Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pinterest Marketing Strategies for Authors with Guest Blogger Melissa Taylor

Justin Beiber and YouTube.

The Cutest Dog in the World, Boo, and Facebook.

Michael Hyatt and Twitter.

_____Fill in the blank__________ [YOU?] and Pinterest.

Without a doubt, social media launches careers.

Pinterest is the hot new social media platform. In fact, it’s the fastest growing social media platform EVER. Which begs the question: who will Pinterest make famous? (And why can’t it be you?)

Authors, there’s a huge opportunity for you on Pinterest: the opportunity to connect with new readers, to grow your platform, and to sell more books.

It’s free. All it requires is sweat equity and several specific intermediate marketing strategies.

(If you’re a beginner on Pinterest, you’ll want to read how to set up your business profile for maximum results. Read about that here.)

Let’s talk about the marketing strategies you can use to grow on Pinterest, get traffic to your website, and sell more books. 


One pin of a book written by Christian author, Kathi Lipp, increased her blog traffic ten fold. And she didn’t even pin it herself! Wouldn’t you want that kind of traffic from just one pin?

Me, too.

So, the first strategy is to post pins about your writing. That can give you more traffic, which leads to more book sales.

Certainly, you’ll want to pin your book covers but that’s only the beginning of what you can pin. Make sure you have a dedicated board for each of your books. What else can you pin to these boards?

•    Cover
•    The story --in pictures
•    Information about the history or location
•    Information about the content
•    Character interests and hobbies elaborated
•    Supplemental materials – study guides, free printables, etc.
•    Interviews you’ve done

Example: Jon Acuff “My New Book”



You want to show your readers some love – while also showing new readers that you are loved. Why not have a board dedicated to fans and reviews? This strategy could include:

•    Fans reading your book
•    Fan’s pets reading your book
•    Fan reviews on their blogs or elsewhere

You don’t need to make this a separate board but you can. You can either make a separate board or just post your reader love on the board for the book.  There’s not a “correct” formula for this. (Unfortunately!)

Another fun way to involve your readers is to invite readers to “guest pin” for you. This could be something you offer as a prize in a sweepstakes or contest. Remember that however you do it, be sure your expectations are clear for what you want them to do.

Example: K.M. Weiland’s “Dreamerland Pix” 




One of my favorite things about reading on my Kindle, besides immediate gratification, is the suggestions of other similar books I might like to read. I LOVE getting these recommendations, don’t you?

In the same way, readers want new book recommendations from you. So, give them some as one of your marketing strategies. It’s such a great way to serve your readers and not be a “Me Monster”.


•    Books in the same genre
•    Books you enjoy reading
•    Book ideas for book clubs
•    Books on writing

Examples: Julie Hedlund’s “Books Worth Reading”



You love books, I love books, your readers love books. Use this love as a strategy to connect with new fans and serve your readers. Think of all the ways you can love books on Pinterest.

•    Bookshelves
•    Book trailers
•    Book art
•    Book jewelry
•    Book quotes
•    Book bloggers
•    Literary tattoos 
•    Literary cats

Zig Ziglar said, “Success is dependent upon the glands – sweat glands” and it’s very true with marketing on Pinterest.

You can do your own marketing. Learn what you need to do with articles like this one or on my blog, Pinterest-Savvy. Apply the lessons with an investment of time. It will be well worth it, I promise. 

And maybe it will be YOU people think of when they think of Pinterest.


Bio: Melissa Taylor, author of Pinterest Savvy: How I Got 1 Million+ Followers, is a freelance writer, educator, and blogger. She loves teaching others to use Pinterest to grow their brand with webinars and a Rockstar membership group. Find more about Melissa on MelissaTaylorOnline.

 Today, Seekerville is very excited to be giving away a copy of Melissa's book to one commenter! Winner announced in the Weekend Edition.

Pinterest Savvy: How I Got 1 Million+ Followers (Strategies, Plans, and Tips to Grow Your Business with Pinterest) [Kindle Edition]


  1. I'm very excited to learn about this Melissa. Thank you for sharing these tips and ideas.

    Fantastically terrific!!!

