Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Weekend Edition


Happy Memorial Day Weekend from Seekerville.

We'd like to share this link for the holiday.

How to Share E Books With Our Troops.

We Have Winners

Monday Belle Bridge author Lindi Peterson brought  us "The Story of Us...and Them." Winners of  IOU's for copies of her upcoming release, Rich in Love are Julie Hilton Steele and Dana McNeely.

 Love Inspired author, Yankee Belle Chef and Seeker friend, Jan Drexler was our Tuesday guest this week with her post "The Waiting Room." Winners of her  her debut release,  The Prodigal Son Returns, is Susan Lower and Leona Loller. 

Wednesday Thomas Nelson and Love Inspired author Debra Clopton was back with us. Debra talked about 'Synopsis That Hook and Sell." Winner of her latest Love Inspired release, Her Unforgettable Cowboy is Melissa Jagears.

 Love Inspired author Tina Radcliffe shared "The Art of Critique." We paired up three critiquers today and had a lot of fun. Winner of books for their next critique group meeting is Connie Queen. Winner of the 10 page critique is Kathy Bailey.

Friday was "Pipe Cleaners and Spaghetti Noodles" with guest Pepper Basham. Winner of a $10 iTunes giftcard is Jackie Layton. 

Next Week in Seekerville

 Monday: Seekerville Closed for the Memorial Day Holiday

Tuesday:  Today Sandra Leesmith and Seeker friends will share some of her fun experiences meeting readers. Join her for "A Writer's Best Friend: The Reader." 

Wednesday:  Today check out Love Inspired author Glynna Kaye's "No Such Thing As A Fairy Godmouse."  Yes, you read that right. Mouse.  Glynna will be giving away a winner's choice copy of one of her books.

Thursday:  "When I judge contests the one element I want to see in an entry is that hint of the character’s goal." —S Dionne Moore will visit Seekerville to talk about the "Components of a Solid First Chapter." She will give away five copies of her latest release A Heartbeat Away--book #7 in Quilts of Love Series. (WOW!!)

Friday: Time for the June Contest Update and the June Contest Diva. The prize vault is open!

Seeker Sightings

Sandra Leesmith's 1989 release, Love's Miracles, is now available in Kindle format - edited and re-packaged as a sweet (albeit intense) post-Vietnam War romance. In honor of Memorial Day, the book is currently FREE through May 27th! There's also a blog tour running through May 31st, with interviews, reviews, and a big giveaway on various blogs, including some of our friends of Seekerville! You can catch up on past posts and keep up-to-date on all the news by visiting the blog tour page.

May 22-29, 2013:UH-OH … Dr. Jeannie Campbell of "The Character Therapist" blog has Julie Lessman's hero from Love At Any Cost on the couch, analyzing him and his "pretty boy" tendencies … YIKES!!  Come see and maybe win the book in this unscheduled giveaway!! Here's the link.

Missy Tippens is taking part in a campaign at Novels Alive TV called Authors Against Abuse. If you don't yet have a copy of Georgia Sweethearts (or would like an e-copy), check out how to donate and to select her book as a thank you. Click here for more info.

Mary Connealy's Swept Away is the topic of the Novel Character's Blog.

Random News & Information

 A Treasure Trove of Information: The Internet Public Library

 Amazon Publishing Introduces “Kindle Worlds” (Amazon Press Release)

 Chick Lit Is Dead, Long Live Farm Lit (The Atlantic)

 Ten Keys to Success & Survival in the Romance Industry (Writers in the Storm)

 Book Bloggers and anyone else can follow 2013 BEA at Armchair Bea Blog

Think Like a Publisher (Dean Wesley Smith)

Is Vanity Fair? Or is it all Pay to Play? (Tracy Tyne Hilton)

Pinterest for Authors and Bloggers (APE)

5 Must-Have Apps For On-The-Go Authors (DuoLit)

 ISBN Advice for Self-Published Authors (GalleyCat)

And we'd like to leave you with something to smile about.

 Congratulations to Seeker friend, Jodie Wolfe aka Digging for Pearls.

"I'm excited and blessed to announce that I signed with Linda S. Glaz of the Hartline Literary Agency on May 8th. "

 That's it, Seekerville. Enjoy your holiday!


