Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Weekend Edition

Welcome to the Weekend Edition. Don't forget to put our calendar on your calendar for the month of May and don't miss a single post! 

This has been a busy news week! Stick around and enjoy the links and help yourself to coffee or tea and something to eat from the side bar. 

We Have Winners

Please see our rules for giveaways in Seekerville. Be sure to contact us with your snail mail address if you are a winner at  Don't be shy. Remind us if we get behind per our rules.

Be sure to check here to see if you have been a winner during the last five weeks of Speedbo. 
All prizes must be claimed by  May 15th or they are forfeited.

Monday we presented "Macro-editing a Manuscript" with Barbour and Heartsong author Erica Vetsch. The winner of Sagebrush Knights is Mary Hicks.

  Abingdon Press author Connie Mann shared her publishing experiences in  “Four Reasons It’s Still Too Soon to Quit” on Tuesday. Winner of  a print copy of Angel Falls is Melanie Pike.

Wednesday Revell author Lorna Seilstad celebrated the e-release (May 1, 2013) of When Love Calls and shared "Get a G.R.I.P"-G.R.I.P. your reader in your opening chapter."  The winner of a When Love Calls gift box full of fun stuff including a print copy of When Love Calls and a $10 Starbucks gift card (her main character loves coffee) is Natalie Monk. BTW this post was mentioned at Philosophy of Romance.

  Barbour and Harlequin Heartsong Presents author Rose Ross Zediker was our guest on Thursday with "Writer Go Green." The winner of her latest release, Wedding on the Rocks is Sherida Stewart.

Friday was the May Contest Update for all you divas and divos. The winner of a three bundle  pack of Tina Radcliffe's Mending the Doctor's Heart, Ruth Logan Herne's The Lawman's Second Chance and Janet Dean's The Bride Wore Spurs is Sally the Graduate. Winner of  a one chapter and optional synopsis (total up to 35 pages) contest entry critique is Elaine Manders. AND..the winner of Muddy Mate Gloves is Jan Drexler.

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday:Barbour and Bethany House author Mary Connealy will host with: "God bless the broken road, that led me straight to a book," her journey to a novella collection. Included will be the first ever in the known universe giveaway of A Bride for All Seasons, a mail order  bride collection by Margaret Brownley, Debra Clopton, Robin Lee Hatcher and Mary Connealy. Winner will get their book as soon as Mary receives her author's copies.

Tuesday:Love Inspired author Tina Radcliffe shares her innermost thoughts with her terrifying post, "This is My Brain: Why I Don't Sleep At Night." This is not for the faint of heart. Yes, there is a giveaway but is it worth the risk?? (Seekerville accepts no responsibility for any traumatic issues related to this post.)

Wednesday: Hate Change? In the crazy world of publication, "change" is a constant, especially now with the e-book phenom. So what can a writer do to adapt? Author Nancy Herriman has some great tips that will both inspire and help you face this changing industry with grace and humor, including a two-book giveaway of her latest release from Worthy Publishing Josiah's Treasure.

Thursday: HOORAY!!!  We're celebrating the print release of Love Inspired author Ruth Logan Herne's latest RT Book Reviews 4-Star book, The Lawman's Second Chance on Thursday. Ruthy's going to talk frankly about tiptoeing cautiously into other people's lives for monetary gain... Or the art of using the tough turns in life to inspire others. She'll be offering a first chapter critique for one commenter and autographed hard copies of this heartfelt story to five lucky commenters.

Friday: Welcome to Jennifer AlLee and Lisa Karon Richardson, will share how they became co-authors without destroying their friendship. They'll be giving away two copies of their new novel, Diamond in the Rough (Whitaker House).

Seeker Sightings

Janet Dean will be signing all her books on Saturday, May 4 in Roanoke, IN, at the Grand Opening of the Roanoke Library from 10-1:00. Come join the fun at Roanoke’s Spring Fling.

Check out this Examiner review of Mary Connealy's Swept Away.


Save the date! May 17-19th Missy Tippens and Julie Lessman will be taking part in a 31-author Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt. Grand Prize winner will receive an iPad Mini with all 31 e-books loaded on it, and 2 runners-up will receive all 31 books in paperback. Click here for more info!