    I've visited Pinterest only a few times so I'm about as green as they come.

    Question. Can you put videos as well, or just still photos/items?

    I've got the hot water ready. Helen should be here soon with coffee! :)

  2. As someone who is desperately resisting 'social media,' I'm surprised by how much this appeals to me. Must learn more :-) Thanks Melissa!

    Nancy C

  3. I have sooo many questions but I thought I'd pace myself.

    See how excited I am..I didn't say...WELCOME!!!!!

    And Melissa is a Colorado gal too.

  4. And don't forget to click the little Twitter and FB icons at the end of the post so we can share this wonderful opportunity!!!

  5. First question is regarding copyright photos-what are the rules on that? If I pin what someone else has on their board can I get in trouble?

  6. Tina, I know someone this happened too, with the copy righted photos and she got an email from Pinterest saying something like...we have been informed that this photo you have repinned is copyrighted and we are taking it down.
    That's it.
    No threats, just a simple email statement and the picture vanished. So it's easy to hope there would be no risk to you if you pinned something improperly.

  7. Very interesting post. I just signed on to Pinterest a couple of weeks ago and set up one board for the books I've read this year. Wasn't really sure what I was doing but I have been amazed at how many people have repinned some of my choices already. It is amazing. Just wish I new more about how to work within it.

    Would love to win your book!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

    countrybear52 AT yahoo DOT com

  8. I just pinned your book cover and then tweeted about the post. So Social for me at 5:45!

    And now, rather than go to my cave and recover, I'm going to check out all these great links!

    Thanks Seekers and Melissa. I'd love to be in the drawing for the book!

  9. Melissa welcome to Seekerville!!! And thank you so much for a post chock full of info about a fun branch of social media!

    Your success is amazing. Congratulations! I'm leaving low-carb eggs and grilled ham this morning but for those of you who aren't counting carbs, you've got wheat toast, white toast, rye and homemade blueberry muffins to choose from!

    I'm smiling at the thought of pinning things!!!

  10. Fans' pet? I can hardly wait. Oh, we older writers need all the help we can get to navigate Social Media, thanks, I'll pin something as soon as I have something to pin!
    RUTHY, thanks for the low-carb, still dealing with the diabetes diagnosis, yuck.
    Kathy Bailey

  11. Good morning, Melissa! This all looks so intriguing and fun! Like, Tina, though, I've heard a lot, about people getting in trouble (lawsuits even after something was taken down) because they're "pinning" copyrighted photos they've pulled from the web. Like what we write, not everything says or even HAS to say that's it's copyrighted material. It just IS. What's the scoop on that?

  12. Great article MELISSA. Thanks for all the tips and pointers.

    I love pinterest. Its so much easier than some of the other social media.

    I will definitely print this out. smile

    Thanks again and have fun in Seekerville.

  13. RUTHY Thanks for the eggs. I'll have a blueberry muffin please.

    And I brought an urn of Chocolate Velvet coffee. Yum

  14. Put me in! I am a pinner. My most followed boards are Fashion of a Different Era and All Things Book that I started. Pillows, Pillows, Pillows is also one followed frequently.

    But I also have had boards take me by surprise, like my Real Women Wear Aprons board I co-pin with a friend of mine who is an artist and writer. I also have a Paleo board with Valerie Comer, another writer who works in eco-farming. Can't say enough about being collaborative and expanding your audience.

    My three crazy-pinned pins recently were the Times Square pic of the soldier kissing the nurse, Dorothy Lange's photo of a migrant farm mother, and a purse made out of a copy of To Kill A Mockingbird. I was amazed at the comments. Famous pictures to me, were unknown to so many. And a beloved book is still popular!

    Put me in for the drawing!

    Peace, Julie

  15. Melissa, you are one busy gal! I love all your ideas for marketing through Pinterest.

    Learn. Learn. Learn.

    Thanks so much for sharing your enthusiasm!!!

  16. I really like Pinterest but havent studied much about how to really use it. Thanks for the post Melissa. And I would love to win your book but one way or another I will be reading it. Thanks!

