Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Weekend Edition

One of my favorite holidays is coming up! National Donut Day. Maple bars with vanilla fluff are my favorite. What's yours?

  Get a free Dunkin' Donut, Lamar's Donut  and a free Krispy Kreme on June 7th!

We Have Winners

Contact us at our email address if you are a winner. If you haven't received your prize in 6-8 weeks, per our legal page, drop us a line.

Tuesday Sandra Leesmith shared some of her fun experiences meeting readers. Join her for "A Writer's Best Friend: The Reader."  Tuesday's winners are Michelle Fidler and Barbara Thompson.  They each won their choice of one of Sandra Leesmith's  novels (listed at or Sandy Wardman's children's books (listed at

Love Inspired author Glynna Kaye shared "No Such Thing As A Fairy Godmouse" on Wednesday! Winner of their choice copy of one of Glynna's books on Kindle is Vince Mooney.

  "When I judge contests the one element I want to see in an entry is that hint of the character’s goal." —S Dionne Moore visited Seekerville to talk about the "Components of a Solid First Chapter." The winners of five copies of her latest release A Heartbeat Away--book #7 in Quilts of Love Series are Bridgett Henson, Pat Jean Davis, Jill Weatherholt, KC Frantzen, and Deb H. Thank you, S. Dionne.

Time for the June Contest Update and the June Contest Diva. Hope you didn't miss it on Friday. Winner of Mary Connealy's Swept Away is Melanie Pike. 

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday:Mary Connealy talks about her "Unbalance Life." People ask her how she finds the time to do all the marketing involved with being an author and still get her books written. Add in a husband who likes some attention, four adult daughters who she loves hanging around with, two glorious grandchildren who NEED THEIR GRANDMA!!! A home to maintain and a full time job.So how does she do it all? Here’s the answer. She doesn't. Mary is giving away a signed copy of her June release A Bride for All Seasons.

Tuesday:We are delighted to welcome one of our very own Village peeps, Jeanne Takenaka to Seekerville today with her post, "Mining for the Precious in Contest Results." Don't miss it!

Wednesday: We're delighted to have Love Inspired author Winnie Griggs back with us today Today Winnie willl talk about "Subtext. What it is and what it can do for your story." Winnie will be giving away two copies of her latest release The Bride Next Door.

Thursday: Have you ever finished reading a mystery and thought, “How did that author put that together?”  Then you may enjoy what we have to offer when Barbour and Pelican Book Group author Marilyn Leach spells out the basics for creating a mystery.  We’ll have it all here for you. A simple graphic organizer can help you with your seeds of imagination.  What are red herrings?  What element adds mystique?  Join us to find out the answer to these questions and more.  

Friday: We are excited to have loong time Seeker friend and Grand Central Publishing author, Anne Barton as our guest. Anne asks, "Where Do Good Writers Come From? Are good writers born or made? Is writing an innate or learned talent?" Stop by to join the chat. One random commenter will win a $10 gift card to Amazon or B & N (winner’s choice)!

Seeker Sightings

Missy Tippens' A House Full of Hope on the RITA table at the RWA Booth at this year's BEA Expo in NYC. Thanks to Anna DeStefano for the picture.

And don't forget to register for the Romance Writers of America RITA Finalist Series Week 7:  Inspirational Romance.  Shindig: Live online video chat events  Thursday, June 6, 2013 from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM (EDT)

The June Calendar is up! Check it out here.

Random News and Information 

 Author Renee Ryan is working with Joyce Lamb from the USA Today HEA BLOG on her Inspirational Romance team. What that means for you...Renee is compiling the weekly list of new releases for the Self- and Indie-pubbed Inspirational Romance releases. Notice the words Self-pubbed and weekly and new releases. It means just that, she'll be posting the new self-pubbed Inspirational romance releases weekly (Wednesday, to be exact). They're kicking things off next week.So...if you have a Self- and/or Indie-pubbed Inspirational romance coming out between June 2-8, please send Renee the info. rm316 [at] aol [dot] com Remember, this is on-going and a great chance to get your book release posted on the USA Today website.