  1. Congratulations to the winners, and CONGRATULATIONS, Jodie! What great news to walk through a weekend with!

    Links look good. :)

    I'm beat, but hoping to stop back tomorrow.
    Thanks for a wonderful WE, Tina!

  2. Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday weekend. I've loved the posts this week but life has been too hectic to stop and play.

    Monday we got the remnants of the storm that hit Oklahoma and it produced an F-1 tornado that had windspeeds of 90 mph, and then the storm produced straight-line winds of 80-100 mph. It did minor to moderate damage in a two county area, and there are still people and businesses without power as of today. (Trees took out power lines, poles and two substations.)

    Our covered back porch sustained moderate damage and we're still waiting on an insurance adjuster since so many people have worse damage that is a higher priority.

    Our elderly neighbor is the only one I know of that was injured as a direct result of the storm. With the power outage, she tripped on her oxygen cord in the dark and fell so bad she cracked the bone in her forehead and damaged an eye. Please pray for her and her family.

    We're scrambling to get trees cleaned up on our place before holiday company comes in and more rain and storms the weatherman is predicting. (There goes the writing I had planned for my long weekend.)

    Even after riding out that storm, I can't begin to imagine the horrifying devastation of Moore, OK. Everytime I've looked at the mess in our yard, I've been reminded to pray for those who lost everything! So very thankful that God spared us this week!

  3. Glad you're okay Clari! We had hail damage to our siding, cars and it busted out a skylight, two rotations over our house/area but not touching ground. Scary few days!

    Congrats JODIE!

    BTW, the "ten keys to success and Survival in the romance industry" should be read by non-romance authors, good article that applies to everyone.

  4. Congrats, Jodie!! That's awesome! Way to go!

    Congrats winners!

    Oooh! I have a feeling that "Internet Public Library" link would swallow me for days. That's the second time I've read something about it today, though. One was in the front cover of a composition book I bought at Walmart to keep track of my book's research needs. I'll have to check it out.

    Praying for your neighbor, Clari.

  5. Clari, thank you for telling us! What a rough time but I love that you grab the sunny-side-of-the-street mentality by comparison... The devastation in Moore is heart-breaking.

    But the will of those people amazes me. I'd probably move due east or west... or come up north and enjoy pretty, snow-filled winters and no tornadoes.

    Oh my stars, I'm laughing over the Chick-Lit is dead, Farm-Lit is booming article.

    It's so true! And they don't mean just farm lit, they're talking Small Town Americana (or Aussie, or British!) because people are looking to get back to less selfishness and more hometown goodness.

    Which, by the way, is exactly what I write.


    I love "coming home" stories. Did anyone see that cute Hallmark Movie about the woman whose upscale NY life fell apart in a scathing divorce and she came back home to help in her father's bakery?

    It was a perfect example of the High Heels to Tractor Wheels phenom... because we all love stories that return to values.

    Melissa, I'm heading there to read that right now. Grandson is watching Team Umizoomi... he was supposed to be sleeping.

    Something has gone awry because he woke up with me at 4:30....

    And here we are! :)

    The puppy IS STILL SLEEPING....

    After a brisk walk outside, of course, to take care of business!

    And the puppy's name?



  6. A quick congrats to the winners. I've been scarce everywhere so I have some catching up to do. Clari- how awful for your neighbor -and goes to the impacts of storms we don't see on TV. Power failures are a minor problem compared to losing your house but they can be dangerous just as well.

    Hope you all enjoy something fun, relaxing, and old-fashioned-sweet (like family picnics) this weekend!
    And pray for those who've lost servicemen and women.

  7. Congratulations to all of the winners!

    Congratulations, Jodie! We share the same agent!

    Have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend, and please remember those who have or who are serving our country.

  8. Way to go, Jodie!!!!

    And I won the critique book. THANK YOU SEEKERVILLE!!!!

    So glad Clari and Melissa the damage to your homes wasn't too bad. Is it me, or has the weather this spring been weird? Cooler here than normal, but extremely humid from all the rain.

    Headed over to read the 10 keys to success. Everyone have a fun and safe weekend.

  9. Congratulations winners and special congrats to Jodie!!!!!!

    I love that farm lit has made its move. That's my kind of story!!!!

    Intrigued by the Internet Public Library but I couldn't get through to any links. Just got a blank page no matter what I clicked on. Wonder if that's because I'm in Canada?