  17. Melissa, thank you so much for being with us today! I'm so excited to try some of these ideas you've given us. Of course, that means I need to visit Pinterest--which can quickly turn into an addiction! LOL

    I love Pinterest and have had to limit my time on there. I must learn to go update my own boards without spending hours looking and dreaming. :)

  18. I am tempted to groan and cry, "Please don't tell me I have to get on Pinterest now too!"

    Sigh. I will think about it, pray about it, and probably eventually give in after everybody else is already on it.

  19. I do need your book. I'm about as behind the times as you can get on social media!

    Thanks for sharing and for not making it sound overwhelming.

    Did somebody say blueberry muffins?

  20. Melissa, this is great. I haven't checked out your links yet, but I'm going to. I haven't joined the Pinterest craze yet, but I know, as a writer, I need to jump into Pinterest land. I'm trying to figure out how to do it without getting sucked in time-wise. I'd love any tips you have for that. :)

    Thanks for your tips!

    Oh, and your book sounds great. Please put me in the drawing.

  21. Okay, raise your hand if you have a Pinterest account?

    Hand raised.

    Raise your hand if you are scared to pin.

    Hand raised.

  22. I've bought the book, I haven't had a chance to read it.

    Just want to know if anything will explode if I hit those Add, About or Tina buttons.

    They terrify me.

  23. Okay, lots of idea of how to use Pinterest for my reviews. And you have me hooked onChocolate Velvet coffee, Sandra, though I've never bought flavoured for myself before! Thanks

  24. I'm baaaaaacckkk, enjoying the comments.

    If I'm not already in, please add me to the hand raised, would <3 to win the book and don't have an account.

    I'm about to gulp launch e-books and want to see what the ROI is for Facebook. Might drop off entirely and switch GASP! to Pinterest after reading this.

    Thanks for reminder, Tina. Will share!

    may at maythek9spy dot com

    PS - I'm keeping Ruthy hours today. Was up working at 4:30! If there are muffins left, I'd like one please.

  25. I told you more questions.

    So you can like and you can pin.

    If you pin it you like it more than just liking it? What's the point?

  26. Am I the only one no where near ready for marketing, as she is a Pinterest DUMMY??

  27. Hand raised, Tina.
    Know nothing about it, other than I got some KEWL rope bridge and tree house ideas for May's 3rd book off there yesterday. :)

    I'm visual...

    and wanted to say one more thing before getting back to work...

    Thank you Seekers. Your generosity is invaluable. Once again I pop over to the archives and find reminders which help. Y'all are terrifically PAWSOME!

  28. Welcome to Seekerville, Melissa! I have a lot of room for growth when it comes to promotion. A lot of room! Thanks for the encouragement to try Pinterest, along with your terrific tips and links! I don't have an account but I will look into it.


  29. Melissa, thank you for this great info on Pinterest!

    Raising my hand, Tina! I have a Pinterest account, but I do get nervous about using it.

    I will definitely be referring back to this post to learn more about the ins and outs and the most helpful ways to use Pinterest for book promotion.

    And ditto on all the questions Tina has already asked!!!

  30. Wow you all are busy at work already and here I am just drinking my coffee getting the kids off to school. . .
    Let me answer your questions so far:
    May - yes, you can post Videos, too!
    Tina - Pinterest is fairly relaxed (vague?) on this but try to always give attribution to the creator of the photo/pin and make sure it links to the orignal post (not a round-up post). That being said, if you want to really worry, you are supposed to have permission from the original creator anytime you use their work (art, photo, writing, etc). That's not going to happen on Pinterest, and most people want their stuff promoted & shared, so until it's a bit less vague, we're all in murky waters. I try to never pin fine art or photographer art just in case. For your own blog posts, you must use photos that are 1) creative commons 2) public domain 3) purchased by you or 4) taken by you. And, always give attribution.

    Since you all are so active - I think you should ban together and make a repin thread every week so you can promote each other's pins!

    ~ Melissa :)

  31. Melissa,
    Checked out your links! Such great info. I am a pinner and am going to look at my boards and adjust a few things based on your website suggestion. Question, I set up a regular account, so should I have done a business account? Do you do both like FB personal and pages?

  32. Debbie Kaufman!!! Excellent question. I should have thought of that. LOL.

    One account several boards or several accounts??

