Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Weekend Edition

Happy Mother's Day! 
Today we're sharing some of those great expressions
 Mom said when we were kids. What were your favorites?

  We Have Winners-THIS IS IT!!  Be sure to check here to see if you have been a winner during the last five weeks of Speedbo.  All prizes must be claimed by March 15th. If you are running behind let us know and we may be able to offer a solution. We understand running behind.

Please see our rules for giveaways in Seekerville. Be sure to contact us with your snail mail address if you are a winner at  Don't be shy. Remind us if we get behind per our rules.

Barbour and Bethany House author Mary Connealy shared: "God bless the broken road, that led me straight to a book," her journey to a novella collection on Monday. Winner of the first ever in the known universe giveaway of A Bride for All Seasons, a mail order  bride collection by Margaret Brownley, Debra Clopton, Robin Lee Hatcher and Mary Connealy. Winner is Joelle, who will get her book as soon as Mary receives her author's copies.

Tuesday Love Inspired author Tina Radcliffe shares her innermost thoughts with her terrifying post, "This is My Brain: Why I Don't Sleep At Night." The winners of two $25 Amazon gift cards are Helen Gray and Arlene.

Hate Change? In the crazy world of publication, "change" is a constant, especially now with the e-book phenom. So what can a writer do to adapt? Wednesday, author Nancy Herriman shared some great tips to both inspire and help you face this changing industry with grace and humor. Winners of a her latest release from Worthy Publishing Josiah's Treasure are Traveling Stacey and Chli N (Nancy).

 HOORAY!!!  Thursday we celebrated the print release of Love Inspired author Ruth Logan Herne's latest RT Book Reviews 4-Star book, The Lawman's Second Chance on Thursday. Ruthy shared on "Mixing Fact with Fiction." Winner of a a first chapter critique is Susan Anne Mason  and winners of autographed hard copies of The Lawman's Second Chance are Piper Huguley, Annie Rains, Natalie Monk, Jeannie T and Lisa L. Keck.

Friday we welcomed Jennifer AlLee and Lisa Karon Richardson, who shared, "Yours, Mine, and  Ours," how they became co-authors without destroying their friendship. Winners of two copies of their new novel, Diamond in the Rough (Whitaker House) are Pol and Jodie Wolfe.

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: Cathy Shouse will be our guest blogger today in Seekerville, with tips for surviving contests entitled "Survivor: Contest Island Edition." Janet will give away a copy of The Bride Wore Spurs, Love Inspired Historical, to one winning commenter.

Tuesday:Abingdon Press and Heartsong Presents author Myra Johnson is your hostess for the day, sharing do's and don'ts for dealing with the inevitable disappointments writers face. If you've ever been tempted to lash out at rejections, harsh critiques, or awful reviews, Myra has a few suggestions for more productive ways to cope. (Hint: chocolate usually always helps, at least a little.) 

Wednesday:Love Inspired suspense author Debby Giusti shares highlights of Barbara Vey's Reader Appreciation Luncheon and promises lots of pictures and information about next year's event. Debby will be giving away one of her books, winner's choice.

Thursday: All of us in the brain fry club are eager and excited to have Pinterest expert Melissa Taylor with us today. She's the author of Pinterest Savvy: How I Got 1 Million+ Followers (Strategies, Plans, and Tips to Grow Your Business with Pinterest).  Seekerville will be giving away a copy of this Kindle book on Wednesday too!!

 Friday: Stop by today when we welcome Inspirational Rita finalist  Becky Wade to Seekerville! Becky will be talking about "The Art of Incorporating Detail." She'll be giving away a copy of her Undeniably Yours.

Seeker Sightings

Book Club Network, Inc. reports that FICTION BOOK FOR THE MONTH APRIL 2013-First Place:Love at Any Cost by Julie Lessman With 36.9% of the votes. So don't miss the June issue of Book Fun Magazine for more info. Thanks, Friends of Seekerville for taking the time to vote.

May 6-20, 2013:Win your choice of any of Julie Lessman's books at an interview on Juanita Noble's blog.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Sandra Leesmith's 1989 release, Love's Miracles, will soon be available in Kindle format - edited and re-packaged as a sweet (albeit intense) post-Vietnam War romance. To spread the word, there will be a blog tour from May 20th-31st, with stops at various blogs, including some of our friends of Seekerville. You can learn more and keep up-to-date on all the news by visiting the blog tour page.

Mary Connealy and Rose Ross Zediker are signing books at a fund raising event for Camp Goodwill. NOON, Saturday, May 11, 570 152nd Street, South Sioux City, NE 68776.