    Enjoy your long weekend, everyone. Mine was last week, but I'm still feeling a bit jealous!


    What a wonderful step forward on this journey!

  11. Wow, Clari, what a week for you and for Melissa Jagears.

    Praying for a quick clean up and for a quick appearance by Melissa's insurance evaluator.

  12. Whewee! Congrats to the winners, and congratulations to Jodi!!!!! Farm lit is in? Come on over and ride with me! Just about finished seeding our k
    Little farm of 2567 acres. We want to get another 90 acres done today before we all head to the Calgary area for my Aunt's funeral ( third aunt with a year btw). Rain is forecasted for this coming week, which will be extremely welcome. It has been ver windy here, nothing compared to what you in the tornado areas have had, but the soil got very dried out. We live in dry land farming area, no irrigation to help along.
    Sorry to hear about your neighbour, Clari, and I wish her a quick recovery. Hopefully her fall didn't deprive her of oxygen as well. Off to farm..

  13. Hey Ya'all! Sandra's book is free, until the 27th!!

  14. Great WE, as always, Miss T. CONGRATS to all the winners, and a BIG CONGRATS to Jodie W.!!! YAY!!!

    I hope everyone has a safe, fun Memorial Day weekend, and may we all remember the REAL reason for this special holiday.

    Hugs from beautiful Georgia,
    Patti Jo :)

  15. P.S. Prayers for Clari's neighbor....

  16. Excellent Weekend Edition, Tina! Congratulations winners! I've downloaded Sandra's book, Loves Miracles!

    Will pop over and say hi to my cousin Dr. Jeannie Campbell. Know she's having fun with Julie's hero!

    Sorry to hear about your damage, Clari, and your elderly neighbor's injuries. Poor woman! Prayed for her. Melissa, sorry about the hail damage. Tornadoes are terrifying.

    Yay, Jodie!! Congratulations on signing with an agent!!

    I'm loving that small towns are "in." Always have been in Americana historicals, mostly what I write with the exception of my rancher story. But, then ranches are a mini version of a small town.

    Have a wonderful weekend all! Looking forward to time with family and remembering those who gave their lives for our country. We visit cemeteries and love seeing all the American flags.


  17. hecking in at seatec on way to hawaii sad to leave msinland but also need alone time.had a great time. UPdated blog

  18. Hi Fans!

    Sandra Leesmith’s “Love’s Miracles” is #33 on Amazon’s “Top 100 Free Historical Romances”. “Jane Eyre” is #24 and “Pride & Prejudice” is #7.

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could move a Seeker up above these two great novels?

    I’ve been to Amazon and I got my Kindle copy of “Love’s Miracles” just a few minutes ago. I’d like to see a ‘screen capture” of “Love’s Miracles” higher on the charts than Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte. And you’all can make it happen. Yes, yes, yes…it might take more than a New York minute…but we could do it. That screen shot would be great to use in ads. : )

    BTW: I just downloaded a copy of “The Prodigal Son Returns” by Jan Drexler. I am so ‘hungry’ for an Amish story. We have an Amish bakery near Tulsa and they make the best cashew brittle in the world! I’m hungry for that too.


  19. Good morning, Seekerville--and congratulations, JODIE!!!!

    CLARI & MELISSA, so sorry about the storm damage. Those vicious storms are one thing I do not miss about the Midwest. (My dear friends back there are another story altogether!)

    Just downloaded SANDRA's book--what fun!

  20. Good morning! Just downloaded Sandra's book! Love free books!

    Congratulations to Jodie on your agent! And to all the winners today.

    Our house is upside down for the weekend due to getting our kitchen and hallways hardwood floor refinished. Won't be able to put the fridge and stove back for 48 hours. All the other rooms are piled up with moved objects. Just thinking about all the dust I have to clean up in the next few days is making me want a nap!

    But the floors look so much better.


  21. Yay, Jodie! Great news!

    Congrats to the winners.

    Safe travels, Jenny!

    Hugs and prayers, Clari and for your neighbor, too!

    Happy Memorial Day. Thanks to our troops- those serving now, in the past and yet to come.

    And to the military families that patiently wait, keeping the home fires burning, peace and blessings to you. Your sacrifices don't go unnoticed.