  33. You are a genius, Melissa!

    Thank you for the great marketing tips.

    I haven't Pinterest-ed yet. Your blog post today makes me think that perhaps I can!

    A repin thread? Hmmm?

    I think I can!
    I think I can!
    I think I can!

  34. Yes, but I don't know what this means.

    "Since you all are so active - I think you should ban together and make a repin thread every week so you can promote each other's pins!"

    I would venture to say you are going to have to use simple language for most of us. There are a few who are very active on Pinterest...JULIE HILTON STEELE. The rest want to be led to the promised land.

  35. Tina,
    A thread is a conversation like this one about one topic.So, you could ask for each person to post 1 pin that they would like to have promoted. Then, everyone posts their pin and repins the other people's pins. Is that more clear?

  36. Debbie,

    Set up a biz account. It takes a few more steps (you can hire someone to do it or Google how) but it's helpful for a few reasons.
    1) direct link from your Pinterest page to your website!
    2) analytics (which aren't better than Google analytics but still are something)
    3) make you look "official" and professional

    :) Melissa

  37. I am on the road to clear.

    But seriously. I have an account but am afraid to do anything.


    Yes must put in sweat equity.

    But why the repetition. With the choice to Add or Pin?

    Does Board = Page?

  38. Boy I need to learn all of this! Have page and nothing on it--I take that back I posted my May book Her Unforgettable Cowboy's amazon link this morning! I do believe that was my first pin.
    Soo, now maybe with this info I too can start pinning. I've felt bad people are following me and there is nothing there to follow lol! Thanks for sharing Melissa.

  39. I would so love to win this book! I've barely peeked at Pinterest. Just seems like one more thing I don't have time for. But I know I need to figure it out soon.

  40. I am so twentieth century. I barely get Facebook and have never Tweeted.

    There is so much unexplored country of the internet for me, I think I qualify as an Internet hermit.

    Very nifty info on something I'm eons away from using - but good to know so I'm not COMPLETELY clueless... *sigh*

  41. BTW did anyone check out the cutest dog in the world link? Seeker friend Lyndee Henderson has some competition here.

  42. DebH are you saying you want to be in the clueless club?

    Poor Melissa, THOUGHT she was talking to savvy authors.

    We are the Kinder-set.

  43. I like the "I'm SO TWENTIETH CENTURY" remark, oh my stars, rolling on the floor, laughing!

    That's so true... and thought provoking, dagnabbit!!!

    I have no account.

    I don't know how to find time for it.


    I'm not sure why I would do it because (DON'T SHOOT ME, MELISSA!!!) I'd rather write.

    I'd much rather write. So jogging me to other screens is just like making me wrinkle my face and cringe and sigh and then I just go back to my writing.


    I did use Pinterest for some very valid research into NYC in 1947 and got a great visual of some things that happened to use in my Summerside Press novella "Red Kettle Christmas" in October. So that was a huge thing to me...

    But as for a page?

    I wonder if I'm just better off using it like I do Youtube... research.

    Because that I understand and cherish!

  44. You can use Pinterest for research?

    Well look there is a search feature.

    Thanks, Ruthy!!

  45. And what's with this new look that is coming soon???

  46. Wow! That was a chunk of info! I don't know about the rest of you, but the social media marketing thing can be so exhausting. I'm glad for all the help I can get. Thanks, Melissa!

  47. Tina
    not wanting to be in the clueless club - that's why i visit Seekerville - to keep me from being clueless.

    Always learning something around here - even if i'm not using cutting edge technology.

  48. Tina and Ruth,
    Pinterest was so helpful on my latest art fact sheet on Journey of Hope (1920). So many people with early 1900's costume boards, some even just on shoes and boots. Saved me a lot of research time. I'd click back to the source to be sure of the accuracy. So, Pinterest for research? Absolutely!

  49. Yes, Pinterest is great free market research!! You can see what people like and don't like. Read this post about how Green Kid Crafts do it:

    Tina -- adding is when you have a photo that is not embedded on a blog post (or is on Facebook) - you have to upload the photo. You can edit it after it's uploaded to include a link such as your Facebook page or your website.

