

    Okay, my goals.....let me begin by saying I have yet to meet even ONE goal this year. Well, I did make the deadline for the Frasier contest. But no personal writing goals have been completed on time. With that being said, here are my writing goals:

    1. finish revisions on my current story
    2. REALLY figure out and fast draft my next story. Hopefully in time to enter the Phoenix Rattler and fall contests.

    Okay. It's out there. Thanks for the challenge, Tina!

  38. Another great contest update, Tina!

    Mary Curry, love your "diva story"! Oh, yeah, validation. Every writer needs a hefty dose of it. And I could so relate to your description of yourself as a self-professed introvert. That's totally me! On the outside, I'm Mrs. Dullsville. All the "action" is taking place inside my head. ;-)

  39. Go Piper!~ Love that Maggie pendant. I have two.

  40. Golden Leaf is kinda narrow isn't it. We need one in this end of the world.

  41. I will, Tina! As Yoda says, Do or do not. There is no try.

    And YAY for Jackie! We'll love to have you.

    Debby, that's kewl. =)

  42. Whoops I forgot to say woohoo to this month's contest diva! Woohoo, Mary Curry!!!! I liked your validation remark as well. And hmmm...if all writers are introverts what on earth is an ACFW conference like? There wouldn't be enough corners in the room for everyone! :-)

  43. Oh, Kav, you'd be amazed! Somehow all the introverts come out of their shell (at least a little), because where in the world would you find so many kindred spirits in one place???

  44. At the ACFW conference we all stand around and watch Mary Connealy be social. Or sometimes Ruthy.

    Then we run to our rooms and order room service.

  45. Thank you for the contest update, Tina. I AM going to "go forth and contest" and JUST DO IT! I AM!

    My goals for the next six months: (I'd love to get Mary's Swept Away!)......Get my WIP ready to enter the RWA Golden Heart in the Inspirational category. I don't care if I'm at the bottom of the results, I just don't want the Inspirational category to be dropped because of lack of entries.

    I DO plan to enter the Category Five by the end of June and I'll see Jackie there!

    I'll be working with my CP! (*waving* to Donna and sending Tina "thanks")

    Mary, enjoyed your thoughts on contest. Yes, the "they like me/they don't like me" self-talk--makes me smile!

    Melissa: Wow! You do need lots of chocolate....Sam's Club sells big bags of Hershey's milk chocolate bits.

    Marilyn, let me know when to vote.

    Missy, how did your RWA online chat go yesterday? Sorry to miss it because of our slow internet. :(

    Praying for everyone's success with contests, submissions and WRITING goals!

  46. Goals for the next six months - write book two and at least start on book three.

    Jodie Wolfe

  47. Missy's chat is on the 6th.

    Check the Weekend Ed coming up Saturday for details.

  48. SHERIDA! I like how you think.

    Everyone needs to helps save the GH inspy category!!!

  49. Ooops! I just checked...Missy is next week...I'll still have slow internet. :(

  50. Contests make my palms sweat - not good for my computer keyboard. i'll do something though. No one's goals compare to Melissa's. Praying for your new arrival.

  51. Handing Cindy R a little pink towel with the words, "No pain, No gain" on it.

    You can do it, Cindy! I believe in you!

  52. Wow... Goals for the next 6 months? I can barely make a goal for 1 DAY, let alone 182.5 days!

    1. Locate all my WIP notes and hard copies that are mixed in with my genealogy stuff back here. That includes all the notes on writing a synopsis that I printed out. (If Christina Rich sees this, she might shoot me... I told her on FB last night that I would definitely find everything today...)

    2. Write the synopsis requested from Happily Editor After (I think my life has gone haywire because 2 days after that, my DH lost his job). Oh, and submit it. Yeah, that would help.

    3. Wait for grandchild #5 (granddaughter #2) to be born (she is due this Sunday, the 2nd). I am not good at waiting, especially when it concerns me so much...they're the ones who live with us.

    4. Find some sanity and lots of faith because emotionally and mentally I am worn out. So much going on right now...and not knowing how the bills will get paid...

    5. Continue to think about all the other writing projects I have--make notes, think up conflicts, etc., etc.

    6. Continue with church and prayer house stuff (I am the unpaid secretary for the former and e-mail-er for the latter).

    I think Melissa has us all beat though!

    Would love to win a print copy of Mary's book!

  53. Meant to ask...

    Do most contests require an entry fee? I don't really follow them at all, but the ones I have looked into do require one. That would most definitely leave me out since we are broke.


  54. No shooting, Melanie. You are safe here.

    Most contests do require a fee but a few times a year we have Seekerville contests with no fee required. So keep polishing and editing.

    Remember that God is bigger than our problems and we are standing and praying with you for all the loose ends in your life to come together!

  55. Thanks, Tina, for both the info on fee-free contests (had to check to be sure I typed that correctly!) and for the reminder that "God is bigger than our problems". My husband's faith is much greater than mine...

    But I DID find my notes on the book AND synopsis-writing, so #1 is taken care of, LOL. :)

  56. The next six months? Yikes. That means when they're over, I'm going to be busy Christmas shopping.

    I will first get my scenes into chapters. Doing that right now.