Buffalo Gal, a sweet contemporary romance by Mary Connealy is part of a special promotion this month from Barbour Publishing's Truly Yours collection that is re-releasing older Heartsong Presents books in a digital format. Buffalo Gal is available as an ebook for 99 cents.

Ruth Logan Herne will be gathering with a bunch of local authors at the Parma Public Library, 7 West Ave., Hilton, NY 14468 from 1:00 to 3:00 PM on Saturday, May 11! Stop by and chat with Ruthy and if you have books for her to sign, she'll be glad to oblige. There may or may not be an occasional grandchild running amok, but there will most definitely be Ruthy-books!


In addition to the top prize of an iPad Mini with 31 new CBA releases loaded and 2nd and 3rd-place prizes of 31 autographed books in print form, each of the authors will have giveaways of their own, so don't miss out!

It all begins at NOON on MAY 17 at and ends at MIDNIGHT on Sunday, May 19, giving you the entire weekend to have fun and finish the hunt at your own pace. Hope to see you there!!

Seekers & Village People met with our International Seeker friend Jenny Blake for Lunch this week!
Debby Giusti, AusJenny, Missy Tippens, Patty Smith Hall and Patti Jo Moore

Random News & Information

Congratulations to the West River Christian Writers on their new chapter.

Changes at B&H Fiction (Steve Laube Blog)

Free Kindle devotional just in time for Mother's Day by Seeker Friend Jo Russell. Which Button Do You Press To Make God Come Out?: A Humorous Devotional for Women.

The Fake Belieber Epidemic: Why Justin, Gaga, and Rihanna Don’t Have as Many Twitter Followers as You Think (OMG!from Yahoo)

Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cover Series, 16 Lighthouse Road, Hallmark Original Movie Trailer. 

New Smashwords Survey Helps Authors Sell More eBooks (Smashwords)

Late Bloomer Award Established for Children’s Authors Over the Age of 50 (GalleyCat)

Submit e-Originals to School Library Journal Book Reviewers (GalleyCat)

How to Immediately Become a More Productive (and Better) Writer (copyblogger)

The EBook Pricing Sweet Spot (DBW)

How To Set Yourself Up for a Productive Day (Michael Hyatt)

Sourcebooks, Overdrive launch pilot to demonstrate the impact of ebook library lending on sales (PaidContent)

Literary Agent Interview: Rachael Dugas of Talcott Notch Literary (WD)

 That's it!  Have a great week...and

Don't forget to enter the The 25th Anniversary (and Beyond!) Anne Taintor Caption Contest here.


  1. Have a great Mother's Day weekend everyone!

    Congrats to all of the winners!

  2. Thanks for another informative WE, Tina.

    Congratulations to the winners.

    Have a cup of coffee from the big pot I have set to brew.


  3. excited to win a book as a Mother's Day gift! : ) And I just took the survey Tina...from Tuesday. Thanks for the reminder to get it in! : )
    Happy Mother's Day to all of you! Please pray for me...I'm walking (and maybe a tiny bit of running) my first 5K in the morning! We're supporting a shelter in Atlanta for women who have broken free from sex trafficking/trade. Praying to raise lots of money and awareness. God bless~Stacey

  4. Keeping this short because I'm exhausted. Been a busy day. Busy week. :) Congratulations to the winners, and thank you for the book, RUTHY. I'm so excited!

    Secondly as a mother of boys, I totally get the mother musing about clean underwear. There. 'Nuff said.

    Coming back tomorrow to read up on the links. I need, NEED some of those! :)

    AUSJENNY! So fun to see you in pictures! Hope your time here in the US has been good so far!

  5. Wow, Stacey, look at you!!! That's fantastic. Congrats on the race.

  6. How cool to have AusJenny making the rounds!

    "...or I'll break your arm off and hit you over the head with the bloody end of it."

    Now how's that for 'feeling the love!?'

    Congrats to all the winners! Excellent week coming up as well.

  7. Happy Mother's Day (almost!) to all the mothers here in Seekerville!! :) Hope your day is wonderful!

    And thank you, Tina, for including the info about Love's Miracles! Can't believe the time to get it up on Amazon and start the blog tour is almost here...!!! I've got a lot to do this next week. ;) Looking forward to it, though!


  8. Wow.

    The info! The photos!! The links!!!
    Congrats to winners and happy Mom's day all!!

    I'm at the Strawberry Festival in Dayton, TN if you're in the area. Cmonnnnn by!!