 Julie Lessman Sightings:

April 29 - May 3, 2013: A week of reviews on Love at Any Cost and THREE chances to win that book on Carrie Fancett Pagel's blog, Overcoming with God.

May 6-20, 2013:Win your choice of my books at an interview on Juanita Noble's Blog.


Seeker Authors featured on The Writers Alley

Thursday, May 9th features Julie Lessman and Friday, May 10th features Ruth Logan Herne. The topic? Tips to Treasure!

Random News & Information

Check out Barbara Vey's Beyond Her Book Blog for highlights of the Reader Appreciation Luncheon. 

From RWA:  Newly Added! Indie Book Signing. RWA’s introducing an opportunity for 50 authors with self-published romance novels to participate in the new Indie Book Signing at RWA2013. These signings will be run in a very similar fashion to the Publisher-Hosted Book Signings, but in this case, there will be several author-publishers in one room to give away promotional copies of their romance novels.The Indie Book Signing takes place on Thursday, July 18, from 3:00–4:15 p.m. Participating authors must commit to providing a minimum of 48 romance novels to give away in a physical format (print, CD, flash drive, etc.). Authors can sign up by going into their RWA2013 registration and adding this event as an “add-on” to your conference registration.Note: Authors must be registered for the RWA Conference to sign at this event. Questions can be e-mailed to

At Harlequin, Adrienne Macintosh has been promoted to editor, series, while Karen Reid moves up to associate editor, Harlequin Superromance and Charles Griesman has been promoted to editor, Harlequin Desire. In addition, Reka Rubin has been promoted to senior manager, subsidiary rights, while Amy Wilkins moves up to the manager, online engagement. (Publishers Lunch)

Angela James has been promoted to editorial director, Carina Press. (Publishers Lunch)

 The Evolution of Publishing Infographic (Content Amp)

 More than 2,000 book lovers unite in Kansas City for RT convention (KCTV 5)

 How an e-book is like a treadmill at the gym (I Love My Kindle)

Twist Words to Surprise Readers (The Editor's Blog)  

11 Signs You’re Meant To Be A Writer ( Catherine, Caffeinated)

 In First Year-Over-Year Look, Facebook Posts $400M Revenue Gain in Q1 (Folio)
(Those of us utilizing Facebook's Promote option are reaching for the antacids-at least they aren't publishing books...yet.)

 How to Cut Adverbs From Your Writing (Writer's Digest)

 Zondervan commits major marketing dollars to Young Adult imprint (Christian Retailing)


How Many Copies Make a Self Publishing Best-Seller (GalleyCat) BTW the book is available free to borrow to Amazon Prime Members)

 How To Sign a Digital Author Autograph Online (GalleyCat)

 Amazon Cracks Down on Kindle Books Under 2,500 Words (GalleyCat)

 Free eBook Sampler of Award finalists available (ECPA)

Did you miss the Vince Mooney trivia this week? "Betty Neels didn’t publish until she was 60 years old and yet she wrote 134 novels."

And finally....

Market Sizzles for Debut Authors (The Book Deal) BTW this article mentions Lisa Connelly who guested in Seekerville here. Both Lisa and Anne Barton her cousin, were 2011 Golden Heart winners (and now both published authors!)

Anne Barton and Lisa Connelly

Congratulations to Lisa on her three book deal with Avon. See page 5 of the latest RWR. First Sale Happy Dancing in Seekerville in Lisa's honor!!!

That's it, Seekerville. Have a great week.


  1. I leave in less than a day so excited and had to post you some of you on Monday!!!!!!!!!

  2. JENNY!!!! WOOT. She's almost here. Our Aussey STAR!!!

  3. Great WE as always, Miss T! CONGRATS to all the winners, and looking forward to another great week in Seekerville.

    Jenny!! Looking forward to seeing you at lunch on Monday--WOOHOO!! (got my camera battery charging even as I type this comment, LOL).
    Happy Weekend everyone!
    Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  4. Congrats winners.

    Welcome to the US, Jenny.

    The coffee pot is ready.

    I relate best to numbers 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, and 11 of the 11 ways to know you're a writer.


  5. Where you going to be, Jenny? Safe travels!

    Congrats to winners. I'm tired...or as we say in western PA, tarred. It was another fun week in Seekerville, and I can see by the WE that we're in for more fun next week. Thanks for your work here, Tina. (And it looks like we're not embedding anymore. Nice. Now it's time to get in bed, lol.