    I will figure out which scenes are staying--about 70K needs to go. Yeah, I explored a few rabbit trails.

    I will edit the thing and get it ready to submit.

    Maybe I will even have time to begin submitting. I think most likely not, but I'm going to try to get this far.

  57. Forgot--I'm also planning on entering the Cat 5 contest.

  58. Way to go, Sally! That looks like one great opportunity contest!~

  59. Thank you all for the Diva comments. I feel more like a wilted daisy than a diva after being locked in a room giving state Science tests ALL day in 90 degree weather. But I guess complaining about it would make me a DIVA, no?

    But now it's the weekend and I get to be a writer again. :)

    Good luck to anyone choosing to enter a contest. I know of some awesome sales off contest finals so GO FOR IT!

  60. You are the star Diva, this month, Mary. Embrace it, dahling.


    Oh, Mary, I loved the part about the Sally Field speech!! I totally agree. Validation is awesome.

  62. Sandra- I had a great time! Now that you've done it, I may just give it a try. You trailblazer, you!!

  63. MELANIE:

    BIG HUGS. We've been through the job loss wringer MANY times. There's nothing worse except for a death in the family. It's hard on everybody. Praying for your strength and healing!

  64. Hmm. I have a question about formatting for contests.

    The Lone Star rules are 1-inch margins, "12-point font—Times New Roman or equivalent up to 250 words per typical page. 25 lines per page."

    I've got 1-inch margins, Times New Roman 12 point, there are only 23 lines per page, and still I'm running 270-300 words per page. I can't figure what's wrong, unless I use a load of really small words, lol.

  65. P.S. Forgot to mention that even though I have margins set to 1 in., the bottom is keeping at around 1.5 in., which should lessen the words per page problem. Maybe my Word program is just having issues?

  66. Natalie: This might help...
    Go to Page Layout
    Go to Spacing—click on little arrow box to right side of “Paragraph line”
    That opens “Indents and spacing” info box
    Go down to “spacing”
    Change “spacing AFTER” to 0 pt and make “line spacing” EXACTLY and 25 point
    I just took a "Microsoft Word for Writers" class and found out about these adjustments. I don't know about the bottom margin problem.

  67. Melanie: You have a LOT going on...praying for LOTS of strength for you!

  68. It's late and everyone has probably gone to dinner. My goals for the next six months. Work a little faster than the first six months - same goals still staring me in the face.

    Natalie, your enthusiasm has me revved up. Good luck on all those contests.

    Way to go, Piper, bring home the pendant.

    Tina, you have two pendants? I know someone with two Maggie pendants. I went to M&M a time or two. Didn't even get to meet anyone who won a pendant.

    Don't put me in for Swept Away, I already have it and enjoyed it. I don't think I've posted reviews yet though. That's one of my goals, to post reviews for all the books I buy. Good way to promote good books.

    Praying for Melanie.

  69. Helpful Sherida. Thank you.

    Also make sure Widows and Orphans are off. Not checked.

  70. I put a picture of my Maggies on the contest post! I forgot about them. It's like a football player reliving his high school glory days.

    As a writer you are really only as good as your last sale.

    Thankfully I write for Him.

  71. Keep them doggies rollin' Natalie. Way to go.

  72. Melissa, I'm glad you only said "have a baby" once in that long list of tasks you listed! lol

  73. Mary Curry -- what a great point about validation! And a wonderful idea about looking at the 'validating' contest entries when we need a boost. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Nancy C

  74. Look at you Sherida with the formatting information! Good for you! I learned something there too--and I thought I was the Word whiz!

    Thanks for your support cp Elaine, but I'm just trying to support the chapter's contest and I will leave it at that (although Tina's picture of her pretty medallions serves as powerful motivation!).


  75. Oh ... am reevaluating a lot lately so the goals are about as shaky as Jello. But that's okay. I won Mary's book, read it, loved it, and reread part of it. Whoever wins it is in for a treat.

    Now to go check my mail for a check from Mary ...

    Nancy C

  76. Thanks for the contest updates, Tina (WHERE is this year going??).
    Still editing my SpeedBo story to have it polished/ready-to-pitch at RWA.
    YAY Mary Curry! Enjoy Divahood! ;)
    Tired hugs, Patti Jo

  77. LOL, Nancy C. That took me off guard. I belly laughed.

  78. Way to go Patti Jo. Hi ho. Hi ho. It's off to revise I go.

  79. Congrats Mary Diva Curry! But I always knew...

    I just woke up and thought this was the WE post because I've been out of touch all week. Duh.

    Did anyone ask this question... Is there a new judge for Category Five's Inspy Cat?

  80. I wondered about that too, Debra.

  81. Sherida, thank you SO much! I'm still running around 300 wpp, but the 25 line thing is solved. Yay! And I had to "center" the text on the page for the bottom margin to look right. Who knew? Thanks again!

  82. Natalie, I'm so glad that helped!!!

    Smiling at Piper: I'm learning! Yay! :)