  9. Congrats to the winners! Looks like I won't be buying Ruthy's new book afterall b/c I WON :) I meant to buy it last night to read this weekend. Glad I waited :)

    Happy Saturday, Seekerville!

  10. Thanks Jeanne and Debra although Debra has me scared. Right now you can cut my wrist of if you like its acting up something chronic.

    I have now been to Alabama! ok we only went over the border and were there for about 10 mins at most but I got the photo of the sign (which was interesting in it self!). Went to the zoo yesterday and got a free lunch at my friends work. it was customer appreciation day.
    Today of to Washington DC. Just praying the first fight is on time or early as I only have around 40 mins to get from one plane to the next. May not get on as much this coming week.

  11. ps I have a cell that I can text on (I think I will have more credit than I can use!) but if anyone wants to text me at all its 404-387-2234
    I love the phone but found It isn't one I will be able to unlock and use in Australia as we have a different type of network and this one isn't a dual network type. (can't remember the exact name).

  12. Seekerville WE is a great way to herald in a rainy Saturday! Love the bathtub markers and aqua notes. Who knew?!

  13. How about, "Stop hitting your brother."

    Nah, she never said that to ME? I am way to nice to need that yelled at me.

    Well, then......

    And the ever popular, "Hurry up, you're going to be late!"

  14. Well, there's a good chance no one else's mother said that to their child. And she never said it in anger...

    I'd say I used the phrase. "You're diving me nuts!" a few too many times. And here I am. Insanity is doing the same thing over...

    Then there's the things mom said that were perfectly justified:

    "Sit up Straight!"
    "Stop putting your hair behind your ear!"
    "Put the book away and get to sleep!"
    "Stop picking at your lips." (for the chapstick obsessed among us)

    okay back to Scrivener.

  15. Thanks for the Weekend Edition and all those links, Tina! Congratulations winners!

    Family favorites:

    Because I said so.

    This room looks like a boar's nest.

    Do you think money grows on trees? Actually my dad said that. When I was a teenager I heard it often.

    Congrats Stacey, on your walk/race for a great cause!

    Love the photos of Jenny's visit! Enjoy D.C., Jenny! Hugs for the wrist!

    Chilly in Indiana today. Brr.


  16. Hmmm....I think she always said:

    I hope you have a child that acts JUST like you....

    But I didn' son doesn't have my temperment!

    Happy Mother's Day, everyone.



    Ah, the sweet refrain.

  18. Tina, Great WE. I just used the one about the barn on my ds yesterday and he told me, without batting a long eyelash, "I'm not a cow, Mom." Who gave these children the right to a riposte?!!!

    I hope you are enjoying your trip, AusJenny!

    Congrats to all of the winners--and to me--I get to read Ruthy's new book! And Susan Anne, when you have weathered Ruthy's critique, tell me where to send you your pink tee shirt...

  19. Congratulations, winners, and Happy Weekend!

    Tina! I came home from work yesterday to find an Amazon package! SuhWeet! I didn't remember winning that. But it sure put a smile on my face after a rough work day. THANK YOU!

    My mom used this frequently on her six children: "Do you think I'm talking just to hear my head rattle?" (Note to strong-willed children. It is not wise to say or even nod yes, no matter how tempting.) ☺ ☻ ☺ ☻

  20. Great WE TINA.

    At our house:

    "one.....two......" (And you better have done it by three)

    "You children have hollow legs) (because we ate so much lol) still do only its on the tummy now.

    Happy Mother's day to all of you moms out there.

  21. JENNY, Glad you're having fun in the US. I sent you a text. Enjoy your travels.

    JANET my Dad always said that about the money growing on trees also.

    OH and I have JANET"S book to read this weekend. woo hooooo THE BRIDE WORE SPURS

  22. Sandra, you and I must've whined for something a lot. LOL Hope you enjoy my first western!


  23. Good morning, Seekerville! Another fabulous edition, TINA!

    And CONGRATS TO JAN DREXLER! Her Love Inspired "The Prodigal Son Returns" is now on the shelves, so don't miss it!

    Looks like you're having fun, AUSJENNY! And going place I'VE never been!!

    LOVE the cover of your book, SANDRA!

    Let's see...Mom quotes...

    "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

    "You're sorry? How sorry? Sorry enough not to do it again?"

  24. "Eat your broccoli."

    Plus, she told me I'd fix broccoli for my own children. I said, "NEVER!"
    But, of course, I love broccoli now and serve it frequently. Just proves that Mother knows best!