    Have a great weekend, all!

  6. Oh Lyndee, I didn't realize you were from western PA, too! You saying that you were "tarred" makes me a little bit homesick, so I will go to bed too!

    Great WE, Tina! *sniff*


  7. Piper, I was born and reared in Johnstown. How about you? Or shall I say 'Yuns?' Small world!

  8. Piper, I should add that I live in sweet home, Chicago now.

  9. Congrats to all the winners and safe travels to Jenny!

    Check out Yankee-Belle for my latest post on Hawaiian Pancakes to go with Helen's coffee. Oh, and the marvelous merry-go-round display of the other YB Cafers' books. Hope to be on that widget some day.

    Tina, I am waiting for your post this week. Do I need to wear safety gear to read it?

    Peace, Julie

  10. Loved the 11 signs you're a writer.

    Any time I tell my hubby, "Just a second, I have to finish this email." He'll roll his eyes and say, "whatever, when you finish writing your novel and send it, then find me."

    And he'll often be talking to me at dinner and he'll swipe the menu, leaflet, flyer, ketchup package from me so I'll stop reading and listen. :)

  11. Lyndee, I was born and raised in Pittsburgh proper, although this is year 15 for me in Atlanta. Whenever I hear that accent, it stops me in my tracks! It is indeed a small world!



  12. Will be in Atlanta, Chattanooga, then Washington dc area, Spokane, Seattle, hawaii. Got a tablet still working it out. About to go to bed.big day tomorrow.


    MISSY!!! I've been so crazed, I didn't realize you were doing the scavenger hunt too, but I am THRILLED!! And THANK YOU for promoting it in the WE ... I meant to and somehow a wedding got in the way. :)



  14. Congrats LISA!. Wooo hoooooo Happy dancing in Seekerville for another first sale.

    That is marvelous.

    Congrats to all the other winners. Looks like Seekerville is rockin again next week.

    Great WE TINA

  15. Congratulations to all of this weeks winners!

  16. Tina,

    Thanks for the compliment on my picture/hair! I never got back online yesterday because our granddaughters are spending the weekend with us.

  17. Congrats to the winners!

    And publishing contracts always deserve a Snoopy dance :)

    Our first ever get-together of ACFW members in our area is this morning. There will be THREE of us there! For this sparsely populated neck of the woods, that's phenomenal.

    Today's meeting is for organization and getting to know each other - and then we'll start on the road to chapter-dom.

    Prayers appreciated!

    On a less serious note - we get to choose/meet our new puppy this afternoon! He's a tricolor Welsh Corgi, five weeks old. I think I might overdose on sweet puppyness.

  18. Hi Tina:

    So who won the “Reply & Seek” game yesterday?

    Thanks for the mention of Betty Neels. More than any author who has written so many books, Betty Neels wrote what she knew. She wrote what she lived. She knew what her readers wanted in a story and she delived in each book to the maximum.

    Here is a short bio from Wikipedia – you can find part of all her romances in this short bio.

    “Evelyn Jessy "Betty" Neels was born on 15 September 1909 in Leyton[1] (then part of Essex but now in Greater London) to a family with firm roots in the Civil Service. She spent her childhood and youth in Devonshire. She was sent away to boarding school, and then went on to train as a nurse, gaining her SRN and SCM, that is, State Registered Nurse and State Certificate of Midwifery.

    In 1939 she was called up to the Territorial Army Nursing Service (TANS), which later became the Queen Alexandra Reserves, and was sent to France with the Casualty Clearing Station, until the invasion of France in 1940. She was commissioned into the TANS as a Sister on 30 May 1941.

    Later she worked in Scotland and Northern Ireland, where she met a Dutchman, named Johannes Meijer. They married in 1942 and had a daughter Caroline, born 1945.

    The married couple lived in London, and later they moved to the Netherlands for thirteen years, where she resumed her nursing career. When the family return to England, she continued her nursing. When she eventually retired, she had reached the position of Night Superintendent.

    Her hobbies were reading, animals, old buildings and, of course, writing. Her writing career began almost by accident. It began when she heard a woman in her local library bemoaning the lack of good romance novels. Though she had retired from nursing, her mind had no intention of vegetating.