 Five Book Publishing Paths [Infographic] (GalleyCat)

Self-Publishing #1 (Elisabeth Naughton)

 Pinterest and Copyright Explained in Plain Talk – Part One: The difference between “pinning” and “uploading” (AF Marketing Communications)

Are You An Affiliate? (Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood)


Show Me the Money (Brenda Hiatt)


How to create your own audiobooks (GIGAOM)

 Creative Control, Ease of Publishing and Money Pushing Authors to Self-Publish (DBW)

Check out the BEA Coverage in pictures and video at Armchair BEA~!

Shindig to Host Online Author Chats Live From BEA (GalleyCat)

Penguin Book Truck To Travel Country (GalleyCat)

Seeker friend Paula Mowery is now an Acquisitions Editor at Prism Book Group. Potential authors should check the submissions page at

Lastly, we bring you more great news!

Congratulations to friend of Seekerville, Kristy L. Cambron who sold to Thomas Nelson in a two book deal! Woot!!!! from Seekerville. Stop by Facebook to 'like' Kristy!


  1. Way to go, Kristy!!!

    The coffee pot is set to brew early morning java for the weekend crew.

    Went out to eat today for our anniversary. Did some shopping. Then came home and ordered myself a Kindle.

    Happy weekend, everyone.

  2. Wow! I'm right behind Helen. How did that happen??

    Congrats to all the winners ... and how delightful to read all the good news. Really looking forward to next week's posts.

    Seconding Helen's wishes for a happy weekend, everyone.

    Nancy C

  3. Happy Anniversary, Helen.


    She bought a KINDLE. Next she's going to buy a Keurig.


  4. Great WE, as always, Miss T.
    Congrats to all the winners and to Kristy!!
    SO excited about National Donut Day---and I will confess: I never met a donut I didn't like. Truthfully!! (But if I could only choose one it would definitely be a cream-filled....Y U M).
    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend (and Happy Anniversary Helen!). Hugs, Patti Jo (who is now craving a donut....)

  5. Congrats to the winners and Kristy! Doughnuts...yum! I'm a Krispy Kreme girl at heart, but I won't turn down any of them! I've actually got doughnuts on the brain right now because I just got a Babycakes doughnut maker...and I've really loved making homemade doughnuts all week for myself and the good! I just finished writing down a pumpkin recipe and plan to try it in the morning! I'll share ; ). Have a great weekend! ~Stacey

  6. Pumpkin donuts!!!!!!!! Yes. Share the recipe.

  7. Congratulations Kristy, You're a pubbie now and you're adorable.

    I'm hungry and there are no donut stores open.

  8. All right! Congrats, Kristy!

    ...Word. Did I just spot a Green Tea donut? I think I'm in love--love at first bite. I neeeeeed me one of those. :) I think my forever favorite is a hot Krispy Kreme. Blueberry cake donuts come in a close second.

  9. Hey HELEN, Want to sit down together and learn how to use the Kindle? It does so many things. Amazing.

  10. Congrats KRISTY. A two book deal. Wow. Great going. That will keep you busy. smile

  11. Congrats to all the winners.

    Don't forget to email your addies.

  12. Congratulations to all the winners, and

    CONGRATULATIONS, KRISTY!!! I already said it on FB, but I'm so happy for you!

    Happy anniversary, Helen! It sounds like your day was a good one. Can I ask how many years?

    Let's see, favorite donuts—when I could eat gluten, my favorite was always a chocolate glazed one. Made my mouth water every time.