  25. "If it were a snake, it would bite you."

    Said when I was hunting for something in the fridge or cupboard. I couldn't find the item, but my mother would spot it immediately.

    Congrats to the winners!!!

  26. Jenny, have a good time on your vacation, sending traveling mercies.

    Congrats to all the winners. I have a critique to get out from a couple of weeks back.

    I can't think of anything my mother said that hasn't already been said except, "Where have you been?"

    Actually, the only thing I really remember her saying is "I love you."

    Happy Mother's Day, whether you're a mother or not.

  27. Happy Mother’s Day

    I’ve been lucky. I’m a senior citizen but this is only my third Mother’s Day without my mother. We were best friends. I could tell her anything. She’d always call me to get the straight family facts. In fact, I think we were so close that she can never really be gone. There are too many shared memories. I can recreate any conversation we would be having today. I’m sure she can do the same as she enjoys her heavenly rewards.

    Mother said many memorable things over the years:

    The oddest thing, when I was a kid, my mother used to say:

    “I’m sounding just like my mother!”

    For the longest time I thought my mother meant her voice sounded the same as her mother’s. Well, her mother was alive and I didn’t think she sounded like Nanny at all.

    The saddest thing my mother used to say:

    “Mom, speak English to the kids.”

    My grandmother wanted to teach me Norwegian. I so wished I’d learned Norwegian when it would have been so easy to do so.

    The most cryptic thing, when I was very young, my mother used to say:

    “I’ll give you a ring,” said to her sister on leaving our aunt’s house in the city. (It took three years before I learned that meant ‘a phone call!’ I guess I had a problem with idioms.)

    The most frequent and influential thing my mother would say to all her three boys:

    “You’ll never get a wife if you don’t ‘x’ “.

    Where ‘x’ was among other things:

    1. study hard and get good grades
    2. comb your hair, brush your teeth, shine your shoes
    3. go out in public looking presentable
    4. open doors for women
    5. learn good manners
    6. be a good student so you can get a good job so you can afford a wife…

    I could really relate to those stories where knights in shining armor had to slay dragons in order to win a wife. She had me so paranoid that I didn’t even start looking for a wife until I was thirty! Of course, by that time, whenever my mother answered my calls her first words were: “Have you met anyone special?”

    It took thirty-three years but I did meet someone special. That was just over thiry-three years ago.

    Again: Happy Mother’s Day to all our mothers and a special Bouquet of Love to all the non-mothers who will sit in church Sunday and watch the mothers be given their roses while they try their best to keep the tears hidden. Motherhood is a blessing as well as a challenge.

    Blessings to All.


  28. Just back from mostly walking the race...and did the 5K in 59 minutes...which I'm very proud that we made it in less than an hour! : )

    I forgot to mention my mom quote..."A man's work is from sun to sun but a woman's work is never done."
    She always tells me that her grandmother used to tell her that all the time : )

  29. Ah, Vince, such lovely comments. Your mother was a special woman, for sure!

    Weren't you thoughtful to mention those without children. Often Mother's Day can be poignant. A friend of mine buried her 30 year old son--an only child--yesterday. I'm praying for her and know tomorrow will be a difficult day.

    On a happier note...
    Congrats Stacey, on the great run! My mom and her mom before her used to say the same thing about woman's work. Hmmm...seems I've mentioned it to my daughters as well.

  30. Yes. Congratulations, Stacey.

    My mom said a similar version.

    A man may work from dusk to dawn, but a woman's work is never done.

  31. Awe, Vince. That was lovely. Thank you.

  32. Elaine, such a sweet comment about your mom, saying, "I love you." Those are the most precious words we can ever say, aren't they?

    Vince, my mama was my best friend too.

  33. Great WE as always, Terrific Tina! CONGRATS to all the winners, and looking forward to another wonderful week in Seekerville.

    Enjoyed reading all the "Mom quotes" and have to add that my Mama was my VERY best friend too. Those of you who still have your moms here on earth, give them extra hugs.

    Waving to Jenny and so glad you're seeing some great sights!

    Happy Mother's Day to all the moms--I'm excited that my 3 kiddos and 2 sons-in-law will be with me tomorrow! (and of course numerous cats, LOL). Hugs, Patti Jo

  34. P.S. YAY Stacey!! So proud of you taking part in that walk--benefitting such an important cause. Hugs to you, sweet lady.