    So she got a typewriter and developed what was to become a fantastic loving relationship with her millions of readers around the world.

    Betty Neels died peacefully in hospital on 7 June 2001, aged 91.”

    I really think that before anyone criticizes romance novels, they should look at the high quality of the people who write those novels.


    P.S. HELEN: it’s not too late for us as writers. Why we could still write 100 novels. Where’s that coffee? I have to get busy.

  19. Hi Tina:

    I looked at that picture of Anne Barton and Lisa Connelly and they are just glowing!

    Now, I have seen the ‘pregnancy glow’ many times as I taught real estate classes. It’s a fact. My question is this: is there also a ‘getting the call’ glow? Look at that picture again: I see the glow.


  20. congrats to the winners, Hope you are not dissappointed in the USA AusJenny-know many are excited to meet ya in person...I see Mary will start the week off Monday -she always has some great things to share. Have a wonderful weekend all hopfully see ya next week.
    Paula O

  21. Okay, Vince, for a moment I thought you were asking me if Lisa and Anne were with child. Then after I picked myself up off the floor I re read it.

    They have the glow of the RWA awards ceremony and winning. Have you been to RWA's awards ceremony. That year it was with tables not just an auditorium. Fantastic honor, incredible buzz to have industry professionals like Nora Roberts in the room.

    Not to mention they treat you like a star if you are a finalist.

    The entire awards program is very much like the Oscars. Very very cool. Tuxes, and suits and formal dresses and glitter.

    There dreams had just come true and together!! I would glow too.

  22. LOL, Julie. Yes. Goggles would be good.

    Going to Yankee Belle now.

  23. Who won reply and seek? We decided that individual seekers can change it to nested or embedded comments on their day if they want to.

    I wrote today's post and I'm a big whiny baby so I changed it back today.

    There you have it.

  24. I'm from near western Pennsylvania. Does that count?????

  25. Vince,

    I may never write 100, but so long as I'm productive and happy, the number doesn't matter. Right?

  26. Laughing and BEING QUIET about yesterdays fun....

    Vince, I see that glow on their faces and I love your reference to Betty Neels... Just lovely.

    And I'm cheering Lisa's three-book deal!!!! YAY!!!!!! Happy dancing in Nebraska!!!! (dancing helps keep me WARM...)

    JAN!!!! You get to pick out your puppy today, oh happy days!!! I showed my teens your puppy pics last week and Casey voted blue... Kathryn voted green....


    Have fun! We start pics for our Golden Doodles (who are black, by the way) after I get home...

    So much fun to see the love match between owner and puppy.

  27. Tina,

    Of course it counts! The western PA fold spreads far and wide!


  28. I've lived in Carlisle, PA, two different times. Once in high school, and once as a wife and mom.

    Love PA! So beautiful. Such history.

    Tina, I've got Tuesday marked on my calendar and can't wait to see your blog. Chill bumbs ready to pop out on command!

    Congrats, Lisa! A three-book contract is huge!

    This non-nester is happy blogger is back to normal. :)

  29. Jenny, I thought you left last Thrusday. I've been covering you with prayer, imagining you SLEEPING while in the air...

    The Atlanta group is eager to see you Monday!!! Whoot!!!

    Lunch with Jenny. Everyone's invited! Let us know if you can join in the fun.

  30. I should mention that Anne got a three book deal too..but she's just storming ahead past that. On to more contracts. These gals don't mess around. Must be in the genes.

  31. Thank you, Rose! I won your Wedding on the Rocks! Congrats to all the winners, contracts, new chapters and new puppies. Have a fun trip, Jenny! Thanks, Tina, for many great links! Happy weekend, everyone!

  32. Congrats to Lisa on a three booker! That rocks!

    Tina - What are you talking about near western Pa? Like Kentucky near or Ohio near? ;)

    Piper - Love the 'burgh! Can't wait to meet you in Atlanta. We can see if we still have that western PA twang. Although I was heavily influenced by a Canadian accent when I lived in Rochester, NY. That makes for a confusing combo!

    Jan - I CAN'T wait for puppy pics on FB! I'm so excited for you.

    AusJenny - Heavens to mergatroid! (is that how it's spelled?) You're going to see more of the country than most Americans do in a lifetime! Hope you get a bowl of Wheaties to give you stamina! But Welcome and ENJOY!