    When I was a senior in high school, I bought myself a dozen Winchell's donuts to eat while I studied for finals. Yes, back in the day I was skinnnyyy, and I could afford the calories. I'm pretty sure that donut power got me good grades on the finals..... :)

    Have a great weekend, everyone!
    Oh, Patti Jo, I'd love to look at that pumpkin donut recipe and see if I could find a way to make it Gluten Free. :)

  13. what a great weekend for Kristy, congrats on that 2-book deal....
    and congrats to weeks winners.
    would you look at that "Paula's Donuts" this Paula sure wish she had some has been years, I like the ones with fillings-apples with cinnamon..chocolate..bavarian cream-blueberry cake too.
    New month and new challanges for all the authors but we readers just get to enjoy a summer of reading...
    Paula O

  14. NOooooooooooo, not donuts, PUH-LEEEEEEEZ!!! I canNOT resist donuts and suffered trauma as a child when I realized they were not part of the major food groups needed for a healthy body. :(

    Right now Pavlov's dog has NOTHING on me because I am actually salivating over the thought of a white cake donut with white or chocolate icing. So help me, even just THINKING about it adds lbs. to my hips and waist ...

    SUPER CONGRATS to Kristy on the 2-book deal, to Helen for her anniversary, and to the winners from last week -- you guys ROCK!!

    Hugs and Happy Weekend!

  15. Congratulations Kristy! Wonderful news.

    Jodie Wolfe



    Sorry, JULIE, that donuts traumatize you! :) I guess I'm fortunate that I can't stand donuts. A fresh box of them in the kitchen at the day job office doesn't even tempt me. Now, if someone left out a bag of Lay's original Kettle Cooked chips...step aside!!! But I have to admit a PUMPKIN donut might catch my attention as that doesn't sound super sweet.

  17. Congratulations weekly winners and Kristy! Happy anniversary, Helen! Thanks for the WE, Tina....looking forward to next weeks posts!

    My favorite doughnut...a glazed doughnut my grandmother made in her kitchen. She was known as the Doughnut Lady in her small Kansas town. I can smell that sweet sugar now...yummy memory!

  18. Sandra, YES! Let's sit down together and learn to use the Kindle--when it arrives. Ordered it from Amazon.

    Jean T: 49

  19. Congratulations, Kristy! How fun! I love those contract-signing photos!

    Donuts--oh, my. I try to avoid them, but my faves are blueberry, Bavarian cream-filled, and buttermilk.

    Pouting because I think I caught a summer cold while sitting in a super-crowded waiting room Thursday during hubby's knee surgery.

  20. Wow - Thank you for the kind wishes, Seekers! It's been an exciting few weeks for sure. AND the ladies of Seekerville made me grin ear to ear when they mentioned they'd like to share my news. I'm so excited to have met you and thank you - Helen, Nancy, Tina, CatMom Patti Jo (love the name), Stacey, Debra, Natalie, Sandra, Jeanne, Paula, Julie, Jodie, Glynna, Sherida, and Myra! Whew? Did I forget anybody? What well wishes and blessings you've showered down on me!

    Hugs to all of you and a big, heartfelt MERCI to the sweet authors on Seekerville for adding me to your Weekend Edition news roll! Blessings! K~

  21. What great news! Congratulations, Kristy! And, of course, to all the other winners of the week.

    I have to go back and check the past week's posts. Miss one and I feel left behind! I'm looking forward to Monday's post from Mary on being unbalanced. People call me that from time to time, but I don't think they mean the same thing. LOL.

    We don't have Krispy Kremes around here, but I'll be looking for my fave sour cream glazed donut on Friday.

  22. Thanks for stopping by, Kristi. We wish you nothing but joie de vivre!!!

  23. Congrats to all the winners.

    And a big congratulations to Kristy! Way to go.

  24. Weekend Report
    So Happy!

    Tulsa dodged tornadoes again last night! Friday a baby tornado hit about a mile from the city limits in Broker Arrow. Just a baby One on the scale. There was only major damage to 85 homes, 4 businesses, and 1 Broken Arrow school. I don’t think it made the national news. But it is news here.

    Congrats to the winners: even me. I’m happy to win Glynna’s new book for my Kindle. Glynna sets her books in a location where I’d like to live. Maybe someday. Wonderful books.