    Think of Pinterest like a room full of bulletin boards - which you've categorized. I have bulletin boards for my kids artwork, for my projects, for inspiration, . . . Pinterest is the same thing only online. Each board does have a unique webpage (URL).

    I understand how overwhelming this can be but trust me when I say you might just LOVE it -- and it will be awesome for you as an author building your platform. I cook a recipe a week (at least) I've found on Pinterest and honestly have no need to plan anything for summer on my own, I can just go look at my boards on Pinterest.

    Take 15 minutes today and sign up if you're not signed up. I'm here: you can follow me or see who I follow (a lot) and get started that way. When you see something you like, repin it!

    You can do this.

    Also, I think you need to do it because you can have the best book in the world but if no one knows about it, you're not helping anyone with your writing, your not serving others which I imagine is your ultimate purpose. (And you're not earning much of a living either.)

    Go you!!

  50. WOW, MELISSA ... right now I need a board for "overwhelmed"!!!

    I've been avoiding Pinterest, pretending it's not there because I can barely keep up with FB, Twitter and my blogs, but you have given some wonderful insight and info, here, so I'm an inch or two closer to looking into it. :)

    VERY clear and concise blog, by the way, so thank you for explaining it so well.


  51. That was helpful, Melissa, thank you.

    Now I did sign up for your newsletter.

    But is following and liking similar to FB?

    Can I pin something but not follow someone?

  52. I'm embarrassed to say that I don't quite 'get' the marketing angle of pinterest. Mind you, I'm a techno flunkie, so that may be why.

    I did set up a pinterest account after many failed attempts and found the whole process frustrating. Before I could finalize my membership I had to pick a whack of pinterest photos that interested me. Well, they didn't but I had to click something or I couldn't proceed. and then just a few clicks weren't worth it -- no - I had to click on a bunch so now my pinterest page is cluttered with images that don't interest me but I'm stuck with because I can't figure out how to delete them. See -- I told you I was a pinterest klutz.

    I started an account because I wanted to gather decorating ideas. Love the idea of having all these images of potential interiors at my fingertips. Check out all you can do with wooden palettes. I'm making a day bed out of some thanks to pinterest but that was just a basic search.

    So I get the lure of an online scrapbook -- but the rest of it...I don't get. Obivously I'm in dire need of Pinterest 101 crash course...and the time to process it...and a brain. The first two will be easier to come by then the last. :-)

  53. I think I did it. I also updated my profile a bit.

    Okay, step one. Check.

  54. I was wondering how you delete something (a pin) also.

  55. Okay. I did it. AND I pinned something.

    Yeah me!!!

    Now under the item I pinned it has four little boxes. Then it says edit.

    What's that for?

  56. Um and how did you get your neat header???


    THIS IS ME!!!!!!!!

  58. Wow, 1M+ followers. That's amazing!

    I love browsing Pinterest. It's a bit addictive. Ahem.... lol I haven't pinned nearly as much as I would like.

    I guess my main question is, "If you build it (Pinterest), will they come?"

    And...secondly, which is more important, pinning original content or repinning others' content? Maybe a mix of both... ?

  59. Oh, cool -- using Tina as an example. How does one 'like' her? Well, not that she's unlikeable, but you know what I mean.

    And she has 2 followers but 15 following. What is the difference?

    And when I click on her activity button I get a ton of pictures but I'm not sure what they are from. Tina's pins? Links she's looked at? Or just the overall activity of Pinterest in general. Inquiring minds want to know. :-)

  60. Good questions Kav.

    Give me your link so I can follow you.

  61. I haven't posted (pinned) anything to like. So I guess there is nothing to like.

    LOOK, I figured it out.

    You like stuff. You follow people.

    ROCK ON!@!

  62. If you have done only one thing today, it's to bring several of us over to the PINTEREST side.

  63. I now have two followers. Thank you, Myra.

  64. Oh, cool. Look how Myra did it. Categories. I can do that. I AM EMPOWERED!!!!

  65. Myra liked my pins! Oh what a lovely day!

  66. Wow, this is really cool. I started, I mostly just post character sketches though. Can't wait to add more.

  67. No, if you build it they won't come -- not without some cross-promotion and spending time pinning quality content. (and niche boards help, too)

    Tina - edit is where you can include a link or delete it.