  33. Like, my family moved to Silver Creek, NY into my grandmother's 100 year old house my senior year of high school. So we are sorta close to Erie PA.

    Ruthy is of course, closer.

    I went to Jamestown Community College for a year...also a stone's throw from Erie.

  34. Okay, double checked the map since I am direction challenged. It would be North West PA area.

  35. And Ruthy is not closer, I am. DUH ON ME.

  36. Please note that I just added this to the WE ED. Mary Connealy's Buffalo Gal is on sale on Kindle for .99. Link in WE ED.

  37. WOW. I want to be Betty Neels.

    I got the nursing part.

    I just have to learn to write faster.

    Going to practice. NOW!!!

  38. Lyndee,

    No, I can't talk that way unless prompted. My mother wouldn't let me as a child--but I know it when I hear it! When I meet you in Atlanta, I'll see if I hear it in your voice. I look forward to it!

    Tina, everyone is directionally challenged from time to time! We still love you!

    Debby, PA is a big old variety of lots of things, isn't it? It's a great state!

  39. That's interesting. Everyone I know in the Buffalo except my sister and I has a Buffalo nasal accent. But my mom was a stickler about enunciation. (posture as well). So it's difficult to tell where we are from.

  40. Hi Helen:

    You wrote:

    “I may never write 100, but so long as I'm productive and happy, the number doesn't matter. Right?” *

    Not only are you right, I will vouch for it. I’m as happy with the romance WIPs that I’ve written as I am with the real estate books and correspondence courses that I’ve published.

    Creating and being productive is what can keep a person young.

    However, I really think Mary and Ruth have the right idea. Write a book and if publishers don’t want to buy it, then write something else. Just keep writing more books. Then when your skill set increases to the point where you are writing publishable material, all those other books can be whipped into publishable shape. You'll know how to do it by habit at that point.

    I really think you can learn more by writing many different books than by spending years perfecting a single manuscript.

    My goal is to develop at least three contest entries from different WIPs and have them point the way to improving my fiction skill set. It would be nice to have a contest entry out at all times.

    Keep the faith.


    *TINA: this is how you can reply without needing the nestling feature. Just quote what you are talking about.

  41. Loved the bicycles this week. Cute! Made me want to get outside and ride mine.

    I took a nap until the urge receded.

    Congrats to Lisa C for her 3-book deal with Avon! Hooray!

    And congrats to all the winners this week. :)

    Jenny, early welcome to the states!

  42. Yes, Vince, there is a glow when you final or win a contest, especially the first ones. And when you sell your first book.


    I can't remember what it was (probably and early contest final) but I could FEEL my eyes sparkling with joy! One of my co-workers remarked on it...good grief, how could he not? I think they had to pry me off the ceiling....

    Finalists in the Golden Heart, Rita, Genesis, and The Carol need to make every effort to attend the conferences. There's just no feeling like it in the world!

  43. I left home Thursday i fly out today. THis time tomorrow will have landed in Dallas. AM so tired and exvited

  44. Hi Tina:

    You wrote:

    “They have the glow of the RWA awards ceremony and winning. Have you been to RWA's awards ceremony. That year it was with tables not just an auditorium.”

    While I have not been to an awards ceremony, I have seen two of them live streamed on the computer. People were at tables, formal gowns, and I used these scenes for the climax of my “Stranded in a Cabin” romance. The hero’s sister and the heroine are both up for the same RITA, (he was the CP on both books) and he was called back from Afghanistan as a surprise presenter at the ceremony.

    Seeing the awards live showed me how to write this scene. It was great.


  45. Hi Tina:

    You wrote:

    “WOW. I want to be Betty Neels.
    I got the nursing part.
    I just have to learn to write faster.”

    Betty Neels was very different from today’s writers. She was even very different from her contemporary writers. She really was an updated dime novel writer. Like the Horatio Alger books, characterized by the "rags-to-riches" narrative, Betty Neels sold hope. She indulged fantasies like we do not do today. She always hit the same target audience of which there were millions.

    The heroines were plain, poor women, mostly nurses and midwives, who were taken advantage of but who were honest, loyal, hard working human beings. The hero was always a much older man. He was rich and often had a title. He would protect her but would never express his emotions. The heroine had no idea the hero had any romantic interest in her until the last few pages. “Out of the blue” from her point of view, the hero would confess his love and ask her to marry him. This was without warning to the heroine.