  22. It's such a hassle to have the kitchen torn up, isn't it, Sue? At least our projects for this weekend are mostly outdoors. Hubby is pressure-washing the driveway and sidewalks. Just had the vinyl siding on the house professionally done (hubby does NOT need to be on a tall ladder anymore!!!).

  23. Congratulations to Jodie on Having One of My Favorite internet names: Digging for Pearls.

    And also, congrats on the agent.

    TINA: Are you sure, "No Such Thing As A Fairy Godmouse.", is going to be by Glynna? That’s a Mary title if there ever was one. I thought “Jeter” was a leitmotif for Ruth and ‘mice’ was a leitmotif for Mary. What’s next? Julie writing Yiddish? Will I need a progam in the future?

    WEEKEND QUESTION: It seems Amazon allows video reviews of books. Has anyone ever had one? (I need to view it.)

    For a MG book, I think the best video review would be by a kid or kids who loved the book! And think of what an amazing trailer that would make if it showed people reading the book in odd or funny situations while at the same time showed under each funny picture a sentence from an actual review that had a double meaning – one meaning about the story and one that makes the picture situation seem even funnier. Something like that could go viral on YouTube.

    Also, how about this: kids talking to May, the K9 Spy, about what they thought of her book. But they wouldn’t say kid stuff. No, they would say things like a NYT book reviewer would say. For example, a little kid, with thick eye glasses, would say to the dog: “May, I think you overplayed the existential angst you were feeling after being abandoned in Paris-- especially in chapters two and four.”

    I think if you had cute little kids (ala Ruth) acting like pompous academic reviewers, it would go viral.

    I think video reviews are not being exploited and the first author to really do it, will garner great rewards. Just wait and see.

    Just thought of a trailer for Mary: Mary goes out and interviews real cowboys about what they think of cowboys in her romances, and they don’t say anything. It’s all in body language and facial expressions. This would be perfect for someone who writes comedy.

    After the cowboy interview produces only silence, Mary then starts interviewing the nearby cows, to see what they think of the cows in her books. Only, this time, the cows talk. After the cowboys were silent – the cows are very opinionated. Viral – if you can pull it off.

  24. Great Weekend edition. Congrats to the winners.

    Don't forget to go to Amazon and download a free copy of Love's Miracles.

  25. Thanks VINCE. Just read your post. How fun that I'm up there in the numbers. Thanks for your plug.

    Congrats to JODIE.

    I posted before reading comments as I'm briefly driving through a town so can get online. So funny.

  26. PATTI JO, Thanks for reminding us of the weekend ad the reason for the holiday.

  27. Jeanne, get some rest!!! I've been cutting the grass and trying to operate the weed eater. Got my exercise in for the day. :)

    Clari, praying for you and your neighbor!

  28. That's a great idea, Vince.
    Very funny.
    Now I need to figure out how to pull that off.
    Cowboys are notoriously hard to track down. :)
    the cows I could handle :)

  29. Congratulations to the winners!

    And a HUGE congratulations to Jodie! YAY!!!

  30. WAHOOOO Jodie!
    Congratulations ma'am!

    Super WE, Tina. Lots to look through.

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day everyone. Our city has a terrific service downtown. Come join us if you're in the area.

  31. Vince, cashew brittle... oh my land, that sounds so good!!!!!

    Must try that when I'm not relegated to broccoli slaw night and day.

    Hey, so proud of Sandra's book release on Kindle!!!!

    YAY!!!!!! That rocks the big kahuna!

    And happy dancing for Jodie in upstate! You landed an agent, chickie! Go, you!!!!! I love good news, and I'm still smiling over farm lit....


    Write what ya' know, and if you can do it in a New York minute (waving frantically to Vince!!!) all the better!!!

    Or a NY couple of months, give or take!

  32. VINCE, what a great idea!!!!

    Mary, seriously, they don't have to be REAL cowboys, just local guys (your sons-in-law in Western gear) dressed up making faces at you. Scratching their heads... trying to work while you pester them (or pepper them, nod to Pepper Basham!!!) with questions. Girl questions.

    This would be HYSTERICAL!!!!

  33. Marianne that's some serious acreage! I didn't know you were a farmer. All crops? Cattle? Dairy? Tell us more, pretty please!