    Follow people like Tina. You'll see what she pins on your Pinterest home page. You can repin any of her pins or you can search for other people's pins to repin. You can repin anyone's pins even if you don't follow them. I recommend following people that have great pins because then you don't have to search for cool content and ideas to pin. I like to curate the best content for my followers so they can follow me and be inspired.

    ROI on PInterest is HIGH - MASSIVE. It's where you need to be.

    what header, Tina?

  68. oh, and followers are the people who follow you.

  69. That big splashy cool colorful Melissa Taylor header on Pinterest.

  70. ROI

    Return on Investment.

    Oh, these marketing people.

  71. Tina - I have a header on my website but not on Pinterest. Just my profile photo.

  72. Okay, Duh, attack. I must have clicked on your website. Brain fart.

  73. Does it dilute your brand to have lots of boards?

    Or do lots of quality boards help your numbers?

  74. By the way I have been remiss.


    I have iced Passion tea on the counter and carrot cake cupcakes.

    Help yourself.

  75. Tina, you are cracking me up!!!!

  76. Okay, business accounts for strictly my books. That sounds sterile.

    Interesting information.

  77. Hey, Myra, I crack myself up. If I don't do this now I won't do it. So today is Pinterest Day. Officially.

  78. "Pacing your pins so that your followers aren't overwhelmed by too many pins in their feed at once."

    Okay so this is interesting.

    What is YOUR advice on this?

    I have two followers. Obviously not an issue right now.

  79. I'd definitely like to know more about the differences between a personal and business account.

  80. Tina you brought snacks... good girl! Hey, I'm thinking that these cookies might be welcome about now... chocolate chip (studded with dark and milk chocolate Ghirardellis) and Heath bar chips, too. So a toffee chocolate chip cookie.

    I can't have them. I'm dieting. I HEAR they're very good but let me tell you they've got nothing on this bowl of broccoli veggies I'm chowing down!!! Mm mmmm good!


    Okay, yes, the research on Pinterest is easy and accessible.

    I'm trying to quickly follow the convo but still not understanding marketing value.

    However, it's a fun site (which translates to HABIT FORMING in my lingo and that's dangerous...) But if you look at any time in history...

    Or place?????

    Oh my stars, LIMITLESS visual and that helps me "paint" word pictures!

  81. Ha! I am only pinning when I am not building rock walls or writing or taking care of grandkidlets!

    Tina, now that you have an account, have you followed me? I am now following you so snap to the pinning.

    Love Mod Cloth by the way!

    Peace and happy pinning, Julie

  82. YES - pace yourself. 5- 8 pins at a time. No more. If you find pins you like, right click to open in a new tab to pin later.

    There are many reasons Pinterest is worth it - the first being, it's where your readers are hanging out right now. And, when people click through, they buy -- more buying from Pinterest than other social media sites.

  83. Q: Does it dilute your brand to have lots of boards?

    A: not at all

    Q: Or do lots of quality boards help your numbers?
    A: yes -- and give you more ways to be found in searches.

  84. I went to Pintrest, made an account and the first thing I pinned was 'fried mac and chees.' I can see where this is going....

    But I did find a button on the top left that gave me the option to follow people that I am Facebook friends with. :)

  85. Is there a Pintrest app for Iphones?

  86. Donna. LOL. Fried Mac and Cheese?

    Cracking up.

  87. I am going to do it now, Julie. Yes. Ma'am!!!

  88. I opened a Pinterest account and had no boards for over a year. I had followers by the way...

    Melissa, I don't understand the point of following someone. You wouldn't want to get a notice every time they pinned, so what is a benefit?

    I only get an email if someone pins one of my pins.

    I just found out where Bradley Cooper has been hanging out. On someone's board and her initials are MP.

    My fave use is to create a board for a book as you are developing the plot and characters and setting. I have a couple that are secret--I wish I'd kept more of them secret because of the 'contest' issue.


    You are dangerous.