    In honor of National Donut Day I went out and bought a pound of ‘Coconut Crunch Mini Donuts’. I haven’t had one of those in over 50 years! Wonderful. Won’t wait so long for the next box.

    While we were having total tornado news on tv last night, the weathermen were telling how bad things looked for St. Louis. I hope Julie is okay.

    I just heard Richard Mabry give a talk on “The Writer’s Journey”. He’s a very good speaker. He wastes no time, gets right to the point and is very professional. (Must be years of perfecting his bedside manner). There was even plenty of time for questions. He is the immediate past vice president of the ACFW national organization. We also have the immediate past president in our chapter. So I guess we are kind of a has been chapter!

    Praying everyone stays safe tonight.


    P.S. HELEN: I have over 1400 books on my Kindle. I’d be happy to lend you some if you want to try the lending feature.

  25. Congratulations to all the other winners from last week. Thank you for the WE, Tina, and my copy of A Heartbeat Away. Excited for Kristy. Happy Anniversary to Helen. Wonderful weekend everyone.

  26. Broken Arrow. Wow, Vince thanks for the update. I have many friends in that area.

    And please tell me where you bought those donuts. They sound wonderful.

  27. Congrats to all the winners and especially big congrats to Kristy!

    Before we hit the road this morning, my one and only son and I had vanilla doughnut holes from Sheetz. And they are open 24 hours, Debra. They make a pretty good old-fashioned doughnut (or maybe I am pretending, trying not to think of the pumpkin doughnuts that were mentioned earlier. *sniff*)


  28. Okay, that's it: I'm moving to BUFFALO so I too can wake up to donuts! YUM!

    I love just plain out glazed Krispy Kreme donuts. Actually, any brand will do, but fresh baked Krispy Kremes that melt in your mouth??? ohhhhhh...mmmmmmm....

    Kristy, CONGRATS!!!

    HELEN, happy anniversary and you got a KINDLE???? Whoot-whoot!!!

    Stacey, it wouldn't do for me to have my own donut maker. Not.A.Good.Idea!!!

    Green tea donut? it right over there with the bacon ice cream.

    Vince, so glad everyone in your neck of the woods is safe.

  29. Pam,

    I have been accused (unfairly I think) of corrupting the entire Lucky 13 class of GHers by merely mentioning that there is a Krispy Kreme about 7 minutes away by car from the conference hotel for RWA in Atlanta.

    Should I have kept that information to myself? *innocent face*


  30. You had to do your civic duty, Piper.


  31. NATIONAL DONUT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!



    I have mentioned being on a diet right? Read this comment as being LACED WITH BITTERNESS

  32. In a youthful and naïve phase when Krispy Kremes were still new a lady brought a big old box of them to some event.
    I said to her (because I'd drive past a Krispy Kreme and seen the HOT light on) "I thought Krispy Kreme donuts were best when they were hot."
    Her rather dry response was, "Oh, they're pretty good cold, too."

    She was right.

  33. A youthful baby tornado is still a nasty thing.
    What a year for bad weather.

  34. Happy anniversary Helen and congratulations Kristy on your sale!

  35. Ok, friends...this is a link to someone's blog that has the pumpkin doughnut recipe on there...and you don't have to have a doughnut (or is it donut?) maker to do it. I didn't use the cloves or ginger in mine...just cinnamon and nutmeg. Oh..and I added organic chocolate chips. If they're organic they must be healthy, right?! : ) I posted the sour cream donut recipe on my blog the other day ( are yummy! Especially when you add chocolate chips ; ). ~Stacey

  36. Stacey, there is a special place in heaven for people who share donut recipes. And it's next to Mr. Krispy Kreme.

  37. Tina:

    That would be “Chez Wal-Mart”.