    And so sorry about the aunts. It's hard to lose so many in a generation so quickly. That's how last year was for the Blodgett clan. Three brothers passed away in less than six months. And now we're making a memorial garden at the cemetery if we ever get to non-frost-nights... Hopefully later today the plants can go in. The garden wall is done. The truck is loaded with two yards of red ochre mulch... and the picnic table is covered with plants and flowers... It's like the holding pattern at Dulles Airport in Die Hard 2.


  34. JUst had time to finally read all the comments. Great stuff.

    CLARI so glad you are okay. And I agree with RUTHY, you have a positive outlook. That will help you and your neighbors. And MELISSA, so glad you're safe too.

    NATALIE, I'm with you. Do I dare get into more books? Sure. Why not? We are readers after all.

    Wow MARIANNE, I knew you were from a farm, but dear that many acres--could be your own country. Good for you. No wonder you come to Arizona for the winter. You need that rest.

  35. VINCE, Where do you get those figures? You are amazing.

    And I love the idea for the cowboys and cows. MARY you can do it. I know.

    And the children's book idea. That is terrific. I would love to see a child interviewing May the K9 Spy. As KC would say, that would be "pawsome".

  36. Mary:

    I selected you for the viral video because you have a ‘live in’ cowboy and cows everywhere. The trick to finding cowboys is to look for cows. Cows are easier to spot.

    I was dreaming about this video just as I woke up this morning so I remembered all of it. Here’s the script. I can see this being shown at both the next RWA and ACFW conferences on the big screen tv.

    TITLE: Romantic Comedy with Cowboys

    OPENING SCENE: MC walking towards the camera, in the middle of a cow pasture, with a mike in hand.

    MC: “Hi, I’m MC and I write Romantic Comedy with Cowboys. Today I’m getting out of the writing studio and doing a little field work. We’re going to ask real cowboys what they think of my romances."

    MC: “Here’s a cowboy.“

    SHOT: (Cowboy mending barbwire fence.)

    MC: “What’s you’re name, cowboy?”

    TEX: “Tex.”

    MC: “Well, Tex, I’m MC. What do you think of the cowboys in my romances?”

    Tex just looks perplexed. He’s speechless. Fidgety body language for six seconds.

    CUT to another cowboy, mid interview.

    MC: “Let me ask you this Cal, How do you like the cowboys in my romances?”

    Cal is holding a branding iron, and he looks even more perplexed than Tex did. About six seconds of Cal looking at the branding iron while acting nervous.

    CUT to another cowboy.

    MC: “Hank, is it?” Surely you can tell me what you think of my cowboys.”

    Hank just shakes his head with a far away look in his eyes. He takes his hat off and places it over his heart. He has a sympathetic expression on his face.

    CUT to MC walking towards a group of cows.

    MC: “Perhaps the cows will be more talkative than the cowboys.” Frustration and sarcasm in MC’s voice.

    MC: “Millie, I’m out in the pasture today to learn what you girls think of my cowboy romances.”

    SHOT is from side of cow looking at MC. No need to try and make the cow’s lips move. (This is low budget production. All in house!)

    MILLIE: “I really like you’re alpha bulls. Their shoulders are so wide. They’re what we girls call ‘an all four knees weakener.”

    MC: “And Elsie, what do you think?” MC shows no surprise that the cow is actually talking. (RUTH does voice over for Millie. Important to have a New York accent.)

    ELSIE: “I just loved your “Bossie’s Bridegroom” that was a great story. Bossie was a wonderful heroine.”

    MILLIE: “It’s “The Bossy Bridegroom” … you didn’t even read it you silly cow.”

    ELSIE: “Busted”.

    MC: Dolly, what do you think of my cowboys? (Expression on MC’s face indicates she thinks the cowboys gave better answers.)

    DOLLY: “I think Sidney got a bum steer.” (Tina’s voice over.)

    MILLIE: “Would get over it, Dolly! Sidney was a miserable Maverick.”

    DOLLY: "I know, but I just love bad boys."

    MC: “Well, that’s our interviews for today folks. Silent cowboys and talking cows. Everything’s normal here in Nebraska.”


  37. Hi Sandra:

    I think KC has videos already with kids talking to May taken at schools or book signings. She’s the first one I thought of for such a video. KC should shoot for cute and adorable.