  90. TRICK: Turn off all your email notifications.

    You follow someone just like you do on Twitter or FB - because you like the content that they curate for you.

  91. Melanie Pike has a Bradley Cooper Board?? I love Bradley. Sigh.

  92. Debra, that is a great idea. How do you keep a board secret?

  93. Are there any clear advantages to Pinterest biz? FB fan page allows you more followers.

  94. Another question (you are so patient). If I want to find something. For example: I love West Elm. But when I search it all I find it others who have pinned it. How do I find the site?

    I suppose go to the West Elm webpage and pin from there.

    Any other way?

  95. Couldn't get on til now no fon't like magpies as in dport team
    sOrry for errors. SAw st johns church Richmond and shanandoh area today harpers ferry snd Gettysburg. OH sore bears. WIll add more later

  96. That last post, Melissa was from our friend Jenny from down under. She is touring the US and checking in with us.

    Wonder if she is on Pinterest?

  97. Sounds like you're having a fun trip, Jenny! Seeing lots of U.S. historical sights!

  98. I have learned something today, since I do not get the whole Pinterest thing. Thank you for coming by, Melissa!

  99. I can tell how I will be spending my down time between books. :)

  100. You're welcome & thanks everyone for all the welcomes and kind words!!


    SEARCH: Search Google for the company name + Pinterest and you'll have better results.

    Biz advantages I mentioned in another comment but basically 1) get a link to your website 2) makes you look professional 3) get Pinterest analytics.

  101. Well I'm going to have to think about if I want to look professional. I fear no one will recognize me.

  102. Melissa, I'm so glad you came to Seekerville and shared with us today.

    I'd love to be entered in the drawing.


    Jackie L.

  103. I'm reading all of these over and know that I just have to go over to the Big Pin and see what it's all about.

    First a cookie.

    I MUST CONSUME ADEQUATE NOURISHMENT to face this new hurdle.

    It is written in the stars.

  104. MELISSA! You have been a wonderful guest and we thank you for all the time you spent with us today.

    Village peeps, be sure to stop by her website and sign up for her newsletter!!

  105. Ruthy it's a great place to save all that stuff you have book marked.

  106. This is a great post! I've been back and forth since midnight last night going through all the things you've suggested, Melissa. Thanks for the coaching!

  107. But did you see the world's cutest dog, Lyndee???

  108. It took me all day to get this.

    I think of Pinterest as something I need to get to eventually. However, I fear having to add another form of social media to my to do list.

  109. I'm a little late to the party, but I LOVE Pinterest!!

    I found a pin that describes me exactly: a stick person stares at the screen and says, "Hmm, what is this Pinterest?" One hour later, it shows him, hands flung in the air, hollering, "Pin all the pins!" Hehehe.

    Loving all the tips! I had wondered about the personal account vs. business account. Had lots of questions answered in this post and the comments! Thanks, Melissa! :)

  110. Well Walt think of all the football stuff you could put on there. And boards for your Japanese and Indian research.

  111. This is a really interesting post, I'd never thought of any of this, and was actually wondering how to make Pinterest more than pictures about cards and gardens.

    Timely post Melissa and Tina


  112. I try to use Pinterest already, but now I have more ideas. Thank you for your post, Melissa.

  113. I have a Pinterest account and I enjoy it , it's my favorite fun thing to do on the computer. But i never thought of it as a promotional tool.

    I'd love to know how to really use it... throw my name in the pot for the book drawing!

    And thanks, Melissa, for sharing the info with us. :-)

  114. q: How does one 'like' her?
    a: "FOLLOW" her!

    q: she has 2 followers but 15 following. What is the difference?
    a: followers follow her pins; she follows 15 other people's pins

    q: And when I click on her activity button I get a ton of pictures but I'm not sure what they are from. Tina's pins?
    a: YES - those are her pins! :)

  115. Melissa you have been great. Thank you.

  116. Melissa, Thanks for the great info! My question: if you're writing your first book, (only at the rough draft stage) how can you use Pinterest to publicize the book?

  117. Edwina,
    I think you can use Pinterest to build your author platform. Then, when you're ready to launch, you have a bigger audience. :)