  35. Happy Mothers Day weekend to all the Mothers here....congrats to winners, of which I am one this time for book "Diamond in the Rough" isn't that a great title-I like diamonds rough or not, haha
    My Mom was a stay-at-home MOM and she was always busy canning-cooking-cleaning-laundry hung outdoors no dryer at our house. of course that meant ironing day too...I don't think there was anything she didn't do. She had 9 children for Daddy and was exceptional woman but of course I would think so...
    Paula O

  36. Congrats to the winners!
    My favorite saying that my mom used to always say and now I say it all the time:

    My house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy.

    God bless!

  37. My mother used to always say, "Actions speak louder than words." Now isn't that ironic, since I turned out to be a WRITER!!!

    Word speak pretty loudly sometimes, eh, mom? Heehee. Now that THOUSANDS of people have read my words. ;-)

    Whoops, I think the power just went to my head.

  38. Paula O -- I LOVE laundry dried outdoors like my mom and grandmothers used to do. Nothing smells better than sleeping on "fresh air" sheets!

  39. Congrats to all of the winners here and to Jan Drexler on seeing her novel on bookshelves.
    Enjoyed the WE blog, Tina, and being able to catch up with all the news.
    Fav sayings by my mom: In addition to many of those mentioned, I remember her saying "don't dishonor your father's name." For Crying Out Loud is one I still say frequently. Like her and others here, I still dry clothes on the line outside. Nothing like the smell when I bring them indoors.
    Having a great time, Jenny. I know all about a cell in one country useless in another.
    Congratulations on the walk, Stacy.
    And may all the moms here have a wonderful day on Sunday.

  40. in DC now plane broke down so had to change planes 3 hours delay. AM here safe. ON tablet again.

  41. Thanks for the great WE, Tina!!

    I love the Mother's Day tributes! I'm dying laughing because before traveling my always asked me if I had on clean underwear! LOL :) :)

  42. For Crying Out Loud. Oh, my ...I remember that. Jackie Gleason show.

  43. Jenny, it's great to see pics from your trip :) I'm sorry to hear about the plane issues and glad you made it to D.C. okay. You are missing warm autumn weather back home, 22C here for Mother's Day :)

  44. Awwww VINCE, Thanks for the bouquet of love. I'm not a mom, but I don't sit with tears. I sit with a big smile because God knew what He was doing when He didn't give me any children. LOL I'm very thankful.

    And my Mom was my best friend also. She was a really wonderful Mom. She managed to make each one of her children think we were super special. I loved that about her.

  45. I had a wonderful mother-in-law also. She loved me so much. In fact she told hubby that if we ever split up, she was keeping me, not him. LOL

    Hubby behaved cause he knew she meant it.

    We're still together after 46 years. smile

  46. Happy Mother's Day to all of you with "MOTHER HEARTS". Congrats to the winners and others in the news. Looking forward to reading your new novel, Sandra!

  47. Blessings to everyone this Mother's Day. A beautiful day here in NC!

    Peace, Julie

  48. Happy Mothers Day! On an iPad in a hotel, visiting m.i.l. For her eightieth birthday today!

    Piper I'm scared now. What is the pink t shirt for? I survived a Ruthy critique?

    So fun to see pictures of AusJenny in the States with Seeekers!

    Gotta run.

  49. Yes, Susan....we have to shout out our achievement....I'm sure you will be fine....just enjoy your family today and don't worry about it....

    *goes away to pray for Susan Anne*


  50. Happy Mother's Day to all!

    Jenny, sorry about the plane problem. So relieved you arrived safely.

    Susan Anne, how nice you can be with your mil on her special day.

    ChaplainDeb, love your Mama's expression:
    "My house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy."

    I may start quoting your mom! :)

  51. Can't wait to see our Australia friend Jenny myself when she comes through Virginia on Tuesday! Looks like you had a great time!!!

    Happy Mother's Day, Seekervillians!!!

  52. Happy Mother's Day!

    Tina, thanks so much for the articles. They're so helpful and I can use all the help I can get!

  53. Stacey that is so cool and such a good cause. Congratulations.

    Jenny what FUN to see you in the pix. Hopefully all the flight connections have been resolved, and thank heavens the airport apparently has wi-fi.

    Congrats to all the winners -- and me :-) And Jan!

    Good links as always. I would have been here sooner, but I've been reading several of them. Thanks, Tina!

    Nancy C

  54. Wonderful to see our Jenny photos and that happy smile -even though a touch of the old green envy hit me! We did so love the fellowship with Christian writers in the US way back in 2009 in Denver. Jenny is just so very generous to us Aussie authors, and am really happy for her. Travel safe and continue to have a great time, Jenny.