    The mother-in-law was the heroine’s biggest supporter. The MiL hated the rich beautiful women who were always trying to get their hooks into the hero because he was appropriate to their status and never because they loved her son! None of them really loved the hero. Not in any book.

    The mother in law saw the heroine as a good, worthy woman for her son, a woman who would make a good mother, and a loyal wife who could make her son happy. The heroine’s own mother was usually harsh: she would call the heroine hopelessly plain with no hope of ever getting a decent husband!

    In the end, the hero sees the inner beauty of the heroine, agrees with his mother, and by then, in the hero’s eyes, the heroine has indeed become beautiful.

    Betty Neels is not for the beautiful, rich, popular girls in high school and college. They are the villains in her books. Betty Neels is for the Plain Janes of the world who feel they have no chance at the rich, handsome, guys. (The rich women in the stories never even consider the heroine as competition.) By being the best human beings possible, these heroines win lasting love with the best men out there. These heroes are usually the most respected doctors in their fields. They show great love and concern for their mothers. They will show the same for a wife.

    Moral Premise: the virtuous woman wins the best husband because of her very goodness.

    Given the way these ‘remote’ heroes act in these romances, a female fan can truly imagine that any rich older man she desires might at any time confess his love for her and ask for her hand in marriage. (I’m sure this is what actually happened in Betty Neels own life. She had every reason to believe her stories could come true and that makes her stories so belieable.)

    Today’s romances are not really selling hope like this or Horatio Alger’s did. Today romances are selling a warm romantic reading experience. Hope can be found in the mix but there is so much more than hope. And heroines today after often top notch beauties with great careers.

    Betty Neels sold this same helping of hope over and over again and her fans could not get enough of it. Besides, I don’t think they could get it any where else – at least, not in it’s purest form.

    Could something like this be updated and done today?

    It would sell, sell, sell.


  46. Where have I been. 7pm and I'm just checking in.
    It was an amazing week, ladies (and gents -yes, Vince, now that it's been made official that you are some kind of 'main attraction' here, don't let it go to your head)

    Congrats to all the winners. Those are amazing prizes. A superb WE and lots to look forward to.

    I often visited cousins in Western PA (up in coal country) and I learned that Grease is pronounced Greeze, and you'ins or yuns is a group you really want to be in!

    Pennsylvania has as many local accents as New York.
    I'm not good at sorting out southern accents. I suppose someone from east Texas must sound different than west Texas... it is a whole nuther country after all.

  47. oh and now I have to wave at Lyndee, thanks to Debby G.


  48. Yay...I won a book, I won a book! :) I'm currently reading the last book I won on here (Ruthy's latest--it's so difficult to put it down late at night, but I need sleep once in a while...and bedtime is the only time I get to read).

    I was born in Harrisburg, PA, and lived there until I was 5 or 6. I know it isn't western PA, but it's still PA. ;-)
    And I've lived in western NY since then (a long time)--just over an hour from Ruthy, about 20 minutes from Debra Marvin... One of these days I need to meet up with them (although I met Ruthy last May).

    Congrats to all the winners and to the newly-pubbed!

    Asking for prayers for less-than-jittery nerves for those of us pitching next Wednesday afternoon in Happily Editor After for Love Inspired (all 3 categories). Thanks in advance!

    Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

  49. Oh, so Betty Neels wrote Alpha Males. Alpha Males are out but Alpha Females are still in.

  50. Praying for you Melanie Pike!!!!

  51. Hi Tina and thank you so much for mentioning me and Lisa! Thank you everyone for the congrats!

    Vince, re: Lisa's and my glow, LOL. Now that I think about it, it could very well be a champagne glow. Also, I was shiny from crying after Lisa won. I held it together for most of the evening, but when she won I was recording her speech and blubbering at the same time. :)

  52. Hi Tina:

    Thanks for the heads-up on “Buffalo Gal” on sale today for 99¢ for the Kindle. At this rate I’ll have all of Mary’s books on my Kindle for about a total of $16.23.

    BTW: Just how does that work?


  53. “Alpha Males are out.”


    Have you heard of Presents – Harlequin’s top selling line? I think they only have alpha males. Beta males are not into blackmailing women into marrying them by using their billions of dollars of working capital.