    Now for your children’s books, I liked to see you go to a zoo and show the animals that are illustrated in your books. The kids could see the real animals that go with the illustrations. This would be easy to do in your many trips. Think of the educational value for home schooled kids. At the end of each book have a link to a video of the animals and the southwest desert location. I think each book would sell all the others if you did this.

    This is what we call “Adding Value” in marketing. The kids get to see the real animals that were in the book. The cost to you is very little.

    BTW: Have you been to the desert zoo or gardens at Tucson and Carlsbad? Fantastic. I want to go back with a good digital camera. You are so lucky to live where you do.


    P.S. My wife said she'd like to go out and see you and your husband but we are definitely going to stay in hotels. Linda is a pure 100% Okie but she’s not a pioneer woman.

  38. Hi Ruth:

    I’ll have to send you some of the Amish cashew brittle. It’s the best candy I’ve ever had. My MiL will not eat sweets but she loves this Amish candy. Have you ever made it?

    Think of the best peanut brittle in the world, then make it much softer, yes: soft but brittle. Then multiple the ‘eating happy dance’ you get times ten – that's this Amish cashew brittle.

    I’ll try to get a sheet away from my MiL. (I bought them for her after all!)

    Can you do the voice over for Millie? Millie needs to be an inquisitive bossy Bossie. A New Yorker is perfect for the part. She is also very smart. Like Yankee fans. They know everything.


  39. VINCE, true and yes on all counts!!!

    I could not only BE Millie, I invented Millie's attitude. I was just chatting with Pam on the loop that NY farmers' wives are a fairly rugged sort that draw some firm lines in the sand.

    Imagine that???? SHOCKER!!!

    You know what? SHOCKER!!! was what my hair stylist Michelle said when I told her my score on the Highly Sensitive Person test...

    With a funny face and her hands up in the air because we know I'm not all that sensitive... it's nice to know the reaction is universal!


    So yes, Millie, played by Ruthy: Perfect!!! :)

    And I want to come visit Sandra, Glynna and Tina too. In the cold months... And a hotel, too. And I'd bring Dave, I'd make him come, because that would be so much fun! I'm conferenced out, possibly forever, so going and vis'tin' folks is a lot more fun and I can actually get work done (yes, it's all about getting work done, right???) and have a ball wi' youse!


  40. Nat's Buttery Cashew Crunch

    My Cashew Crunch is so buttery, it just melts in your mouth. My family calls this candy 'addictive', and you'll see why. Use any choice of nuts, and enjoy! You will never buy store bought brittle again." — Natalie

    Original recipe makes 2 pounds Change Servings

    1 cup unsalted butter

    1 1/4 cups white sugar

    1/4 teaspoon salt

    1 tablespoon light corn syrup

    10 ounces cashews

    Check All Add to Shopping List

    Generously butter or grease a large baking sheet, and set aside.
    In a saucepan over medium heat, combine the butter, sugar, salt and corn syrup. Cook, stirring until butter is melted. Stir in the cashews, and increase the heat to high. Heat to 300 to 310 degrees F (149 to 154 degrees C), or until a small amount of syrup dropped into cold water forms hard, brittle threads. Stir occasionally with a long handled wooden spoon so the cashews do not burn.
    Pour onto a greased baking sheet, and allow to cool for about 10 minutes. Break into pieces, and store in an airtight container lined with waxed paper

  41. First of all, Congrats to Jodie Wolfe! When one of us has success, it gives us all hope.
    Then - I won! I won! I can't believe I won a copy of Jan Drexler's book The Prodigal Son Returns! Do I need to do anything to claim it? Wow! This is great; I win twice - once because of her article about The Waiting Room and then the book. Thanks, Leona

  42. Just read all the comments and spotted Natalie's recipe for Buttery Cashew Crunch. Do you think she'd mind if I use it in my column? I'm always looking for new recipes to share with my readers and that looks too good to keep to myself. I always credit the recipe's original owner.
    Praying for Clari, her neighbor, and Melissa, as well as all those affected by tornados in OK. Haven't forgot about Helen's daughter, either. Hope all are doing well.

  43. Leola, just email us at with your address.

    I found that recipe on line. Use it.

  44. Sorry I'm late to the party. Congratulations to all the winners! Praying for those who are in need, and wishing you all a blessed Memorial Day as we celebrate and honor those who have given their lives defending our Nation's freedoms.