  38. Ahh, my favorite French boutique.

  39. Congratulations to Kristy ~ awesome news! Congratulations to all the winners and me! Thanks!

  40. GLYNNA!!! Say it isn't so -- donuts leave you cold??? Oh my ... I wish that were the case here. Keith likes to tease me by bringing a box of Walmart donuts home and moaning over them, saying they are the best he has ever had. And then I am FORCED to cut a tiny piece to find out if it's true or if he's lying. Then the one piece turns into two and so on. It's a donut conspiracy!!

    Vince, St. Louis did get hit hard by the storms. We didn't suffer any damage, but a tree fell on my MIL's house, smashing her gazebo and wind stripped off some siding. But she fared much better than her neighbors on the right, whose every tree in the backyard was snapped in two, each completely topped off, leaving the yard full of nothing but tree trunks spiking the lawn like toothpicks. :(

    Keith and I got caught out in it and I swear one side of the sky was as pitch black as I've ever seen, darker than a moonless night and the other side of the sky was daylight. VERY scary -- I prayed all the way home!!


  41. Is there a safe place to live?

    When I was in Oklahoma it was tornadoes. Colorado dumped snow 9 months of the year. Arizona its 110 temps yesterday and now we are scorpion hunters.

  42. Hi Tina:

    I’d like to put a plug in for California: when I lived there we had flash floods, mud slides, brush fires, (I got called out of class in high school to go home and water our roof with a garden hose – hot embers were falling everywhere!) earthquakes, (I’ve been in many earthquakes – I’d always look up at the hanging lamp above my bed to see if it was swinging or if I only dreamed the earthquake) and really kooky people who could not be driven any further west.

    I don’t think there is a safe place to live. Safety lies in always being in the state of grace so if nature does get you, you get to go to heaven.


    MARY FOOLED ME! I was scanning these comments late last night and saw this in one of Mary’s comments: LACED WITH BITTERNESS. I thought it was a new cozy mystery and tried to buy it on Amazon. No such book!

    JULIE: The next time your husband tempts you with donuts remember what the cowboys in Louis L’Amour called donuts: “Bear Sign”. It usually works for me. : )

  43. Tina -- FOREST FIRES (the vast majority of which are human-caused) are the biggest threat in northern Arizona.

    I don't envy you those scorpions. Or the tarantulas. Or roof rats. Or snakes. Those are things you don't see in the Chamber of Commerce welcome guides for the Valley of the Sun, do you?

  44. Yay, Kristy!! Saw that on facebook!

    Can you tell us about this series? I had an idea you wrote chick lit focused on Paris. I must be totally confused!

    I went to grad school in Warsaw, Poland and worked with concentration camp survivors. Can't wait to read your books I bet they'll be great!

  45. Go, Helen!

    My historical is on Nook, but it sells thousands more a month on Kindle. It's just an easier system, I think. *shrug*


  46. VINCE-

    Hahaha! You gave me my life for the morning about 'kooky people' who can't be driven any further West. Heeheehee!

    And I vote for Oregon. No earthquakes, good weather, no tornados, no flooding, not much snow, long summer...

  47. Snakes I can handle. Had those in OK and CO. But now I must go Google roof rats.

  48. P.S. That Elisabeth Naughton article is awesome. Marie Force has been so, so helpful to me as I launched the second in my Austen takes the South series.

    Marie always shares numbers, never gets offended, and believes transparency helps everybody. So thankful to be part of that awesome group.
    I didn't know Elisabeth's whole story but I like even more now!

  49. SO HARD TO RESIST DONUTS. The smell of warm fat and sugar is just so addicting!

    I agree with Julie. they are my downfall but I am determined to not let this post send me over to Dunkin Donuts or the Grocery's Bakery, because I am going to lose 5lbs before conference.

    And cutting my hair short is not going to do it...

  50. TINA -- Google black widow spiders, too. Another Valley of the Sun specialty. :)

  51. TINA - oh, and Valley Fever...

  52. fingers in ears...lalalalalalalala

  53. Now you made me hungry for donuts. I love chocolate so some chocolate donuts for me, please!