  54. LOL, Vince. You are right. I am incorrect. Alpha males are the heart of Presents.

    Must be a European thing.Ha.

    I prefer Beta Males myself.

  55. I like Beta males who can pull off being an Alpha male when necessary, but the disguise comes off layer by layer to reveal the real man underneath.

    Yes, I do like fairy tales. lol

  56. Pam. You like Clark Kent/Superman.

    It's the cape isn't it?

  57. I think I'm over the new reply format. It was fun for awhile. Great option.

    Alpha Males are out?

    ooops gotta run.

  58. What's up in WNY?
    the temperature and the grass. but we're looking at a drought in May if things don't get back to normal.

  59. I'm heading back to WNY today... and I'm laughing at Tina's personal Bermuda Triangle of Silver Creek/Ruthy/Erie....

    Erie's close to my Kirkwood Lake series, it's tucked over in that corner of the NY triangle, and I WAVE to Tina's mom and dad every time I drive down there! They're the cutest things ever.

    I like the AB combo man... Not metro at all, a definite Wrangler wearer but like Pam said, an Alpha that's strong enough within himself to be a Beta. Strong enough to be gentle. The total "alpha" strong-arm guy kinda drifted off my radar as I matured and realized what a nice guy my husband is... Most of the time, LOL!

    Deb, Melanie, we do need to just get together some afternoon. My time frame is crazy between work and writing and with the advent of NY sunshine yard work and painting will insist on being done. BUT... we can figure out time, somehow! We'll grab Mia, too... Anybody else from these parts wanna come? Lyndee, I wish you were still here!


    Great writing time here, loved it. I love the train whistle... the cold and snow keeping me indoors... and the COOL VINTAGE-LOOK YELLOW SHAWL I bought at the adorable local dress shop!


  60. Alpha males are out??? Nobody told me. I think I'm left over from the Rhett Butler/John Wayne era because I still write them. :)


  61. POL! I can't take the pressure!!!!

  62. Great Weekend Edition, Tina! Celebrating with Lisa's three-book contract with Avon!!

    I had a great day yesterday meeting patrons and other authors at Roanoke's new library! After the signing we authors were provided with a lovely lunch at Joseph Decruis's Emporium.

    Afterward a friend invited me in to get the feel of peddling her old Singer sewing machine since the heroine in my wip is a seamstress. Easy but then I wasn't running fabric under the presser foot. :-)

    Jenny, wishing you travel mercies! Wish I could join Patti Jo and Debby at lunch Monday!!


  63. Ruth went shopping again. Well at least it fits in your luggage. hehehe

  64. Congratulations to Lisa on that book deal. Congrats to all the winners, including me. A critique. Now which of the little darlings to send out.

    I've noticed the beta male emerging over the past several years. About time. I like a sensative man.

  65. Congratulations to winners here from last week and to Lisa and Ann. I'm from the beautiful state of Pa where it's a gorgeous day today. Tomorrow hubby and I go to Longwood Gardens. One of my fav spots down here in the SE corner. And it's so true about the regional accents throughout PA. I heard somewhere that those living here are the only ones in the whole country who refer to their state by the PA abbreviation.
    Welcome to the US of A, Jenny. I hope it's all you've imagined it to be. My friends and family in UK can't get enough of it. I feel the same about their country. Thanks for the WE, Tina. Picked up some interesting info from it.

  66. TINA!!! Yes, this can fit in my carry-on, LOL!

    I'm in the Omaha airport now after a lovely writers' retreat in Nebraska... This is my kind of retreat because the cold and snow and sleet and rain were of no temptation. I've always kind of wondered why you'd hold a work retreat on a beach... Because who's inspired to work on a beach?

    Anyway, we had a great time, ate too much, had spotty Internet but we'll work on that for next time and got lots of work done. I'm totally psyched!!!

    I'm going to work here in the comfort of an airport cozy chair (the same airport I spent the night in last fall when Hurricane-turned-dangerous-storm Sandy shut down New York City... I pointed out my sleeping quarters to Audra... and she just rolled her eyes! :)

    Elaine, I like sensitive men too. But on the other hand I love Mary's heroes and they're not exactly the sensitive pioneer type... More MYSTIFIED by the feminine psyche! But they tender up real quick with a few long gazes and good meals... and then I think of Red Dawson who is one of my favorites... and shy Cassie.... I loved that book from its earliest stages. Just wonderful.