    Thank you for all the well wishes for obtaining an agent. It is a real GOD story the way He orchestrated everything. What a blessing.

    Thank you Seekerville for your continual encouragement of those who follow your footsteps.

    Jodie Wolfe

  45. TEEEEEEENA!!!! That recipe looks amazing!

    (scribbles rapidly to avoid forgetting to copy recipe!!!) How much fun would that be to have at holiday time?

    I love brittles but never made one with cashews. WHY NOT?????

  46. Vince, I'm saving the script. I'm trying to think of the logistics.

    The only camera I have that takes video......well, it's around here somewhere.
    Then I have to get close to a cow. They're all out in the pasture right now........this may have to wait for calving season when they get moved closer.

  47. Congratulations, Jodie!

    Happy Memorial Day, Seekers.

    I'm praying for your neighbor, Clari. I saw some of your posts on FB and figured you were in the line of something. Glad it wasn't worse for you.

    Thanks for the link to Farm Lit, Tina. That gave me a chuckle.

  48. I missed the weekend edition! I was off the computer for most of two days. And I was READING!! So nice. :)

    Congrats to Jodie!!!

  49. Clari, I"m so sorry to hear about the storm near you! I'll pray for your neighbor.

  50. Hi Tina:

    Thanks for “Nat's Buttery Cashew Crunch” Recipe. I want to make it ASAP.

    Do you know if by “White Sugar” they mean powered sugar or granulated sugar?

    If this is anywhere close to the Amish candy, I’ll be a hero with the extended family.

    I really need something to follow Ruth’s Maple Fudge. They love it but they think I’m a one hit wonder. What have I come up with lately?


    P.S. We are planting our petunias this weekend. The Wave petunia flowers are twice the size as the regular petunias.

  51. Hi Mary:

    You are so nice!

    I didn’t expect you to run out and film this script. I thought you’d get a professional photographer who could get the sound right, let you use a real mike at a distance with no wires, check for the sun, and then edit the shots. There will have to be editing. A pro might say it would be best to show your face when the cows are talking and the cow’s face when you are talking. He might also suggest putting cartoon bubbles over the cowboy’s heads when they are not talking showing what the silent cowboys are thinking. This provides a second helping or layer of humor.

    Also, I just wanted to do the script so you could see what it might be like. Make it real and not just theory.

    I would think you could make changes to the sample script since you know you books better and you know your fans best and what they would find funny. Not all of them are Sidney fans. Oh, but, ‘bum steer’ is such a good line. Could you use it for Sophie? See, you would know where this would work best while I would have to guess. Think about it.

    And, yes, take all the time you need to think of something really interesting. This is a low investment, high potential reward project.

    I think it would be good to use COI* voice over authors because they could then promote the video on their social media as well. And this would still seem very natural and not forced. (They are in the video after all.)

    If you could get a million hits on YouTube, it would be well worth $500 in production costs. (Shop around for good people getting started.)

    Also if a book is mentioned, like “The Bossy Bridegroom” you might want to edit that book’s cover art into the interview to both promote the book and to make the joke seem even funnier. “The Bossy Bridegroom” seemed like a natural but you have many other good titles that would work as well.

    Best of all, you can get Ruth as talent. Now if she can just get Jeter, that would be a viral certainty. : )


    *COI, center of influence.

  52. Hi Ruth!

    You got it!
    The perfect Millie!
    Not since “Thoroughly Modern Millie” would a Millie be better played.
    BTW: If you can’t get big Jeter, perhaps you could get little Jeter wearing a Yankee hat.


    P.S. I’m off to buy some more flowers. Need more wave petunias and a few “Bleeding Hearts” to put in the many shady areas we have. And this has nothing to do with Amber’s book “Bleeding Hearts” – but, come to think of it, I might be able to make something of this. : )

  53. White is granulated and powdered is XXX.

  54. I'd use granulated in the candy. Powdered makes a softer set candy...

    And we could use "Little Jeter", absolutely. He'd love the chance for a cameo or two!

    By the time Mary gets the logistics down Jeter will have grown into our Yankees hats.


  55. How exciting!

    Congrats Jodie, we share the same agency!

    Clari, praying for your neighbor and all those effected by the tornado.