    I'm leaving some delicious Dorothy Moore cinnamon rolls for youse! I turned a half-tray of them into bread pudding for our dessert last night... which we ate before dinner, but we did skip lunch so it's all good!!!

  67. Guess who has been WITHOUT ELECTRICITY this afternoon. It went out right after we got home from church. Lines were out. Just came on.

    It's rainy and chilly. Great READING weather!

  68. Ruth asked:

    “…who's inspired to work on a beach?”

    Dreamers, philosophers, beach bums… I did my best thinking walking along the beach at night looking up at the stars and listening to the heartbeat of the earth in the ocean waves. I didn’t think there was any problem I couldn’t sovle under the stars with my feet in two inches of waves.

    And then:

    Alpha males are fine in romances: no one has to marry them.

    Females of every species (except black widows) are attracted to alpha males just as natural selection demands but they are also well experienced in civilizing those same males within the family circle. Alpha to the outside world, beta within the family unit. An ideal combination. From a natural selection POV.


  69. Oh, Vince, I agree the beach is great for inspiration...

    But I'm talkin' work. Words produced. Cold hard numbers like an accountant on an audit.

    I love the beach, but if I'm writing, I want something where I'm undisturbed and untempted. That's why I always steer clear of retreats in fun places. When I go away to write, all I want to do is write... and eat good food with my buds.

    But yeah, the philosopher within loves a cozy walk under the stars, and the rush of water... The creator that wants a paycheck?

    She likes Internet access, little distraction and less temptation!

  70. Oh Ruthy, I wish I'd been in Nebraska with you guys, snow and all. One of my WIPs is set in Nebraska and I've never been there. I've never been anywhere I've written about. I'm afraid the reality will get in the way.

    I don't see Mary's heros as alphas. Yes, they're macho to the world but not to their women. I'm reading Swept Away right now, and if Luke was real alpha he'd have let Ruthy (the character, not you) stay in the river. She wasn't much to look at right then and he had enough trouble without adding a half drowned woman to it. I'm only 42% in, but I'm expecting Luke to get real sensitive before it's over.

  71. The author of 11 Signs You're Meant to be a Writer has been looking over my shoulder! Although, it is nice to know there are other people who have been known to read labels, etc., just to be reading something.

    Congrats to Lisa on the 3-book deal! Wow!

    And congrats to all the winners **waving to Mary H**

    Interesting news about the indie book signing at RWA, too.

    Tina, the WE is terrific as always. Settling in now to read comments.

    Nancy C

  72. Jenny -- wishing you safe travels and a wonderful time. What an adventure you've embarked on.

    Tina -- was Ryan Jones (Oklahoma Reunion) an alpha male or beta male? I adored him from the moment I 'met' him :-)

    And what's this stuff about embedded comments, etc? The only way I can comment is to go to my Gmail/Blogger. Is there a less complicated way?

    Nancy C

  73. Hi Ruth:

    You Wrote:

    “Oh, Vince, I agree the beach is great for inspiration...

    But I'm talkin' work. Words produced. Cold hard numbers like an accountant on an audit.”

    You are so correct,
    of course,
    in your world…
    in mine…
    to the dreamer,
    the philosopher,
    and the beach bum,
    the work 'is' the thinking
    'is' the product of inspiration
    the cold hard words
    are just academic;
    scant proof, as it were,
    little more than thinking’s footprints.

    as for
    Caesar’s silver:
    the wives of
    and beach bums
    will tell you…
    What glimmers in the sun
    holds but little allure
    to those who travel
    far beyond the center
    of the solar system.

  74. Nancy, go over to the Yankee Belle Cafe. They have imbedded comments.

    Very nice there actually.

  75. Will Sullivan from The Rancher's Reunion (where you can first meet Ryan) was more of an Alpha Male.

    Ryan is for sure a Beta Male.

  76. How on earth did I miss coming by for this?? I thought I did already! I guess Friday blurred with the weekend. :)

    Thanks, Tina, for another fantastic WE!!

    Congrats Lisa C!!!!

  77. And YAY! I get to eat lunch with AusJenny tomorrow!!